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Making the Road Resource Guides

Since 2016, AfricaFocus has colloborated with Making the Road (MTR) in preparing on-line background resource guides for the MTR travel seminars to Southern Africa and to Cuba.

These resource guides were prepared as Google documents for convenient sharing and feedback from participants in the seminars. Archives of the resource guides for 2016 and 2017 for Southern Africa are now available through the links below for wider use. They include material still relevant for understanding South Africa and its neighbors in 2018.

Links to Resource Guides

Namibia in African and Global Context (New May 2018!)

Southern Africa: Many Countries, Intersecting Histories

Southern Africa: Essential Maps

4-page map resource
    Take note: "Southern Africa" is more than "South Africa."

Summary Comparative Timelines

USA, South Africa, and Namibia, through 20th century

Southern Africa 2016 - South Africa and Mozambique

Unfinished Agendas: Liberation History and Today’s Struggles
     Resource Guide

Southern Africa 2017 - South Africa and Namibia

Historical Injustice, Truth, and the Rule of Law
     Resource Guide


Cuba 2018: Priority Resources (New July 2018!)

Cuba 2017: Medicine and Music in Cuba
     Resource Guide