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2014-10-31 Shoukri Meets Algeria Minister On Regional Issues
[Egypt Online]Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met Thursday with Algeria's Minister Delegate for Maghreb and African Affairs Abdelkader Messahel for talks on regional issues of mutual interest.

2014-10-30 Next Launch of First Biosimilars Plant in Algeria
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -The first plant for the manufacturing of biosimilar medicines will be launched in 2016 in Algeria, by Jordanian laboratory El Kendi, said Wednesday in Algiers, CEO of the laboratory Farouk Aissam.

2014-10-30 Crisis in Libya - Arab League Supports Neighbouring Countries' Approach
[Algerie Presse Service]Cairo -The Arab League underlined Wednesday the importance of Algeria's approach, within the framework of the neighbouring countries mechanism for the resolution of the crisis in Libya.

2014-10-30 Towards African Platform to Support Rights of Terrorism Acts' Victims
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -An African platform relating to the support of the rights of terrorism acts' victims in Africa will be developed with the contribution of the member countries of the African Union (AU), said Tuesday in Algiers Director of the African Centre for Study and Research on Terrorism (CAERT) Francesco Madeira.

2014-10-30 Several American Businessmen Buy Investment Potential in Algeria
[Algerie Presse Service]Chicago -Bilateral meetings to identify business opportunities between Algeria and the United States of America were marked, in Chicago, by a strong presence of American businessmen on the occasion of the holding of the Algerian Week of investments.

2014-10-30 Prime Minister Inaugurates 19th International Book Fair of Algiers
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Prime Minister, Abdelmalek Sellal inaugurated Wednesday afternoon at the Exhibition Centre (Pins Maritimes, Algiers) the 19th edition of the International Book Fair of Algiers (SILA).

2014-10-30 Army Kills Four Drug Traffickers in Adrar
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Four heavily-armed drug traffickers were killed by units of the People's National Army (ANP) in north of the city of Aoulef (Adrar, 1543 km south of Algiers), said Wednesday the Ministry of National Defence in a communiqué.

2014-10-30 U.S. Investors Urged to Trust Algerian Young Entrepreneurs
[Algerie Presse Service]Washington DC -Minister of Industry and Mines, Abdesselam Bouchouareb urged Wednesday in Washington the USbusiness community to trust the Algerian young entrepreneurs to bring new perspectives to the bilateral economic cooperation.

2014-10-30 Sonatrach to Carry Out First Offshore Drilling End 2015
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -The national hydrocarbon group SONATRACH will carry out first offshore drilling by the end of 2015, announced Wednesday its interim CEO, Said Sahnoun, at the signing ceremony of contracts of the 4th invitations to tender for hydrocarbon explorations.

2014-10-30 Sellal On Working Visit to Algiers Thursday
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal will pay Thursday a working visit to the province of Algiers, said Wednesday the Prime Minister Office in a communiqué.

2014-10-30 Abadou Calls France to Present Excuses for Crimes Committed During Colonial Period
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -General Secretary of the National Mujahedeen Organization, Said Abadou, said Tuesday that France "must present excuses" for the crimes committed against the Algerians as well as the moral and material prejudices suffered by the Algerian people during the long colonial period.

2014-10-30 Plea for Enforcement of Law Relating to Fight Violence Against Women
[Algerie Presse Service]Oran -Participants in the first International Women's Congress "For a Culture of Peace" called, Tuesday in Oran, for the enforcement of the law to fight violence against women.

2014-10-29 Revolution/Group of 22 - Historic Turning Point That Arose From Desire for Political Emancipation
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -The meeting of the Group of 22, which constituted a historic turning point in the process of the preparation of the armed struggle of 1st November 1954, was an initiative that arose from the determination of a core group of militants representing the Algerian people to free from the colonial yoke and to finally achieve the national independence.

2014-10-29 Business Climate - World Bank Ranks Algeria Among Countries Having Embarked On Reform Process
[Algerie Presse Service]Washington DC -The World Bank ranked Algeria among the 11th countries of the North Africa and Middle East region (MENA) having embarked on reform process to improve the business climate.

2014-10-29 MPs Adopt Finance Bill 2015
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -The National People's Assembly (Lower House- APN) adopted Wednesday, the Finance Bill 2015 at a plenary session chaired by

2014-10-29 ALNAFT Inks Four Research-Exploitation Contracts With International Holdings
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -The National Agency for the Development of hydrocarbon resources (ALNAFT) inked Wednesday in Algiers four contracts for research and exploration with three international holdings.

2014-10-29 Chief of Staff Inaugurates Army Pavilion At Army Central Museum
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Lieutenant General, Ahmed Gaid Salah, Deputy Minister for National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People's National Army (ANP) inaugurated Wednesday the Army pavilion at the Central Museum of the Army, said a communiqué of the National Defence Ministry (MDN).

2014-10-29 Lower House - Cost of Stamp Duty for Biometric Passport Revised Downwards At Dzd 6,000
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -MPs of the National People's Assembly (Lower House of Parliament) adopted Wednesday by majority the downward revision of the cost of the stamp duty for biometric passport, set at DZD 6,000 against the DZD 10,000 proposed part of the 2015 finance bill.

2014-10-29 Algerian, Mauritanian Customs Sign Cooperation Document
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Algerian and Mauritanian customs signed Wednesday in Algiers, a report on cooperation to strengthen their partnership both in the fight against smuggling and transnational organized crime and the exchange of information and training.

2014-10-29 Liaison Office of Issa Opens in Algiers
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -A liaison office of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) for North Africa was officially inaugurated Tuesday in Algiers, pursuant to a memorandum of understanding signed between the two parties.

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