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2017-02-28 Algerian Cevital Aims to Invest Here
[Ethiopian Herald] Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Workneh briefed Cevital manager on investment opportunities here.

2017-02-28 Algerian Journalist Faces Treason Charges
[CPJ] Washington -Algerian authorities should immediately drop all criminal charges against Marzoug Touati, an editor of the news website Al-Hogra, and release him without condition or delay, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. Algerian security forces arrested Touati from his home in the coastal city of Béjaïa on January 18 and have since held him in administrative detention on treason and incitement charges, according to his employer, lawyer, and news reports. Until yesterday, Touati feared intern

2017-02-21 The Algerian Dream of Travelling to Europe
[Deutsche Welle] Berlin is under pressure to deport refugees from so-called "safe countries of origin" back to their homelands. But a country like Algeria has other challenges to overcome before it takes back its people.

2017-02-21 Merkel's Algeria Visit Called Off As Bouteflika Falls Ill
[Deutsche Welle] Chancellor Merkel's visit to Algeria has been called off because President Bouteflika is too sick to meet. The two-day trip was part of an effort to stem migration from North Africa in an election year in Germany.

2017-02-20 French Presidential Candidate Macron Slams Critics of Algeria Remarks
[RFI] French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron on Friday slammed opponents for "exploiting" his declaration that French colonialism was a "crime against humanity" for electoral ends. He also claimed that Ukraine-based hackers were repeatedly attacking the website of his election campaign.

2017-02-11 New Judges Appointed to the African Court On Human and Peoples' Rights
[Nation] Two new judges have been appointed to the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights.

2017-02-09 Angola and Algeria Analyze Dynamism of Cultural Cooperation
[ANGOP] Luanda -The re-launch and stimulation of cultural cooperation marked the audience of the Culture Minister, Carolina Cerqueira, to the Algerian ambassador to Angola, Larbi Latrach.

2017-02-07 Five Key Takeaways from AFCON2017
[allAfrica] The 2017 African Nations Cup finals are a thing of the past, and Cameroon were crowned worthy winners with their final victory over Egypt on Sunday.

2017-01-31 Algeria, Zambia to Establish Joint Commissions With Ethiopia
[Ethiopian Herald] Algeria and Zambia have expressed readiness to establish joint commissions with Ethiopia to further deepen their relations in various spheres.

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