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2016-05-25 Mining Areas Identified
[ANGOP] Huambo -Central Huambo province Department of Industry, Geology and Mining is working since early in May in the identification in all municipalities of potential areas for exploration of mineral resources.

2016-05-25 Youth Urged to Take Advantage of Business Opportunities
[ANGOP] Saurimo -The governor of Lunda Sul province, Cândida Narciso, Tuesday, in Saurimo, called on the young entrepreneurs in the region to take advantage of business opportunities, to contribute in the best way to the growth of the national economy.

2016-05-25 AirNam Celebrates 25 Years of Angolan Experience
[Namibian] Air Namibia last week flew its top executives, guests and journalists to Luanda, Angola, as part of its silver jubilee celebrations.

2016-05-25 Pohamba Extols Namibians to Support Angolans
[New Era] Oheti -Former president Hifikepunye Pohamba has appealed to Namibians living on the border with Angola to support and render basic education and health services to Angolan nationals in need of such services.

2016-05-25 Girabola2016 - Libolo Seeking Win Over Desportivo DA HuĂ­la
[ANGOP] Libolo -Recreativo do Libolo of the coastal Cuanza Sul province is seeking victory in match against Desportivo da Huila, ahead of 15th round of the National League's first division (GirabolaZAP) 2016.

2016-05-25 Chinese Company Initiates Sanitation Campaign in Luanda
[Focac] Luanda -Citic Construction, one of the largest construction companies operating in Angola, has launched a massive weekend sanitation campaign at Kilamba Kiaxi, the largest satellite town to Luanda in collaboration with the local government.

2016-05-25 Foreign Interference and Population Growth Seen As Challenges to Africa
[ANGOP] Luanda -The foreign interference and population growth are challenges that African countries are facing with a view to their full integration.

2016-05-25 Angola May Have New Penal Code By End of Year
[ANGOP] Luanda -Angola may have by the end of this year a new Penal Code, in replacement of the current one dating from 1886, and meet the level and the country's development prospects, said on Tuesday to Angop, the Minister of Justice and Human rights, Rui Carneiro Mangueira.

2016-05-25 Science Ministry Promotes Training On Researchers' Evaluation
[ANGOP] Luanda -The Ministry of Science and Technology (Minct) will hold on 26-27 May in Luanda a training on the classification and evaluation of technicians that support the scientific research.

2016-05-25 Kuando Kubango - MPLA Provincial Committee Members Analyze Program
[ANGOP] Menongue -At least seventy-one members of the MPLA provincial committee in Kuando Kubango are gathered sinceTuesday morning, in its ninth preparatory special meeting to, among other things, analyze and approve the action lines for the coming years.

2016-05-25 Ex-Combatants Cooperatives Registered
[ANGOP] Luanda -Inter-ministerial Commission for Coordination of Socioeconomic Reintegration Actions of Former Combatants and Homeland Veterans is conducting registration of cooperatives and identifying funding sources to support the former combatants project, said Tuesday in Luanda the commission's spokesman.

2016-05-25 Moxico - Africans Must Assume Development of Continent - Bishop
[ANGOP] Luena -The chairman of the Episcopal Commission for the Catholic Social Communication, bishop dom Jesus Tirso Blanco, said on Tuesday in Luena that Africa will only be developed and prosperous with joint efforts of Africans.

2016-05-25 Lunda Sul - Professional Training Must Be Expanded Increasingly - Minister
[ANGOP] Saurimo -The minister of Public Administration, Employment and Social Security, Pitra Neto, said on Tuesday in this city that "the offer of vocational training must be expanded more and more in a consistent and qualified way".

2016-05-25 BNA to Adapt Financial System to International Standards
[ANGOP] Luanda -National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA) is committed to creating objective and technical conditions to adapt the Angolan financial system to prudential standards and good international financial practices, said Tuesday a source close to the financial institution.

2016-05-25 Benguela - Archaeology Museum Hands Over Books
[ANGOP] Benguela -Three 2nd cycle schools, located in Benguela city, received on Tuesday 144 books and certificates of merit, under the celebrations of the 37 years of the National Museum of Archaeology, marked on 18 May.

2016-05-25 Zimbabwe - Ambassadors Discuss Political, Social Issues, Africa
[ANGOP] Luanda -African ambassadors accredited in the Republic of Zimbabwe addressed, Monday on the current social, political and economic of Africa.

2016-05-25 Defence Minister for Investment in Agricultural Production
[ANGOP] Uíge -The minister of National Defence, João Lourenço, said on Tuesday in Negage city that the northern Uíge province has conditions to contribute to the reduction of the country's needs through investment in food production.

2016-05-25 Writer Manuel Rui Releases New Book
[ANGOP] Luanda -The release of the novel entitled "A Acácia e os Pássaros", in act that took place on Tuesday, marked the return of the writer Manuel Rui Monteiro to the Angolan literary market.

2016-05-25 Companies Should Create Environmental Areas
[ANGOP] Luanda -The National Director of Environment Department, Nascimento Soares defended on Tuesday in Luanda the promotion of environmental areas in public and private companies with a view to streamlining and implementing the current legislation in Angola.

2016-05-25 Fashion Designer Highlights Importance of 'Benguela Fashion Week'
[ANGOP] Luanda -The Angolan fashion designer GlĂłria Silvia said on Tuesday in Luanda that the fashion event "Benguela Fashion Week", to be held on 28 May (Saturday), represents an opportunity for national creators and must be used to promote exchanges, growth and quality.

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