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2015-02-01 HuĂ­la - Energy Ministry Conducts Study to Repair Cuvango Dam
[ANGOP]Cuvango -A feasibility study to repair the mini dam of Cuvango, stopped for 32 years, due to its degradation, will be conducted as from February by technicians of the Ministry of Energy and Water.

2015-02-01 Huila - "Water for All" Programme to Reach 80 Percent in Rural Areas By 2017
[ANGOP]Cuvango -The Secretary of State for Water, LuĂ­s Filipe da Silva, said Saturday in Cuvango municipality in the southern Huila province that the "Water for All" programme will increase its level of execution and in 2017 will cover 80 percent in the rural area.

2015-02-01 Angola - Refriango to Manufacture Plastic Bottles
[ANGOP]Luanda -The Company of production, marketing and distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (Refriango) will implement this year a project for the manufacturing of plastic bottles.

2015-02-01 Ethiopia/AU - Family Minister Hails Proclamation of Women's Year
[ANGOP]Addis Ababa -The minister of Family and Women Promotion, Filomena Delgado, highlighted on Saturday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the decision of the Heads of State and Government of African Union (AU) of ?proclaiming the year of 2015 to the women's problems?.

2015-02-01 Community Management Model for Water Presented
[ANGOP]Huambo -A Community Management Model for Water, called MOGECA, was presented Friday in central Huambo province to ensure the sustainability of water systems in rural and peri-urban areas, said the coordinator, Elsa Ramos.

2015-02-01 President's Role in Developing Kimberley Process Acknowledged
[ANGOP]Nharea -The Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Endiama, Antonio Carlos Sumbula, acknowledged on Friday in the city of Nharea (Bie), the important role played by the President of Angola Jose Eduardo dos Santos, in developing the Kimberley Process and the socio-economic development of populations.

2015-02-01 Angola - Over Seven Thousand Registered Construction Firms
[ANGOP]Luanda -More than seven thousand civil construction companies are registered with the National Commission for Registration and Classification of Public Works Contractors, Civil Construction Industries and Work Awarders (Conicle).

2015-02-01 Sao Tome Minister Arrives to Attend Environment Day
[ANGOP]Luanda -The Minister of Infrastructure and Natural Resource of Sao Tome and Principe, Carlos Vila Nova, is since today (Friday) in Angola, where at the invitation of the minister of Environment, Fátima Jardim, will participate in the activities of National Environment Day, to be celebrated on Saturday.

2015-02-01 Lecturer Calls for Investment to Encourage Science and Technology
[ANGOP]Luanda -The Portuguese professor of Nova Lisboa University, José Barata, Thursday in Luanda said that the public/private investment and partnerships were crucial to boost the entrepreneurship and promote the science and technology.

2015-02-01 Ten Thousand Youths Trained During School Holiday Period
[ANGOP]Luanda -Ten thousand young people aged between 11 and 30 years old attended vocational training in various specialities during school holiday breaks, said the Students Association in Luanda.

2015-02-01 Funded Projects Among Construction Sector's Priorities in 2015
[ANGOP]Luanda -Angolan minister of Construction, Waldemar Pires Alexandre, said Friday in Luanda that the sector's priorities for 2015 are focused on financed projects.

2015-02-01 Jmpla Leader Assesses Development in Province
[ANGOP]Namibe -The first national secretary of JMPLA, youth wing of ruling MPLA party, SĂ©rgio Luther Rescova Joaquim, began on Friday a working visit to Namibe province, to check the development's degree of various political and social and economic infrastructures.

2015-02-01 Sayovo Cup2014 Set for February 22
[ANGOP]Luanda -The 10th edition of the 10-kilometre José Armando Sayovo Athletics Cup will take place on February 22 this year in Luanda.

2015-01-30 Huila - 'Lubango Water' Programme Benefits From World Bank Fund
[ANGOP]Lubango -At least five billion of Kwanzas is the implementation cost of the second phase of the "Lubango Water" programme, an amount financed by the World Bank, aiming to ensure the water supply to the urban and the peripheral areas.

2015-01-30 Angola/UN - Government Reaffirms Diversification of Economy
[ANGOP]New York -Angolan Government Thursday at the United Nations in New York reaffirmed its commitment to the diversification of the country's economy, seeking to reduce its dependence on the oil revenues.

2015-01-30 Burial of Journalist Francisco Cassanda On Saturday
[ANGOP]Luanda -The remains of the journalist and press attache with the Embassy of Angola to the Republic of Tanzania, Francisco Cassanda da Silva, will be laid to rest Saturday at Luanda's Santa Ana Cemetery.

2015-01-30 Regulation Agency Defends Hiring of Agricultural Insurance
[ANGOP]Luanda -The chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Angolan Regulation and Supervision of Insurance Agency (ARSEG), Aguinaldo Jaime, defended on Thursday in Luanda, the hiring of agricultural insurance to ensure the risks of farming land.

2015-01-30 Over 6,000 Cases of Malaria Diagnosed in Moxico
[ANGOP]Luena -With more than 6,000 cases, malaria is still the most diagnosed disease in 11,018 pregnant women consulted in Maternal-Children Center of Luena, in 2014, revealed, Thursday, here, the head of this unit, Helena Mufana Antonio.

2015-01-30 Environment Ministry Announces Seminar On Green Technologies
[ANGOP]Huambo -The Ministry of Environment will hold on 30 and 31 January in Huambo province a seminar on green technologies, ahead of celebrations of national environmental day, on 31.

2015-01-30 Bie - Rains Leave Over 6,000 People in Difficult Living Conditions
[ANGOP]Cuito -At least 6,170 citizens are since August 2014 living in difficult conditions in Bie province, due to the destruction of their homes by heavy rains that struck the region.

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