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2017-03-01 Police Beat, Set Dogs On Peaceful Protesters
[HRW] Johannesburg -The Angolan government should urgently and impartially investigate police use of force to disperse a peaceful protest in the capital, Luanda. The police beat activists with batons and injured at least four protesters using police dogs.

2017-02-24 Opposition Calls for Referendum On Abortion
[ANGOP] Luanda -Angolan opposition parliamentary groups on Thursday underscored the relevance of the draft law approved by the General Penal Code, but UNITA considered it essential to hold a referendum on a better integration of issues related abortion.

2017-02-24 Minister Plays Down Controversy Over Abortion
[ANGOP] Luanda -The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Rui Mangueira, said on Thursday in Luanda that the issue of abortion in the bill that approves the Penal Code should not be fracturing because the text guarantees, in fact, the right to life.

2017-02-23 Did Angolan Businessman Plot to Defraud Prophet Bushiri?
[Nyasa Times] An Angolan businessman in Polokwane, South Africa Pico Santana known as Antonio Martins, who filed a lawsuit demoing 15 million Rands from South African based Malawian well-known prophet Shepherd Bushiri for defamation over a "prophecy" in church, has been reported to be "a celebrated conman" who had plotted to defraud the billionaire preacher, according to reports in South Africa media.

2017-02-22 New Provincial Police Commander Starts Office
[ANGOP] Ondjiva -The new delegate of the Ministry of the Interior to the southern Cunene Province, who is also the new police commander for this region, commissioner Tito Munana, was presented last Tuesday to the local corporation.

2017-02-21 Angola Prepares for Life After Dos Santos
[Chatham House] Angola is following a pattern of gradual democratization but those hoping for rapid and or even radical political change will be disappointed.

2017-02-18 Dos Santos' Successor Says Ruling Party Braces for 2017 Polls
[ANGOP] Luanda -The ruling MPLA party's candidate for President of the Republic, JoĆ£o Manuel GonƧalves LourenƧo, Friday in Huila reaffirmed his party's readiness for the 2017 General Elections.

2017-02-18 HuĆ­la - Militants Flock to the Commander Cowboy Square to Hear JoĆ£o LourenƧo
[ANGOP] Lubango -Thousands of militants, sympathizers and friends of the ruling MPLA party, from different municipalities in the province of HuĆ­la, are already in Comandante Cowboy square that is holding the official opening ceremony of the party's pre-election campaign.

2017-02-18 MPLA Candidate Wants to Stop Corruption
[ANGOP] Lubango -The ruling MPLA party will make "a tight siege to the problem of corruption", if elected to constitute a government after the General Elections in 2017, said on Saturday in Huila province, the party's candidate for President of the Republic, JoĆ£o LourenƧo.

2017-02-18 HuĆ­la - JoĆ£o LourenƧo's Election Guarantor of Achievements
[ANGOP] Lubango -The MPLA candidate for President of the Republic in the General Elections of 2017, JoĆ£o LourenƧo, is the guarantor of the consolidation of peace, democracy and the well-being of the populations, said on Saturday in Lubango, Huila province, the first Provincial secretary of the party, Joao Marcelino Tjipinge.

2017-02-18 Coca-Cola Fund Told to Adopt Transparency Mechanisms
[ANGOP] Luanda -The new Board of Directors of the Coca-Cola Project Fund, which was sworn in Friday in Luanda, is expected to adopt new transparency mechanisms during the exercise of its functions, recommended Finance Minister Archer Mangueira.

2017-02-15 Hundreds Killed in Malaria Outbreak
[CAJ News] Luanda -A raging malaria outbreak has killed more than 700 people in Angola as the disease-prone Southern African country battles to thwart illnesses. Head of department of public health and control of endemics, IsaĆ­as Sambunga Cambissa, disclosed the figures as he gave an update on the clinical situation in the province of Bie. Cambissa revealed that in the past year, authorities of the province of Bie notified government of 260 188 cases of the disease. He said the 776 deaths represented a massive spike f

2017-02-14 Malaria Claims Over 700 Lives in Province
[ANGOP] Cuito -At least seven hundred and seventy-six people died in the health institutions of the province of Bie during the year (2016), victims of malaria.

2017-02-14 Women Role in Liberation Struggle Discussed in Portugal
[ANGOP] Luanda -Angolan women contribution to liberation of the country has been recently debated during a meeting held in Lisbon, Portugal, under the theme "the black women's role in history".

2017-02-14 UK Wants to Contribute to Agriculture in Huambo
[ANGOP] Huambo -The British embassy intends to contribute to the development of agriculture in the central Huambo province in the near future, through the implementation of various projects, British Baroness Lindsay Northover said on Sunday.

2017-02-13 Real Madrid Captain Regrets Angolan Football Fans' Death
[ANGOP] Luanda -Real Madrid captain SĆ©rgio Ramos said on Saturday that he was appalled by the deaths of 17 Angolan supporters in a match of the country's national first division football championship (Girabola2017).

2017-02-11 Seventeen Killed in Stadium Stampede
[Al Jazeera] At least 17 football fans were killed after a stampede broke out at a stadium in northern Angola, police said, in an incident that also left scores of people wounded.

2017-02-11 Ruling Party Ready to Win Elections
[ANGOP] Luanda -The ruling MPLA party has conditions to continue to mobilise the Angolan people across the country to participate in the process and secure its victory in the 2017 polls.

2017-02-11 President of Republic Shocked By Uige Incident
[ANGOP] Luanda -Angolan head of State JosƩ Eduardo dos Santos expressed deep dismay over the death of 17 people as a result of the tragedy occurred on Friday at the "4 de Janeiro" Football Stadium in the capital of the northern Uige province.

2017-02-10 Deadly Disease Combination Claims Thousands
[CAJ News] Luanda -RAGING yellow fever and malaria outbreaks claimed more than 15 000 lives in Angola over the past year. Speaking in the capital Luanda, the health minister, LuĆ­s Gomes Sambo, disclosed there were with 4,2 million cases of malaria, leading to the death of 15 000 people. Coupled with a yellow fever outbreak that infected 4 159 people, with 384 deaths, this resulted in a mortality rate of 8,3 percent. Meanwhile, the country is gripped by a deadly outbreak of the ZIKA virus that has already claimed three

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