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2015-03-20 Ambassador Raynor Launches YALI Club in Bohicon
[U.S. Embassy Cotonou] On March 17th Ambassador Raynor attended the launch of 2014 YALI Washington Mandela Fellow Nicase Degvano's YALI Club in Bohicon.

2015-03-18 Efforts for Poverty Reduction and Shared Prosperity Get a Push
[World Bank] World Bank approves $20 million to help Benin remove barriers to investment and minimize distortionary policies for structural transformation and a boost in growth

2015-03-03 Security Forces 'Biggest Threat' to Free Speech in West Africa - MFWA
[LINA] State security forces, mainly police, military and security intelligence officers, are the leading violators of the right to freedom of expression in West Africa, a sub-regional report says.

2015-03-02 China Gives Benin U.S.$69 Million Loan
[Focac] Cotonou -China has given Benin a preferential loan of 40 billion CFA Francs (over 69 million U.S. dollars) to fund telecommunication infrastructure projects, diplomatic sources said Monday in Cotonou.

2015-03-02 The Invasion of Benin Kingdom
[Fahamu] British colonial soldiers committed genocide in the Kingdom of Benin in 1897. They then looted some 4,000 pieces of art which have never been returned. A Nigerian film recreates the invasion, exposing the bestial brutality of Empire.

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