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2016-11-10 First Ladies Kagame, Talon Pledge to Collaborate in Enhancing Childcare
[New Times] First Lady Jeannette Kagame and her Benin counterpart Claudine Talon have pledged to work together to promote women and childcare in their respective countries.

2016-11-10 Mrs Talon Visits Imbuto Projects in Eastern Province
[New Times] First Lady Mrs Jeannette Kagame and her counterpart from Benin, Mrs Claudine Talon, yesterday, visited Imbuto projects and other development programmes in the Eastern Province.

2016-11-09 First Lady of Benin Tours Imbuto Project
[New Times] First Lady Jeannette Kagame and her Benin counterpart, Mrs Claudine Talon, visited the Isange One Stop Centre and Imbuto Foundation's project - Family Package, at Kacyiru Hospital, in Kigali, on 8 November 2016.

2016-11-03 RFI's Dupont and Verlon Prize Awarded to Benin Media Workers
[RFI] Three years after the murder of RFI journalist Ghislaine Dupont, and RFI technician Claude Verlon in Kidal in the north of Mali, RFI awarded the third annual scholarship created to commemorate them to journalist C├ęcile Goudou and technician Didier Guedou, in Cotonou in Benin.

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