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2015-04-16 Does Limiting a President's Term Help a Nation?
[OSIWA] Over the past ten years or more, heads of states across many of Africa's new democracies have attempted to modify their country's constitutions to prolong their mandates.

2015-04-15 Mission Launches Benin's AWEP Chapter
[U.S. Embassy Cotonou] On April 10, Ambassador Michael Raynor presided over the official launch of Benin's African Women Entrepreneurship Program(AWEP) chapter. AWEP was initially created as part of the International Visitor's Leadership Program in 2010 by then Secretary of State Clinton as part of President Obama's Entrepreneurship Summit in Washington, and it has since flourished to become a powerful network of women entrepreneurs from across the African continent.

2015-04-10 Benin Becomes Fourth Ecowas State to Deploy 4G LTE Technology
[CIO] Benin Telecoms has officially commenced its 4G rollout. The reveal was made at an event attended by president Yayi Boni and by the country's main newspaper, Matin Libre.

2015-03-20 Ambassador Raynor Launches YALI Club in Bohicon
[U.S. Embassy Cotonou] On March 17th Ambassador Raynor attended the launch of 2014 YALI Washington Mandela Fellow Nicase Degvano's YALI Club in Bohicon.

2015-03-18 Efforts for Poverty Reduction and Shared Prosperity Get a Push
[World Bank] World Bank approves $20 million to help Benin remove barriers to investment and minimize distortionary policies for structural transformation and a boost in growth

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