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2015-02-27 Sua Water Plan to Benefit Villages
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -Dukwi and Kutamogoree will be included in the Sua Water Supply Master Plan when the funding becomes available, says Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology, Mr Nonofo Molefhi.

2015-02-27 No Sewer Lines in Ranfurwa
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -The Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Mr Kitso Mokaila, says he is not aware that pit latrines have been discontinued in Ranfurwa ward in Tlokweng.

2015-02-27 Parents Respond Well to Administering of HPV Vaccine
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -Ministry of Health has received positive response from parents of the 9-13 year-old girls who are taking Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine.

2015-02-27 SDA Hospital Not Distribution Point for Contraceptives - Official
[Botswana Daily News]Kanye -Kanye Seventh Day Adventist Hospital general manager has explained to Kanye Administration Authority (KAA) full council meeting that the facility is not a distribution point for contraceptives such as condoms as deemed by some members of the society.

2015-02-27 Maatla Reduces TB Deaths
[Botswana Daily News]Maun -The MAATLA project responsible for the Community Tuberculosis Care (CTBC) has been hailed for the reduction of deaths and decrease of TB patients.

2015-02-27 SPEDU Projects to Rekindle Selebi Phikwe Region
[Botswana Daily News]Selebi Phikwe -The Vice President, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi, says projects under the SPEDU regional development strategy will rekindle Selebi Phikwe and the region at large. , such as the Horticulture Produce Processing Plant and Pula Steel- steel manufacturing plant

2015-02-27 MPs Want Resourced Attorney General Chambers
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -Members of Parliament have urged the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security to give Attorney Generals Chambers (AGs) adequate resources so that it functions effectively.

2015-02-27 Official Warns Residents Against Selling Land
[Botswana Daily News]Francistown -Residents of Borolong have been advised not to sell their land but rather to reserve it for future generations.

2015-02-27 Short Hair Takes Centre Stage
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -The notion of looking sexy, confident and beautiful shifts every now and then influenced by the ever evolving culture of societies.

2015-02-27 Govt Improves IWG Signatory
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -Since Botswana took over as the 2018 International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) World conference host from Helsinki Finland in September 2014, efforts have been put in place to promote the updated Brighton Plus Helsinki Declaration which guides the functions of the IWG.

2015-02-27 Over 800 Dismissed From Public Service
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -Parliament has heard that 811 public officers have been summarily dismissed under Section 27 of the Public Service Act since its inception in 2010.

2015-02-27 Gaolathe Advocates for Humility
[Botswana Daily News]Ramotswa -The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) deputy leader, Mr Ndaba Gaolathe has pleaded with the party activists to uphold humility and sincerity in their quest to recruit new members.

2015-02-27 Kgosi Nullifies Distortions About DISS
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -After much speculation and anxiety regarding operations of the country's secret agency, the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) has provided a unique situation to the local media by allowing them access to some of its facilities.

2015-02-27 B&M Garments Boosts Rural Economic Development
[Botswana Daily News]Francistown -While most entrepreneurs choose to open their business ventures in towns, B&M Garments, a textile manufacturing company has defied the odds by setting up in Shashe near Tonota.

2015-02-27 Ministry Not Privy to Agreement
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -The Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology says it entered into a contract with CCTW Joint Venture for construction of Shakawe Senior Secondary School.

2015-02-27 Khama Visits Letsweletau-Mmopane
[Botswana Daily News]Molepolole -President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama has requested the Ministry of Agriculture to propose measures that could be employed to cushion farmers against the envisaged drought and alleviate the impacts of insufficient food production.

2015-02-27 Government Committed to Preserving Languages
[Botswana Daily News]Tsabong -Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural development, Mr Frans Van Der Westhuizen says government is committed to preserving local languages.

2015-02-27 Govt Brand Promotes Products
[Botswana Daily News]Maun -The Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) has encouraged business people to use the Botswana brand in their products in order to promote them internationally.

2015-02-27 No Legal Instrument On Plastic Bags Levy
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -Assistant Minister of Trade, Mr Sadique Kebonang has said there is no legal instrument that imposes levy on plastic bags.

2015-02-27 No Radius Prescription for Married Couples
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -The Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr Phillip Makgalemele, says the public service transfer guidelines do not prescribe the distance or radius married couples should live or work in.

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