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2015-05-02 Zuma, Khama Corner Mugabe
[Zimbabwe Independent] PRESIDENTS Jacob Zuma of South Africa and Botswana's Ian Khama angrily clashed with their Zimbabwean counterpart, President Robert Mugabe over xenophobia in South Africa, with the two demanding that instead of blaming their neighbour, Zimbabwe and other Sadc states must fix their broken economies to curb the rising tide of immigration.

2015-05-01 Youth Fund Boosts Children of God
[Botswana Daily News] Lobatse -Some people may posit that taking a child to a day care centre is just luxury but there is more to that than just luxury. It is every new mothers' and working parents' wish to enrol their children in day care centres.

2015-05-01 Sewing Rescues Mother From Poverty
[Botswana Daily News] Ditshegwane -Leteisi, also known as German print, has over the years found a place in the hearts of Batswana, especially women. Any traditional event, be it a wedding or celebration of letlhafula (harvest) will not be complete without it. In fact, it is almost impossible to attend a wedding anywhere in the country without spotting one. There have also been debate whether the German print should be designated a national attire.

2015-05-01 S and CD Saves Mokala Bakery
[Botswana Daily News] Moshaweng -Moshaweng is hemmed between the Bakwena royal capital, Molepolole, and the mining town of Jwaneng in GaNgwaketse. Its location makes it almost a border post between the two tribal districts.

2015-05-01 DA Blue Cuisine Hit With Customers
[Botswana Daily News] Kanye -Along Moshupa's old Kanye road lies the ritzy Restaurant DA Blue. Blue because of the dominant blue colour of the adjacent bar in the Mogaung Ward complex.The blue colour makes the cozy eat-out cool too.

2015-05-01 Chosen Pizza Makes Strides
[Botswana Daily News] Palapye -Government often encourages young people, particularly graduates to deviate from the norm of looking for formal employment but venture into business to create employment for others.

2015-05-01 From Brickyard to Tending 'Wet Nose God'
[Botswana Daily News] Bobonong -They call it "a god with a wet nose" which is symbolic of the reverence Batswana accord cattle. Accordingly, there is no doubt, therefore, that cattle are Botswana's economic mainstay besides serving as a direct source of livelihood for the rural folk and peri-urban dwellers.

2015-05-01 Creating Windows of Opportunity
[Botswana Daily News] Mahalapye -At 30-years of age, Mr Kutlwano Akanyang is living proof that a college certificate is not the only route to success. Hailing from Bonwapitse village, Mr Akanyang did not allow himself to be part of the unemployment statistics after failing at Kalamare Junior School in 2003/2004.

2015-05-01 RADP - Creating Opportunities Driving Rural Development
[Botswana Daily News] Molepolole -From Basarwa Rural Development Programme to Rural Area Development Programme (RADP), the programme has not only come to represent the aspirations of the poor but social inclusion as well.

2015-05-01 From Dressing Dolls to Dressing People
[Botswana Daily News] Molapowabojang -Nature in her wisdom, has bestowed upon each and every individual a special gift called talent.

2015-05-01 Men Found in Possession of Dead Python
[Botswana Daily News] Francistown -Central Police in Francistown are investigating an incident in which two men were found in possession of government trophy.

2015-05-01 Govt Assistance Turns Hobby Business
[Botswana Daily News] Mabutsane -Her world came crushing after she failed her Botswana Government Certificate Secondary Examinations (BGCSE) at Matsha College a few years ago.

2015-05-01 Fokotsa Dino Campaign on Track
[Botswana Daily News] Serowe -Keitiretse would spend the better part of her day indulging in alcohol at Ngala-o-bowe depot. Such drinking sprees would often expose her to a plethora of social ills such as rape.

2015-05-01 YDF 'Save Me' From Hunger Pangs
[Botswana Daily News] Gumare -One may be tempted to ask how those echoing the words want to be saved. However, the moment you make up your mind to save yourself, the aroma from the kitchen strikes your nose.

2015-05-01 Poverty Workshop Helps Craftsman Break Jinx
[Botswana Daily News] Vaalhoek -Born and bred in the sleepy village of Vaalhoek in the late 1940's, Mr Petrus Bok has done almost every job a man can possibly do to make a living but without success.

2015-05-01 Local Enterprise Authority in Perspective
[Botswana Daily News] Gaborone -LEA director of corporate and stakeholder communications, Ms Boikhutso Kgomanyane, says in an interview that the Authority does not provide loans as some people thought.

2015-04-30 Bih, Bocra Celebrate Girls in ICT
[Botswana Daily News] Gaborone -Individuals need to be aligned to the technological changes so that they can continue to play their professional role in the communal cyber space.

2015-04-30 Men Key to Immunisation Programme
[Botswana Daily News] Kasane -Men are still lagging behind in playing an active role in their children's immunisation, a health official has said.

2015-04-30 Letlapeng Relegated
[Botswana Daily News] Gaborone -BDF XI and Letlapeng played to a one-all draw at Sir Seretse Khama Barracks (SSKB) on Tuesday (April 28).

2015-04-30 Business Requires Passion - MP
[Botswana Daily News] Mahalapye -Mahalapye youth have been advised to be passionate about businesses they aspire to venture into to ensure growth and success.

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