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2016-05-12 Drought Triggers Water and Power Shortages
[Al Jazeera] A strong drought has left many residents without drinking water in the West African nation of Burkina Faso.

2016-05-09 Rwanda, Burundi Snub Grant to Help Cut Trade Costs
[East African] Despite logistical bottlenecks and high costs that make Rwanda and Burundi's exports and imports expensive, the two countries are yet to bid for TradeMark East Africa's Logistics Innovation For Trade (LIFT) grant, which was introduced to boost efficiencies.

2016-05-08 Girls' Football Tackles Forced Marriage
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Yako -When Inès Sanso was 15 years old, her family decided she was to marry a man three times her age in Yako, a small town in the rural north of Burkina Faso.

2016-05-05 Workshop Teaches Tuareg Artisans New Skills in Exile
[UNHCR] Ouagadougou -Taking a sheaf of palm fronds in her hand, Tuareg artisan Bintou starts to weave a decorative mat to be fixed on a newly designed desk lamp that may one day light up homes in Europe and elsewhere.

2016-05-05 Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Others Sign Basketball Pact
[Daily Trust] The Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) said it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Benin Republic, Togo, Niger and Burkina Faso on a regional development of basketball.

2016-04-27 Laws Fail Victims of Forced, Early Marriage - Amnesty
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Dakar -Burkina Faso's marriage laws are failing girls who are forced into early marriage by their families and threatened, abused and beaten by their partners for seeking contraception, Amnesty International said on Tuesday.

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