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2016-04-27 Laws Fail Victims of Forced, Early Marriage - Amnesty
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Dakar -Burkina Faso's marriage laws are failing girls who are forced into early marriage by their families and threatened, abused and beaten by their partners for seeking contraception, Amnesty International said on Tuesday.

2016-04-22 Burkina Faso Delegation Study Police's Anti-Corruption Strategies
[New Times] A visiting delegation from the National Anti-Corruption Commission of Burkina Faso have expressed interest in adopting Rwanda National Police's community policing programmes in fighting crimes, particularly corruption.

2016-04-13 In Drought-Hit Burkina Faso, the (Plant) Doctor Is in
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Tamissi -Dieudonné Sedogo waits patiently in line to see the doctor in the scorching 49-degree Celsius heat of this village in central Burkina Faso. But the ailment he's seeking to address today isn't his own. Instead, it's the one afflicting the wrinkled aubergine with yellowing leaves he's carrying in his hand.

2016-04-11 Intruders Terrorize Grand Gedeans?
[New Republic] Grand Gedeans in the United States have complained of the outpouring of intruders from Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast into parts of Grand Gedeh County, reportedly terrorizing citizens and subjecting them to living in perpetual trepidation.

2016-04-06 Africa Goes to Democratic Polls
[Times of Zambia] THIS is a crucial year for democracy in Africa. Six countries have already held presidential elections in 2016, and eleven more are preparing for elections.

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