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2015-05-21 A New Electoral Law and Political Struggles
[Centre 4s] On April 7, 2015, Burkina Faso provisional National Transition Council (NTC) passed a new law amending the Electoral Code.

2015-05-22 Visionary Outcome Achieved At the World Education Forum in Korea but Financial Backing Is Needed
[Oxfam] A declaration providing political support for the post-2015 education agenda, including goals to achieve universal pre-primary, primary and secondary education of good quality, has been endorsed by Education Ministers and officials from across the world.

2015-05-22 Burundian Refugee Children to Undergo Vaccination
[New Times] Thousands of Burundian refugee children at Mahama Refugee Camp in Kirihe District will tomorrow receive vaccination doses against major killer diseases.

2015-05-22 Burkina Faso - A New Electoral Law and Political Struggles
[AEP] On April 7, 2015, Burkina Faso provisional National Transition Council (NTC) passed a new law amending the Electoral Code. This is just a forty-five words text that could prevent former leaders of the Blaise Compaore regime from being candidates to the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections to be held next October. The barons of the 27-year long reign are now leaving no stone unturned in order to avoid such a political sanction which to them means a premature retirement and even political exc

2015-05-20 Burkina Faso Suspends Live Political Broadcasts By Media
[CPJ] Abuja -The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Burkina Faso authorities to lift its suspension of live political broadcasts in the country. The three-month ban comes as Burkina Faso prepares to hold elections in October.

2015-05-18 Green-Fingered Burkinabe Women Protect Shea 'Gold'
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Cassou, Burkina Faso -The Nezeledoun resource centre in Cassou village is a hive of activity, unlike the thirsty farms nearby, as women cultivate tree seedlings and vegetables here, thanks to a borehole that provides much-needed water.

2015-05-18 New Yoghurt in Burkina Faso School Meals Brings Smiles to Students' Faces
[WFP] To receive their yoghurt in the morning, students line up at Djomga Primary School. The 189 students at the primary school are now receiving locally produced yoghurt for breakfast.

2015-05-18 Algeria - Burkina Faso - Cooperation Agreement in Medical Training
[Algerie Presse Service] Algiers -A cooperation agreement was signed Sunday in Algiers between the national agency of health equipment management (Arees), and the company of equipment management and biomedical maintenance (SOGEMAB) of Burkina Faso, on the training of physiologists and biomedical maintenance experts.

2015-05-18 Burkina Faso Envoy Meets VP Mnangagwa
[The Herald] Fidel Munyoro --

2015-05-15 What a Funding Crisis Is Doing to Aids Patients
[IRIN] Ouagadougou -For years you couldn't tell if someone in Burkina Faso had HIV/AIDS just by looking at them. Now it's getting easier again because cuts in food assistance are depriving them of nutrition, AIDS advocates say.

2015-05-13 Burkina Faso Bans Live Political Broadcasts for Three Months
[RSF] Reporters Without Borders calls on Burkina Faso's Higher Council for Communication (CSC) to rescind the three-month ban on live radio and TV broadcasts announced last week, which constitutes a grave act of censorship in the run-up to next October's elections.

2015-05-13 IFC, Société Générale Invest in Burkina Faso's Cotton Sector At a Critical Time
[PR Newswire] Washington, DC -IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and Société Générale announced the launch of a ?70 million facility to help Burkina Faso's biggest cotton company, SOFITEX, support local

2015-05-12 WFP Enriches Its School Meals With Locally Produced Dairy Benefitting Students and Small-Scale Producers
[WFP] The Initiative new to WFP's school feeding programmes across West Africa - will initially reach nearly 2,000 students in 12 primary schools. It supports the Government's strategy to enable communities to gradually take full ownership of the school canteens.

2015-05-04 Baby Mahama Cries Out to the Leaders of Africa
[New Times] She was so tiny and frail with skin so delicate it could have melted in the scotching sun rays of the afternoon; the nape of her neck had several tiny boils ripe to bust and they must have been hurting for she was crying in a painful little voice; a cry of a five-day old baby in a refugee camp.

2015-05-01 IFC Invests in Burkina Faso's Retail Sector to Create Jobs, Boost Economic Growth
[PR Newswire] Washington -IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, today announced that it will invest in Marina Market, Burkina Faso's leading supermarket chain, to support the company's operations and expansion. The ?880,000 investment will create new jobs and promote modern

2015-05-01 UNHCR Commends Rwanda on Burundian Refugees
[New Times] The representative of the UN's refugee agency has commended the government and people of Rwanda for hosting and protecting thousands of Burundian refugees.

2015-04-30 Govt Bans Poultry Imports From Burkina Faso
[CAJ News] GHANA has banned the importation of poultry products from Burkina Faso as a result of a recent outbreak of Avian Influenza Bird Flu in that country.

2015-04-28 Herbal Tea to Treat Malaria Heads for Clinical Trial
[SciDev.Net] Saye was licensed as a herbal medicine in Burkina Faso ten years ago It will be trialled against the conventional malaria drug artemisinin But promising early drug tests are often less encouraging in later human trials

2015-04-27 EU Supports Electoral Process With U.S $11 Million
[AEP] The European Union (EU) will disburse 7 billion CFA Francs (about 11 million U.S. dollars) to support Burkina Faso's electoral process, an official source said on Wednesday.

2015-04-27 World Bank Approves Additional Financing to Improve Reproductive Health
[World Bank] Washington -The World Bank Group's Board of Executive Directors today approved a US$23.2 credit and US$11.6 grant for women and adolescent girls' empowerment to expand their access to reproductive, child, and maternal health services in Burkina Faso. It will also help promote regional knowledge and data on proven gender development programs.

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