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2016-09-27 'They Will Destroy My Father's Grave,' Says Farmer Who Turned Back the Desert
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Turin -"What I love most is the land, the soil. If we take good care of our earth we can obtain anything from it"

2016-09-24 Mashaba Announces Bafana Squad to Face Burkina Faso and Ghana
[SAFA] Bafana Bafana head coach Ephraim Shakes Mashaba has announced a squad of 25 players to face Burkina Faso and Ghana in back to back matches.

2016-09-13 Footballer Ben Idrissa Derme Dies During French Cup Match
[Premium Times] Former Burkina Faso international, Ben Idrissa Derme, on Monday died during a French Cup tie involving his team, amateur side AJ Biguglia.

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