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2014-12-20 Military Embeds Itself in Transitional Government
[African Arguments]On 19th November, Lt. Col Isaac Zida was named interim prime minister of Burkina Faso, having previously emerged dominant in the military power struggle that followed President Blaise Compaoré's exit at the end of October.

2014-12-17 Interim Govt Suspends Former Ruling Party
[allAfrica]Burkina Faso's interim government has announced the suspension of the country's former ruling party, according to Reuters.

2014-12-17 ECOWAS Heads of Governments Hold 46th Ordinary Session in Abuja, Harp On Peace Building
[Nigerian Govt]The 46th Ordinary Session of the Head of States and Governments of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has launched its Common External Tariff (CET) at the meeting which held at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Maitama, Abuja from December 14 - 15, 2014.

2014-12-17 ECOWAS Workshop Encourages Women's Involvement in Polls
[CAJ News]Abuja -THE Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has opened a technical workshop in Abuja with the aim of developing a regional gender and elections strategy programme.

2014-12-15 West Africa After Compaoré
[ISS]Burkina Faso's political transition is now under way. Michel Kafando, retired diplomat and former foreign minister, has been appointed interim President and Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Yacouba Zida, who assumed power after former president Blaise Compaoré's departure, is Prime Minister. Attention is focused on the challenges of the transition that will lead to the 2015 elections. But what impact has Compaoré's downfall had on the West African region?

2014-12-15 African Court On Human and Peoples' Rights Rules in Favour of Journalist in Defamation Application
[africancourt]The African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights (AfCHPR) in a matter of Lohé Issa Konaté (Applicant) v. Burkina Faso (Respondent State), Application No 004/2013 has ruled unanimously in favour of the Applicant, a Journalist, in a Judgement delivered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Friday 5 December, 2014.

2014-12-15 Successful Projects for Ambitious Mitigation
[PR Newswire]London -Germany and the UK announce new ambitious NAMA Facility climate change mitigation projects in Burkina Faso, Peru, Thailand and Tajikistan and welcome the EU Commission and Denmark as additional donors to announce a third call for projects in the run-up to COP 21 in Paris.

2014-12-15 Post-Compaore Ecowas - Heeding the Demands of the People
[This Day]There are rumours indicating that the ECOWAS Summit intends to anoint the Nigerian candidate for the African Development Bank against all the rules of the organization and against the tide for more transparency in the selection of leaders in Africa. The Community may lose its soul in such a process if it were to be confirmed...This would be similar to doing at the regional level what Blaise Compaore failed to achieve in his country when he tried to entrench himself through constitutional rigging.

2014-12-15 Jonathan, ECOWAS Leaders to Meet on Regional Security, Others
[Vanguard]Abuja -President Goodluck Jonathan will on Monday in Abuja host the 46th Ordinary Session of the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government, his office said in a statement on Sunday.

2014-12-12 Kerry on Burkina Faso National Day
[State Department]U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE

2014-12-11 African Rights Court Rejects Imprisonment in Defamation Cases
[IPI]Landmark ruling orders Burkina Faso to change law; IPI urges other states to follow suit

2014-12-12 Burkina Faso National Day
[State Department]Press Statement

2014-12-10 Paying Out-of-Pocket for Healthcare Leads to 'Deep Impoverishment' - UN Report
[UN News]Some 80 per cent of the population across 44 countries lives without any health protection, essentially being deprived of the right to healthcare simply because they cannot afford it, according a new report released by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

2014-12-10 African Court - Imprisonment for Defamation Violates Freedom of Expression
[MISA]Media and human rights organisations are delighted with today's decision of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights in the case of Konatév Burkina Faso to rule that imprisonment for defamation violates the right to freedom of expression and that criminal defamation laws should only be used in restricted circumstances.

2014-12-11 In Landmark Decision, African Court Rules Imprisonment for Defamation Violates Free Expression
[IFEX]This statement was originally published on on 9 December 2014.

2014-12-08 A Victory for Press Freedom in Africa
[HRW]Leslie Lefkow -Journalists and human rights defenders across Africa have achieved a huge victory in the battle for freedom of expression.

2014-12-02 Solar Revolution Sweeps Villages
[SciDev.Net]In many off-grid villages in West Africa, solar power now provides energy for lighting, cooking and street lights.

2014-12-02 Pan-African Solidarity Statement With the Burkinabe People
[Fahamu]The events of 31st October 2014, leading to the popular uprising in Burkina Faso that removed Blaise Compaore from power, constitute a turning point for the entire region, and probably Africa as a whole.

2014-11-30 French Soldier Dies in Helicopter Accident
[RFI]A French special forces commando has died in Burkina Faso during a training flight, the French defence ministry announced Sunday.

2014-11-28 West Africa Faces Severe Risks in 2015 As Six Countries Head to the Polls
[OSIWA]Dakar -As citizens from six West African countries head to the polls to elect new heads of state in 2015, key regional and international decision-makers have started laying the groundwork for an effective response plan to address anticipated electoral challenges and risks.

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