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2017-05-16 Trial of Former Leader Blaise Compaore Adjourned
[Al Jazeera] The closely-watched and long-delayed trial of Blaise Compaore, Burkina Faso's former president, and members of his cabinet has been adjourned for a month after his lawyers claimed that he would not receive a fair hearing.

2017-05-16 Trial of Ex-Leader Blaise Compaore Under Way
[Al Jazeera] A closely-watched trial of Burkina Faso's Blaise Compaore, former president, and members of his cabinet is under way in the capital, Ouagadougou.

2017-05-17 New Ambassador Looks for Commercial, Cultural Exchanges With Seychelles
[Seychelles News Agency] Burkina Faso's first ambassador to Seychelles said the two countries can benefit from the exchange of commerce and culture.

2017-05-14 Presidents Who Came to Power At 40 and Below
[Monitor] Emmanuel Macron was elected President of France last Sunday in an internationally popular presidential election. It is believed that the election was a disguised referendum on the European Union (EU) in France. If his opponent, Marine Le Pen had won, chances were high that France would leave the EU. France had last had a young leader in the 1880s when Napoleon Bonaparte led the republic. Macron's election has generated a debate over a new generation of presidents taking power. While this seems to be the no

2017-05-13 Women in Politics - Nigeria Can Emulate Burkina Faso
[Vanguard] - Women group bitter as only 54 women submitted forms for 448 LG positions in Lagos

2017-05-01 France Says '20 Fighters Killed' in North
[Al Jazeera] France says it has killed about 20 suspected fighters in a forest near Mali's border with Burkina Faso.

2017-05-01 French Report Killing or Capturing Militants
[Deutsche Welle] In a weekend operation involving airstrikes, French forces have reported killing or capturing 20 jihadists hiding in a forest near the border between Mali and Burkina Faso. A French soldier had been killed last month.

2017-05-01 Issues of Cooperation Between Sudan and Burkina Faso Discussed
[SNA] Khartoum -The Head of the National Assembly's Committee for External Relations and International Cooperation, Dr Mohamed Mustafa met, Sunday, with Chairman of the Committee for West and Central African countries of Burkina Faso Parliament, Saji Jacob.

2017-05-01 Ibrahim Mahmud Receives Delegations From Niger, Burkina Faso and Comoros
[SNA] Khartoum -The Assistant of the President of the Republic, the NC Deputy Chairman for Party Affairs, Engineer, Ibrahim Mahmud Hammed has received message from the Chairman of the ruling party in Republic of Niger. The message was delivered to Engineer, Hammed by a delegation from the Republic of Niger, Saturday, at the NC HQs chaired by the Party Secretary General.

2017-04-28 Trial Delayed for Burkina Faso's Former President
[VOA] A Burkina Faso court has postponed the start of the trial of ex-president Blaise Compaoré and his former Cabinet. The accused are being tried for their alleged role in the violent crackdown on the 2014 uprising that ultimately ended Compaoré's nearly three decades in power.

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