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2014-10-15 United States Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies in Rome Visits Projects in Northern Burkina Faso
[WFP]Goubi, Burkina Faso -On September 17, Ambassador David Lane visited three projects in the province of Passoré: the Health Clinic of Arbollé, a lowland rice production site in Goubi, and a poultry production project in Godin. He was accompanied by representatives from FAO, WFP, and IFAD.

2014-10-10 Poor Farmers Outsmart Climate Change
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]London -Over the last three decades, Burkina Faso's poorest farmers have produced food for half a million people by restoring some 300,000 hectares of degraded land with innovative techniques to conserve water and soil, according to a report on Wednesday.

2014-10-06 Land Disputes Trigger Strife
[Africa In Fact]Land disputes are causing strife throughout Burkina Faso. From the fertile south-west, across the central Mossi plateau and up to the eastern region bordering Niger, land feuds tear families apart and set clans against each other in this landlocked west African country.

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