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2017-04-24 Armed Robbery, Kidnapping Near Border With Congo - Police Clarify
[Iwacu] In the wake of armed robbery and kidnappings near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo in recent weeks, the Burundi police says armed forces have arrested an undisclosed number of criminals and seized arms.

2017-04-24 Burundian Refugees Abscond From Camp
[Daily News] Bukoba -Thirty-three Burundian refugees, including 17 children were on Thursday night intercepted at Mutukula border in Misenyi District after they allegedly escaped from Mtenderi Refugees' Camp in Kigoma Region.

2017-04-21 UN Human Rights Commission Condemns Human Rights Violation in Burundi
[Iwacu] The United Nations High Commission for Human Rights says it is concerned about the video showing young men affiliated to the ruling party calling for rape against females from the opposition.

2017-04-21 All Processed Products Must Meet Quality Control Standards, Says Bbn Official
[Iwacu] Flour, maize, fruits, sunflower oil, banana wine, juice, rice, coffee... are some of the agricultural products exhibited in a three-day trade fair being held in the capital Bujumbura on the occasion of the week of the agro-food promotion. Some of the products are yet to be certified by Burundi Office of Standardization and Quality Control (BBN).

2017-04-21 Fuel Shortage Sparks Controversy Between Government Authorities Over Cause
[Iwacu] The Ministry of Energy and Mining says the shortage of fuel earlier his week was due to a "technical breakdown" that interrupted clearance processes within the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR), an allegation the Authority denies.

2017-04-20 UN Rights Chief Alarmed By Rape Chants in Burundi
[New Times] The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein has expressed outrage at an apparent widespread pattern of rallies in several provinces across Burundi, where young men from the Imbonerakure militia - the youth wing of the ruling CNDD-FDD political party - repeatedly chant a call to impregnate or kill opponents.

2017-04-21 National Assembly Approves of Nine New Burundi EALA MPs
[Iwacu] Burundi National Assembly has approved this April 20, nine new East African Legislative Assembly-EALA MPs to replace nine others who had just completed their four-year term.

2017-04-20 Ethnic Cleansing Shoots up in Burundi
[CAJ News] Bujumbura -THE United Nations is alarmed at the escalating violation of human rights in Burundi, where a major increase in enforced disappearance and discovery of dozens of unidentified bodies has been noted since the beginning of the year. This coincided with Imbonerakure, the rogue youth of the ruling party, fanning hate speech, violence and rape of government critics. UN high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, expressed fear at widespread rallies across the country where the young men repeatedly

2017-04-20 Human Rights Situation Two Years After Crisis
[Iwacu] "About 720 people were killed, over 80 others tortured since Burundi has plunged into the current situation in April 2015," says Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza, Chairman of the National Commission for the Human Rights-CNDIH. He also says that between 700 and 800 people have been arbitrarily arrested in different areas of the country. "Thanks to our intervention, some of them have been released", he says.

2017-04-19 Living With the Ghosts of Burundi's Protests
[Citizen] Arusha -'Maandamano', a Kiswahili term for protests at least in the context of the recent violence in Burundi, is a word that most Bujumbura residents would like to forget.

2017-04-19 Malawi Bears Brunt of Burundi, DRC Conflicts
[CAJ News] Lilongwe -MALAWI is battling a surge of refugees fleeing raging conflict in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The two Central African countries are experiencing bloody violence after their respective presidents Joseph Kabila and Pierre Nkurunziza clung to power at the expiry of their terms. Malawi government and United Nations officials said this has led to the number of asylum seekers into the country increasing since the beginning of the year, with about 4 000 having sought safety at the Luwani camp to

2017-04-19 Burundi Militia Waging Campaign of Terror - UN
[VOA] The U.N. high commissioner for human rights says he is alarmed by a growing, widespread campaign of terror in Burundi being waged by government-backed militia against opponents of President Pierre Nkurunziza's party.

2017-04-19 Only EAC Heads of State Can Solve Burundi Crisis, Says Political Opponent
[Iwacu] Burundi politicians believe the summit of the East African Community (EAC) Heads of state scheduled on 10 May 2017 is an opportunity to boost the inter-Burundian dialogue so that it yields positive results.

2017-04-19 Prison Director and Chief Guard Detained After Prisoners' Guards Escape
[Iwacu] The Director of Rutana prison and a chief of the police guard of the prison have been jailed following the escape of two prisoners and two police officers who were guarding them.

2017-04-18 Monument to Be Erected in Memory of Famous Drummer
[Iwacu] "Burundi lost a cultural hero, a man of great value. Following his outstanding achievements in the promotion of the country's culture, notably the drum culture, the government plans to erect a monument in his memory", said Jean Bosco Hitimana, Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport. He said this on 17 April at the funeral of Antime Baranshakaje, the guardian of the sacred drum at Gishora sanctuary in Gitega Province. The Minister says Baranshakaje spent his entire life protecting the sacred drum with bravery

2017-04-18 CRDB's Burundi Posts 2.4 Billion/ - Net Profit
[Daily News] CRDB Bank's Burundi subsidiary net profit has gone up three times to 2.38bn/- in 2016, despite political challenges engulfing the tiny East African state.

2017-04-18 Two Elderly Burundians Kidnapped From Their Farm in Congo
[Iwacu] Two elderly Burundian farmers, a husband and his wife, have been kidnapped by unknown criminals from their farm on the territory of the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the morning of this Monday, according to the police.

2017-04-18 Drug Users Say They Need Medical Prescription Rather Than Being Arrested
[Iwacu] The Burundian Alliance against HIV/AIDS and for Health Promotion (ABS) organizes from this 17 April, a two-day meeting with the decision-makers on HIV/AIDS and harm reduction for People Who Inject Drugs-PWID.

2017-04-17 Gasenyi I - Residents Denounce 'Spoliation'
[Iwacu] Owners of 23 houses located within the perimeter of the presidential palace site did not meet the set deadline (7 April) to leave the places. The reason is that they have not been compensated. A bulldozer went into action on Tuesday, 11 April.

2017-04-14 Government Has Suspended MSD Party for Six Months
[Iwacu] Three main allegations made against the Movement for Democracy and Solidarity-MSD party are the violation of the Burundi Constitution, breaking the rules of political parties and a plan to form an armed group to fight against the government. Following these accusations, Pascal Barandagiye, Minister of Home Affairs decided on 4 April to suspend the activities and close all MSD party's offices for six months.

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