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2016-07-01 How Many Must Die in Burundi to Create 'High Intensity'?
[Observer] We quote him verbatim, lest we err: "It is a situation in which the political elite that dominated Burundian politics and its economy for many decades fear that the economic goodies associated with their hold on political power are threatened," (Momoima Onyonka in The East African, November 21-27, 2015).

2016-06-27 AU Council Calls for Quick, Inclusive Talks On Burundi
[Namibian] The 15 members of the African Union Peace and Security Council has called for quick and inclusive talks to solve Burundi's year-long crisis, after a four-day visit to the country.

2016-06-24 Why Kagera Must Be On the Alert for Aliens
[Daily News] Kagera Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Salim Kijuu has directed residents in the region to take necessary precaution and guard the borders, taking into consideration that it borders four East African Community (ECA) member countries namely Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Kenya.

2016-06-23 Involve Everyone in Peace Building, Bishops Urge Govt
[CISA] Bujumbura -Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) has appealed to the government and Church leaders of Burundi to involve everyone in peace building for the unity of the nation. "Ensure inclusive participation of citizens in the peace process and address all grievances peacefully in a way that maintains stability."

2016-06-23 Rwanda Tasked to Scale Up Efforts to Protect Refugees
[New Times] The government should move swiftly to strengthen efforts to protect thousands of refugees in Rwanda and also work with the international community to address problems behind their displacement.

2016-06-22 Refugees' Emergency Funding Abysmal
[Daily News] Kasulu -United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has revealed that response to the Burundian refugees emergency funding in the country is very appalling as it remains underfunded.

2016-06-23 Bishop Martin Nyaboho Elected As Next Archbishop of Burundi
[ACNS] The Bishop of Makamba, the Rt Revd Martin Blaise Nyaboho, has been elected as the fourth Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church of Burundi. Bishop Martin will succeed Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi, who has led the church since 2005, when he is installed on 21 August.

2016-06-22 Tanzania's Refugee Burden
[Citizen] Kasulu -Tanzania hosts the world's third largest number of refugees, according to a Global Trends report released by the UN's refugee agency, UNHCR.

2016-06-21 Burundian Refugees Who Served in Security Forces to Get Special Protection
[Daily News] Kasulu -The government has called on refugees who previously served as security officers in their home countries to avail themselves for registration at local government offices for special protection.

2016-06-21 Rwandan Cement Firm Cimerwa, Dealers Lock Horns
[New Times] The government and the private sector have over the past year intensified campaigns aimed at encouraging Rwandans to consume locally-made products, as well as broadening the country's exports base. However, it has emerged that some firms are struggling to make the cut due to competition from illegal dealers. Cimerwa, Rwanda's sole cement producer, for instance has asked the government for protection, saying local dealers are exporting its cement illegally, affecting its key markets in the Democratic Republ

2016-06-21 Burundian Refugees in Rwanda Call for Peace and Stability
[New Times] There is no place like home, Florentine Riziki says. She has lived in Rws no place like home, Florentine Riziki says. She has lived in Rwanda as a refugee for more than a decade. With the trials and tribulations of refuge life, she says it's time to go back home and live a normal life.

2016-06-20 Children in Prison for 'Insulting' President
[CAJ News] SOME schoolchildren could spend up to ten years in prison following their arrest for allegedly defacing pictures of Pierre Nkurunziza in their books.

2016-06-20 UK Pumps in 47 Billion/ - for Burundi Refugees in Tanzania
[Daily News] As the world marks the Refugee Day today, the United Kingdom has announced an additional 15 million pounds (47.158bn/-) in humanitarian aid to help the ever-increasing displaced Burundians in Tanzania.

2016-06-20 Students Jailed for Doodling
[HRW] Earlier this month Burundian intelligence agents arrested eight secondary school students in Muramvya province and accused them of insulting the head of state. Their crime? Drawing and writing phrases like "Get out" or "No to the 3rd term" on a picture of President Pierre Nkurunziza in a textbook.

2016-06-20 Opposition Is Limited
[East African] The political activities of the opposition parties in Burundi are limited due to the political crisis and current insecurity following President Pierre Nkurunziza's decision to run for a third term last year.

2016-06-20 Govt Could Pull Out of Rome Statute After Launch of Probe
[East African] Burundi has threatened to reconsider its membership to the Rome Statute after the International Criminal Court launched preliminary investigations into post-election killings in the country.

2016-06-17 New Bujumbura - Where Burundians Have Sought Refuge
[Monitor] Commemorating World Refugee Day. As the world prepares to commemorate the International Refugee Day on Monday June 20, Daily Monitor in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will run a series of stories to highlight the state of refugees in Uganda and the humanitarian response. In this issue, we explore how refugees from Burundi are creating a home away from home.

2016-06-16 Burundian Refugees Need International Community Assistance
[Daily News] As the world marks International Day of the African Child today, international communities have been urged to consider providing more support and humanitarian assistance to the displaced Burundian refugees currently camping in Kigoma.

2016-06-16 Swedish Ambassador Calls For Urgent Political Solution to Burundi crisis
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -Swedish ambassador to Tanzania Katarina Rangnitt has expressed concern over poor conditions at the Nyaragusu Camp in Kigoma where hundreds of Burundi are sheltered.

2016-06-15 Burundi Sparks Tanzania Refugee Time Bomb
[CAJ News] Dar es Salaam, Tanzania -THE political upheavals in Burundi have presented Tanzania with a perilous refugee catastrophe as camps burst at the seams beyond their carrying capacities and diseases spread freely.

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