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2016-08-26 Panel to Submit Term Limit Findings to Parliament
[VOA] A Burundian panel tasked with finding ways to resolve the nation's political and security crisis says it will soon present its findings to parliament, which will include a proposal to remove term limits for the head of state from the constitution.

2016-08-25 Govt Could Scrap Presidential Term Limits
[East African] A debate on whether to scrap Presidential term limits in Burundi is set to kick off after a commission formed last year to chart the country's political future said it was ready to present its findings to Parliament.

2016-08-26 China to Support Soccer Games to Boost Burundi's Social Harmony
[Focac] Bujumbura -The Chinese Embassy has agreed to financially support soccer games arranged by Burundian Ombudsman Mohamed Rukara, the spokesman of the Ombudsman said Tuesday.

2016-08-25 Burundi's Decision to Cut Rwanda Trade Ties 'Threateans' Intergration
[New Times] Burundi's recent decision to ban cross-border trade with Rwanda again came to the fore on Tuesday as members of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) sat in Arusha, Tanzania.

2016-08-23 Journalist Still Missing, One Month On
[East African] A Burundian journalist who has been missing for a month is yet to be found, even after his wife sought help from the police.

2016-08-22 Where Is Burundian Journalist Jean Bigirimana?
[HRW] It is exactly one month since 37-year-old journalist Jean Bigirimana vanished after leaving his home in Burundi's capital, Bujumbura, for Bugarama, a town about 40 kilometers away. There are unconfirmed reports that he was arrested there by members of the intelligence services, but his whereabouts remain unknown.

2016-08-22 Govt Warns Burundi Refugees to Adhere to Local Laws
[Daily News] Mpanda -The Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa, has issued a stern warning to former Burundi refugees who have officially been given Tanzania citizenship to refrain from illegally welcoming and accommodating Burundians who have not been naturalised to live in Katumba and Mishamo refugee settlements.

2016-08-22 Prices Soar in Rwanda as Burundi's Ban on Food Exports Bites
[East African] Burundi's ban on food exports to Rwanda has sent prices in Kigali to a record high this year.

2016-08-20 Officers Flee Country Over Fears of Repression
[Al Jazeera] At least 10 officers from Burundi's army and police force have reportedly fled the country since the beginning of this month amid ongoing repression in the country.

2016-08-22 Burundi Clamps Down On Forex Black Market
[East African] Burundi could resort to import restrictions amid a clampdown on black market currency dealers whom it partly blames for a sharp drop in the value of the local currency against the dollar.

2016-08-22 Burundi, Rwanda Ties Deteriorate
[East African] The recent decision by Burundi to ban food exports to Rwanda has seen a further deterioration of relations between the two neighbours.

2016-08-19 Man Suspected to Be Rwandan Escapes From Burundi
[News of Rwanda] There was drama Thursday on the Rwanda-Burundi border when a handcuffed man escaped from a group of Burundian officials and crossed into Rwanda.

2016-08-19 Word Has It...Singer Kidum in Death Threat
[New Times] What is going on with Salax Awards?

2016-08-20 Burundi National Debate On EAC Integration
[YAGA] In an ambition to nourish an effective nationwide integration within the East-African bloc, the East-African Community - Youth Ambassadors Platform-Burundi Chapter, collaboratively with the Ministry at the Office of the President in Charge of East African Community Affairs, organizes a national debate on EAC integration under the theme: "YOUTH EMBRACING THE EAC INTEGRATION".

2016-08-17 Tanzania Becoming a Haven for Foreign Players
[CAF] Football in the East African country of Tanzania is on the rise, and is becoming a haven for foreign players notably from neighbouring countries, West Africa and Southern Africa.

2016-08-17 Singer Kidum Speaks Out On Fear of Being Killed
[Focus] Burundian singer, Kidum Kibido has rubbished news that he is afraid of returning to his home country, Burundi, after spending a long stay in Kenya, his current home since 1995.

2016-08-16 No Justice Decade After Burundi Massacre
[CAJ News] Bujumbura -BURUNDI authorities have been urged to hold accountable the perpetrators of a 2004 massacre of more than 150 refugees, most of them women and children.

2016-08-16 Forty Youth Turn Up for Maishaplus Auditions
[New Times] The four winners from Rwanda will join their peers from Kenya, Burundi, and Uganda in Tanzania which is the host country for the live casting on August 28th.

2016-08-17 IFJ Demands an End to Massive Repression of Media
[IFJ] IFJ President Philippe Leruth has called on Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza to put an end to the massive repression faced by the country's media since May 2015.

2016-08-17 Burundi Bound Trailer Overturns Along Masaka Road, Destroys House
[Monitor] A trailer , which was transporting food relief to Burundi this evening failed to brake and rammed into a roadside house at Kaddugala Village along Kampala -Masaka highway.

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