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2014-04-17 Looming Polls Increase Risks
[IRIN]Bujumbura -If high-level engagement by outside parties is a measure of political risk, Burundi is a country to keep a close eye on as it approaches elections next year.

2014-04-16 Burundi Demands UN Apology After 'Arms' Accusations
[Capital FM]Bujumbura -Burundi's government has demanded the United Nations provide evidence or apologise after an alleged UN report claimed it was arming young supporters, amid renewed concerns over political violence.

2014-04-15 Somali President 'The People of Burundi Are Our True Brothers Who Have Given Their Blood to Bring Peace and Stability in Somalia'
[Dalsan Radio]His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today welcomed the new Burundian Ambassador to Somalia and said, "The people of Burundi are our true brothers who have given their blood to bring peace and stability in Somalia."

2014-04-14 Interethnic Relations - a Shift in Perception
[RNW Africa]Bujumbura -For Burundi's Hutus and Tutsis, past decades have been marked by civil wars and massacres. This antagonism has long made interethnic marriage almost impossible. But now a new generation is showing a change in perception...

2014-04-11 President Prepares Ground for a Third Term
[African Arguments]Over the next few years, several countries in the Africa Great Lakes region are scheduled to hold presidential elections where the incumbent is constitutionally prevented from participating.

2014-04-11 UN Concerned At 'Troubling' Political Developments in Burundi
[UN News]The United Nations today called on the Government of Burundi to address ongoing political violence and restrictions on human rights, saying it is receiving "troubling" information about recent developments in the country.

2014-04-11 Security Council Press Statement On Situation in Burundi
[UN]The following Security Council press statement was issued today by Council President U. Joy Ogwu (Nigeria):

2014-04-11 Government Backed By the ICGLR Launches Special Sessions/ Procedures On Sexual and Gender Based Violence
[ICGLR]This activity, as the Executive Secretary of the ICGLR, Professor Ntumba Luaba pointed out in his statement, falls within the framework of the implementation of the Declaration of Heads of State and Government of the ICGLR signed in December 2011 in Kampala, Uganda. In Article 8 of the Declaration, the Heads of State instructed " the relevant ministries to establish and enhance special courts, sessions and special procedures to expedite the processing of cases of Sexual and Gender Based Violence in the jud

2014-04-10 Amb. Power's Remarks to the Press in Burundi
[State Department]United States Mission to the United Nations

2014-04-08 Burundi Works At Improving Business
[EA Business]Bujumbura -Dr. Gervais Rufyikiri, the Burundi Second Vice- President, has requested technocrats to quicken implementation of reforms that will improve the country's business climate.

2014-04-07 Rwanda, Burundi Discuss Illegal Settlers
[New Times]Rwanda and Burundi have announced a plan to carry out a survey to address the issue of illegal settlers in the respective countries.

2014-04-07 African Youth Championship - Djibouti and Burundi Share Points
[Dalsan Radio]In the first leg of the African youth championship qualification Burundi has had 1-1 draw with the host Djibouti in a hotly-contested match played at El Haji Hassan Guled National stadium here in Djibouti on Friday.

2014-04-04 Rumble in the Belgian Bungle
[Africa In Fact]Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), particularly in the eastern Kivu provinces, can be traced to its convoluted history of migration, citizenship and property rights.

2014-04-02 Burundi Joins Rwanda in Committing to Mineral Traceability Scheme
[New Times]Burundi has started to implement the mineral traceability project, internationally known as iTSCi, possibly in response to a looming international embargo against its cassetirite, wolfram and coltan minerals.

2014-04-01 Financing the Burundi Revenue Authority - Throwing Good Money After Good?
[Africa Research Institute]This is a guest blog by Kieran Holmes, who is Commissioner General of Burundi's semi-autonomous revenue authority, the Office Burundais des Recettes. Kieran recently co-authored an ARI report detailing OBR's efforts to reform tax collection and administration in one of Africa's poorest nations.

2014-04-01 Burundi Wins Gold Award
[EA Business]President of the Republic of Burundi, Dr. Gervais Rufyikiri has received the Gold Medal of Crans Montana on behalf of the President of the Republic of Burundi, its Government and people of Burundi for their efforts in the social and economic development of the country.

2014-03-31 Foreign Ministry Lauds Al-Azhar's Speech in Inter-Religious Dialogue in Burundi
[Egypt Online]Egypt has participated in the World Conference of Religions for Peace, currently held in Burundi.

2014-03-31 And Then There Was Light - the Turbines of Peres
[RNW Africa]Mubimbi -The hydroelectric dams hand-built by Peres Niyonsaba have provided dozens of households in his district with electricity. The 33-year-old Burundian student now plans to extend his project to other provinces.

2014-03-28 HIV Prevention Services Fail to Reach Those Most At Risk
[Key Correspondents]The Burundian government's promise to bring HIV prevalence to zero by 2015 in line with the Millennium Development Goals seems set to fail.

2014-03-28 Junior Wasps Fall 0-1 to Burundi
[New Times]RWANDA'S UNDER-20 team, the Junior Wasps failed to contain their Burundian counterparts as they lost 1-0 in a friendly match played yesterday at Kigali regional stadium.

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