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2014-10-30 New Political Killing?
[Iwacu] Déo Barakekenwa , also known as 'Murundi', the representative of the National Forces of Liberation (FNL) political party at Kiyange 1 (Gatumba area) was shot dead on 13 October. His close companions can identify his murderers. Is Murundi the first FNL victim since the Imbonerakure returned from Congo?

2014-10-30 Why Young Women Lie About Sex
[What'sUpHIV]Cape Town -Wednesday was the day we were finally going to be seen and heard: the day that young women from Burundi, South Africa Uganda and Kenya were going to make it all about us.

2014-10-30 Closing of the EAC Military Field Training
[Iwacu]The EAC Military Field Training Exercise held in Mwaro from 12 October was officially closed this 24th October. The Exercise Commander indicates that they achieved all their objectives. Two classrooms that were built in the framework of the EAC military cooperation were handed over to the Mwaro 2 Secondary School.

2014-10-30 Huawei, Onatel Commission Bujumbura's Metropolitan Area Network in Burundi
[CIO]The Government of Burundi in conjunction with Huawei and Onatel officially commission the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) project installations for Bujumbura.

2014-10-30 Rwanda, Burundi Receive Funds to Help Scale Up Wheat Production
[New Times]Rwanda and Burundi have received a $300,000 grant to help scale up wheat output in the region.

2014-10-27 Hungriest People in the World?
[Iwacu]The level of hunger in Burundi is "extremely alarming" according to the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). In this light, it might seem surprising that the government recently withdrew BIF 900 million from the agricultural sector.

2014-10-27 EAC Armed Forces Working Together
[Iwacu]A Field Training Exercise (FTX) of EAC Partner States' Armed Forces was officially launched in Burundi, in Mwaro Province on 19 September 2014. The main objective is to practice together on how to maintain peace and security in the region.

2014-10-27 President Nkurunziza Officiates At EAC Military Field Training Exercise Ushirikiano Imara 2014
[EAC]Arusha -His Excellency, Pierre Nkurunziza, President of the Republic of Burundi over the weekend officiated at the closing ceremony of the EAC Military Field Training Exercise code-named Ushirikiano Imara 2014 held in Mwaro Province in the Republic of Burundi.

2014-10-24 Sign Language Is Not Recognized
[Iwacu]Some countries use sign language interpreters at TV stations so that deaf people can follow the news. That is not the case in Burundi.

2014-10-24 Budget Cuts to Finance the Election Process
[Iwacu]The President signed a decree with drawing BIF 7,400 million from the budget and transferring it to the 2015 election process. The decree was signed on August 30, but was not made public until last week.-J.Berchmans Siboniyo

2014-10-23 New Norms for Disposing of Waste Water
[Iwacu]From 22nd to 23rd October, the Ministry of Water, Environment, Sanitation and Urbanism (MEEATU) organized a two day workshop to raise awareness on the national norms for disposing waste water.

2014-10-23 Burundi's Delegation to the Human Rights Committee Seems Ill-Prepared
[Iwacu]Geneva -Burundi's Human Right record was reviewed

2014-10-22 Oktoberfest & Music in Bujumbura
[Iwacu]On Friday 10 October 2014 Burundian brewer Brarudi organized the Amstel Beer Fest. Kibido, Kitoko and other Burundian stars performed.

2014-10-22 Burundi Showcases Its Fashion in the Rwanda Cultural Fashion Week 2014
[Iwacu]Burundi was the only EAC country invited to the Rwanda Cultural Fashion Week 2014.

2014-10-22 "Stutterers Are Humiliated"
[Iwacu]Today is the International Stuttering Awareness Day. Pacifique Mahoro, the chairman of the Burundi Stuttering Association is concerned that stutterers are not respected in school, at work and even in their household.

2014-10-21 Somalia, Burundi Sign Agreement to Reconsider Embassy Closure
[Sabahi]Somalia and Burundi signed an agreement Sunday (October 19th) to reconsider the closure of Somalia's embassy in Burundi, Somalia's Garowe Online reported.

2014-10-20 In Burundi, UN Envoy Lauds Role of Women, Youths in Bringing Peace to Great Lakes
[UN News]Women and young people must play a central role in establishing a long-term peace for Africa's Great Lakes Region amid the area's renewed efforts to overcome a past scarred by conflict, a top UN official said today.

2014-10-20 Burundi to Investigate Allegations of Sexual Abuse By Amisom Soldiers
[Sabahi]The Burundian government will send a team to Somalia to investigate recent allegations of sexual abuse by soldiers serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), Somalia's RBC Radio reported Thursday (October 16th).

2014-10-20 "Improve Nutrition and Revenue for the Local Population"
[Iwacu]The Burundian Government and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) signed a grant of $31 million to support food security. The agreement was signed on 19 September 19, 2014, at the IFAD headquarters in Rome. Ntirampeba Damase, the coordinator of the Transitional Program of Post-Conflict Reconstruction, was present at the negotiations in Rome and is part of the team that will implement the program.

2014-10-20 Burundi in Bottom Ranks of African Governance Index
[Iwacu]Burundi ranks 38th, out of 52 countries and is the worst performing member of the East African Community. The Burundian Government claims that the classification is erroneous.

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