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2014-10-20 In Burundi, UN Envoy Lauds Role of Women, Youths in Bringing Peace to Great Lakes
[UN News]Women and young people must play a central role in establishing a long-term peace for Africa's Great Lakes Region amid the area's renewed efforts to overcome a past scarred by conflict, a top UN official said today.

2014-10-21 Somalia, Burundi Sign Agreement to Reconsider Embassy Closure
[Sabahi]Somalia and Burundi signed an agreement Sunday (October 19th) to reconsider the closure of Somalia's embassy in Burundi, Somalia's Garowe Online reported.

2014-10-20 Burundi to Investigate Allegations of Sexual Abuse By Amisom Soldiers
[Sabahi]The Burundian government will send a team to Somalia to investigate recent allegations of sexual abuse by soldiers serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), Somalia's RBC Radio reported Thursday (October 16th).

2014-10-20 "Improve Nutrition and Revenue for the Local Population"
[Iwacu]The Burundian Government and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) signed a grant of $31 million to support food security. The agreement was signed on 19 September 19, 2014, at the IFAD headquarters in Rome. Ntirampeba Damase, the coordinator of the Transitional Program of Post-Conflict Reconstruction, was present at the negotiations in Rome and is part of the team that will implement the program.

2014-10-20 Burundi in Bottom Ranks of African Governance Index
[Iwacu]Burundi ranks 38th, out of 52 countries and is the worst performing member of the East African Community. The Burundian Government claims that the classification is erroneous.

2014-10-20 Playing Sport to Enhance Local Authority Cooperation
[Iwacu]Uganda hosted the East African Local Authorities Sports and Culture Association (EALASCA) from 28th September to 5th October 2014 in Kampala.

2014-10-20 OBR Eager to Fight Fraudulent Goods
[Iwacu]The Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) is called to deal with cases of fraud that hinder the mobilization of resources required for financing the State Budget. Informers are used to help detect tax evasion.

2014-10-20 New Leadership in the Road Security Police
[Iwacu]For the past two months, the Road Security Police has been without a director. The consequences of the power vacuum are weighing on Burundi's citizens. On Wednesday Alfred Innocent Museremu was appointed Commander.

2014-10-20 Business Opportunities At the International Tourism Expo
[Iwacu]The Swahili International Tourism Expo 1stEdition was held in Tanzania, from 1 to 4 October. It was an opportunity to promote Burundi, attract investors and meet international counterparts.

2014-10-20 World Mental Health Day - "Step By Step, Things Will Change"
[Iwacu]Schizophrenia and other mental disorders should be given the same attention as other diseases, says Hypolite Manirakiza, director of the Kamenge Neuropsychiatric centre.

2014-10-20 Major Reform for Transport Sector
[Iwacu]The commission on Transport Reform submitted its plans to the Ministry of Transport, Public works and Equipment in July. The Minister has yet to respond.

2014-10-17 Burundi Refugees Make History
[UNHCR]Geneva -The UN refugee agency has welcomed Tanzania's decision to grant citizenship to 162,156 former Burundian refugees, marking the largest group in UNHCR's history to which naturalisation has been offered by a country of first asylum as a solution to decades in exile.

2014-10-17 Tanzania's New Citizens to Get Land, Voting Rights
[IRIN]Dar es Salaam -Over 162,000 former Burundian refugees, who were recently granted Tanzanian citizenship after living in the country for over four decades, will now be able to buy and own land and vote, said a senior government official.

2014-10-17 Mushikiwabo - Burundi Yet to Grant Probe of Rweru Bodies
[New Times]The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Louise Mushikiwabo, has rebutted claims by a Burundian official that bodies discovered on the shores of Lake Rweru were from Rwanda.

2014-10-17 The Burundian Army Is Present in the DRC
[Iwacu]The United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DR Congo (MONUSCO) confirms that a Burundian army detachment is present in the East of the DRC, at Kiliba Ondes in South Kivu. Lambert Mende, the Minister of Communications of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, refers to the operation as military routine. Bujumbura mentions that the military forces in the DRC are there for information exchange between the two countries.-By E.N. Translated from French by J.Berchmans Siboniyo

2014-10-17 Lack of Water and Housing in Carama
[Iwacu]Carama -People at the Carama site, one of the quarters in the North of Bujumbura, state that their living conditions are deplorable. They need support and a new place to live.-By Yves Didier Irakoze

2014-10-17 First Conviction for Homosexuality in Burundi
[Iwacu]Bugenyuzi, Burundi -A Vietnamese man was arrested last month and accused of homosexual practice. It was the first time someone was convicted under the country's anti-gay law, which came into effect in 2009.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse

2014-10-17 Tanzania Begins Granting Citizenship to Over 162,000 Former Burundian Refugees, Ending More Than 40 Years of Exile
[UNHCR]Geneva -This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson William Spindler - to whom quoted text may be attributed - at the press briefing, on 17 October 2014, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

2014-10-17 Burundi's Economic Future
[Iwacu]Teachers and students of different universities recently discussed the World Bank report on Burundi's economic situation. They suggested ideas to improve the economic outlook of the country.-J.Berchmans Siboniyo

2014-10-17 Cibitoke - Young Burundians Accused of Being "Rebels" of the Opposition
[Iwacu]Cibitoke -Five young Burundians have been arrested and accused of participating in a rebel movement formed by Burundian opposition parties, operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). They are detained in Buganda Communal prison.-Jackson Bahati; translated by Lorraine Josiane Manishatse

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