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2016-10-24 Govt Suspends Local NGOs
[Iwacu] Accused of deviating from the goals set in their statutes, five local non-governmental organizations have been completely banned from working in Burundi by the Interior Minister.

2016-10-24 Debate On Deby
[Iwacu] A statement by Chad Head of State, Idriss Deby, supporting the current term of President Pierre Nkurunziza creates controversy. Between "electoral appetites" of African leaders and the AU malfunctioning.

2016-10-24 Burundi Now Stable but Trade Yet to Pick Up
[East African] Stability may have returned to Burundi but for traders in Cibitoke, the hotspot of the conflict set off by President Pierre Nkurunziza running for a third term last year, the good old days seem over.

2016-10-24 AMISOM Burundi Contingent Rotation Deferred
[Iwacu] On October 10, AU decided to delay the placement of Burundian contingents deployed in the African Union peacekeeping Mission in Somalia [AMISOM] expected in November 2016. The spokesman of the Burundian army colonel Gaspard Baratuza denies this information. "Contrary to what is said, AU has not suspended the rotation of theAMISOM Burundian contingent," he says

2016-10-22 'Disappointment' As S. Africa Joins Burundi in Exiting ICC
[Deutsche Welle] South Africa is quitting the International Criminal Court just days after an identical move by chaos-ridden Burundi. Rights groups are appalled by what they see as South Africa's uncharacteristic disregard for justice.

2016-10-21 Farmers Coping With Climate Change Thanks to FAO
[Iwacu] The Food and Agriculture Organisation leads Burundian farmers into adopting farming techniques that help them to cope with climate change.

2016-10-20 Opposition Urges Sanctions Over War Crimes Court Withdrawal
[RFI] Sanctions should be imposed on Burundi's government following a decision to remove the country from the International Criminal Court, according to an opposition group. The decision will make it difficult for the ICC to proceed with a preliminary investigation into alleged crimes committed since April 2015, says an international criminal justice expert.

2016-10-20 Burundi Hails Tanzania's 'Remarkable' Reform Drive
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -Tanzania has much further to go on its "remarkable journey of reform" under President John Magufuli, a senior Burundi has said.

2016-10-20 Withdrawal From ICC Could Tempt Others
[Deutsche Welle] President Pierre Nkurunziza signed into law legislation making his country the first to withdraw from the ICC. This could have a major impact on the court's relationship with other African countries.

2016-10-20 Govt Walks Away From the ICC
[IRIN] President signs law to begin withdrawal from the international court

2016-10-19 President Promulgates Burundi Withdrawal From ICC
[Iwacu] On 18 October, Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza has promulgated the law on the withdrawal of Burundi from the International Criminal Court.Following the decision, the President of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, H.E. Mr. Sidiki Kaba, expressed concern about this development. "The withdrawal from the Statute by a State Party would represent a setback in the fight against impunity and the efforts towards the objective of universality of the Statute,"

2016-10-19 Bujumbura Continues Its Crusade...
[Iwacu] "Burundi withdraws from the International Criminal Court for national sovereignty", says the government. For the opposition, the latter fears being prosecuted for several massive violations.

2016-10-21 Presidency of the Republic Welcomes Burundi Withdrawal From ICC
[SNA] Khartoum -The Presidency of the Republic welcomed decision of President of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza on official withdrawal from the so-called International Criminal Court(ICC) and considered it expression to will of the free peoples in the World.

2016-10-19 Jean Marie Muhirwa Replaces Hafsa Mossi in EALA
[Iwacu] This 19 October, the Burundi National Assembly has overwhelmingly voted for an MP that will replace Hafsa Mossi, the late EALA MP -killed in July 2016.

2016-10-19 Majority Live On U.S.$ 1.25 a Day
[Iwacu] On the occasion of the International Day for Poverty Eradication celebrated on 17 October every year, UNDP Burundi declared that 82.1% of the Burundian population live on $ 1.25 a day.

2016-10-19 MPs Vote for the Withdrawal From ICC
[Iwacu] On 12 October, the National Assembly has voted for a bill on Burundi withdrawal from the International Criminal Court.

2016-10-19 Five Uprona MPs Replaced
[Iwacu] Five out of eight UPRONA MPs elected from Amizero y'Abarundi coalition have been replaced as they have never sat in the National Assembly since they were elected in 2015.

2016-10-17 The African Myth of 'Interference in Internal Affairs'
[Deutsche Welle] Burundi has voted to leave the ICC and has suspended cooperation with the UN Human Rights Office, accusing both of interference. But those who can't take criticism are usually in the wrong, writes Dirke Köpp.

2016-10-19 Foreign Conman Arrested By the Police
[Iwacu] A fraud who wanted to defraud a pastor was apprehended by the police yesterday.

2016-10-19 Heavy Rain Destroyed Three Classrooms in Bujumbura Northern City
[Iwacu] The heavy rain that fell last week in Cibitoke neighborhood of Ntahangwa Commune of Bujumbura the capital destroyed three classrooms of Lycée Municipal de Cibitoke. Classroom roofs have been damaged. 9th form pupils from the Fundamental school and those from 1st year of social and human sciences section have been the most affected. "59 pupils from 9th form, in section C have been dispatched to other classrooms of the same class (A and B)", says Déo Ntavyo, the assistant to the headmaster in c

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