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2015-05-24 Nkurunziza Critic Assassinated
[Al Jazeera] Opposition officials confirm death of Union for Peace of Development party leader in capital Bujumbura.

2015-05-24 Inside Burundi's Attempted Coup
[Independent (Kampala)] Warning to leaders seeking to unconstitutionally cling onto power

2015-05-24 Nkurunziza's Slippery Slope
[Independent (Kampala)] How the current crisis in Burundi is likely to ignite a regional conflagration

2015-05-24 Burundi Opposition Leaders Go Into Hiding
[Al Jazeera] Many of Burundi's opposition figures have gone into hiding after the killing of Zedi Feruzi, leader of the Union for Peace and Development party, a major opposition said.

2015-05-24 Burundi Turmoil Ensnares First Tanzania and Now Uganda in Refugee Crisis
[RFI] Aid agencies in Uganda are expecting an influx of up to 15,000 refugees from Burundi in the coming weeks, as the political situation in Bujumbura deteriorates. More than 100,000 people have already fled the country, heading south to Tanzania. But overcrowding and now a fresh cholera outbreak on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, is forcing Burundian refugees to head up north to Uganda.

2015-05-24 Opposition Calls Off Talks With Govt After Politician's Murder
[Deutsche Welle] Burundi's opposition has suspended talks with President Pierre Nkurunziza's government after the murder of one of their leaders. Many anti-government leaders and activists have gone into hiding after Zedi Feruzi's death.

2015-05-23 Burundian Refugees Face Cholera Threat in Tanzania
[Deutsche Welle] The UN refugee agency UNHCR says an outbreak of cholera has infected 30,00 people in a Tanzanian border region, where the population has increased dramatically due to an influx of refugees from Burundi.

2015-05-23 Tanzania Camp Overstretched By Burundi Refugee Influx
[Al Jazeera] Kigoma -Tanzanian authorities say the camp hosting refugees who fled unrest in neighbouring Burundi is full and will have to be expanded.

2015-05-22 Pro-Nkurunziza Youth Accused of Spearheading Repression
[Hirondelle] Arusha -Torture, muffling victims' cries of pain, removing their bodies in the night: these are some of the accusations against the youth of the ruling party in Burundi. The warning comes in a letter signed by prominent civil society and political figures, including two former presidents.

2015-05-22 In Tanzania, Unicef Dispatching Working to Halt Cholera Outbreak Among Burundian Refugees
[UN News] The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is rushing critical relief supplies to Tanzania's north-western border with Burundi amid a devastating cholera outbreak affecting tens of thousands of refugees there.

2015-05-22 Cholera Epidemic Claims 31 Lives in Tanzania, Including 29 Burundian Refugees
[UNHCR] Geneva -The UN refugee on Friday reported that a cholera epidemic this week in Tanzania's lakeside Kagunga area has killed two local people and 29 Burundian refugees, adding to the serious challenges created by the forced population displacement from Burundi.

2015-05-22 Anti-Government Protests Rock Capital
[Al Jazeera] Protesters in Burundi have clashed with police in anti-government demonstrations against a third term bid for power by the president, a week on since a failed coup.

2015-05-22 Aid Agencies Struggle As Cholera Kills Burundi Refugees
[Al Jazeera] Humanitarian agencies are struggling to cope as tens of thousands of Burundian refugees stranded on Kagunga Island in Tanzania face worsening medical conditions.

2015-05-22 Cholera Kills Burundi Refugees From Bujumbura Fighting
[Deutsche Welle] The UN has warned that a deadly cholera outbreak, which has killed some 30 refugees from unrest in Burundi, could get worse. Tens of thousands have fled to neighboring countries, with violence raging in the capital.

2015-05-22 Many Fleeing Burundi Have No Wish to Return
[IRIN] Kigoma, Tanzania -If you ask a Burundian refugee who has recently arrived in Tanzania when they plan to return home, there's a good chance that the answer will be, "I don't." Now a cholera outbreak on the border has made the journey all the more dangerous.

2015-05-21 Burundi Leader, Stifling Attempted Coup, Cracks Down On Media
[IPS] New York -Burundi's President Pierre Nkuruziza, who narrowly avoided his removal from office by a citizen-backed military coup, has turned against the media that closely reported the day to day protests.

2015-05-20 Amid Unrest, President Delays Polls By One Week
[Deutsche Welle] Giving in to pervasive political pressure, Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza has postponed elections to the first week of June. Over 100,000 Burundians remain displaced across the region.

2015-05-22 UNHCR and Partners Appeal for U.S.207 Million to Respond to the Burundi Refugee Emergency
[UNHCR] Today the UN Refugee Agency and 17 partners launched the Regional Refugee Response Plan to protect and assist up to 200,000 Burundian refugees in the neighbouring countries.

2015-05-21 Thousands Protest as President Delays Polls
[Al Jazeera] Burundian security forces have fired shots and tear gas at protesters after the president, Pierre Nkurunziza, delayed local and parliamentary elections for a week.

2015-05-21 President Urges Ethnic Harmony, Downplays Unrest
[Deutsche Welle] President Nkurunziza has called on Hutus and Tutsis not to renew the ethnic violence. Despite violence in the capital, and a failed coup attempt, the president said that "99.99 percent" of Burundi was peaceful.

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