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2017-11-22 Culture Ministry Dedicates Week to Emblematic Drum Dance to Promote Culture
[Iwacu] The Ministry of Culture dedicated a week to the emblematic dance of the Burundian drum in order to protect and promote Burundian culture in general and drums in particular. It started on November 20 and will end on 26.

2017-11-22 Evicted Families From Gasenyi Demand to Be Compensated
[Iwacu] This 21 November, around 40 families evicted from their plots in Gasenyi area of Mutimbuzi Commune in Bujumbura where the presidential palace is being built, have staged a sit-in before the Ministry of Environment's office. They claim compensation.

2017-11-22 Special UN Secretary-General Envoy to Burundi Pleads for Inclusive Dialogue
[Iwacu] In a review of his mission over three months to the UN Security Council, Michel Kafando, Special Envoy of the Secretary -General to Burundi, says the United Nations must continue its mission of good offices, alongside the sub-region, to help Burundi come out of the crisis despite persistent problems.

2017-11-21 'A Child-a Roof, Far From Being Reality in Burundi' Says Activist
[Iwacu] The number of street children in different cities of Burundi grows day by day. Children's rights activist asks for the government's collaboration to improve their living conditions.

2017-11-21 Continuing Support for Burundi Political Process Only Way Forward, Security Council Told
[UN News] Despite challenges towards inclusive dialogue in Burundi, the United Nations must continue to support the political process there, the Organization's envoy to the east African country told the Security Council on Monday.

2017-11-21 Day Dedicated to Combatants, 'A Bone of Contention'
[Iwacu] Burundi ruling CNDD-FDD celebrates the week dedicated to combatants to pay tribute to the valiant fighters who died on the battlefield. The party's leaders say Burundi got peace and democracy on 16 November 2003 when the rebel movement CNDD-FDD signed a global cease-fire with the transitional government of the time. Some politicians accuse the ruling party of excluding other war veterans.

2017-11-21 About 1,500 Job Opportunities to Be Created By CVMR Mining Company
[Iwacu] The Ministry of Energy and Mines has signed this 20 November, research conventions with CVMR Energy Minerals Incorporation of Toronto Canada for exploring mineral concessions in Waga-Nyabikere and Mukanda areas. The latter have proven and estimated reserves of Nickel, Cobalt, Iron, copper, PGMs, Vanadium and titanium

2017-11-20 ICC Affair - When the EAC Gets Involved
[Iwacu] Tanzanian and Ugandan Presidents condemn the International Criminal Court (ICC) decision to investigate Burundi. The Heads of State say this measure hampers efforts to promote peace in Burundi.

2017-11-20 Regional Standby Force Begins Training in Sudan
[East African] The Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) will Monday begin wide-ranging military exercises in Sudan, official said.

2017-11-20 Antibiotics Are Developing Resistance Due to Auto-Medication, Researches Indicate
[Iwacu] Different researches show that antibiotics are building up resistance at a high level. Health professionals ask both the government and population to get involved.

2017-11-20 Soccer - Basetsana Blast Burundi in U20 World Cup Qualifier
[Sascoc] The Basetsana national women's Under-20 football side walloped Burundi 5-0 in the return leg of the second round of 2018 FIFA U20 Women's World Cup qualifiers at Dobsonville Stadium, Soweto on Saturday afternoon.

2017-11-17 Where Are Missing Witnesses to Crimes Against Humanity?
[IRIN] Dozens are reported to have been "forcibly disappeared", but the government denies there's an issue

2017-11-17 CVR - Around 4600 Testimonies Collected in Ruyigi and Muramvya Provinces
[Iwacu] The Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR conducted a campaign in Muramvya and Ruyigi Provinces from 16 October to 7 November in Muramvya to collect evidence about what happened in Burundi since 1972 and identify the mass graves that should exist in those provinces. Around 2305 testimonies have been collected in Muramvya Province while 2323 in Ruyigi Province.

2017-11-17 Journalism of Investigation in Africa - 'A Hard Nut to Crack'
[Iwacu] In a conference that brought together hundreds of investigative journalists from across the globe, African Investigative reporters say they meet a number of challenges when doing their job.

2017-11-17 Media Regulator-CNC Warns Media That Don't Comply With Its Regulations
[Iwacu] Burundi Media Regulator-CNC warns media houses that will not conform to its rules and regulations will not work in Burundi from 2018. Journalists should be registered and media sign a specification note.

2017-11-17 Politicians Disagree Over Procedure Used By Constitution Amendment Commission
[Iwacu] A six-month term given to the Commission in charge of amending the Burundi Constitution has expired this 15 November.

2017-11-17 Opposition Coalition Not to Participate in Upcoming Talks' Session
[Iwacu] The coalition of opposition political parties in exile CNARED says it will not participate in the inter-Burundian talks scheduled from 26 November to 8 December in Arusha. The facilitation plans to repatriate the dialogue process in Burundi, which is a way to exclude opponents in exile, according to CNARED.

2017-11-16 Will Other African Countries Follow Burundi Out of the ICC?
[ISS] The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has been authorised to begin investigations into alleged crimes against humanity in Burundi between 26 April 2015 and 26 October 2017.

2017-11-16 Passengers to Kampala May Now Pass Through Kigali or Tanzania
[Iwacu] Passengers from Burundi to Kampala are no longer obliged to pass through Tanzania. Since two months, travel agencies can also go through Kigali. It is a huge relief for traders and passengers.

2017-11-16 Human Trafficking Keeps On Increasing, Victims' Families Ask for Help
[Iwacu] More than 356 women and girls are victims of human trafficking since January 2017. Cases of people who leave families are observed in Bujumbura popular neighbourhoods. Some women decide to abandon their families to go to the Gulf Countries.

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