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2017-03-01 Life in No-Internet Cameroon
[This is Africa] The English-speaking regions of Cameroon have been facing a government-ordered Internet shutdown since 17 January. This shutdown was imposed in the wake of ongoing strikes, violence and protests against the continued marginalisation of English-speakers. Monique Kwachou describes life in No-Internet Cameroon

2017-03-01 Citizens Urged to Cooperate with Justice System
[VOA] As incidents of street justice grow in Cameroon, judicial authorities are urging the population to cooperate with the justice process instead of taking the law into their own hands.

2017-03-01 Human Right Situation in Cameroon - Routine but Dust-Raising Report!
[Cameroon Tribune] Writing on global human right situations is a traditional practice by Amnesty International, but targeting Cameroon with perpetual accusations, in a war situation, leaves much to be desired.

2017-03-01 Donors Meeting in Oslo Pledge Aid to Crisis Hit Lake Chad Region
[Deutsche Welle] Donors at a one-day conference have pledged a third of the UN's humanitarian appeal for the Lake Chad region. More than half of the region's population are in need of humanitarian aid.

2017-03-01 Lake Chad Basin - World's Most Neglected Crisis Rages On
[Al Jazeera] On Friday, February 24, the countries of the Lake Chad region - Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria, donor governments such as Norway and Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, and international organisations are gathering for the Oslo Humanitarian Conference on Nigeria and the Lake Chad Region.

2017-03-01 Cameroonian Doctors Learn Ophthalmological Skills in Shanxi
[Focac] Three clinicians from Cameroon will return to their country with medical skills learned from Shanxi Provincial Eye Hospital, enabling them to better serve local eye patients.

2017-03-01 Decentralisation - FCFA 3 Billion for Mayors' Salaries
[Cameroon Tribune] The amount is allocated in the decree signed by Prime Minister Philemon Yang on February 22, 2017.

2017-03-01 Anglophone Schools Reopening - Hope in the Horizon
[Cameroon Tribune] All Anglophone Teachers Trade Unions state their preparedness to negotiate for a progressive readjustment of the academic year.

2017-02-27 Ayade Kicks Off Construction of 5,000 Housing Units for Bakassi Returnees
[Guardian] Calabar -Cross River State Governor, Prof. Ben Ayade has flagged off the construction of 5,000 housing units for the displaced people of Bakassi.

2017-02-28 National Employment Fund - Over 100,000 Youths Trained in 17 Years
[Cameroon Tribune] This figure was revealed in Yaounde on February 9 by the General Manager of the outfit.

2017-02-28 Tour of Cameroon - Preparations Heighten
[Cameroon Tribune] A preparatory meeting took place at the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education recently.

2017-02-28 Elite One Championship - Coton Sport, Astres Top Classification Table
[Cameroon Tribune] Eight games played and 16 goals scored on day one of the national first division championship across the country last weekend.

2017-02-27 NUDP - Bello Bouba Re-Elected National Chairman
[Cameroon Tribune] The National Chairman of the National Union for Democracy and Progress, NUDP, Bello Bouba Maigari has once again won the confidence of members of the party who by acclamation voted him as NUDP chairman for the next five years. Bello Bouba Maigari who has been the National Chairman of the party since 1992 was re-elected unopposed during the 6th ordinary congress of NUDP that held in Yaounde on February 25, 2017. Massively attended by delegates and militants from the ten regions of the country and scores of

2017-02-27 Africa Cup Tours Tiko, Limbe, Buea
[Cameroon Tribune] Colossal crowds turned out to receive the trophy last Friday despite the on-going town and school droughts in the region.

2017-02-27 Mount Cameroon Race of Hope - Crossing the Hurdles of a Yearly Event
[Cameroon Tribune] This year's competition remained a bet from planning to execution.

2017-02-24 English-speaking Regions Boycott AFCON Trophy
[VOA] Cameroon is still basking in the glory of this month's upset victory at the Africa Cup of Nations. The trophy has been touring major cities in a government bid to bolster national unity. But that plan appears to be backfiring in English-speaking regions where an anti-government strike is deepening.

2017-02-23 More to Cameroon's Protest Than Meets the Eye
[ISS] For three activists from western Cameroon who joined a call for the recognition of their linguistic preferences, last week didn't bring any good news. The lawyer, teacher and journalist have been locked up since mid-January, and their case before a military tribunal was again suspended on 13 February, to 23 March. Cameroonian jails are notorious for not being easy on their inmates.

2017-02-23 Govt to Construct Cameroon-Nigeria Border Bridge At $47 Million
[Premium Times] The Nigerian Government on Wednesday approved the construction of the Cameroon-Nigeria border link bridge as part of its efforts to strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries.

2017-02-24 Race of Hope - Alpinists Round Off Preparations
[Cameroon Tribune] The 2017 edition of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope will take place tomorrow February 25.

2017-02-24 Bamenda - Fire in Cenajes
[Cameroon Tribune] Suspect arrested, security stepped up on Campus

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