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2015-08-10 Why Should West Africa Hesitate to Endorse Term Limits?
[allAfrica] Dakar -President Barack Obama's widely-publicised remarks in Addis Ababa on African presidents who refuse to step down when their terms end highlights a vigorous debate which is going on across the continent.

2015-08-10 Why Are We Killing Our Country?
[Monitor] The human body or any other living organism's body functions as a unit, composed of numerous organs and organ systems. When one of the organs is damaged or removed, the normal functioning of the body is compromised.

2015-08-05 Standardised Training of Engineers Defended
[ANGOP] Luanda -Cape Verdean specialist Victor Coutinho Tuesday in Luanda defended the standardisation of the quality in the training of African engineers as a key element in the sustainable development of the countries.

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