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2014-07-25 FAO Welcomes Commitment to Fight Hunger From the Community of Portuguese Language Countries
[FAO]Dili -The Tenth Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) ended today in Dili, Timor-Leste, and placed food and nutrition security at the centre of the bloc's agenda.

2014-07-24 Official Urges for Balanced Trade Between Angola, Cabo Verde
[ANGOP]Luanda -The State Secretary for Trade, Álvaro Augusto PaixĂŁo JĂșnior Wednesday in Luanda called on Angolan and Cabo Verde businessmen for increased commercial relations to ensure more balanced trade between the two countries.

2014-07-22 Pomp, Pageantry Reign At Washington Ceremony for Foreign Diplomats
[VOA]Cape Verde, a small island nation off of the coast of Africa, is hardly a global power.

2014-07-23 Former President of Cabo Verde Backs Leadership Focused On Future Vision of Africa
[ANGOP]Menongue -Former Cabo Verde president Pedro Verona Rodrigues Pires has defended an African leadership that holds fast to the future vision of the continent, which allows the end of several conflicts currently reported in some countries.

2014-07-18 Cabo Verde Defends Palop's Economic Transformation
[ANGOP]Luanda -The ex-president of Cabo Verde, Pedro Pires, Thursday in Luanda spoke of the need for the African Portuguese-speaking Countries (PALOP) member countries to embark on an economic transformation in order to keep pace with the world dynamic economy.

2014-07-18 Angola - Cabo Verde Defends Palop Economic Transformation
[ANGOP]Luanda -The former president of Cabo Verde, Pedro Pires, Thursday in Luanda, considered necessary for the member countries of the African Portuguese-speaking countries (Palop) to carry out acute economic transformation aimed to follow up the dynamic of world economy.

2014-07-11 Secretary Kerry On Cabo Verde's National Day
[State Department]On the Occasion of the Republic of Cabo Verde's National Day

2014-07-01 Cabo Verde Defends Adjustments of Palop to International Context
[ANGOP]Luanda -Cabo Verdean President, Jorge Carlos da Fonseca, Monday in Luanda, defended the creation of instruments more adjusted to the new international scenario in order to boost the African Portuguese-speaking Countries (PALOP).

2014-07-01 President Congratulates Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau Counterparts
[ANGOP]Luanda -Angolan Head of State José Eduardo dos Santos Monday in Luanda praised his counterpart from Cabo Verde, Jorge Carlos de Almeida Fonseca, on clever way he led the destinies of the group of the African Portuguese-speaking Countries (PALOP).

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