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2014-08-23 Young Blue Sharks Show Their Teeth
[CAF]If Cape Verde Islands impressed by reaching the final eight in last year's CAF African Cup of Nations, their U-15 team's charge to the semi-finals of the Boys' Youth Olympic Football Tournament in Nanjing underlines the giant strides made in football development by this Atlantic archipelago with a population of just 500,000.

2014-08-01 CPLP Game - Cabo Verde to Host 10th Games in 2016
[ANGOP]Luanda -Angola will hand over the testimony to Cabo Verde in order to host the 10th edition of Portuguese-speaking Community (CPLP) scheduled for 2016, in Praia city. The event will be held during the closing session of the 9th games that end officially on Saturday morning at Coqueiros stadium in Luanda.

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