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2016-05-26 Africa Confused, Conflicted Over Drug Control
[IDPC] As government delegates and civil society organizations from all over the world gathered at the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) in New York last month, many hoped for a sober reflection of the world drug problem and an honest assessment of what has not worked over the years. Unfortunately, however, this hope was not entirely met.

2016-05-24 Cabo Verde Former Primier in Luanda
[ANGOP] Luanda -Cabo Verdo former Prime-minister, José Maria Neves, arrived Monday morning in Luanda to attend the conference "Africa in the twenty-first century", to be held Wednesday in celebration of 25 May, the Africa Day.

2016-05-21 Zika Virus 'On Doorstep of Africa' - UN Health Agency
[UN News] The United Nations health agency today confirmed that the Zika virus strain circulating in Cabo Verde, an island nation off the northwest coast of Africa, is the same as the one responsible for the outbreaks linked to neurological disorders and microcephaly in South America.

2016-05-12 World Bank Supports Cabo Verde Tourism Sector As the Engine of Growth
[World Bank] Creating the conditions necessary to increase investment

2016-05-06 U.S. Citizenship Debate - ANC, CDC Tango Over Weah, Cummings Nationalities
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -Alex Cummings drew some interesting comments from callers into the Prime Morning Drive segment at 105.5 FM on May 5 but it is the most talked-about controversy over his U.S. citizenship that is still being debated.

2016-04-28 Soldier Arrested Over Barracks Massacre
[Deutsche Welle] The authorities in Cape Verde have tracked down a young soldier suspected of a deadly shooting spree at a military barracks. The suspect was captured while trying to steal a taxi, according to the local media.

2016-04-25 Africa's Protracted Fight With Malaria
[Deutsche Welle] On World Malaria Day, the WHO said six African countries be could free of the disease by 2020. Despite this ray of hope, the statistics are still grim and the disease deadly, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

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