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2016-04-28 Soldier Arrested Over Barracks Massacre
[Deutsche Welle] The authorities in Cape Verde have tracked down a young soldier suspected of a deadly shooting spree at a military barracks. The suspect was captured while trying to steal a taxi, according to the local media.

2016-04-25 Africa's Protracted Fight With Malaria
[Deutsche Welle] On World Malaria Day, the WHO said six African countries be could free of the disease by 2020. Despite this ray of hope, the statistics are still grim and the disease deadly, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

2016-03-31 Des Van Rooyen - Rupert Did Not Influence My Redeployment - Report
[News24Wire] Former finance minister Des van Rooyen said on Wednesday he does not believe billionaire Johann Rupert influenced his redeployment a few days after his appointment as minister.

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