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2018-02-16 Can Nuclear Technology Zap Hunger in the Country?
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Bangui -Scientists bounce back from attacks to work on cutting-edge ways of improving cassava yields in conflict-torn country

2018-02-08 Sardine-Tin Lamps and Wooden Fridges - Meet CAR's "Frugal Innovators"
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Bangui -In the midst of a humanitarian crisis, resourcefulness and creativity are the key to making a living

2018-02-06 CAR Rebels Thriving On Illegal Taxes
[CAJ News] Kinshasa -FARMERS in the lawless Central African Republic (CAR) are under siege from rival rebel groups who impose illegal and deterrent taxes.

2018-02-05 Rebel Leader Urges End to CAR Civil War
[CAJ News] Kinshasa -THERE is a glimmer of hope in the crisis-torn Central African Republic (CAR) after one of the country's most feared rebel leaders urged his militants to lay down arms.

2018-02-05 CEMAC - Common Stock Exchange Envisaged
[Cameroon Tribune] The new structure will be the result of a merger between the central African stock exchange in Libreville and the Douala stock exchange.

2018-02-02 CAR Patients Forced Off Bed, Shot Dead
[CAJ News] Kinshasa -REBEL groups have reportedly dragged patients from hospital beds and shot them dead in the worsening crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR).

2018-02-01 Africa's Slowest Moving Fibre Project Takes Another Step Forward - African Development Bank Provides $21 Million for Central African Republic
[Balancing Act] London -Central Africa is probably the largest geographic area of the continent without a wide array of redundant fibre connecting its different countries. The Central African Backbone project was devised to change all that but it has been eight years and counting without a great deal happening. Russell Southwood looks at the new announcement and reflects on the snail's pace of progress.

2018-01-31 UN Renews Arms Embargo, Threatens More Sanctions
[VOA] The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday renewed an arms embargo against the Central African Republic for another year and added criteria that could lead to new sanctions.

2018-01-31 Attacks On Medical Facilities Leave People Without Options
[MSF] "The first bullet hit a 13-year-old girl," says Christelle. "I fell to the ground and they kept shooting. A bullet hit my ankle. Another bullet hit a child of two or three who was in a shelter next to the hospital wall. He died instantly."

2018-01-29 Bishops Call On Fighters to Lay Down Arms
[CISA] Bangui -The Episcopal Conference of Central African Republic has appealed to armed groups controlling parts of the country to stop looting and lay down their arms.

2018-01-27 There Is Hope for the People of the Central African Republic
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] With the UN's announcement that a record number of people are now displaced in the Central African Republic and a call for $515m in humanitarian aid, CAR is fast becoming one of the biggest, yet most under-reported humanitarian crises of our time.

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