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2015-04-20 Land Rights to Be Discussed
[ICGLR] Nairobi, Kenya -The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) Regional Consultation Meeting on Land and Property Rights of Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees will take place on 21st to 23rd April, 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya bringing together Ministers from the 12 ICGLR member states in charge of land, IDPs and refugees to identify solutions for integration processes and the return of IDPs and refuges and reflect on the protocol on the protection of property rights and management of land involving the e

2015-04-20 Counting the Cost Radicalized Militancy in Africa
[Fahamu] Over 2,000 lives have been violently lost, yet Africa has not got angry enough to question whence we are headed should this trend continue. These unpunished killings are a recipe for impunity.

2015-04-17 Meanwhile, in the Central African Republic
[Daily Maverick] Between Ebola, terrorism, xenophobia and conflict fatigue, there are plenty of reasons why you haven't heard much from the Central African Republic in the last few months. That doesn't mean nothing is happening. SIMON ALLISON assesses where the stricken country is, and where it's going. The signs are not encouraging.

2015-04-15 Former Leaders Sign 'Meaningless' Peace Deal
[Al Jazeera] Two former presidents of the Central African Republic have signed an agreement reaffirming last year's truce deal, but is expected to have no power as the country's current interim government was not part of the negotiations.

2015-04-15 MSF Starts Emergency Intervention Amid 'Terrible Mix of Violence, Displacement and Lack of Basic Healthcare'
[MSF] At the end of 2014, thousands of people living in Kouango area, in southern Central African Republic (CAR), started to cross the Ubangi River looking for safety in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) after months of armed clashes in the area between rival militias. More than 20,000 locals fled to DRC and thousands more went to the nearby towns of Bambari and Grimari, north of Kouango. They were all looking for protection after the incessant robberies, killings and burnt houses.

2015-04-16 SADR Attends the Signing of Ceasefire Between CAR Factions
[SPS] Bangui -Saharawi Ambassador to Kenya, Mr. Abah Almad Abdalah, has represented the Saharawi Republic (SADR) in the signing ceremony of a cease-fire between the warring groups in the Central African Republic, as a culmination of mediation efforts led by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

2015-04-16 Visit of the ICGLR Executive Secretary to Bangui, Central African Republic
[ICGLR] Bangui -Within the framework of the visit which the ICGLR Executive Secretary, Prof. Ntumba Luaba is organizing in the ECCAS Region, in order to prepare the Special Summit on the Security Situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Central African Republic (CAR) and South Sudan, scheduled to be held in Luanda, Angola, in the nearest future, the Executive Secretary continued his trip with a visit to Bangui, Central African Republic, to have a tĂȘte-Ă -tĂȘte with the highest authorities

2015-04-15 Former CAR Presidents Sign Pact Supporting Peace
[Capital FM] Nairobi -President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday witnessed the signing of a peace agreement by former Central African Republic (CAR) Presidents Francois Bozize and Michel Djotodia.

2015-04-15 At Security Council, UN Official Says Central African Republic Transition At 'Critical Stage'
[UN News] Amidst a tentative political transition, the situation in the Central African Republic (CAR) remains tenuous as sectarian tensions continue to simmer and the severity of the country's humanitarian crisis increases, the top United Nations official in the African country warned today.

2015-04-13 Girls Prevented From Going to School in Refugee Camps
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

2015-04-13 UN Deplores Death of Protestor Following Attack Against Mission Base
[UN News] The United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic, known by its French acronym MINUSCA, has deplored the death and injuries resulting from a mob attack against its base in the city of Kaga-Bandoro - the second violent act of this kind in less than a week.

2015-04-11 Protesters Attack UN Base
[Deutsche Welle] Several soldiers have been injured after hundreds of protesters attacked a United Nations' peacekeeping camp, the UN said. UN forces fired warning shots at the crowd, which tried to set the camp's entrance on fire.

2015-04-10 Protesters' Clash With UN Peacekeepers Turns Deadly
[Al Jazeera] One person has been killed and a dozen others wounded when hundreds of protesters clashed with UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic, local authorities have said.

2015-04-09 CAR Groups Sign Ceasefire Pact in Nairobi
[Capital FM] Nairobi -Warring groups in the Central Africa Republic on Wednesday signed a peace agreement to stop hostilities and open a new chapter of political stability in their country.

2015-04-09 Rival CAR Groups Sign Ceasefire
[Al Jazeera] Rival Central African Republic (CAR) groups have signed a ceasefire deal in an effort to provide the country with a political solution, according to a statement by Kenya's State House where the agreement was signed.

2015-04-09 Country Hits Last Position on Social Progress Index
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -Poverty is more important than inequality in holding back "social progress", a broad measure of what makes a country a good place to live, researchers said on Thursday, releasing data ranking Norway first and the Central African Republic last.

2015-04-09 Hear It From the People - What's Wrong in the Central African Republic?
[IRIN] Baoro -The room was packed. Everyone wanted to speak: unsurprising after years of conflict that has claimed thousands of lives and seen the Central African Republic riven by ethnic and religious cleansing.

2015-04-09 Teaching Amid the Gunshots in Central African Republic
[IFRC] Armed clashes in several parts of Central African Republic (CAR) continue to have grave consequences on the education sector, more than one year after the start of the ongoing civil unrest. Vandalism, looting and displacement of teachers and school children are all affecting the education system, with several schools closed indefinitely.

2015-04-10 MSF Suspends Part of Its Activities in Kabo After an Attack On Its Facilities
[MSF] MĂ©decins Sans FrontiĂšres (MSF) has withdrawn part of its team and partially suspended its activities at Kabo hospital, in the north of the Central African Republic (CAR). The medical humanitarian organisation suffered a violent attack on Wednesday 1 April at the facilities it uses as both office and accommodation for its international team. This aggression against the humanitarian community poses a serious obstacle for MSF operations for the people in the area, where almost 50,000 people are

2015-04-10 495th PSC Meeting On the Situation in the Central African Republic (car)
[African Union] The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU), at its 495th meeting held on 26 March 2015, adopted the following decision on the situation in the Central African Republic (CAR):

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