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2017-11-22 MSF Suspends Relief Activities Following Attack in Bangassou
[MSF] Bangui -Following a violent armed robbery on Monday 20 November that threatened the lives of its workers, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has evacuated all 58 national and international staff, and suspended medical operations from Bangassou, a town in southeastern Central African Republic. The town is largely under the control of various armed groups affiliated to the anti-Balaka factions.

2017-11-17 Peace Requires More Than a Bigger UN Force
[ICG] The U.N. Security Coucil approved a resolution to extend the mandate of the U.N. Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) until 15 November 2018, also increasing the mission's troop ceiling by 900. Richard Moncrieff, Project Director for Central Africa, states that the Central African Republic needs more than just troops to meet the country's security challenges.

2017-11-17 Dozens of Minors Rescued From Rebel Groups
[CAJ News] Kinshasa -MORE than 60 children have been rescued from armed groups in the war-torn Central African Republic (CAR). The 28 girls and 35 boys have been handed over to humanitarian actor for their social reintegration in the northern Kaga-Bandoro province. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and UN Mission in CAR, which secured the release of the minors however, the persistence of high activism by armed groups means that the risk of enlisting children remains high in the area. Milita

2017-11-16 UN Mission Mandate Extended, Additional 'Blue Helmets' Authorized
[UN News] The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday extended the mandate of the Organization's peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic (CAR), until 15 November 2018, increased the mission's troop level by 900 military personnel.

2017-11-14 IFC Helping the Central African Republic Attract Investment to Key Sectors
[PR Newswire] Bangui -IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is supporting private sector growth in the Central African Republic, helping the country attract fresh investment in key sectors that will create jobs and opportunities.

2017-11-08 Security Council Considers Boost in UN Peacekeepers Numbers
[UN News] The Security Council is deciding whether to increase the number of United Nations peacekeepers in the Central African Republic (CAR), one of the recommendations put forward by Secretary-General António Guterres for strengthening the operation, which was discussed at today's meeting in New York.

2017-11-03 Displaced People in Congo and Central African Republic Receive WFP Food Assistance From China
[WFP] More than 280,000 people in the two countries will benefit from China's contribution, which will allow WFP to provide rice, pulses and oil, as well as distribute specialized nutritious food to prevent malnutrition among pregnant and nursing women and children under five.

2017-11-03 UN Chief Stresses Need to Support Central African Republic's Peacebuilding Strategy
[UN News] On the third day of his visit to the Central African Republic (CAR), United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Thursday called on the international community to support the conflict-ravaged country's peacebuilding and recovery strategy.

2017-11-01 'People Are Dying Every Day' - Refugees Fleeing War Suffer in Congo
[IRIN] Lembo -The camps of ramshackle mud-brick shelters line the banks of the River Ubangi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Inside, refugees from Central African Republic are suffering: from heat, from hunger, from disease.

2017-10-28 UN Chief Pays Tribute to Courage, Resilience of People of Central African Republic
[UN News] Addressing lawmakers in the Central African Republic, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Friday stressed the international community's commitment to helping tackle the myriad challenges plaguing the conflict-torn country, and strongly defended the role of the UN peacekeeping force there.

2017-10-28 Central African Republic - the Challenge of Stabilization
[Africa Renewal] In armored vehicles and helicopters, forces of the United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) entered Bocaranga on 7 October to free the city from the grips of one of the many armed groups operating in the country, the "Retour, Réclamation et Réhabilitation" or 3Rs.

2017-10-27 Challenges Ahead for AU in Ending CAR Conflict
[ISS] An upsurge of violence and organised crime in the Central African Republic (CAR) has dealt a serious blow to the international community's post-conflict reconstruction efforts in the country.

2017-10-27 Civilians Targeted as Violence Surges
[HRW] Nairobi -Violence threatening civilians has surged in recent months in the Central African Republic's south-central and southeastern regions. To protect people at risk, the United Nations Security Council should renew the mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission before it ends on November 15, 2017, and approve an October 18 request by Secretary-General António Guterres for 900 more troops.

2017-10-26 'I Didn't Know What to Do but Scream' - Woman Tells of Sexual Violence
[HRW] When an armed group attacked "Irène's" home in the Central African Republic, fighters shot her husband in both legs as he tried to flee, and tied their five-year-old daughter to a post when she began to cry. "Irène," 36, held her palms over her eyes as she told me of the brutal assault by the Seleka UPC, a main party to the country's ongoing conflict, during a May attack on Alindao, in the southeast.

2017-10-24 Message to UN - 'The Only Thing We Want Is Peace'
[UN News] It was once known as the 'Bridge of Death,' the frontline between warring factions in the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR). Legendary tales were shared of the bridge being drenched in blood, with even Government security forces scared to set foot on it.

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