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2014-04-17 Access to Medical Care - a Major Challenge for the Internally Displaced
[IFRC]"I am 6 months pregnant. I am yet to start ante-natal visits because of lack of money. During my last medical visit to the camp's health centre, all I received as medication were a few tablets of paracetamol," says Florence Mongai, one of thousands of women forced to flee their homes due to ongoing violence in the Central African Republic.

2014-04-16 DRC Concerned With CAR Continued Violence
[VOA]Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) information minister has expressed concern that the conflict in neighboring Central African Republic (C.A.R) could threaten security of the entire region.

2014-04-16 UN Seeks Millions to Help Car Refugees
[VOA]Geneva -Fifteen United Nations and private humanitarian agencies are appealing for $274 million to fund emergency aid for people fleeing violence in the Central African Republic. Nearly 200,000 people have fled the C.A.R. since December, but the U.N. says it expects that number to grow to more than 360,000 by the end of the year.

2014-04-16 UN and Partners Seek Emergency Funds to Aid Civilians Fleeing Central African Republic
[UN News]United Nations humanitarian agencies and their partners today launched a joint appeal to donors to fund emergency operations in support of the growing number of people who have been fleeing the conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR) since last December.

2014-04-16 UNHCR and Partners Seeking $us274 Million to Meet Acute Needs of Those Fleeing the Central African Republic
[UNHCR]Geneva -As instability and violence continue to plague the Central African Republic, UNHCR and 14 other humanitarian agencies are asking donors to fund emergency operations in support of the growing number of people who have been fleeing from CAR since December last year.

2014-04-15 Not a Moment Too Soon - UN's Peacekeeping Mission for CAR
[ThinkAfricaPress]A 12,000-strong UN force is a positive step, but there are still five months before it's deployed and questions remain over where the troops and funding will come from.

2014-04-15 The African Union Welcomes the Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing a United Nations Peacekeeping Operation in the Central African Republic
[African Union]The Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union (AU), Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, welcomes the adoption, by the United Nations (UN) Security Council on 10 April 2014, of resolution 2149 (2014) authorizing the establishment of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic - CAR (MINUSCA). The transfer of authority from the African-led International Support Mission in the CAR (MISCA) to MINUSCA will take place on 15 September 2014.

2014-04-15 AU Welcomes Peacekeeping Operation in CAR
[]The African Union (AU) has welcomed the establishment of a United Nations peacekeeping operation in the Central African Republic (CAR).

2014-04-14 World Must Help People of Central African Republic 'Not Tomorrow - Today,' Declares UN Chief
[UN News]More than 70,000 people are now living in horrendous conditions crammed into the Central African Republic (CAR) Bangui airport - the lucky ones under weather-beaten tarps just yards from the runway. Others are in the open.

2014-04-14 Where the State Has Disappeared and Violence Reigns
[African Arguments]Koert Lindijer is an award-winning journalist with the Dutch daily NRC-Handelsblad. His articles are not usually widely read in English, but we thought the Anglophone world should also benefit from Koert's many years of experience reporting from Africa.

2014-04-14 Central African Republic - "Thank You for Saving Her Life!"
[savethechildren_uk]"It will only take 10 minutes - but it can be the difference between life and death."

2014-04-14 MSF - Fighting Displaces 7000 in North CAR
[VOA]Dakar -In the north central Central African Republic, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) says several thousand civilians have fled into the bush following fighting between anti-balaka militia and African Union peacekeepers.

2014-04-14 Peacekeepers Greenlighted for CAR, but Mission Will Take Months
[IPS]United Nations -Amid alarming reports of ethnic cleansing in the Central African Republic, the U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Thursday to send an official peacekeeping mission to the conflict-torn country where the minority Muslim population has all but disappeared in much its Western half.

2014-04-14 Thousands of People Flee Fighting in Boguila Town
[MSF]Nearly 7,000 people fled to the bush after fighting erupted in Boguila, northern CAR, on the night of April 11th. Over 30 women and children stayed overnight at the hospital where MSF worksOn April 11th, a convoy of around 20 trucks, accompanied by MISCA, evacuated the last remaining 540 Muslims from Bossangoa to Gore, in Southern Chad. Shortly after the convoy transited through the town of Boguila, fighting erupted between international armed forces escorting the convoy and local armed groups.

2014-04-14 Aid Remains Scarce As UN Authorizes Peacekeeping Force
[MediaGlobal]The Security Council unanimously approved a resolution to send a force of nearly 12,000 peacekeepers to the Central African Republic (CAR), even as funding remains scarce for humanitarian needs on the ground.

2014-04-12 Nzapayeke - 'The UN Is Committed to CAR'
[Deutsche Welle]Central African Republic Prime Minister Nzapayeke tells DW he welcomes a UN decision to send 12,000 troops to his country. The peacekeepers will help restore stability and prepare the ground for next year's elections.

2014-04-11 Refugees Attacked As They Flee
[UN News]The United Nations refugee agency said today it is extremely concerned by reports that anti-Balaka militiamen are blocking and attacking civilians trying to flee violence in the Central African Republic (CAR).

2014-04-11 Germany Reluctantly Sends Troops to CAR
[Deutsche Welle]The situation in the Central African Republic remains chaotic. An EU mission, including a German contingent, is to support French and African troops already in the country, but it will take some time before they arrive.

2014-04-10 UN Sets Up Peacekeeping Mission
[UN News]Deeply concerned about the deteriorating security situation and ongoing human rights abuses in the Central Africa Republic (CAR), the Security Council today approved the establishment of a nearly 12,000-strong United Nations peacekeeping operation to protect civilians and facilitate humanitarian access in the war-torn country.

2014-04-11 U.S. Supports U.N. Peacekeeping in Central African Republic
[State Department]Washington -U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power says the U.N. Security Council took a major step toward ending atrocities, inter-religious fighting and the humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic by establishing almost 12,000 peacekeepers.

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