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2017-05-29 Amavubi's Hey Admits Pressure Will Be On Central Africa Republic
[New Times] National team (Amavubi)head coach Antoine Hey has said that the pressure will be on Central Africa Republic in the 2019 CAF Africa Cup of Nations qualifier which is scheduled for June 11, in Bangui.

2017-05-28 Tension High Among Civilians As Violence Surges
[Al Jazeera] Bria -The sounds of heavy gunfire drew Herman Pouka from his house one morning last week, putting him face to face with armed men in camouflage.

2017-05-27 Fresh Violence Empties City
[UN News] A senior United Nations official is calling for additional humanitarian aid in the Central African Republic, where nearly the entire population of the city Bria was forcibly displaced last week.

2017-05-25 France Deploys Drones to Support UN Force in CAR
[RFI] French tactical drones have been deployed in the Central Afircan Republic (CAR) to back up the UN force in the country, Minusca, it was announced on Thursday.

2017-05-23 Ugandan Army Hands Over LRA Area to CAR Forces
[Monitor] Obo -The Ugandan troops in the Central African Republic (CAR) have formally handed over the security in the country's east to its army at a function held in Obo, some 1,200km east of the capital Bangui.

2017-05-22 Ugandan Army Calls for Deployment of Interim Force Central African Republic
[Monitor] The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces has demanded the immediate deployment of an interim force to take over from the areas it has been occupying in the jungles of the Central African Republic to further weaken and defeat the remnants of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels.

2017-05-22 Ugandan Student Arrested Over 'Kony Letter'
[Monitor] Pallisa -Police in Pallisa District have arrested a student of St Paul Secondary School over allegations that he was found in possession of a letter purported to have been written by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) commander, Joseph Kony, warning of more atrocities.

2017-05-22 Five Months in Central Africa Republic Jungle Hiding From Lord Resistance Army
[Monitor] Wild ululation engulfed Gulu Airfield recently. Mary Apio received her son Julius Obira, 25, who escaped from the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) after 14 years in captivity.

2017-05-20 Rebel Schism Drives Alarming Upsurge of Violence
[IRIN] Goumba -On both sides of the rutted, 200-kilometre dirt road that runs from Bria to Bambari in Central African Republic, villages lie empty and desolate. Cramped mud huts with thatched roofs have been reduced to ashes and rubble. Everything of value has been looted.

2017-05-19 Great Lakes Legislators Warn of Violence in Central African Republic
[Observer] Legislators from the Great Lakes region have warned that the Central African Republic (CAR) could plunge back into chaos following last month's withdrawal of the UPDF and the American special forces troops.

2017-05-18 Red Cross - 115 Bodies Found in Bangassou
[Al Jazeera] Red Cross on Wednesday said its workers had found 115 bodies in the Central African Republic's (CAR) border town of Bangassou after several days of militia attacks, raising by more than four times a previously reported death toll.

2017-05-19 UN - As Many As 100 Killed in CAR Fighting
[Al Jazeera] As many as 100 people were killed last week in militia violence in southern Central African Republic, the United Nations has said, expressing "grave alarm" over the spread of fighting fuelled by ethnic and religious rivalries.

2017-05-19 WFP Delivers Food to Thousands Hit By Recent Violence in Central African Republic
[WFP] WFP started to airlift food to the southeastern border town of Bangassou, to distribute to about 7,200 people, mostly women and children, affected by deadly militia fighting in early- to mid-May. To fight malnutrition, WFP is also delivering specialized nutritional food to children under two, alongside the food distribution.

2017-05-16 Ugandan Soldiers Accused of Rape, Sexual Exploitation in CAR
[Observer] A contingent of the Ugandan soldiers returning from the Central African Republic (CAR) are being accused of having sexually exploited or abused at least 13 women and girls since 2015.

2017-05-15 Judges Decline to Suspend Reparations Process in Bemba Case
[Bemba Trial Website] A defense appeal to suspend reparations proceedings in the case of Jean-Pierre Bemba, the Congolese opposition leader who is serving an 18-year prison sentence, has been rejected by International Criminal Court (ICC) judges. The judges disagreed with the defense lawyers' claim that it was premature to continue with the reparations process when the Appeals Chamber was considering Bemba's appeal for acquittal.

2017-05-15 Christian Militias Launches Deadly Assault in Bangassou
[Deutsche Welle] After a week of deadly attacks in the Central African Republic, UN chief Antonio Guterres has said the situation "is still fragile." The UN peacekeeping mission has warned assailants may return for another assault.

2017-05-15 UN Chief 'Outraged' By Latest Attacks in CAR, Warns They Could Be War Crimes
[UN News] Strongly condemning the latest attacks against civilians and the United Nations in Central African Republic (CAR), Secretary-General António Guterres today urged authorities to investigate and bring those responsible to justice.

2017-05-15 Armed Group Attacks Civilians, UN in Central African Republic Overnight - One Peacekeeper Killed
[UN News] The United Nations peacekeeping force in the Central African Republic is sending reinforcements to the south-eastern town of Bangassou, where an armed group opened fire on civilians overnight killing an undisclosed number and at least one UN peacekeeper.

2017-05-15 Ugandan Troops Harm Women
[HRW] Nairobi -Ugandan soldiers in the Central African Republic have sexually exploited or abused at least 13 women and girls since 2015, including at least one rape, and threatened some victims to remain silent, Human Rights Watch said today. The Ugandan military has been deployed in the country since 2009 as a part of the African Union's Regional Task Force to eliminate the Uganda rebel group, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), but recently announced it is withdrawing its troops.

2017-05-10 Overhaul of Security Forces Faltering
[Deutsche Welle] The international community wants local forces in Central African Republic to shoulder more responsibility for security. But reform of the nation's defense sector is fraught with problems.

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