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2015-07-01 Chad Military Arrests Top Boko Haram Leader in N'Djamena
[Independent (Lagos)] A Chadian Public Prosecutor, Alghassim Khamis, said on Tuesday that a leader of the Boko Haram sect, Baana Fanay, who has been coordinating trafficking of weapons in Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad was arrested on Sunday in N'Djamena.

2015-07-02 FM Undersecretary Receives Chadian Ambassador to the Sudan
[SNA] Khartoum -The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abdul Ghani Al Naeem, on Wednesday receive the ambassador of chad to the Sudan, Adam Idris Sandal.

2015-07-01 Chad Arrests Boko Haram Leader in N'Djamena
[This Day] A Chadian Public Prosecutor, Alghassim Khamis, said yesterday that one of the key Boko Haram leaders, Baana Fanay, who has been coordinating trafficking of weapons in Nigeria, Cameroun and Chad was arrested on Sunday in N'Djamena, the capital of Niger Republic. Khamis said Fanay, alias Mahamat Moustapha, was arrested by security forces after a fierce resistance.

2015-06-29 Officers Killed in Raid On 'Boko Haram Hideout'
[Al Jazeera] Several suspected Boko Haram fighters have blown themselves up during a police raid in N'Djamena, Chad's capital, killing five officers and six of the fighters, police and government officials have said.

2015-06-29 Suicide Bombing Kills 11 in Chad's Capital
[News24Wire] A suicide bombing on Monday killed 11 people in the Chadian capital, N'Djamena, a police official said.

2015-06-29 RFI Reporter Assaulted in Chad, Then Expelled
[CPJ] Abuja -The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns Chadian authorities' ejection this week of a French journalist. Laurent Correau, reporter for Radio France Internationale, was assaulted by police alongside an international human rights defender before being expelled, according to news reports.

2015-06-29 Chad Arrests 60 Suspected Militants After Suicide Bomb Attack
[Vanguard] Alghassim Khamis, the Chief Prosecutor of the Central African Nation, on Monday said ?security forces in Chad, had arrested 60 suspected militants and dismantled a cell responsible for two suicide bomb attacks in N'djamena on June 15. He said the two coordinated bomb at the police offices in N'Djamena, killed 34 people, including four suspected Boko Haram militants, and injured dozens.

2015-06-25 Chad Claims Deported RFI Reporter Was Working Illegally
[RFI] Chad has claimed that it deported RFI reporter Laurent Correau for working illegally in the country, following protests by RFI management and condemnation by the French government.

2015-06-24 RFI Reporter Thrown Out of Chad
[RFI] RFI reporter Laurent Correau has been thrown out of Chad after being picked up at his hotel by two police officers, who struck and Human Rights Watch spokesperson Reed Brody before escorting Correau to the airport.

2015-06-23 Darfuri Refugees in Chad 'Reassured' By Court Ruling for Bashir's Arrest
[SALC] Refugees in eastern Chad spoke to Radio Dabanga about their disappointment that President Omar Al Bashir was not arrested by the South African authorities, and managed to flee the country on Monday from the court hearing. They added their voice to those of the displaced people in Darfur, who said they are grateful for the ruling by the Pretoria High Court. The refugees feel once again reassured that the international justice stands by their side.

2015-06-24 Niger, Chad Begin Verification of Cargo Transit Through Nigeria
[Guardian] AHEAD of cargo transit through Nigerian ports, Niger Republic and Chad have concluded plans to commence assets verifications in August, this year.

2015-06-21 Govt Ban On Islamic Veil After Attacks Divides Muslims
[Capital FM] N'djamena -Chad's decision to ban women from wearing the Islamic veil, which came two days after bloody suicide bombings hit the capital, has divided Muslims but the government defends it as part of an anti terror strategy.

2015-06-23 Sudanese Journalists Union Signs Agreement With Its Chadian Counterpart
[SNA] Khartoum -The Sudanese Journalists Union on Thursday signed an agreement on cooperation in the fields of training and capacity building as well as exchange of expertise with its Chadian counterpart.

2015-06-23 Chad Retaliates After Boko Haram Attack
[Deutsche Welle] Chadian warplanes hit Boko Haram bases inside Nigerian territory to avenge the killing of its citizens. Chad also banned the wearing of the full Muslim veil as the holy month of Ramadan begins.

2015-06-22 Food Delayed in Bredjing Camp for Darfur in East Chad
[Radio Dabanga] Brejing -The Sudanese refugees in the camps of eastern Chad are complaining about the reduction of food rations, high food prices and consumer goods at the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

2015-06-22 Chadian Warplanes Bomb Boko Haram After Attacks
[Guardian] CHAD said yesterday its warplanes bombed Boko Haram positions in neighbouring Nigeria to avenge twin suicide bombings in the capital this week blamed on the jihadists.

2015-06-22 Chad Announces Arrests of Foreigners Following Boko Haram Attacks
[Guardian] Chadian Prime Minister, Kalzeube Deubet, on Friday, said that following the recent Boko Haram attack in two suicide blasts in the capital, N'Djamena, which killed 37 people, government would commence rounding up of foreigners in that country.

2015-06-21 Boko Haram - Chad Moves to Arrest Foreigners
[Guardian] CHADIAN Prime Minister, Kalzeube Deubet, yesterday said that following the recent Boko Haram attack in two suicide blasts in the capital, N'Djamena, which killed 37 people, government would commence rounding up of foreigners in that country.

2015-06-19 Army Denies Reports of Chadian Air Strikes
[This Day] Abuja -The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) yesterday debunked reports by the Chadian military that it had carried out air strikes on Nigerian territory.

2015-06-21 Chad to Clamp Down On Foreigners After B'haram Attacks
[Independent (Lagos)] Prime Minister of Chad, Kalzeube Deubet, on Friday said that government would commence rounding up foreigners in the country, following recent Boko Haram attacks in two suicide blasts in the capital, N'Djamena, which killed 37 people.

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