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2016-02-07 Chad Ratifies Protocol On African Human Rights Court
[Nation] Chad has deposited its instrument of ratification of the protocol on the establishment of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights, bringing the number of countries to have ratified it to 30.

2016-02-04 Chad - Boko Haram Mutliplies Attacks
[Cameroon Tribune] At least 14 people died in triple suicide bomb attacks in Guité and Mitériné last weekend.

2016-02-02 Chadian President Elected AU Chairman
[SNA] Addis Ababa -The African Union(AU) has elected in its 26th Summit, President Idris Deby of Chad as Chairman of AU for new session.

2016-02-02 AU Summit Highlights Peace Vital, Priority
[Ethiopian Herald] The continent must show firmness against terrorism; and in settling internal crises that have erupted in some member states

2016-02-02 President Idris Itno Debi of Chad Takes Over the Chairmanship of the AU From President Robert Mugabe
[Ethiopia Government] President Idris Itno Debi of Chad took over the chairmanship of the AU from President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe at the opening session of the 26th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government today (January 30).

2016-02-01 Algeria Condemns Escalation of Boko Haram Terror Attacks in Nigeria, Chad
[Algerie Presse Service] Algiers -Algeria has condemned the escalation of Boko Haram terrorist attacks in Nigeria and Chad, said Sunday in Algiers spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abdelaziz Benali Cherif.

2016-01-31 Chad's DĂ©by Becomes New African Union Chairman
[Algerie Presse Service] Addis Ababa -Chadian President Idriss Itno DĂ©by Saturday has been appointed Saturday new Chairman of the African Union in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) at the end of the 26th ordinary summit of the AU.

2016-02-01 AU Chair - Deby Takes Over From Mugabe
[Daily Trust] Addis Ababa -Chadian President Idriss Deby was yesterday elected new chairman of the African Union (AU).

2016-01-22 Hilton Worldwide Announces First Hotel Opening in Chad
[AMA] Leading Global Hospitality Company Opens Hilton N'Djamena in Africa's Prospering Business Hub

2016-01-21 Interior Minister Discusses Situation of Sudanese People in Chad With High Commissioner of Refugees
[SNA] Khartoum -The Interior Minister, Lt. Gen. Ismat Abdul-Rahman Zainal-Abidin, received Tuesday at his office the representative of the High Commissioner of Refugees in Khartoum, Mohamed Addar, in presence of the State Minister at the Ministry of Interior, Babiker Ahmed Digna.

2016-01-19 'Deadliest Terror in the World' - the West's Latest Gift to Africa
[Fahamu] By engineering chaos in Libya with the violent overthrow of Gaddafi in 2011, NATO effectively turned over the entire armoury of an advanced industrial state to the region's most sectarian militias, including Boko Haram. Moreover, the success of Boko Haram is strategically beneficial to the US in its rivalry with China for dominance in West Africa.

2016-01-18 Media and Government Delegation From El-Geneina of West Darfur Visits Adre Town in Chad
[SNA] Adre, Chad -In the framework of strengthening and development of the Sudanese-Chadian relations, a media government delegation from the city of El-Geneina headed by the Commissioner of the Headquarters of West Darfur State Azahari Al-Nau had paid visit Saturday to the Adre Province in Chad.

2016-01-12 What (Else) to Expect in Africa in 2016?
[ISS] Africa starts the New Year with many burning issues that escalated in 2015 and need urgent action. The crisis in Burundi, where grave human rights violations are continuing, and the war in South Sudan are the two most pressing among these.

2016-01-14 Army Locates New Division At Lake Chad to Tackle Insurgency
[Guardian] Abuja -To safeguard its leaking border with Chad Republic against infiltration of insurgents, the leadership of the Nigerian Army has established a new division in Borno State.

2016-01-12 Chad to Ratify African Court
[africancourt] The President of the Republic of Chad H.E. Idriss Deby Itno and the President of African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights Hon. Justice Augustino Ramadhani yesterday held cordial discussions at the State House in N'djamena. H.E the President of Chad lauded the work of the African Court and pledged that his country would by early next year ratify the Protocol establishing the Court and make the Declaration under Article 34(6) to enable individuals and NGOs to access the Court directly.

2016-01-13 Boko Haram - UN Allocates U.S.$31 Million to Nigeria, Lake Chad Basin Region for Humanitarian Response
[Leadership] The UN Officer for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Mr Stephen O'Brien, has allocated 31 million dollars from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to support humanitarian partners in Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin region.

2016-01-12 Prime Minister of Republic of Chad Opens African Court's Central Africa Regional Sensitization Seminar and Says Protection of Human Rights Vital for Africa
[africancourt] The Prime Minister of the Republic of Chad Hon. Kalzeubet Pahimi Deubet has underscored the importance of human rights in Africa, saying that it was vital for the respect and dignity of the mankind on the continent.

2016-01-11 Cemac - a Stronger Community for Stronger and More Inclusive Growth
[IMF] An address by Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund in Yaoundé, January 8, 2015:

2016-01-09 UN Gives Aid to Boko Haram Refugees
[UN News] With nearly 200,000 people in Chad in need of urgent aid - 50,000 of them uprooted by Boko Haram terrorists from Nigeria - the United Nations emergency fund today announced a $7 million grant, the second in five months, and called on international donors to provide much more.

2016-01-08 Harmful Traditions Contribute to Traumatic Birth Injuries in Chad
[UNFPA] N'djamena, Chad -Like many child brides, Micheline Yotoudjim suffered terribly after she was married. She was married off at age 14, became pregnant at 16, and then experienced a prolonged, obstructed labour. Her baby was eventually delivered through a Caesarean section, but died four days later.

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