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2014-11-21 I Had to Eat Like Animal - Habré Prison Survivor
[Hirondelle]Addis Ababa -A man who survived the jails of former Chadian president Hissène Habré says he had to eat directly with his mouth "like an animal" during his four months of detention, because his hands were tied behind his back.

2014-11-20 Chad - Displaced People From the Central African Republic Living in Precarious Conditions
[PR Newswire]Geneva -The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in close cooperation with the Red Cross of Chad, has distributed essential items to over 5,000 displaced people living in the isolated area of Am Timan, south-eastern Chad.

2014-11-13 Refugee Security Under Threat in Chad
[Deutsche Welle]More than 150,000 people fled to Chad in 2013 to escape the fighting in the neighboring Central African Republic. Hoping for peace and security, they now face an uncertain future as aid agencies' funds run out.

2014-11-14 Malaria - MSF Provides Preventive Treatment to 735,000 Children in Niger, Mali and Chad
[MSF]Seasonal malaria chemoprevention treatment (SMC) has shown extremely promising results in reducing the burden of malaria in young children in the Sahel region of Africa, according to international medical organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

2014-11-10 Alleged Habré Accomplices to Stand Trial
[HRW]The scheduled trial in Chad of 26 former state security agents of the Hissène Habré dictatorship is a significant step in the long struggle of the survivors for justice, Human Rights Watch said today.

2014-11-07 Chad Takes Pre-Emptive Measures Aigainst Boko Haram Incursions
[Cameroon Tribune]The authorities have prohibited navigation in Chari, Logone Rivers as well as in Lake Chad.

2014-11-03 Chad in Darfur Peace Talks
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -Chad's foreign minister, Moussa Faki Mahamat met with representatives of three holdout rebel groups in Darfur to discuss ways to achieve peace in Sudan.

2014-11-03 African Rights Groups Back Habre Court - Organizations Praise Senegal, AU Effort
[HRW]141 African human rights groups from 32 countries today issued an open letter expressing support for the efforts by Senegal and the African Union to prosecute crimes committed during the rule of former Chadian president Hisséne Habré.

2014-11-03 Chinese Petroleum Company Permit Renewed
[Cameroon Tribune]The Chadian Minister for Petrol made the declaration on October 27, 2014, in N'Djamena.

2014-10-28 28 Suspected Habre Accomplices Referred to Criminal Court
[Hirondelle]Arusha -Twenty-nine suspected accomplices of former Chadian president Hissène Habré were on Thursday referred to a criminal court in Chad, reports Human Rights Watch (HRW), calling this a significant step forward in victims' long fight for justice.

2014-10-27 Hissein Habré Trial - AU to Convince Chadian Government
[Cameroon Tribune]Chadian authorities have refused to transfer the co-accused people to the Extraordinary African Chamber.

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