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2014-07-31 'Amrouche Spat At No One,' Comoros Boss
[Capital FM]Nairobi -Comoros head coach, Amir Abdou, has trashed charges levelled against his suspended Kenyan counterpart, Adel Amrouche, that he spat at an official during their 2015 Afcon qualifier on May 30.

2014-07-16 Security Fears & Concerns Mount As Delta Departs
[New Dawn]There appears to be growing security fears and concerns ahead of the planned departure of the US carrier Delta Airlines.

2014-07-07 Sisi Greets Malawi, Comoros' Presidents On National Day
[Egypt Online]President Abdel Fattah El Sisi delegated presidential secretary Karim el-Dawani to visit the Embassy of Comoros in Cairo to extend greetings on the occasion of the African State's National Day.

2014-07-07 On the Occasion of the Union of the Comoros' National Day
[State Department]Press Statement

2014-07-04 Secretary Kerry On Comoros' National Day
[State Department]U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE

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