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2016-06-30 Precision Air to Resume Flights to Comoro
[Daily News] Precision Air will resume its operations to Hahaya, Comoros in August after operation review and stabilisation of fleet size. The airline suspended its flights to Hahaya earlier in 2014 while undergoing a strategy review which also involved route rationalisation.

2016-06-29 Comoro, Tanzania Vow to Strengthen Bilateral Relations
[Daily News] Comoro President Azali Assoumani has assured Tanzania that his government shall continue strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries especially in business, health and education sectors.

2016-06-09 Thirty Nations Cut 'Multidimensional' Poverty in 'Runaway Success'
[allAfrica] According to a new analysis from the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative at the University of Oxford, 30 of 35 sub-Saharan African countries analysed for changes to poverty levels over time reduced multidimensional poverty significantly.

2016-06-08 Comoros - the Grand Marriage
[Al Jazeera] Yehia Mohamed Elias, a former Comoran minister for education, married his wife Zakiya 20 years ago. He married his "new" wife Zuleikha just two years ago.

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