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2014-12-08 Comoros Telecoms - the Challenges of Privatizing Africa's Remaining State-Run Monopolies
[Balancing Act]London -Comoros is a tiny telecoms and Internet market but has failed to develop as successfully as its more competitive neighbors in the Indian Ocean. All attempts to open the market and to privatize the state-run monopoly telco Comoros Telecom have run into the sand. Russell Southwood looks at what has happened in one of Africa's smallest market and what lessons it might hold.

2014-12-01 Public and Private Sectors Join Forces Toward WTO Accession for Comoros
[ITC]In collaboration with the WTO, the Comorian Ministry of Finance, Economy, Budget, Investment and Foreign Trade, and the Enhanced Integrated framework, ITC organised a workshop on the implications of the Comoros' WTO accession in Moroni, the island nation's capital, on 14-15 October 14-15. The meeting received financial backing from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

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