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2016-07-12 China to Help Republic of Congo Diversify Economy
[Focac] Beijing -China on Tuesday offered to help the Republic of Congo in Central Africa to accelerate industrialization to diversify an economy heavily dependent on oil.

2016-07-12 Republic of Congo, China Cooperation Yields Benefits As Ties Deepen
[Focac] Brazzaville -Republic of Congo President Denis Sassou N'guesso starts his State Visit to China from July 4 to 8, his first trip outside Africa since being re-elected during the March 20 presidential elections.

2016-07-12 Republic of Congo President Sassou Nguesso in China for State Visit
[Focac] Brazzaville -Republic of Congo President Denis Sassou Nguesso left Brazzaville over the weekend for a state visit to China, between July 4 to 8, on invitation from Chinese President Xi Jinping.

2016-07-12 Congo Calls for Peaceful Settlement of South China Sea Issue Through Consultations
[Focac] The government of the Republic of Congo (ROC) issued a statement yesterday evening, calling on directly related countries of the issue of the South China Sea to solve territorial disputes through consultations or bilateral talks in the spirit of mutual understanding without intervention of external forces.

2016-07-07 Congo Has Strong Demand for International and Cross-Border Money Transfers
[CIO] A recently concluded workshop on the Future of Money Transfers conducted by TerraPay in coordination with ARTF in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire established that global digital payment rails would create new opportunities for future growth. Like most economies in Africa, Congo is registering a strong demand momentum for digital payments products - international and cross-border money transfers in particular.

2016-07-01 Republic of Congo President's China Visit to Deepen Bilateral Ties - Ambassador
[Focac] Brazzaville -Republic of Congo President Denis Sassou Nguesso will make a State Visit to China between July 4 to 8, 2016, Chinese ambassador to Congo Xia Huang said on Tuesday in Brazzaville.

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