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2017-07-24 Egyptian Physicians Help DR Congo Refugees
[ANGOP] Luanda -Five Egyptian doctors arrived Sunday in Luanda, en route to Lunda Norte province, where they will provide humanitarian assistance to refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Angolan territory.

2017-07-24 In DR Congo, UN Aid Chief Says World Must 'Not Let Down' Millions of People in Need
[UN News] Wrapping up a four-day mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the United Nations humanitarian chief today urged the world "not to forget the DRC," and called for scaled-up relief funding to help millions of people suffering from violence, diseases, and malnutrition.

2017-07-22 Corruption Causes Losses of U.S.$750Million in Mining Revenues
[Al Jazeera] The Democratic Republic of Congo is losing a fifth of all of mining revenues because of corruption and mismanagement, a campaign group has said.

2017-07-21 UN Mission in Congo Downplays Closure of Five Bases
[Deutsche Welle] MONUSCO is to close five of its bases in the restive North Kivu Province by the end of July. The UN mission insists it will still be effective in fulfilling its mandate in the DRC.

2017-07-18 Inga Dam Mirage Recedes, Again
[AfricaFocus] The latest projections for the Inga 3 hydroelectric project on the Congo River to become operational, cited in press reports last week, are 2024 or 2025. But even if the project is financed and constructed, says a new report, the project will likely provide only minimal electric power for the people of Democratic Republic of the Congo and burden the country with more unsustainable debt.

2017-07-17 An Interview With Moïse Katumbi, Would-Be President
[African Arguments] "The same people who betrayed Mobutu are now with Kabila, telling him he's God, telling him he's whatever. It's bullshit."

2017-07-17 Paris Cancels Congolese Gig After Anti-Kabila Protests
[RFI] French police cancelled a concert by a Congolese singer on Saturday after violent protests around the venue by opponents of Democratic Republic of Congo president Joseph Kabila.

2017-07-17 The Atlantic to Kinshasa - A Journey On the River Congo
[Al Jazeera] Democratic Republic of Congo - The River Congo has always inspired reverence.

2017-07-17 Assailants Attack Main Market in Kinshasa
[VOA] Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo say a group of men armed with guns and knives attacked the capital's main market, killing at least two people and wounding six police officers.

2017-07-17 UN Refugee Agency Sounds Alarm As Displacement Sees No End in Kasai Region
[UN News] The United Nations refugee agency has alerted the humanitarian community about the violence and continued displacement of civilians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) from the Kasai region where the estimated number of displaced people now exceeds 1.3 million.

2017-07-13 An Outbreak of Ebola Has Been Contained. What Went Right This Time?
[The Conversation Africa] The World Health Organisation recently declared the end of the most recent outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

2017-07-13 Another 38 Probable Mass Graves Found - UN
[Al Jazeera] Another 38 probable mass graves have been found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where violence between troops and armed fighters has killed thousands of people since August, the United Nations announced on Wednesday.

2017-07-13 'The Signs Are Not Good'
[Deutsche Welle] The postponement of elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo does not come as a surprise, analysts say. The country seems fated to slide into a deepening crisis.

2017-07-13 38 More Probable Mass Graves Found in Kasai - UN
[VOA] The U.N. said Wednesday it had identified another 38 probable mass graves in central Congo, where violence has killed thousands since August.

2017-07-12 Displaced Civilians Sent Back to a Widening War
[IRIN] Kalemie -Squatting outside a tiny hut of sticks and dried grass in Kaseke, where she and her five children have been living for nearly 10 months, Feza Mwange recounted how her family narrowly avoided death in a conflict the authorities insist, against all the evidence, has been brought to an end.

2017-07-12 U.S. Threatens Sanctions On Anyone Delaying Vote
[Al Jazeera] The United States on Tuesday threatened to impose further targeted unilateral sanctions on anyone who hinders Democratic Republic of Congo's already delayed preparations for an election to replace President Joseph Kabila.

2017-07-12 Security Council Warned Violence On Rise Amid Little Political Progress
[UN News] The security situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) continues to be a major source of concern, with violence in the Kasai provinces, in the western part of the vast country, reaching "disturbing" levels, the United Nations Security Council was told today.

2017-07-11 Refugees - a Sore Point for Dos Santos and Kabila
[Maka] More than 30,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are housed in two temporary reception camps, Kakanda and Mussunga, in Lunda-Norte province.

2017-07-13 Arrest DR Congo Warlord
[HRW] Five years ago today, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Sylvestre Mudacumura, the military commander of a rebel group based in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, on nine counts of war crimes.

2017-07-11 Elections Likely to Worsen Political Crisis
[ISS] The Republic of the Congo will proceed with legislative and local elections on 16 July despite complex political and economic challenges, and an ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Pool region in the south east of the country.

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