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2014-11-24 Belgian Mining Giant Lied Over Bulldozing Homes - Amnesty
[AI London]A Belgian mining company, Groupe Forrest International, has consistently lied about the bulldozing of hundreds of homes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and has denied justice to those affected, said Amnesty International today in a new report.

2014-11-24 Bemba Faces Second ICC Trial On Charges of Corrupting Witnesses
[Bemba Trial Website]International Criminal Court (ICC) judges have confirmed charges of corruptly influencing witnesses against Jean-Pierre Bemba and four associates and committed them to trial.

2014-11-24 Thomas Lubanga Appeals Judgment Due On December 1
[Hirondelle]Arusha -The International Criminal Court (ICC) will hand down its appeals judgment on December 1 on former Congolese militia leader Thomas Lubanga, whom the trial court sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment for war crimes.

2014-11-24 Who Will End the FDLR Menace?
[New Times]With only five weeks to the January 2 UN Security Council deadline for the DR Congo-based FDLR militia to disarm or face military action, there is virtually nothing to suggest that the group largely blamed for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi will surrender.

2014-11-24 Welfare Minister Attends Tripartite Meeting in DRC
[ANGOP]Luanda -The minister of Welfare and Social Reintegration, João Baptista Kussumua, is leaving this Monday for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

2014-11-24 Egypt's Ambassador in Kinshasa Meets Coordinator of Congolese Mechanism to Follow-Up Implementation of Addis Ababa Agreement
[Egypt Online]Within the framework of Egypt's keenness to develop and enhance its relations with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in all fields, Egypt's ambassador in Kinshasa Hany Salah received Mr. Francois Mwamba, the general coordinator of the Congolese National Oversight Mechanism of the Addis Ababa Framework Agreements for Peace, Security and Cooperation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Great Lakes region, which was signed in February 2013 with the aim of establishing peace and security in the Gre

2014-11-21 Rwandan Rebels Regroup
[ENOUGH]Facing a deadline from the UN Security Council and regional African governments to fully demobilize or face military operations by January 2, 2015, the rebel group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo known as the FDLR is currently regrouping, mobilizing political support, and continuing to pose a regional security threat.

2014-11-22 President Dos Santos Gets Message From DRC Counterpart
[ANGOP]Luanda -A message from President Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo to his Angolan counterpart, José Eduardo dos Santos, related to strengthening of cooperation between the two countries was delivered Friday, at the Presidential Palace , in Luanda.

2014-11-21 World Science Day for Peace and Development
[Monusco]Kinshasa -Martin Kobler, Head of MONUSCO and Abdourahamane Diallo, UNESCO Representative to the DRC urge Congolese youth to embrace sciences

2014-11-21 Improving Health in the Kasaï Occidental Province in DRC
[PR Newswire]Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo -Launch of bed nets distribution campaign and inauguration of two health facilities in the Kasaï Occidental province in the DRC.

2014-11-20 DR Congo Through As Best Third-Place Team
[CAF]The Leopards of DR Congo claimed the final spot in the qualifiers for the Orange Africa Cup of Nations Equatorial Guinea 2015.

2014-11-18 Thousands Flee Katanga Violence
[UN News]Deeply concerned about the "catastrophic" humanitarian situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Katanga province, the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) today urged Congolese authorities and the UN stabilization mission to boost their respective capacities to stem the violence in the long-troubled, resource-rich area known as "the triangle of death."

2014-11-21 Tripartite Accord Legalises Angolan Refugees
[ANGOP]Luanda -A tripartite accord involving Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia was signed recently to enable the return or legalisation of Angolan refugees resident in the above mentioned neighbouring countries.

2014-11-19 Is Moïse Katumbi's Star On the Rise?
[African Arguments]Manya and Kris conducted research for DFID DRC's 'Evidence, Analysis and Coordination Programme' (EACP), on behalf of Integrity Research and Consultancy, in April and May 2014. The aim was to present some scenarios based on the pending questions in the years leading to the elections scheduled for 2016.

2014-11-20 Flames Totally Out of Afcon As DRC Is Named Best Loser
[Malawi24]Malawi's hopes of making it to CAF's 2015 African Cup of Nations as best losers suffered a massive blow after it was revealed that Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) made it through as the best losers from their group.

2014-11-19 Seven Steps to End FDLR Impunity in DR Congo
[News of Rwanda]Defeating the Rwandan FDLR rebels in DR Congo will require a comprehensive strategy that incorporates both targeted military approaches and more concerted diplomatic action on non-military areas, including high-level diplomacy, economic measures, incentives to increase defections, humanitarian steps, and criminal accountability. In particular, the FDLR's collaboration with the Congolese army and its economic lifelines must be significantly curtailed. In its latest assessment, Washington-based Enough Projec

2014-11-19 Over 200 Former Refugees Return to Angola
[ANGOP]Mbanza Congo -At least 220 Angolan former refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) returned Monday to the country under the voluntary organized repatriation process underway in the country.

2014-11-20 IMF Staff Concludes Visit to the Republic of Congo
[IMF]End-of-Mission press releases include statements of IMF staff teams that convey preliminary findings after a visit to a country. The views expressed in this statement are those of the IMF staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF's Executive Board. This mission will not result in a Board discussion.

2014-11-20 Judgement in Lubanga's Appeal to Be Announced December 1
[Lubanga Trial Website]The verdict in Thomas Lubanga's appeal against the conviction and 14-year jail sentence handed to him by trial judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) will be announced on December 1, 2014.

2014-11-18 Grandson Executed by Police – Jeanne's Story
[HRW]One night in 2013, Jeanne was awakened by pounding on the door of her home in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, she told Human Rights Watch in a soft, sad voice. When she asked who was there, the men outside yelled "Police!" They broke down her door and rounded up all the men in the house and beat them, but let them go once they found Jeanne's 19-year-old grandson, Joseph, whom Jeanne had helped raise. They dragged her grandson outside the house, shot him three times in the chest, and

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