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2014-04-23 China Eyes the Congo River
[Fahamu]New development projects along the Congo River are bound to restore colonialist structures and looting of resources in the DRC. These will benefit elite companies and countries, but fail to prioritise poverty and access by the poor - serving only as a repressive tool to locals.

2014-04-23 Chinese Infrastructure Lubricates Outflow of Angolan and DRC Resources
[Fahamu]The Lobito Corridor between Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo is a game-changer in the new scramble for Africa's mineral riches.

2014-04-23 Rwanda in Talks With DRC Over New Visa Fees
[New Times]The Rwanda Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration is engaged in talks with Democratic Republic of Congo migration officials on the possibility of reverting a new directive requiring Rwandans travelling to Congo through Bukavu border point to pay visa fees.

2014-04-22 Mob Violence Rife in DRC's Ituri District
[IRIN]Bunia -The near absence of any effective policing in the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) district of Ituri, Orientale Province, is fuelling mob violence which has seen about 100 people killed and 1,500 houses torched in the past year, according to local civil society groups.

2014-04-21 Surge in Demand for China
[Focac]"China has experienced double-digit growth for the last five years. Their economy is as strong as it's ever been. For them, the cost of providing these scholarships is not big. But for students like me, who will return home, bringing knowledge of China and knowledge of how to do business with China, the benefits are priceless." Antoine Lokongo, a PhD student from the democratic republic of Congo.

2014-04-18 Healing the Visible and Invisible Wounds
[ICRC]When bullets smashed through the walls of a house in Pinga, they left a little girl dead and her sister Chimène (7) seriously injured. Surgeons at Goma hospital had to amputate Chimène's left arm in order to save her life.

2014-04-17 Mountain Gorilla Park Chief Attacked
[UN News]A senior United Nations official today condemned the attack against the chief warden of Virunga National Park, and urged the international community to support the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in protecting not only its World Heritage sites but also those who safeguard them.

2014-04-17 Urgent Investigation Into Shooting of Virunga Park Chief Warden Needed
[Global Witness]The shooting of Emmanuel de Merode, the head of Virunga National Park must be urgently investigated, said Global Witness today. De Merode was shot at least twice in an ambush in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday and is in a serious but stable condition.

2014-04-16 DRC Concerned With CAR Continued Violence
[VOA]Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) information minister has expressed concern that the conflict in neighboring Central African Republic (C.A.R) could threaten security of the entire region.

2014-04-18 Monte-Carlo - Tsonga in the Quarters
[Africa Top Sports]Jo-Wilfried Tsonga offered himself as a gift for his 29th birthday, the quarterfinals of the Masters 1000 Monaco.

2014-04-18 How to Win a War Without a Fight
[Fahamu]Those who are fighting today against the splintering of Ukraine are the same as those who are working behind the scenes to break up Mali and who are financing the rebellions in eastern DRC in order to create a new republic in the Kivu tomorrow.

2014-04-16 SA, Congo to Revitalise Diplomatic Relations
[]Pretoria -South Africa and Congo will this morning meet for the second session of the South Africa-Congo Joint Commission for Cooperation (JCC), which is aimed at revitalising the diplomatic, political and economic relations that exist between the two countries.

2014-04-16 Border Police Record Reduction of Infringements in Zaire
[ANGOP]Mbanza Congo -About five border infringements were recorded in the last seven days by the Border Police in the northern Zaire province, representing a drop of six offenses in comparison to the equal previous period.

2014-04-11 Back to Rwanda
[IRIN]Goma -The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) has long been one of the most significant armed groups active in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where it has been based ever since its founders fled neighbouring Rwanda after playing a key role in the 1994 genocide.

2014-04-10 DRC Military Offensives Reduces Number of Armed Groups
[VOA]Last updated on: April 10, 2014 1:35 PM

2014-04-10 Fighting Invisible Rwandan Enemy
[IRIN]Bishongera -It is difficult to identify the fighters of the Forces Démocratiques pour la Libération du Rwanda (FDLR), one of the many armed groups active in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), some of whose leaders played a key role in Rwanda's genocide 20 years ago. Bearing neither uniform nor insignia, they are indistinguishable from the civilian population.

2014-04-10 UN Urges Govt to End Impunity for Rape
[VOA]A new U.N. report shows limited progress in fighting sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where too few attackers have been brought to justice. The cases of sexual violence are highest in the eastern part of the country, where armed groups continue to threaten civilians.

2014-04-09 UN Urges End of Impunity for Sexual Violence
[UN News]United Nations officials today called on the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to step up the fight against impunity for rape and sexual violence, which remain widespread and largely unpunished despite some progress in holding perpetrators accountable.

2014-04-09 U.S. Media Shows New Interest
[Deutsche Welle]US media are increasingly reporting on and debating their country's presence in Africa. How strong should it be? Is its purpose to bring stability to crisis regions or rather to counter Chinese activity?

2014-04-10 Angola May Play Friendly Match Against DR Congo
[ANGOP]The Angolan national senior males football team may play a friendly match against DR Congo in June, in the preparation of their participation in the qualifiers for the 30th edition of the African Cup of Nations (AFCON2015), to be hosted in Morocco.

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