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2017-01-19 'Toothless' Ivorians Need to Up Their Game
[allAfrica] Cote d'Ivoire must find a way to lift their performance as they prepare to tackle Group C pool leaders DR Congo at the Africa Cup of Nations on Friday (16h00 GMT).

2017-01-18 In the Congo Basin the Myth of 'Selective Logging Bites the Dust'
[Greenpeace] There is an urgent need to find a solution to protect the remaining intact forests in the Congo Basin, while also respecting the rights of forest dependent and indigenous communities. Unless new conservation approaches are developed, these forests will be lost within this century.

2017-01-17 Agreement Paves Way for First Democratic Transition in DRC
[allAfrica] Late last year, the Democratic Republic of the Congo approached a constitutional crisis. As President Joseph Kabila's second and final term drew to a close, there was no plan for elections to select his replacement. Fears of an indefinite delay spread. Security forces met peaceful protests with violence, and the country girded for prolonged instability.

2017-01-17 As Usual, Financial Problems Dog Teams At Cup of Nations
[Nation] Libreville -Those "recurrent African problems" that have dogged our national football teams are yet again cropping up here.

2017-01-17 Leopards Capitalise on Chances to Take Down Atlas Lions
[allAfrica] The Democratic Republic of Congo put behind them a row over bonuses that saw the players skip training last week to eke out a crucial 1-0 victory over Morocco in their opening Group C match at the African Nations Cup finals on Monday.

2017-01-16 Elections to Watch, Past and Present
[AfricaFocus] Ghana, Gambia, and Gabon are all small African countries with names beginning with the letter "G," which held presidential elections in 2016. But neither the electoral landscapes nor the electoral outcomes can fruitfully be analyzed without giving greater weight to the contrasts than to the similarities. The same applies to the even wider set of 14 African countries with presidential elections last year, or the 8 so far scheduled to hold elections in 2017.

2017-01-17 Uganda Seeks to Stall U.S.$10 Billion Congo Hague Case
[East African] Kampala last week dispatched Attorney-General William Byaruhanga to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague, as renewed pressure mounted on the government to settle an almost 20 year-old reparation dispute with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

2017-01-17 The Afcon Day That Was - January 16 - DRC Top Group C, Cash Bonuses Flown in for Uganda
[Daily Maverick] DRC employed some of the most incredible time-wasting tactics while Uganda had their bonuses flown in - in cash, of course - by the football association's president. ANTOINETTE MULLER recaps the AFCON day that was on 16 January.

2017-01-16 Activist Remains Defiant After Detention
[VOA] A youth activist released this week after being arrested nearly a month ago in the Democratic Republic of the Congo says that despite the treatment he received while in detention, he will not cease calling for President Joseph Kabila to stand down.

2017-01-15 How I Escaped Death in the Congo
[East African] BOOK SERIALISATION: This first instalment of a three-part series from Sir Mohinder Dhillon's trilogy, My Camera, My Life, reflects on the region's past and present. The excerpts recount the journalist's ordeal as he faced a firing squad in DR Congo and his meeting with Ugandan dictator Idi Amin The excerpts turn all the clichés about East Africa's past and present on their head. Compiled By Kingwa Kamencu

2017-01-15 Leopards Seek Return to Former Glory At Afcon
[allAfrica] DR Congo will be keen to show that their improvement over the last few years has been no fluke as they start their 2017 African Nations Cup Group C campaign with a mouth-watering tie against North African side Morocco at the Stade d'Oyem on Monday (19h00 GMT).

2017-01-13 DRC - a Country in Fresh Crisis
[Daily Maverick] The Democratic Republic of Congo is at the crossroads. Fears are high and citizens are worried that the country could relapse back to violence, giving the fragile peace no time to sustain itself.

2017-01-12 Child Victim or Brutal Warlord? Uganda's War Crimes Trial
[The Conversation Africa] The trial of Dominic Ongwen before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague is like none other springing from the killing fields of the Great Lakes of Africa. These include the prosecution of the first person ever to be convicted by the ICC, Thomas Lubanga. He was accused of mass human rights violations as a rebel leader in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The trial is ongoing of Bosco Ntaganda, also from the Congo.

2017-01-12 Giants vs Minnows - Will AFCON Get a Surprise Victor?
[allAfrica] The fate of perennial underachievers Senegal, the return of Egypt and the shock qualification of tiny Guinea-Bissau are just some of the major talking points as we prepare for the start of the 2017 African Nations Cup finals to be played in Gabon from Saturday.

2017-01-11 Continent to Face Intense Political Contests in 2017
[African Arguments] Electoral commissions, the battle for the control of social media, and a hesitant international community could define many of the political stories of the coming year.

2017-01-11 Uganda to Host Military Intelligence Base to Monitor Eastern DR Congo
[East African] Countries in the Great Lakes Region will at the end of January set up a military intelligence base in Kasese, Uganda, to monitor "negative forces" in eastern Congo.

2017-01-11 Economic Prospects for 2017 - Ten Countries to Watch
[Atlantic Council] The continued failure of commodity prices to recover significantly and the global slowdown of economic growth, especially in China and other emerging markets, made 2016 a tumultuous year for many African economies, indeed, "the worst year for average economic growth" in the region in over twenty years, according to a report from Ernst & Young.

2017-01-06 Uganda Yet to File Documents in DR Congo U.S.$10 Billion Plunder Case
[Monitor] Kampala -The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has given Uganda and DR Congo (DRC) up to February 6, 2018 for each to file counter-documents responding to claims presented by each party in a case concerning armed activities on DRC territory by Uganda between 1998 and 2003.

2017-01-05 UN Security Council Urges Efforts to Resolve Remaining Issues
[UN News] The United Nations Security Council today welcomed a comprehensive political agreement in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and called on all stakeholders to continue to exercise flexibility and compromise in their discussions to swiftly resolve all pending issues, particularly those related to the holding of elections in the country within 2017.

2017-01-05 Floods Leave 10,000 Homeless
[Al Jazeera] At least 10,000 people have been made homeless in the southern Democratic Republic of Congo after flash floods caused a river to burst its banks, killing dozens and laying waste to entire towns and villages.

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