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2014-07-24 World Bank Approves U.S. $92.1 Million to Expand DRC's Connectivity to Regional States
[CIO]The World Bank Board of Executive Directors has approved a US $ 92.1 million International Development Assistance (IDA) grant to support the fifth phase of the Central African Backbone Program (CAB Program) for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

2014-07-24 CAR Reconciliation, Peace Talks Open On July 21
[Cameroon Tribune]Stakeholders will for three days in Congo Brazzaville try to put an end to the ongoing sectarian violence and the country's legacy of recurrent conflicts.

2014-07-23 Troops Repel Attack On Kinshasa Military Base
[VOA]Gunmen attacked a military camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital on Tuesday, but the government says the situation was quickly brought under control.

2014-07-24 Alleged Joseph Kabila Assassins Go On Trial
[Cameroon Tribune]Some 20 Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, citizens went on trial yesterday, July 21, 2014, in the Pretoria High Court in South Africa, accused of plotting to overthrow and assassinate the country's leader, Joseph Kabila.

2014-07-23 NGOs Against Monusco Drones for Humanitarian Work
[IRIN]Goma -International NGOs have rebuffed a recent offer by the UN Stabilization Mission (MONUSCO) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to use drones for humanitarian information gathering, saying this could represent a dangerous "blurring of the lines" between military and humanitarian actors in the conflict.

2014-07-23 World Bank Approves U.S.$92.1 Million Funds to Increase DRC's Connectivity to Other Great Lakes Countries
[CIO]The World Bank Board of Executive Directors has approved a US$92.1 million IDA grant to support the fifth phase of the Central African Backbone Program (CAB Program) for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

2014-07-23 Enough Project Reactions to Appointment of New UN Special Envoy On Congo
[ENOUGH]The United Nations Secretary-General announced yesterday that the new UN Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region will be senior Algerian diplomat Said Djinnit, replacing Mary Robinson. His mandate is focused on peace and security in the D.R. Congo and the region. The Enough Project warmly welcomes Ambassador Djinnit in his new appointment.

2014-07-23 DRC's Trees Are Endangered Too
[Greenpeace]When one thinks of endangered species, the usual large animals spring to mind. Elephants, tigers, rhinos. And quite rightly they are the ones who get the lion's share of the attention at the meeting of the standing committee of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) held in Geneva last week.

2014-07-22 Impunity Leads Perpetrators to Continue Child Rights Violations in DR Congo - UN Report
[UN News]The recruitment and use of children by armed groups remained endemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) between 2010 and 2013, according to a new United Nations report, which cited impunity as a major factor in the ongoing abuses.

2014-07-18 "Paradigm Shift' Boosts Congo Peace Prospects
[allAfrica]Washington, DC -I walked into the State Department just over a year ago to take on my new role of U.S. Special Envoy for the African Great Lakes Region and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Part of my eagerness in accepting the job came from the recognition that we were entering a period of unprecedented international commitment to and partnership with Africa, including the Great Lakes Region.

2014-07-21 Want to Save Congo? Help Them Get Rid of the FDLR
[New Times]"... IN such countries, genocide is not too important... " remarked French President Francois Mitterrand during an interview on 14th of July 1994, describing the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

2014-07-18 Goma's Infectious Happiness Goes Viral
[ThinkAfricaPress]Goma: Last month, a rare thing happened. A video made in the town of Goma in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) went viral. Moreover, featuring musicians, dancers, students, vendors and expatriates, the film wasn't depicting the usual themes of grief and crisis associated with the region, but colourfully celebrating Goma's fun, vibrant and joyful side.

2014-07-17 Congo Brazzaville Pursues Expulsion of Illegal Aliens
[Cameroon Tribune]Almost 12,000 DRC nationals living in the coastal city of Pointe-Noire have returned home.

2014-07-17 MSF Team Treats Survivors of Abduction, Sexual Slavery and Torture in Mining Region of Eastern Congo
[MSF]Women, men and children are being abducted for months at a time by armed militias and made to work as sex slaves and forced labourers in the gold and diamond mining region of the Okapi forest, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in a terror campaign that shows no signs of stopping.

2014-07-17 Sanctions Committee On Democratic Republic of Congo Draws Attention
[UN]to Recommendation on Due Diligence by UN Group of Experts

2014-07-17 Kabila Launches Bukangalonzo Industrial Park
[The Herald]Bukangalonzo -Other investments on the park will be in areas such as energy, transport, housing, water, agricultural training, schools, health centres and community infrastructure.

2014-07-15 UN Hails Appointment of Senior Adviser On Sexual Violence, Child Recruitment
[UN News]The appointment of a presidential adviser on conflict-related sexual violence and child recruitment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) marks "a new dawn" in tackling these scourges, senior United Nations officials said today.

2014-07-15 The Performance of Monusco's Intervention Brigade
[African Arguments]Roughly 16 months ago (in March 2013), the United Nations strengthened its peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) with a more robust force to "neutralise armed groups".

2014-07-16 Coton Sport Stays Atop After Leopards Stalemate
[CAF]Cameroon champions, Coton Sport maintained their hold of Group A after holding Congolese campaigners, AC Leopards 0-0 on Tuesday in Dolisie.

2014-07-15 Successful Energy-Efficient Clay Ovens in DRC
[Greenpeace]In Oshwe, a small forest community of around 22 000 people in the DRC, people survive by hunting, fishing, and gathering wood from the rainforest. As with many forest communities in the DRC, the rainforest is both a pharmacy and supermarket.

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