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2014-09-29 Ivory Coast to Resume Air Traffic to Ebola-Hit Nations
[FrontPageAfrica]Monrovia -The Ivorian government has authorized the lifting of air traffic with countries affected by Ebola, after having suspended them in mid-august to stop the spread of contagion and will open its ports and airports to American contingents.

2014-09-30 ICC to Decide On Trial for Ivorian Youth Leader Ble Goude
[VOA]Paris -The International Criminal Court began a hearing Monday on whether former Ivorian minister and youth activist Charles Ble Goude should face trial on charges of crimes against humanity. A close ally of Ivory Coast's ex-president Laurent Gbagbo, Ble Goude is accused of playing a key role in violence that followed Gbagbo's loss in a 2010 election and his subsequent effort to stay in power.

2014-09-29 ICC to Decide On Gbagbo Henchman Trial
[Deutsche Welle]Judges in The Hague will decide whether former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo's right-hand man, Charles Ble Goude, will face charges related to the deadly post-election violence in 2010-11.

2014-09-29 U.S. Commends Reinstatement of Air Travel

2014-09-29 Africa's Concerns Must Figure High in New Development Agenda, African Leaders Tell UN
[UN News]Availing themselves of the spotlight afforded by the annual high-level meeting of the General Assembly, African leaders served notice today that the multi-year United Nations agenda for sustainable development now being drawn up must address fully their continent's specific concerns.

2014-09-29 U.S. Commends Cote d'Ivoire for Reinstating Air Travel
[State Department]Press Statement

2014-09-29 Continental Re-Appoints Director for Cote d'Ivoire
[Guardian]CONTINENTAL Reinsurance Plc, Africa's largest private reinsurer, outside of South Africa, has announced the appointment of Mr Ibrahima Ndoye as the regional director for its Cote d'Ivoire office.

2014-09-26 Choking on Plastic Shopping Bags
[IPS]Abdijan, C么te d'Ivoire -In the middle of downtown Abidjan, C么te d'Ivoire, the aisles of a thriving supermarket are full of customers. But as they line up to pay for their items, there is one line to a cashier's till that remains empty. It's the "green cash register", where the cashier does not provide plastic bags as this supermarket tries to implement a green policy.

2014-09-26 ICC/C么te d'Ivoire - Human Rights Watch Urges ICC to Investigate Alleged Crimes By Ouattara Side
[Hirondelle]Arusha -As the International Criminal Court (ICC) prepares to start confirmation of charges hearings Monday against Charles Bl茅 Goud茅, a former close ally of Ivorian ex-president Laurent Gbagbo, Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on the Court not to forget alleged crimes perpetrated by supporters of the current Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara.

2014-09-25 Govt Files Case Over Border Dispute With Ivory Coast
[Daily Independent]Ghana has taken legal action under a UN convention to resolve a maritime border dispute with Ivory Coast over water close to oil fields licensed by British firm Tullow Oil.

2014-09-25 ICC Hearing to Review Charges Against Charles Bl茅 Goud茅, Former President's Ally
[HRW]Brussels -Judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) will begin hearing evidence on Monday, September 29, 2014, to determine whether to confirm charges in the case against Charles Bl茅 Goud茅, a close ally of the former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo.

2014-09-24 Angolan Players Recovered for Match Against Ivorian Under17 Team
[ANGOP]Luanda -The footballers Nandinho, Cris, Pepe and Justino, who integrate the Angolan under17 squad, to face on Saturday Cote d'Ivoire in Abidjan, are completely recovered to play the second leg game of the last round, qualifiers for the African Cup of Nations (CAN2015), to be hosted Niger.

2014-09-24 Palanquinhas Leave for Cote d'Ivoire
[ANGOP]Luanda -The Angolan under17 men's football team travelled on Wednesday for Abidjan, where they will face on Saturday Cote d'Ivoire, for the second leg match of the last round, qualifiers for the African Cup of Nations (CAN2015), to be hosted by Niger.

2014-09-24 Authorities Block Return of Refugees From Liberia
[CISA]Abidjan -The closed borders between Ivory Coast and Liberia has prevented the return of thousands of refugees from Liberia.

2014-09-23 Oil Fuels Ghana, Ivory Coast Dispute
[CAJ News]Accra -A LEGAL battle is looming between Ghana and the Ivory Coast after the latter accused its neighbour of exploring oil in an area it claimsownership of.

2014-09-22 ICTJ Program Report - Truth and Memory
[ICTJ]New York -In the wake of armed conflict or repression, societies and individuals are entitled to know the truth about mass human rights violations. International law clearly recognizes the right of victims and survivors to know about the circumstances of serious violations of their human rights and about who was responsible.

2014-09-22 C么te d'Ivoire Refugees Stuck Due to Ebola Crisis
[IRIN]Abidjan -Halted for several months, the voluntary repatriation of Ivoirian refugees in Liberia was to have resumed in July. However, the Ebola outbreak in neighbouring Liberia has led the Ivoirian authorities to close the country's borders to prevent the disease from spreading, suspending refugee returns until further notice.

2014-09-21 AFCON Hosts Named
[Times of Zambia]ZAMBIA yesterday missed out on the opportunity of hosting the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) after the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) awarded the rights to Cameroon.

2014-09-20 Nations Bid for 2019, 2021 AFCON Hosting
[CAF]Algeria, Cameroon, C么te d'Ivoire, Guinea and Zambia have all made their final push for considerations to be granted the rights to host and organize the Africa Cup of Nations in 2019 and 2021 with delegations from the five nations making 30 minutes presentations highlighting their proposed venues and explaining why their bids should be given the nod.

2014-09-19 The MFWA Petitions Ivorian Media Regulator On Frequent Media Sanctions
[MFWA]The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) has petitioned the Ivorian statutory media regulatory body, the Conseil National De La Press (CNP), regarding its frequent suspension of newspapers and journalists over complaints of ethical violations.

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