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2014-11-21 Ifad Invests in Rural Populations to Boost Food Security and Access to Markets
[IFAD]Rome -New project to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth in post-crisis zones of the country

2014-11-21 UK Must Start Investigations Into Toxic Waste Dumping Cases
[AI London]UK authorities must launch a long-overdue criminal investigation into a British company's role in one of the worst toxic waste dumping incidents of the last decade, Amnesty International said today after the Environment Agency finally agreed to review evidence submitted by the organization.

2014-11-19 Cote d'Ivoire Hold 10-Man Cameroon
[CAF]Cote d'Ivoire booked their place for the Orange Africa Cup of Nations Equatorial Guinea 2015 after holding Cameroon to a barren draw on Wednesday in Abidjan.

2014-11-20 Renard - Cameroon Game is a Final
[CAF]Cote d'Ivoire coach Herve Renard is expecting but defeat in their ultimate 2015 Orange AFCON qualifier against Cameroon on Wednesday in Abidjan.

2014-11-19 Cote d'Ivoire's Defence Minister Calls Protesting Soldiers to Order
[Leadership]Cote d'Ivoire's Defence Minister Paul Koffi has called on protesting soldiers to return to the barracks in the interest of law and order in the country.

2014-11-17 Airtime Advance Firm Expands to Asian Markets
[CAJ News]Cape Town -NANO Airtime, the local mobile financial services company that provides airtime loans and similar value added services to the telecommunication industry, disclosed plans to introduce its popular Airtime Credit Service (ACS) offering to Asian markets in the coming weeks.

2014-11-13 Drogba - I'll Leave Chelsea At the End of the Season
[Independent (Lagos)]Didier Drogba has said that this will be his last season as a Chelsea player.

2014-11-14 Squad List - Sierra Leone Vs C么te d'Ivoire
[CAF]Please click here for team's squad list.

2014-11-12 C么te d'Ivoire Identifies Over 700,000 'Stateless' People
[Cameroon Tribune]The United Nations High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR, says among the over 10 million Stateless people in the world, C么te d'Ivoire harbours 700,000 of them, RFI reported. These are people who do not have identification documents, cannot register in schools, open bank accounts or marry.

2014-11-11 'Education Is Key to Any Footballer, Our Careers Won't Last' - Drogba
[New Era]Windhoek -Despite being one of Africa's top earning footballers, Ivorian legend Didier Drogba insist he is not entirely convinced football earnings are enough sustain them and says education is the only lasting solution to any footballers life once their careers are over.

2014-11-09 Kolo Toure, Zokora Get Ivorian Recalls
[CAF]Veteran defenders, Kolo Toure and Didier Zokora have been recalled by Ivorian coach, Herve Renard for the final two games of the Orange Africa Cup of Nations, Morocco 2015 qualifiers.

2014-11-07 Player of the Year Nominees Announced
[CAF]Nominees for 2014 African Player of the Year and 2014 African Player of the Year (Based in Africa) unveiled

2014-11-06 Ivorian Youth Find New Ways to Be Heard On Truth, Justice, and the Future of Their Country
[ICTJ]Midst hand-wringing and political jockeying over Cote d'Ivoire's 2015 presidential elections, a group of young activists are determined to prevent the past from playing out on repeat: a new coalition called the Justice and Peace Action Network (le r茅seau Action justice et paix) has announced they will act as advocates for the rights of their fellow young Ivorians, and tell a new history of the violence that has so far been silent.

2014-11-06 Special Self-Help Fund
[U.S. Embassy Abidjan]About the Fund

2014-11-06 Three Presidents Storm Uyo for Inauguration of A'ibom International Airport Friday
[This Day]Akwa Ibom State Government is set for the official inauguration of the 30,000 capacity Uyo International Stadium completed within two years.

2014-11-06 Cote d'Ivoire Thanks China for Ebola Aid
[Focac]Beijing -Cote d'Ivoire thanked China for its aid in fighting the Ebola virus, which has protected the country from being hit by the disease, Cote d'Ivoire's Foreign Minister Charles Koffi Diby said in Beijing on Wednesday.

2014-11-03 Jumia Partners With Ivory Coast's Chamber of Commerce and Industry
[CIO]In order to inaugurate their partnership, Jumia and the Ivorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry recently organized a symbolic ceremony at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of C么te d'Ivoire.

2014-11-03 ICC Says Gbagbo Cannot Attend Mother's Funeral, Rwandan Ex-Minister Pleads for Acquittal
[Hirondelle]Arusha -In The Hague, the International Criminal Court (ICC) rejected a request from former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo to go to his mother's funeral in C么te d'Ivoire. Meanwhile in Kigali, a former minister convicted for participation in the 1994 genocide asked an appeals court to acquit her.

2014-11-01 Colonel Takes Charge, Compaore Flees
[Deutsche Welle]For much of the 24 hours after Burkina Faso's president stepped down, it wasn't clear who was in charge of the country. The military now appears to have resolved a dispute between two officers claiming power.

2014-10-30 Ivorian Airline Resumes Monrovia Route
[FrontPageAfrica]Monrovia -The Ivorian airliner, Air Cote d'Ivoire, has become the first African airline to resume flights to Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, a key step which will make it much easier for aid workers to travel to the Ebola-hit nations. The airline partly owned by Air France-KLM (AF) commenced Liberia flights on Sunday, October 26 after kicking off its service to Guinea on Oct. 20.

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