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2014-12-16 Italian Team Highlights Anti-Piracy Role
[EU Navfor]The Commander of the Combined Task Force 151, Rear Admiral Pakorn Wanich of the Royal Thailand Navy, recently paid a visit to Djibouti, where he met the Commanding Officer of the Italian Task Force Air, Colonel Elio Volpari.

2014-12-17 EU Naval Force Warship Conducts Local Maritime Capacity Building During in Djibouti
[EU Navfor]On Monday 15 December, during her port visit to Djibouti, EU Naval Force warship ESPS Rayo conducted Local Maritime Capacity Building (LMCB) training in support of and in coordination with, the EU maritime capacity building mission, EU CAP Nestor.

2014-12-15 Somalia, Djibouti Join Arab Planning Institute
[Sabahi]Somalia and Djibouti joined the Arab Planning Institute Thursday (December 11th), the Kuwait News Agency reported.

2014-12-14 Djibouti Vows Not to Pull Out Its Troops
[Dalsan Radio]The foreign minister of Djibouti Hon. Mohamed Ali Yussuf told Anadolu News Agency of Turkey that Djibouti will not withdraw its peacekeeping forces from Somalia up until Somalia stands on its own feet.

2014-12-11 Kuwait to Finance Second Electricity Plant in Djibouti
[Sabahi]The Kuwaiti Development Fund (KDF) on Tuesday (December 9th) agreed to finance the first phase of construction for a new 75 megawatt electric plant in Djibouti, the Djiboutian Information Agency reported.

2014-12-08 Italian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Chief Hands Over Command At Ceremony in Djibouti
[EU Navfor]On Tuesday 2 December Colonel Giampaolo Schiavo handed over command of the Djiboutian-based Italian Task Force Air (TFA) to Colonel Elio Volpari.

2014-12-08 EU Naval Force Officer Awarded Honour By Djiboutian Government
[EU Navfor]On Sunday 7 December Djiboutian Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed graciously awarded Commander Bernard Baron (French Navy) the rank and dignity of Officer of the National Order of 27th of June.

2014-12-08 EU Force Commander Visits French Forces and EU Naval Force Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft Detachments in Djibouti
[EU Navfor]On 2 December the Flagship of EU Naval Force ITS Andrea Doria paid a port visit to Djibouti. This gave the opportunity for the Force Commander of EU Naval Force to pay a number of visits to French national forces and the EU Naval Force Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA) detachments based in the country.

2014-12-05 Djibouti Restaurant Damaged in Al-Shabaab Attack Re-Opens
[Sabahi]A Djibouti restaurant damaged in a May suicide bombing has re-opened in what its owner describes as a message of defiance to the terrorists, the Djiboutian Information Agency reported Wednesday (December 3rd).

2014-11-26 U.S Warned it's Citizens Not to Travel to Djabouti.
[Dalsan Radio]U.S foreign affairs department has issued a statement warning its citizens not to travel to Djabouti due to terror attacks from Alshabaab insurgent in Somalia.

2014-11-25 Somalia's Jawari Meets With Djiboutian Leaders
[Sabahi]Somali Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari met with Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh in Djibouti on Sunday (November 23rd) to discuss recent political and security developments in Somalia, the Djiboutian Information Agency reported.

2014-11-24 Speaker of Parliament Jawaari Back From Djibouti
[Dalsan Radio]A delegation led by speaker of the parliament Mohammad osman Jawaari is back in Mogadishu from Djibouti and he was welcomed by some members of the parliament and other government officials.

2014-11-21 Djibouti, EU Officials Discuss Maritime Capacity Building
[Sabahi]Djiboutian government officials and representatives from EUCAP Nestor, the European Union's maritime capacity building initiative in the Horn of Africa, met Wednesday (November 19th) to discuss further co-operation, the Djiboutian Information Agency reported.

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