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2015-04-15 Hundreds Flee Yemen to Horn of Africa
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -More than 1,200 people fleeing conflict in Yemen have reached the Horn of Africa by boat in the past two weeks, using a route taken in the past by African refugees headed in the opposite direction, the U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) said on Tuesday.

2015-04-13 Ethiopia, Djibouti Lay a Founding Stone for the Construction of Center for Afars' Culture, Language
[Walta Info] Addis Ababa -In his speech while laying the first founding stone for the construction of center for the Language and culture of the people of Afar in Samara, the minister H.E. Aden Hassan Aden said that the two Afars are Afars at the end so they should treasured their Culture and Language.

2015-04-09 Few Escape Routes for Refugees and Migrants Trapped in Yemen
[IRIN] London -As the Saudi-led aerial bombardment of Yemen intensifies and a full-scale civil war appears increasingly inevitable, there are few immediate escape routes for well over a million African migrants and refugees in the country.

2015-04-08 Signing Agreement in the Republic of Djibouti
[Kuwait Fund] A Framework Agreement was signed between the Government of the Republic of Djibouti and Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development concerning the utilization of a Grant of U.S.$ 50 million, the administration of which have been entrusted by the Government of the State of Kuwait to Kuwait Fund, and will be disbursed over five years beginning of the financial year 2014/2015 to contribute in financing of the National Investment Programme in Djibouti.

2015-04-06 Djibouti's Chief of Staff Holds Talks in Cairo On Yemen
[Aswat Masriya] Cairo -Egypt's Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi received a top Djibouti defence official on Sunday, discussing developments in Yemen and "tensions" in the southern Red Sea area, Egypt's armed forces said.

2015-04-06 Defence Minister Meets Djibouti Chief of Staff
[Egypt Online] Colonel General Sedqi Sobhy, the Commander -in -Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military production and Lt General Mahmoud Hegazy, the Chief of Staff met on Sunday 5/4/2015 with Major General Zakaria Sheikh Ibrahim, the Chief of Staff of Djibiouti armed Forces and his accompanying delegation.

2015-04-01 Fudged Evidence Leads Djibouti to Suffer Blowing Defeat
[Addis Fortune] A London court lifts the freeze order on Abdourahman Boreh's assets

2015-03-31 Cement Price Hikes Due to Transport Shortage
[Reporter] After the Federal Transport Authority issued an "urgent" notice for transporters' associations to report to the Galafi border town to ease the stockpile of goods at the Port of Djibouti, the price of cement has risen by some sixty percent.

2015-04-01 Ethiopian Forwarders, Clearance Agents Pay Up Overdue Cash to Djibouti Counterparts
[Addis Fortune] Shortage of foreign currency and banking procedures have contributed to the delay

2015-03-31 Somalia Refugees Fled From Yemen Crisis Reach in Djibouti
[Shabelle] The first group of Somalia refugees fleeing conflict in Yemen, on Monday, has reached in Djibouti, as a Saudi-led coalition continued to strike Houthi targets around the country for a 5th day, according to Djibouti foreign minister.

2015-03-27 Spanish Air Force Contingent Hands Over Operation Atalanta Counter-Piracy Role to New Crew in Djibouti
[EU Navfor] On Tuesday 25 March 2015 the XXI (21) Spanish Air Force team, which has been deployed as part of the European Union's counter-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia for the past four months, held a Transfer of Authority (TOA) ceremony in Djibouti to hand over their duties to the new XXII (22) crew.

2015-03-25 Exim Bank Launches Second Branch in Djibouti
[Daily News] EXIM Bank Tanzania has opened its second branch in Djibouti to extending its services to customers in the Horn of Africa as it continues to widen its reach to customers abroad.

2015-03-24 Lufthansa Consulting Opens Branch Office in Djibouti
[PR Newswire] Frankfurt, Germany -Expansion of consulting activities in Africa

2015-03-23 Authority Issues Urgent Notice for Transporters
[Reporter] As part of reducing the amount of stockpiled goods at the Port of Djibouti, the Federal Transport Authority has issued an "urgent" notice for transporters' associations to report to the Galafi border town. According to the notice, transporters are required to transport goods as quickly as possible to ease the burden at the port.

2015-03-23 U.S. Embassy in Djibouti Set to Resume Service
[Dalsan Radio] The United States Embassy in Djibouti is anticipated to be reopened again on Sunday after days of feared security threats in the Djiboutian capital officials said. The US government has closed its Embassy doors on Thursday.

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