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2015-03-27 Spanish Air Force Contingent Hands Over Operation Atalanta Counter-Piracy Role to New Crew in Djibouti
[EU Navfor] On Tuesday 25 March 2015 the XXI (21) Spanish Air Force team, which has been deployed as part of the European Union's counter-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia for the past four months, held a Transfer of Authority (TOA) ceremony in Djibouti to hand over their duties to the new XXII (22) crew.

2015-03-25 Exim Bank Launches Second Branch in Djibouti
[Daily News] EXIM Bank Tanzania has opened its second branch in Djibouti to extending its services to customers in the Horn of Africa as it continues to widen its reach to customers abroad.

2015-03-24 Lufthansa Consulting Opens Branch Office in Djibouti
[PR Newswire] Frankfurt, Germany -Expansion of consulting activities in Africa

2015-03-23 Authority Issues Urgent Notice for Transporters
[Reporter] As part of reducing the amount of stockpiled goods at the Port of Djibouti, the Federal Transport Authority has issued an "urgent" notice for transporters' associations to report to the Galafi border town. According to the notice, transporters are required to transport goods as quickly as possible to ease the burden at the port.

2015-03-23 U.S. Embassy in Djibouti Set to Resume Service
[Dalsan Radio] The United States Embassy in Djibouti is anticipated to be reopened again on Sunday after days of feared security threats in the Djiboutian capital officials said. The US government has closed its Embassy doors on Thursday.

2015-03-19 U.S. Embassy Closes in Djibouti to Review Security
[Dalsan Radio] The US State Department has announced on Wednesday that the U.S. Embassy in Djibouti would be closed to the public Thursday and would reopen for regular business on Sunday.

2015-03-16 Prime Minister On an Official Visit to Djibouti
[Ethiopia Government] President Ismail Omar Gulleh of Djibouti met the visiting Somali Prime Minister, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke during his official visit to Djibouti on Thursday (March 12).

2015-03-10 BCIMR, a Djibouti Bank, Opens Office in Ethiopia
[Addis Fortune] The Bank represents about 60pc of the market share in Djibouti in teras of loans and deposits

2015-03-11 Somali PM in Djibouti for Bilateral Talks
[Dalsan Radio] Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke is in Djibouti for an official visit. Mr. Sharmarke is expected to meet Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh for talks later.

2015-03-10 Why I Love Ethiopia
[Ethiopian Herald] I had never been out of Ethiopia till I so journed in Djibouti for a brief working visit lately. Hence my experience of international travel is limited. For that matter, nor am I that lucky to feast my eyes on the must-sees of my country.

2015-03-06 The Djibouti-U.S. Bi-National Forum Holds Its First Meeting
[Ethiopia Government] The inaugural meeting of the US-Djibouti Bi-national Forum took place in Washington last week (February 25-26). Issues discussed included security cooperation, economic development, energy exploration, and education.

2015-03-03 Who's Financing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam?
[Africa Renewal] It is an audacious $4.8 billion project undertaken by one of the world's poorest countries. At the construction site in the Benishangul region of Ethiopia near the Sudanese border, some 8,500 workers are labouring tirelessly every day to build the gigantic Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. When completed in 2017, the dam will generate 6,000 megawatts of electricity for domestic consumption and export.

2015-03-03 U.S. and Djibouti Launch Binational Forum of Cooperation
[State Department] Media Note

2015-03-03 EU Naval Force and Japanese Navy Strengthen Counter-Piracy Cooperation During Visit to Djibouti
[EU Navfor] On Friday 27 February, during her port visit to Djibouti, EU Naval Force warship, ESPS Rayo, welcomed on board the commander of the Japanese Escort Division 2, Captain Masatoshi Kashihara, along with representatives from Japanese Warship, JS Harusame.

2015-02-27 EU Naval Force Warship Esps Rayo Conducts Maritime Training With Djiboutian Navy Sailors
[EU Navfor] During her port visit to Djibouti, EU Naval Force warship, ESPS Rayo, conducted maritime training in support of the EU's maritime capacity building mission, EUCAP Nestor.

2015-02-25 Turkey to Donate Six Ambulances to Djibouti
[Dalsan Radio] Ankara -Turkey aims to build a 50-bed children's hospital in the East African country

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