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2014-04-22 Djibouti to Send 140 Troops to Central African Republic
[Sabahi]Djibouti is sending a gendarmerie contingent to the Central African Republic, Djiboutian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mahamoud Ali Youssouf announced Saturday (April 19th) after meeting with African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security Ismail Chergui.

2014-04-22 Ethiopia and Djibouti Review Joint Defense Activities
[Addis Standard]Ethiopia's Minister of Defense, Siraj Fegesa, and his counterpart Hassan Darar Houffaneh, Djibouti's Minister of Defense, met on Friday April 18 to carry out an evaluation of their six-months cooperation, based on the agreement signed in 2013 covering the exchange of military information, military training and joint activities in controlling activities of smugglers, terrorists and other 'spoilers', Ethiopia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

2014-04-16 Djibouti Hands Eritrean Prisoners of War Over to UNHCR
[Sudan Tribune]Addis Ababa -The government of Djibouti says it has handed over 267 Eritrean prisoners of war to the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), ending an incarceration that began in 2008, when the two neighbouring countries engaged in a territorial dispute.

2014-04-16 World Bank to Fund U.S. $3.8 Million Education Project in Djibouti
[Sabahi]The Djiboutian government signed a $3.8 million (684 million franc) agreement with the World Bank on Sunday (April 13th) to support the government's Access to Quality Education project, which aims to boost the quality and capacity of Djibouti's education system.

2014-04-15 Djibouti Launches Programme to Support Ecotourism Entrepreneurs
[Sabahi]Djibouti -The Djiboutian government is offering financial support to entrepreneurs with a new loan programme aimed at boosting the tourism industry and utilizing environmentally sustainable solutions.

2014-04-15 Kuriftu Branches Out to Djibouti With Luxury Lodge On Red Sea Island
[Addis Fortune]Though only at the beginning of its design stage, modern construction techniques mean that Kuriftu Resort & Spa will be enticing tourists to Moucha Island in a year's time

2014-04-14 New U.S.$3.8 Million Grant to Support Improved Access to Education
[World Bank]Washington -The World Bank Group and the Government of Djibouti signed today a US$3.8 million grant to support the government's Access to Quality Education Project. The grant is designed to support government efforts to improve the overall quality and capacity of its education system.

2014-04-14 France Donates U.S. $8.3 Million to Aid Education in Djibouti
[Sabahi]The French Development Agency (AFD) has signed a financial agreement worth $8.3 million (1.5 billion francs) to support education and vocational training in Djibouti, Djibouti's La Nation reported Thursday (April 10th).

2014-04-09 War Reporting Workshop Held in Djibouti
[Sabahi]A three-day workshop on war reporting and international humanitarian law concluded Tuesday (April 8th) in Djibouti, the Djiboutian Information Agency reported.

2014-04-07 Djibouti, Somaliland Region Sign Counter-Terrorism Agreement
[Sabahi]Representatives from Djibouti and the Somaliland regional administration on Wednesday (April 2nd) signed an agreement to strengthen security and fight terrorism, the Djibouti Information Agency reported.

2014-04-07 African Youth Championship - Djibouti and Burundi Share Points
[Dalsan Radio]In the first leg of the African youth championship qualification Burundi has had 1-1 draw with the host Djibouti in a hotly-contested match played at El Haji Hassan Guled National stadium here in Djibouti on Friday.

2014-04-01 Japan to Build Two Patrol Boats for Djiboutian Coastguard
[Sabahi]Djibouti and Japan signed a 1.6-billion franc ($8,800) grant agreement Sunday (March 30th) for the construction of two patrol boats to boost the capacity of Djibouti's coastguard, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Mahamoud Ali Youssouf told Sabahi.

2014-03-31 Chance Meeting Leads to Praise, Reunion for Djiboutian Soldiers
[State Department]A chance meeting between a U.S. Army sergeant and a Djiboutian army sergeant leads to special recognition for four Djiboutian soldiers and a special reunion between the soldiers and the survivors of a 2006 helicopter crash.

2014-03-26 UN Envoy Hails Djibouti for Its Commitment to Peace and Stability in Somalia
[Ethiopia Government]Mr. Nicholas Kay, United Nations Special Envoy to Somalia, paid tribute on Sunday (March 23) to Djiboutian soldiers killed in an Al-Shabaab suicide car bomb attack in Buulo Burte last week. In a visit to Djibouti, he commended Djibouti's dedication and unremitting support to the people of Somalia in their march towards creating a stable, unified and prosperous country, including its sustained assistance to eliminate Al-Shabaab extremists.

2014-03-25 Kay Visits Djibouti in Show of Solidarity
[Sabahi]Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia Nicholas Kay visited Djibouti on Sunday (March 23rd) to show solidarity after seven Djiboutian troops were killed in an al-Shabaab suicide car bomb attack in Bulo Burde last week.

2014-03-25 Djibouti President and U.N. Envoy Discuss Somalia
[Shabelle]ADDIS ABABA - Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh on Monday held talks with U.N. Special Envoy to Somalia Nicholas Kay to discuss issues related to the instability-wracked Horn of Africa nation.

2014-03-24 Guelleh, African Union Representative Praise Fallen Soldiers
[Sabahi]Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh on Friday (March 21st) received the bodies of six Djiboutian soldiers who were killed in an al-Shabaab suicide car bomb attack in Bulo Burde earlier this week, Somalia's Goobjoog news reported.

2014-03-25 European Union Teams Provide Fire-Fighting Training for Djibouti Coast Guard and Navy
[EU Navfor]On 22nd and 23rd March, ten officers from the Djiboutian Navy and four from the Coast Guard participated in a fire-fighting exercise and weapon handling training that were organised jointly by staff from the EU Naval Force and the EU capacity building mission, EUCAP Nestor.

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