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2016-10-27 Highest Commander of Djibouti Army Reaches in Beledweyne
[Dalsan Radio] The highest commander of Djibouti army and other officer have on Thursday reached at Beledweyne town in Hiran region.

2016-10-25 Visitors Laud Ethio-Djibouti Railway
[Ethiopian Herald] A group of people comprising musicians, authors, communication experts and journalists visited the Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway yesterday, and were inspired to see an engine to the country's economic development, and in improving the well-being of the society.

2016-10-20 Ethiopia - Addis Djibouti Railway Benefits All
[Focac] Addis Djibouti Railway will be formally put into operation.

2016-10-20 First African to Fly Solo Around the World
[Air Djibouti] The pilot has embarked on the second leg of his journey and will fly to Malta from North Weald airfield, before heading on to Djibouti

2016-10-10 Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway Lifts China's Efforts in Africa's Rail Network
[Focac] Nairobi -The launch of the Chinese-built Ethiopia-Djibouti railway has shown China's special position in the modernization of Africa's infrastructure, Kenyan scholars said Saturday.

2016-10-07 Ethiopia-Djibouti - Electric Railway Line Opens
[Cameroon Tribune] The 750-km railway line links Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa to the Red Sea port of Djibouti.

2016-10-06 Railway Project Gives Impetus to Economic Transformation - Premier
[Ethiopian Herald] Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said the Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway would give impetus to the country's economic transformation. Efforts would be exerted to expand similar railway services to other parts of the country, he added.

2016-10-04 Addis Djibouti Railway Benefits All
[Ethiopian Herald] Addis Djibouti Railway will be formally put into operation.

2016-10-03 EU Supports WFP Assistance to Thousands Suffering Drought & Displacement in Djibouti
[WFP] From January 2016, thousands of pastoralists arrived in Djibouti from the Somali region of Ethiopia and from the Somaliland Region of Somalia, fleeing one of the most severe droughts of the last decade. Many pregnant women and children under five among the displaced showed signs of acute malnutrition and anemia. Half of the adult men and women were underweight and many were suffering chronic coughs, tuberculosis and diarrheal diseases.

2016-09-29 Japan Navy Steps Up War on Somalia Piracy With Base in Djibouti
[East African] Japan in collaboration with the international community is intensifying war on piracy to enable safe transportation of cargo and passengers in the Indian Ocean.

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