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2014-11-24 Speaker of Parliament Jawaari Back From Djibouti
[Dalsan Radio]A delegation led by speaker of the parliament Mohammad osman Jawaari is back in Mogadishu from Djibouti and he was welcomed by some members of the parliament and other government officials.

2014-11-21 Djibouti, EU Officials Discuss Maritime Capacity Building
[Sabahi]Djiboutian government officials and representatives from EUCAP Nestor, the European Union's maritime capacity building initiative in the Horn of Africa, met Wednesday (November 19th) to discuss further co-operation, the Djiboutian Information Agency reported.

2014-11-12 Djibouti, Saudi Arabia Discuss Security Co-Operation
[Sabahi]Djibouti's Minister of Defence Hassan Darar Houffaneh on Monday (November 10th) met with a visiting military delegation from Saudi Arabia to discuss security co-operation, the Djiboutian Information Agency reported.

2014-11-11 Djibouti, World Bank Sign Loan Agreements
[Sabahi]Djibouti on Saturday (November 8th) signed $2 million in loan agreements with the World Bank as part of a strategy to speed up economic growth and boost job creation.

2014-11-04 Leading Opposition Figure Dies
[Sabahi]Leading Djiboutian opposition figure Aden Robleh Awaleh, 74, died Friday in Djibouti and was buried Sunday (November 2nd) in his home town of Ali Sabieh.

2014-11-04 Djibouti Finishes Third in Arab Youth Tourney
[CAF]Djibouti U-17 squad sealed third place at the Arab Youth Football tourney which ended in Doha last Sunday, beating hosts Qatar 3-2 on penalties.

2014-10-29 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon Visits Djibouti
[Ethiopia Government]The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, arrived in Djibouti on Tuesday (October 28) on a historic first visit by the Secretary General to the country. He was accompanied by senior officials and heads of organizations of the United Nations, the United Nations, the African Development Bank, African Union, European Union and IGAD. During his stay in Djibouti, the Secretary General will have meetings with President Ismail Omar Guelleh, Prime Minister Mohamed Kamil Abdoulkader, and the Preside

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