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2017-03-01 Cyclist Mekseb's Shining Victory
[Shabait] Asmara -Continuing his impressive performance at the Tour de Langkawi, Eritrean cyclist Mekseb Debesay who stood first in the fourth stage of the tour in

2017-03-01 Decline in Mother Mortality Rate During Delivery
[Shabait] Asmara -The mortality rate of mothers during delivery and death rate of children under 5 years of age is on the decline. The comment was made by Dr. Birhana Haile, head of Family and Community health at the Ministry of Health.

2017-02-27 UNICEF - Eritrea Playing Exemplarily Role in Combating FGM
[Shabait] Asmara -Eritrea is playing an exemplary role in eradicating FGM and that harmful practices will no more exist in the country in the near future, according to Ms. Rania Zakie, Representative of the UNICEF in Eritrea.

2017-02-27 Eritrean Cyclist Mekseb Debesai Stands First At Tour De Langkawi
[Shabait] Asmara -Eritrean cyclist and member of Dimension Data Club Mekseb Debesai stands first in the fourth stage of Tour de Langkawi that took place on 18 February in Malaysia.

2017-02-23 European Union's Double Standard Policy Towards Eritrea
[Ethiopian Herald] It is no secret that the west especially, European Union has been playing double- standard politics towards the rest. Their hypocrisy has been tested practically in Eritrea in the last 20 years. What makes it irony is that the EU claims it stands for humanity but what it does in reality is the other way round. As to my best knowledge, it preaches about expanding democracy while pouring billions of dollars to anti-democratic leaders. Some in the EU pretend that they worry about migration while supporting re

2017-02-22 EU's 'Hostile' Present for Unsmiling 'Birthday Boy' Mugabe
[News24Wire] An unsmiling President Robert Mugabe blew out the candles on his 93rd birthday cake on Tuesday amid news the EU had renewed sanctions on him and his wife Grace.

2017-02-23 Discussion Forum for Reinforcing Organizational Capacity
[Shabait] Keren -The National Union of Eritrean Women branch in Keren organized a discussion forum on 16 February aimed at reinforcing organizational capacity and timely implementation of charted out development programs.

2017-02-23 Donation in Support of Families of Martyrs
[Shabait] Asmara -Eritrean nationals residing in Canada and employees of the Micro-Credit and Saving Program have donated around 40 thousand US Dollars and 38 thousand Nakfa respectively towards martyrs trust fund.

2017-02-21 Youth Graduated in Various Professions
[Shabait] Asmara -255 youth from the Central region who have been attending theoretical and practical courses for 3 months in various professions including in electricity and solar installation, poultry, video and still camera shooting, editing and graphics as well as in beauty salon have graduated on 18th February.

2017-02-22 Local Government Ministry Holds Work Assessment Meeting
[Shabait] Asmara -The Ministry of Local Government on 20 February conducted a meeting regarding last year's work assessment and the programs mapped out for this year.

2017-02-22 30th Round National Service Members Graduate
[Shabait] Asmara -A total of 1,460 members of the 30th round National Service of technical schools in Sawa who have been attending a 6-month military training graduated on February 18.

2017-02-21 196 Students Receive 'Indemaso Award'
[Shabait] Mendefera -At a ceremony held in Mendefera on 18 February, 196 students in the southern region who demonstrated excellence in the 8th grade general national exam have received "Indemaso Award of Excellence".

2017-02-21 Distance Education Graduates
[Shabait] Asmara -A total of 47 civil service workers who have been attending distance education courses that was organized through the collaboration of the National Commission of Eritrean Higher Education, University of Swiss-Management Center and South African University graduated on 18 February with Masters Degree.

2017-02-21 Physiotherapy Center Making a Difference
[Shabait] Barentu -A Physiotherapy Center in Barentu Referral hospital is making a difference in alleviating health problems of a number of nationals. According to Mr. Berketet Abrham, Physiotherapy expert in the Referral Hospital, the center has been instrumental in treating various tissues and joints related diseases and rickets cases on children.

2017-02-20 Eritrea Wins Men and Women Elite Ttt and Itt in African Continental Cycling Championship
[Shabait] Asmara -The 2017 African Continental Cycling Championship that started on Tuesday in the Egyptian city of Luxor witnessed extraordinary performance the Eritrean National Cycling team that comfortably won the 57.8 Km Team Time Trial (TTT) both in the elite men and women.

2017-02-17 Eritrean Nationals Commemorate Operation Fenkil
[Shabait] Asmara -Eritrean nationals residing in Mannheim, Germany, commemorated the 27th anniversary of Operation Fenkil on 10 February under the theme "Fenkil: Precursor of the Final Phase".

2017-02-16 Improved Maternity Service in Barentu Sub-Zone
[Shabait] Barentu -Nurse Temesgen Berhe, head of Barentu healthcare center, explained that the number of pregnant women who have been provided with efficient maternity service has been increasing along with the expansion of healthcare facilities.

2017-02-17 Effort to Empower Women
[Shabait] Adi-Keih -Ms. Beletset Beraki, head of NUEW branch in Adi-Keih sub-zone pointed out that effort is being exerted to economically empower women with a view to improve their livelihoods.

2017-02-16 Boost in Fish Production
[Shabait] Massawa -Fishermen in Beylul, said that they have managed to boost production of fish owing to the substantial support the Ministry of Marine Resources has been extending in providing them with fishing materials.

2017-02-15 180th Anniversary of Alexander Pushkin Observed in Asmara
[Shabait] Asmara -The 180th anniversary of poet and writer Alexander Pushkin was observed on February 10 here in the capital.

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