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2015-08-26 Germany Pushes for EU Migrant Policy Change
[RFI] German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed Wednesday there would be no tolerance for anti-migrant violence after facing a far-right protest during a visit to a refugee centre. About 200 people massed in the eastern town of Heidenau, some booing and shouting "traitor, traitor" and "we are the mob" as she arrived at the shelter, in a show of defiance over a record influx of asylum-seekers.

2015-08-24 UK, France Agree to New Measures to Tackle Migration Crisis
[IPS] United Nations -In response to the rapidly growing numbers of refugees and asylum seekers flooding European shores, France and the UK have announced new measures to crack down on English Channel crossings.

2015-08-24 19-Year-old Athlete Makes History at Beijing Champs
[RFI] An unknown teenager who defied his parents to take up running swept to victory on Saturday in the men's marathon at the Athletics World Championships.

2015-08-25 President Concludes Visit to Qatar
[Shabait] Asmara -President Isaias Afwerki returned home on Saturday after a fruitful, four-day, working visit to the State of Qatar. During his stay, the President held talks with the Emir of Qatar, Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani on further enhancing the warm ties of friendship and cooperation that exist between the two countries and, on international developments and trends of mutual interest to both countries.

2015-08-25 Athlete Girmai Gebreslassie Secures Eritrea's First World Championship Gold Medal
[Shabait] Asmara -Nineteen-year-old Eritrean athlete Girmai Gebreslassie won the men's marathon at the World Championships in Beijing on Saturday.

2015-08-24 Daniel Teklehaimanot and Merhawi Kudus Receive Awards
[Shabait] Asmara -Business owners in Asmara awarded 500 thousand Nafa each to the Tour de France 2015 participants Daniel Teklehaimanot and Merhawi Kudus.

2015-08-21 Role of Women on the Socio-Economic Development
[Shabait] Barentu -Ms. Tekea Tesfamicael, President of the National of Eritrean Women, urged members of the association to step up their role and participation on all national developmental programmes. The NUEW President made these remarks at a meeting of the senior officials the association in the Gash-Barka region.

2015-08-21 ITUC Delegation On Visit to Eritrea
[Shabait] Asmara -The delegation of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) that concluded a working visit to Eritrea stated that their encounters with various interlocutors has enabled them to have a more comprehensive and balanced perspective on realities in Eritrea as well as the activities of the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers (NCEW).

2015-08-20 President Isaias Afwerki On a Working Visit to Qatar
[Shabait] Asmara -President Isaias Afwerki departed for a working visit to Doha in the morning hours today. President Isaias was accorded a warm welcome by the Qatari Minister of Environment, Mr. Ahmed Amer Al Humaidi , on arrival at the Doha international Air Port.

2015-08-20 Challenges On Implementation of Development Programs
[Shabait] Massawa -Mr. Andemichael Solomon, head of infrastructure building at the Northern Red Sea region, urged sub-zone and administrative area administrators to augment their role for the timely implementation of development programs in the region.

2015-08-19 NECW and ITUC Hold Meeting
[Shabait] Asmara -The National Confederation of Eritrean Workers (NECW) and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) held a consultative meeting in Asmara on 17th August at the headquarters of the NECW this week. The principal aim of the meeting was to explore ways and means for strengthening the ties between the two organizations.

2015-08-19 Solar Energy in Foro Health Centre
[Shabait] Asmara -Solar Energy power supply equipment have been installed at Foro Health Centre in the Southern Red Sea Region. This will provide continuous power supply to the Centre and ensure the delivery of uninterrupted health services.

2015-08-17 President Isaias Afwerki Receives Credentials of Ambassadors
[Shabait] Asmara -President Isaias Afwerki today received the credentials of the Ambassadors of the Russian Federation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Mauritania at Denden Hall.

2015-08-17 Farmers in Adi-Nifas Undertake Afforestation Activities
[Shabait] Asmara -Farmers in Adi-Nifas, Akria sub-zone, have undertaken afforestation activities on about 5 hectares. More than 1 thousand inhabitants took part in task.

2015-08-17 Eritrean Festival in the U.S.
[Shabait] Asmara -Eritrean nationals residing in Eastern USA held a Festival in Washington DC from 7 to 9 August.

2015-08-17 Malaria Prevention Week
[Shabait] Asmara -Malaria Prevention Week was recently conducted in the sub-zones of Gogne and Logo-Anseba.

2015-08-17 National Athletics Team Finalizing Preparations
[Shabait] Asmara -The Eritrean National Athletics Team is finalizing preparations for the World Championship event due to take place in Beijing from August 22 to 30th.

2015-08-16 Eritrean Authorities Have Arrested 50 Locally Employed U.S. Embassy Personnel
[Ethiopia Government] The former US ambassador to Eritrea, Ambassador Ronald McMullen disclosed for the first time last week that between 2001 and 2010 the Eritrean authorities arrested dozens of Eritrean employees of the US embassy in Asmara.

2015-08-13 Four African Countries Rank High in Corruption Watchdog Reports
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -The International transparency watchdog group, Transparency International in its latest ranking of countries that practice acts of corruption at the highest level has listed four African Countries amongst the top 10 where corruption is practice with Liberia performing better this time. In the ranking crisis prone Somalia is ranked the most corrupt country in the world tied at spot one along with North Korea. Another African currently in crisis Sudan is the third most corrupt country in the world according

2015-08-13 Response to the UN Somali and Eritrea Monitoring Group Report On Capacity Building Agreement
[Dalsan Radio] The recent report by the UN Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) implies that the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of the Federal Republic of Somalia has allegedly acted in a conflict of interest involving payment of staff members at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.

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