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2018-05-18 Preparations for 27th Independence Day Anniversary Finalizes
[Shabait] Asmara -The Commission of Culture and Sports reported that preparations for the 27th Independence Day anniversary celebrations have been finalized.

2018-05-18 Messages of Congratulations
[Shabait] Asmara -The leaders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea, Republic of Austria, India, Kingdom of Morocco, Lebanon, Mexico and the Governor of the Commonwealth of Australia sent messages of congratulations to the people and Government of Eritrea in connection with the 27th Independence Day anniversary.

2018-05-18 More Independence Day Celebrations
[Shabait] Asmara -Reports indicate that Eritrean nationals residing in Demam, Saudi Arabia, Cairo, Egypt, Djibouti and South Sudan have colorfully celebrated the 27th Independence Day anniversary under the theme "Vision though Toil".

2018-05-16 Contribution in Support of Disadvantaged Citizens
[Shabait] Asmara -Eritrean nationals residing abroad have contributed over 170 thousand Nakfa in support of four disabled citizens in Ona-Watot, Tsorena sub-zone. The contributors are member of the "Development of Positive Thinking Association" residing in the US, Canada and Israel.

2018-05-16 School Independence Week in Central Region
[Shabait] Asmara -Schools Independence Week in the Central region in connection with the 27th Independence Day anniversary is being conducted with different activities under the theme "Vision through Toil".

2018-05-16 Is Khartoum and Ethiopia Supporting Amed Groups in Eritrea?
[Shabait] In the past two weeks during the visit of the new Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia to the Sudan, both governments have reportedly agreed "to extend support to what they termed as Eritrea's armed opposition groups in order to enable them to properly execute their objectives".

2018-05-15 Faith Mustn't Be Lost With Eritrea, Even With Current Regime in Tow
[Addis Fortune] Last week, an international delegation led by Kairat Umarov, chair of the Somalia & Eritrea Sanctions Committee, visited officials at the Foreign Ministry to discuss one of the Horn of Africa's most complex political dilemmas. Umarov had previously paid similar visits to Djibouti and Kenya, consulting their governments on a midterm update on the economic sanctions placed on Somalia and Eritrea. The chair had also gone to Mogadishu for a discussion, but its requests to visit Asmera, the capital of Eritr

2018-05-15 Independence Day Celebrations
[Shabait] Asmara -Eritrean nationals residing in Doha, Qatar, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait as well as Vienna, Austria, celebrated the 27th Independence Day anniversary with patriotic zeal under the theme "Vision through Toil".

2018-05-11 Equitable and Efficient Use of Land
[Shabait] Asmara -The Minister of Land, Water and Environment, Mr. Tesfay Gebreselasie indicated that the Government of Eritrea is working to ensure the equitable and efficient use of land for posterity.

2018-05-11 Hagaz - Meeting On Education Progress
[Shabait] Keren -A meeting aimed at discussing the progress of social services provision particularly on education was conducted in Hagaz sub zone.

2018-05-10 Seminars On Empowering Women
[Shabait] Asmara -Seminars on empowering women and ensure their multi-sectoral participation were held in the sub-zones of Adi-Quala and Akordet.

2018-05-10 Governor of Central Region Meets Berik Residents
[Shabait] Asmara -The Governor of the Central region Maj. General Romadan Awliyay conducted a meeting with the residents of the Berik sub zone on 7 May with the objective of discussing the implementation of development drives and the role of organizational capacity of communities.

2018-05-10 Strategic Plan for Sports Development
[Shabait] Asmara -The Commission for Culture and Sports in cooperation with the Eritrean Center for Institutional Excellence has organized training with a view to develop administrative capacity.

2018-05-09 Students' Cultural and Sports Week
[Shabait] Asmara -Students' cultural and sports week has been conducted in the sub-zones of Foro and Keren with a view to enable students identify their talents and inclinations.

2018-05-09 Commendable Eye Surgery in Massawa
[Shabait] Massawa -The Sudanese Ophthalmologists group 'Albeser" conducted commendable eye surgery from 3 to 6 May for 325 patients in Massawa.

2018-05-07 'Indemaso' Awards for Outstanding Students
[Shabait] Mendefera -228 outstanding students in the Southern region that scored high marks in the 2016/2017 eight grade national exam received "Indemaso" award.

2018-05-07 Training On Strengthening Leadership Capacity
[Shabait] Barentu -Training on strengthening leadership capacity has been organized by the administration staff of the Western Command of the Ministry of Defense in cooperation with the Ministry of Education branch in the Gash Barka region.

2018-05-07 Seminar On Implementation of Charted Out Programs
[Shabait] Adi-Kein -The Chairman of the of the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students, Mr. Saleh Ahmedin conducted seminar on 1 May for youth in the sub-zones of Adi-Keih and Senafe focusing on the role and contribution of youth in national development drives.

2018-05-04 Commendable Achievement in Controlling Malaria
[Shabait] Keren -Thanks to a sustainable popular campaign, environmental sanitation and redressing activities conducted in the Halhal sub zone, the prevalence of malaria has significantly declined.

2018-05-04 More Public Diplomacy Activities
[Shabait] Asmara -Eritrean nationals residing in France, Germany, and the US conducted public diplomacy activities with the objective of assessing and enhancing organizational capacity, reports indicate.

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