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2014-04-23 Reliable Study and Integrated Efforts Vital Prerequisite for Ensuring Ample Water Supply - Water Department
[Shabait]Asmara -The Water Department indicated that a reliable study and integrated efforts constitute a vital prerequisite for ensuring ample water supply both for humans and livestock. It made the remark at a meeting with experts of agricultural, infrastructural and water development from all over the country, during which Mr. Mebrahtu Eyassu, Director General of the Water Department, called for effective utilization of the available water resources.

2014-04-23 Eritrean Niguse Amlesom Emerges Victorious in Half Marathon Tournament in China
[Shabait]Asmara -Eritrean Niguse Amlesom ranked 1st in a half marathon tournament in China entitled Yeongboy Jiyanzeco last Saturday, and registered a new record concluding the race in 1 hour and 8 seconds, proving a 31-seconds gap with that of the previous.

2014-04-23 Inhabitants of Habereda Area Express Satisfaction With the Impact New School in the Locality Is Registering As Regards Promoting Literacy
[Shabait]Mogolo -The inhabitants of Habereda area, Megolo sub-zone, expressed satisfaction with the impact the new school in the locality is registering as regards promoting literacy.

2014-04-23 Student and Youth Week Conducted in Hagaz Sub-Zone
[Shabait]Hagaz -Student and Youth Week was conducted in Kermed representing the Administrative areas of Shebeq, Adi-Omar and Adi-Arey in Hagaz sub-zone with a view to promoting exchange of experience and popularizing cultural values, and higher community participation was witnessed in the event.

2014-04-23 Call Made On Inhabitants of Asebol to Effectively Utilize Educational Service
[Shabait]Assab -The Administration of the Southern Denkalia sub-zone has called on the inhabitants of Asebol village to effectively utilize the free educational service made available to them at government expenditure.

2014-04-23 Eritrean Community Members in Berlin and Hale Reiterate Readiness to Step Up Participation in National Development Programs
[Shabait]Asmara -The Eritrean community members in the German cities of Berlin and Hale have reiterated readiness to step up participation in the implementation of national development programs. They made the pledge at a seminar, during which Mr. Petros Tsegai, the Eritrean Ambassador to Germany, gave briefings focusing on the objective situation in the Homeland and diplomatic, as well as other issues.

2014-04-22 Micro-Dams in Geleb Sub-Zone Making Significant Impact As Regards Enriching Underground Water Resource
[Shabait]Geleb -The Administration of Geleb sub-zone state that micro-dams in the locality have made significant impact as regards enriching underground water resource.

2014-04-22 Asmat Sub-Zone - Families Patronizing Orphaned Children Rehabilitated in Livestock
[Shabait]Asmat -The Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare stated that a total of 12 families in Asmat sub-zone that are patronizing orphaned children have been rehabilitated in livestock collectively worth 20,000 Nakfa.

2014-04-22 Chatham House Briefing Paper - Sanitizing Occupation Is Not Creative
[Shabait]The Chatham House Briefing Paper of 10 April 2014 by Jason Mosley, titled "Eritrea and Ethiopia: Beyond the Impasse", supposedly sets out to challenge and rectify obsolete perceptions of the Horn of Africa's political dynamics and prevailing reality.

2014-04-22 Educational Institutions in Tseret Administrative Area Making Remarkable Impact As Regards Promoting Educational Outreach
[Shabait]Ginda -The inhabitants of Tseret Administrative area, Ginda sub-zone, said that educational institutions in the locality are making remarkable impact as regards promoting educational outreach.

2014-04-22 Inhabitants of Mogolo Area Elect Area Administrators and Magisterial Judges
[Shabait]Mogolo -The inhabitants of Mogolo Administrative area, Gash-Barka region, elected Area administrators and magisterial judges.

2014-04-22 Inhabitants of Mendefera Sub-Zone Called Upon to Enhance Role As Regards Raising Production Capacity of Youths
[Shabait]Mendefera -The NUEYS branch in Mendefera sub-zone has called on the inhabitants to enhance role as regards raising the production capacity of youths. It made the call at a meeting with parents, during which Mr. Girmai Gebru, head of the branch office, pointed out that stepped-up efforts are being made towards nurturing aware and committed youths who keep intact national as well as cultural values.

2014-04-22 NUEW Members in Sweden Conduct 2nd Conference
[Shabait]Asmara -Members of the NUEW in Sweden conducted 2nd conference in Stockholm city.

2014-04-22 YPFDJ Conference in Europe Conducted Successfully
[Shabait]Asmara -The 10th YPFDJ Conference in Europe which was conducted last Friday in Switzerland successfully adopting remarkable decisions.

2014-04-21 A Total of 85 Students Obtain Training in Debarwa Sub-Zone
[Shabait]Debarwa -The NUEYS branch in Debarwa sub-zone indicated that it organized vocational training for a total of 85 students, 44 of whom are females.

2014-04-21 Administrator of Northern Red Sea Region Indicates That Reviving Sports Activities Calls for Joint Endeavors On the Part of All Nationals
[Shabait]Massawa -The Administrator of the Northern Red Sea region, Ms. Tsigereda Woldegiorgis indicated that reviving sports activities calls for joint endeavors on the part of all nationals. She made the remark at a meeting which was conducted in Massawa city to elect new members of regional sports federations.

2014-04-21 Mai-Aini Sub-Zone - Enwva Members Who Are Engaged in Irrigation Farming Voice Satisfaction With Credit Opportunity
[Shabait]Mai-Aini -Members of the Eritrean National War-disabled Veterans Association (ENWVA) in Mai-Aini sub-zone who are engaged in irrigation farming said that they are in a position to support themselves adequately on the basis of the Association's credit scheme.

2014-04-21 Ongoing Development Programs in Eritrea Exemplary for Developing Countries, Say Representatives to International Organizations
[Shabait]Keren -A number of representatives of international organizations said that the ongoing community-based development programs and the outreach of social service facilities in Eritrea are exemplary to the developing countries for they ensure sustainable impact and inspire the culture of work.

2014-04-21 Ambassador Ali Ibrahim Conducts Meeting With Qatari Minister of Transport
[Shabait]Asmara -The Eritrean Ambassador to Qatar, Mr. Ali Ibrahim, conducted meeting with Mr. Jassim Seif Al-Suleiti, Qatari Minister of Transport, focusing on bilateral relations.

2014-04-21 Inhabitants of Asmat Sub-Zone Express Satisfaction With New Mobile Telephone Service
[Shabait]Asmat -The inhabitants of Asmat sub-zone expressed satisfaction with new mobile telephone service which has already started to ease socio-economic activities in the locality.

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