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2016-05-27 Youth Trained in Logo-Anseba Sub Zone With Different Fields
[Shabait] Asmara -173 youth in the Logo-Anseba sub-zone were provided training with different fields. The training program was organized in partnership with the NUEYS branch in the Gash Barka region and other stakeholders.

2016-05-26 Sudan, Eritrea Crack Down On Migrants
[IRIN] Oxford -Authorities in Sudan have launched a crackdown on Eritrean migrants - arresting those living in the capital, Khartoum, and intercepting hundreds travelling north through the country towards Libya, the launching point for smugglers' boats heading for Europe.

2016-05-26 Eritrea's Permanent Representative to UN Participates At World Humanitarian Summit
[Shabait] Asmara -The Special Envoy of the President and Permanent Representative of Eritrea to the UN, Ambassador Girma Asmerom participated at the World Humanitarian Summit conducted from 23 to 24 May in Istanbul, Turkey.

2016-05-26 Anseba Region - Vocational Training for 46,000 Youth
[Shabait] Keren -The NUEYS branch in the Anseba region indicated that training in various fields has been provided to more than 46,000 youth in the last 25 years of independence.

2016-05-26 Training to Augment Honey Production
[Shabait] Mendefera -Training program on bee farming was organized for about 300 farmers in Senafe sub-zone. The training program was aimed at augmenting honey production in the sub-zone.

2016-05-27 Nuew Conducts Seminar
[Shabait] Asmara -The National Union of Eritrean Women conducted seminar for its members residing abroad and who are here to participate at the Silver Jubilee Independence Day. The seminar focused on the current situation in the homeland and the role of citizens in preserving the national unity and harmony.

2016-05-25 Joint SACP-Cosatu Statement On the 25th Eritrean National Independence Day
[COSATU] The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and the South African Communist Party (SACP) salute the People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) and the resilient people of Eritrea on the special occasion of the 25th Silver Jubilee Independence Commemoration.

2016-05-25 Eritrea Celebrates 25 Years of Independence Despite Human Rights Concerns
[RFI] Festivities were held across Eritrea on Tuesday 24 May to honour the country's 25 years of independence, yet rights campaigners question the cause for celebration saying the country is ruled by a repressive regime, with thousands of citizens trying to escape the country every year.

2016-05-25 Independence Day Celebration At Southern Red Sea Region
[Shabait] Assab -The Southern Red Sea region celebrated the Silver Jubilee Independence Day in the port city of Assab on 23 May. The Managing Director of the region, Mr. Mohammed Seid Mantai said that the multi-faceted development achieved over the past 25 years Independence attest to the performance capacity of the Eritrean people.

2016-05-25 Visiting Artists Hold Press Conference
[Shabait] Asmara -Expatriate Artists from various countries currently in Eritrea to participate in the Silver Jubilee Independence Day celebrations held a press conference on 23 May 2016 at the Information Ministry's Hager Media Hall.

2016-05-25 Eritrea's Silver Jubilee Independence Anniversary Celebrated With Deep Enthusiasm
[Shabait] Asmara -Celebrations marking Eritrea's Silver Jubilee Independence Anniversary were conducted Today with deep enthusiasm at Bahti Meskerem Square in Asmara, the capital.

2016-05-23 25 Years After Independence Eritreans Still Yearn for Freedom
[The Conversation Africa] Eritrea marks 25 years of independence from Ethiopia this month. It is now one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world and is run by a repressive government. The Conversation Africa's politics and society editor, Thabo Leshilo, asked Valerie Frank* to shed light on the secretive country as it marks this milestone.

2016-05-24 Messages of Congratulations
[Shabait] Asmara -The President of Cuba, Mr. Raul Castro and the Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis send messages of congratulations to the Government and people of Eritrea in connection with the Jubilee Independence Day anniversary.

2016-05-24 Independence Day Celebrations in Gash-Barka Region
[Shabait] Barentu -The Silver Jubilee Independence Day Anniversary was colorfully celebrated in the Gash-Barka region on May 20 in the town of Barentu at a regional level.

2016-05-24 Independence Day Celebrations At Regional Levels
[Shabait] Asmara -The Northern Red Sea, the Southern and Anseba regions celebrated the Silver Jubilee Independence Day at regional levels under the theme "Half Century of Resilience and Development".

2016-05-24 Pictorial Exhibition Organized By the Nuew
[Shabait] Asmara -A pictorial exhibition organized by the National Union of Eritrean Women in connection with the Silver Jubilee Independence Day was opened on 20 May.

2016-05-24 Carnival Show of the Central Region
[Shabait] Asmara -A carnival show in the Central region in connection with the Silver Jubilee Independence Day was carried out in Asmara on 22 May with great fervor. The carnival was officially opened by Major General Ramadan Osman Awelyai, the Governor of the central region.

2016-05-25 President Isaias Afewerki's Speech On the Occasion of the 25th Independence Day Celebrations
[Shabait] Dear Participants,

2016-05-23 Photo Exhibition Depicting Memories of Referendum and Feelings of Independence
[Shabait] Asmara -A photo exhibition organized by the Japanese Photo journalist, Mr. Tomoaki Nakano, in connection with the Silver Jubilee Independence Day anniversary was opened on 19 May at the Casa Deli Italiani under the theme "Memories of Referendum and Feelings of Independence".

2016-05-23 Trade Minister Affirms Firmness of Economic Relations With Eritrea
[SNA] Khartoum -The Minister of Trade, Salah Mohammed Al-Hassan has affirmed the firmness of the official relations with Eritrea because of the strong trade, economic and blood relations linking the two countries.

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