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2014-08-29 Gash-Barka Region - Seminars Being Conducted As Regards Communicable Diseases
[Shabait]Barentu -Seminars are being conducted in different areas of Gash-Barka region with a view to raising community awareness as regards communicable diseases in general and diseases that affect people at the regional and international level in particular.

2014-08-29 NUEW Members Branch in Italy Conduct Tour of Development Project in Anseba Region
[Shabait]Keren -Members of the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) branch in Italy have conducted tour of development projects, historic and ancient sites in Anseba region.

2014-08-29 Residents of Godaif Sub-Zone Conduct Sensitization Campaign
[Shabait]Asmara -The residents of Godaif sub-zone have conducted sensitization campaign in collaboration with ASBECO in a bid to promote community wellbeing.

2014-08-28 EDF's 12th Round Sports Competition to Get Underway On September 1
[Shabait]Asmara -The 12th round sports competition of the Eritrean Defense Forces would get underway on September 1, 2014. The event would take place in Keren City from September 1 to October 25.

2014-08-28 NUEW to Hold 7th Congress From 15 to 17 September
[Shabait]Asmara -The National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) will hold its 7th Congress in Asmara from 15 to 17 September. The Chairperson in charge of preparations for the Congress, Ms. Azeb Berhane , told Erina that the necessary activities are underway as regards designating the participants from inside the country and abroad, holding debate on the Union's constitution, finalizing the final document regarding activities of the Union over the past 10-years and the holding of symposium, among others.

2014-08-27 No Ground for Ebola in Eritrea, Yet Public Follow-Up Significant - Ministry
[Shabait]Asmara -The Ministry of Health stated that there exists no ground for Ebola, Yet public follow-up is significant.

2014-08-24 Migrants Die Off Italy
[RFI]The Italian coast guard confirmed on Sunday that eighteen people were found dead on an inflatable dinghy that was floating south of the island Lampedusa. 73 Survivors were rescued.

2014-08-27 Conference Held in Berikh Sub-Zone, Central Region, On Strengthening Sports Activities
[Shabait]Asmara -A conference was held at the Hall of the Central region Administration with a view to strengthening sports activities in Berikh Sub-zone in which local inhabitants and owners of business centers participated.

2014-08-24 Border Guards Kill Eritrean Migrants
[Sudan Tribune]Shire -Eritrean border guards have allegedly shot dead 10 Eritreans citizens as they attempted to cross in to Ethiopia, a recent escapee told Sudan Tribune on Friday.

2014-08-26 Exhibition of Books At National Festival Made Vital Contribution in Nurturing Reading Habit
[Shabait]Asmara -Reports indicated that the exhibition of books at National Festival made vital contribution in promoting the habit of reading. In view of this, it was recommended that more efforts need to be taken to this end.

2014-08-26 Northern Red Sea Region - Efforts to Promote Equitable Distribution of Health Institutions and Professionals Bearing Encouraging Out Come
[Shabait]Massawa -The branch of the Health Ministry in the Northern Red Sea region disclosed that efforts being made to promote equitable distribution of health institutions and professionals in the region are bearing encouraging outcome.

2014-08-25 Artistic Performances At National Festival By EDF's Information and Agitation Unit Would Make Due Contribution in Bequeathing Values of Armed Struggle to the Youth - Experts
[Shabait]Asmara -Experts said that the artistic performances by the EDF Information and Agitation Unit at the National Festival would make due contribution in bequeathing the values of the armed struggle for independence to the young generation.

2014-08-25 Seminar Conducted in Massawa City As Regards Ebola Disease
[Shabait]Asmara -A seminar was conducted in the port city of Massawa as regards raising awareness of health professionals pertaining to the Ebola disease.

2014-08-25 Members of Agriculture Ministry Donate Blood
[Shabait]Asmara -In line with the endeavors being made to promote volunteer blood donation, members of the Agriculture Ministry donated blood on 20 August.

2014-08-25 Home Based Water Purification Expressed Has Significant Contribution in Reducing Water Borne Diseases
[Shabait]Asmara -At a seminar conducted on the 19th and 20th of August in Massawa in which representative of the residents of the sub-zone participated, it has been disclosed that home based water purification method could have significant contribution in reducing water borne diseases.

2014-08-25 Eritrean National Festival Concludes in Colorful Manner With Awarding of Prizes to Winners
[Shabait]Asmara -The Eritrean National Festival that was in progress at the Expo grounds from 16 to 23 August under the theme "Culture: Guarantor for Existence and Continuity." concluded today in colorful manner with the awarding of prizes to regions and individuals that demonstrated success in various competitions.

2014-08-25 Nueys Branch in Keren Sub-Zone - 65 Youths Obtain First Air Training Course
[Shabait]Keren -The National Union of Eritrean Youth and Student (NUEYS) branch in Keren sub-zone has organized a 6-month First Aid training course for the third time to a total of 65 members.

2014-08-25 Sharing One's Knowledge With Fellow Nationals Gives Satisfaction - Eritrean Intellectuals From Abroad Serving Here
[Shabait]Asmara -Eritrean intellectuals currently providing volunteer service in Colleges here said that sharing one's knowledge with fellow nationals gives satisfaction.

2014-08-25 Traditional Sports At Eritrean National Festival Attest to the Society's Developed Culture
[Shabait]Asmara -Visitors to the ongoing Eritrean National Festival said that the traditional sports competitions being conducted at Expo grounds attest to the developed culture of Eritrean society.

2014-08-25 Eritrean Community Members in Jeddah Assert Readiness to Enhance Participation in State Affairs
[Shabait]Asmara -The Eritrean community members in the city of Jeddah and its environs have asserted readiness to enhance participation in State affairs and mount staunch resistance against external conspiracies on the basis of higher organization. They made the pledge at a meeting on August 21with Mr. Mohammed Omer Mahmud, the Eritrean Ambassador to Saudi-Arabia.

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