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2014-11-28 Eritrea and EU Conclude Accord Regarding Installation of Solar Energy Electricity Facility in Southern Region
[Shabait]Asmara -The Government of Eritrea and the European Union (EU) today concluded an agreement here in the capital regarding the installation of solar energy electricity facility in Areza and Mai-Dima sub-zones, Southern Region.

2014-11-28 Inhabitants of She'ib Sub-Zone Called Upon to Resort to Community-Based Living Style
[Shabait]She'ib -Mr. Mohammed Hamid Ashkeray, Administrator of She'ib sub-zone, has called on the inhabitants to resort to community-based living style, and thereby effectively harness the available resources.

2014-11-28 Ambassador Fisehatsion Presents Credentials to FAO Director General
[Shabait]Asmara -The Eritrean Ambassador to Italy, Mr. Fisehatsion Petros, has presented his credentials to the Director General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Mr. Jose Graziano da Silva, as Eritrea's Permanent Representative.

2014-11-27 20 Bread Winners Obtain Weaving Training Course in Senafe Town
[Shabait]Asmara -A total of 20 bread winner women who have been attending a 6-month training course in weaving at the newly constructed Women's Centre in Senafe town graduated on November 23.

2014-11-27 Health Ministry in Process of Distributing Vitamin a Immunization Nationwide
[Shabait]Asmara -The Ministry of Health is currently distributing Vitamin A immunization across nation. The undertaking would be provided to children aged 5 month to 5 years in different health stations, schools and kindergartens.

2014-11-27 Central Region - Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare's Branch Disburses Over 70 Million Nakfa to Martyrs Families
[Shabait]Asmara -Mr. Mogos Berhane, head of social security at the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare's branch in the Central region, said that over 70 million Nakfa has been disbursed to over 28 thousand families of fallen heroes through monthly benefit scheme over the past 10 months.

2014-11-27 Sports Activities in Keren Attests to Endeavors Being Exerted Towards Promoting Community-Based Sports
[Shabait]Keren -Mr. Fisehaye Tewolde, head of sports and culture in Keren, said that the annual sports activities conducted in the city attests to the endeavors being made to promote community-based sports and enhanced public awareness to this end.

2014-11-26 Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare's Branch in Mendefera Sub-Zone Extends Over 1 Million Nakfa to Needy Students and Families
[Shabait]Mendefera -Mr. Mehari Kiflom, head of the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare's branch in Mendefera sub-zone, stated that the branch office has extended over 1 million Nakfa in support to needy students and families in the sub-zone.

2014-11-26 High Eritrean Awareness Regarding Identity and Values Constitute Special Benchmark, Says Ambassador Estifanos
[Shabait]Asmara -The Eritrean Ambassador to the UK, Mr. Estifanos Habtemariam, said that higher Eritrean awareness regarding identity and values constitute a special benchmark.

2014-11-26 Nuew Members Branch in Germany Assert Readiness to Sustain Input in Nation-Building Endeavors
[Shabait]Asmara -The NUEW members branch in Germany have asserted readiness to sustain input in the nation-building process in a highly organized manner. They made the pledge in connection with the 35th founding anniversary of the NUEW conducted in Goppingen city.

2014-11-26 Nueys Members in Tessenei and Hagaz Sub-Zones Express Readiness to Enhance Role in Development Endeavors
[Shabait]Hagaz -The members of the NUEYS branch in Tessenei and Hagaz sub-zones have expressed readiness to enhance role in development endeavors. They made the pledge at a meeting in Hagaz town during which they exchanged experience.

2014-11-25 Martyrs Trust Fund and National Association of Autism and Dawns Syndrome Secure U.S. $5,000, Over 17,000 Swiss Francs and 1,500 Euros in Donation
[Shabait]Asmara -Eritrean community members in Cincinnati city, USA, and in the German city of Heidelberg, as well as Switzerland have contributed a total of USD 5,000 , over 17, 000 Swiss Francs and 1,500 Euros to the Martyrs Trust Fund and reinforcing the National Association of Autism and Dawns Syndrome.

2014-11-25 Eritrea Takes Part in 2nd African-Turkish Summit Conference
[Shabait]Asmara -Eritrean has participated in the 2nd African-Turkish Summit Conference convened in Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea on November 21.

2014-11-25 Sensitization Campaign Conducted in Massawa
[Shabait]Massawa -A sensitization campaign has been conducted in the port city of Massawa in which residents, civil servants of line ministries, national associations and institutions took part. The campaign was aimed at preventing diseases resulting from lack of sanitation.

2014-11-24 Ambassador Petros Presents Credentials to President Vladimir Putin
[Shabait]Asmara -Mr. Petros Tsegai who has been appointed Eritrea's Ambassador to the Russian Federation, has presented his credentials to President Vladimir Putin.

2014-11-25 Nueys Striving to Raise Awareness of Youths - Report
[Shabait]Keren -Mr. Ogbai Berhe, head of the NUEYS Central Office, indicated that the Union is striving to raise awareness and knowledge of youths through reinforcing organization of clubs and cores. He made the remarks at a recent meeting in Keren city with youths from Anseba and Gash-Barka regions, during which it was, stressed that equipping them with the necessary knowledge as regards becoming beneficiaries of globalization.

2014-11-24 Adi-Keih - Eye Treatment Medics Undertaken On 387 Nationals
[Shabait]Adi-Keih -Mr. Gebreselasie Gebremariam, in charge of non-communicable diseases at the Health Ministry's branch in the Southern region, indicated that eye treatment medics has been undertaken in Adi-Keih Hospital on 387 nationals from Segeneiti, Senafe, Dekemhare, Adi-Keih, Tserona and Mai-Aini sub-zones.

2014-11-24 Fisheries Ministry Organizes Training to Traditional Fishermen
[Shabait]Massawa -The Ministry of Fisheries has organized a training course in the port city of Massawa for traditional fishermen so as to provide quality fish supply to the market.

2014-11-24 Eritrean Cyclist Meron Debesai Wins 6th Stage of Tour De Rwanda
[Shabait]Asmara -Eritrean cyclist Meron Debesai, member of German team 'Bick Rayed-Rayed" yesterday won the 6th stage of Tour de Rwanda stretching from Huye to Kigali, a distance of 125.7 kilometers finishing the distance with 3 hours 14 minutes and 6 seconds.

2014-11-24 Encouraging Results Being Registered to Develop Education Capacity in Central Region
[Shabait]Asmara -According to the information he gave to Erina, Mr. Belai Habtegabir, Head of the Education Ministry branch in the region, indicated that encouraging results are being registered in the 2014/15 academic year to develop professional and academic capacity of teachers and students in the Central region.

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