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2017-09-19 Seminar for 31st Round Members of the National Service
[Shabait] Sawa -At a seminar conducted on 13 September in Sawa for the 31st round members of the national service, Mr. Ahferom Tewolde head of Research and Training at the PFDJ, said that knowledge based on awareness is indispensable for the success of the national development programs.

2017-09-19 Eritrean Nationals' Resolve to Augment Contribution
[Shabait] Asmara -Eritrean community members in Frankfurt and its environs, Germany, expressed resolve to strengthen organizational capacity and participation in the national development drives. They expressed the commitment at an event they organized on 16 September in connection with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the community.

2017-09-19 Meeting On Strengthening Teaching and Learning Process
[Shabait] Keren -At a meeting held in Asmat sub-zone called was made on the part of parents, students and teachers as well as the schools administration to make adequate preparation for the timely start of the 2017-18 academic year.

2017-09-19 Workshop On Strengthening Administrative Skill
[Shabait] Barentu -A workshop aimed at strengthening administrative skills of the newly elected area administrators and managing directors was recently organized in Forto-Sawa sub-zone.

2017-09-19 Monetary Assistance to Augment Martyrs' Trust Fund
[Shabait] Asmara -Eritreans residing in the USA, Canada, Netherland, Switzerland and Germany have donated over 586,000 Nakfa, $6,000 and around 4,000 Euros to augment martyrs' trust fund, according to the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare.

2017-09-18 Around 1.3 Million Tree-Seedlings Planted
[Shabait] Asmara -Around 1.3 million tree-seedlings have been planted in the Southern region this year alone, according to Mr. Ghebremichael Berhe Head of Wildlife and Forestry Authority in the region.

2017-09-18 Number of Health Professionals Increases
[Shabait] Asmara -Owing to the substantial investment made the number of health professionals in different capacities has increased by over 400%, according to Dr. Berhane Debru, Act/D. G. Policy, Planning and Human Resources Development at the Ministry of Health.

2017-09-18 Berekentia Residents Become Beneficiaries of Social Services
[Shabait] Keren -The residents of Berekentia, Hamelmalo sub-zone expressed that after they have been regrouped they have become beneficiaries of basic social services.

2017-09-18 Commendable Effort to Boost Bee Farming
[Shabait] Mendefera -In continuation with the effort being exerted to boost bee farming, the 13 youth in Adi-Qual that were trained in bee farming have been extended with modern bee hives with their accessories worth 260 thousand Nakfa.

2017-09-15 Economic Self-Reliance Fundamental for Ensuring Gender Equality
[Shabait] Asmara -Ensuring economic self-reliance through increasing productivity is fundamental component for ensuring gender equality. The comment was made by Ms. Tekea Tesfamicael, President of the National Union of Eritrean Union (NUEW).

2017-09-15 Livestock Vaccination in Gala-Nefhi
[Shabait] Asmara -Around 54 thousand livestock were vaccinated in Gala-Nefhi sub-zone with a view to ensure their health, according to a report by, Mr. Habtemariam Amenay, head of agriculture at the subzone.

2017-09-15 Eritrean Community Festival in Germany
[Shabait] Asmara -Eritrean community sports festival was held with enthusiasm on 9 September in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

2017-09-13 Seminar On Role of Parents in Teaching and Learning Process
[Shabait] Mendefera -A seminar on the role of parents in the teaching and learning process was recently conducted in the Ona-Watot administrative area, Mai-Aini sub-zone.

2017-09-13 Sutur Dairy Farmers Association Striving to Boost Production
[Shabait] Keren -Mr. Mohammed Saleh Idris, chairman of Sutur dairy farmers association, explained that the association striving to boost production and play its due role in satisfying the local markets. Sutur dairy farmers association comprises 20 farmers.

2017-09-13 Monetary Assistance to Martyrs' Families
[Shabait] Akordet -Around 2.5 million Nakfa has been disbursed to families of martyrs in Akurdat subzone in the last 8 months alone, according to Mr. Yemane Kiflu branch head of the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare in the subzone.

2017-09-13 Geez New Year Celebration
[Shabait] Senafe -Geez New Year (Kudus Yohannes) was colorfully celebrated at national level in Senafe town on 11 September featuring cultural and artistic performances. The event was organized by the Southern region in cooperation with the Ministry of Information.

2017-09-12 Asmara Community College Graduates 333 Students
[Shabait] Asmara -The Asmara Community College has graduated 333 students including 108 female students on 9 September.

2017-09-12 General Secretary of Synod Gives Benediction
[Shabait] Asmara -His Holiness Abune Lukas, General Secretary of the Eritrean Tewahdo Orthodox Church, gave benediction in connection with the Geez New Year.

2017-09-10 Refugees Deported From Sudan in 'Grave Danger'
[Radio Dabanga] United Kingdom -Human Rights Concern-Eritrea (HTCE) has expressed its deep concern about the fate of 30 young Eritrean asylum-seekers who were deported from Sudan to Eritrea on August 29.

2017-09-08 Eastern Sudan Police Arrest Eritrean Refugees
[Radio Dabanga] Kassala -Police in Kassala detained fifteen Eritrean refugees and prepares to bring them to trial, for illegally entering eastern Sudan.

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