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2017-09-25 Promoting National Development in the Spirit of Meskel
[Ethiopian Herald] Meskel is one of the most inclusive outdoor religious and cultural celebrations registered at UNESCO as intangible cultural human heritage. It is celebrated among the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia on the 27th of September in Ethiopia with a mosaic of cultural paraphernalia as practice among the peoples of Ethiopia.

2017-09-25 Center Launches Project to Enhance Resilience in Forest Landscape
[Ethiopian Herald] The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) launched a new Provision of Adequate Tree Seed Portfolios (PATSPO) project that would enhance productivity and resilience of forest landscape restoration to strengthen Ethiopia's green development strategy.

2017-09-25 Growing Private Sector With Growing Social Responsibility
[Ethiopian Herald] Recently, Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Associations announced that it has been facilitating preconditions for the business community to take part and play its own role in solving social problems. The business community has also held discussions on the private sector's Social Responsibility Fund Draft Document.

2017-09-25 A Clear Path to Horn's Economic Integration
[Ethiopian Herald] Following the formation of a Preferential Trade Area (PTA) among some Eastern and Southern African countries including Ethiopia in 1981, the idea of economic integration was conceived in these regions. PTA's formation was aimed at establishing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in a very short time. Despite the promising start, its progress was sluggish due to a number of economic and political factors.

2017-09-25 A Little About Debre Damo Monastery
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is very marvelous country which is endowed with natural and manmade treasures. The country is the origin of humanity where the 3.5 million years hominid, Lucy-- believed to be the first human ancestor was discovered. Besides, the nation has the ancient civilization of Aksumite Kingdom, one of the world's four strong ancient civilizations ever occurred. The Aksumite civilization had inherited its invaluable architectural style for generations. One of the masterpieces of the kingdom is a monastery c

2017-09-25 Sound Tax-to-GDP Ratio - Call of the Day
[Ethiopian Herald] Empirical evidences show that the Ethiopian tax-to-GDP ratio is low. As it has been mentioned in the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTPII), the share of tax revenue amounted to only 13.3 percent of the GDP, which is far below the average tax-to-GDP ratio for Sub-Saharan countries. From this, it follows that the country has a room to increase its domestic revenues--which is exactly what the government has done by applying a business profit tax rate revision over the last months. The revision is base

2017-09-25 Keep Walking - the Secrets Behind Promises
[Ethiopian Herald] It had not been easy walking down the street of Addis during the last two months of the rainy season as it rained every day and night like the tanker in the sky has been left open all the time. Well, the rain is always the best gift to the whole planet except the sad crisis of flood that occurs in some countries partly because of global climate change.

2017-09-25 Pastoralists' Right to Development
[Ethiopian Herald] Development is a right which governments are obligated to deliver to their citizens. The aim of this article is to explore the legal right of Ethiopian pastoralists to development, examine the compatibility of pastoral policies and laws with pastoralists' right to development.

2017-09-25 Breaking the Glass Ceiling Via Self-Empowerment
[Ethiopian Herald] Caught under the shadow of the already-famous women, there are also many other self made icons who turned tragedy into remedy, however their successes go unnoticed. Helina Yetateku, a mother of two, is one of such women. She just saw massive transformation on her life.

2017-09-25 Hydromet Services for Climate Resilient Economy
[Ethiopian Herald] As an advocate of climate resilient green economy and a country with prolonged experience of natural disasters such as drought, Ethiopia more than ever needs effective and state-of-the-art hydromet system.

2017-09-25 General Samora Awarded Highest Military Medal
[Ethiopian Herald] General Samora Muhammad Yunis, the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defence Force has reportedly been awarded Sudan's highest standard Military Victory Medal by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for "his role of securing the Horn of Africa region."

2017-09-25 Moe and Jica Sign Mathematical Understanding for Science and Technology Project
[Ethiopian Herald] Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) jointly signed the five-year Mathematical Understanding for Science and Technology (MUST) project agreement to improve mathematics education in Ethiopia.

2017-09-25 With Great Business Opportunity Comes Great Social Responsibility
[Ethiopian Herald] With the Ethiopian private sector flourishing and creating unrestricted wealth in the last two decades, following a policy shift from a command to a free market economy, stakeholders underscore the need to put a well organized system in place to enable the business community discharge its social responsibility.

2017-09-25 Saving - for Investment or Consumption?
[Ethiopian Herald] I always contemplate the joy of holidays and its association with spendthrift behavior. The issue immediately clicks the text lying, may be deep, in the nerve cells of my mind ... a fascinating story by the famous Paulo Coelho.

2017-09-25 Bureau Hails College-Industry Cooperative Training Linkage Despite Setbacks
[Ethiopian Herald] Addis Ababa Technical, Vocational, Educational and Training (TVET) Bureau has lauded the achievements of cooperative training schemes being provided by TVET Colleges and Industries.

2017-09-25 Industrialization Laid On Firm Green Foundation
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia has plenty of trans-boundary and boundary rivers that could generate up to 45,000 MW of energy. It has also ample wind, solar and geothermal energy sources which could add significantly into the national green energy mix.

2017-09-25 Ministry Receives U.S.$1 Million Equipment
[Ethiopian Herald] Land and Geospatial Informatics Corporation (LX) of Korea has supplied five Total Station Surveying Equipment worth one million USD to the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing on Wednesday.

2017-09-25 Refreshing the Dynamic Educational System
[Ethiopian Herald] It is well known that education is the lifeline of our society and an educated citizenry, educated youths are the best guarantees of sustained development and progress of the country. Ethiopia is now in a state of transformation in many respects, and it is imperative that, today's youth should be prepared in a manner that can sustain the pace of advancement the society is undergoing with ever increasing preparation and training. Hence, the curriculum of some years ago, albeit revised in line with the most

2017-09-25 American Peace Corps in Ethiopia
[Ethiopian Herald] The century and plus Ethio-US diplomatic relationships brought over 3,600 American Peace Corps Volunteers to Ethiopia to serve in various fields.

2017-09-25 Urap Faces Slowdowns
[Ethiopian Herald] The implementation of Universal Road Access Program (URAP) - designed to link rural communities with major markets, economic corridors and urban areas - despite progress on GTPI, faces slowdown over the first two years of GTPII mainly due to financial constraint, learnt The Ethiopian Herald.

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