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2016-05-30 FM Orders Direct Contact With Ethiopian Govt Official to Verify His Remarks On Dam
[Egypt Online] Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has assigned the Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa to make direct contact with the Ethiopian Minister of Government for Communication Affairs to verify his remarks concerning the construction of the renaissance dam and remind him of Ethiopia's commitment in this regard according to the declaration of principles signed on March 23, 2015 between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.

2016-05-30 Statement By the Foreign Ministry on Renaissance Dam
[Egypt Online] The Foreign Ministry Spokesperson stated that immediately after reviewing the statements attributed to the Head of the Government Communication Affairs Office at the Ethiopian Council of Ministers about the Renaissance Dam, underlying the indifference of Ethiopia towards the harm that could be caused to Egypt as a result of building the Renaissance Dam, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry instructed the Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa to directly contact the Ethiopian official to verify these reports, and to re

2016-05-30 'I Told [your Prime Minister] That a Real Leadership Doesn't Depend On Repression' Gianni Pittella
[Addis Standard] On March 30 - April 1, a group of three EU parliamentarians from the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D), the second largest grouping within the European Parliament after the European People's Party (EPP), visited Ethiopia. Led by S & D Group President Gianni Pittella (pictured above), the visiting members included C├ęcile Kyenge MEP, ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly vice-president and Norbert Neuser MEP, S&D co-coordinator for the development committee.

2016-05-30 Ethiopia's Contribution to Korea's Success Indelible - President Park
[Ethiopian Herald] The visiting Korean President Park Geun-hye laid wreath yesterday at the Ethiopia Korean War Veterans Memorial Park in connection with 65th anniversary celebration of the marching to Korean War.

2016-05-30 Chinese Investors Interested in Engaging in Agriculture, Agro-Processing
[Ethiopian Herald] Chinese investors said they are interested in engaging in agro-processing in Ethiopia.

2016-05-30 Sheger Mass Transportation Service Launched
[Ethiopian Herald] Sheger Mass Transportation Service Enterprise established with a view to addressing the acute shortage of transport service in Addis Ababa City Administration at a cost of two billion Birr launched its service yesterday.

2016-05-30 AAU President Urges Africa to Tap More Into Its Human Resource
[Ethiopian Herald] Sustaining Africa's growth and making it more inclusive requires tapping more into the continent's human power, according President of the Addis Ababa University (AAU) Dr. Admasu Tsegaye.

2016-05-30 May 28 Guaranteed Stability, Democracy - President
[Ethiopian Herald] The May 28 victory gave rise to the new Constitution, created new platform to building a new Ethiopia that embarked on building democracy from scratch.

2016-05-30 The Fruits of May 28
[Ethiopian Herald] May 28 is a day that has unique place in the hearts of all Ethiopians. The bitter armed struggle waged for 17 years has brought the century old sufferings of Ethiopians under various colors of regimes to end.

2016-05-30 Commission Attributes May 28 Achievements to Govt, Public Commitment
[Ethiopian Herald] The National Planning Commission said that well designed development strategies and sound cooperation of public and government are the reason behind the auspicious economic growth registered over the past 25 years.

2016-05-30 Socio-Economic Achievements Attributed to Strong Leadership
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Farming and Natural Resources said though the nation confronted with various challenges over the last 25 years the registered socioeconomic achievements are attributed to the strong leadership of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). The commitment that have been witnessed in its success can also be input for further accomplishment in the future.

2016-05-30 Ethiopia, Fiji to Partner in Implementing Climate Pacts
[Ethiopian Herald] The Republic of Fiji has expressed strong desire to partner with Ethiopia in implementing agreements on climate change. Both Fiji and Ethiopia have already ratified the global climate pacts.

2016-05-30 May 28 Opening New Chapter in Power Generation
[Ethiopian Herald] Since the formulation of the sound policies and strategies due to May 28, the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) has been constructing major power plants across the nation in order to realize sustainable development. The nation could generate power from hydro plant about 50 MW and from geothermal 10 thousands MW. On the other hand, the nation has also high potential to generate solar energy.

2016-05-30 Korea Keen to Strengthen Cooperation With Africa
[Ethiopian Herald] African governments also learned that South Korea could rise through its comparative strengths and capabilities in strategic sectors. The development of African blue economy is an important element for the implementation of Agenda 2063.

2016-05-30 Reaping Fruits of May 28
[Ethiopian Herald] All nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia paid the ultimate sacrifices to end the brutal Derg regime that had been impeding Ethiopian people from development, democracy and peace. The May 28 Victory lays a cornerstone for democratic federalism and opens a door for prosperity, peace, justice and civilization.

2016-05-30 Ginbot 20 Was the Start of 'The New Historyof Ethiopia' - Scholar
[Ethiopian Herald] Ghetinet Mitiku is a lawyer, researcher, instructor and consultant. On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of May 28, The Ethiopian Herald approached him to share his views and analysis on the constitutional order of the past 25 years. Excerpts.

2016-05-30 May 28 Marks Paradigm Shift to Peace, Stablity - Premier
[Ethiopian Herald] The 25th Victory Day of May 28, the demise of the dictatorial regime of Derg, was celebrated at national level yesterday here at Addis Ababa Stadium with a cordial ceremony with the theme: 'Democratic Unity in Diversity for National Renaissance.'

2016-05-30 Germany Pledges Additional 55.5 Million Euro Support to AU
[Ethiopian Herald] The annual bilateral negotiations between the African Union Commission (AUC) and the Government of Germany was concluded on Friday whereby the latter pledged additional 55.5 million Euro in support of the African Union (AU) flagship programs and joint strategic initiatives.

2016-05-30 Council Says Africa's Minerals Should Fuel Its Growth
[Ethiopian Herald] Africa should make proper use of its abundant mineral resources to fuel its socioeconomic development, advised the Governing Council of African Minerals and Geosciences Center (AMGC).

2016-05-30 What Benefits May 28 Afford Women, Children?
[Ethiopian Herald] "There is one thing I always remember. A pregnant women came to a petroleum station, with a long line of people, and asked one of the service men to give her a special or priority treatment taking her condition in to consideration. The workers asked her: why don't you send your children instead? But she replied: I have no guarantee for my sons. What if they detain and hack them to pieces." This recollection clearly shows the day was evil, dark especially for mothers", said a 57 year old woman, Shasitu W/Me

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