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2014-10-30 U.S. Deeply Concerned by Sentence of Ethiopian Journalist
[State Department]Washington, DC -The United States is deeply concerned by the October 27 sentencing of Ethiopian journalist Temesgen Desalegn to three years in prison for “provocation and dissemination of inaccurate information.” Freedom of expression and freedom of the press are fundamental elements of a democratic society, and the promotion and protection of these rights and freedoms are basic responsibilities of democratic governments.

2014-10-31 State Dept. On Sentencing of Ethiopian Journalist
[State Department]Washington, DC -Statement by Jen Psaki, Spokesperson

2014-10-30 Amnesty Accuses Govt of Targeting Oromo Ethnic Group
[Sudan Tribune]Addis Ababa -A new report released on Tuesday by an international human rights group said Ethiopia has "ruthlessly targeted" the Oromo people, the country's its largest ethnic group, which is suspected of having rebel links.

2014-10-30 A Sudden Increase in the Numbers of Eritreans Fleeing Into Ethiopia
[Ethiopia Government]The October report from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says that there has been a sharp increase in the number of Eritreans fleeing across the border into Ethiopia.

2014-10-30 Dr. Tedros Holds Talks With Germany's Ambassador to Ethiopia
[Ethiopia Government]Dr. Tedros Adhanom held talks on Wednesday with Dr. Joachim Schimdt, Ambassador of Germany to Ethiopia. Discussions covered issues related to bilateral and multilateral relations.

2014-10-30 Sixth International Policy Conference Highlights Need for Greater Social Protection for Africa's Children
[Addis Standard]Delegates at the Sixth International Policy Conference on the African Child (IPC), hosted by the African Child Policy Forum (ACPF), will explore the apparent lack of social protection for citizens of many African countries and agree ways of accelerating efforts to improve social security policies across the continent, particularly for Africa's children.

2014-10-30 USAID and Ministry of Education Launch a National Mother Tongue Reading Program
[Addis Standard]Hawassa, October 29, 2014. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE) launched a national mother tongue reading curriculum to improve the reading skills of 15 million primary school students in Ethiopia. Minister of Education Shiferaw Shigute and USAID Mission Director Dennis Weller opened the event on the eve of the Ministry's annual review meeting in Hawassa, Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Region.

2014-10-30 Inauguration of New Office Facility in Addis Ababa Signifies a More Innovative UN
[Addis Standard]United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Economic Commission for Africa Carlos Lopes have hailed the opening of a new office in the ECA compound in Addis Ababa as a milestone for the organization and for its already close relationship with Ethiopia

2014-10-28 Ethiopia's Regional Diplomacies - a Dominant Interpretation of the Horn of Africa
[SAIIA]The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia shares borders with the eastern African countries Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan. A founding member of the UN, the African Union (AU), the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Ethiopia pursues its regional interests multilaterally through these organisations, albeit mainly through a dominant role in IGAD.

2014-10-27 The Inequality Trifecta
[Addis Fortune]There were quite a few disconnects at the recently concluded Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB). Among the most striking was the disparity between participants' interest in discussions of inequality and the ongoing lack of a formal action plan for governments to address it. This represents a profound failure of policy imagination - one that must urgently be addressed.

2014-10-29 Ethiopia Extractive Industries Forum Convenes Experts to Maximize the Contribution of Extractive Industries to Ethiopia's Sustainable Development
[World Bank]A two day forum on Extractive Industries was launched today to further advance the policy dialogue on the sustainable development of the Extractive Industries in Ethiopia between the Government, Development Partners and private sector, especially from the perspectives of governance, transparency, greening strategies and sound regulatory frameworks.

2014-10-29 Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Visits Kuwait Over the Weekend
[Ethiopia Government]Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, led an Ethiopian delegation including the Ministers of Finance and Agriculture to Kuwait over the weekend. Dr. Tedros delivered the "Food Security Project Proposal" from Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn to Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jabir Al-Sabah, Amir of the State of Kuwait, in accordance with the discussions the two leaders had held at the Africa- Arab Summit last year.

2014-10-29 Prime Minister Hailemariam and UN Secretary-General Inaugurate UN's New Office Facility in Addis Ababa
[Ethiopia Government]Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon officially inaugurated the United Nations' New Office Facility (NOF) in Addis Ababa at the ECA Compound on Tuesday (October 28). The inauguration ceremony was also attended by Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Executive Secretary of UN Economic Commission for Africa, Carlos Lopes, heads of UN missions, and Ambassadors. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon noted that the opening of the NOF should be considered as a foundation stone for th

2014-10-28 In Addis Ababa, Ban Hails New UN Facility As Symbol of Shared 'Strong Desire for Peace'
[UN News]Addis Ababa -The United Nations is "better placed to deliver better results," declared Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, as a new office facility was inaugurated today at the UN Economic Commission for Africa compound in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

2014-10-28 Ethiopian Court Sentences Journalist to Three Years
[PR Newswire]Nairobi, Kenya -The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns today's sentencing of Ethiopian journalist Temesghen Desalegn to three years' imprisonment on charges of defamation and incitement that date back to 2012. A court in Addis Ababa, the capital, convicted Temesgen on October 13 in connection with opinion pieces published in the now-defunct Feteh news magazine, according to news reports. He was arrested the same day. Authorities have routinely targeted Temesghen for his writing. Temesghen's lawyer said he plans to

2014-10-28 Ethiopia to Deploy Health Workers to Ebola-Stricken West Africa
[Sudan Tribune]Addis Ababa -Ethiopia has announced that it is sending health professionals to Ebola-hit West African nations as part of ongoing collective efforts to contain the outbreak of the deadly virus.

2014-10-28 Unobstructed Motherhood - Women Delivering Safely in Sidama
[MSF]Oval-shaped huts scattered all around a small area adorned with lush indigenous trees and expansive green meadows that give a feeling of homeliness is typical of villages in the Sidama zone, where Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) runs a maternal health project in the Chire and Mejo divisions (known as woredas).

2014-10-28 At Least 18 Ethiopian Aliens Heading to Nairobi Arrested and Charged in Wajir
[The Star]More than eighteen Ethiopian aliens were over the weekend arrested in Wajir county for being in the county unlawfully.

2014-10-28 Minister At Specialized Technical Committee On Youth in Addis Ababa
[ANGOP]Luanda -An Angolan delegation, led by the minister of Youth and Sports, Gonçalves Muandumba, is leaving this Tuesday for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to attend the 1st Ordinary Session of the Conference of Specialized Technical Committee on Youth Culture and Sports, taking place on 27 October - 1 November.

2014-10-28 Delays in Mega Projects Bleed the Nation
[Addis Fortune]Authorities positive about recommendations, but seek to see the details first

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