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2016-12-03 Bolt, Ayana Crowned World Athletes of the Year
[Capital FM] Monaco -Jamaica's Usain Bolt and Ethiopia's Almaz Ayana have been named the male and female World Athletes of the Year at the IAAF Athletics Awards 2016, held at Sporting Monte Carlo on Friday.

2016-12-01 Security Detain Prominent Opposition Party Leader Gudina
[Addis Standard] Security forces implementing Ethiopia's six-month State of Emergency have last night detained prominent opposition party leader Dr. Merera Gudina, Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), upon his arrival at Bole International Airport.

2016-12-01 What Others Say - Unravelling the AU Chieftain Election
[Citizen] With Kenya's Foreign minister Amina Mohamed now in the hunt to become the African Union Commission chief when the African leaders vote again at the end of January, and the EAC backing her, it is time to check in with the state of the race.

2016-11-30 Blanket State of Emergency Law Requires Proportionality
[Addis Fortune] Two months on from the declaration of the state of emergency and the country now seem to be normalised. Investment activities, which stalled due to the unrest and following extensive property damage, have recommenced operations while negotiating for long term engagements. Small shops and transportation services impacted by the same unrest are now fully functional.

2016-11-30 Night Time Blues Getting Better
[Addis Fortune] Addis's nightlife has always been an active and vibrant experience. No matter what people's tastes, choices are always available, from quiet restaurants, to traditional taverns and ultra modern lounges. However, after the unrest in parts of the country and the government's decision to declare a state of emergency, businesses in all sectors took a hit.

2016-11-30 Giz Launches Industrial Park Training Program
[Addis Fortune] GIZ has launched a new training program for people who will work in Hawassa Industrial Park. The training is part of a 17 million euro program funded by the German government under the umbrella of the Sustainable Training & Education Programme (STEP).

2016-11-30 Diaspora to Head Oromia Insurance
[Addis Fortune] An American citizen, Asfaw was a one-time CEO of Nile Insurance

2016-11-30 Ethiopian Mapping to Start 3 Million Br Projects
[Addis Fortune] The Ethiopian Mapping Agency (EMA) has concluded agreements with three government agencies to collect ground control and photo control points. Ground control points are objects which are placed on the ground to help a cartographer to identify the exact geographical location and Altitude of a place. this helps to prepare maps for the use of urban and rural land administration and management, after aerial photographs are taken using the points as references.

2016-11-30 Chinese Firm Provides Scholarship for Ethiopian University Students
[Focac] Addis Ababa -A Chinese heavy machinery manufacturing firm, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG), has launched a three-year scholarship initiative to financially benefit outstanding Ethiopian university students.

2016-11-29 Perhaps a Mystery, Who Knows!
[Addis Fortune] Last week was one of the most nostalgic weeks I have encountered here in Brussels. The general environmental shifts are enough to provide some insight as to how it feels at this time of the year. The long nights have started losing their sunshine; all the deciduous trees, which were standing green and beautiful along the sidewalks, have now shed their leaves. They now stand naked, as their branches bear the image of dried bones escaping from the grave.

2016-11-30 Cowash Project Launches Third Phase
[Addis Fortune] Such projects have become especially important in light of the recent outbreak of acute watery diarrhoea

2016-11-30 Authority Reworks Sewerage System Plants
[Addis Fortune] The Addis Abeba Water and Sewerage Authority has allocated 272 million Br to construct a new sewerage system across all districts of Addis Abeba.

2016-11-29 Assessment Reveals More Government Waste
[Addis Fortune] Proper disposal of waste could generate cash and help the environment.

2016-11-29 Ethiopia to Host Africa Regional Conference On Abortion
[Addis Standard] Experts will discuss issues ranging from research to policy into action toward ending unsafe abortion in Africa

2016-11-28 Avenue to Showcase Ethiopia's Tourism Blessings
[Ethiopian Herald] Uniquely, Ethiopia is endowed with myriad of tourists attractions. To everyone's surprise the mix of the attractions encompass natural, historical, cultural, and archaeological ones. Over the years, due to poor infrastructure and passive promotional works, the nation's tourism resources have not been marketed for its immense in store. The revenue from the tourism sector was not that much significant. According to sources, the contribution of the tourism industry to the GDP was limited to five per cent.

2016-11-28 China Helping Advance Agri-Tech
[Ethiopian Herald] Chinese instructors working in various Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education Training (ATVET) colleges in Ethiopia are assisting the advancement of skills in agricultural technology, Coordinator of the Chinese ATVET Project in Ethiopia said.

2016-11-28 A Seasoned Financial Scholar - Prof. Dr. Fisseha-Tsion Mengistu
[Ethiopian Herald] Today's Herald Guest is Prof. Dr. Fisseha-Tsion Mengistu who was a public policy, legal and tax advisor to the Ministry of Finance during the era of Emperor Haile-Sellassie more than 42 years ago. He envisioned seeing Ethiopia become the black power of not only the Horn of Africa but also of the rest of Africa and the coloured peoples of the world.

2016-11-28 Capacity Building Key to Combat Climate Change
[Ethiopian Herald] Morocco's Marrakesh, affectionately called the 'red city', hosted the 22nd United Nations Climate Change Conference /22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22), which for many ended in a relative success. It managed to make sure that the serious momentum that is been amassing when it comes to combating climate change won't lose steam. It also managed to make sure that the Paris Climate Agreement (COP 21) is still on the drawing table as many countries have shown and reaffirmed their political commitment to th

2016-11-28 Rafting At the Magnificent Omo River
[Ethiopian Herald] Although adventure can be too personalized and depends on people's desire, nothing compares to the ability of nature which delivers the ultimate escapade either in socking to swim in a massive river or do rafting in overflowing rivers. Omo River teamed up with Travel Agencies to help travellers plan the perfect rafting and wildlife adventure where a close encounter with incredible creatures is almost guaranteed.

2016-11-28 FAO Relying On Metal Silos to Reverse Post-Harvest Loss
[Ethiopian Herald] The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Ethiopia has announced that over 1,746 metal silos out of the expected 2,500 have been produced and distributed to farmers over the last six months to reduce post-harvest loss.

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