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2015-09-04 'Best and Brightest' Leave Africa
[SciDev.Net] Social networking sites are a treasure trove of data on professional migration, says Carlos Vargas Silva.

2015-09-04 Hiwot Emishaw - Challenging Ethiopia's Err On the Color Dark
[Addis Standard] A young, upcoming author tackles Ethiopia's old, foreboding myth on the skin color dark

2015-09-04 General Manager of Hilton Addis Released From Prison
[Addis Fortune] Police had arrested the General Manager of Addis Abeba Hilton Hotel earlier today, following a business dispute with a private firm, Entoto Travel. Mr. Haakon Gaarder-Larsen, a Norwegian national, had been having lunch in the hotel when a plain clothe and uniformed officers produced a court warrant.

2015-09-04 Forced Evictions in Ethiopia - What the UK Govt Tried to Cover Up
[Survival International] The UK government has tried to suppress evidence of gross human rights violations in Ethiopia's Lower Omo Valley, such as the forced resettlement of the Bodi and other tribes.

2015-09-04 Power Outage Taken as 'Business As Usual' - Residents
[Ethiopian Herald] Power outages are smearing unabated while higher dignitaries keep on regretting about it and vow to address it at various meetings, AU and ECA. Even public and private health institutions,engaged in life saving activities, are plagued by power outages.

2015-09-04 Kenya's Climate Change Bill Aims to Promote Low Carbon Growth
[Ethiopian Herald] A geothermal drilling rig at the Menengai site in Kenya's Rift Valley to exploit energy which is more sustainable than that produced from fossil fuels. A Climate Change Bill now before the Kenyan parliament seeks to provide the legal and institutional framework for mitigation and adaption to the effects of climate change.

2015-09-04 University Students Exhibit Innovative Works
[Ethiopian Herald] The exhibition would function as a channel with which the exhibitors and visitors create networking.

2015-09-04 Utilization of Pesticides Needs Proper Attention
[Ethiopian Herald] Agriculture here in our country and in other developing countries is the main stay of the economy. In our case it is a means of livelihood for 80 percent of the population. It greatly contributes for the nation foreign currency earning and has 45 percent of the GDP share; however, it is still in subsistence production and depends of the rain fall variables. There are about 105 Woredas which is highly vulnerable to drought and when extreme events occur, the already fragile farming system will be debacle.

2015-09-04 No Basic Commodity Supply Shortage for New Year - Ministry
[Ethiopian Herald] The monthly supply of palm oil has now increased to 40 million litres from the previous 27

2015-09-04 Sub-City Acknowledges Volunteers Role
[Ethiopian Herald] The youth have showed their commitment to saving lives by donating blood and participating in traffic calming.

2015-09-04 World Leaders Must Not Welcome Al Bashir to Commemorative Event in China
[PR Newswire] Paris -Several high-level government representatives from State Parties to the Rome Statue and high-ranking UN officials including Ban Ki Moon have confirmed their attendance at a military parade in China on 3 September, despite the fact that ICC fugitive Omar Al Bashir will also be present at the event.

2015-09-04 World Bank Provides Additional Financing for the Development of Tana and Beles Sub-Basins in Ethiopia
[World Bank] Washington -The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors today approved additional financing of US$5.1 million to support Ethiopia's continued efforts to develop institutions and investments for integrated planning, management, and development of water resources in the Tana and Beles sub-basins.

2015-09-04 Enterprise Offers Training On Freedom of Information
[Ethiopian Herald] The Berhanena Selam Prinitng Enterprise said that they have done good work in inculcating the Freedom of the Mass Media and Access to Information Act upon their personnel. The Enterprise organized awareness creation training on the act yesterday as part of its plan to keep its personnel upto date with the act.

2015-09-04 Ethiopia Is in the Right Direction
[Ethiopian Herald] It is noteworthy to elucidate on the achievements registered to-date by Ethiopia which has irreversibly anchored on the path to progress and transformation. The salient path to development, democracy, justice, good governance, the respect of human rights, the inalienable right to expression, assembly, association, the indelible right of choice and voting, and the unparalleled and unique right of equality of nations and nationalities are abundantly enshrined on the highest legal document of the land, the mo

2015-09-04 Ministry to Devise Efficient Pesticide Management
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is an ancient country where farming has been practiced for millennial but until recently, never shifted to modern farming system and still dominantly traditional and subsistence. Hence, utilizing agricultural input must be a norm rather than an option. And among others, using pesticide is believed to increase productivity thereby ensuring food security.

2015-09-04 Ethiopia Keen to Learn From Japanese Experience
[Ethiopian Herald] Japan has always been a strong and loyal partner of Africa and has remained steadfast in its support of the African cause. The Africa-Japan Business and Investment Forum aims to help strengthen ties among Africa-Japan business networks and to share best practices and opportunities between Japan and African countries. The Forum is expected to open a new chapter in the development of investment and economic relations. It as well also aims to activate business-to-business interactions, thereby enhancing mutua

2015-09-03 Conviction to Revamp Good Governance
[Ethiopian Herald] The tenth EPRDF conference had wrapped up last Monday passing a nine point resolution after assessing shortfalls,capitalizing the furtherance of strengths and chalking out ways forward.

2015-09-03 Regulatory System for Traditional Health Practitioners
[Ethiopian Herald] As the saying goes, 'Health is wealth', a country that is blessed with millions of healthy people will be a paradise for its citizenry for eternity. Bearing this in mind, the whole world has given top priority to the provision of quality health care to the public at large.

2015-09-02 Technological Leapfrogging in Ethiopia
[Ethiopian Herald] Very soon, a lot of machines will be able to think, learn and feel emotions similarly like the human brain.

2015-09-03 Ethiopia Willing to Learn From Japanese Experience
[Ethiopian Herald] Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister Alemayehu Tegenu said that Ethiopia is ready to further deepen its partnership with Japan in the area of climate change issues, renewable energy and other areas where Japan has accumulated century-old experiences.

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