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2014-10-20 Ethiopian, ANA Launch Codeshare Agreement
[ERTA]Star Alliance members, Ethiopian Airlines and Japan's leading airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) signed a code-share agreement.

2014-10-20 Gov't Downplays Recent Terrorist Threat, Ebola Panic
[Reporter]After the recent alert issued by the US embassy in Addis Ababa regarding a possible terrorist attack by Al-Shabaab around Bole area and the news about Ebola virus surfacing in Ethiopia, the officials at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)

2014-10-20 'Ethiopia Should Free Journalists From Jail and Exile'
[IFJ]The Federation of African Journalists (FAJ), the Africa regional group of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), has today called on the Ethiopia Government to free all journalists jailed and to allow the exiled journalists to come back and work for the mother country, Ethiopia.

2014-10-20 Ethiopia Deplores Slaying of Three Blue Helmets in Darfur
[Sudan Tribune]Tesfa-Alem Tekle

2014-10-20 The Weeknd to Get Allan Slaight Award At Canada's Walk of Fame Show
[Reporter]Canadian alternative RnB singer the Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) will be honored at Canada's Walk of Fame Show today.

2014-10-20 Walias Beat Eagles to Keep Hope Alive
[Reporter]Ethiopia kept alive their slim chances of qualification for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations with a stunning 3-2 win in Mali on Wednesday. After a 2-0 defeat at home to the same opponents on Saturday, the Walias' hopes of reaching next year's tournament appeared to be over.

2014-10-20 A Life Through Painting
[Reporter]A painting exhibition of the late Ermias Mazengia was launched on October 11 at LeLa Art Gallery. This exhibition highlights the collection of the artist who passed away last year.

2014-10-20 Two Man Show
[Reporter]Once again, as it has been witnessed in the past couple of years, when Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn appears before the House of Peoples' Representatives (HPR), the floor will be dominated by the PM and the sole representative of the opposition group, Girma Seifu.

2014-10-20 Practical Justice?
[Reporter]I don't think that it's willingly, but because it just so happens to be getting a lot of media coverage I have been up to date about the Oscar Pistorius trials in South Africa.

2014-10-20 Abyssinian Pilot School Buys Three Trainer Aircraft
[Reporter]The sole private flight school in Ethiopia, Abyssinian Pilot Training School, has bought three trainer aircraft at a cost of USD 1.3 million.

2014-10-20 UNIC Secures Minor Bump in Profits, Market Share
[Reporter]United Insurance Company SC has reported a net profit of 62.7 million birr for the last operating year which is slightly higher than the 60 million it had secured in the previous year.

2014-10-20 Tribute to the King of Sax
[Reporter]With a memorable stage performance, attired with a lion's mane as headgear, Getachew Mekuria plays Shillela with his saxophone while telling the unique story of the patriots and reminding everyone the price paid for freedom.

2014-10-20 The Remaking of Old Sounds
[Reporter]A while ago in the breezy outdoor garden of Ghion Hotel, as part of Selam Festival, a member of rock fusion band Jano, called Dibekulu, performed a song entitled 'Yematbela Wof.'

2014-10-20 New Battlegrounds in Development Finance
[Reporter]The popularity of public-private partnerships (PPPs) to support infrastructure development in emerging countries is growing worldwide.

2014-10-20 Dirty Development Money
[Reporter]One of the biggest problems affecting the world's poor is one that few have ever heard about: illicit financial flows.

2014-10-20 Media Council for the Sake of Self-Regulation
[Reporter]In 2004, Ethiopia's neighbor to the south, Kenya, established a self-regulatory media council to "regulate the conduct and discipline of the media and the journalists alike."

2014-10-20 Coal and Corruption
[Reporter]Juan Pablo Perez Alfonso, one of the founders of OPEC, once compared the world's fossil-fuel use to "drowning in the devil's excrement."

2014-10-20 Prosecutors File Charge On 'Islamist' Terror Cell
[Reporter]Federal prosecutors file charges against nine members of an 'Islamist' terror cell which has been operating for over a decade in Jimma zone of the Oromia Regional State.

2014-10-20 Ethiopia Names Banks to Represent It in International Bond Market
[Reporter]Following the decision to access the international bond market, the Ethiopian government selected the Export-Import (EXIM) Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and Barclays PLC to carry out the bond trade on its behalf, credible sources disclosed to The Reporter.

2014-10-20 The Tale of the Defiant Woman
[Reporter]Author: Endalegeta Kebede Title: "Embita" Published: 2014

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