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2016-07-29 African Initiative for Pride and Dignity to Honor President Al-Bashir Friday in Addis Ababa
[SNA] Khartoum -President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, is due to leave Friday to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, where he will be honored at Nelson Mandela Hall in Addis Ababa University by the African Initiative for Pride and Dignity in recognition of the great efforts of Sudan in Africa and the outstanding role being played by President Al-Bashir as an African leader who is a pioneer in working for the development and prosperity of African and the unity of its visions.

2016-07-28 E-Governance Key to Combat Corruption, Foster Quality Service Delivery
[Ethiopian Herald] ICT can enhance the transformation of work culture

2016-07-28 Enough Is Enough - No One Can Destabilize Our Union
[Ethiopian Herald] There is a French saying that goes like this: "Dans toute les societé il ya des bons et des mauvaises". This is to say that in every society there are good and there are bad ones. In our society as in any other ones, there are those who have put their national interest prior to personal one. These people cannot compromise Sovereignty and national pride because they put those norms and values as their number one priority. At times, these people are prepared to give their precious lives and many are l

2016-07-28 Eradicating Aids Epidemic By 2030
[Ethiopian Herald] It is now more than two decades since the scourge of HIV first made its mark here and in Africa in general. There have been years of intense campaigning before the real awareness and appreciation of the virus developed to acceptable levels and then the development of the disease has been well understood by all communities in our country.

2016-07-28 Enhancing MSEs to Boost Employment Opportunities
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia has implemented extensive government support programmes to promote MSEs development to achieve sustainable economic growth

2016-07-28 President Bids Farewell to Olympic Squad
[Ethiopian Herald] "Olympic tournaments have enabled Ethiopia to raise its flag high than other countries in showing national pride and respect since the first gold medal was won by Abebe."

2016-07-29 Three Ethiopian Soldiers Among 5 Killed
[Shabelle] Heavy fighting between Al Shabaab militants and Somali National Army backed by Ethiopian forces serving under AU mission in Somalia (AMISOM) killed at least 5 soldiers.

2016-07-29 Political Parties and Government to Back the Honoring of Bashir in Addis Ababa
[SNA] Khartoum -The government and the political forces as well as opposition forces taking part in the National Dialogue process, have announced that a huge reception would be accorded to President of the Republic Omar Bashir upon his return from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he would honored by the African Dignity and Pride Initiative.

2016-07-29 Minister - Honoring of Al-Bashir and Funeral of ICC Will Be Friday
[SNA] Khartoum -The Minister of Information, Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman, said that the intention of Sudan Call forces to sign the Roadmap represents a good step for realizing peace in Sudan.

2016-07-26 Agency Gets Tough On Dormant Commercial Farms
[Addis Fortune] The total area of farmland implicated in the latest warnings equates to approximately three-quarters of the size of Addis Abeba

2016-07-28 Addis Conference Tourism Bait
[Ethiopian Herald] Addis is seat of the AU headquarters and UN -ECA Conference Center while Bahir Dar City hosts the annual Tana Forum

2016-07-28 Cancer - a Threat That Needs Joint Intervention
[Ethiopian Herald] Over 8.2 million people around the globe are dying of cancer every year due to cancer, latest data shows. That is a death toll more than Tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS create combined. Most African countries have minimal or in most instances no intervention strategies or actions taken so far to reverse the sad episode.

2016-07-28 Academy Marks Civil Servants Day
[Ethiopian Herald] Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy Tuesday held a day-long panel discussion on the state of civil service in the country. The Academy has marked the Civil Servants Day. The Day is being marked for 14th and 10th time worldwide and nationwide respectively.

2016-07-28 UK Trade Community Keen to Engage in Ethiopia
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is a beacon of stability in the region. Using the existing stable political and economic situation, British investors are keen to engage in Ethiopia.

2016-07-28 Office Calls On Public to Intensify Seedling Transplantation
[Ethiopian Herald] The nation is working towards realizing the comprehensive Green Growth Strategy combining vision for green economy, climate resilience and development goals.

2016-07-27 Parliament Passes Bills, Endorses Judges Appointment
[Ethiopian Herald] The House passed six bills and approved the appointment of 16 judges for Federal Supreme Court in its extraordinary session

2016-07-27 Enhancing Poultry Science, Research to Meet Set Goals in GTP - II
[Ethiopian Herald] For more than five decades, Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) has been known for conducting various livestock, crops and seeds researches. But, a year ago, the institute had just opened a National Poultry Training Centre in the premises of Bishoftu (Debre Zeit) Agricultural Research Centre. So far there is no poultry science programme in a given collage or university at a national level.

2016-07-27 Agricultural Investment for Economic Growth
[Ethiopian Herald] A week ago, the Ministry of Farming and Natural Resources together with its development partners, the European Union and German Cooperation, launched a 3.8 million euro agro-investment project that would be implemented in three years to support responsible agricultural investment in Ethiopia.

2016-07-26 Farmer Protests Leave City Covered in Trash
[Addis Fortune] Addis Abeba's solid waste has now been piling-up across neighbourhoods in the city for the past 10 days, after the Sanitation Administration Agency failed to pick up the capital's trash.

2016-07-26 Land Lease Prices Continue to Balloon in Addis
[Addis Fortune] In the nation's capital, Addis Abeba, the price of land is perpetually increasing, while the size of plots made available for lease have continued to decline, as evidenced by the land leased during this past year.

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