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2016-05-03 Horrified Shipwreck Survivors Watched As Hundreds Drowned
[UNHCR] Athens, Greece -All Yasin Osman Ibrahim and his three-year-old son Abdulrahman could do was watch in horror as more than 500 migrants and refugees drowned two weeks ago, in one of the Mediterranean's worst shipwrecks in modern history.

2016-05-03 Urgent Action Needed to Help Farmers Produce Food in Main Cropping Season
[FAO] Rome -FAO seeks $10 million to provide underserved districts with seeds, prevent further rise in food insecurity

2016-05-04 Different Faces of Easter
[Addis Fortune] I wish my readers a blissful Easter.

2016-05-04 Ethiopians Released in UAE Spoiled Meat Saga
[Addis Fortune] The reluctant diplomatic intervention helped to bring the case to a close

2016-05-03 Ethiopia Part Ways With Coach Sahle
[CAF] The Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) has mutually parted ways with head coach Yohannes Sahle a year before the expiration of the contract.

2016-05-03 Preparation Completed for Visit of Council for People's Friendship Delegation to Ethiopia
[SNA] Khartoum -Assistant of the President of the Republic, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, received Monday the Secretary General of the Council for People's Friendship Delegation Abdul-Moniem Al-Sunni, and discussed the preparation for a visit of Council for People's Friendship delegation to Ethiopia, headed by the Chairman of the Council of States, Dr. Omer Suleiman Adam.

2016-05-02 Press Freedom Violations Undermine AU's Vision of Transparency
[The Conversation Africa] One key measure of a country's levels of freedom and democracy is how the government treats journalists and how free they are to do their work.

2016-05-02 Ministry Accentuates Need for Implementing Construction Code, Standards
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Construction announced that the implementation of construction code and standards, high technology assisted and corruption free construction sector are essential to speed up the country's overall economic development.

2016-05-02 State Chief Calls for Continued GERD Support
[Ethiopian Herald] The dam is a cornerstone for the realization of the Ethiopian renaissance. Hence, people in the State need to continue their support for this grand project.

2016-05-02 Implementing SDGs to Transform Ethiopia
[Ethiopian Herald] In September last year, world leaders adopted the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development in New York, USA. The Agenda comprises a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the areas of social, economic and environment such as ending poverty, tackling climate change, ensuring peace and prosperity for the people. These 17 goals have 169 targets focused on formulating policy and funding resources for the next 15 years.

2016-05-02 The Urgency to Introduce Viable Advertisement Policy
[Ethiopian Herald] Recently, a consultative workshop organized by the Government Communications Affairs Office was held to discuss the need for a well-structured and well organized, clear government advertisement policy. According to the State Minister of the Office, the government had been undertaking extensive study on the issue for the last six years or so and that the need for the designing of such policy was felt ever more urgent given the outcome of the study carried out by the Office.

2016-05-02 May Day to Be Marked On May Three
[Ethiopian Herald] The Union will take advantage of the the Day to draw attention and awareness to the fact that problems facing the effort to implement workers rights to organize and bargain.

2016-05-02 President Lauds Support for Drought Victims
[Ethiopian Herald] The Society and Coca Cola have been working together for years in various disaster response.

2016-05-02 Agency, Media Accede to Improve Weather Information Dissemination
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Meteorological Agency and Media outlets have held consultation forum discussing on bridging coordination gaps in providing the public with reliable, accurate and timely weather forecast information to minimize natural disasters caused by possible climate change.

2016-05-02 Ambassadors Deplore Attack On Gambella Innocent Citizens
[Ethiopian Herald] Following the barbaric attack in Gambella the government has been actively working on the provision of shelter and protection to the displaced citizens in the area.

2016-05-02 Nation to Celebrate World Justice Week
[Ethiopian Herald] The Federal Supreme Court announced that World Justice Week would be celebrated for the 6th time from May 3-8, 2016 at national level with the theme: 'Justice Procedure for Ensuring Good Governance' with a view to ensuring good governance and achieve GTP II goals in the sector.

2016-05-02 Lifting Up Citizens' Spirits to Ensuring Good Governance
[Ethiopian Herald] The predominant task of Ethiopia at present is sustaining the double-digit economic growth to alleviate poverty and withstand the effects of drought caused by erratic weather conditions. Besides, the other major endeavour for the country is the strengthening of good governance to ensure the satisfaction of citizens with the state.

2016-05-02 Five Universal Values
[Ethiopian Herald] Truth

2016-05-02 Developing Pest Resistant Seed Varieties to Improve Livelihood of Farmers
[Ethiopian Herald] It was not three weeks earlier, the sky seemed pregnant in handling water in its womb. Every farmer saw the cloud again and again with the hope that the drought would not bring damage on the people and the livestock, remembering the occurrence of drought before three decades.

2016-05-02 Celebrating Easter in a Meaningful Manner!
[Ethiopian Herald] The centuries-old tradition of celebrating Easter in our country will take place this year as well 1st May. It is a celebration to which the faithful have been waiting with huge anticipation after two months of fasting and special prayer sessions. This is the end of a season during which the faithful keep themselves living with all sorts of restraints from the worldly sphere and dedicate their lives to a style that is more of giving and supporting others. It is a period of sacrifice and selflessness follow

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