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2017-01-21 How the Media Exposed East Africa's Worst Famine
[East African] Over lunch, I told John Amos (a famous African-American Hollywood actor) what I knew about the Turkana people (of northern Kenya) and about their never-ending struggle for survival in some of the harshest and most inhospitable terrain on the face of the earth. I told him about how the Turkana and their suffering had been ignored by successive governments since Independence, just as in colonial times.

2017-01-20 Where Lies Obama's Africa Legacy?
[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba -On November 09, 2016 while the GMT + world woke up to a surprising news of victory by the most unexpected candidate in the US election, the US Embassy in Addis Abeba was hosting an election breakfast in one of the most luxurious hotels in Africa, Sheraton Addis.

2017-01-20 Ethiopian Airlines to Add Seven New Routes
[Monitor] Addis Ababa -Ethiopian Airlines will fly to seven new destinations in the next five months, the firm said on Tuesday.

2017-01-19 Ethiopian Airlines to Open Seven New Destinations
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian envisages to reach 120 international destinations worldwide by the year 2025

2017-01-20 Ethiopian Airlines to Add Seven New Routes in Five Months
[East African] Addis Ababa -Ethiopian Airlines will fly to seven new destinations in the next five months, the firm said on Tuesday.

2017-01-19 Question Authority
[Addis Fortune] Have you noticed how simply asking questions turns some people prickly? Maybe you have faced the same reaction.

2017-01-20 Ethiopian Amisom Troops Donate Food to Needy Gobwein Residents
[Ethiopian Herald] The contingent has made sacrifices and are trying to help the Somalis embrace peace and to restore their dignity

2017-01-19 Ethiopia Think Thank Warns a Darood Presidency May Lead to Anarchy
[Dalsan Radio] An Ethiopian think tank linked to the government has warned that Somalia is likely to be destabilized farther if a non Hawiye takes over Villa Somalia

2017-01-18 New Drought Strikes Millions in Ethiopia, Still Reeling From El Nino
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi -Ethiopia's latest rain failure has mainly hit southern livestock-herding communities

2017-01-18 World Bank Grants U.S.$24 Million for Ethiopian Universities
[Ethiopian Herald] The World Bank has granted a 24-million USD support for Addis Ababa and Haremaya universities to enable them establish centers of excellence.

2017-01-18 Improved Sorghum Varieties for Better Livelihood
[Ethiopian Herald] Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) is considered as one of the potential crop to alleviate the challenges of recurrent drought in Ethiopia.

2017-01-18 Number of Physicians Growing At Promising Pace
[Ethiopian Herald] Health State Minister Dr. Kebede Worku said the number of doctors graduating from various universities is growing at a promising pace.

2017-01-18 Zambia, Ethiopia to Heighten Ties
[Ethiopian Herald] Zambia and Ethiopia would this year hold a joint permanent commission meeting aimed at strengthening their bilateral cooperation.

2017-01-18 House Endorses Supplementary Budget Bill
[Ethiopian Herald] The House of People's Representatives unanimously endorsed a bill on supplementary budget of over 18.2 billion Birr to recurrent and capital expenditure while adopting the Paris Climate Accord.

2017-01-18 River Nile Triumph Anecdote At a Glance
[Ethiopian Herald] "To be frank, sometime ago, not a soul was interested to talk about the River Nile for the reason that we were unable to bring this great resource into play. I was always filled with remorse for 'Abay' ( Blue Nile)was not able to do anything for us apart from flowing endlessly to other countries remiss in serving its starting point.

2017-01-18 Dr. Workneh Confers With UN Special Envoy to Sudan, South Sudan
[Ethiopian Herald] Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu received UN Secretary General Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan Nicholas Haysom here Monday.

2017-01-18 Investing in Youth Is Investing in the Future
[Ethiopian Herald] Africa abounds with youths. It is a continent of energetic and vibrant youths having a potential of changing the continent. This potential is sufficient not only in serving the economy of the continent but also the world as well. This potential was witnessed in times when the colonial powers driven African youths to their sweatshops abroad so as to render their own lands prosperous. This strong manpower is still untapped.

2017-01-18 Striving Towards ICT Hub
[Ethiopian Herald] Adequate budgeting and efficient administration takes ICT development a long way. For developing countries such as Ethiopia which has its telecommunication service under state monopoly striving to create a universal coverage has been the key mission before the country surrenders its state monopoly to the private sector through joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) initiative.

2017-01-18 Political Perspectives
[Ethiopian Herald] Recently, I had a chance to have a short political discourse with few of my colleagues at the workplace. National politics had never before featured in our daily encounters, scheduled meetings and routine inter-office interactions. Discussions on national politics are often discouraged at the place of work; the staff is prohibited from active participation in national politics and in making public their political views on sensitive national issues.

2017-01-18 Ethiopia Values Partnership With Sudan
[Ethiopian Herald] Both countries have strong desire to realize regional economic integration.

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