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2017-11-22 Ethiopia Wins 2017 UN Investment Award
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) wins the '2017 United Nations Award' for outstanding performance in targeted promotion, facilitation and execution of sustainable investment projects.

2017-11-22 IGAD Moves On Regional Wildlife Anti-Trafficking Law Enforcement
[Ethiopian Herald] The ministers responsible for wildlife conservation of the IGAD member states; namely Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda, have agreed to enforce the Regional Biodiversity Policy and the IGAD Biodiversity Protocol for cooperation on the wildlife anti-trafficking.

2017-11-22 Chinese Investors Keen to Invest in Livestock Processing
[Ethiopian Herald] Chinese investors have shown keen interest to invest in an integrated livestock industries, meat and dairy farm processing and ceramic production in joint venture with Ethiopian investors.

2017-11-22 Airport Expansion Key in Maintaining Ethiopian Leading Status
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian Airlines Group Airports' Enterprise says the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport Expansion Project would have a key role in maintaining and advancing Ethiopian leading position in Africa's aviation industry.

2017-11-22 Geospatial Information Said Imperative for Rising Africa
[Ethiopian Herald] The National Planning Commission accentuated that Geospatial and Statistical Information are imperative for Africa to realize its development agendas. AfricaGis 2017 20th conference kicked off yesterday under a theme: "Geospatial and Statistical Information Imperatives for the 'Africa We Want.' "Opening the Conference organized jointly by the Ethiopian Mapping Agency and Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), National Planning Deputy Commissioner, with the rank of State Minister Getachew Adem said that the

2017-11-22 Software Potential
[Ethiopian Herald] The global economy is heading towards being technology and knowledge driven, and this is raising the importance of ICT sectors like software and the software-based services industry, where software is everywhere in our products and services today - ranging from cellphones, cars to mobile apps.

2017-11-22 Transforming Livestock Sector, Solving Export Bottlenecks
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is one of the top ranking countries in Africa and among the first ten in the world in terms of livestock resources. And it is not uncommon to see majority of the rural population engaged in some way with animal husbandry. Animal husbandry in rural areas is used for the provision of draft power, food, source of cash, fuel for cooking, hides and skins, and as a means of transport for carrying goods and people.

2017-11-22 Children Involvement Said Critical for Social Wellbeing
[Ethiopian Herald] Women and Children Affairs State Minister Alemitu Umod said that involving children in every development aspect, protecting from any sort of harm and providing them family, social and institutional support is critical for social wellbeing.

2017-11-22 Software Industry - a Boon to the Economy
[Ethiopian Herald] Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) revealed that the software sector is becoming a boon to the economy and hugely contributing in facilitating the functionality of the various huge infrastructures the government has installed.

2017-11-22 The Ethiopian Federal System - What Is in It?
[Ethiopian Herald] Expectedly, 45 percent of the world populations live under federal states including the hugely diverse countries like USA, India, Brazil, Canada, Nigeria and Ethiopia. It is commonly understood that countries under federal system are relatively peaceful and democratic.

2017-11-22 Ethiopia, Chile Desirous to Further Boost Ties
[Ethiopian Herald] President Dr. Mulatu Teshome called on Chilian Investors to take part in country's development plan through investing in nation's priority development areas in a bidding farewell to the outgoing Chilean Ambassador.

2017-11-22 Mother, Children in Safe Hands
[Ethiopian Herald] Globally, the annual number of maternal deaths is decreasing substantially. Particularly, since the 1990s, the death rate has declined remarkably.

2017-11-21 Ethiopian Orthodox Church Calls for Lalibela to Be Saved
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Orthodox church is calling the concerned bodies to save rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. The church is now working stressful with the concerned governmental offices to protect the churches from the expecting accident.

2017-11-21 Ethiopian Takes Off With Another Hotel
[Addis Fortune] Ethiopian Airlines, the national carrier, moves further to conquer the hotel industry through the construction of a 637-key five-star hotel in the capital. The hotel costs the Company about 2.5 billion Br.

2017-11-21 Nation Imports Subpar HIV Test Kits From China
[Addis Fortune] The Pharmaceutical Fund & Supply Agency (PFSA) procured an estimated five million HIV test kits worth 2.5 million dollars from Beijing Wanti Biological Enterprise, whose products were found to be below the standard in algorithm tests carried out by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) in August 2017.

2017-11-21 Demographic Explosion
[Addis Fortune] Ethiopia is the most populated landlocked country in the world, and the second one in Africa, next to only Nigeria. Estimates that put the number of people on the other side of a 100 million have become common. There was a census a decade ago, conducted by the Central Statistical Agency (CSA). The figure then was about 74 million, which did not precisely square off with non-governmental institutions' data, probably having to do with the fact that the technology was a little backward at that time.

2017-11-21 New Buses to Roam Dire Dawa's Streets
[Addis Fortune] The Dire Dawa City Administration procured seven new buses with a cost of 10.2 million Br to expand its city bus services. This has pushed the number of buses owned by the City Administration to 10.

2017-11-21 Ethiopian Airlines Names Latest Airplane B787-9 in Honor of Chinese Capital
[Focac] Addis Ababa -Ethiopia's national flag carrier Ethiopian Airlines (ET) announced on Saturday it has named its latest airplane Boeing 787-9 in honor of China's capital city, Beijing.

2017-11-21 Telecom Introduces Electronic Payment System
[Addis Fortune] Ethio telecom, the nation's sole telecom provider, has introduced electronic payment services for prepaid mobile recharging. The new system has been made available for customers across the telecom's 214 service centres, while the existing manual payment system will remain functional.

2017-11-21 Double-Decker Buses for Addis
[Addis Fortune] Metal & Engineering Corporation's (MetEC) automotive assembly line in the town of Bishoftu, Oromia Regional State, has produced the above-pictured double-decker buses for the Addis Abeba City Administration.

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