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2014-11-28 Darfur Peace Talks and Argument Over Doha Peace Document
[SudaNow]Addis Ababa -Delegates from the government of Sudan and two Darfuri armed rebel movements, the Justice and Equality Movement and the Sudan Liberation Movement/SLA faction, are still at loggerhead seven days after arrival in Addis Ababa, over whether to reopen a peace document, signed in the Qatari capital Doha in 2011, and start peace talks afresh or re-build upon that sealed deal and move ahead.

2014-11-28 Ethiopia and Portugal to Expedite Trade and Investment Ties
[Ethiopia Government]Ambassador Antonio Luis Cotrim, Portugal's Ambassador to Ethiopia, underlined this week (Wednesday, November 26) that the long-standing diplomatic ties between Ethiopia and Portugal need to be accelerated to allow for the steady development of bilateral trade and investment ties.

2014-11-28 Ethiopia, North Korea Need to Work for Mutual Benefits - President Mulatu
[Ethiopia Government]President Mulatu Teshome emphasized the need for Ethiopia and North Korea to work together for their mutual benefit through deepening of cooperation in the health, irrigation and mining sectors. Bidding farewell on Wednesday (November 26) to the outgoing Ambassador of North Korea to Ethiopia, Ambassador Kim Chol, President Mulatu stressed the need to expand collaboration with North Korea's health professionals and with engineers in health, irrigation and mining sectors.

2014-11-27 Ethiopian Refugee Dies After Hospital Denies Treatment
[The Daily Vox]Ethiopian refugee Badesa Fokora has died in a Johannesburg hospital after suffering double kidney failure and being refused treatment for it, despite the fact that he had been lying in a hospital bed for a month. Although doctors at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg were aware of his life-threatening condition, they refused him treatment on the basis that he was not a South Africa citizen.

2014-11-27 Ethiopia Is On the Winning Course of Addressing Climate Change Crisis
[Ethiopia Government]Dr. Tewoldeberhan Gebre-egzabher, Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Environment and Forests, has noted that Ethiopia is successfully resisting severe climate change impacts. The country has made headways in tackling the severe effects of climate change through the effective implementation of policies and strategies devised to help mitigate climate change, he said.

2014-11-26 UN Relief Official Warns of Rise in South Sudanese Refugees, Urges Support to Ethiopia
[UN News]Following the end of a four-day mission to Ethiopia, a senior United Nations relief official has called for continued international attention to the plight of South Sudanese refugees, warning that the number of refugees could rise substantially if fighting in South Sudan persists.

2014-11-26 Africa Rising Launch in Addis
[The Star]The Africa Rising continent wide dialogue series platform on gender equality was officially launched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia last Wednesday.

2014-11-27 Deputy Prime Minister to Visit South Korea Next Week
[Ethiopia Government]Ethiopia's Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonnen, will be visiting South Korea next week to look South Korea's experiences in economic and social development and on ways for Ethiopia to benefit from these. His four-day visit will feature bilateral talks with officials of South Korea on ways to expand the cooperative partnership between the two countries with especially reference to the spheres of science and technology. The Deputy Prime Minister will also hold discussions with South Korean business person

2014-11-25 Time to Implement the Yamoussoukro Declaration for African Airlines
[Ethiopia Government]At the African Airlines Association's (AFRAA) 46th annual general assembly held in Algiers two weeks ago (November 9-11), AFRAA's Secretary General Dr. Chingosho said that African states are expected to announce the full implementation of the Yamoussoukro Declaration at the next African Union Summit in Addis Ababa in January next year.

2014-11-25 Ethiopian Embassy in Abu Dhabi Inaugurated
[Ethiopia Government]Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom accompanied by the United Arab Emirates' Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, inaugurated the Ethiopian embassy in Abu Dhabi on Saturday (November 22).

2014-11-25 New Ethiopian Commander Named for the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei
[Ethiopia Government]The United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon has announced the appointment of Major General Birhanu Jula Gelalcha from Ethiopia as the new force commander of the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA). He succeeds Lt. General Yohannes Gebremeskel Tesfamariam who served as the force commander and head of mission until June.

2014-11-24 To Cut Climate Emissions and Pollution, Ethiopia Harnesses Sewage
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]Addis Ababa, Ethiopia -Sewage in Ethiopia's capital could soon be turned into cylinders of compressed biogas as part of an effort to clean up the city, cut climate-changing emissions and find new sources of clean energy.

2014-11-24 City Road to Float LRT Terminal-Overpass Job
[Reporter]The Addis Ababa City Road Authority (AACRA) is finalizing preparations to float an international bid for the vehicle and pedestrian overpass that is to be constructed on the passenger terminal around St.

2014-11-24 Survival of African Airlines At Stake
[Reporter]Africa has lost many of its airlines in the past. Those who are operating currently are traversing through turbulent times, reports Kaleyesus Bekele from Algiers, Algeria.

2014-11-24 Copyright Bill According Royalty for Domestic, Foreign Works Approved
[Reporter]The Houses of Peoples' Representatives (HPR) on Tuesday endorsed the copyright bill which prescribes royalty fees to be paid to right holders for protected artistic works at home and abroad.

2014-11-24 International Financiers Show Interest to Finance Power Projects in Ethiopia
[Reporter]Energy Authority remands energy regulation to ministry

2014-11-24 African Scholars Confront Nato's Legitimacy On African Security Issues
[Reporter]"NATO should take the ultimate responsibly on Libya"

2014-11-24 Allowance Dominates Pan-African Parliament Meeting
[Reporter]Issues related to allowance payment for Members of Parliament (MPs) taking part in the Pan-African parliamentary system dominated a regional Parliamentary meeting on the promotion of African Union Legal Instruments for East African Region held at Hilton Addis Ababa on Wednesday.

2014-11-24 Third Powering Africa Meeting Kicks Off in Addis
[Ethiopia Government]State Minister Dr. YinagerDessie adressed the annual Energy conference today (November 20) started in Addis Ababa with the presence of higher government officials and international energy companies and other partners in the sector. In his opening remarks Dr. Yinager noted energy is essential to maintain the sustainable growth of Africa.

2014-11-25 Sudan Supports GERD for Economic Benefits Not Political Reasons
[Ethiopia Government]Sudan's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ambassador Abdel Rahman Sir-el-katim, said on Monday (November 24) that Sudan remains committed to support the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) "because we believe that this dam will benefit Sudan together with Ethiopia and Egypt." The Ambassador said: "We will benefit initially in two ways. One is in the provision of electrical power, and secondly for help in agriculture projects."

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