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2014-12-22 Smarter Grant for Smart Electric Meter Products
[Addis Fortune]The African Development Bank (AfDB) has pledged a grant amounting 17.7 million Br to DVentus Technology Plc, through its Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA).

2014-12-22 Oil's Trickledown Economics
[Addis Fortune]The world seems to be suddenly losing its thirst for oil. The price is falling to an all-time low. At this time, it is selling for 54.07 dollars per barrel in the world market.

2014-12-22 High Time for Policy Action On Land Lease Bubble
[Addis Fortune]The red book of Revolutionary Democracy considers land not as a factor of production only. It rather is regarded as the very basis of the developmentalism the EPRDFites envision to establish in the nation they have been governing since 1991. The ruling party itself is a result of communal discontents on the long overdue feudalistic land tenure system.

2014-12-22 Eritrea - a Victim of Its Own Delusion
[Addis Fortune]It is true that the foreign policy of any country is an extension of its domestic policy. Eritrea is no exception to this reality.

2014-12-22 Democracy Makes Economic Sense
[Addis Fortune]In today's world, most rich countries are democratic and most dictatorships are poor. In the developed countries, democracy goes hand-in-hand with political institutions that promote economic freedom - an environment characterised by the protection of private property and the ability of individuals to engage in voluntary exchange of goods and services.

2014-12-22 Transportation Nightmares
[Addis Fortune]Transportation plays a vital role in an increasingly interdependent world. Economic development is also unthinkable without an efficient and effective transportation system.

2014-12-22 Towards Community-Based Prosperity
[Addis Fortune]Community Based Organisations (CBOs) are non-profits that provide social services to local communities. They are specific to local areas or localised neighborhoods where the goal is the improvement of members' social and economic status, and membership is based on equality.

2014-12-22 Saving the ICC From African Thugtators
[Fahamu]When an African president accused of multiple crimes against humanity walks out of court by orchestrating an unprecedented and audacious obstruction of justice, it is not just a flagrant denial of justice to the thousands of victims. It is an outrage against all humanity. It is an affront to the rule of law. It is the triumph of injustice.

2014-12-22 Ethiopian Cargo Qualifies for EU Security Regulation
[Reporter]EU could ban African freighters

2014-12-22 Eshee Havana - Salsa Ethiopian Style
[Reporter]Their music has been known to have a whole room of South American ambassadors dancing in delight.

2014-12-22 Ethiopia Says Bond Will Not Finance GERD
[Reporter]Ethiopia will not spend a penny of the one billion US dollar it generated through the Euro bond to finance the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Sufian Ahmed, Minister of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED), told journalists on Tuesday.

2014-12-22 The Oil Price Opportunity
[Reporter]The sharp drop in the price of crude oil since late June has been grabbing headlines worldwide - and producing a lot of contradictory explanations.

2014-12-22 Secondary Schools' Primary Importance
[Reporter]The world has made remarkable progress in providing primary education to children worldwide.

2014-12-22 A Glance At Mozambique's Small-Holder Farming
[Reporter]Ambassador David Lane is US ambassador to the Romebased UN agencies, World Food Program (WFP), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD).

2014-12-22 Mending the Wall of Disconnection
[Reporter]This week has seen the Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Delegation, the first of its kind comprising more than 70 renowned personalities from all walks of life, visiting Cairo.

2014-12-22 Ministry of Mines Revokes 56 Exploration Licenses
[Reporter]The Ministry of Mines recently revoked 56 minerals exploration licenses of foreign and local mining companies on the ground that the companies did not undertake exploration activities. The companies were licensed to prospect for gold and base metals, iron ore and gemstones.

2014-12-22 Unaffordable Expectations - the Issuance of Licenses of Competence
[Addis Fortune]Birhanu Wolde Giorgis, an auto mechanic in his early 30's knows how to work in a sector where most of the techniques and tasks are adopted and performed through years of experience rather than an academic background.

2014-12-22 The First Potentially Divisive Policy On Strategic Affairs Appears to Have Surfaced ...
[Addis Fortune]Ever since the passing of their chief priest back in August 2012, the first potentially divisive policy on strategic affairs appears to have surfaced in the camp of the Revolutionary Democrats, gossip revealed. It is about the speed in which the nation's economic frontiers need to open to foreign competition, claims gossip.

2014-12-22 MoCT to Star Hotels With Chinese Assistance
[Addis Fortune]Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) has signed an agreement with the United Nation World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) for consultancy services to implement a hotel rating classification.

2014-12-22 Dealing Sugar
[Reporter]Responding to an anonymous tip via the toll-free 8478, the investigation team at the Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Authority sprang into action earlier this month.

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