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2015-05-22 Landslide Likely for Ethiopia's Long-Time Rulers
[Al Jazeera] When Ethiopia's ruling party and its allies won 99.6 percent of the vote in the country's last elections five years ago, some wondered if a government often accused of suffocating the opposition would be embarrassed.

2015-05-22 Jovago Opens New Office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
[CIO] Online hotel booking portal Jovago has announced the opening of an office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this May. The office will be the company's first in Ethiopia, in a move aimed at bringing service development and business management closer to the Ethiopian market.

2015-05-22 Five Sentenced for Gang Rape, Murder of Lalango
[Addis Standard] The Third Criminal Bench of the Lideta Federal High Court sentenced five individuals found guilty of the gang rape and subsequent death in September last year of Hana Lalango.

2015-05-22 The UN Security Council repeats demands for South Sudan warring parties to engage meaningfully in the peace process
[Ethiopia Government] The United Nations Security Council has condemned the renewed and ongoing large scale violence in South Sudan's Unity state, saying military offensives by pro-government forces had led to the displacement of over 100,000 civilians and with another 300,000 civilians being denied access to the aid being provided by humanitarian agencies as a result from fighting between the two sides. It also condemned the large-scale attack by armed opposition forces in Malakal, Upper Nile State capital on 15 May.

2015-05-22 Ethiopia: Elections Signal Need for U.S. Policy Change
[Freedom House] Washington, DC -In advance of Ethiopia's elections scheduled for May 24, Freedom House issued the following statement and policy recommendations:

2015-05-22 Ethiopian Diaspora Association Commends Pre-Election Process
[Walta Info] Addis Ababa -Ethiopian Diaspora Association said the pre-election process was democratic and has witnessed strong public participation.

2015-05-22 Bonga Election Postponed Amid Clashes
[Reporter] The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has postponed elections in the town of Bonga in the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) due to clashes between supporters of an independent candidate and the ruling party.

2015-05-22 Nation's Registered Growth - Reflection of Public's Transformed Mindset
[Walta Info] Addis Ababa -Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn today held a meeting with residents of Jimma and its environs.

2015-05-22 World Bank Supports the Expansion of Efficient and Safe Transportation Systems
[World Bank] Washington -The World Bank Group's Board of Executive Directors today approved a US$370 million credit, to help the government of Ethiopia further expand its transportation system and provide safe and efficient roads to its citizens.

2015-05-21 Sustainable Urban Housing Key for Socio-Economic Transformation
[Ethiopian Herald] An American historian and author has words to illustrate how the importance of today is immense rather than we aspire in tomorrow. "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That's why we call it the present." Peoples give due attention the actual day they are doing not forgetting that assessing the previous ones. This fact is happening under the sky of Addis Ababa, because the crucial problem housing getting a way out. The action today, we could decide where we could reach tomorrow

2015-05-21 Soft Approach to Hardcore Groups in Africa
[Al Jazeera] The al-Shabab attack on Garissa University in Kenya, the ongoing battle with Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the arrival of ISIL in Libya highlight the expansion of violent groups in Africa.

2015-05-21 Ethiopia Inaugurates Wind Farm With 153 MWs Featured
[Walta Info] Addis Ababa -Adama II Wind Farm, which is capable of generating 153 megawatts electricity, was inaugurated yesterday.

2015-05-21 Terrorist Threats Are Asymmetric and Difficult to Describe - Brig. Gen. Domitien
[Ethiopian Herald] Of late, the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) Brigade Commander, Brig. Gen. Kabisa Domitien gave an exclusive interview to the Ethiopian Press Agency concerning the overall activities of the force. Here under follows the full text of the interview. Excerpt:

2015-05-21 US Extends Ethiopia's Agoa Market Access for 10 Years
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Investment Commission Director General Fitsum Arega recently told The Ethiopian Herald that Ethiopia has been given another 10 years extension opportunity for accessing US market duty and quota free.

2015-05-21 Ethiopia Examines the Effectiveness of the GMO
[Ethiopian Herald] Dr. Sunil T Hajare whose area of specialization is in Agriculture is presently working with Dilla Univeristy on academic assignment.

2015-05-21 Coalition Offers Training for Over 1,800 Election Observers
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Civil Society Coalition offered a half-day training for over 1,800 observers in Addis Ababa in connection with the ongoing general election at the National Conference Centre here yesterday. Coalition President Tadele Yimer said the Coalition has been playing a great role to make the ongoing election free, fair and peaceful giving training to the observers of the Coalition. The training is very crucial to raise observers awareness about the electoral law and code and to form democratically ele

2015-05-21 Joint Parties' Council Play Role to Widen Political Space - Political Parties
[Walta Info] Addis Ababa -Political parties said the joint political parties' council, established to promote dialogue among parties and solve challenges, is playing role in widening the political space.

2015-05-21 Gentleness, Respect As Opposed to Arrogance, Roughness and Ignorance a Sign of a Civilized Debate
[Walta Info] Debates are expressions of freedom of speech in a democratic society; however, some inexperienced debaters often times than not tend to get into emotions especially when they are challenged with and confronted by challenging questions from experienced politicians.

2015-05-21 Africa Focus China's CREC to Complete Section of Ethiopia's Key Railway Project
[Focac] Addis Ababa -The Sebeta/Addis Ababa-Adama-Mieso railway, which is a section of Ethiopia's key railway project of the Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway being built by the China Railway Group (CREC) is nearing completion.

2015-05-21 Ethiopia Aims to Become a Top Manufacturing Hub in Africa
[Ethiopia Government] Ethiopia is targeting US$1 billion of annual investment in industrial parks over the next decade to boost exports and make the country one of Africa's top manufacturers, Arkebe Equbai, a Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, said at the weekend: "In terms of industrial development and manufacturing development, we want to put Ethiopia number one in Africa."

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