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2015-11-25 Govt Has Cracked the Problem of Rural Health, but Its Workers Feel Stuck
[The Conversation Africa] Health extension workers have been vital in Ethiopia's rural communities. They have introduced new mothers to the importance of child immunisation, taught households about sanitation and, with the recent introduction of ambulances, they refer women to health centres for antenatal care and skilled birth assistance.

2015-11-25 Strengthening Pulses, Oilseeds, Spices Market Linkages
[Ethiopian Herald] Recently, the 5th Annual International Conference on pulses, oilseeds and spices aimed at strengthening the business linkage within their sectors serving as spring board for the expansion of international trade and investment, sharing experiences among others was held in Addis.

2015-11-25 Consolidating Unity in Diversity Vie Democratic Nationalism
[Ethiopian Herald] According to various historic books and historians as well as the presence of enormous ancient relics and so forth, Ethiopia is often ranked among the world great nations that had contributed a lot in the earlier days of civilization.

2015-11-25 Keeping Ethiopia Safe From Terrorism
[Ethiopian Herald] Terrorists are limited in their ability to project power and influence against the nation state. They don't have huge armies, navy or air force capability - have no means to break through national defenses en mass.

2015-11-25 Disagreement Between Consulting Firms Delays Study On GERD
[Ethiopian Herald] The disagreement between the two consulting firms on GERD to work in accordance with the directive of the Tripartite National Technical Committee has delayed the study, according to Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity.

2015-11-25 Ethiopia Poised to Become Middle Income Country By 2025 - WB
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia has witnessed rapid economic growth, with real gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaging 10.9 per cent between 2004 and 2014, which is lifting the country from being the second poorest in the world in 2000 to becoming a middle income country by 2025, if it continues its current growth trajectory, World Bank Report said.

2015-11-25 New Google Doodle Honors Lucy
[Ethiopian Herald] She belonged to a species that shared both human and ape characteristics.

2015-11-25 Pope Francis in Africa - Leadership and Inspiration in the Face of Climate Change
[Addis Standard] A visit by Pope Francis to the UN Environment Programme headquarters in Nairobi as part of his Africa tour will come only days before the beginning of the seminal COP21 climate conference in Paris. Speaking from the heart of Africa to the world, he is expected to again address climate change, an issue central to his brief tenure as Pontiff so far.

2015-11-25 Unicef Says Children Will Bear the Brunt of Climate Change
[Ethiopian Herald] More than half a billion children live in areas with extremely high flood occurrence and 160 million in high drought severity zones, leaving them highly exposed to the impacts of climate change, the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) said in a report released ahead of the 21st United Nations climate change conference, known as COP21.

2015-11-25 Workshop Underlines Traceability System
[Ethiopian Herald] Traceability system project will have matchless role in benefiting the country from its coffee potential through establishing modern coffee marketing exchange system and ensuring accountability.

2015-11-25 Culture of Consumerism Effects and Society
[Ethiopian Herald] Marketing professionals have a job to do: they want to influence consumers toward purchasing their organization's product. To do their jobs, they have to have a good idea about what makes people want to buy and consume. Most often, their focus is on why a consumer would choose a particular brand of a product, at a particular time and place.

2015-11-25 Marching Against Trachoma
[Ethiopian Herald] A week ago, development partners provided Pfizer's donation of the 500 millionth dose of Zithromax (antibiotic tablets used to treat trachoma in some countries) such as south-east Ethiopia, Dembeli Woreda of Oromia State - a kebele three km away from Woliso town.

2015-11-25 Industrial Parks Attract Investment
[Ethiopian Herald] Industrial parks could only succeed within the framework of an industrial policy.

2015-11-25 Conference Highlights Need for Signing Int'l Conventions
[Ethiopian Herald] The 2nd International Conference on Arbitration with the theme 'Access to justice to enhance business development' was opened here yesterday.

2015-11-25 UN Secretary-General Appoints Michael Keating to Succeed Nicholas Kay As Special Representative for Somalia
[Ethiopia Government] United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon announced the appointment of Michael Keating of the United Kingdom as his new Special Representative for Somalia and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). Mr. Keating will succeed Nicholas Kay of the United Kingdom who completes his assignment at the end of the year. The Secretary-General said he was grateful for Mr. Kay's dedication, courage and his excellent leadership of UNSOM over the past two and a half years. Mr. Keating has bee

2015-11-25 Hasabo Acquainted With Ethiopian Experience in Field of Industrial Investment
[SNA] Khartoum -The Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman has got acquainted during his visit to Addis Abba on the Ethiopian experiences in the field of industrial investment when he and the accompanying delegation visited Tuesday the eastern industrial area in Addis Ababa and inspected the leather and textile industries and the automotive manufacturing.

2015-11-25 Government Delegation for Negotiations in Addis Ababa to Hold Press Conference Wednesday
[SNA] Khartoum -The government delegation for the negotiations in Addis Ababa will hold a press conference at 09:00 a.m. on Wednesday at the press centre of the national dialogue in the Friendship Hall.

2015-11-24 African Stories By Africans
[Reporter] Sasha Rubel is Advisor for Communication and Information at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) office to Ethiopia, the African Union Commission and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UN-ECA). Representing UNESCO, Rubel was one of the organizers of a recently concluded training for media professionals. The workshop aspired to equip media professionals on the African continent with the necessary skills so that Africans tell their own stories. Tewodro

2015-11-24 Building for the Affluent
[Reporter] As part of the original plan of the government, which aims at alleviating severe housing shortage in rapidly urbanizing Addis Ababa, private real estate developers have made their mark on the city in the past decade.

2015-11-24 'Drunk' Passenger Tied Up With Blanket During Flight
[Reporter] An intoxicated passenger incited havoc aboard an Ethiopian Airlines B777 jetliner flying from Guangzhou, China to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Wednesday.

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