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2016-09-28 CBE, Homesend Announce New Mobile Remittance Service
[Addis Fortune] The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and HomeSend have started a new remittance service that will enable customers to send funds directly via any mobile phone to any number in Ethiopia.

2016-09-29 Rwandans in Ethiopia Raise Mutuelle Premiums for 2000
[New Times] Rwandans living in Ethiopia have contributed $7,700 (approx Rwf6.3 million) in an effort to support over 2,130 vulnerable Rwandans in Bugesera District acquire Community Health Insurance (Mutuelle de Sante).

2016-09-28 Enterprise Bags 1.3 Billion Br in Profits
[Addis Fortune] The Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise earned over a billion birr in net profit during the previous fiscal year.

2016-09-27 'The Blood Flowing in Oromia Is Our Blood Too'
[African Arguments] For decades, the ruling party has governed by pitting the Oromo and Amhara against one another. Now the two groups are joining forces against the government.

2016-09-27 Menz Guassa Community in Conservation Move
[Ethiopian Herald] A red Fox and Gelada Baboon - gamboling over the steeply mountain and precipice of Menz.

2016-09-27 Overcoming Structural Fragility Via Agricultural Modernization, Commercialization
[Ethiopian Herald] When we talk of structural transformation of an economy, the first and basic thing that we came across with is the transformation of the economic base from agriculture to industry or service sectors. But, many economists agree and give due emphasis to the idea that it involves moving labor from low to higher productive activities. It might not always sectoral transformation from agriculture to industry as a transfer of labor from one sector to another or between sector from agriculture to industry. Instead

2016-09-27 Ethiopia On Track to Capture Accelerated Economic Growth
[Ethiopian Herald] Population growth has an ambiguous effect on economic development

2016-09-27 Premier League Competition to Start End of Next Month
[Ethiopian Herald] The season's Ethiopian Premier League soccer club competition is set to start on October 30, the country's football governing body, the Ethiopian Football Federation, (EFF) announced.

2016-09-27 Ethiopia Sees China As a Serious Development Partner - Minister
[Focac] Addis Ababa -Ethiopia sees China as a serious development partner, says Ethiopian State Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation Ahmed Shide.

2016-09-27 Chinese Firm Awards Outstanding Local Employees in Ethiopia
[Focac] Addis Ababa -China Communication Construction Company (CCCC) has awarded outstanding local employees in Ethiopia for their excellent performances in the past year.

2016-09-26 Govt Is Harvesting What It Sowed
[Addis Standard] When news of a 100% victory by the ruling EPRDF came out shortly after the May 2015 general elections, everyone scorned the result; it was too stupid to be true. After all, democratic elections in a multinational state home to a near 100 million odd, which Ethiopia is one, were not supposed to be like this. So, the world was right to scorn the results because nowhere in it would similar experiences go down history books unchallenged.

2016-09-25 Nation Preparing Higher Education Roadmap
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Education said that it is preparing a Higher Education Road map that would enable avail qualified graduates to meet the needs of the growing economy.

2016-09-26 Insurance Encouraging Smallholder Farmers
[Ethiopian Herald] The agriculture sector is highly vulnerable to drought, weed and pests. Even to worse, in time of extreme weather condition, it would face great loss. Many agree that insurance coverage is away out for farmers from such problems.

2016-09-26 Road Infrastructure Developments to Connect Africa
[Ethiopian Herald] As part of the growth strategy, most sub-Saharan African countries focus on infrastructural development and investment. However, quality of roads and railway networks lag far behind the rest of the world.

2016-09-26 September - Ethiopia's Month of Festivity
[Ethiopian Herald] If you are in Addis in the sunny month of September having a light shower, you are definitely at the right time to enjoy the true cultural and religious festivities of the country. A Holiday after a holiday, a celebration after a celebration are among the fascinating features that render this glistening month unique in the Ethiopian calendar.

2016-09-26 Modernizing Commercial Code of Conduct
[Ethiopian Herald] Nowadays, countries are expanding their commercial relation's horizons. Competition has been intensified supported by technology-born new innovative devices. Thanks to science and technology, countries carry out local and trans-boarder commercial transactions, attract investment, amend and modernize their commercial laws as per the international business dealing environment.

2016-09-26 Defense, Security Forces - Keeping Regional Peace, Guarding Nation's Progress
[Ethiopian Herald] This piece is the second and last part of two articles which applaud the role of Ethiopia's Defense and Security Forces in national and regional economic development, peace and stability. Excerpts:

2016-09-26 Ethiopia's Unflinching Commitment to Ensure Mutual Benefits
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia has been employing discussion and cooperation as a lasting principle on the use of Nile. For long, nation has been making tireless call to all Nile riparian countries to burgeon cooperation between them and break impasse of Nile cooperation that rooted since colonial time. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) being constructed for the sake of electric power generation only has no intention to induce impact on lower riparian countries as the water is made only to rotate turbines and flow back

2016-09-26 Irecha - a Symbol of Peace, Unity
[Ethiopian Herald] Irecha festival is celebrated every year. The Irecha, the thanksgiving ceremony, marks the end of the rainy season (Gannaa) and the beginning of the sunny new season (Birraa).

2016-09-26 What the Future Holds for Ethiopian Tourism
[Ethiopian Herald] Although Ethiopia has a massive potential for tourism owing to its ancient historical remains, culture and sophisticated natural sights, it has not been able to use its full potential lagging far behind than the developed world just like its African companions.

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