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2016-08-29 Feyisa Lilesa - 'Athletes Need to Speak Out'
[Deutsche Welle] In Rio, he was running for Ethiopia. In addition to the silver medal he won, it was also the gesture of Oromo protest that made Feyisa Lilesa famous. He spoke to DW about the reactions and his plans for the future.

2016-08-28 Protest Demands to Be Addressed - Govt
[Ethiopian Herald] The government has been discussing with the public and the demand would be addressed step by step.

2016-08-27 Beans - a Mighty Tool in the Fight for Food Security
[Al Jazeera] In the Amhara region of Ethiopia, farmers have given up on one of their staple crops. "Once our village was a major producer of faba bean," says farmer Yeshewalul Tilaye, from the Chichet village of Tarma Ber, "but we lost hope."

2016-08-26 Airports Transforming Ethiopia's Tourism Sector
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia seems awake to look in to its tourism potential. Along with the development of various tourist infrastructural facilities, the country is endeavoring to market the resource for economic development. The government is also taking bold measures to transform the sector. The establishment of the National Tourism Council led by Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn is a manifestation to the government's political commitment to develop the sector.

2016-08-26 Former PM Zenawi - a Transformation Leader?
[Ethiopian Herald] Four years ago, the bad news that touched the heart of all Ethiopians, Africans and the world was heard. Ethiopia lost one of its great leader Meles Zenawi that time. His leadership was admired by everybody as he led Ethiopia out of an extreme poverty and instability. The late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was well known for his ample contribution to green economy development, Ethiopian Renaissance and overall national and continental progresses. The fourth year of the rest of his soul is being celebrated at

2016-08-26 Call for Ensuring Quality, Safety of Livestock Products
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries said enhancing the quality and safety of livestock products is crucial to remain competent at the global market.

2016-08-26 Why It's Right Time to Invest in Ethiopian Hotel Industry?
[Ethiopian Herald] Growing the number of hotels is part of the plan to make Ethiopia one of the top five tourist destination in Africa

2016-08-26 Ethiopia Marching to Be Third FDI Destination in Africa
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa with centuries old history. Though it has gone through ups and downs for years due to various internal and external problems, it has managed to reclaim its rightful place in the African continent with the leadership of the ruling Ethiopian People's Revol utionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). It is currently among the most politically stable and economically growing countries in Africa. The country is endowed with untapped human and natural resources which i

2016-08-26 'Architecting Addis' in Eyes of Panellists
[Ethiopian Herald] Very recently, Association of Ethiopian Architects has held its 18th annual convention at Sheraton Addis. During this two-day long meeting, panel discussion entitled 'Architecting Addis' was conducted. Therefore, at the event, Ethiopian Press Journalists approached two panellists, Zeleke Belay and Dr. Zegeye Cherenet.

2016-08-26 EU Grants Over 3.7 Million Euros for Civil Society Organizations
[Ethiopian Herald] The European Union Civil Society Fund has granted over 3.7 million Euros to 44 Ethiopian civil society organizations (CSOs).

2016-08-26 So Called Rights Groups - Trying to Be 'More Catholic Than the Pope'
[Ethiopian Herald] It is to be recalled that Ethiopia's Feyisa Lilesa crosses his arms at the finish line of the Men's Marathon event as a protest against the Ethiopian government. Feyisa's staging political protest contradict International Olympic Committees restrictions on making political statements during the Games. Following to his protests against the government, many speculate he would be punished for staging his protest, despite Ethiopian government assurances he would not face any if he comes back. Rights groups suc

2016-08-26 Olympics Medalist's Protest Shines Spotlight On Unrest
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] This story is part of Our new website shining a light on land and property rights around the world

2016-08-26 Ethiopia, France Keen to Take Relations to New Height
[Ethiopian Herald] President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said that Ethiopia and France are strengthening their cooperation in economic and political spheres taking their relations to a new height.

2016-08-26 Where Am I Standing? Timely Lesson From Meles's Writings
[Ethiopian Herald] Adam Smith in his famous book of 1765, 'Wealth of Nations', underlines what he calls 'enlightened self-interest' interchangeably with what he terms the 'invisible hand.' Smith arguably qualifies self-interest as 'enlightened' to refer succinctly to the entrepreneurial spirit and skill to discern the signals of free market operations. For Smith, the inner human impulse to satisfy its 'self-interest' out of the free market ignites expansionary growth than the regular government intervention.

2016-08-26 Sekota to Get Ceramics Factory
[Ethiopian Herald] The Himrawi Investment and Trading Private Limited Company recently laid the corner stone for the construction of a ceramic factory

2016-08-26 Meeting Lauds Political Commitment in Nation's Health Care Strategy Success
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia's uniquely structured process of bringing down health care to the grassroots level presented at the 66th Session of the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Committee for Africa meeting has received admiration.

2016-08-26 Growing Ethio-U.S Diplomatic Relations
[Ethiopian Herald] In diplomatic relationship of countries, the role of good diplomat is vital. As a bridge between his/her own and one or more countries he/she can play a significant role, furthering relationship into a greater one. In this regard, US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Patricia M. Haslach, who had been serving for the last three years is one notable example.

2016-08-26 Sasakawa to Host Official Side Event in Nairobi
[Ethiopian Herald] The Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) announced that it would host an official side event at the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) tomorrow entitled "Contributing to Social Security and Jobs through Agriculture: 30 years of Sasakawa in Africa."

2016-08-26 Shadey-Women's Exceptional Day
[Ethiopian Herald] Indicating that Shadey has multifaceted local and international values.

2016-08-26 Authority Says Road Infrastructure Dev't Hinges On Research
[Ethiopian Herald] Coordinated effort of contractors, consultant engineers and higher learning institutions is vital for quality road dev't.

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