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2016-02-08 Propelling Investment Opportunities
[Ethiopian Herald] Recently, Addis Ababa hosted the United States-Africa Business Summit, an important move towards strengthening the United States' business and investment engagement in Africa.

2016-02-08 New Era for Ethiopian Diaspora
[Ethiopian Herald] Now a days, the international community has come to sense the role and significance of migration in economic development. Unlike the past, the potential of migration in over all development is receiving greater attention from global institutions since the impact of human and labour mobility on economic and social change has become traceable.

2016-02-08 Chad 30th State to Ratify African Rights Protocol
[New Times] Chad has deposited its instrument of ratification of the Protocol on the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights on the establishment of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Right, bringing the number of African Union (AU) member states to have ratified it to 30.

2016-02-08 Mugabe Is Right About UN, Unfortunately, He's Mugabe
[New Times] Earlier this week, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe took to the podium at the opening of the African Union's 26th Summit in Addis Ababa, where he, in the presence of the amiable Secretary General Ban Ki-oon, gave a fairly fiery speech reigniting calls for UN reforms.

2016-02-08 Ministry Alerts Public Against Influenza, Zika Virus
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Health urged the public to be alert to prevent possible transmission of influenza and Zika virus and avoid extreme panic.

2016-02-08 Office Calls for Collaborative Work On HIV & Aids, Gender Issues
[Ethiopian Herald] The Federal HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Office (HAPCO) emphasized that the media should work in collaboration with responsible stakeholders on mainstreaming the issues of HIV and AIDS and gender. The epidemic is still the most prevalent threat in sub-Saharan Africa.

2016-02-08 Journalists Visit Condo Construction Sites
[Ethiopian Herald] The visiting journalists witnessed that the construction of 40/60 housing project across Senga Tera site has almost been completed, except cleaning tasks and fixing sanitary objects.

2016-02-08 Authority Highlights Road Construction Challenges
[Ethiopian Herald] The road construction technology is not up to date. Thus, contractors Authority Manager Eng. Fekade Haile. need to learn from from developed countries on how to modernize the working system.

2016-02-08 TVET Turning Youths Artisans
[Ethiopian Herald] Recently this reporter had got the opportunity to watch the 6th Addis Ababa Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Agency's exhibition that was staged at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Centre. Graduates of different training institutions and Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) had showcased the items and goods they produce.

2016-02-08 Nation On Right Track to Achieve Structural, Economic Transformation - ILO
[Ethiopian Herald] The strategic direction the country is making for industrial development is very encouraging.

2016-02-08 Must We Tied Down By Idleness Laud Bygone Days?
[Ethiopian Herald] I always wonder why we have to be stuck in bygone days admiring only the past legacies we have inherited from our forefathers. Sure, revering the historical heritages and values bequeathed from our ancestors inspire the current generation to be curious to achieve more. It would be telling the obvious about the wonderful deeds that our senior generation handed over to the current generation from bringing into play one of the world's magnificent and precious heritages like Lalibela, a rock hewn church, to th

2016-02-08 International SBCC Summit to Be Held in Ethiopia
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Health Thursday announced that the International Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) Summit will be held February 8 -10 ,2016 here.

2016-02-08 Supporting Farmers Through New Technology
[Ethiopian Herald] Small scale farming is threatened by natural disasters such as drought, diseases, land degradation and soil infertility because of the eviction of nitrogen from soil. Over grazing, wind and the expansion of farm land due to population growth further aggravate the situation. These days, to improve soil fertility the nation spends huge amount of hard currency for the importation of chemical based fertilizers like Urea. The price of the fertilizers is expensive that causes inflation.

2016-02-08 Abune Petros Statue Re-Erection Tomorrow
[Ethiopian Herald] A Committee for re-erecting Abune Petros Statue said that the statue, removed from its former site for the construction of Addis Light Rail Project, will be re-erected tomorrow at the same place.

2016-02-05 Early Marriage Exposes Mother and Children
[Ethiopian Herald] Needless to mention, early marriage is one of the most harmful practices as it usually denies girls educational opportunities, leads to poverty and economic insecurity and has a serious negative impact on their health and decision-making capacity. It also reinforces other forms of gender-based violence and problems.

2016-02-05 Ethiopia's Candidacy for UN Security Council
[Ethiopian Herald] The African heads of state and government summit held on January 30, 2016 has decided Ethiopia to participate in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for two years representing Africa. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office, Ethiopia through its Foreign Affairs Office has been extensively waging campaigns to be permanent member of the UNSC.

2016-02-05 Paying Tax Is Both Volitional and Obligatory to Citizens
[Ethiopian Herald] Paying tax is one of the top responsibilities and liberties of citizens. It as well is mandatory in the modern world. Every sovereign nation pursues development

2016-02-05 Center Acknowledges Nation's Cancer Prevention Effort
[Ethiopian Herald] The recognition to the First Lady was given for her invaluable effort in the prevention of breast cancer through demonstration projects and HPV vaccination in Oromia and Tigray States jointly with the American Cancer Center Association.

2016-02-05 Investing in Leather Industry to Meet International Standard Quality
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia's leather industry is showing considerable improvement over years. The industry is thriving to make use of modern technologies that will make the sector globally competitive. Recently, Ethiopian Leather Industry Development Institute (ELIDI) has organized a day long conference for evaluating its six month performance report.

2016-02-05 Maximizing Nation's Vanilla Benefit Through Researches
[Ethiopian Herald] Yeki One spice has already been adapted to the Ethiopian lowland agro-ecology meeting the international quality standard. Currently, besides, Yeki One, Ethiopia conducts researches on other two vanilla species.

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