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2016-10-21 State of Emergency Command Post Claims Sweeping Success
[Addis Standard] In a statement it released yesterday, the Command Post leading Ethiopia's recently enacted State of Emergency claimed a sweeping success in restoring law and order in different parts of the country within the last three days alone.

2016-10-21 It's Facebook, Not Farce Book!
[Ethiopian Herald] The development of global social media outlets like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo, Tumbir, You Tube, Linkedin is moving in an unprecedented speed. The revolution in science and technology, particularly in international cyber technology network has not only helped to accelerate globalization but has also been playing a major role in the transfer of technology, promotion of international trade, media coverage, online higher education, global communications, easing relations between families and persons wh

2016-10-21 Somali Elder - Ethiopia Won't Bring Peace to Galkayo
[Shabelle] A prominent Somali traditional elder Mohamed Hassan Haad said Ethiopia has no interest to mediate between Galmudug and Puntland states to end the recurrent fighting in Galkayo town.

2016-10-21 GERD's National & Regional Significance
[Ethiopian Herald] Subject to a vicious cycle of drought for long, the agrarian state Ethiopia was heavily dependent on foreign aids to rescue the lives of its people some of which breathe their last before salivation arrives from some quarters. The country had no option than dependency syndrome.

2016-10-21 Encouraging Discussion On Current Political Challenges
[Ethiopian Herald] Very recently, a conference, that brought together prominent political figures from the ruling and opposition parties ,scholars, businesspersons , as well as media personnel, was held with a view to discussing the current political challenges in the efforts to build federal democracy in the country.

2016-10-21 State of Emergency - Sine Qua Non for Peace Order
[Ethiopian Herald] Declaring State of Emergency is a constitutional responsibility. The violence and damage posed by the anti-peace elements have not only harmed the economy but also peace and freedom as well as the values of humanity.

2016-10-21 Homegrown Conflict Resolving Systems, Impact
[Ethiopian Herald] In our day to day life as love, considerateness, extending a helping hand are part and parcel of our social interactions so also disagreements and conflicts could surface at times. Various issues ranging from a trifle to burning one could be a source of conflict between human beings. Society has its own traditional or cultural ways of resolving conflicts that crops up among different people. In this piece, the writer tries to see the impact of the system so far.

2016-10-20 Ethiopia - Addis Djibouti Railway Benefits All
[Focac] Addis Djibouti Railway will be formally put into operation.

2016-10-19 Vote for an African in Athlete of Year Awards!
[allAfrica] The International Association of Athletics Federations has announced the names of athletes nominated for the World Athletes of the Year Award.

2016-10-18 Govt Limits Foreign Diplomats' Movements
[Al Jazeera] Ethiopia has restricted foreign diplomats' travel in new provisions of a state of emergency as part of its response to an unprecedented wave of anti-government protests.

2016-10-21 Nation's Peace Building Role, Humanitarian Assistance Commended
[Ethiopian Herald] United Nations Peace Building Commission Chairperson Ambassador Macharie Kamau said Ethiopia's commitment and engagement in stabilizing the region is commendable.

2016-10-21 Concerted Effort Results in Health Sector Achievements
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Health said owing to the joint efforts with stakeholders and development partners, the country has registered encouraging results in priority areas such as maternal and child health, nutrition program, communicable and chronic diseases, infrastructure, human resource development as well as pharmaceutical supply.

2016-10-21 Midwives, Stewards of the Next Generation
[Ethiopian Herald] The birth of one's baby means the birth of a new generation. It is a new gift with a new flavour that the world of tomorrow will be looking for. And it is a bright hope for its family society, country and even the whole world if it is welcomed in a way that assures its safety and health. For this, the role of midwives is indispensable.

2016-10-21 Enough Is Enough!
[Ethiopian Herald] Democracy is not a matter of choice but a matter of survival all over the world and certainly this fact is true here in our country Ethiopia as well. This fundamental right has been well identified and priority number one of the incumbent. This has been so, because the Ethiopian people have put enormous sacrifices in order to attain and achieve fundamental human and democratic rights.

2016-10-21 Tibeb Girls Animation Series Premiered
[Ethiopian Herald] Tsehai Loves Learning the first puppet show in the national television EBC has taken another step on bringing new animation series to the screen called The "Tibeb girls" last week. Tibeb Girls the first animated series in Ethiopia is about three young girls who use their superpowers to fight injustice and harmful practices towards girls in Ethiopia.

2016-10-21 More Action Less Rhetoric
[Ethiopian Herald] Every women needs to reach at the zenith of her career and profession . However, this dream eludes many African women most of the time not just because they are incapable but because of the log-enduring institutional negative norms directed against them. The problem is compounded by lack of empowerment. Only few could mange to materialize their ambitions and goals.

2016-10-21 Wada's Fight to Insure Clean Athletes Becomes Double Standard
[Ethiopian Herald] Look at what the global anti-doping agency, WADA, has done in recent years. Just months before the momentous Rio games, WADA vowed to punish those athletes involved in taking performance enhancing drugs.

2016-10-21 National Soccer Fans Urged to 'Behave Responsibly' At Season's PLM
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Youth and Sports urged the national soccer fans to behave responsibly when the seasons Ethiopian Premier League matches kick off at the end of this month.

2016-10-21 Multidisciplinary Approach Said Crucial to Enset Cultivation
[Ethiopian Herald] The international workshop was told Enset is the enemy of hunger. And it is difficult for human and livestock to live without in south and south western parts of Ethiopia.

2016-10-21 President Commends Outgoing ECA Chief for Advancing African Cause
[Ethiopian Herald] President Dr. Mulatu Teshome lauded the efforts of the outgoing UNECA Executive Secretary Dr. Carlos Lopez for connecting Africa with the rest of the world during his four-year tenure.

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