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2016-07-05 Gabon Returns to Petroleum Exporting Countries
[Cameroon Tribune] Gabon's request to rejoin the organization was approved last month.

2016-06-29 Rwanda, Gabon First Ladies Plead for 115 Million Widows in Poverty
[News of Rwanda] The international community needs to redouble efforts aimed at aiding the millions of widows - whose numbers keep growing amid a "multiplication of conflicts around the world," say the First Ladies of Rwanda and Gabon in a joint campaign.

2016-06-24 First Lady Attends Widows Day Celebrations in Gabon
[New Times] The First Lady Jeannette Kagame, yesterday, joined her Gabonese counterpart, Sylvia Ondimba Bongo, for the celebration of the International Day of Widows in the capital Libreville.

2016-06-23 First Lady Joins Sylvia Bongo of Gabon to Mark International Widows Day
[Focus] First Lady Jeannette Kagame is today joining hands with the First Lady of Gabon Sylvia Bongo Ondimba in Libreville Gabon to celebrate International Widows Day.

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