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2018-05-08 Gabon Announces 40-Member 'Interim' Cabinet
[Deutsche Welle] Gabon's Prime Minister Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet has announced an interim government, only days after the country's top court ordered him to resign. The legal decision came after he failed to organize elections.

2018-04-27 14th CAADP Partnership Platform
[Nepad Secretariat] Libreville, Gabon -- April 25, 2018 - Every day that passes, we are learning and getting more convinced on the inevitability of ensuring our agricultural systems are investment worthy and accelerating the Implementation of National Agricultural Investment Plans to Achieve the Malabo goals and targets.

2018-04-20 Body of Gabon Man Found - Port Elizabeth
[SAPS] Police in Port Elizabeth recovered the body of David Rene Roger Bellet-Brissaud (48) this afternoon, 19/04 from the Port Elizabeth harbour.

2018-04-19 First Ladies Who Gave Birth to Presidents
[Nairobi News] A rare breed of women who were married to Presidents and gave birth to a presidents is slowly exiting the stage, the latest being former United States First Lady Barbara Bush.

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