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2014-07-25 Illegal Logging
[Daily Observer]The essence of trees towards making this planet a safe and better place fit for human survival has been hinted over and over in this paper and numerous other publications at both local and international level, especially those dealing with environment and conservation, protection and development.

2014-07-25 A Call to Support Reporters Without Borders's Campaign
[The Point]We associate ourselves with and expressed our strong support for the ongoing campaign byReporters Without Borders, which is asking you to "get involved" and sign its petition online entitled: "Mr. Sisi, free the Al-Jazeera journalists held in Egypt!"

2014-07-25 AU Prepares for Ougaplus10 Extra-Ordinary Summit On 'Employment, Poverty Eradication and Inclusive Development'
[The Point]In September 2014, heads of state and government of the African Union will meet at an extra-ordinary session in Burkina Faso, to find ways to accelerate job creation on the continent, in particular for youth and women.

2014-07-25 Elite Fitness Gym Organizes Children's Celebrations Day After Koriteh
[The Point]It has been a Month of fasting for Muslims in The Gambia and many things have been restricted during this special Holy Month!

2014-07-25 Mbowen Clinic Faces D750,000 Claim
[The Point]Massembeh Marenah, Fatou Njie, Kawsu Jallow, Fanta Saho, Amie Sarr, Galajo Bah, Nka Kanyi, Veronica Jarju, Sainabou Jatta, Binta Jatta and Adama Samba, all former employees of Mbowen Clinic, sued their former employer at the Kanifing Industrial Tribunal, claiming D750,000 for unlawful termination.

2014-07-25 NEA Boss Concerns Over Environmental Degradation
[The Point]The Executive Director of the National Environment Agency (NEA), Ndey Sireng Bakurin, has raised great concern over the rapid and continued environmental depletion of The Gambia's natural resources while describing the trend a major concern for her agency.

2014-07-25 Pipeline Mosque Foundation Presents D10,000 Cheque to Serrekunda Hospital
[The Point]Pipeline Mosque Foundation Wednesday presented a cheque for D10,000, a mosquito net and other materials to Serrekunda Hospital for its mortuary.

2014-07-25 Sierra Leone Envoy Calls On Foreign Minister
[The Point]Sierra Leone's ambassador to The Gambia and Guinea Bissau, Soulayman Daramy, on Wednesday paid a courtesy call on the minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Aboubacarr Senghore, in Banjul.

2014-07-25 Hon. Alhagi Sillah Says Fifa Appointment 'An Honour'
[The Point]It is "an honour to accept this position of responsibility", declared Hon. Alhagi Sillah reacting to his appointment on Wednesday 23rd July by FIFA to chair a Normalisation Committee for football in The Gambia.

2014-07-25 LRR Youth Eye Multi-Agric Surveys for CORY Project
[The Point]Youth in the Lower River Region (LRR) are prepared to embark on production and market surveys to expose the state of horticultural advantages for women and youth in the region.

2014-07-24 We Condemn Israel for Shooting At Al Jazeera's Gaza Bureau
[The Point]Al Jazeera's press office has reported that "Al Jazeera's bureau in Gaza has come under fire".

2014-07-24 The Night of Power
[Daily Observer]We wish to join the rest of the Islamic Ummah in the commemoration of Lailatul Qadr, an Arabic term meaning the 'Night of Power'; the most significant night in the month of Ramadan and the Islamic calendar in general. As we have been taught in Islamic religious literature, this is a night in which the process of the revelation of the holy Quran is revealed to the prophet. Even though the specific night is still a mystery, scholars have consented that the prophet has indicated that it is in the last ten day

2014-07-25 Ex-Premier League Stars Set to Clash With Ex-Gambia National Team Players in Warm-Up Clash
[The Point]Ex-Premiership players will rub shoulders with ex-players of the Gambia national team in an international game set for next February at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

2014-07-25 Gambia Deaf Scorpions Solicits Support From Gambians
[The Point]Members of the Gambia Deaf Scorpions are soliciting support from the government, the private sector, stakeholders, institutions, NGOs, companiesindividuals to participate in the upcoming first-ever Africa Deaf Cup of Nations scheduled for 4 through 25 October 2014 in Accra, Ghana.

2014-07-25 Special Edition On Zakatul-Fitr
[The Point]Zakatul-fitr is a type of sadaqah which must be paid by every Muslim, young and old, male or female, free and slave, at the end of the month of fasting (Ramadan). Al-Bukhary and Muslim relate Ibn 'Umar that he said: "The Prophet, upon whom be peace, enjoined the payment of one sa' of dates or one sa' of barley as zakatul-fitr on every Muslim, young and old, male and female, free and slave."

2014-07-25 4GP Donates Medical Items, Computers to Serekunda Health Centre
[Daily Observer]In their drive to enhance quality health care services in the country, For Gambia Projects (4GP) has donated medical items and computers to the Serekunda Health Centre.

2014-07-25 GPA Poised to Handle Heavy Passenger Traffic for Koriteh
[Daily Observer]The Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) through its deputy managing director has stated that the institution's ferry service is well placed to meet the large number of passengers wanting to travel across the river for Koriteh, a feast that marks the end of fasting by Muslims.

2014-07-25 Gambia to Revitalise Primary Health Care
[Daily Observer]The minister of Health and Social Welfare has spoken of the Ministry's desire to revitalise Primary Health Care (PHC) system across all the regions in the country. He also tasked health workers to create more PHC centers in the villages so as to ensure its services can be accessed every five kilometers.

2014-07-25 Sukuta LBS Bids Farewell to Headmistress, Others
[Daily Observer]Sukuta Lower Basic School (SLBS) Tuesday bid farewell to their retired headmistress, two Islamic teachers and a senior teacher at a ceremony held at the school premises in Sukuta.

2014-07-25 NEA Boss Commends Security Services for Their Efforts in Environmental Sanitation
[Daily Observer]The executive director of National Environment Agency (NEA) has commended the security services for their efforts and commitment to work together for the benefit of their health and environment.

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