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2014-04-18 Top GPA Officials Meet Senegalese Transport Union
[Foroyaa]Four months ago, the Senegalese Transport Union announced its decision to close the border crossing points with the Republic of The Gambia, amid controversy that arose between the Senegalese drivers and the GPA officials over the tariff at the ferry crossing points.

2014-04-17 Policing the Community
[Daily Observer]The police are a fundamental social institution with the primary role of enhancing peace and security in the society. However, more often than not, the police find themselves in controversial circumstances in their interaction with the general public. On many occasions, the public confronts the police, complaining of police transgressions and brutalities and in some other instances call for increased police protection thereby recognizing their efforts and important roles.

2014-04-18 The Gambia Government Should Be Humble and Learn From Guinea Bissau
[Foroyaa]The radio and TV are being utilised to convey how the Gambia Government contributed in shaping the agenda for peace in Guinea Bissau. In actual fact, lessons should be drawn from Guinea Bissau.

2014-04-17 Sturdy Encounters in GFF 1st Division League Weekend
[The Point]The 2013-2014 Gambia Football Federation (GFF) division one league will produce thrilling, spectacular, fascinating and exciting encounters in Banjul, Serrekunda East and Brikama respectively.

2014-04-17 FAO, Food Safety and Quality Authority Project Launched
[The Point]Stakeholders drawn from various sectors Tuesday gathered at the Sunswing Hotel for the launching of Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO-project on the assessment of the National Food Control System.

2014-04-17 Agric Department Receives FAO Mobility Boost
[Daily Observer]The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has enhanced mobility at the Department of Agriculture with a donation of a brand new double cabin pick-up vehicle valued at over D1.05 million.

2014-04-17 FAO Launches Assessment of National Food Control System Project
[Daily Observer]The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), in collaboration with the Food Safety and Quality Authority (FSQA) Tuesday launched the Assessment of the National Control System Project, at the Sunswing Hotel.

2014-04-17 Ex-Justice Minister Abuse of Office Trial Stalls
[Daily Observer]The criminal trial involving the state against the jailed former attorney general and Minister of Justice Lamin AMS Jobarteh, on Wednesday failed to progress at the Banjul Magistrates' Court presided over by Principal Magistrate Hilary Abeke.

2014-04-17 Ministers Pledge to Increase Gambia's Agric Export
[Daily Observer]The ministers of Trade, Integration and Employment and Agriculture Wednesday reaffirmed their commitment to join efforts aimed at augmenting The Gambia's export in agriculture through intensification of groundnut, sesame and cashew productions.

2014-04-17 New Envoy Vows to Strengthen Banjul-London Ties
[Daily Observer]The newly appointed United Kingdom ambassador to the Republic of The Gambia, Colin Crorkin, who arrives this weekend to take up his assignment as Her Majesty's representative in Banjul in succession to David Morley, has pledged to strengthen the ties existing between the two countries.

2014-04-17 Oussou Njie Senor to Celebrate Golden Jubilee in Music
[The Point]Ismaila Oussou Njie Senor is set to celebrate his 50-year golden jubilee in music by staging various shows with his new Faateleku Dance Band with other Gambian bands and musicians.

2014-04-17 All Set for Bajana Int'l Marathon Saturday
[The Point]All is set for the second edition of Bajana International marathon on Saturday, 19 April 2014.

2014-04-17 KNCYDA Second Empowerment Forum, Congress Held
[Daily Observer]The Kombo North Children and Youth Development Association (KNCYDA), in collaboration with the Kombo North ChildFund affiliated federation Tuesday concluded its 2nd edition of children and youth empowerment forum, at the Banjulinding Early Childhood Development Centre. Funded by the Kombo North federation, the two-day forum was preceded by the election of a new executive committee that will steer the activities of the association for the next three years. Speaking at the closing ceremony, the Kombo North F

2014-04-17 Interior Minister Warns Against Harbouring Criminals - Says Security Is Everyone's Business
[Daily Observer]The Interior minister, Ousman Sonko, has renewed his Ministry's commitment to strengthening the already existing peace and stability in the country, but hastened to warn that people, especially landlords should be more vigilant in not harbouring "criminals" or those with criminal records. He stressed that landlords must know the type of tenants they welcome into their compounds, advising that anytime a new person is allocated, the wise thing to do is to take the individual to the alkalo or mayor for proper

2014-04-17 Workers' Day Registration Set for April 22nd
[Daily Observer]The National Organising Committee of the May Day Sports under the auspices of the National Sports Council, has disclosed that the deadline for registration of companies participating in this year's competition has been deferred to April 22, 2014 due to "companies' demand."

2014-04-17 Presidential Tour - a Key Platform for Policy Dialogue
[Daily Observer]If there is any better platform for policy dialogue in the quest of moving the country forward, then the annual tour embarked upon by the president of the Republic, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Jammeh, which commences today, Thursday, 17th April, 2014, offers that unique opportunity. A constitutionally mandated requirement, the tour avails Jammeh the opportunity, once or twice each year, to meet with the people and discuss pertinent issues bordering on nation building.

2014-04-17 Cuban Charge d'Affaires Visits Observer
[Daily Observer]The offices of the Observer Company, publisher of the Daily Observer Newspaper along Gacem Road, Kanifing, were Wednesday morning visited by the new Cuban charge d'affaires to The Gambia, His Excellency Gabriel Tiel Capote.

2014-04-17 'Donating Blood Is Everyone's Social Responsibility'
[Daily Observer]Sheriffo Jagne, the deputy director of the National Public Health Laboratory has said that blood donation is harmless and safe, noting that it is everyone's social responsibility to donate blood that could be used to save the lives of their fellow human beings. According to him, if one donates blood it maybe used by the same person, meaning, "today's donor may be tomorrow's recipient." Jagne made these statements during the second anniversary celebration of the Blood Donors Association of Sukuta (BDAS) on

2014-04-16 Boosting National Security
[Daily Observer]Peace is the bedrock of sustainable development. It is a social phenomenon that is not inherited, but rather planted and nurtured by a highly professional, well-disciplined and dedicated security force. The Gambia's gigantic success in development particularly in this Second Republic is no doubt largely attributed to its well-oriented and constructive security forces.

2014-04-17 Community Self - Empowerment and Participation - Beyond Tokenism
[Daily Observer]Introduction

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