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2016-07-28 Seedy Jaiteh Still Held Incommunicado for 700 Days Without Trial
[Foroyaa] Mr Seedy Jaiteh, a former Director of Human Resource at Gamtel/Gamcel, continues to languish in the Mile Two central prison for 700 days now without access to his family.

2016-07-28 scorpions Baffled By Poor Refereeing - After U-20's Exit
[Foroyaa] Coach Omar Sise is left baffled over the appointed Benin game referee's decisions to deny the scorpions three goals in their defeat to Guinea.

2016-07-28 Solo Sandeng's Habeas Corpus Case - Judgment Deferred
[Foroyaa] The habeas corpus case filed by lawyers for the production of Mr Ebrima Solo Sandeng did not proceed yesterday 26 July, 2016 as the trial Judge did not sit.

2016-07-28 Sir David Attenborough to Be Part of Gorilla Naming
[New Times] Veteran broadcaster and conservationist, Sir David Attenborough, is among the people to name a newborn gorilla at this year's Kwita Izina gorilla naming ceremony.

2016-07-27 Gambia Passes Harsh Sentence On Street Protesters
[CAJ News] WIDESPREAD human rights violations have marred preparations for elections scheduled for December in The Gambia, the West African country ruled by an iron fist.

2016-07-27 Heavy Rains Affect Many Households in CRR
[Foroyaa] The heavy downpour which started around 17.00 hrs on Saturday, 23 July 2016, and stopped on the following day, Sunday, has affected many families in numerous villages in the Central River Region (CRR) of the Gambia, destroying their houses and foodstuff and killing small ruminants.

2016-07-27 Fatoumatta Jawara, 10 Others Imprisoned
[Foroyaa] The Mansakonko High court in the Lower River Region of the Gambia presided over by Justice Simeon Ateh Abi on 21 July, 2016 has sentenced Mrs Fatoumatta Jawara, the Chairperson of the Female Youth Wing of the United Democratic Party(UDP) and 10 others to fines and imprisonment.

2016-07-27 Banjul City Renews Ties With Nanning City
[Foroyaa] Ties between the city of Banjul in The Gambia and the city of Nanning in the People's Republic of China (PRC) were renewed at the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) held on Saturday, 23 July 2016, at the chambers of the Banjul City Council (BCC).

2016-07-28 Dream Debut for Assan Ceesay
[Foroyaa] Young Gambian striker Assan Ceesay is making the headlines in Switzerland's top tier after scoring on his debut.

2016-07-28 When Is the Ebrima Solo Sandeng's Habeas Corpus Case to Be Heard?

2016-07-28 CPA Trains Opinion Leaders On CRC Concluding Observation
[Foroyaa] Child Protection Alliance (CPA) on 25 and 26 July, 2016 organised a two-day training on CRC Concluding observations held at KMC and Brikama Area Council grounds respectively.

2016-07-28 Money Laundering Undermines Sustainable Development - Giaba
[Foroyaa] Dr. Bruno Nduka, Director of Programs and Projects of GIABA has disclosed that Money Laundering and terrorist financing is severely undermining sustainable development. He said it erode social and human capital, threaten social and political stability, causing an artificial rise in the cost of business and driving away investments.

2016-07-28 How Much Is the Country to Spend On Celebrations This Year?
[Foroyaa] The July 22 festivities are on. The APRC, as a party, is gathering together its stalwarts to participate in the ceremonies and to promote the party. How national in focus is the celebration needs to be subjected to objective assessment.

2016-07-28 Changes to the UK Visa Application Centre in the Gambia
[Foroyaa] On Monday 1 August 2016, UK Visas and Immigration's global commercial partner for UK visa services, TLS Contact, will take over the running of our Visa Application Centre in The Gambia. The Visa Application Centre will move from its current location at the British Embassy to different premises in Banjul. The Visa Application Centre will be managed in Banjul by FedEx at the following address:

2016-07-28 Gambia's Hamza Trials With Chelsea's Feeder Club
[Foroyaa] Hoping to be offered a contract, Gambia international Hamza Barry has found himself being tested by English Premier League Chelsea's feeder club Vitesse in Holland, Foroyaa Sport can report.

2016-07-26 Gambia Criminalises Child Marriage
[Daily Observer] The Gambia has criminalised the practice of child marriage after Lawmakers on Thursday unanimously passed into law the Children Act Amendment Bill 2016.

2016-07-26 Why Gambia Won't Be Sending Boxers At Olympics
[Foroyaa] When 84 out of the 88 affiliate delegates of the International Boxing Association took the audacious decision to scrap the controversial enactment banning professional boxers from taking any part in the Olympic Games, the response from across the boxing world was one of delirious surprise. Not that it wasn't a welcomed move but on account it took far too long a time and not until an overwhelming campaign by delegates to loosen the rule.

2016-07-27 What Is Holding the Release of Touray Darboe?

2016-07-27 Tribute to a Mom, Fondly Known As Yaboye Sarr (Isha Naar)
[Foroyaa] 'Yeriba boita kunoluu janjanta' (The big tree has fallen and all the birds are scattered!)

2016-07-27 Activista Trains 30 Young People On Governance
[Foroyaa] A four days Training of Trainers (TOT) for 30 young people organised by Activista The Gambia,was concluded on Wednesday, 20 July 2016, at the Bansang Youth Centre in Central River Region (CRR) South, on the theme 'Youth participation in governance".

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