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2015-04-21 IMF Loan Not Enough to Curb Currency Freefall
[CAJ News] Accra -RENOWNED Ghana economist, Dr Raziel Obeng-Okon, said the $114 million the International Monetary Fund (IMF) advanced to Ghana to shore up Bank of Ghana's reserves cannot stop the local currency's decline overnight.

2015-04-21 U.S.$114 Million Can't Stop the Cedi Fall Overnight - -Economist
[Ghanaian Chronicle] A renowned economist and lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Dr Raziel Obeng-Okon says the $114 million advanced to Ghana by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to shore up Bank of Ghana's reserves cannot stop the cedi fall overnight.

2015-04-21 Mahama's Dum-So Has Crippled Economy - Nana Addo
[Ghanaian Chronicle] Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo says the devastation that "dum-so dum-so" is wrecking on Ghana goes beyond opposition or government talk, as the cost of the erratic nature of power supply borders on the very survival of the citizenry and businesses in the country.

2015-04-21 'Akonfem, GYEEDA Wastage More Than IMF Bailout'
[Ghanaian Chronicle] The 2016 Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has revealed that monies from only three scams that have rocked the nation under the era of the National Democratic Congress government are greater than the entire bailout Ghana is receiving from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

2015-04-21 New EC Boss Must Be Neutral - Methodist Bishop
[Ghanaian Chronicle] The daredevil Bishop of the Obuasi Diocese of the Methodist Church, Rt. Rev. Stephen Richard Bosomtwi-Ayensu has called for the involvement of all major stakeholders in the selection and appointment of a new head of the Electoral Commission (EC).

2015-04-21 Ghana Is Not the First Country to Go to IMF But...
[Ghanaian Chronicle] A Ghanaian Chartered Economist, Dr. John Gatsi, is warning the government not to treat the country's bailout programme with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a single mutually exclusive solution for the economic problems facing the nation.

2015-04-21 J.B. Danquah Outlines Vision for Subin
[Ghanaian Chronicle] Mr. Joseph Boakye-Danquah, an aspirant of the Subin constituency parliamentary eat for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has proposed a paradigm shift for the development of the constituency. He has suggested that Members of Parliament must explore development opportunities outside the Common Fund.

2015-04-21 More Pay Roll Rot Uncovered - Controller Pays Ex Poly Lecturers for No Work Done
[Ghanaian Chronicle] After the media exposé of the fraud associated with the government pay roll, one would have expected that corrective measures would be put in place to address the future occurrence, but the opposite seems to be the case.

2015-04-21 Ports Flouting Phone Tax Waiver
[CAJ News] Accra -AUTHORITIES at Ghana's ports are still charging the 20 percent import tariffs on mobile phones despite the tax policy being weaved by the government in its 2015 budget.

2015-04-21 Ghana Army Students Laud RDF-Citizen Collaboration
[New Times] A delegation from Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College has lauded the collaboration that exists between Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF) and the citizenry.

2015-04-21 NDC Plot Against Bawumia Failed
[Ghanaian Chronicle] Ho -But for the timely intervention of students of the Akatsi College of Education and security of the Ho Polytechnic, some thugs alleged to have been sponsored by the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) would have disrupted the campaign tour of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) running mate for the 2016 elections, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

2015-04-21 Youth Urged to Save Early
[CAJ News] Accra -THE Managing Director of HFC Bank, Asare Akuffo, has encouraged youth to embrace a culture of saving.

2015-04-21 Samsung S6 Ships to Ghana Shores
[CAJ News] Accra -THE Samsung S6, the firm's latest high-end product, has been launched in Ghana alongside its Edge variant.

2015-04-21 Ghana, a HIPC Nation Without Official Declaration
[Ghanaian Chronicle] The conventional wisdom is that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) bail-out of US$918 million over three years would invite state officials to be conscious of the urgent need for fiscal discipline, as a condition for resuscitating the ailing economy.

2015-04-21 More Graduates Venturing Into Gaming, Betting - Lecturer
[Ghanaian Chronicle] A LECTURER and Business Consultant has warned that the crave for quick and easy wealth is making more Ghanaians graduates lazy to commit knowledge acquired in school to more productive ventures.

2015-04-21 Woman Commits Suicide
[Ghanaian Chronicle] Residents of Yalewa Zongo, near the Jubilee Park at Asem in Kumasi, were last Friday stunned at the death of a young lady believed to have taken her own life.

2015-04-20 Stakeholders to Discuss Ghana's Position On the Post-2015 Development Agenda
[MFWA] Key national stakeholders will meet at a National Stakeholder Dialogue in Accra on April 21, 2015, to discuss Ghana's position and priorities on the 17 proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The meeting is expected to identify and document Ghana's position on the proposed SDGs, its post-2015 development priorities and options for financing implementation. The meeting also seeks to increase national conversation on the long-term development strategy for Ghana and inform the intergovernmental negotia

2015-04-20 IMF Loan 'Not Enough to Curb Currency Freefall'
[CAJ News] Accra, Ghana -Renowned Ghana economist, Dr Raziel Obeng-Okon, said the $114 million the International Monetary Fund (IMF) advanced to Ghana to shore up Bank of Ghana's reserves cannot stop the local currency's decline overnight.

2015-04-18 The Price of an African Footballer's Dream
[Al Jazeera] Saeed Osumar's passion brought him from Ghana to Moscow after someone posing as a football agent five years ago had asked him for $2,000 to secure a contract with a Russian club.

2015-04-20 Moustapha's Free Kick Gets Egypt to Fight for Fifth
[CAF] The match facing Egypt and Ghana was a terribly fought battle in which the Pharaohs seemed to get easily in control in the first period, only to see the Black Sharks react to tie the score 2 apiece in the second frame to set up a fierce fight for the win. After exchanging strikes, one goal by Moustapha, one minute before the hooter, has Egypt taking on Morocco for the fifth place in this CAF Beach Soccer Championship Seychelles 2015.

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