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2017-05-22 Police Investigate Case of African Girl Held As 'Sex Slave' in Australia
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Kuala Lumpur -The 17-year-old from Guinea told investigators she was flown to Sydney via Paris in early April after a man in her home country offered her a job as a cleaner in Australia

2017-05-22 Liberia Consoles Guinea Over 24 Killed in Motor Accident
[LINA] President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has sent a message of condolence to Dr. Alpha Conde, President of the Republic of Guinea, due to the unfortunate death of 24 persons and injury to several others in a motor accident.

2017-05-22 Ellen Hails Cameroon, Consoles Guinea
[NEWS] President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has extended congratulations to the Government and people of the Republic of Cameroon on the occasion marking the 45th anniversary of the National Day of that country.

2017-05-17 Cameroon-Guinea Promises to Be Tough
[Cameroon Tribune] Group A matches will again be the centre of action today in Port Gentil with the second game pitting the Cadet Lions of Cameroon against the Silly National of Guinea promising to be tough.

2017-05-10 Guinea Ships Rubber Through Monrovia
[Observer] Nimba County District #8 Representative Larry P. Younquoi last last Thursday complained to House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay of the Executive Branch of government's unilateral decision to allow a rubber company from neighboring Guinea to use the Freeport of Monrovia to export its processed rubber to other countries without the consent of the Legislature, in violation of Article 32 (f) and (g) of the Constitution.

2017-04-28 High Tariffs Affecting Movement of Goods At Liberia-Guinea Border
[Observer] Slow movement of goods and services is being reported at one of Liberia's leading revenue-generating ports of entry, the border with Guinea at Ganta, Nimba County.

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