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2015-02-27 Amid Uptick in Ebola Cases, UN Agency Cites Challenges in Reaching Affected Communities
[UN News]New cases of Ebola rose again in Guinea and transmission remains widespread in Sierra Leone, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) reported as it and the UN Ebola response mission both raised concerns about challenges in engaging communities to win the fight against the disease.

2015-02-26 WHO Reports Overall Decrease in Ebola Infections
[Deutsche Welle]The transmission of Ebola in West Africa is on the decline, the World Health Organization has announced. Sierra Leone, however, warns that unsafe burial practices threaten to turn that trend around again.

2015-02-27 Mali Beat Guinea Set Up CAF U17 Final With South Africa
[CAF]Mali beat Guinea 2-1 to complete the equation for the final match of the 2015 CAF U17 championship. The Malian Eaglets will now face South Africa's Amajimbos on Sunday at the Stade Seni Kountche in Niamey to determine the junior titleholders of African football.

2015-02-26 Experimental Ebola Drug Shows Mixed Results in Guinea
[LINA]Clinical trial of the experimental drug favipiravir shows that it can reduce mortality among patients with low levels of the Ebola virus in their blood, but is ineffective for patients with high viral loads.

2015-02-25 First Ebola Survivors Talk of Hope and Despair
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]Gueckedou, Guinea -Lying in an Ebola treatment centre in southeast Guinea, hidden behind thick plastic sheets and surrounded by nurses in yellow protective suits, Rose Komano feared she would not survive the virus that had robbed her of so many loved ones.

2015-02-25 Ebola Fight Hit by Failure to Involve Locals
[SciDev.Net]Efforts to save lives in the West African Ebola outbreak have been undermined by a failure to involve local people more closely in communication about treatment and ethical decisions about trials, says a report published last week (17 February).

2015-02-26 Cafu17 2nd Semi-Final - Mali and Guinea Aim for Final Spot
[CAF]Mali and Guinea are both aiming to join South Africa in Sunday's final of the 2015 CAFU17 championships when the two sides clash in the second semi-final of the tournament at the Stade Seyni Kountche in Niamey Thursday.

2015-02-25 Ambassador Raps Daily News Fibs
[The Herald]Zimbabwe's ambassador to Senegal, who also covers Guinea Conakry, Mrs Trudy Stevenson, has written to the Daily News complaining about the paper's false story early this month claiming that a Zimbabwean, Tarisai Gombakomba, recently died of Ebola in Guinea.

2015-02-24 Preliminary Results of the Jiki Clinical Trial to Test the Efficacy of Favipiravir in Reducing Mortality in Individuals Infected By Ebola Virus in Guinea
[MSF]Preliminary data from the JIKI clinical trial, which is testing the efficacy of favipiravir in reducing mortality associated with Ebola, provide two important pieces of information:

2015-02-24 Initial Results With Experimental Ebola Drug Show Positive Effect for Some Patients
[MSF]Initial results of a clinical trial of the experimental drug favipiravir suggest that it can reduce mortality among patients with low levels of the Ebola virus in their blood, but is ineffective for patients with high viral loads who are very sick with the disease

2015-02-24 A Conversation With Dr. Fatou Mbow - What Next for Guinea?
[Ebola Deeply]Dr. Fatou Mbow is a Senegalese medical doctor and a consultant with Save the Children in Guinea, focusing on community response and covering health and education. She has previously worked as a technical advisor on the Ebola outbreak in Guinea. Ebola Deeply spoke with her about the Ebola response there, and the situation on the ground.

2015-02-25 U.S. Health & Human Services Team Visiting Liberia, Guinea
[FrontPageAfrica]Monrovia -The U.S. Acting Assistant Secretary for Health, Karen DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MSc, Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs, Jimmy Kolker, MPA, and Deputy Chief of Staff Dawn O'Connel will visit Liberia and Guinea for three days this week to visit Ebola response sites in the region.

2015-02-23 U.S. Olympian Helps Guinean Girls Jump Ahead
[State Department]Conakry, Guinea -American Ron Freeman won gold and bronze medals in track at the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico City. But the former Olympian says his greater legacy is the youth fitness and mentoring program he and his West African wife started here.

2015-02-23 UN Health Agency Approves Rapid Test for Ebola, As Decline in Cases Appears to Level Off
[UN News]The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today announced that it has approved for use a rapid diagnostic test kit for Ebola that can provide results in 15 minutes and correctly identify 92 percent of patients infected by the disease that has killed more than 9,400 people, mainly in West Africa.

2015-02-24 United States G8 Partnership With Guinea On Extractives
[State Department]Extractives Partnership between Guinea and the United States

2015-02-24 WFP Resumes School Feeding Programme
[WFP]On 19 February, an inaguration ceremony took place in Fria, a town in Lower Guinea, lying north of the capital, to mark the resumption of the school feeding programme across the country. The ceremony was attended by the First Lady of Guinea, the Minister of Education, and WFP Guinea Country Director (far left in photo below).

2015-02-23 Red Cross Volunteers Risk Their Lives to End Ebola
[IFRC]A first hand account from a volunteer, attacked while trying to end the outbreak

2015-02-19 Attacks On Health Workers Hamper Ebola Fight
[Deutsche Welle]Nearly one year since the Ebola epidemic broke out in Guinea and later spread to other West African nations, frontline health workers still come under attacks. Lack of awareness and cultural beliefs are to blame.

2015-02-20 African Ebola Task Force Launches Food Drive for Ebola Orphans
[FrontPageAfrica]The Minnesota African Task Force Against Ebola (MATFAE) will launch a food drive for Ebola orphans and neglected children in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, on Saturday Feb. 21, at the Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center--5600 85th Ave. N., Brooklyn Park, Minn.

2015-02-19 Unmeer SRSG Declares 'Worse of Ebola Behind Us'
[FrontPageAfrica]Monrovia -Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, special representative of the secretary-general (SRSG) and head of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), is in Liberia. Mr. Ould Cheikh Ahmed arrived Wednesday and is expected to address a press briefing today at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism. His visit to Monrovia follows Wednesday's progress report to the General Assembly by secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.

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