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2017-02-28 Strike and Upheaval - the Myth of Trickle-Down, Guinea Edition
[African Arguments] The recent nationwide protests in Guinea-Conakry transcended ethnic and regional differences, but also highlighted disconnections between top and bottom in Guinea's contentious politics.

2017-02-24 HM the King, Guinean President Hold TĂȘte-À-TĂȘte Talks in Conakry
[MAP] Conakry -HM King Mohammed VI held, on Thursday at the presidential palace in Conakry, tĂȘte-Ă -tĂȘte talks with President of the Republic of Guinea, H.E. Alpha CondĂ©.

2017-02-24 HM the King, Guinean Pres. Chair Signing Ceremony of Bilateral Cooperation Agreements
[MAP] Conakry -HM King Mohammed VI and President of the Republic of Guinea, Alpha Condé, chaired, on Thursday at the Mohammed V presidential palace in Conakry, the signing ceremony of eight bilateral cooperation agreements.

2017-02-21 Protests Over Teachers' Strike Turn Deadly in Guinea
[Al Jazeera] At least five people have been killed in Guinea's capital, Conakry, in protests sparked by a teacher's strike, according to the government, reviving labour tensions in a country where previous strikes have led to dozens of deaths.

2017-02-15 Ebola Epidemic Fuelled By 'Super-Spreaders' - Study
[Al Jazeera] Most of the people who were infected with Ebola in the 2014 West Africa epidemic contracted the viral disease through "super-spreaders", researchers say.

2017-02-15 Guinea Bans Beauty Pageants
[News24Wire] Authorities in Guinea have reportedly banned beauty pageants after "skimpy outfits" in the swimwear section sparked outrage on social media, with some asking if the country's prime minister was "encouraging prostitution".

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