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2018-05-16 Liberian Refugees Languish in Guinea
[New Dawn] Liberian Refugees in Kouankan and Laine in neighboring Guinea have reportedly been ill-treated by Guineans since the end of the civil war in Liberia.

2018-05-11 Weah Meets Guinean National Who Trekked to Liberia
[New Dawn] President George Manneh Weah has graciously met in audience a Guinean national who traveled several weeks on foot from his hometown in Guinea near the border with Mali to Monrovia.

2018-05-05 President Meets Guinea Special Envoy
[The Herald] President Mnangagwa yesterday received a special envoy from the Republic of Guinea, Mr Mamadi Toure, who delivered a message from his president and former African Union chairperson, Professor Alpha Condé.

2018-05-03 Texas Couple Arrested for Allegedly Enslaving Guinea Girl for 16 Years
[VOA] A Texas case involving the son of late Guinea President Ahmed Sekou Toure has put the spotlight on human trafficking for forced labor.

2018-04-27 Texas Couple Charged With Forcing Guinean Child to Work
[VOA] A U.S. federal court charged a Texas couple Thursday with imposing forced labor on a child from Guinea from 2000 until she escaped from their home in 2016.

2018-04-25 Climate Change Threatens Livelihoods of 130m Niger Basin Inhabitants
[Guardian] Minister of Water Resources, Suleiman Adamu, has said the livelihoods of over 130 million people living in the Niger Basin were at risk of climate change and other environmental challenges.

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