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2014-10-22 Hopes for Ebola Vaccine Soon
[Deutsche Welle]The World Health Organization is pressing for a vaccine to combat the spread of Ebola, hoping to prepare two versions by January. On the ground in West Africa, Germany's Red Cross has made a desperate call for help.

2014-10-21 Researchers Develop Quick Ebola Diagnosis Device
[RFI]The new tool, developed by France's Atomic Energy Commission, could allow doctors to diagnose a patient with suspected Ebola in under 15 minutes.

2014-10-21 Ebola Vaccines to Be Tested
[UN News]Amid positive developments in the global fight against Ebola, including a growing response to the Secretary-General's appeals for the more funding to tackle the outbreak, the United Nations health agency today announced the expected delivery of Ebola candidate vaccines, as the UN system continues to ramps up efforts to quell the spread of the deadly virus.

2014-10-20 Ebola Hits West Africa Food Security
[IRIN]Kenema/Freetown/Dakar -West Africa's Ebola outbreak, which has been disrupting agricultural and market activities, threatens to erode food security and negatively affect the livelihoods of millions of already vulnerable people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone unless more is done to meet their immediate food and nutritional needs, say aid agencies.

2014-10-20 In Ebola-Stricken Countries, Authorities and Journalists Should Work Together
[CPJ]The Ebola crisis in West Africa is unrelenting, and journalists on the frontline of reporting on the virus are caught between authorities wanting to control how the outbreak is reported, and falling victim to the disease themselves.

2014-10-20 France Screens Flights for Ebola
[RFI]France has begun screening passengers for signs of Ebola as they arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris on the daily Air France flight from Guinea's capital Conakry.

2014-10-21 Jammeh Gives Guinea Conakry Five Million to Fight Ebola
[The Point]President Yahya Jammeh, "in a show of African solidarity", has given US$500,000 to the people of Guinea Conakry as Gambia's contribution towards the fight against the Ebola virus disease outbreak.

2014-10-20 Gambia Donates U.S.$500,000 to Guinea Canakry to Fight Ebola
[Foroyaa]The Gambia Government has donated $500,000 US Dollars to the neighbouring state of Guinea Conakry, according to a press release from state house in Banjul October 16th 2014.

2014-10-20 China Contributes U.S. $6 Million to WFP in Fight Against Ebola in Guinea, Liberia & Sierra Leone
[WFP]Beijing -This substantial and timely contribution will be divided equally between the three countries, enabling WFP to purchase vital food supplies - mainly rice, lentils or yellow peas, and blended fortified cereals - for emergency rations for more than 300,000 people for one month, as well as specialised nutrition products to help prevent malnutrition.

2014-10-17 Sirleaf Appeals for Global Action As Ebola Rages
[Liberia Govt]Dear World

2014-10-16 UN Security Council Opposes Cutting Ties Over Ebola
[Deutsche Welle]The UN has issued a unanimous Security Council statement urging the international community to "accelerate and dramatically expand" aid to combat the spread of Ebola. It also criticized the global response to date.

2014-10-16 Press Clamps Hinder Ebola Fight
[MFWA]Efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa have been associated with various forms of press freedom restrictions and attacks on journalists, which continue to hamper the provision of timely and accurate information to the public.

2014-10-16 France to Start Ebola Checks At Airports Saturday
[RFI]France is to start Ebola checks at airports on travellers arriving from Guinea, one of the three west African countries worst hit by the virus.

2014-10-15 Black Stars Cruise to Victory Past Guinea
[GFA]Ghana cemented their place at the top of their group after edging to victory past Guinea on Wednesday in Tamale in the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying.

2014-10-15 It's a Race Against Time to Stop Ebola
[UN News]The Ebola outbreak is "winning the race" against attempts to contain it, the head of the United Nations mission working to stop the deadly virus warned the Security Council today as he urged the international community to help expand on-the-ground efforts across the affected nations in West Africa.

2014-10-15 Are the Ebola outbreaks in Nigeria and Senegal over?
[WHO]Not quite yet.

2014-10-15 Ebola Dampens Tabaski Spirit in Guinea As Cultural Practices Are Put On Hold
[IFRC]Conakry, Guinea -From nine o'clock in the morning the call to prayer went out across Guinea. Muslims were invited to come together in fields, squares and mosques on Saturday to celebrate Eid Al-Adha, one of Islam's most important holidays, known as Tabaski in many parts of West Africa. But in the capital, Conakry, it was quiet on the usually busy roads. Many of the faithful stayed at home, taking note of the government's warning to avoid large gatherings in the wake of the Ebola virus disease outbreak.

2014-10-14 Ebola Doctors Make It Up As They Go
[SAPA]Johannesburg -Lack of equipment in Ebola-stricken countries is forcing doctors to improvise as they try to administer much needed healthcare, Medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF -- Doctors Without Borders) staff said on Tuesday.

2014-10-14 Rethink Ebola Infection Control, Says Top U.S. Health Official
[Deutsche Welle]The top US health official says even a single case of Ebola is unacceptable, and apologized for appearing to blame a Texas nurse who caught the virus at work. It comes as Liberian health workers defy a call to strike.

2014-10-14 More Ebola Help Needed, Says UN Expert
[Deutsche Welle]Anthony Banbury, the head of the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), has just concluded his tour of the three countries worst hit by Ebola. He told DW what needed to be done to contain the virus.

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