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2014-09-23 Scientists Project Tens of Thousands of Ebola Cases
[VOA]Geneva -A new study warns of tens of thousands of Ebola cases in West Africa in the coming months if swift action is not taken to curb this deadly disease. An article appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine provides new data on the scale and spread of this deadly disease.

2014-09-22 The AU's Ebola Mission - It's Not All About the Money
[ISS]More than six months have passed since the Ebola epidemic was officially declared in Guinea. In this time, very little help has come from African institutions, individuals and non-governmental organisations. Finally, African businessmen and the African Union (AU) are now joining the international effort to help the thousands of victims of the dreaded virus.

2014-09-22 Three Journalists Murdered
[MFWA]On September 17, 2014, a mob of villagers killed three journalists and six others who were raising awareness about Ebola in Womey, a village about 900km from Guinea's capital, Conakry.

2014-09-22 Ebola Health Team Killed in Guinea
[Inquirer]Eight members of a team trying to raise awareness about Ebola have been killed by villagers using machetes and clubs in Guinea, officials say.

2014-09-23 Journalists Killed While Covering Ebola Education Campaign in Guinea
[CPJ]Abuja -A journalist and two media workers were killed on September 16 while covering an Ebola education campaign in Guinea's south-eastern forested region, according to news reports and local journalists.

2014-09-22 Nine Members of Team 'Fighting' Ebola Killed By Villagers
[CISA]Nzerekore -Nine members of a team trying to raise awareness on Ebola were on Friday September 19 killed by villagers armed with machetes and clubs around the city of Nzerekore, officials said.

2014-09-21 AFCON Hosts Named
[Times of Zambia]ZAMBIA yesterday missed out on the opportunity of hosting the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) after the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) awarded the rights to Cameroon.

2014-09-21 UN Ebola Mission Launched
[UN News]Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has officially established the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response and has instructed the advance teams for the first-of-its-kind operation to head to its base in Accra, Ghana, by Monday, 22 September.

2014-09-20 Nations Bid for 2019, 2021 AFCON Hosting
[CAF]Algeria, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea and Zambia have all made their final push for considerations to be granted the rights to host and organize the Africa Cup of Nations in 2019 and 2021 with delegations from the five nations making 30 minutes presentations highlighting their proposed venues and explaining why their bids should be given the nod.

2014-09-19 Ebola Health Workers Killed
[VOA]The Guinean government said it is stopping Ebola education activities in the country's southeast after seven missing health workers and journalists were murdered there this week. Two other workers remain missing.

2014-09-19 French Court Scraps Guinean's Deportation Because of Ebola Epidemic
[RFI]An illegal immigrant from Guinea escaped deportation from France because of the Ebola epidemic in his homeland on Friday. His lawyer hopes the case has set a legal precedent.

2014-09-18 Ebola Deaths Rise to 2,600
[Deutsche Welle]More than 2,600 people have died in the current Ebola outbreak. The virus has so far infected at least 5,300 people in West Africa since early this year.

2014-09-17 Army General 'On the Ground' Directing U.S. Ebola Campaign
[allAfrica]Washington, DC -By the time President Obama announced a stepped up effort to combat Ebola in west Africa on Tuesday, the Army officer he tapped to coordinate the response was already on the job.

2014-09-19 Paul G. Allen's Tackle Ebola Campaign Adds Two Partnerships
[PR Newswire]Seattle -Support will provide much-needed services for medical workers working to combat the worst Ebola outbreak on record.

2014-09-19 Ghana Air Force Airlifts Relief Assistance to Three Ebola Affected Countries
[Ghana Govt.]The Ghana Air Force has begun the airlifting of about one hundred tons of humanitarian food relief items to three Ebola affected countries, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

2014-09-18 Acceleration Seen in Ebola Outbreak, Death Toll Exceeds 2,600
[VOA]At least 2,622 people have died in the worst outbreak of Ebola virus in history, which has so far infected at least 5,335 people in West Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

2014-09-18 Managing Editor Unlawfully Arrested and Detained for Allegedly Libelling Official
[MFWA]Criminal Investigations Department officers picked up Louis Esperant Celestin, the managing editor of the weekly newspaper Journal d'Afrique, on September 3, 2014.

2014-09-18 Reporter Beaten Up By a Gendarme
[MFWA]A member of the Guinean Gendarmerie assaulted David Tchopn Bangoura, a reporter for the private radio station Lynx FM, on 4 September, 2014.

2014-09-17 Ebola Threatens Global Security, Says Obama
[VOA]Washington, DC -The United States is ready to take leadership for a global response to the deadly Ebola virus that is ravaging West Africa, President Barack Obama said Tuesday, as he announced plans to send thousands of U.S. troops to the region.

2014-09-17 Obama on Ebola Crisis - Full Text
[White House]Remarks by the President on the Ebola outbreak at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia:

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