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2014-08-28 Guinea Bissau Speaker Discloses Country's Plans for Peace
[Foroyaa]The speaker of Guinea Bissau's Parliament, Mr. Cipriano Cassama visited the Gambia National Assembly where he disclosed his country's new plans to transform to a nation of stability and progress as wanted by its people and well wishers.

2014-08-21 Bissau Assembly Speaker Addresses Parliament in Banjul, Signs MOU
[The Point]The President (Speaker) of the National People's Assembly in Guinea Bissau, Hon. Engenheiro Cipriano Cassama, Wednesday addressed the National Assembly of The Gambia in Banjul.

2014-08-21 Guinea Bissau Speaker Makes Historic N/Assembly Address in Gambia
[Daily Observer]The visiting Speaker of the National People's Assembly of the Republic of Guinea Bissau Wednesday made a historic address at the National Assembly of The Gambia, becoming the first foreign parliamentary chief to do so in Banjul.

2014-08-20 G/Bissau Speaker Visits Gambia
[Daily Observer]The Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Guinea Bissau has arrived in The Gambia for a two-day working visit, in what was seen as the latest move to strengthen relations between the two countries.

2014-08-15 Journalist Heavily Fined, Ministry to Use Fine to Train Journalists
[MFWA]A journalist and director of privately-owned weekly Donos da Bola was on August 5, 2014, fined FCFA 6.5 million (about US$13,300) by the country's regional tribunal, Tribunal RĂ©gional de Bissau (TRB).

2014-08-14 Ban Appoints Irish National As New Deputy Envoy for Guinea-Bissau
[UN News]United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Maria do Valle Ribeiro of Ireland as his Deputy Special Representative for Guinea-Bissau.

2014-08-13 Germany, Guinea-Bissau React to Ebola Outbreak
[VOA]Germany is urging its citizens to leave Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia due to the Ebola outbreak in the West African nations. The foreign ministry announced the government directive on Wednesday, but said the appeal for nationals to leave did not apply to medical workers or diplomatic staff.

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