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2016-06-21 Skipper Savouring Guinea-Bissau's Success Story
[CAF] If football was predictable, little Guinea-Bissau would not be busy making arrangements to participate in January's CAF Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon. But after one of the unlikeliest qualifying successes in memory, the Djurtus will be at their first continental finals, qualifying from a tough group, remarkably with a match to spare.

2016-06-16 Security Council Urges Political Solution to Crisis
[UN News] Following a briefing yesterday by the head of the United Nations peacebuilding office in Guinea-Bissau, the Security Council has encouraged national actors to abide by the constitution and rule of law, while striving to find a political solution to the crisis in the country.

2016-06-15 Prolonged Political Crisis Could Erode Development Gains, UN Warns
[UN News] The longer the political crisis continues in Guinea Bissau, the more likely the country could see setbacks to its development and economic gains, warned the head of the United Nations peacebuilding office there, urging the Security Council to pay greater attention to the situation.

2016-06-13 Drug Trafficking Threatens Development
[WACSI] Drug trafficking is fast becoming the most serious problem in West Africa. The sub- region has seen an increase in drug trafficking, production and consumption which continues to ruin many lives.

2016-05-31 Chipolopolo Arrive in Guinea
[Zambia Reports] The Chipolopolo boys have jetted in Guinea Bissau four days before the crucial Group E 2017 Gabon Africa Cup qualifier.

2016-05-28 Political Crisis Undermines Development - UN Chief
[UN News] In the wake of protests in Guinea-Bissau, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged all political stakeholders and their supporters to act responsibly, refrain from violence and avoid an escalation of the situation by settling their concerns through dialogue.

2016-05-27 President Names New Prime Minister, Sparking Protests
[Deutsche Welle] Protests have erupted in the nation's capital in response to the president's announcement. The ruling party has slammed the appointment, saying it will not accept an "unconstitutional decision."

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