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2017-07-14 Reforms Are Not Optional for the Country's Stability
[ISS] When Guinea-Bissau's President José Mário Vaz sacked Domingos Simões Pereira as prime minister in August 2015, the country hit a political stalemate.

2017-07-09 Protesters Call for Political Change
[Al Jazeera] Tension is mounting in Guinea Bissau between President Jose Mario Vaz and parliament which has not been able to pass a single law in the last two years. The unrest has spilled onto the streets as protesters call for political change and stability.

2017-07-10 Gambia up Against Bissau
[Foroyaa] Gambia's CHAN team left the country's shores yesterday for Guinea's capital Bissau.

2017-07-06 Junior Scorpions Leave for Bissau Return Leg Friendly
[Daily Observer] The Gambia National Home Based Team (CHAN) under the guidance of Coach Alhagie Sarr is scheduled to leave for Bissau today, Thursday 6th July for the return leg friendly international with their counterparts, the Wild Dogs of Guinea Bissau slated for Saturday July 8th in Bissau.

2017-06-30 Fresh Talks to End 2-Year Deadlock
[RFI] Guinea-Bissau's President Jose Mario Vaz was scheduled to meet political parties on Thursday to try to put an end to the country's political crisis. He's been given three months by the West African Economic Community (Ecowas) to find a solution.

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