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2015-07-31 Experiences of African People Across the World Brought to Life Through Film
[The Conversation Africa] Creole is the language used daily by the majority of Guinea Bissau's population, but it has no official status. The film Lantanda, one of twenty-one short and long documentaries being shown at the Africa World Documentary Film Festival in Cape Town, explores this fascinating story.

2015-07-28 Liberia Meets Guinea Bissau in 2018 World Cup
[Inquirer] African sides have learned who they will face in 2018 World Cup qualifying following Saturday's draw in St Petersburg, Russia.

2015-07-13 The New Stage for Global Drug Policy Reform
[Fahamu] Colombian drug traffickers financed the re-election campaign of President João Bernardo Vieira in Guinea-Bissau in 2005. But the growing narcotics problem in West Africa - with an estimated 2.5 million consumers - has not received adequate attention globally.

2015-07-11 IMF Executive Board Approves Three-Year Us$23.9 Million Extended Credit Facility Arrangement for Guinea-Bissau and Concludes 2015 Article Iv Consultation
[IMF] The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today approved a three-year SDR 17.04 million (about US$23.9 million, 120 percent of quota) arrangement under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF)1 for Guinea-Bissau and also concluded the 2015 Article IV consultation.2 The approval enables the immediate disbursement of an amount equivalent to SDR 2.84 million (about US$4.0 million, 20 percent of Guinea Bissau's quota).

2015-07-06 Senior UN Official Travels to Guinea Bissau After New Ebola Cases Reported in Bordering Guinea
[Global Ebola Response] The head of the United Nations mission for Ebola response has begun a visit to take stock of prevention and preparedness efforts in Guinea Bissau, which remains at high risk given its proximity to Guinea where new cases of the virus were reported in an urban area bordering the two countries.

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