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2016-12-01 Ellen Pledges Support to New Guinea Bissau Prime Minister
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has received in audience and welcomed the appointment of Prime Minister, Mr. Umaro El Mokhtar Sissoco Embalo of Guinea Bissau in furtherance of resolving the political issues that have paralyzed the West African nation.

2016-11-23 Angolan Embassy Supports Guinean Diplomats
[ANGOP] Bissau -The Angolan embassy in Guinea Bissau handed over on Tuesday in Bissau, a computer and a printer to the Guinean Diplomats Association, in view to relaunching the activities of this institution.

2016-11-21 Guinea-Bissau Names New Prime Minister, Fifth in Nine Months
[Deutsche Welle] Guinea-Bissau's president has named a new prime minister following the dissolution of the sitting government. The troubled African country's administration has been paralyzed by a crisis over leadership succession.

2016-11-09 Ecowas Mandates Bissau Parties to Respect Conakry Accord
[LINA] In a bid to resolve the political crisis in Guinea Bissau, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has urged all parties involved in the crisis to respect the Conakry Agreement which was signed recently by stakeholders.

2016-11-07 Ecowas to End Guinea Bissau Crisis
[Observer] Political leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have signed a final Communiqué aimed at ending the political crisis in Guinea Bissau, while mandating all stakeholders to respect the 'Conakry Agreement,' an Executive Mansion release has said.

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