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2014-09-11 UN Representative Visits Angolan Embassy in Guinea-Bissau
[ANGOP]Luanda -The new representative of the United Nations Secretary-General to Guinea-Bissau, Miguel Trovoada, last Wednesday made a visit to the Angolan Embassy in Bissau, in the ambit of his multilateral consultation work.

2014-08-28 Guinea Bissau Speaker Discloses Country's Plans for Peace
[Foroyaa]The speaker of Guinea Bissau's Parliament, Mr. Cipriano Cassama visited the Gambia National Assembly where he disclosed his country's new plans to transform to a nation of stability and progress as wanted by its people and well wishers.

2014-08-21 Bissau Assembly Speaker Addresses Parliament in Banjul, Signs MOU
[The Point]The President (Speaker) of the National People's Assembly in Guinea Bissau, Hon. Engenheiro Cipriano Cassama, Wednesday addressed the National Assembly of The Gambia in Banjul.

2014-08-21 Guinea Bissau Speaker Makes Historic N/Assembly Address in Gambia
[Daily Observer]The visiting Speaker of the National People's Assembly of the Republic of Guinea Bissau Wednesday made a historic address at the National Assembly of The Gambia, becoming the first foreign parliamentary chief to do so in Banjul.

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