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2014-04-17 Nation Prepares for Presidential Run-Off
[VOA]Dakar -Guinea-Bissau is headed to a presidential run-off election next month that will pit the candidate of the ex-ruling party against an independent seen as having strong support in the military.

2014-04-18 Dr. Sawyer Leads ECOWAS Delegation for Bissau Elections
[FrontPageAfrica]Bissau -The Chairman of the Governance Commission, Prof. Amos C. Sawyer led an ECOWAS observer mission to the legislative and presidential elections in Guinea Bissau which took place on Sunday, April 13, 2014.

2014-04-18 The Gambia Government Should Be Humble and Learn From Guinea Bissau
[Foroyaa]The radio and TV are being utilised to convey how the Gambia Government contributed in shaping the agenda for peace in Guinea Bissau. In actual fact, lessons should be drawn from Guinea Bissau.

2014-04-16 Out With the Old, in With the New?
[ThinkAfricaPress]For the first time in two decades, the divisive figure Kumba Yalá is not watching over Guinea-Bissau's elections. But his legacy of corruption and unrest remains.

2014-04-14 UN Chief Commends Guinea-Bissau People for Orderly, Peaceful Elections
[UN News]United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has applauded the people of Guinea-Bissau for their orderly and peaceful participation in yesterday's presidential and legislative elections, and called on all candidates to respect the upcoming results.

2014-04-14 Chissano Urges Peace in Guinea-Bissau
[CAJ News]Bissau -HEAD of the African Union Election Observation Mission (AU EOM), Joaquim Chissano, called on all voters to preserve the peaceful electoral atmosphere that has prevailed in Guinea-Bissau.

2014-04-15 U.S. State Department Daily Press Briefing: Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau
[State Department]Daily Press Briefing Index

2014-04-15 Nation Goes to the Poll
[AEP]Guinea-Bissau is voting in presidential and parliamentary elections, amid hope that stability can be restored. Already poor, the country is plagued by corruption, fuelled by cocaine trafficking. It is the first election since a coup in 2012, after which the EU and others suspended aid donations. With a history of coups, no elected leader has served a full term since independence from Portugal in 1974.There are 13 candidates for president and 15 parties fielding candidates for parliament.

2014-04-15 Sawyer Leads Delegation
[NEWS]The Chairman of the Governance Commission Dr. Amos C. Sawyer at head of an ECOWAS observer mission has concluded an observation on the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Guinea Bissau which took place on April 13, 2014.

2014-04-14 Nation Votes for President, Parliament
[VOA]Voters in Guinea -Bissau stood in long lines Sunday to pick a new president and parliament, the country's first election since a military coup two years ago disrupted a presidential race as it headed to a second-round runoff.

2014-04-13 Most Voters Head for Polls for First Time
[Deutsche Welle]Voters in Guinea-Bissau have headed to polls to elect a president and parliament. The much-delayed election aims to draw a line under a 2012 military coup that plunged the West African nation into chaos.

2014-04-13 UN Urges Respect for Poll Outcome
[UN News]With preparations supported by the United Nations, voters in Guinea-Bissau head to the polls this Sunday in presidential and parliamentary elections many hope will bring stability to the tiny West African nation.

2014-04-14 Bissau-Guineans Cast Ballot in Gambia
[Daily Observer]Thousands of Bissau-Guineans residing in The Gambia on Sunday turned out in their numbers to exercise their democratic rights in a poll that is billed to end the two-year transitional government brought about by a coup in April 2012.

2014-04-11 Nation Heads to Polls Sunday
[Deutsche Welle]In no other African state has an election been postponed so often as in Guinea-Bissau. People have been waiting for a legitimate government since a coup in 2012. Now the long wait is over.

2014-04-11 Guinea-Bissau Votes in Bid for Stability
[UNDP]Voters in Guinea -Bissau heads to the polls this Sunday, in a presidential and parliamentary election many hope will bring stability to the tiny West African nation.

2014-04-11 Guinea-Bissau Holds First Post-Coup Election
[VOA]Dakar -Guinea-Bissau goes to the polls Sunday for a much-awaited presidential and parliamentary election.

2014-04-11 Back to the Ballot-Box - Guinea-Bissau Seeks Stability
[IRIN]Bissau -Guinea-Bissau observers doubt that the long-delayed post-coup presidential election set for 13 April will be sufficient to jolt the country back to stability. But there are hopes that the polls will restore constitutional order, revive donor support and stabilize the economy.

2014-04-11 A History of Endemic Instability
[Cameroon Tribune]Since independence 40 years ago, no Guinea Bissau leader has ever completed his term. Guinea-Bissau is today one of the world's poorest nations, due largely to the political problems that have plagued the former Portuguese colony of 1.7 million people. A number of reasons explain this state of affairs - among which is the all-too powerful military, corruption, poverty, the 1998 civil war, drug trafficking and weak state institutions that are easily prone to corruption.

2014-04-11 Ecowas Hopeful of Successful Guinea Bissau Election Sunday
[VOA]The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is cautiously optimistic that Guinea Bissau's elections scheduled for Sunday will be transparent, free and fair, says Sonny Ugoh, Communications Director for ECOWAS.

2014-04-11 Make or Mar Election
[Cameroon Tribune]Next Sunday's presidential poll in Guinea Bissau is intended to end years of instability.

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