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2015-01-27 Kenyan, South African Entrepreneurs Picked for Program to Fight Climate Change
[CIO]The Green Pioneer Accelerator, a business accelerator that seeks to support social enterprises with innovative products and services mitigating the effects of climate change, has selected 11 entrepreneurs for the program in Kenya and 12 entrepreneurs for the program in South Africa.

2015-01-27 Facebook and Instagram Websites Go Down
[The Star]Social media sites Facebook and Instagram were momentarily unavailable worldwide Tuesday morning due to technical problems experienced by the two companies.

2015-01-27 Hacker Group Claims It Is Behind Facebook, Instagram Outages
[The Star]Internet sites including Facebook, the world's largest social network, Instagram and other popular sites suffered temporary outages on Tuesday and a hacker group associated with other recent high-profile attacks claimed it caused the outages.

2015-01-27 Pupil Dies After Latrine Caves in
[The Star]A pupil in Kio Primary School, Laikipia West, has died after falling into a pit latrine.

2015-01-27 Witness Tells ICC Judges PNU Members Gave Evidence Against Ruto
[The Star]A witness told the ICC that most of the witnesses whose statements were relied on to confirm charges against Deputy President William Samoei Ruto and former journalist Joshua arap Sang were members of the Party of National Unity (PNU) that Ruto campaigned against in 2007.

2015-01-27 Condom Advert - HIV Prevention or Infidelity Promotion?
[Key Correspondents]Controversy over an advert on condom use to prevent HIV among married couples led by a cross section of Kenyan religious leaders has left many HIV activists astonished at the 'denial of reality'.

2015-01-27 Boy 'Stressed Beyond Comprehension' After Admission to Girls' High School
[The Star]A boy who sat for 2014 KCPE exams in Teso North, Busia county has been enrolled at a girls' school.

2015-01-27 One-Month Blackout At Hospital
[The Star]Electricity at Bamba Subcounty Hospital in Kilifi county has been disconnected for almost a month because of an outstanding bill.

2015-01-27 New Law Gives State Muscle to Combat Smuggling - KRA
[The Star]THE state said yesterday it will implement sections of the controversial Security Laws (Amendment) Act that touch on customs operations to combat illicit trade at designated borders.

2015-01-27 Nkaissery Orders Probe Into Leaders Behind Narok Riots That Left One Dead
[The Star]Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery has ordered the investigation and prosecution of the organisers of Narok town riots.

2015-01-27 Cleric, Trader Killed in Mai Mahiu Land Row
[The Star]Residents of Lari constituency are mourning a pastor and businessman killed at Mai Mahiu, Naivasha subcounty, on Saturday in a land dispute.

2015-01-27 Man Arrested with Turtle Meat
[The Star]MALINDI A court has adjourned a case in which a man is charged with illegally having turtle meat.

2015-01-27 Victims Ask If Uhuru Will Be Charged Again
[The Star]VICTIMS of the 2007-08 post-election violence want ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to say if she will consider charging President Uhuru Kenyatta again.

2015-01-27 60,000 Need Relief Food
[The Star]ISIOLO More than 60,000 residents need relief food following a looming drought.

2015-01-27 Five Moi Referral Nurses Arrested
[The Star]Riot police lobbed teargas canisters yesterday to disperse striking nurses at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret town, and arrested five of them.

2015-01-27 Leave No One Behind, but Don't Penalise Excellence
[The Star]THE form one selection controversy, in which a number of parents, teachers and students in Naivasha have loudly condemned the process as a sham, should urgently be resolved.

2015-01-27 State House Plot Is Mine, Says Trader
[The Star]A second businessman, this time a Kenyan, has claimed ownership of the two-acre disputed plot near State House, Nairobi.

2015-01-27 More Security Needed in Nguruman Eviction
[The Star]THE High Court in Machakos yesterday extended orders stopping the eviction of members of the Maasai community at Nguruman.

2015-01-27 Swazuri Denies Renewal of Kenyatta Family Lease On Taita Taveta Land
[The Star]The Kenyatta family lease on 30,000 hectares of land in Taita Taveta county has not been renewed, National Land Commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri has said.

2015-01-27 Girl Beaten to Death, Burned By Boda Boda Operators in Rangwe
[The Star]A 16-year-old girl was beaten to death and burned by boda boda operators in Rangwe, Homa Bay county on Monday.

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