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2015-03-03 Five National Schools Cheated in KCSE Exams
[The Star]Five national schools cheated in the 2014 KCSE exams but cases of irregularities dropped, Education CS Jacob Kaimenyi has said.

2015-03-03 Muthama Says Slain Envoy Feared for Her Life
[Capital FM]Nairobi -Slain Venezuelan ambassador Olga Fonsenca had expressed fears about her life a week before she was killed.

2015-03-03 Kenya Is Africa's Worst in Global Mining Survey
[The Star]KENYA is ranked third least attractive country in the world and worst in Africa for mineral investments, trailing Zimbabwe and Zambia which recently locked horns with multinational mining firms over higher rates.

2015-03-03 Improvement Recorded in 2014 KCSE Results
[Capital FM]Nairobi -There was marked improvement in last year's Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination results with 149,717 candidates attaining the minimum university entry grade of C+ and above.

2015-03-03 Geothermal Development Compan Manager Charged Over Death Threat to Star Editor
[Capital FM]Nairobi -The Deputy Corporate Manager at the Geothermal Development Company Eric Wamanji Ndungu has been charged with sending an SMS threatening to kill Star newspaper Managing Editor Charles Kerich.

2015-03-03 Opposition Is Corrupt, Says Duale
[The Star]The opposition has no moral authority to criticise the Jubilee government over corruption, National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale has said.

2015-03-03 On International Women's Day, the Cofounder of the Boma Project Is in Northern Kenya "Making It Happen" for Some of the World's Poorest Women
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]Marsabit -Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

2015-03-03 KCSE Results to Be Released Today
[The Star]Students who sat their KCSE exams in 2014 will receive their results today.

2015-03-03 MPs Join in Probe On Pumwani Twins Theft
[The Star]PARLIAMENT has joined the investigations into the disappearance of twins from Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

2015-03-03 Graca Machel in Kenya to Promote Women Entrepreneurship
[The Star]FORMER South African First Lady Graca Machel is on a week-long visit in Kenya to promote economic empowerment of women across various sectors in the country.

2015-03-03 President Uhuru to Address Innovation Forum On How Digital Space Is Transforming Opportunities
[CIO]President Uhuru will tomorrow attend the National ICT Innovation Forum function at KICC with the message of how the digital space is Transforming Opportunities.

2015-03-03 GDC Manager Arrested Over Death Threat to Star Editor
[The Star]POLICE arrested Eric Wamanji, a senior manager at the Geothermal Development Company, yesterday for allegedly sending a death threat to the Editor of the Star newspaper, Charles Kerich.

2015-03-03 Busia Riot Over KCSE Grades
[The Star]ST Mathias Busia Boys' Secondary School was closed yesterday after students went on strike.

2015-03-03 Placement Question On KCSE Results
[The Star]A looming placement crisis awaits the candidates expecting their 2014 KCSE exam results today.

2015-03-03 After Anglo Leasing Charges, Recover Loot - Transparency International
[Capital FM]Nairobi -Transparency International Kenya says its only through the prosecution of all people involved in the Anglo-Leasing scandal, that the war against corruption will get enhanced in the country.

2015-03-03 Mining Policymakers Bring Shame to the Nation
[The Star]Kenya has been rated 120 out of 122 in an authoritative list of mining investment friendliness (see story on page 38).

2015-03-03 President Kenyatta to Set Ablaze 15 Tonnes of Ivory
[Capital FM]Nairobi -President Uhuru Kenyatta will on Tuesday afternoon set on fire 15 tonnes of elephant tusks in what is seen as Jubilee government's major move to fight poaching in Kenya.

2015-03-03 Girl Power Movie Gets Date At John Hopkins Film Festival
[The Star]Award-winning Kenyan film, Strength of a Woman has been invited to screen at next month's Global Health Week at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA.

2015-03-03 Nakuru IDP Leader Passes On
[The Hague Trials Kenya]Last month, Pipeline IDP Camp Chairman Paul Thiong'o passed away after a battle with cancer. According to the camp secretary, Thiong'o will be remembered for his efforts to improve the lives of the camp's families and his unwavering criticism of the Kenya ICC cases.

2015-03-03 Kenya Among Target Markets for Orange's Firefox OS Smartphone
[CIO]Kenya is among thirteen of Orange's markets that will be first to receive the newly launched 3G Firefox OS smartphone.

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