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2014-11-22 Al-Shabaab Accused of Bus Attack
[The Star]TWENTY eight people are feared dead after a bus they were traveling in was hijacked by suspected al-Shabaab militia as it climbed the hills of the notorious Omar Jillo area of Mandera East Sub County.

2014-11-22 Army Destroys Camp Used By Suspected Bus Attackers
[Capital FM]Nairobi -A camp that was being used by attackers who executed 28 Kenyans travelling in bus on Saturday morning in Mandera has been destroyed by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

2014-11-22 Reports - Bus Hijacked in Kenya, Passengers Killed
[Deutsche Welle]Police sources in Kenya say al-Shabab militants have hijacked a bus and killed 28 non-Muslims who were on board. The sources initially insisted on anonymity because of orders not to speak to the media.

2014-11-22 Somalia's Al-Shabab Claims Kenya Bus Attack
[Deutsche Welle]Islamist militants from the group Al-Shabab have claimed responsibility for a deadly attack near the Kenya-Somalia border. The group singled out non-Muslims and executed them.

2014-11-22 Bodies of the 28 Killed in Mandera Attacks to Be Flown to Nairobi, Police Officer, Teachers Among the Dead
[The Star]Bodies of the 28 people killed Saturday morning by Al Shabaab militias will be flown to Kenyatta National Hospital mortuary by 6:30 pm.

2014-11-22 Alshabaab Militants Kill Tens in Mandera
[Dalsan Radio]The website of the Standard newspaper from Nairobi reported that Al-shabaab militants killed at least 28 persons in Mandera County. The deceased were some of the passengers of a bus bound for Nairobi.

2014-11-22 Muslim Leaders Condemn Religious Motivated Killings
[Capital FM]Nairobi -Muslim leaders led by Leader of the Majority in the National Assembly Aden Duale have condemned the Saturday morning killing of 28 unarmed Kenyans by suspected Al Shabaab militants in Mandera.

2014-11-22 Hunt Down Mandera Killers, Ruto Directs
[Capital FM]Baringo -The Government has mobilized all security agencies to hunt down those behind the killing of 28 people in Mandera County Saturday, Deputy President William Ruto has said.

2014-11-22 Uhuru Receives Doctorate Degree From Kabarak University
[The Star]Kabarak University today honoured President Uhuru Kenyatta with a doctorate degree for his leadership and management of the country's affairs.

2014-11-22 CID Receives Fresh Evidence in Joho's 'Fake' Degree Case
[The Star]The man who challenged the validity of Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho's degree on Friday recorded a statement on fresh evidence allegedly showing the certificate is invalid.

2014-11-22 Heart Attack, Fractured Ribs Leading Causes of Kajwang's Death in Inconclusive Report
[The Star]Homa Bay senator Otieno Kajwang' died of complications related to a heart attack and internal injuries, a medical report has revealed.

2014-11-22 U.S. Firm Cancels Plans for Oil Exploration in Arabuko Forest
[The Star]CAMAC energy, a US based oil and gas exploration firm, has cancelled a planned seismic survey in Arabuko-Sokoke forest in Kilifi county.

2014-11-21 How Africa Can Flourish in New Global Economy - Top U.S. Official
[State Department]During a twelve-day visit to Africa, I saw people employing their smart phones, tapping into the internet, engaging in social media, and conducting business and commercial transactions on line. The mobile devices that they used were the result of a manufacturing process that started with innovation and design at various locations around the world, assembly at a host of other sites, and distribution and marketing from even different corners of the globe.

2014-11-21 The Missing Voice of Civil Society
[ISS]Since the 1990s, when multi-party politics was re-introduced in Kenya, the country has seen numerous political transitions. In 2010, a new constitution was promulgated, paving the way for the devolved system of government.

2014-11-21 Writers' Critical Acclaim and Financial Success Not Linked - Peter Gikandi
[The Star]He is a digital animation and illustration artist who uses the computer as a canvas, taking his first love of drawing into the 21st century with 3D work in gaming studios. Peter Gikandi has worked on the creative teams that produced Tiger Woods and the Need for Speed series games. His self-illustrated book, Big Lizard, Hidden Spider and Other Unprincipled Persons that Flustered the Cat has garnered critical acclaim. He spoke to Star correspondent TEMO BULIRO.

2014-11-21 Witness Narrates His Frustrations With ICC Protection Program
[The Hague Trials Kenya]This report from the International Justice Monitor summarizes the hearings of the ICC trial against Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Sang from Thursday 20 November 2014.

2014-11-21 Will Madonna's Movie Be Shot in Kenya?
[The Star]American singer, actress and entertainer, Madonna is set to direct a screen adaptation of the novel Ade: A Love Story, based on real life events set in Kenya. But the question is, will the movie be shot on location in Kenya? So far the producers have not released much information about the movie which will depict the memoir of Rebecca Walker, the daughter of The Color Purple author Alice Walker.

2014-11-21 Schoolboy's Innovation to Stop Lion Invasion Expands
[The Star]An innovation by a Kenyan pupil to stop lion attacks on livestock is being expanded to more bomas in Kitengela.

2014-11-21 Lamu Festival Uncovers Ancient Swahili Science
[The Star]The Lamu Cultural Festival, which begins today and ends on Monday, will this year draw attention to impacts of the planned mega-projects on the ancient Swahili archipelago.

2014-11-21 Top Five Banks Rake in Sh44.4 Billion in Nine Months
[The Star]KENYA's top five banks earned a net of Sh44.4 billion for the first nine months of the year.

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