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2014-10-01 Teenager Arrested in 'Liz' Gang Rape Case
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]Nairobi -The arrest of a second youth in a high-profile case in which a 16-year-old girl was gang raped and dumped in a pit latrine, breaking her spine, shows Kenya is starting to tackle its "epidemic" of sexual violence, campaigners said.

2014-10-01 Law Not Enough to Unravel Land Disputes
[IWPR]Kenya has begun drawing up legislation to address longstanding grievances over land ownership, many of which date as far back as the country's independence from Britain in 1963.

2014-10-01 Kenya Airways Resuming Liberia Route Oct. 24, Air Ivoire On Course
[FrontPageAfrica]Monrovia -Relief is on the way for travelers out of Liberia and Sierra Leone looking to book a flight to neighboring Ghana, Nigeria and other neighboring states. FrontPageAfrica has learned that the East African airliner, Kenyan Airways is poised to be the second airline to resume flights to Ebola-stricken Liberia. The airline has penciled in October 24th, 2014 as its tentative date for the resumption of flights to Liberia, Airport Authority sources confirmed Tuesday.

2014-10-01 Anglo Leasing Tape Recording Thrown Out
[The Star]ONE Anglo Leasing scam tape recorder against former minister Chris Murungaru has been discarded.

2014-10-01 President Faces Major Test Over ICC Directive
[Capital FM]Nairobi -Uhuru Kenyatta is facing a major test in his tenure as Kenya's President after judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) demanded his appearance at The Hague next week.

2014-10-01 Now Kenya Joins the Ranks of Middle Income Countries
[The Star]KENYA's economy was yesterday estimated to 25.2 per cent bigger after revised figures by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics showed yesterday.

2014-10-01 Drought Conditions Leave Youth Vulnerable to Radicalism in North-Eastern Kenya
[Sabahi]Garissa -With persistent drought conditions undermining the livelihoods of pastoralists in north-eastern Kenya, the government should invest more resources into educating the region's youth who are vulnerable to idleness and radical ideology, leaders from Mandera, Garissa and Wajir say.

2014-10-01 IWPR Radio Debate Addresses Sexual Violence in Nairobi Slum
[IWPR]Kenya - International Justice - ICC -Show highlights failings in the justice process and provides vital information on reporting crime

2014-10-01 Safaricom to Reduce Roaming Costs Between Kenya and Rwanda From October 1
[CIO]Safaricom has today announced that it is set to lower the cost of calls and roaming rates between Kenya and Rwanda, with effect from the October 1, 2014.

2014-10-01 Senators Reject Dissolution of Makueni Assembly
[Capital FM]Nairobi -The Senate intends to conduct a probe on the Makueni conflict pitting the Governor and Members of the County Assembly in a bid to find a solution to the ongoing crisis.

2014-10-01 ICC Witness Says Raila Warned of Bloodbath in 2007
[Capital FM]Nairobi -The 25th witness in the International Criminal Court (ICC) trial against Deputy President William Ruto and Joshua arap Sang says he heard former premier Raila Odinga warn people on two separate occasions that there would be a bloodbath if his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party lost the 2007 General Election.

2014-10-01 Kenya Moves to Lower Middle Income Status
[Capital FM]Nairobi -Kenya's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has risen by 25 percent to Sh4.76 trillion following the government's rebasing (new formula to calculate GDP) of the economy from the previous Sh3.8 trillion (which was rebased in 2001).

2014-10-01 Kenyatta Ordered to Appear at Hague Court
[The Star]THE ICC judges yesterday ordered President Uhuru Kenyatta to personally attend his status conference scheduled for next Wednesday.

2014-10-01 South Sudan Demands Relocation of Peace Talks to Kenya
[Capital FM]Nairobi -The South Sudan Government has called for disbandment of mediation talks in Ethiopia claiming it is not a neutral ground.

2014-10-01 Raila, Mvurya Won't Pursue Kwale Attack Case
[Capital FM]Nairobi -Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Governor Salim Mvurya say they do not intend to pursue the case against the man who caned them as they danced at a public meeting in Kwale on Monday.

2014-10-01 Kenyan Soldiers Prevent Attack On Military Base in Garissa
[Sabahi]Kenyan security forces prevented an attack on a military base in Garissa on Saturday (September 27th) after they stepped up security measures in the town following a grenade attack Friday that injured seven people, Kenya's The Standard reported.

2014-10-01 Man Who Caned Raila Seeks Forgiveness
[Capital FM]Nairobi -The man who caned former Prime Minister Raila Odinga at a public meeting in Kwale on Monday has pleaded for forgiveness.

2014-10-01 Senators Support Bill On MCA Privileges
[Capital FM]Nairobi -Members of County Assemblies could soon enjoy similar privileges to Members of Parliament after the County Assemblies Powers and Privileges Bill went through the second reading in the Senate Tuesday afternoon.

2014-10-01 Feuding KRU Pressing 7s Self-Destruct Button
[Capital FM]Nairobi -As much as Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) boss, Mwangi Muthee, portrays business is normal at their headquarters along Nairobi's Ngong Road, nothing is further from the truth as evidence emerged Tuesday of divisions in top management.

2014-10-01 ICC Judges Direct Uhuru to Be in Court On Oct 8
[Capital FM]Nairobi -Judges in the case facing President Uhuru Kenyatta at the International Criminal Court (ICC) have ordered that he appears physically before them for his status conference on October 8.

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