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2014-08-20 Drone Journalism Takes Off
[SciDev.Net]Flying drones are helping journalists in Kenya report on disaster stories by enabling them to film in dangerous or hard-to-access areas.

2014-08-20 The Role of Land Issues in Rising Insecurity
[ISS]Recent violence in Kenya's Lamu County left more than 100 people dead and resulted in thousands of people fleeing from their homes. There has been a lack of clarity on the causes of the violence in the area, and Kenyans are yet to know whether terrorist group al-Shabaab or local militias were behind the massacre.

2014-08-20 Museveni Wants 'Old Style' Circumcision Shunned
[The Star]Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has told the Bukusu and Bagisu tribes living in Kenya and Uganda to shun the old style of undergoing circumcision.

2014-08-20 Media Leaders Launch Pan-African Campaign Against Hate Speech
[Africa Media Initiative]The African Media Initiative (AMI) will today launch a Pan-African campaign against hate speech in Nairobi, Kenya, with a panel debate at Pawa254 from 17h30 – 21h30.

2014-08-20 Legislative Vacuum Grounds Cargo Drone Contest
[SciDev.Net]The first Flying Donkey Challenge, a competition to boost research and development into pilotless cargo drones, has been indefinitely delayed due to Kenyan authorities' current security concerns.

2014-08-20 In Saving a Forest, Kenyans Find a Better Quality of Life
[IPS]Kasigau -When Mercy Ngaruiya first settled in Kasigau in south eastern Kenya a decade ago, she found a depleted forest that was the result of years of tree felling and bush clearing.

2014-08-20 In Rural Kenya, Pressure Builds Against Female Circumcision
[VOA]It's the last day of school in Tharaka-Nithi, a community in Kenya's remote former Eastern province. Classrooms are empty, signaling the start of a one-month break for students.

2014-08-20 Teenagers in Slums Are Having Sex, 39 Percent Use Contraceptives - Report
[The Star]Thirty nine percent of teenagers between the ages 15 - 19 living in the slums are using contraceptives, with 12 percent of teenagers admitting to using a condom as their preferred contraceptive.

2014-08-20 1.5 Million Kenyans Facing Starvation Threat
[Capital FM]Nairobi -The government says 1.5 million people are facing starvation across the country specifically in arid and semi-arid areas due to low rainfall.

2014-08-20 Forget the Trendy Gadgets, Let Your Child Try Horse Riding This Holiday
[The Star]The holiday season is here and many parents are cracking their heads on how to keep their children busy and free from trouble. They are wondering if they should enroll them for private tuition to work on their weak subjects before the new school term starts or buy them the latest gadgets to keep them in the house and prevent them from interacting with wrong company in the neighbourhood.

2014-08-20 Marauders Must Never Outgun Police
[The Star]The raid on the Bodhai police ptation, Garissa, on Monday night reportedly saw police officers, including members of the paramilitary AP, put up only token resistance and then flee into hiding until the marauders departed.

2014-08-20 Two Firms Battle Over Control of Sh100 Million Planes
[The Star]A company associated with Fly540 is petitioned a decision requiring it to hand over two of its aircrafts worth $1.2 million (Sh105.6 million) to a private company despite cancellation of sale agreement.

2014-08-20 Draft Planning Law Proposes Prison, Fines for Developers
[The Star]Landowners who undertake development - including sub-division or construction - without requisite permission from planning authorities will be fined or imprisoned, according to a new law in the making.

2014-08-20 Man Forced to 'Wed' Two Defiled Donkeys
[The Star]An owner has given his two donkeys to a man, who was caught having sex with them.

2014-08-20 Sh1 Billion for Hunger Victims
[The Star]THE government has released an emergency allocation of Sh1 billion to feed residents in hunger-stricken counties. Devoltution Secretary Anne Waiguru said the national and county governments in the affected areas have come up with joint roles to ensure sustainability of relief food and other basic amenities.

2014-08-20 Turkana - Tullow to Construct Turkana Bridge
[The Star]TULLOW Oil Company will rehabilitate the Kainuk Bridge on Turkwel River.

2014-08-20 Be Warned... You Can't Touch Me Anymore
[The Star]Kilifi county director of children services Paul Kisavi in his office during the interview.

2014-08-20 Two Men Shot Dead While Driving On Meru-Chuka Highway
[The Star]POLICE in Imenti South district are investigating a case where two men died on Monday afternoon after their car was sprayed with bullets at Kanyakine on the Meru-Chuka highway.

2014-08-20 Vodafone's M-Pesa Mobile Money Transfer Service Launched in Romania
[CIO]Unlike the old trends where new technologies come to Africa from other continents, African technology has migrated to Europe with the launch in Romania of Kenya's massively used M-Pesa mobile money transfer system.

2014-08-20 Counties 'Can't Handle' Healthcare
[The Star]LUGARI MP Ayub Savula has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to order the national government to take over the healthcare services from the counties.

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