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2017-05-29 Maize Traders Risk Fine As Govt Moves to Shield Consumers
[Nation] Retailers selling the two kilogramme packet of subsidised maize flour above the recommended Sh90 risk a Sh1 million fine.

2017-05-29 Outrage Over Ruling Party's Chinese T-Shirts
[Nation] Kenyans on Twitter are unhappy with the Jubilee administration. This is after photos of Jubilee campaign t-shirts being made at a Chinese factory went viral.

2017-05-29 Give Me a Second Chance, Kenyatta Asks
[Capital FM] Nairobi -President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Kenyans to give him a second chance in office to enable him complete the major projects initiated since taking over from Mwai Kibaki.

2017-05-29 Electoral Commission Clears 6, Rejects 3 for State House Race
[Nation] The electoral commission has so far cleared six presidential candidates to face off in the August General Election.

2017-05-29 Women Candidates Decry Violence and Threats Ahead of Poll
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi -The dangers that women aspirants face are unacceptable and have been tolerated for far too long"

2017-05-29 Senatorial Aspirant Rides on a Donkey Cart - VIDEO
[Nation] Meru Senatorial aspirant Kobia Maranya elicited mixed reactions online over his grand entrance ; to the IEBC offices to present his nomination papers.

2017-05-29 Let's Have a Party! How the Middle Class Coped in The Moi Era
[Nation] A young man, who came of age when Mr Mwai Kibaki became President in 2002, and only remembers the Daniel arap Moi regime for the free milk it provided to pupils, asked me what it was like being a young adult during the Moi era.

2017-05-29 Presidential Aspirant Held for Attempted Suicide, Police Say
[Nation] Police are holding in custody an Independent presidential aspirant Peter Solomon Gichira for allegedly attempting to commit suicide after he was disqualified by Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

2017-05-29 Swipe Right to Save the Rhino
[Deutsche Welle] He's 43 years old, six feet tall and pretty wrinkly: The world's last remaining male northern white rhino has joined the dating app Tinder in a last-ditch bid to save his species from extinction.

2017-05-29 Fresh Milk Prices Fall
[Nation] Dairy processors have reduced the price of milk by Sh10 per half-litre packet.

2017-05-29 Police Fell Another Nairobi 'Gangster' Marsha Minaj
[Nation] Police shot dead another suspected female gangster believed to be the best friend of slain gangster, Claire Njoki Mwaniki, famously known as Clea Adi Vybz.

2017-05-29 Boda Boda Is Formal English Word, Now Let Us Formalise the Actual Ride
[Monitor] Boda boda -- "a type of motorcycle or bicycle with a space for a passenger or for carrying goods, often used as a taxi" -- is now a word in the English language. That is supposed to be a big deal because the Oxford English Dictionary, "[t]he definitive record of the English language", has said so.

2017-05-29 Voter Turnout May Be Key Determinant in August Poll Outcome
[Nation] The National Super Alliance (Nasa) seems to have learnt a lesson from the 2013 elections when low voter turnout partly cost its predecessor, the Coalition for Reform and Democracy, victory.

2017-05-29 Tanzanian Opposition Backs Uhuru Kenyatta's Re-Election Bid
[East African] Tanzania opposition party, Chadema, says it is backing the re-election of Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta in the August General Election.

2017-05-29 Central Bank to Meet With Eye On Inflation, Lending Rate
[East African] The Central Bank of Kenya's (CBK) policy body will hold its meeting on Monday with inflation the key issue on the table.

2017-05-29 Police Accused of Killing Over 100 Camels, Torching Houses
[Nation] Over 100 camels have been killed and at least 47 houses torched by bandits who locals believe are security officers on the border of Kitui and Tana River counties.

2017-05-29 Raila Odinga - Who Is This Man?
[Nation] Once characterised as a battle-hardened street protester, a tribal kingpin and an aggressive government bully, Raila Amolo Odinga has over the years metamorphosed into a widely accepted national leader and respected pan-Africanist.

2017-05-29 Tuyisenge Rescues Point for Gor Mahia
[Nation] A share of spoils was the outcome of the SportPesa Premier match between Posta Rangers and Gor Mahia played on Sunday at the Nyayo National Stadium.

2017-05-29 Kenya's Major Sectors Stand to Benefit After G7 Talks
[Nation] President Uhuru Kenyatta held talks with four of the six leaders from the Group of Industrialised Countries who attended the G7 meeting in Italy over the weekend, State House reported today.

2017-05-29 Governors, State Blame One Another Over Food Crisis
[Nation] Governors have challenged the government to explain why it has taken too long to stabilise food prices.

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