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2016-06-27 Tribunal Ends U.S.$2 Million Bribery Probe Against Judge Tunoi
[Nation] The tribunal investigating former Supreme Court judge Philip Tunoi has ended its proceedings.

2016-06-27 Kenya Seeks Review of Rwanda, Uganda 2008 Poll Violence Claims
[East African] Kenya is seeking fresh negotiations with Rwandan and Ugandan traders as the government seeks to cut the compensation bill arising from the post-election violence that rocked the country eight years ago.

2016-06-27 Students Torch Dormitories Over Euro Match Miss Out
[East African] The Kenyan police is investigating an arson incident by students at a boys' boarding school who burnt down seven of their 12 dormitories after their teachers refused to allow them to watch a football match on television on Saturday night.

2016-06-27 Kenya Endorses Post-Brexit Contingency Measures
[Nation] Kenya will cooperate with the rest of the world in ensuring the smooth running of financial markets in the wake of the UK's Friday decision to leave the EU that has caused extraordinary political and economic upheaval in the currency markets and a possible global recession, CBK governor Patrick Njoroge has said.

2016-06-27 Deputy President Rebukes 'Slave Trade' Politicians
[Nation] Deputy President William Ruto has urged politicians to shun petty politics and engage in bringing development and unity among Kenyans.

2016-06-26 Players Begin Plans to Increase Forest Cover
[Nation] Stakeholders in forestry initiatives have endorsed a new plan that outlines specific measures to be undertaken across sectors to increase Kenya's forest cover to 10 per cent in the next 15 years.

2016-06-27 One Network Area Initiative Pays Off As Traffic in EAC Region Swells
[CIO] Kenyan mobile subscribers roaming-out voice traffic posted 35.8 million minutes, 30 million of which were to East African Community (EAC) countries in the three months between Jan-March 2016, a sector report form Kenya's Communication Authority shows.

2016-06-27 Kenya Loses Sh2 Billion in Cyber Crime Annually
[Capital FM] Kenya loses an estimated Sh2 billion per year in cyber crime, says a new report by Control Risks East Africa.

2016-06-27 Let 5-Year-Old Sherry Tell You How Handwashing With Soap Saves Lives
[IPS] Migori County -For twenty-six year old Eunice from Migori County,Kenya, celebrating her daughter Sherry's fifth birthday is a milestone that few of her friends have enjoyed. As with many areas of Africa, a child born in Migori is seven times more likely to die before the age of five, compared to a child in Europe.

2016-06-27 21-Gun Salute for Kenyatta As He Arrives in Botswana
[Nation] President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived in Botswana on Monday and received a 21-gun salute and guard of honour mounted by the Botswana Defence Forces at the airport.

2016-06-27 Regional Body Urges Kenya to Compensate Rwandan and Ugandan Traders
[New Times] The East African Business Council (EABC) has again implored the government of Kenya to compensate Rwandan and Ugandan traders and transporters whose properties worth $47m were destroyed following Kenya's 2007-2008 post-election violence.

2016-06-27 A Memorable Tour of Kenya's Wasini Island
[Citizen] Inspired by our beach experience in Diani, Kenya's South coast recently, we left after breakfast heading out to Wasini Island to begin our tour.

2016-06-27 Cost of Flour to Go Up As Millers Boycott Stock
[Nation] Millers have been avoiding maize from the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) claiming that it is unfit for human consumption.

2016-06-27 Kenya to Seek Fresh Deals With Britain
[Nation] President Uhuru Kenyatta says Kenya will negotiate new agreements with the United Kingdom once it formalises its withdrawal from the European Union.

2016-06-27 Kenya's Communication's Authority Attributes Drop in SMS's Sent Locally to Services Like Whatsapp
[CIO] The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) released the Sector Statistics Report for the 3rd Quarter 2015-2016 covering January-March 2016. One major finding of the report was the drop in total number of short messages sent locally from 8.1 billion to 6.5 billion, a trend which the authority attributes to the use of services like WhatsApp.

2016-06-27 Kenya Beefs up its Security After Al-Shabaab Attack
[Shabelle] Just days after another Al-Shabaab attack that left several dead in Mandera, security in the North Eastern region has been beefed after the militia group struck Damasa destroying a communication mast and a key borehole.

2016-06-27 Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Young Leaders From Kenya
[Capital FM] On Friday, the Queen presented awards to the 2016 Queen's Young Leaders from Kenya in a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace. His Royal Highness Prince Harry attended the event in support of The Queen, which recognized exceptional young people from across the Commonwealth who are making lasting change in their communities.

2016-06-27 Compensation of Rwandan, Ugandan Traders Is Long Overdue
[New Times] It is eight years since Rwandan and Ugandan traders lost their property valued at $47million dollars following Kenya's 2007-2008 post-election violence.

2016-06-27 Kenyatta Departs for Botswana With Focus On Trade
[Nation] President Uhuru Kenyatta Monday morning travelled to Botswana for a three-day State visit.

2016-06-27 Students Torch Dorm in Kisii Over Euro Match Miss Out
[Nation] Students of Itierio Boys High School in Kisii burnt down seven of their 12 dormitories after their teachers refused to allow them to watch a football match on television on Saturday night.

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