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2015-04-27 Gearing Up for World Press Freedom Day 2015 - Misa
[MISA] On 3 May 2015, MISA's network of national chapters across southern Africa will join people around the world in celebrating World Press Freedom Day (WPFD).

2015-04-27 Basotho Children Speak Out About Bullying
[MISA] Basotho children recently had an opportunity to share their concerns about bullying, how they wished to address those concerns and particularly what messages they wanted to develop for the media on the topic.

2015-04-15 Revealed: the Digital Poverty Holding Back Global Growth and Development
[WEF] The Global Information Technology Report 2015 finds a growing digital divide within and across countries, with the full economic and social benefits of the internet only available to a minority of the world's population

2015-04-09 2017 Can Qualifiers - Algeria in Group J With Lesotho, Ethiopia, Seychelles
[Algerie Presse Service] Cairo -Algeria is to compete in the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN 2017) qualifiers in Group J, which also includes the football national teams of Lesotho, Ethiopia and Seychelles.

2015-03-31 SADC Facilitation Draws to an End in Lesotho
[] Pretoria -The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has closed down its facilitation mission in Lesotho following successful elections in the kingdom.

2015-03-31 Deputy President Arrives in Maseru
[] Pretoria - Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has arrived in Lesotho ahead of the official closure of the SADC Facilitation Mission and their offices, scheduled for later today.

2015-03-29 Ramaphosa Returns to Lesotho
[] Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will next week visit Lesotho for the closure of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) offices, the Presidency said on Sunday.

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