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2017-01-17 Minister Dipuo Peters On Cross Border Operations Between RSA and Lesotho
[SA Govt] Following the recent conflict and violent incidents between the Cross Border Road Transport Operators and the Free State Taxi Operators at Ports of entry in Free State, the Minister of Transport, Ms Dipuo Peters will be convening a meeting with a high delegation from the Free State Province as well as other stakeholders to discuss the RSA/Lesotho Cross Border Road Transport impasse.

2016-12-23 2016 Eventful Year for SADC
[The Herald] The curtain comes down on 2016 amid great optimism in Southern Africa over an expected improvement in food security and the dawn of the official countdown to a continental free trade zone set for 2017.Other key issues this year were that of energy demand and access, equal opportunities for women and men, protection of the region's rich resource of wildlife, plans for greater self-reliance by the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and a new SADC university.

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