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2016-05-02 118 MP Poll Petitions Listed for Hearing
[Monitor] Kampala -Three months after the conclusion of the February 18 general election, the Judiciary has compiled and listed at least 118 parliamentary election petitions to be heard in 13 different High Court branches across the country.

2016-04-30 Ruling Allowing Detention of Soldiers Raises More Questions About Fair Trial
[AI London] A court ruling that allows the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) to continue to keep 16 soldiers detained raises further serious concerns about their ability to have a fair trial, Amnesty International said today, following a decision announced by the Lesotho Court of Appeal.

2016-04-18 Mareka and 22 Others V the Commander of the Lesotho Defence Force and Others
[SALC] Annabel Raw

2016-04-13 The worst drought in a lifetime
[IFRC] When the Ntsoa family realized they were not going to get any harvest from their land in southwestern Lesotho this season, Mathabo Ntsoa's daughter had to leave to find work in the city. Now, Mathabo, 65, is left alone in the village, taking care of her three grandchildren.

2016-04-12 Mobile Technology to Address HIV Identification and Treatment in Lesotho
[CIO] A programme using mobile technology to mobilise for HIV identification and treatment has been launched in Lesotho.

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