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2014-09-15 Lesotho Citizens Distrust Political Institutions, New Poll Finds
[VOA]The people of Lesotho are sharply against military rule or any dictatorship, according to Afrobarometer's latest poll.

2014-09-13 Deadlock Prompts Fresh Crisis Summit
[New Zimbabwe]SADC leaders will meet in Pretoria on Wednesday to discuss the crisis in Lesotho after the country's political leadership failed to meet a Friday deadline to reopen parliament.

2014-09-13 Lesotho Crisis Needs Finality
[The Herald]SADC chairman President Mugabe says the regional bloc will convene an extraordinary Summit in South Africa next week to discuss disturbances in Lesotho where there were reports of an attempted military coup towards the end of last month.

2014-09-11 Are Lesotho's Leaders Playing Chicken?
[SAIIA]More than a week has now passed since the ostensible coup attempt of 29 August in Lesotho. This was sold officially as an operation to neutralise elements within the Lesotho Mounted Police Service who were colluding with government supporters to disrupt a protest march the following Monday.

2014-09-12 SADC to Meet Over Lesotho
[The Herald]SADC will convene an extraordinary Summit in South Africa to discuss the situation in Lesotho next Wednesday following an attempted coup in that country last month.

2014-09-10 Basotho Leaders Pressed to Open Parliament
[SAPA]Johannesburg -Lesotho coalition leaders have been given two days to agree on a date to open Parliament by South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, SABC News reported on Wednesday.

2014-09-08 Democracy Doesn't Work for Us, Say Basotho
[allAfrica]Cape Town -As Lesotho continues to teeter on the brink of political conflict, an opinion poll has been published showing that most Basotho have far more trust in religious and traditional leaders than in their political leaders.

2014-09-09 President Zuma to Meet With Lesotho Leaders
[VOA]South Africa President Jacob Zuma is scheduled to meet leaders of Lesotho's coalition government Tuesday in a bid to help resolve sharp political disagreements that led to last month's alleged attempt to overthrow Prime Minister Thomas Thabane's government, according to the prime minister's spokesperson, Thabo Thakalekoala.

2014-09-10 A Historical Perspective of Lesotho's Political Crisis
[The Herald]THE current political challenges in the Kingdom of Lesotho can be better understood in the context of the country's history of internal squabbles.

2014-09-08 It's Not Too Late for Lesotho to Get Back On Track
[ThinkAfricaPress]Lesotho's politicians have shown themselves to be capable of governing for the common good in the past. A return to this spirit is crucial now to avoid tragedy.

2014-09-08 Zuma Heads for Maseru As Army Calls for Help
[allAfrica]Cape Town -South Africa's President Jacob Zuma heads for Lesotho on Tuesday, following a call by the country's army commander for its neighbours to intervene militarily to shore up the coalition government.

2014-09-08 The SADC Wrap - Lesotho General Flees Into Mountains and Antananarivo Suffers a Plague of Locusts
[The Daily Vox]Each week award winning journalist KRISTEN VAN SCHIE brings you all the news that's worth knowing from across the SADC region. Here is this week's SADC wrap.

2014-09-08 President Zuma to Visit Lesotho
[]Pretoria -President Jacob Zuma will on Tuesday embark on a working visit to the Kingdom of Lesotho, to meet the country's King Letsie III and the Coalition Leaders.

2014-09-09 President Zuma Visits Lesotho On Mediation Mission
[]Pretoria -President Jacob Zuma is in Lesotho for consultation with King Letsie III on ways to end the political crisis in the mountain kingdom.

2014-09-08 SA, Lesotho Leaders Meet Over Political Unrest
[CAJ News]Pretoria -SOUTH African president Jacob Zuma is set to meet Lesotho leaders to discuss the political unrest following an attempted coup last week.

2014-09-05 Five Challenges for Lesotho
[ISS]Last weekend saw developments of what can be termed as anarchy and subservience taking place in Lesotho's capital, Maseru. The turbulence had been spearheaded by the discharged commander of the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF), Tlali Kamoli.

2014-09-05 A Historical Perspective of Lesotho's Political Crisis
[SANF]The current political challenges in the Kingdom of Lesotho can be better understood in the context of the country's history of internal squabbles.

2014-09-04 Region Steps in to Secure Lesotho Peace
[VOA]The executive secretary of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) says Lesotho's rival leaders have agreed on a framework aimed at resolving the sharp disagreement that led to the alleged attempt to overthrow Prime Minister Thomas Thabane's government last weekend.

2014-09-03 PM Returns to Lesotho After 'Coup' Chaos
[allAfrica]Cape Town -Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane, who fled the country when troops briefly seized police installations last weekend, has returned to Maseru and Parliament will reconvene later this month after not sitting for more than two months.

2014-09-05 From Mountain Kingdom, With Love
[The Herald]LET'S take a visit to the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. It doesn't matter whether what happened there last Saturday was a military coup or not. Happily, by Monday Sadc had calmed the storm at a meeting with the feuding parties in Pretoria. The two bitter coalition partners, Prime minister Thomas Thabane and his deputy, Mothetjoa Metsing, were headed back to Maseru, and the mastermind of the alleged "coup", army commander Lieutenant General Kamoli, fired by Thabane for his alignment to Metsing, had agreed to

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