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2015-08-03 Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa - Statement Following Visit to Lesotho
[SA Govt] "We have had fruitful discussions today with His Majesty the King (His Majesty King Letsie III); with Prime Minister (Pakalitha Mosisili) and members of his cabinet, as well as with leaders of the opposition parties here in Lesotho".

2015-07-31 Ramaphosa to Visit Lesotho
[News24Wire] Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will visit Lesotho on Thursday to brief the country's leaders on the establishment of a SADC-led Commission of Inquiry into the recent developments in the country, including the killing of former army general Maaparankoe Mahao, the Presidency said.

2015-07-30 Lesotho Girl Wins Rugby World Cup Ball Delivery Competition
[New Era] Twelve-year old Realeboha Pholosi recently won the employee leg of the DHL Match Ball Delivery competition by sending a video of a poem to DHL, illustrating her passion for rugby.

2015-07-30 Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa Visits Lesotho
[SA Govt] South African Deputy President and SADC Facilitator Cyril Ramaphosa is expected in the capital of Maseru on Thursday 30 July 2015 in pursuance of his renewed SADC mandate to facilitate peace and stability in the Kingdom of Lesotho.

2015-07-27 Phiri Happy With Lesotho Tour
[News24Wire] Kinnah Phiri was a satisfied man after Free State Stars won three of their four matches during the three-day tour of Lesotho.

2015-07-23 Kgathi Happy With SADC Mission
[Botswana Daily News] Gaborone -Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Mr Shaw Kgathi has commended SADC leaders for their efforts to restore peace in Lesotho.

2015-07-21 Phiri to Take Big Squad On Tour
[News24Wire] Free State Stars will take a big squad to Lesotho for their pre-season tour that will see Kinnah Phiri's side face four teams in two days on Saturday, July the 25th, and Sunday, the 26th.

2015-07-19 A Tale of Two Kingdoms
[ISS] Lesotho is a disappointing country, for democrats.

2015-07-16 Large Turn-Out for Lesotho National Sensitization Seminar
[africancourt] Over 80 stakeholders from judiciary, academia, media, human rights, ministries, security, civil society, parliament, lawyers and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), among others, attended a one-day national sensitization seminar on the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights which was organized in collaboration with the Kingdom of Lesotho in Maseru last week.

2015-07-15 How Lesotho Hit Breaking Point
[The Daily Vox] Lesotho, the mountainous landlocked kingdom, with a shaky political history stretching all the way back to its independence 50 years, is in turmoil. Late last month president Jacob Zuma described the security situation in Lesotho as "explosive" and dispatched Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to Maseru mediate among the country's political elites.

2015-07-14 Durban Freak Accident - Pupil's Body Repatriated
[News24Wire] The body of the Lesotho pupil who died in a freak accident in Durban last Thursday has been repatriated, said Lesotho's consul general on Monday.

2015-07-10 Misa Lesotho Emphasises the Role of the Media in the Political and Security Situation in Lesotho
[MISA] Maseru -MISA Lesotho, having followed the unfolding of political developments in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho since elections, had an extraordinary meeting on July 5, 2015 to, among others reflect on the state of the media within the current political and security situation in the country. As an advocacy organisation with a primary interest to promote media freedom, it is warranting that this statement focuses on the sector. Our views are informed by our daily monitoring and involvement within the sector.

2015-07-10 Kingdom of Lesotho Assures Support for the Work of African Court On Human and Peoples' Rights
[africancourt] Arusha -The Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho has assured full support for the work of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights.

2015-07-10 Misa Lesotho Launches Guidelines On Child Reporting
[MISA] On Friday, July 3, 2015, MISA Lesotho launched Editorial Guidelines and Principles on Reporting on Children at the Lehakoe Recreational Center in Maseru. The guidelines are designed to improve the media's reporting of children and their issues and ensure that they do not affect their wellbeing and expose them to further harm.,

2015-07-09 Lesotho Border Post Briefly Closed Due to Taxi Violence
[News24Wire] The Maseru Bridge border post between Lesotho and the Free State town of Ladybrand was opened late on Thursday morning after it had been closed to all traffic since Wednesday afternoon.

2015-07-08 United States Concerned Over the Killing of Lesotho's Former Army Commander
[State Department] Washington, DC -The United States is deeply concerned about the fatal shooting on June 25 of former Lesotho Defense Force Commander Maaparankoe Mahao and conveys our heartfelt condolences to his family. We urge the Government of Lesotho to ensure a thorough and transparent investigation of Brigadier Mahao's death and to hold accountable those responsible.

2015-07-06 SADC Reappoints Mediator Ramaphosa
[News24Wire] The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has reappointed Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to continue his mediation work in Lesotho, according to a report by the SABC.

2015-07-07 Celtic, Free State Stars Off to Lesotho
[News24Wire] Bloemfontein Celtic and Free State Stars will take their pre-season to the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho where they are expected to play several friendly games.

2015-07-07 African Court Officials in Lesotho
[Nation] The African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights has started a two-day visit to Lesotho to promote its activities.

2015-07-06 Two SA Pathologists to Assist With Lesotho Army Head's Post-Mortem
[News24Wire] Two South African pathologists will be sent to Lesotho to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a army commander, Lieutenant General Maaparankoe Mahao, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa's office said on Sunday.

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