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2016-02-05 Ebola Survivors Face Health Problems and Fears Virus Could Return
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Monrovia -Traumatised by the death of eight of her relatives from Ebola, Tina Varney stares blankly out of the window while recalling the terror that struck her as she was taken from her family home.

2016-02-05 Liberia Concludes Diplomatic Talks for Forensic Team Arrival
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -The Liberian government says it has officially communicated with United States requesting the U.S. relevant criminal investigative agency to thoroughly investigate the suspicious death of prominent businessman, Harry A. Greaves, Jr. Mr. Greaves' lifeless body was found at the back of the Executive Mansion during the early morning hours on Sunday January 31.

2016-02-05 Boakai Failed At LPMC
[New Dawn] The political leader of the opposition Liberty Party Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine says Vice President Joseph N. Boakai failed when he served as managing director for former Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation or LPMC during the regime of slain President Samuel Doe in the 80s.

2016-02-05 'Mystery Lady' Eyed in Harry Greaves Gruesome Death
[FrontPageAfrica] Sunday Morning -At about 6:30am Sunday, January 31, 2016, Jardah Tatee, 21, a senior student at the Salvation Army, Lenn Miller High School and his peers were jogging along the beach as they always do in the "God Bless You" Community behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Monrovia, the current seat of the Liberian presidency; when the pals noticed a corpse half way in the water and half way on land.

2016-02-05 Public Works to Make Safe Drinking Water Affordable
[NEWS] The Ministry of Public Works has launched a one-year nationwide campaign to make safe drinking water affordable to the people of Liberia.

2016-02-04 Ebola and Civil War Trauma Threaten Economic Growth
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Montserrado -Sitting in a dusty schoolyard in rural Liberia, mental health clinician Dickson Korfeh watches as pupils dance, sing and play games in their break, and focuses on those who do not take part.

2016-02-05 'Suspicious Deaths' Scare Lawmakers
[Observer] Fears over the 'suspicious deaths' of Victoria Zarzar, Harry Greaves Jr., and Guarantee Trust Bank-Liberia Limited Managing Director, Dan Orogun gripped members of the House of Representatives yesterday.

2016-02-05 Local Islamist Mullah Dispels Child Marriage Rumors
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -The debate over early child marriage and child marriage has heated up in recent days, following the celebration of World Hijab Day. So much that it has engulfed between two prominent figures of the Islamic community, Kula Fofana and Sheikh Mohamed A. Dukuly. The contention has been whose pushing the right or wrong logic as Ms. Fofana cautioned parents during the celebration not to encourage their children into early childhood marriage but to lure them into pursuing higher education.

2016-02-05 Freeman Says Assassination Plot Afoot for 10 Liberian Politicians
[FrontPageAfrica] "Ten people that are critical on this government and am told that I am one of them even on that list that supposed to be eliminated by this government. We heard that Daniel Chea, George Weah, Benoni Urey and many others are on that list"-Simeon Freeman, opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC)

2016-02-05 'Merger in the Making' - Senators Weah and Johnson in Chat
[NEWS] Ahead of the presidential and legislative elections in 2017, political leaders are having holding consultations for possible merger or collaboration. Liberia's leading opposition political party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and the Liberty Party (LP) had been engaged in some sort of discussions that would bring them to a merger, but it appears the two parties have not agreed on a common purpose.

2016-02-05 'RLJ Is a Place of Interest'
[NEWS] Barely four days after the former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), Harry Greaves, went missing at the RLJ Hotel, a former Liberian Government official says the hotel should be 'a place of interest' for investigators after it was confirmed that the deceased was last seen at the hotel.

2016-02-04 SRC Cuts Workforce
[Observer] Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) in Gibi District, Upper Margibi County, has from this month to June 30, 2016 embarked on a campaign to downsize its workforce in the wake of the decline in the price of rubber. The decision is expected to also affect some management staff.

2016-02-04 Redemption in Liberia - a Hospital's Painful Recovery From Ebola
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Monrovia -The cries of young children ring around the hospital as hundreds of patients, packed tightly together on wooden benches and surrounded by boxes of syringes piled high, wait to be seen.

2016-02-04 Investor Push Urged to Help Secure Indigenous Land Rights
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -Conditions are ripe for a global leap forward in recognising the land rights of indigenous people and forest communities, but investors and the public need to pressure governments to make it happen, an international network of forest policy groups said.

2016-02-05 Two Liberian Strikers On the Move
[NEWS] South African based Liberian striker Franklin Yosian Penhun has expressed interest in playing for Liberia. He noted that playing for his native land will be his ultimate accomplishment in his soccer career. The young goal puncher who plays for South African second tier club Munich FC said he has been dreaming of playing for Liberia.

2016-02-05 Construction Work On Somalia Drive Road Commences
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -A Japanese firm has embarked on the construction and expanding a 2.7 kilometers road on the Somalia Drive in Monrovia. The Government of Liberia and Japan signed a contract worth fifty seven million United States dollars project for the construction of the Somalia drive road. The road has been paved twice by a Chinese construction company, and has waned easily due to poor maintenance. The Minister of Public Works, William Judy Moore said, the construction of the road is necessary because of the huge traffi

2016-02-05 Konneh's Plea for Continuance Granted
[Observer] After over four hours of closed-door activities by Senators that lasted up to 1:00 p.m., and followed by almost two hours of proceedings, the Senate yesterday granted an appeal for continuance to Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Amara Konneh, to enable him to have proper representation by his lawyer who, he told the lawmakers, was out of the country.

2016-02-05 GVL Turns Over New School in Sinoe
[New Dawn] Golden Veroleum Liberia on 29 January 2016, dedicated a six classroom elementary school in Tarjuowon Statutory District; the first of its kind since the creation of the community. Named Shaw David Quick Impact Elementary School, the facility will host over 300 students, who once sought learning under mix-shift structure. In discussing its investment in the school, the company said the project is in line with its commitment to positively change the lives of communities in which it operates.

2016-02-05 'Secret Apology' - Minister Konneh Succumbs to Senate Pressure
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -Liberia's Finance and Development Planning Minister, Amara Konneh failed to appear before the Senate Plenary of the National Legislature as instructed by that august body for the Minister to appear Thursday with his legal counsel to state reason while he should not be held in contempt for constitutional violation. Minister Konneh told the legislators that his selected legal counsel was out of the country and as such he could not appear as instructed by the legislature Thursday.

2016-02-05 Mafia-Style Execution - CDC Expresses Concern Over Insecurity
[FrontPageAfrica] In the wake of the mysterious death of Mr. Harry Greaves, Jr., former managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), the opposition Congress for Democratic Change says the situation is resulting to apparent state of fear and insecurity in the country describing the prevailing events as the emergence of a mafia-style execution.

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