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2018-02-20 President George Weah Pays First Official Visit to France
[VOA] Sports, along with politics, will be on the menu this week, when Liberia's new president makes his first official trip outside Africa.

2018-02-20 Attack On Liberian Parliamentary Correspondent Condemned
[MFWA] The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) condemns the assault on Henry Karmo, a parliamentary correspondent of the FrontPage Africa newspaper in Liberia by a Member of Parliament.

2018-02-19 Remembering Captain Page, Liberia's First Certified Military Pilot
[Observer] President George Weah's first Armed Forces Day Address last Monday, in which he announced plans to revive military Aviation in Liberia has caused the Daily Observer to remember the nation's first certified military pilot, first international airline captain and Liberia's most celebrated pilot. His name is Captain Prince Augustus Page.

2018-02-17 Weah Proposes 'New Life Program for Inclusive Finance' Regime
[Govt of Liberia] President George Manneh Weah has proposed a new program dubbed the 'New Life Program for Inclusive Finance' (NLPIF). The program will be subject to legislation where applicable.

2018-02-15 Weah Lobbies Outside for Support
[New Dawn] President George Manneh Weah is expected to make his second presidential trip outside of Liberia Thursday, 15 February to knock on friendly governments' doors for bilateral trade and assistance to Liberia for a government he declared broke upon taken over last month.

2018-02-15 Pres. Weah's Former Teammate Accuses CDC of Wrongful Arrest, Police Intimidation
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -President George Weah's former teammate, Dionysius Sebwe, is claiming he's being witch hunted by the ruling party and has already faced intimidation from the Liberia National Police (LNP) due to his political differences with the President.

2018-02-15 Meet the Guy Who Is Exporting Liberian Music to the World
[Observer] About a decade ago, before the coming of, Liberian musicians were finding it difficult to get their music across the entire country.

2018-02-15 Weah Off to Senegal, Morocco, France
[Observer] President George Manneh Weah yesterday departed the country for Senegal, Morocco, and France respectively, according to an Executive Mansion release.

2018-02-15 Weah to Meet French President
[NEWS] President George Manneh Weah will today depart the country for Senegal, Morocco and France respectively.

2018-02-15 The Need for a Woman Senator to Replace Pres. Weah - Bridging the 26-Male - 2-Female Disparity
[NEWS] After a heated political contest for the Liberian presidency, the dust is now settled with the election of Amb. George Weah and Senator Jewel Howard Taylor as President and Vice President respectively, but there is still a debate as to who fills the two vacant seats created as a result of their elections to the echelon of political leadership in Liberia.

2018-02-15 Salaries Deduction Engulfs LNCSA
[NEWS] The Leadership of the Honorable House of Representatives has is expected to probe an allegation of wrongful salaries deduction of some aggrieved employees of the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LNCSA).

2018-02-15 Tarpeh Targets Manufacture Industries
[NEWS] Professor Wilson K. Tarpeh has assumed the mantle of authority at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, promising to effect serious changes geared toward making the Ministry more vibrant.

2018-02-15 House to Probe Maritime Authority
[NEWS] The Plenary of the House of Representatives has mandated the Committees on Maritime and Judiciary to investigate claims that the Liberian Seafarers and the Port Workers Union are gradually collapsing and leaving Liberians jobless.

2018-02-15 Lofa County Lawmaker Calls for Unity Amongst Citizens
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -Representative Mariamu Fofana (UP-District 4 Lofa County) is calling for collaboration between her office and residents of her district and all who participated in the October 10, 2017, election for the seat she won.

2018-02-15 Jewel Howard-Taylor's Former Chef Is Bong County Superintendent-Designate
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -Esther Walker has worked for Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor for more than 27 years as a cook.

2018-02-15 Protesting Ministerial Complex Workers Bring Traffic to a Halt At 540
[Observer] Traffic came to a halt at the crossroads housing the new site for the ministerial complex in the 540 community yesterday, when protesting casual workers blocked all vehicular traffic passing the gates of the construction site over the alleged failure of the Chinese contractors to pay the workers their agreed upon wages.

2018-02-15 Daily Observer Turns 37 Tomorrow
[Observer] The newspaper becomes the nation's oldest surviving newspaper, finally surpassing Liberia's first newspaper, the Liberian Herald, which lasted for 36 in 1862, when it folded.

2018-02-15 Govt Loses Millions Over Unaccounted for Work, Resident Permits
[Observer] A growing population of illegal aliens is hampering the government's revenue collection because the Ministry of Labor (MOL) and the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) are unable to track them down to ensure that their documents are legalized, an investigation conducted by the Daily Observer has revealed.

2018-02-15 Nelson Williams, Caroline Klark Get Conex Petroleum Top Jobs
[Observer] One of Liberia's seasoned administrators, and Executive Chairman at Integrity Consultancy, Incorporated, a management consultancy firm based in Monrovia, Mr. T. Nelson Williams, II has been appointed with immediate effect by the Chairman and Board of Directors of Conex Petroleum Group of Companies as Chief Operating Officer-Senior Vice President of Conex Petroleum Group of Companies.

2018-02-15 Dialogue Among Peace Messengers - a New Chapter for Peace - Part 3
[Observer] It was John C Maxwell who once said that "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way," Last week, our new office located on 14th Street, Sinkor -Tubman Boulevard was graced with the visit of UNMIL D/SRSG-for Political & Rule of Law; Mr. Waldemar Vrey who is a mentor, a leader and a special friend of MOP-Liberia.

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