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2015-09-04 Liberia Ebola-Free Again
[New Republic] The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday declared Liberia Ebola-free after going 42 days without recording any confirmed case of the disease since the last case tested negative in a laboratory.

2015-09-04 Security Council Presses Liberia
[New Republic] The Security Council of the United Nations is pressing the Liberian Government to take actions toward combating the "illicit trafficking of arms and ammunition," and prioritizing the timely adoption and implementation of an effective legal framework.

2015-09-04 Ebola, the Weekly Summary - September 3, 2015
[Ebola Deeply] To give you deeper insight into what's happening in the Ebola outbreak, we've organized the latest developments in a curated weekly summary.

2015-09-04 Liberia Declared Ebola Free Again..
[Inquirer] Liberia was for the second time declared Ebola-free Yesterday; four months after it was first declared an Ebola free-country by the world Health Organization on May 9 of this year.The third wave of the virus outbreak was declared on June 29 after an oral swab from a seventeen-year old boy was tested positive of the Ebola virus in Margibi County.

2015-09-04 Lone Star Must Win!!!
[Inquirer] THE SENIOR NATIONAL team of Liberia, Lone Star is expected to go against Tunisia tomorrow in the second match of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

2015-09-04 UL Students Disrupt Capitol Over New Fees
[Inquirer] Students of the state run University of Liberia on Thursday, September 3, nearly disrupted the plenaries of both chambers of the Liberian Senate and the House of Representatives when they trooped into the Capitol Building, chanting variety of slogans.

2015-09-04 NOCAL Board Clarifies Departure of Former Official
[Heritage] The National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) has cleared the air regarding what amounted to forced "resignation" of two Vice Presidents, one Acting Vice President, and the "retirement" of the company's President and CEO as contained in the NOCAL Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) recently announced by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

2015-09-04 UN Tweaks Liberia Sanctions
[UN News] The United Nations Security Council today renewed an arms embargo on non-State actors in Liberia for nine months while terminating other sanctions on the country, including a travel ban and asset freeze on those deemed a danger to its stability.

2015-09-04 President Turns Tables on Woods - Says He's Also Responsible for Problems at Public Works Under His Watch
[Analyst] In response to criticism from ex-Public Works Minister Samuel Koffi Woods, blaming President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the current financial crisis at the National Oil Company of Liberia or NOCAL, the President has accepted responsibility, but says she "suspects" that the former minister "will be equally responsible" for problems at the Ministry under his watch then.

2015-09-04 Insecurity in Grand Bassa County - One Police to a District
[FrontPageAfrica] Compound #4, Grand Bassa County - The limitation of Liberia's security sector appears to be glaring as the country embraces itself for life after the United Nations mission departs the country. Resolution 2190 of the United Nations Security Council signed in 2014 mandates the Liberian Government to shoulders the country's security responsibilities from UNMIL by 30 June 2016, and also suggests a "concrete plan", with timelines and benchmarks, for building the security sector and assuming all security respon

2015-09-04 Dilemma - Will U.S. Follow UN of Lifting Taylor-Era Bans?
[FrontPageAfrica] On July 22nd, 2004, U.S. President George W. Bush, acting in unison with U.S. laws, the United Nations and the Comprehensive Accra Peace Accord on Liberia, in an Executive Order, noted that the actions and policies of former President Charles Taylor and some of his associates, "in particular their unlawful depletion of Liberian resources and their removal from Liberia and secreting of Liberian funds and property, undermined Liberia's transition to democracy and the orderly development of its political and

2015-09-04 'We Don't Want Re-Emergence of Ebola' - Liberians On WHO Declaration
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -Several Liberians have commended the World Health Organization for declaring Liberia Ebola free. On September 3, the WHO declared Liberia free of Ebola virus transmission in the human population. Forty-two days have passed since the second negative test on 22 July 2015 of the last laboratory-confirmed case. Liberia now enters a 90-day period of heightened surveillance.

2015-09-04 Gender Documents 5,716 Ebola Orphans
[New Republic] The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection said it has documented the total of 5,716 Ebola orphans across the 15 sub-divisions of the country.

2015-09-04 WHO Declares Liberia Ebola-Free, Again
[News24Wire] The World Health Organisation once again declared Liberia Ebola-free, after no new case of the deadly virus was detected in the past 42 days.

2015-09-04 President Sirleaf Issues Proclamation to Extend Legislative Session.
[Legislature of Liberia] President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has issued a Proclamation to the National Legislature calling on the Body to extend its regular Session beyond the date of adjournment.

2015-09-04 Health Ministry to Employ 4,000 Workers By 2016
[LINA] The Ministry of Health will employ a total of 4,000 healthcare workers nationwide by 2016, the Minister of Health, Dr. Bernice Dahn, has disclosed.

2015-09-04 Senator Taylor Sees Bong Election Rerun As 'Popularity Test'
[LINA] Bong County Senator Jewel Taylor says the re-run of the senatorial election on September 29 in parts of Bong County is a test of her popularity and strength.

2015-09-04 WHO Declares Liberia Ebola-Free Again
[LINA] The World Health Organization (WHO) has for the second time declared Liberia free of the Ebola virus after it reemerged in the country a little over two months ago.

2015-09-04 WHO Calls for 90 Days Surveillance in Liberia
[LINA] The Deputy Minister for Health Services, Dr. Francis Kateh, has disclosed that the World Health Organization (WHO) has called for 90 days surveillance in Liberia for potential Ebola cases.

2015-09-04 Arab Delegation On Gbarnga-Mendikorma Road Mission
[Inquirer] Finance and Development Planning Minister Amara M. Konneh today hosted a delegation of Arab lenders at the inception of their appraisal mission to Liberia over the proposed financing of the Gbarnga-Mendikorma Highway Construction Project.

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