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2014-08-20 Libya Calls for Regional Security Alliance
[Magharebia]Tunis -Libya's authorities are looking to form joint forces with Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia to secure the border, curb illegal immigration, and stop arms smuggling and drug trafficking.

2014-08-18 Edging Towards the Precipice
[Cameroon Tribune]The security and humanitarian situation in Libya last week took a nose dive as fighting between rival militias almost shut down the country, obliging thousands of foreigners to leave. With diplomatic missions having shut down, their staff and UN personnel evacuated, Libyans have virtually been abandoned to themselves.

2014-08-18 Cross-Border Aid Reaches Civilians Displaced By Ongoing Violence in Libya - UN
[UN News]The United Nations refugee agency said today it has, for the first time, begun sending aid into western Libya from Tunisia to help some of the tens of thousands of people displaced by weeks of fighting in Tripoli.

2014-08-18 Cross-Border Aid Reaches 12,000 Displaced Civilians in Western Libya
[UNHCR]Tunis -The UN refugee agency has for the first time begun sending aid into western Libya from Tunisia to help some of the tens of thousands of people displaced by weeks of fighting in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

2014-08-18 'No Peace Imposed From Outside Will Last'
[Cameroon Tribune]Dr Peter Sakwe Masumbe, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and International Relations, University of Buea, revisits the conflict in Libya and its implication on the country's future.

2014-08-18 Operation to Evacuate Egyptians At Libyan-Tunisian Border Over
[Egypt Online]An official source at the Foreign Ministry said that all the Egyptians in the Libyan-Tunisian border in Ras Ajdir have been evacuated; asserting that the airlift, which has already been launched for the transfer of Egyptians, will stop and the work of the Egyptian consular crew will be terminated after ending the evacuation operation.

2014-08-18 The Egyptian Workers in Libya - Crisis in Need of a Solution! Eohr Offers the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Recommendations for a Quick Resolution of the Crisis
[EOHR]On the 15th of February 2011, Libyan groups of people, political factions and forces, human rights organizations and bodies demanded for the resignation of the Libyan leader "Mohamed Gaddafi", asserting the right of the Libyan people to express their opinion in peaceful demonstrations and dreaming a new country where wealth is fairly distributed among the people in order to live in mercy thanks to oil revenues.

2014-08-18 Libya Deports Dozens of Sudanese Illegal Immigrants
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -The Libyan government revealed that it has deported 90 Sudanese illegal immigrants through al-Kufra town in southeast of the country and said that 700 people of different nationalities are seeking to leave to Chad and Sudan.

2014-08-17 Fighting Grows in Tripoli
[UN News]The United Nations mission assisting Libya today condemned the "grave escalation" in the fighting in Tripoli and its suburbs and urged all parties to work to put an end to the security deterioration, which forebodes serious consequences on the humanitarian level.

2014-08-19 Tripoli Militia Battles Continue
[Magharebia]Benghazi -Unidentified aircraft flew over Tripoli before dawn Monday (August 18th), and loud explosions could be heard, AFP reported.

2014-08-19 Three Sudanese Killed, Six Injured in Tripoli, Libya
[Radio Dabanga]Tripoli -Three Sudanese were killed, and six wounded by a stray missile in the Karimiya district in Tripoli, Libya, on Sunday. The spokesman for the Committee for Sudanese Stranded in Libya, El Tayeb Ishag, told Radio Dabanga from Tripoli that a stray missile hit a building hosting Sudanese in the war-torn Karimiya district.

2014-08-18 Interior Ministry Denies Existence of Tunnels Between Tunisia, Algeria and Libya
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis, -The Ministry of the Interior denied reports published Sunday by a daily and relayed by some websites and private radios on the discovery of tunnels between Tunisia, Algeria and Libya.

2014-08-18 Govt Disbands Militias
[Magharebia]Benghazi -Libya's new House of Representatives voted in Tobruk on Wednesday (August 13th) to disband all militias formed after the 2011 revolution.

2014-08-17 Libyans Face Escalating Violence, Turmoil
[VOA]Libyans had high hopes after their country's liberation from dictatorship in 2011, but now face escalating violence and a growing humanitarian crisis.

2014-08-18 Youth Most Vulnerable to Radicalism, Imam Says
[Magharebia]Nouakchott -As violent extremism makes headlines from Iraq to Libya, Magharebia sat down with Abdoullah Sarr, the imam at the Alvath Mosque in the Nouakchott suburb of Sabkha, to get a better understanding of the situation.

2014-08-15 Ban Appoints Spanish National As Head of UN Support Mission in Libya
[UN News]United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced today the appointment of Mr. Bernardino León of Spain as his Special Representative for Libya.

2014-08-14 Parliament Asks UN for 'Urgent Intervention'
[Deutsche Welle]Libya's new parliament has adopted a resolution asking the UN for help to deal with militia violence across the country. The assembly has said it wants to integrate members of the militias into the regular army.

2014-08-15 France, Italy, Germany, United States, United Kingdom On Libya
[State Department]U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE

2014-08-13 Benghazi Fighters Ignore Ceasefire Plea
[Magharebia]Benghazi -Despite repeated calls for a ceasefire in Libya, terror group Ansar al-Sharia launched fresh attacks against security forces last week in Benghazi.

2014-08-15 Morocco Helps Expats Leave Libya
[Magharebia]Rabat -Moroccans are keeping a close eye on the worsening security situation in Libya.

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