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2014-09-19 Egyptian National Shot in Libya's Benghazi
[Aswat Masriya]Cairo -Unidentified gunmen killed an Egyptian national late Thursday in a sewing shop where he was working in al-Berka area of Benghazi, state-run MENA agency reported.

2014-09-18 Egypt Warns Against Traveling to Libya's Tobruk
[Aswat Masriya]Cairo -Egypt's Foreign Ministry has asked truck drivers who travel to Libya to avoid Tobruk city by all means because of its deteriorating security situation, reported the state-owned news agency MENA.

2014-09-19 Manpower Ministry Responsible for Rights of Egyptian Workers in Libya
[Egypt Online]After the 41st Arab labor conference concluded in Cairo on Thursday 18/09/2014, Manpower Minister Nahed Ashri said that the by the 41st Arab labor conference issued a decision to compel all countries that witnessed the political turmoil to preserve workers' rights.

2014-09-19 EU Must Step Up Efforts to Support Stability and Democracy, Meps Say
[PR Newswire]Strasbourg, France -The EU must step up its involvement in supporting Libya's stability and transition to democracy, said the European Parliament in a vote on Thursday. MEPs condemned the growing use of violence there, especially against civilians, and called for a ceasefire between the fighting factions. They also said humanitarian assistance, the safety of civilians and the security of humanitarian personnel must be ensured by all parties in the conflict.

2014-09-19 Rival Governments Deepen Libya Chaos
[Magharebia]Tripoli -Libya's House of Representatives turned down the proposed crisis government submitted by Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani, Libya Herald reported Wednesday (September 17th).

2014-09-19 Tunisia Reaffirms Its Commitment to Peaceful Solution of Libyan Crisis - Fay├žal Gouia
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis -Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Fay├žal Gouia, Wednesday, reaffirmed Tunisia's commitment to a peaceful solution to the crisis in Libya and its opposition to any foreign intervention in this country.

2014-09-19 Journalist Sofiene Chourabi and Photographer N├ędhir Ktari Held Hostages in Libya "Doing Well" - Foreign Ministry
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis -Journalist Sofiene Chourabi and photographer N├ędhir Ktari, held hostages by a Libyan group near Ajdabiya, are "doing well," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday.

2014-09-17 Egyptian Killed in Libya South West of Tripoli - Mena
[Aswat Masriya]Cairo -An Egyptian was killed in Libya and his body was found south west of the capital Tripoli, reported the state-owned news agency MENA.

2014-09-18 Algeria Ready to Host Libya Dialogue
[Magharebia]Algiers -Algeria is prepared to help Libya, according to Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra.

2014-09-17 ICRC and Libyan Red Crescent Deliver Urgently Needed Medical Aid
[PR Newswire]Geneva -Urgently needed medical supplies today reached Al-Zahra hospital in Warshefana, on the outskirts of Tripoli, in an operation carried out by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in cooperation with the Libyan Red Crescent.

2014-09-17 Commissioner Malmstr├Âm Welcomes IOM Investigation to Fight Smuggler Networks
[PR Newswire]Brussels -"I deeply deplore the loss of lives outside the Libyan and Maltese coasts last week, my thoughts go out to the friends and families of the victims. I welcome the work of the International Organization for Migration, contributing to shedding light over this horrible incident. I am shocked by the testimonies of the survivors of the tragic incident outside the Maltese coast, reported by IOM. We must urgently increase our efforts to fight the horrendous activities of the smugglers responsible for the deaths of

2014-09-16 Libya Closer to Brink of Protracted Conflict and Strife, UN Envoy Warns
[UN News]Three years after the fall of their former regime, the Libyan people find themselves nowhere closer to realizing their hopes and aspirations for a better future, the top UN official in Libya said today, noting the urgency to take advantage of a "small window of opportunity."

2014-09-17 Schulz Deplores Drowning of Mediterranean Migrants
[PR Newswire]Brussels -The EU must do its utmost to prevent further deaths at sea of Mediterranean migrants - this is a humanitarian catastrophe, said President Schulz of breaking news that over 200 would-be migrants had drowned when their boat sank off Libya and over 500 had drowned when their boat sank off Malta the previous week.

2014-09-17 Shoukri, Malta Fm Confer On Situation in Libya, Me
[Egypt Online]Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri met on Tuesday 16/9/2014 his Malta counterpart George W. Vella in Spain.

2014-09-17 Submission to the Universal Periodic Review - Libya

2014-09-15 Libya Warns It May Cut Ties With Sudan and Qatar Over 'Interference'
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -The Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni reiterated accusations made previously by Tripoli against Qatar and Sudan of backing Islamist militias by sending arms shipments into the restive north African nation.

2014-09-16 United Nations Mission in Libya Anchored in Unbiased Engagement As Country Edges Closer to Protracted Conflict, Security Council Told
[UN]Permanent Representative Speaks Following Briefings

2014-09-16 Amb. Power's Remarks to Press On Libya, Liberia
[State Department]U.S. Mission to the United Nations

2014-09-16 FM Leaves Paris for Madrid to Attend Libya's Neighboring Countries Meeting
[Egypt Online]Foreign Minister Sameh Shokri left Paris on Monday 15/9/2014 for Spain to attend a meeting of Libya's neighboring countries with European partners, which will kick off on Wednesday 17/9/2014.

2014-09-16 Tunisia to Take Part in Ministerial Conference On Libya, September 17, Madrid
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis -Minister of Foreign Affairs Mongi Hamdi will take part in the Ministerial Conference on Stability and Development in Libya scheduled for September 17 in Madrid.

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