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2016-07-26 Refugees in Libya 'Traumatized'
[Deutsche Welle] The bodies of 41 presumed migrants were found washed up on a Libyan beach on Sunday in another tragic reminder that a refugee crisis remains unresolved. DW talks to the UN's senior diplomat in Libya, Martin Kobler.

2016-07-26 Sudan Reaffirms Its Supports for Libya
[SNA] Nouakchott -The President of the Republic, Omar Bashir, has reaffirmed Sudan's support for Libya's president Faiz Sarajj and Sudan readiness to provide all possible assistance for the realization of peace and political stability in Libya.

2016-07-25 Security Council Authorizes Countries to Help Libya Destroy Chemical Weapons
[UN News] Following a request from the main international organization working to achieve a world free of chemical weapons, the United Nations Security Council today adopted a resolution authorizing the transfer of such weapons out of Libya for their safe, timely destruction.

2016-07-25 Abdelqadir Fassouk Second Libyan Photojournalist to Be Killed in a Month
[CPJ] Washington -The Committee to Protect Journalists today condemned the killing of Arraed television correspondent and prominent Libyan photojournalist Abdelqadir Fassouk, who was shot yesterday while covering clashes between government-allied forces and the militant group Islamic State, according to his news outlet.

2016-07-25 Arab League Summit - Messahel Holds Discussions in Nouakchott With Libyan FM
[Algerie Presse Service] Nouakchott -Minister for Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab States League met Saturday in Nouakchott, on the sidelines of the Arab Foreign Ministers meeting, with Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed al-Taher Siyala.

2016-07-23 UN Authorizes Offshore Disposal Chemical Weapons
[Deutsche Welle] The UN Security Council has authorized the end of Libya's chemical weapons stockpile, a moved hailed by UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. The move comes amid concerns over the use of the weapons by militants.

2016-07-22 Libyans Protest At French Special Forces Presence
[RFI] The UN-backed government of Libya has dubbed the presence of French troops in the country a violation of national sovereignty, following France's admission they were preseence and that three had died near the eastern town of Benghazi. There were protests against "foreign interference" in several Libyan towns once the news had broken on Wednesday.

2016-07-22 Tripoli Condemns French Military Involvement
[Al Jazeera] Libya's UN-backed government has reacted strongly following France's confirmation that its special forces have been operating in the country, which also sparked angry protests in the capital Tripoli against French military intervention.

2016-07-22 Refugee Boat Found With 22 Dead Bodies Off the Coast
[Al Jazeera] The bodies of 21 women and one man have been found "in a pool of fuel" at the bottom of a rubber dinghy adrift near the Libyan coast, just hours after they had set sail for Italy, according to the humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

2016-07-21 France Confirms Three Soldiers Killed in Libya
[Al Jazeera] Three French soldiers have been killed in Libya, officials have said, also confirming for the first time that members of France's special forces are engaged in operations in the North African country.

2016-07-21 Soldiers Killed in Benghazi Helicopter Crash
[Daily Trust] Three French soldiers have died in Libya after their helicopter was shot down, President Francois Hollande says. The soldiers were killed while carrying out "dangerous intelligence operations", Mr Hollande said. Earlier on Wednesday, French defence ministry spokesman Stephane Le Foll confirmed for the first time that its special forces were in Libya.

2016-07-20 France Admits Special Forces Soldiers Killed in Libya
[RFI] Three French soldiers have been killed in Libya, the defence ministry said on Wednesday, for the first time admitting that its special forces are active in the country, where rival militias, including the Islamic State (IS) armed group, are fighting for power.

2016-07-18 RSF Asks Govt of National Accord to Protect Journalists
[RSF] Reporters Without Borders condemns the latest acts of violence against journalists in Libya including freelance reporter Khaled Al Zantani's murder by an Islamic State sniper on 23 June in Benghazi.

2016-07-18 Brigui Brace Inspires Etoile Back to Winning Ways
[CAF] Midfielder Alaya Brigui scored twice and the other from Ahmed Akaichi was all Etoile du Sahel needed to beat Ahly Tripoli of Libya 3-0 on Saturday in Sousse for their first win at the pool stage.

2016-07-15 Five Heritage Sites in Libya Are in Danger
[UN News] The head of the United Nations cultural agency today deplored the recent shelling at the National Museum of Aleppo, located on the edge of the war-torn ancient city in northern Syria, calling once again for the destruction of cultural property to stop.

2016-07-13 Situation of Sudanese Nationals in Libya Discussed
[SNA] Khartoum -The Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Abdul-Ghani Al-Naee,, received at his officeTuesday the Ambassador of the Libya to Khartoum, Mohamed Sola, and discussed the bilateral relations of two countries and the ways of strengthening them in all fields.

2016-07-10 Egypt Working to Bring Back Six Nationals Held in Libya
[Egypt Online] The Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli is taking necessary measures to bring back six Egyptians who are being held by authorities in the Libyan city of Beni Walid, the Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

2016-07-06 EU/NATO - Europe's Plan Endangers Foreigners in Libya
[HRW] Brussels -European Union efforts to stem migration from Libya risk condemning migrants and asylum seekers to violent abuse at the hands of government officials, militias, and criminal groups in Libya, Human Rights Watch said today. Newly documented abuses include torture, rape, and killings in squalid detention centers where migrants, including people intercepted at sea by the Libyan Coast Guards, are detained.

2016-07-06 Sudanese Force Arrests '300 Illegal Immigrants' Near Libya
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -Sudanese paramilitary forces have announced the arrest of more than 300 illegal immigrants who were heading to Libya across the desert in the Northern state. The forces have been deployed to combat human and drugs trafficking by criminal networks.

2016-07-07 FM Follows Up Abduction of Six Egyptians in Libya
[Egypt Online] Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Hisham el Naqib said Tuesday 5/7/2016 that the Foreign Ministry is following the abduction of six Egyptians in Libya while on their way back home.

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