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2016-06-27 Foreign Ministry Follows Up Issue of Detainees in Libya
[Egypt Online] The consular section at the Foreign Ministry is closely following up the file of Egyptian detainees in Libya, said Foreign Ministry |Spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid.

2016-06-27 Senior UN Humanitarian Official Strongly Condemns Attacks On Medical Facilities
[UN News] The acting United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Libya, Dr. Syed Jaffar Hussain expressed deep concerns at recent attacks in Benghazi that put medical facilities at risk and urged all parties to take all feasible precautions to prevent casualties among patients and medical personnel.

2016-06-23 Dozens of Pro-Govt Fighters Killed in Clash
[Al Jazeera] Fierce clashes between Libyan forces and the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in Sirte, ISIL's only stronghold in the country, have left at least 36 dead and almost 150 wounded.

2016-06-23 WFP Launches Emergency Operation for Egyptian Returnees From Libya
[WFP] The emergency operation was launched, upon the request of the Egyptian Government, to provide assistance to 60,000 returnees from Libya in the five governorates of Sohag, Menia, Assuit, Qena and Kafr El Sheikh, where the number of people returning from Libya is at its highest.

2016-06-23 Libyan Forces Suffer High Casualties in Clash With 'Islamic State'
[Deutsche Welle] In one of the most intense clashes of recent weeks, dozens of Libyan pro-government militiamen have been killed fighting 'IS.' The fighting is part of a government offensive to retake the city of Sirte.

2016-06-21 Egypt's Foreign Ministry Follows Case of Seven Egyptians Detained in Libya
[Aswat Masriya] Cairo -Egypt's foreign ministry said on Monday it is following the case of seven Egyptian nationals detained in the city of Misrata in Libya.

2016-06-16 Security Council Authorizes Inspections Off Coast, Aiming to Stem Illegal Arms Flow
[UN News] The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution today authorizing Member States, acting nationally or through regional organizations, to inspect vessels on the high seas off the coast of Libya they believe are carrying illicit weapons.

2016-06-15 Defence Secretary Awards New Medal to 46 Troops.
[PR Newswire] London -Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has presented the first batch of new General Service Medals to 46 recipients for deployments on nine recent operations.

2016-06-14 Security Council Extends Mandate of UN Mission in Libya for Six Months
[UN News] The Security Council today decided to extend until 15 December 2016 the mandate of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), encouraging the operation to re-establish a permanent presence in the country through a phased return. The current mandate was set to expire on 15 June.

2016-06-13 Still No Justice for UK's Role in Rendition and Torture
[HRW] British prosecutors announced today that no-one will face criminal charges for involvement in the kidnap, transfer and torture of two Libyan dissidents and their families in 2004.

2016-06-13 Sudanese in Libya Detained 'Under Harsh Conditions'
[Radio Dabanga] Tripoli -Sudanese in detention centres in Libya suffer from a worsening humanitarian situation, according to the community in Tripoli. Those who reside in Libya suffer from an increased number of attacks by militant Libyan groups.

2016-06-09 'Islamic State' Loses Ground in Syria and Libya
[Deutsche Welle] Armed factions fighting the "Islamic State" have made inroads in their mission to uproot the militant group. But a US official said the group "will fight hard" to retain its territories in Syria and Libya.

2016-06-07 Libya Must Have Functioning Government to End 'Tragic' Humanitarian Situation
[UN News] The top United Nations official for Libya today told the Security Council about the "tragic" humanitarian situation there, underlining that "personal tragedies and collective suffering" are the consequence of the continued lack of State authority in most parts of the North African country.

2016-06-03 Scores of Drowned Refugees Wash up on Libyan Beaches
[Al Jazeera] The bodies of at least 85 people who drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea were found washed up on beaches near the Libyan city of Zuwarah, a Red Crescent official has said.

2016-06-02 Hundred of Migrants Feared Dead in Mediterranean
[CISA] The Mediterranean -Hundreds of migrants and refugees are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean passage from North Africa to Italy last week.

2016-05-31 Mediterranean Refugee Death Toll Soars
[UN News] At least 880 people appear to have died over the past week as their vessels either wrecked or capsized in the Mediterranean, bringing the total fatalities along the dangerous crossing route to 2,510 so far this year, the United Nations refugee agency said today.

2016-05-30 More Than 80 Feared Dead in Mediterranean Crossing
[CAJ News] Cairo, Egypt -As thousands of people continue perishing in the dangerous Mediterranean, agencies have called on governments to ensure the protection of migrants.

2016-05-30 Justice and Accountability 'Critical Components' for Lasting Peace in Libya - ICC Prosecutor
[UN News] Justice, accountability and the deterrent effects of the law remain "critical components" for achieving lasting peace in Libya, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) told the United Nations Security Council today, encouraging the country's Government to give priority to devising effective plans and strategies to address atrocity crimes, and to invest in the relevant national institutions responsible for such work.

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