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2015-07-06 Human Catastrophe At Sea a Result of Visa Requirements
[Monitor] Libya has been a destination for African migrants escaping poverty and political persecution from their own impoverished countries, as well as being an embarkation point for Maghrebis moving across the Mediterranean to Europe for a long time.

2015-07-06 I Don't Run Business With Libya Company - Membe
[Daily News] Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr Bernard Membe, has denied running businesses with foreign companies operating in the country.

2015-07-05 Public Prosecutor Has Not Made Genetic Analyses On Bodies Found in Libya - Sofien Selliti
[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis -Spokesman for the Court of First Instance in Tunis Sofien Selliti told TAP Sunday the Tunisian authorities have not made any genetic analysis on bodies discovered in cemeteries in Libya.

2015-07-03 Police Arrest 12 Suspects Over Deadly Hotel Attack
[Focac] Tunis -Tunisian security forces have arrested 12 suspects in connection with last week's terrorist attack that left 38 people dead at a hotel in Sousse, a government minister said.

2015-07-02 Pro-Govt Militia 'Subjects Citizens to Severe Torture'
[Alkarama] On 15 June 2015, Alkarama sent a communication the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture (SRT) concerning the cases of 10 Libyan citizens all subjected to torture at the end of 2014. These cases are illustrative of the increasing use of torture by militias - in the present case, the Zintan brigade, a government-funded militia drawn from the garrison town of Zintan in northwest Libya, acting as the regular force of the internationally recognised government of Tobruk - who wish to intimidate, eliminat

2015-07-02 Security Council Urges Parties to Agree On Government of National Accord
[UN News] Reiterating that there can be no military solution to the crisis in Libya, the United Nations Security Council today urged the parties to the conflict to agree on a Government of National Accord and sign the proposal presented by the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) "in the coming days."

2015-07-02 The Challenge of Medical Aid
[MSF] Tensions are rising in eastern Libya and, as a result, medical needs are increasing. Fighting in the region has now expanded beyond the city of Benghazi, which has been the scene of armed confrontations for more than a year, to Derna, the stronghold of the Islamic State (IS) in the area, where clashes started three weeks ago.

2015-07-01 Internal Displacement Doubles in Libya Since September
[UN News] According to the United Nations refugee agency, the number of people displaced within Libya has almost doubled from an estimated 230,000 last September to more than 434,000 amid escalating fighting this year in different parts of the crisis-gripped North-African country.

2015-07-01 Numbers of Internally Displaced in Libya Double Since September - UNHCR
[UNHCR] Geneva -Increased fighting in Libya since the start of the year had led to almost a doubling in the number of displaced people in the country to more than 434,000 from an estimated 230,000 last September, the UN refugee agency reported on Tuesday.

2015-06-30 Libya Talks 'Very Positive,' Reports UN Envoy, Pointing Towards Preliminary Political Accord
[UN News] The United Nations Secretary-General's Special Representative for Libya, Bernardino León, announced today that there is a political agreement amongst the parties on the majority of the elements of the draft proposal they are considering, and he hoped to have them initial it later this week.

2015-06-29 UN Urges Country's Rivals to Reach Agreement
[Focac] Rabat -UN envoy Bernardino Leon on late Saturday urged the Libyan conflicting parties to quickly expedite the dialogue to end the conflict in their country.

2015-06-29 Urging Libyan Parties to Quickly Reach Political Solution to End Crisis
[UN News] From Morocco where he is facilitating the dialogue among Libyan parties, the United Nations envoy for the North African country has stressed that the coming week should be decisive to reach an agreement on the draft political proposal he recently introduced to bring Libya's diverse stakeholders together and ensure peace and stability.

2015-06-30 Numbers of Internally Displaced in Libya Double Since September
[UNHCR] This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Melissa Fleming - to whom quoted text may be attributed - at the press briefing, on 30 June 2015, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

2015-06-27 The Central Sahel - a Perfect Sandstorm

2015-06-29 Libya Agreement Within Reach, UN Envoy Says
[News24Wire] A peace agreement between Libya's two rival governments is within reach after talks in the Moroccan resort of Skhirat, the UN envoy Bernardino Leon said on Monday.

2015-06-29 As World Heritage Committee Opens Session, Unesco Urges Protection of Sites Targeted for Destruction
[UN News] The head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) strongly appealed for the international community to help counter the emerging threat of violent extremism and cultural cleansing, in remarks to the opening of the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee today in Bonn, Germany.

2015-06-29 Stuck in Same Quagmire, Libya and Tunisia Must Stand Together Against Terrorism - M. Dayri
[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis, -"Hit by the same phenomenon, Libya and Tunisia must stand together against terrorism," Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Tobruk Government Mohamed Dayri said on Saturday.

2015-06-26 'We Are Getting Closer to a Solution,' - UN Envoy on Crisis Talks
[UN News] Previewing what he hopes will be the last round of United Nations-backed political talks on Libya, the UN envoy for the country said today the fact that all the participants in the dialogue have accepted a fourth draft proposal as the basis for a final political solution is "extremely encouraging" that agreement could be reached during discussions over the coming days.

2015-06-25 Last Week in Maghreb and Sahel Security
[Moroccan American Center] It has certainly been an interesting week for security in the Maghreb and Sahel, with the region making rare headlines in the US thanks to the alleged killing (or not) of renowned terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar, AKA Mr. Marlboro. Initial reports that he was killed in a targeted US airstrike in Libya were confirmed by the Libyan government, but not the US. Subsequent reports from the ground, courtesy of Libyan militant group Ansar-al-Sharia, denied that Belmokhtar was among those killed in the attack.

2015-06-24 UN Envoy Meets With Armed Groups in Support of Political Agreement
[UN News] As part of an overall United nations-supported effort on the security track of Libya's national dialogue, the United Nations envoy for country has met in Misrata with representatives of armed groups, stressing the importance of local ceasefires and reconciliation agreements are welcome developments.

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