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2014-04-24 Small Steps Towards Forest Conservation in Madagascar
[IRIN]Andasibe -An association of tour guides and community members at the Analamazaotra Forest Station, a protected area of rainforest about 150km east of Madagascar's capital, Antananarivo, has embarked on an ambitious reforestation project that is educating local people about the value of preserving the forest as well as generating an income for 400 nearby households.

2014-04-23 Madagascar Appoints Cabinet
[New Era]Windhoek -Namibia has congratulated the new Prime Minister of the Republic of Madagascar, Christopher Roger Kolo, for the appointment of a new cabinet that was announced on April 16. President Hery Rajaonarimampianina elected Kolo as PM on April 11.

2014-04-22 Deadline Looms for Europe Trade Talks
[The Trade Beat]Despite the World Trade Organization's Doha Round negotiations displaying signs of life with the conclusion of the Trade Facilitation Agreement during the Bali Ministerial in December last year, the negotiation and conclusion of comprehensive bilateral and regional trade agreements by many of the world's industrialised economies, including the United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, Korea and the European Union (EU), continues apace.

2014-04-21 SADC Congratulates New Premier of Madagascar
[Daily News]SADC Executive Secretary, Dr Stergomena Tax, has congratulated Mr Laurent Roger Kolo Christophe following his appointment as Prime Minister of the Republic of Madagascar.

2014-04-17 Magistrates Seek to Relieve Overcrowding in Prisons
[ICRC]Antananarivo -Some 40 magistrates are taking part today in a workshop, organized jointly by the Ministry of Justice and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), on the problem of prison overcrowding. Faster processing of criminal cases and the development of alternatives to pre-trial detention, release on probation and other measures will be at the centre of discussions.

2014-04-14 New Irin Film - the Zebu and the Zama
[IRIN]Nairobi -In the Zones Rouges of southern Madagascar, economic opportunities are scarce, as is any presence of the state: the police are particularly absent from most villages.

2014-04-08 Peace Corps Helps Silk Weavers in Madagascar Expand Business
[State Department]Washington -Peace Corps volunteer Amy Wallace of Columbia, Missouri, and returned Peace Corps volunteer Natalie Mundy of Roanoke, Virginia, are helping silk weavers in Madagascar reach international markets to expand their business and provide steady income for their families.

2014-03-31 Nation On Long Path to Economic Recovery
[RFI]After a five year suspension Madagascar will be reintegrated into the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF), according to its Secretary General Abdou Diouf speaking Friday in Paris.

2014-03-31 'Very Intense' Cyclone Strikes
[AlertNet]Very intense tropical cyclone Hellen struck Madagascar at about 00:00 GMT on 31 March.

2014-03-31 Madagascar Officials Understudy HASAL Mfb's Micro Financing Model
[This Day]Top officials of the Ministry of Finance of Madagascar have visited HASAL Microfinance Bank Limited, one of the leading MFBs spearheading grassroots financial inclusion drive in the country, to understudy the bank's operational model with a view to using the experiences gained for MFB capacity building in their country.

2014-03-28 Malian Returnees Face Economic Hardship
[IRIN]Bamako -Displaced Malians who have recently returned to their homes in the north of the country say they are facing economic difficulty as their businesses, livestock and other forms of livelihood have been wiped out, while those still displaced also say financial assistance is their main need.

2014-03-27 Radio Telescope to Look Back At the Birth of Stars
[Media Club SA]Cape Town -The biggest science project in the world is happening right here - and all South Africans should be excited. The Square Kilometre Array is like Nasa for Africa. It's the World Cup of science.

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