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2016-05-19 Six Home Players Vie for Kenya Davis Cup Slots
[Nation] Six home-based tennis players will on Friday battle it out for three available slots to the Kenyan team that will take part in the Davis Cup Africa Group 3 Championship from July 13 to16 in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

2016-05-12 UN Chief Calls for End to Corruption
[UN News] During his visit to Madagascar today, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Malagasy parliamentarians to end the corruption that has weakened their society, while launching a report on the cost of hunger in the island nation.

2016-05-11 Mr Ban Ki-moon, they lie
[L'Express de Madagascar] We, Malagasy population, people of the United Nations and full member of this institution, are standing before you. We recognize the fact that it would not be possible for you to hear everyone and meet each of us. However, we have realized that during your visit, you will not meet only the right people, and even the right ones will not necessarily tell you the right words, the words that can describe what we are undergoing, what we are going through.

2016-04-28 PĂ©tanque - La FMP s'explique sur la sanction de Toutoune !
[Midi Madagasikara] Le Président de la Fédération Malgache de Pétanque, Béryl Razafiundrainony, lance un appel au calme à tous les boulistes.

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