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2015-01-29 Why Is So Little Attention Paid to Madagascar's Incredible Wildlife?
[Namibian]MADAGASCAR is home to 5% of global biodiversity and the second highest number of threatened mammals in the world - yet even cartoon lemurs in the movie of the same name seem to receive more public attention and cash.

2015-01-26 'Dire' Needs of Flood Survivors Unmet Two Weeks On
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]London -Two weeks after floods first swept across southern Africa, tens of thousands of people urgently need clean water, food, shelter and medical care, aid agencies said on Friday, as more rain was forecast for worst-affected Malawi.

2015-01-22 UN - Country Needs Money to Continue Battle Against Locust Plague
[UN News]The battle against a plague of locusts in Madagascar is in danger of being lost, as funding to continue efforts against widespread infestations runs out, putting 13 million people at risk of food insecurity, the United Nations agricultural agency said today.

2015-01-22 Lack of Funds Slows Battle Against Locusts
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]Rome -Madagascar could lose its fight against a plague of locusts, potentially causing hunger for 13 million people, unless international agencies can find an extra $10.6 million for eradication efforts, a United Nations agency said on Wednesday.

2015-01-21 Funds Are Running Out in Battle Against Locusts
[FAO]Rome -Extra $10.6 million urgently needed to avoid resurgence of locust plague

2015-01-21 UN Agencies Ramp Up Aid Efforts to Flood-Hit Southern Africa
[UN News]With Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar continuing to face torrential rains and worsening floods, United Nations agencies are scaling up relief efforts to assist those affected and displaced in the southern African countries.

2015-01-20 More Rains, More Deaths As Floods Set to Worsen
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]Nairobi -Aid agencies raced on Monday to reach tens of thousands of people displaced by catastrophic floods across southern Africa, as more heavy rain was forecast in the coming days.

2015-01-19 IMF Executive Board Concludes Article IV Consultation
[IMF]On January 16, 2015, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV consultation1 with Madagascar.

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