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2016-08-30 Confucius Institute Contributes to Malagasy Youth Education, Employment
[Focac] Antananarivo -The Confucius Institute in Madagascar on Friday graduated 55 students in Chinese language and culture in the country's capital Antananarivo.

2016-08-23 Serengeti Boys Focus On Madagascar Finals
[Daily News] The Under-17 national team coach Bakari Shime is determined to lead Tanzania to the first ever African Youth Championship finals after seeing off South Africa with a 2-0 win on Sunday.

2016-08-08 Cameroon, Ghana Smoothen Route to Madagascar
[CAF] Cameroon and Ghana have taken commanding leads as far as places at the third and final round of the qualifiers for the U-17 AFCON Madagascar 2017 is concerned.

2016-08-08 Comoro Airline Launches Dar, Madagascar Via Moroni Flights
[Daily News] Comoro airline, AB Aviation has introduced new route from Dar es Salaam, Moroni in Comoro to Antananarivo, Madagascar twice a week to tap growing business opportunities in the region.

2016-08-05 Climate-Smart Agriculture for Drought-Stricken Country
[IPS] Amboasary -Mirantsoa Faniry Rakotomalala is different from most farmers in the Greater South of Madagascar, who are devastated after losing an estimated 80 percent of their crops during the recent May/June harvesting season to the ongoing drought here, said to be the most severe in 35 years.

2016-08-03 Morale Booster for Serengeti Boys
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -The national Under-17 team (Serengeti Boys) was at its rampant best yesterday as they spanked Madagascar 2-0 in a well contested friendly match in Antananarivo.

2016-08-02 Serengeti Boys Take On Madagascar in Rematch
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -The national Under-17 team, Serengeti Boys, take on Madagascar in a friendly rematch today before flying to Johannesburg tomorrow.

2016-08-02 Traditional Healers and Modern Medicine in Madagascar
[Al Jazeera] Ambondro, Madagascar - In Ambondro village in the remote south of Madagascar, it is said that the man whom people seek out to cure their sickness was trained by a ghost. Sixty-year-old Mbola Tohamana is a traditional healer and claims his potions and spells can treat diseases and psychiatric disorders - and even make people fall in love.

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