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2017-02-28 Madagascar PM to Receive Mandela Award
[East African] Madagascar's Prime Minister Oliver Mahafaly Solonandrasana has been nominated to receive the 2016 Mandela Prize for Courage, the Malagasy government Press Service said.

2017-02-21 The Bitter Taste of Madagascar Vanilla
[Al Jazeera] Sava region, Madagascar -Vanilla farmer Jacky points his machete towards a flattened area in the humid Madagascan jungle.

2017-02-15 Tropical Cyclone Dineo Bears Down On Madagascar
[Al Jazeera] Tropical Cyclone Dineo has formed in the Mozambique Channel, the fifth cyclone of the 2016/17 Southern Hemisphere cyclone season.

2017-02-11 Tropical Cyclone Carlos Brews Up in the Indian Ocean
[Al Jazeera] Over the past few days Tropical Cyclone Carlos has been gaining strength in the southern Indian Ocean. The tiny Islands of Mauritius and La Reunion have been dealt a glancing blow by the storm.

2017-02-08 Meet the Sakalava Ethnic Group
[This is Africa] The Sakalava people also known by the translation of their name as people of the long valleys are one of the ethnic groups in Madagascar and constitute about 6.2% of the population. Known as semi-nomadic pastoralists they are also known for growing rice. They are located in the Western and North Western region of Madagascar.

2017-01-30 Truck Crash Kills 47, Including Newlyweds
[Al Jazeera] At least 47 people, including 10 children and a newly-wed couple, have been killed in a traffic accident north of Madagascar's capital, Antananarivo, according to police.

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