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2014-08-30 Locust Swarms Fill Antananarivo Skies
[VOA]Locust swarms filled the skies over Madagascar's capital this week. However, an expert says it does not mean the locust plague in the nation has returned.

2014-08-19 Madagascar Leader Grateful
[The Herald]Victoria Falls -MADAGASCAN President Hery Rajaonarimampianina has applauded SADC's intervention in brokering peace in his country which paved way for the December 2013 elections that restored stability in his country. The former finance minister won the presidential election on December 20, the first in the country since the 2009 coup that plunged Madagascar into a political crisis that has sharply slowed economic growth and deepened poverty.

2014-08-08 Endnote Collaborates With Science Hack Day to Bring Global Event to Madagascar
[PR Newswire]Antananarivo, Madagascar -Africa's first Science Hack Day will unite designers, developers and scientists to explore new scientific concepts

2014-08-05 Jail Terms for Defaming Officials Online Under New Law
[RSF]Madagascar's National Assembly has quietly adopted a cybercrime law that provides for prison sentences for anyone insulting or defaming a state representative online.

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