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2014-04-18 Malawi - Village Chiefs Unknowingly Sleep With Sex Workers
[Key Correspondents]Some chiefs in Rumphi district in northern Malawi risk contracting HIV because they unknowingly sleep with hired sex workers during chief installation ceremonies.

2014-04-18 Women Intensify Fight for Equal Space
[VOA]Blantyre -Women rights campaigners have intensified their 50/50 drive to have equal representation in the May 20 elections. Malawi ranks as one of the countries with low female representation not only in southern Africa, but globally. At the moment, only 22 percent of 193 parliamentary seats are held by women.

2014-04-18 EU to Observe Elections in Malawi
[EASS]The European Union has deployed an Election Observation Mission (EOM) to Malawi, in response to an invitation by the country's Electoral Commission.

2014-04-18 Malawi Launches 2014 Racing Against Malaria Campaign
[Malawi News Agency]Mchinji -Deputy Minister of Health Chikumbutso Hiwa said it is everyone's responsibility to fight malaria as it remains number one killer.

2014-04-18 MHRRC for Actualization of Malawi Police 'Service'
[Malawi News Agency]Nkhotakota -Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre (MHRRC) Project Officer Charles Gawani has said MHRRC would like the Malawi Police Service (MPS) to actualize the name 'service' in its operations by respecting human rights.

2014-04-18 Judiciary, Police Need to Be Conversant With Energy Laws, MERA
[Malawi News Agency]Mzuzu -Board member for Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA), Ian Malera, has expressed the need for the Judiciary and Police Officers to be conversant with energy laws for them to effectively enforce them.

2014-04-18 Cela Hailed for Bringing Together Community, Govt Officials
[Malawi News Agency]Nkhotakota -Government Officials from Police, Parks and Wildlife, Judiciary and Prison as well as Sasani Community members have hailed Centre for Legal Assistance (CELA) for organizing an awareness meeting involving all parties to reduce cases of intruding in Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve.

2014-04-18 Lilongwe Beggars Risk Arrest
[Malawi News Agency]Lilongwe -Principal Sectary for Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare Dr. Mary Shawa has warned that some of the beggars in Lilongwe risk arrest for insisting to flock along the streets of the City to continue begging despite Government's initiative of giving them money through Mtukula pakhomo Social Program.

2014-04-18 Malawians' Failure to Adopt Mosquito Nets Usage Affecting the Malaria Fight
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -While records indicate that at least six million suspected cases of malaria are treated in the country and over one million deaths are malaria related, it is sad to note that most Malawians are still not sleeping under a long lasting pesticide treated mosquito nets every night all year round to prevent the diseases.

2014-04-18 Likoma Jetty Might See the Light of the Day
[Malawi News Agency]Likoma -The construction of Likoma Jetty, which has been a song since time immemorial, might soon be under construction after Likoma District Council and stakeholders recently agreed unanimously to construct a permanent jetty.

2014-04-18 Interagency Task Force Formed Against Wildlife Crime
[Malawi News Agency]Lilongwe -A Task Force comprising law enforcing agencies was formed on Wednesday in the capital, Lilongwe, to combat the growing poaching and illegal wildlife trade with coordinated approach. The agencies making up the Task Force include the Police (prosecution, Criminal Investigation Department, Interpol, and airport), Immigration, Malawi Defence Force (Operation Department), the Judiciary (Chief Resident Magistrate - Lilongwe), Department of National Parks and Wildlife, and the Anti-Corruption.

2014-04-18 Self Treatment Causing Malaria Treatment Resistance
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -Self treatment of fevers suspected to be Malaria is said to be contributing to Malaria treatment resistance in the country thereby aggravating the challenge of curing the ailment.

2014-04-18 Malawi Tops Oesophageal Cancer List in Africa
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -A General Surgeon at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH), Dr Luwano Kalongolera has said it is a known fact that in Africa, Malawi stands the highest ranking country facing oesophageal cancer (also known as cancer of the oesophagus).

2014-04-17 Malawi Ivory Trafficking Cases Moving in Right Direction
[Lilongwe Wildlife Trust]Lilongwe -Within a month of the official launch of Malawi's 'Stop Wildlife Crime' campaign, several new cases of illegal ivory trafficking have come to light. On Sunday 23 March, 30 kg of ivory bound for Lagos was intercepted at Kamuzu International Airport and were traced to a 38 year old Nigerian national, Nduisi Nwude. Whilst the ivory was confiscated the man escaped from the airport and is still at large. On 7 April, however, airport authorities were more successful. A Malawian national, Michael Kingsley Phiri w

2014-04-17 President Banda Pardons 281 Prisoners
[Malawi News Agency]Lilongwe -As part of the Easter Celebrations and with the powers vested in her, President Dr. Joyce Banda has directed the pardoning of 281 prisoners.

2014-04-17 Journalists Leading By Example in Medical Circumcision
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -MIJ FM's journalist Innocent Mphongolo almost fainted each time he thought or heard that Male Circumcision involves cutting of the foreskin and a little bloodshed.

2014-04-17 Guard and Three Others Arrested for Kadyanji's Murder
[Malawi News Agency]Lilongwe -Lilongwe Police has arrested four suspects, one of them a guard, believed to have conspired in the murder of Dina Kadyanji who was working with the office of Accountant General.

2014-04-17 Shadow Councilor Bemoans Lack of Development
[Malawi News Agency]An independent Msakambewa West Ward shadow councilor, Rodger Kafwafwa, says the absence of councilors in Dowa has contributed negatively to service delivery and facilitation of availability of boreholes, bridges, school and hospitals at the community level.

2014-04-17 School Boy Hit to Death By Speeding Vehicle At Liwonde
[Malawi News Agency]Machinga -A Liwonde Community Day Secondary School Form Two student, Yohane Kasola, 17, died on the spot after a Toyota Hilux hit him as he was cycling along the main road at Mtubwi in Liwonde Township in Machinga Tuesday afternoon.

2014-04-17 Misconceptions Derailing VMMC Programmes
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -The Ministry of Health says misconceptions and misinformation are affecting delivery of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision VMMC) programmes.

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