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2014-04-24 Banda Boycotts First Presidential TV Debate
[Deutsche Welle]Malawians were able to size up hopefuls competing in the May 20 elections in a first ever televised presidential debate. But four candidates, including President Joyce Banda and her chief rival, failed to turn up.

2014-04-23 Govt to Prioritise Gender-Based Messages in Response to HIV and TB
[Key Correspondents]In Malawi, a new civil society charter to tackle HIV and TB is prioritising gender-based messages to help change people's behaviour.

2014-04-24 Aspiring Councillor Embarks On Door-to-Door Campaign in Namalimwe Ward
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -Blantyre City Central Namalimwe Ward Independent aspiring councillor, Martin Msoma, has embarked on door-to-door campaign a complete departure from what other aspirants are doing by holding political rallies.

2014-04-24 Southern Region Tops Electoral Malpractices - MESN
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -The Malawi Electoral Support Network MESN says Southern Region has recorded the highest electoral malpractices as compared to northern and central regions.

2014-04-24 Malawi Records No Cholera Case in Two Years
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -The Ministry of Health says the country has had no cholera cases in the past two years. "From our records, it shows that we have not registered any confirmed cholera cases for close to two years now.

2014-04-24 Yada in Drive to Raise K80 Million for Centre Reconstruction
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -Youth Action in Development Activity (YADA) will on 26 of May conduct a big walk to fundraise for the reconstruction of Zingwangwa Youth Centre which caters for youths from areas of Bizimaki, Chuma and Chatha Villages in Zingwangwa.

2014-04-24 IG Bemoans the 'Pull Her Down' Syndrome Among Police Women
[Malawi News Agency]Lilongwe -The Inspector General (IG) of Police Loti Dzonzi on Wednesday bemoaned the tendency by some female police officers who strive to put down their female counterparts.

2014-04-24 AECDM Criticises UDF and DPP for Sidelining ECD
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -The Association of Early Childhood Development in Malawi (AECDM) has criticized the United Democratic Front (UDF) and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for not incorporating Early Childhood Development in their manifesto arguing, the move shows lack of commitment towards improving ECD programmes in the country.

2014-04-24 Mangochi Aspiring Councillor Promises to Lobby for a Municipality
[Malawi News Agency]Mangochi -An aspiring Local Government representative for Chigawe Ward in Mangochi, Muhammad Jabulani has assured residents of the district that he would lobby with government for the uplifting of the town to the status of a municipality. He said the elevation of the town's status to municipality would be befitting the current trends which entail that Mangochi was one of the fastest growing district due to its tourism features as well other economic activities.

2014-04-24 Voting Figures Down to 7.3million From 7.5million - MEC
[Malawi News Agency]Chairperson of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Justice Maxon Mbendera has disclosed that about 7.3 million people are expected to vote on May 20 in the country's first ever tripartite elections down from 7.5 million contrary to an earlier announcement immediately after the registration exercise.

2014-04-23 Three Women Die, One Injured While Mining Clay
[Malawi News Agency]Three women died and one has been hospitalized after a huge chunk of soil fell on them while mining clay in Dowa on Tuesday.

2014-04-24 JB Calls for Review of MPs Conditions of Services
[Malawi News Agency]Lilongwe -President Dr. Joyce Banda has called for immediate review of the Malawi Police Service (MPS) conditions of services to create room for more promotions and staff housing.

2014-04-23 UP Pledges to Intensify Ecd for a Better Malawi
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -President of Umodzi Party, Prof. John Chisi says the only way for Malawi to attain improved education standards is to put in place working structures for the Early Childhood Development (ECD) so that children get the best start that will facilitate excellence in attaining higher education.

2014-04-23 Dowa PP Officials Want Issue Based Campaign
[Malawi News Agency]The People's Party (PP) district committee members in Dowa have been urged to focus on issue based campaign meetings with the people as the country gears towards the 20 May Tripartite Elections.

2014-04-23 Sulom Fines Nomads, Stopped From Using Kamwendo
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -It does not rain but pours for Mighty Wanderers football club as Super League of Malawi (Sulom) has handed them a fine before being ordered to cease using Abraham Kamwendo until they get clearance from his former side, Blantyre United.

2014-04-23 Shadow MP Warns Against Provocative Politics
[Malawi News Agency]Mulanje -As days tick towards the May 20 tripartite elections, independent aspiring Member of Parliament for Mulanje Limbuli Constituency Daudi Chida has warned prospective voters against political tribalism, saying the attitude would lead into more political violence during the on-going campaign period.

2014-04-23 Lilongwe City Council Develops Disaster Response Contingency Plan
[Malawi News Agency]Salima -Desk officer for Disasters at Lilongwe City Council, Catherine Kunje, has revealed that the council has developed a Disaster Response Contingency Plan (DRCP).

2014-04-23 Aspiring Councillor to Improve Women's Welfare
[Malawi News Agency]Machinga -United Independent Party (UIP) aspiring Ward Councilor for Kanjuli area in Machinga Central East, Mary Frazer Muthina, says she will introduce special classes for women who did not attain secondary education as one way of improving their academic status.

2014-04-23 MTL Loosing Millions Through Vandalism
[Malawi News Agency]Blantyre -Huge sums of money are said to be going down the drain annually through vandalism of MTL cables, phone lines and other transmitting equipment, MTL Head of Marketing, Chimwemwe Khonje has bemoaned.

2014-04-23 Machinga PP Aspiring Councillor Pledges to Improve Education Standards
[Malawi News Agency]Machinga -People's Party (PP) aspiring councillor for Mpiri Ward in Machinga, Mary Matola, has promised to provide a conducive learning environment in schools in her area as she focuses on constructing additional classroom blocks, teachers' houses and modern latrines in the schools.

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