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2015-05-22 Government Refuses to Amend Same Sex Laws
[Malawi24] Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu has maintained that Malawi is not ready to amend laws that criminalize same sex marriages, Malawi24 has learnt.

2015-05-22 2014 Presidential Elections 'Neither Credible Nor Fair'
[Malawi24] As a solid year gone since Malawi's ever 2014 Tripartite Election, a new civil society report describes it as "Neither Fair nor Credible".

2015-05-22 Finance Minister Presents Mk900 Billion Budget Today
[Malawi24] Finance Minister, Goodall Gondwe will today present the National Budget for 2015/16 Fiscal year placed at MK 900 Billion.

2015-05-22 Breaking - Malawi Savings Bank Puts Seized Mulli Brothers' Assets On Auction
[Malawi24] ... MSB caught pants down: Mulli asserts deliberately bloated

2015-05-22 MSB Saga Refuses to Die - Kuntsaira Refuses to Be Used By DPP
[Malawi24] "I negotiated to repay my indebtedness with the bank directly. I am not a dishonest person. My business is repaying my loans. I wonder why my name should appear as one of the bank's toxic assets."

2015-05-22 Special Rapporteur Optimistic Malawi Will Have ATI Law in 2015
[MISA] The Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information in Africa advocate Pansy Tlakula has expressed optimism that Malawi will have legislation on Access to Information (ATI) before the end of the year.

2015-05-22 Hamba Kahle Raphael Tenthani
[The Journalist] Tributes pouring in for "The Muckraker"

2015-05-22 Legal Aid Remains Poorly Funded, UN-Functional
[Malawi24] People in most remote areas in Nkhatabay have admitted their ignorance on the responsibilities of Malawi Legal Aid, as officers from the body attribute the problem to poor funding.

2015-05-22 Few International Exhibitors to Grace the Trade Fair in Malawi
[Malawi24] The 27th Malawi International Trade Fair (MITF) is expected to officially open today with low number of international exhibitors making confirmations to take part, a development feared to make the success of the event, 'poor'.

2015-05-22 Mpinganjira Clings to PP Vehicle
[Malawi24] Despite resigning from the Peoples' Party as its Vice President for the South, Malawi24 can reveal that veteran politician Brown James Mpinganjira is still clinging on to property that belongs to the party he has dumped.

2015-05-22 Police Shoot Man Dead in Blantyre
[Malawi24] Malawi Police officers from Blantyre Police Station on Wednesday, 20th May shot dead a man at a drinking joint in Blantyre Railways Township.

2015-05-22 Unlawful Sex Cases Highest in the Northern Region
[Malawi24] Malawi's Northern Region has registered the highest number of unlawful sex cases as it has doubled the numbers from 30 last year to about 60 this year during the same period.

2015-05-22 Mary Wire Gets Demoted, As Queens Appoint Chawinga As Coach
[Malawi24] Former Malawi netball queens shooter Peace Chawinga Kalua has been entrusted with a national team managerial position following Mary Waya's failure to raise the team's performance for better.

2015-05-22 Mphwiyo Shooting Case - Kasambara Says Judge Mtambo Is 'Biased'
[Malawi24] One of the accused in the attempted murder of former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo, Former Justice Minister Raphael Kasambara, wants the presiding Judge Michael Mtambo, to recuse himself from the case, on claims the judge is biased and being used by government.

2015-05-22 Red Lions' Hooliganism Victim, Geoffrey Mwale, Recovering Well
[Malawi24] Geofrey Mwale, a 24 year old man, who was severe beaten by Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Soldiers in the aftermath of hooliganism acts which erupted during a TNM Super League encounter between Surestream FC and Red Lions a fortnight ago, is recovering well.

2015-05-22 MRA Employees Deliberately Lost Information on Mk50 Billion Tax Evasion Case
[Malawi24] In what can be described as an inside job, it has been revealed that the computer which was reported stolen from Malawi Revenue Authorities (MRA) is the case of an inside job in which a syndicate working for the implicated business persons had been planning to delete all the information gathered in its final stage.

2015-05-22 Police Officer Convicted of Brutal Murder of NRC Student
[Malawi24] Mzuzu high court has on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 convicted a police officer, Victor Msoloma for brutally murdering a Malawi Natural Resource Student (NRC) in a police cell, Edson Msisia in 2012 who was being accused of possessing goods suspected to have been stolen.

2015-05-22 Legislators Approves Admarc to Borrow Mk4 Billion
[Malawi24] Members of Parliaments (MPs), have approved a motion that the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) should borrow money amounting to MK 4 Billion from local commercial banks in preparedness for a looming hunger.

2015-05-22 State Rejects UN Homosexuality, Death Penalty Calls
[Malawi News Agency] The Malawi Government has rejected from 41 state parties of the United Nations, recommendations that suggest decriminalisation of homosexuality and activation of the death penalty.

2015-05-21 Election Situation Room Analysis of the 2014 Tripartite Elections in Malawi
[OSISA] This document is a report on the Malawi Election Information Centre (MEIC), an Election Situation Room (ESR) and citizen journalism initiative for the 2014 tripartite elections in Malawi, By Prof. Chijere Chirwa and Dr. Nandini Patel

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