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2018-02-21 WAFU Women's Cup - Cote d'Ivoire - Mali, Nigeria - Ghana for Semis
[CAF] The pairings for the semi-final matches of the WAFU 'B' Women's Cup 2018 is now set following the completion of the group phase.

2018-02-18 Gang Rapes Prompt Anger, Calls for Reform
[VOA] Two gang rapes, including one of them filmed and shared widely on social media, have shocked the nation of Mali.

2018-02-14 TNTSAT Africa Gets Go-Ahead to Start Digital Transition
[Balancing Act] London -Africa is still one of the global laggards in making the digital transition. So it's good news that Mali's relatively new media regulator has authorized Africable's TNTSAT Africa to go ahead and start the transition.

2018-02-08 Mali's Myriad Armed Groups Prevent Stability
[ISS] Mali is experiencing a rise in violence, and little is happening in the way of peaceful resolutions. The disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR) process remains vital, especially for those living in the north. There are political and security challenges to conducting DDR in Mali, but it must be a priority for peace to come about.

2018-02-02 Mali Human Rights Situation Still a Concern - UN Report
[UN News] Despite the signing of a 2015 Peace Agreement, the human rights situation in Mali still remains a concern, according to a United Nations report published on Thursday.

2018-02-02 Mali's Mounting Crisis Sows Insecurity and Fear
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] From the air, Timbuktu, the fabled city of gold - once a key Arab-African trading post on the trans-Saharan caravan route, a lush oasis, a centre of Islamic culture and learning - is almost obscured by swirling clouds of dust, its pale mud houses and sandy streets barely distinguishable from the encroaching desert.

2018-02-01 Two Years On, Whereabouts of Missing Malian Journalist Still Unknown
[MFWA] On January 29, 2016, Malian investigative journalist, Birama Toure, was reported missing. Exactly two years after the journalist's disappearance, nobody seems to know his whereabouts and his family remains deeply worried.

2018-01-28 Soldiers in Deadly Clash With Militants
[Deutsche Welle] Al-Qaida-linked militants launched a strike on a military base in the north of the country. The UN Security Council warned that time is short for the government to show tangible results in combating the violence.

2018-01-26 Why Some Malians Join Armed Groups
[IRIN] More than two years after some of Mali's armed groups signed a peace accord, insecurity in the country is both escalating and spreading.

2018-01-25 UN Urges Mali Government to Hold Presidential Vote in July
[VOA] The U.N. peacekeeping chief urged Mali's government Tuesday to do everything possible to hold presidential elections on schedule in mid-July.

2018-01-25 Achieving Better Nutrition, One Cookery Class At a Time
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] A recently published research paper reveals how technology, knowledge and effective communication can help to address dietary misconceptions and encourage better nutritional practices in rural settings. The paper reports on the success of the innovative methodology used for knowledge transfer (collective cooking) among women in rural communities in Mali during the An Be Jigi ('Hope for All' in Bambara) nutrition project. The intervention, driven primarily by women, resulted in a significant increase in ado

2018-01-24 Amid Growing Insecurity, Time to Reassess UN Peacekeeping Presence in Mali, Security Council Told
[UN News] Against the backdrop of worsening security in Mali's central regions and with presidential elections just six months away, a senior United Nations official on Tuesday said it is time to reexamine the configuration of the UN peacekeeping presence in the West African country to reflect the changing circumstances on the ground.

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