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2014-10-22 Inclusive Inter-Malian Dialogue - FM Reiterates Country's Commitment for Peace
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and International Cooperation, Abdoulaye Diop, reiterated Tuesday, his country's commitment for peace and stability throughout the Malian Republic's territory through the inclusive dialogue.

2014-10-22 Complementary Training for the Engineers of GTIA ELOU in Koulikoro
[PR Newswire]Bamako, Mali -The re-training of GTIA ELOU has entered its third week. Specialist training continues in Koulikoro camp. This in parallel with the training for infantry companies and command post conducted in Sikasso garrison.

2014-10-22 Malian Foreign Minister Expresses Gratitude to Algeria
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Malian minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and International Cooperation, Abdoulaye Diop, has paid a glowing tribute to Algeria and its president for the support to Malian people, especially during this "difficult" period marked by instability in Mali's north.

2014-10-21 3rd Round of Inter-Malian Dialogue Starts in Algiers, Attended By All Parties
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Inclusive inter-Malian dialogue resumed Tuesday in Algiers as part of the opening of the 3rd round (Algiers III) of talks between the Malian government and representatives of the political-military groups of northern Mali, which joined negotiations process supervised by Algeria, leader of mediation.

2014-10-21 Resolution of Malian Crisis - Algeria's "Constant" Availability Hailed By Mali's High Representative
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Mali's High Representative for Dialogue Modibo Keita underlined Monday in Algiers the "know-how" and the "talent" of Algeria in the process of the resolution of the Malian crisis, hailing its "constant" availability.

2014-10-20 Inter-Malian Dialogue - UN Calls On Malian Parties to Negotiate in "Good Faith" in Algiers
[Algerie Presse Service]New York -The United Nations Security Council welcomed Friday the resumption of the Inter-Malian negotiations process in Algiers, calling the Malian parties to negotiate in "good faith" to reach a sustainable peace agreement.

2014-10-20 UN Pays Tribute to Algeria for Its Role in Inter-Malian Dialogue
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -The United Nations paid tribute Saturday, through its Under- Secretary- General for Peacekeeping Operations, Herve Ladsos, to Algeria for its "important" role in the Algiers process on the resolution of the Malian crisis.

2014-10-19 UN Calls for 'Spirit of Compromise'
[UN News]Welcoming the scheduled resumption on 19 October of the inter-Malian negotiation process in Algiers, the United Nations Security Council today called on all parties in Mali "to engage in good faith and in the spirit of compromise" in the talks towards the ultimate end of agreeing a "comprehensive and inclusive" peace deal.

2014-10-21 President Bouteflika Receives Malian President's High Representative for Dialogue
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika has received Monday in Algiers Malian President's High Representative for Dialogue Modibo Keita.

2014-10-20 3rd Phase of Inter-Malian Dialogue to Begin Monday in Algiers
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -The third inclusive inter-Malian dialogue will begin Monday in Algiers in presence of representatives of the Malian Government and the armed groups of Northern Mali, as well as all the involved parties.

2014-10-20 EU Seeks to Work Closely With Algeria to Find Solutions to Malian, Libyan Crises
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -The Secretary General of the European External Action Service, Pierre Viment, expressed, Sunday in Algiers, EU's willingness to "work closely" with Algeria to find solutions to the crises in Mali and Libya.

2014-10-20 Preparatory Meeting for Third Stage of Inter-Malian Dialogue Starts in Algiers
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -The preparatory meeting for the third stage of the inclusive Inter-Malian dialogue started Saturday in Algiers in the presence of all the concerned Malian parties.

2014-10-20 Inter-Malian Dialogue - Mali "Renews" Confidence in Algerian Government, Says Diop
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Mali "renewed" confidence in the Algerian government which led mediation in the inter-Malian inclusive dialogue, Malian minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and International Cooperation, Abdoulaye Diop stressed Sunday in Algiers.

2014-10-15 French Military Cuts Exclude Operational Forces
[RFI]France is to slash 7,500 jobs in its military as part of make major cuts to defence spending. An artillery regiment is to be scrapped, five warships are to be decommissioned and a military hospital to be restructured.

2014-10-16 OIG Audit in Guinea-Bissau Questions Whether PBF Is Possible Where Performance Data Are Not Reliable
[GFO]Investigations in Mali and Ghana uncover some misuse of grant funds

2014-10-13 No Justice, No Peace for Northern Mali
[IRIN]Bamako -Thousands of northerners who experienced human rights abuses during the occupation of Mali's north are struggling to find redress amidst concerns that a climate of impunity is continuing and the government's control in many areas of the north is at best shaky.

2014-10-14 Unity Is the Only Solution to African Problems - Keita
[New Era]Johannesburg -President of the Republic of Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita yesterday urged African nations to work together to find solutions to challenges and problems plaguing the African continent.

2014-10-13 France Destroys Al-Qaeda Convoy Carrying Arms From Libya to Mali
[RFI]France says its forces in Niger have destroyed an Al-Qaeda convoy carrying a large amount of weapons from Libya to Mali.

2014-10-13 Additional Training of GTIA ELOU
[PR Newswire]Bamako, Mali -The ceremony which took place on Monday, September 29, 2014 at Sikasso, has marked the beginning of retraining activities of GTIA ELOU, which will continue for seven weeks until the end of November. Specialty training is conducted in parallel at Koulikoro training camp.

2014-10-10 New Mission Commander for Eutm Mali
[PR Newswire]Brussels -Brigadier General Alfonso García-Vaquero Pradal was today appointed Mission Commander for the EU training mission in Mali (EUTM Mali).

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