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2016-02-02 Depleted Seas Highlight Need for Fishing Transparency
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -Mauritania has some of West Africa's richest fishing waters yet overfishing by foreign trawlers means that hundreds of pirogues, or wooden canoes used by small-scale fishermen, must go further out to sea to net ever smaller catches.

2016-02-04 Treasury Defends Controversial Mauritius Tax Agreement
[Nation] Treasury is still fighting to keep a tax agreement out of parliament after a lobby group sued them over a pact it signed with Mauritius back in 2012.

2016-01-11 Journalist Mistakenly Held As Al-Qaeda Chief
[Al Jazeera] Mauritanian journalist Cheikh Ould Salek was temporarily arrested when he boarded a flight from Senegalese capital Dakar to Dubai on January 3 after he was mistakenly accused of being a terrorist mastermind.

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