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2014-10-20 Mauritania, Morocco Bolster Security Ties
[Magharebia]Nouakchott -Morocco and Mauritania agreed to strengthen their security co-operation against terrorism, AFP quoted the Moroccan interior minister as saying Wednesday (October 15th).

2014-10-16 Mauritania Uncovers Isis Cell
[Magharebia]Nouakchott -Mauritanian security forces on Sunday (October 12th) arrested four terror suspects in the mining city of Zouérate.

2014-10-13 Presidents Sall, Vaz, & Aziz Attend 20th Revolution Anniversary
[Daily Observer]The presidents of the Republics of Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Mauritania, Their Excellencies Macky Sall, Jose Mario Vaz and Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz were the three heads of state that attended the 20th anniversary of the July 22nd Revolution.

2014-10-03 Mauritian Investor Snaps Up IDC Stake
[The Herald]A MAURITIAN registered investor, with a balance sheet valued at $40 billion, has snapped up 16 percent of Industrial Development Corporation's stake in Chitungwiza-based cooking oil processor Surface Investments.

2014-10-02 Mauritanian President Visits France
[Magharebia]Nouakchott -Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz and his French counterpart François Hollande met Monday (September 29th) in Paris.

2014-09-26 Mauritania, China Sign Cooperation Agreement in Health Sector
[Focac]Nouakchott -China and Mauritania on Wednesday signed an agreement aiming at reinforcing cooperation between the two countries in the health sector, an official source has said.

2014-09-23 Employee Unfairly Dismissed As His Brother Published News Concerning the President's Son
[HRInfo]Cairo: -The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) denounces the unfair dismissal against "Al-Tijani Dahah", who works as a manager in the Port of Friendship, due to sovereign orders by the presidency.

2014-09-22 Salafi Detainee Sidi Ould Dah Ould Moulay Ely's Release Rejected Despite His Prison Term Is Finished
[HRInfo]Cairo: -The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), today, denounced the Mauritanian security bodies for keeping Salafi detainee "Sidi Ould Dah Moulay Ely" in prison, although he finished out his prison term three days ago.

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