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2015-03-02 World Bank Boosts Fisheries in South West Indian Ocean Countries
[World Bank]Washington -The World Bank Group's (WBG) Board of Executive Directors today approved a total of US$75.5 million to improve the management of fisheries and increase the economic benefits from fishing-related activities for families living in the coastal communities of the South West Indian Ocean region.

2015-02-27 Budget 2015 - Consultative Meeting On Small and Medium Enterprises Sector
[Government of Mauritius]GIS - 27 Februaru 2015: The Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector was at the fore of discussions during a consultative meeting held with the various stakeholders on 25 February in Port Louis under the chairmanship of the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Seetanah Lutchmeenaraidoo.

2015-02-27 Government Programme 2015-2019 Debates - 2nd Economic Miracle Will Be Driven By Technology and Innovation, Says Minister Jugnauth
[Government of Mauritius]The Second Economic Miracle will be driven by technology and innovation. Internet Connectivity, Broadband, Information and Communication Technologies and Innovation will be at the heart of all Government's economic and social strategies, cutting across not only through existing pillars but, also via all the new economic sectors that will be created.

2015-02-27 HRDC to Launch of Career Development Stairway Website
[Government of Mauritius]The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) has developed an innovative Career Development Stairway (CaDS), which is in the form of a website that maps out a structured career path in the ICT/BPO sector based on required qualifications and competencies. The CaDS website will be launched on Thursday 05 March 2015.

2015-02-27 RCPL Students Win High Praises for the Creation of an Eco-Kiosk
[Government of Mauritius]The conversion of an existing old building into an ecological and environment friendly kiosk earned 15 students from the Royal College of Port Louis (RCPL) high praises from the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr Yogida Sawmynaden, and the Minister of Education, Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, Mrs. Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, yesterday at the inauguration of the kiosk on the college premises.

2015-02-27 No Efforts Will Be Spared for Mauritius to Effectively Exercise Its Sovereignty Over the Chagos Archipelago and Tromelin, Says PM
[Government of Mauritius]It has always been the unequivocal stand of Mauritius that the Chagos Archipelago, including Diego Garcia, and Tromelin form an integral part of its territory. In line with its commitment to ensure that the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Mauritius are fully respected and safeguarded, Government will spare no efforts so that Mauritius can effectively exercise its sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago and Tromelin.

2015-02-27 Gor Ready to Force Draw or Better in Mauritius
[Capital FM]Nairobi -Kenyan Premier League champions Gor Mahia are a draw away from making the first round of the CAF Champions League for the second successive season when they travel to face CNaPS in Miarinarivo, Madagascar on Sunday with a slender 1-0 lead from the home leg.

2015-02-27 Mauritius and Belgium to Explore Investment Possibilities
[Government of Mauritius]Mauritius and the Kingdom of Belgium will further collaborate to explore different avenues of cooperation to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

2015-02-27 Government to Wage War Against Corruption
[Government of Mauritius]We have suffered enough because of corruption. Corruption has acted as a brake on the development of Mauritius; corruption has hindered the country's progress. We are waging a war against corruption!

2015-02-26 Minister Koonjoo Highlights Importance of Sustainable Development
[Government of Mauritius]It is essential that we bring about a paradigm shift in the mindset, to better appreciate all the benefits of sustainable development. If we ignore the long term intangible benefits of sustainable development, it means that we are putting at great risk the indigenous biodiversity and leaving a poor coastal and marine biodiversity for our coming generations.

2015-02-26 Green Harawa Throws Mauritius' Lucrative Offer Down the Drain
[Malawi24]Silver Strikers' officials have revealed that Green Harawa has turned down a lucrative offer to play professional football in Mauritius over fears that the playmaker could experience a cultural shock.

2015-02-25 PM Calls Upon Planting Community to Adapt to New Challenges Facing Agriculture
[Government of Mauritius]The Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, called upon the planting community to adapt to new challenges facing agriculture whereby more and more production is needed on lesser extent of lands in a context where the concern for environmental protection is growing day by day worldwide.

2015-02-25 Government to Relentlessly Fight Fraud, Corruption and Financial Crime, Says PM
[Government of Mauritius]The Minister of Financial Services, Good Governance and Institutional Reforms and the Attorney General are currently on mission in London for discussions with the following institutions: Serious Fraud Office; Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Financial Conduct Authority; and National Crime Agency. regarding assistance in the setting up of the Financial Crime Commission.

2015-02-25 Administrative Mechanism to Be Set Up to Regularise the Cases of Some 188 Ex-Cha Owners
[Government of Mauritius]The Ministry of Housing and Lands is setting up a structured administrative mechanism along with appropriate legal action to regularise, at the earliest, the cases of some 188 ex-CHA owners who have not finalised their respective deed of sale yet.

2015-02-24 New Policy Framework to Govern Fair and Transparent Allocation of State Land
[Government of Mauritius]Government is coming forward with a Policy framework, which will govern the allocation of State Land to ensure accountability, fairness and transparency.

2015-02-24 Government Determined That the Population Has Water Supply On a 24 Hour Basis
[Government of Mauritius]"The population is entitled to water supply on a 24 hour basis and it is our duty to ensure that this becomes reality."

2015-02-24 Govt Embarks On Major Project to Revolutionise Treatment of Cancer
[Government of Mauritius]Mauritius is now embarking in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on a major project which will revolutionise the diagnosis, management and treatment of cancer patients. The project, entitled, 'Establishing Hybrid Imaging in Nuclear Medicine for Better Management of Non Communicable Diseases' involves the setting up of a new department at the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital to accommodate a PET-CT Scanner. Implementation of this project will set another milestone in providing oncolog

2015-02-24 African Beach Soccer Championship Seychelles - Mauritius, Tanzania Reach Final Round
[CAF]Mauritius and Tanzania have reached the final round of the qualifiers for the 1st African Beach Soccer Championship Seychelles 2015.

2015-02-23 Mauritius - We All Need to Fight Ageism, Sexism and Gender Violence
[Gender Links]Port Louis -Is it because Yolande Beerjoolall was 86-years-old that her rape and murder got little media coverage, while beauty queens and political scandals get front and full page coverage. Where was the outrage? Where were the protests? Where were the voices of authority condemning this heinous crime?

2015-02-23 Finance Minister Announces Measures to Boost Economy in Rodrigues
[Government of Mauritius]The air fare between Rodrigues and Mauritius has been standardised to Rs 5430 instead of the current fare of Rs 7,186 with effect as from 15 February. This measure has been taken in order to align ticket prices from Rodrigues to the discounted fares currently offered to residents of Mauritius travelling to Rodrigues. The fare will be applicable to holders of Mauritian passport or national ID card.

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