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2017-06-22 Ensuring Sustainable Development Through Climate-Resilient Business Action Plan
[Government of Mauritius] Making businesses disaster and climate resilient by designing a disaster risk reduction plan for business was the focus of a workshop which opened this morning at Le VoilĂ  Hotel in Bagatelle.

2017-06-22 Mauritian Operators Participate in Fashion SVP in London
[Government of Mauritius] Enterprise Mauritius is leading a delegation of local apparel manufacturers who will be participating for the second time at Fashion SVP on 27 and 28 June 2017 at Olympia Exhibition Centre in London.

2017-06-22 Minister Sesungkur Chairs Meeting On OECD Multilateral Convention On Tax Treaty
[Government of Mauritius] The Minister of Financial Services, Good Governance and Institutional Reforms, Mr Dharmendar Sesungkur, chaired yesterday at Sicom Tower in Ebène, a meeting on the signature of the OECD Multilateral Convention on Tax Treaty relating to BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) Measures.

2017-06-21 Mauritius Hosts Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement Meeting
[Government of Mauritius] Mauritius will host the first Meeting of the Compliance Committee of the Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA) and the 4th Meeting of the Parties from 23 to 30 June 2017.

2017-06-20 Mauritius Tops 2017 Global Cybersecurity Index
[Government of Mauritius] The Republic of Mauritius is the top ranked country in the African region on the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) for 2017 and positions itself 6th globally. Mauritius scores particularly high in the legal and technical areas.

2017-06-20 Developing Countries Urged to Display Large Graphic Health Warnings On Tobacco Packaging
[Government of Mauritius] The imperative for developing countries to accelerate the implementation of Article 11 of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) was highlighted by the Minister of Health and Quality of Life, Dr Anwar Husnoo, yesterday at the opening ceremony of a Sub-Regional Meeting on Graphic Health Warnings at Le Meridien Hotel in Balaclava. Article 11 of the FCTC requires Parties to the Convention to use large, rotating health warnings on all tobacco product packaging and la

2017-06-20 Budget 2017-2018 - Measures to Further Reinforce Law and Order
[Government of Mauritius] Guaranteeing security and law and order to Mauritian citizens is one of Government's main priorities in the 2017-2018 budget. To this end a series of measures has been enumerated.

2017-06-20 Budget 2017-2018 - Ensuring Smooth Operation of Local Authorities
[Government of Mauritius] Government wants to ensure that local authorities are well on track to provide the best services to the citizen. The 2017- 2018 budget outlines a series measures to be put in place to cater for every segment of the society.

2017-06-16 Budget 2017-2018 - Fostering a Sports Culture in Mauritius
[Government of Mauritius] Government aims at promoting elite sports in Mauritius and encouraging all citizens to practice a sports activity for a healthy lifestyle.

2017-06-15 Budget 2017-2018 - International Trade to Boost Up Growth
[Government of Mauritius] The Budget 2017-2018 lays emphasis on the role of embassies and consulates to boost up growth. They will be called upon to channel more of their resources to export and investment-driven diplomacy in strategic markets, while focusing on consolidating diplomatic footprint in Africa.

2017-06-16 The workforce of Tomorrow - E.T Phone the Office
[L'Express] Robots instead of lawyers. Employees who live to see their 150th birthday. Professionals who go to the gym rather than to the boardroom. Tomorrow's workforce will be so fundamentally different that it will almost appear alien. Are we ready for it?

2017-06-16 Minister Jeewa-Daureeawoo Urges Children to Express Themselves On Their Rights
[Government of Mauritius] Over a hundred children from both primary and secondary schools gathered yesterday at the Octave Wiéhé Auditorium in Réduit for a Children's forum on the theme 'Child, express yourself!'. The event was organised by the National Children Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare to mark the Day of the African Child 2017.

2017-06-15 Budget 2017-2018 Highlights - Upgrading Infrastructure to Encourage Future Developments
[Government of Mauritius] Building the infrastructure that best fits the future and improving the quality of life are the main concerns of the 2017-2018 Budget, underlined the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Pravind Jugnauth.

2017-06-15 Budget 2017-2018 Highlights - Measures for Women Empowerment and Child Development
[Government of Mauritius] Government is aiming to promote gender equality and cater for the rights and development of children as well as providing adequate social protection to the poor and vulnerable families, the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Pravind Jugnauth, underlined in the 2017-2018 Budget speech.

2017-06-15 Décès d'Ally Beekhun - «There were other urgencies at that time», affirme Husnoo
[L'Express] Avec le soutien de

2017-06-12 What Zanzibar Can Learn From Mauritius On Economic Reforms
[Citizen] Former Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius DR RAMAKRISHNA SITHANEN, who is credited with helping to transform the Indian Ocean Island, visited Zanzibar last week and held talks with the business community. In this exclusive interview with The Citizen Reporter SYRIACUS BUGUZI, the business and political guru points out lessons that Zanzibar and other countries on the African continent can draw from Mauritius' economic progress. Excerpts:

2017-06-12 Public and Private Sector Organisations Sign Charter for Road Safety
[Government of Mauritius] A first batch of 25 public and private organisations signed the Charter for road safety this morning at the Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebène in the presence of the Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport, Mr Nandcoomar Bodha, and the Special Envoy of the United Nations (UN) on Road Safety, Mr Jean Todt.

2017-06-08 Workshop to Focus On Innovation and Progress in Sustainable Tourism
[Government of Mauritius] The University of Mauritius, in collaboration with James Cook University, Australia, would organise the "2017 BEST EN (Building Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Education Network) XVII Think Tank" from 14 to 17 June 2017.

2017-06-09 Deloitte - Addressing Structural Challenges to Drive Growth
[L'Express] The Finance Minister delivered his Budget speech in the context of considerable hopes, challenges and uncertainties. The main challenges addressed by the budget include achieving higher growth, increasing investment in infrastructure, improving quality of life, building a new social paradigm and consolidating macroeconomic fundamentals.

2017-06-08 Stricter Legislation Helps to Curb Road Fatalities
[Government of Mauritius] The amendments brought to the Road Traffic Act make provision for stricter penalties for serious road traffic offences like drink driving. The Bill was amended on two occasions to come up with a new mechanism of sanction and a set of new penalties. The figures for the first quarter of 2017 show a decrease in fatal accidents compared to the same period last year.

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