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2014-07-24 U.S.-Africa Summit Must Listen to Voices of the People
[allAfrica]In a guest column for AllAfrica, E. Gyimah Boadi of Ghana's Center for Democratic Development says the vast majority of Africans who prefer democracy over authoritarian regimes deserve to be heard at the forthcoming U.S.-Africa Summit convened by President Barack Obama.

2014-07-09 Biometric Smart ID Cards - Dumb Idea
[SACSIS]Mauritius is known to South Africans mainly as a holiday destination, brimming with idyllic beaches, luxurious hotels and stunning scenery. However, there are other, less well-known ties that bind the two countries together.

2014-07-07 Archbishop Welby Visits the Province of the Indian Ocean
[ACNS]On the final leg of his visit to Primates in Southern and Central Africa, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and his wife, Caroline, travelled from South Africa to Mauritius.

2014-07-04 Indian Ocean Islands Unprepared for Climate Change
[IPS]Port Louis -Masseem Ackbarally reports from Port Louis Mauritius that despite clear evidence of climate change, the Indian Ocean Islands have not done much in terms of adaptation and mitigation.

2014-07-01 Tanzania, Mauritius to Strengthen Ties
[Daily News]THE Honorary Consul of the Mauritius to Tanzania, Mr Abbas Rizvi, has pledged to heighten trade relations between Dar es Salaam and Port Louis, particularly in agri-business and promotion of tourism between the two countries.

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