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2014-09-15 The Growth Outlook for Africa
[L'Express]The global economy started the year on a weak note on the back of bad weather conditions in the United States, financial market turbulence and the conflict in Ukraine. As a result, global growth projections for 2014 as a whole have been revised downward from 3.2 percent at the beginning of the year to 2.8 percent now.

2014-09-11 View On Private Sector - Insuring Against Climate Change
[SciDev.Net]A recent UN report said that global warming will cause trillions of dollars of damage to coral reefs in the Caribbean. It also warned that small island states will be disproportionally affected by the impact of climate change: their coral reefs, which their economies depend on, are under significant environmental stress.

2014-09-09 World Bank Country Director Visits Mauritius to Discuss Development Challenges and Opportunities, and Reinforce Ties
[World Bank]Mauritius -The World Bank Country Director for Mauritius, Madagascar, Mozambique, Seychelles, and Comoros, Mr. Mark Lundell, will visit Mauritius from September 10-15; his first official visit to Mauritius in his capacity. This visit will serve to review the current stage of cooperation between Mauritius and the World Bank Group in view of its strengthening.

2014-09-08 Indian Ocean Nations to Carry Out UN-Organized Tsunami Readiness Test
[UN News]Ten years after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, 24 countries in the region will participate in an exercise organized by the United Nations to test their readiness to address such rare but potentially destructive events.

2014-09-08 Sids 2014 Conference in Samoa
[Commonwealth]National governments, civil society organisations and business leaders gathered in Samoa, 1-4 September, at the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS 2014). The goal was to build durable partnerships and secure sustainable development for this group of countries, which are often remote, low lying, and acutely vulnerable to climate change and rising seas, as well as economic shocks.

2014-09-05 French Woman Faces Trial in Mauritius for Drug Trafficking
[RFI]The trial of a French woman accused of drug trafficking in Mauritius is to start again on 10 September after being suspended this week after her Mauritian co-accused was taken to hospital.

2014-09-01 Businesses at the Airport - A Game of Musical Chairs?
[L'Express]The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) on Tuesday released a communiqué defending the opening of Airway Coffee Ltd jointly owned by Nandanee Soornack and Rakesh Gooljaury, both alleged to be close to the ruling Labour Party - particularly the prime minister.

2014-08-28 The UK and Mauritius to Set Up a Carbon Calculator
[PR Newswire]London -High Commissioner Jonathan Drew signs agreement with the Ministry of Environment

2014-08-25 Mauritius - From Academia to Politics
[Gender Links]Port Louis -From university scholar to activist, and from lecturer to politician, Professor Sheila Bunwaree has given up her academic career to serve her country. Behind her poised demeanour and wide smile is a pragmatic humanist with a wealth of wisdom. She hopes to join parliament following the 2015 General Elections to ensure that citizens realise there is more to democracy than a mere vote every five years, and that democracy demands everyone's commitment to justice.

2014-08-20 'Are You the Minister of Health or the Minister of Sickness?'
[L'Express]In light of the recent headlines concerning health-related issues, Weekly speaks to Minister of Health and Quality of Life Lormus Bundhoo about what he plans to do about the cases, and how Mauritius can protect itself from the threat of Ebola.

2014-08-22 Prime Minister Congratulates His Mauritanian Counterpart
[SPS]Birlehlou (liberated Territories) -Prime Minister Abdelkader Taleb Omar, congratulated his Mauritanian counterpart, Yahia Ould Hamidin, on the occasion of his appointment as the Prime minister, in a letter Wednesday.

2014-08-22 Five Minutes Interview - Maurice Omondi Okwach
[The Star]Maurice Omondi Okwach is director at Trace Media Plus -Advertising and Branding.

2014-08-18 A&A Construction scam - are the victims about to see justice?
[L'Express]In 2013, the A&A Construction scam was brought to light by Weekly. The company was subsequently put under administration, with the legal administrators pushing through a compromise proposal in August 2013. So what has happened since then? How much more do the victims have to pay for the scam? And when will they get their bungalows?

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