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2016-12-08 Organic Crop Production - Award of Certificates for Training of Trainers
[Government of Mauritius] A total of 53 trainees who have completed a five-day Training of Trainees module in Organic Crop Production, under the programme Support for the development of organic farming and institutional capacity building in Mauritius, received their certificates on 7 December 2016 at the R. Burrenchobay Lecture Theatre, University Of Mauritius, R├ęduit.

2016-12-07 Progress Review of Mauritius' Education Sector's Reform Project
[Government of Mauritius] The core amendments brought and progress achieved in the implementation of the Nine-Year Continuous Basic Education (NYCBE) - Government's reform project for Mauritius' learning sector - were discussed yesterday afternoon in Port Louis during a press conference.

2016-12-06 Award of Certificates to 30 Unemployed Women Under the Back to Work Programme
[Government of Mauritius] A first batch of 30 unemployed women who have completed a training programme on Induction to World of Work under the Back To Work Programme (BTWP) received their certificates yesterday at the seat of the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training, in Port Louis.

2016-12-06 Health Minister Appeals to Population to Fight Drug Abuse
[Government of Mauritius] The Minister of Health and Quality of Life, Mr Anil Gayan, reiterated his appeal to the population to strive together to prevent drug use and drug abuse from ruining the life of young people. He made this statement yesterday at the inauguration of a Detoxification Centre and a Rehabilitation Centre at Mahebourg Hospital.

2016-12-05 New Wing of Cardiac Centre Opens At Victoria Hospital
[Government of Mauritius] The Trust Fund for Specialised Medical Care has set up a new wing of the cardiac centre at Victoria Hospital in Candos. The new wing is an extension of the cardiac centre and is in line with Government's objective to decentralise medical facilities and services.

2016-12-05 Police (Membership of Trade Union) Bill Voted With Amendments
[Government of Mauritius] The Police (Membership of Trade Union) Bill which gives right to any Police Officer to unionise was presented by the Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, on 29th November 2016 in the National Assembly and voted with amendments.

2016-12-05 Agricultural Cooperative Fair Enhancing the Visibility of Cooperative Societies
[Government of Mauritius] A three-day Agricultural Cooperative Fair showcased the manufactured products of various cooperatives from 2 December to 4 December 2016, at Maison des Eleveurs, Henrietta.

2016-12-05 Science, a Key for Innovation to Solve Global Environmental Problems
[Government of Mauritius] "Every day we hear of environmental problems that are threatening life on this planet and the key to addressing these challenges is education".

2016-12-06 Lynn Dallaire - "We need to involve our boards more closely in key risk decisions"
[L'Express] Lynn Dallaire has just joined AfrAsia Bank after a long career at the National Bank of Canada. She believes that banks need to continually invest in strengthening the risk culture since regulations emerging from the global financial crisis have triggered a wave of change in risk functions.

2016-12-06 CPE Results 2016 Proclaimed
[Government of Mauritius] The Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) 2016 results have been made public yesterday by the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES). A total of 22 092 candidates were examined.

2016-12-06 Mauritius and South Africa to Deepen Collaboration in Various Economic Spheres
[Government of Mauritius] Mauritius and South Africa will further collaborate to strengthen both friendly and bilateral ties and deepen partnership in various economic spheres in view of reinforcing cooperation for the mutual benefits of the two countries.

2016-12-01 Sir Anerood Announces Elaboration of a National Drug Control Master Plan
[Government of Mauritius] The Prime Minister's Office will approach the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime with a view to elaborating a National Drug Control Master Plan, the Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, replied in the National Assembly on 29 November 2016 to a Parliamentary Question relating to minors arrested in connection to drug dealing/trafficking and other drug related offences.

2016-12-01 National Children's Council Donates Educational Toys to Over 100 Agalegan Children
[Government of Mauritius] The National Children's Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare is donating educational toys to more than 100 Agalegan children to enable them to learn while playing.

2016-12-01 World Aids Day 2016 - Advocating for Prevention
[Government of Mauritius] Even if remarkable progress has been made in reducing the rate of growth in new HIV infections, prevention remains the major way to keep risks of infections at bay. This was the message of the Minister of Health and Quality of Life, Mr Anil Gayan, in the context of World AIDS Day 2016.

2016-12-01 Youth Excellence Award Ceremony - Youth Employability a Must, Says Minister
[Government of Mauritius] Youth employability continues to be Government's priority, and the SICOM Youth Excellence Award promotes young entrepreneurs who essentially are the future captains of industry, said the Minister of Youth and Sports Mr Yogida Sawmynaden last night at the Award Ceremony of the 9th Edition of the Youth Excellence Award at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka.

2016-12-01 India Grants Financial Envelope Amounting to Rs 1.9 Billion to Mauritius
[Government of Mauritius] The Government of India has allocated US $ 52.95 million, an equivalent of approximately Rs 1.9 billion representing 15 percent of the total grant of Rs 12.7 billion allocated by the Government of India for the implementation of priority projects in Mauritius.

2016-11-28 Sh15 Billion Deal to Link Kenya-Mauritius With Cable
[Nation] Broadband submarine cable operator Seacom has announced a Sh15 billion partnership with IOX CABLE for laying a new submarine cable between Kenya and Mauritius.

2016-11-28 Mauritius Firms Splurge Sh5 Billion on Kenyan Companies in One Year
[Nation] Mauritian firms have injected more than Sh5 billion into the economy through acquisitions and investments in Kenyan companies, indicating tightening economic links between Nairobi and the Indian Ocean Island country.

2016-11-24 How Teamwork and Technology Can Thwart Illegal Fishing
[Ensia] Early in December 2012, a South Korean vessel called the Premier entered the Indian Ocean to fish. In West Africa, authorities knew that the boat had been fishing illegally in Liberian waters before it made its way to Africa's other coast. That raised the ire of East African countries, which weren't keen to welcome a lawbreaker into their seas. Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, the Comoros, Mozambique, and the Seychelles rapidly mobilized against the vessel, shutting it out of their ports and refusing to grant i

2016-11-25 Workshop On Innovation - Innovation As a Catalyst in Achieving SDGs
[Government of Mauritius] A two-day workshop on Innovation with the objective of establishing a regional innovation alliance among Small Island Developing States (SIDS) of the Indian Ocean region, kicked off on 24 November 2016, at Voilà Hotel, Bagatelle.

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