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2014-09-01 Trial of Rapper Moaaz Belghoua, Known As "Al-Haqed", Adjourned
[HRInfo]Cairo: -The Court of Appeal in Casablanca on Wendesday, August 27, postponed the trial of rapper "Moaaz Belghoua, who is known as "Al-Haqed", to the hearing of Septemeber 16, 2014. Al-Haqed was arrested on 15 May, 2014, over accusations of selling the matches' tickets in the black market and attacking police personnel. The first charge was dropped while the second one remained. In the hearing held last Wendesday, August 27, the court turned down the defense's demand of granting the detained rapper a temporary rele

2014-09-01 Morocco Has Drowned Region in Drugs and Funded Terrorists - Secretary of State for Security and Documentation
[SPS]Nairobi -"Morocco has drowned the region in drugs and funded the terrorist groups" confirmed the head of the Sahrawi delegation, Ibrahim Mohamed Mahmud, secretary of state for security and documentation, during the 11th Congress of the African Committee for Security and Intelligence, in Nairobi, Kenya.

2014-09-01 HM the King Congratulates Malaysian Monarch On Independence Day
[MAP]Rabat -HM King Mohammed VI sent a message of congratulations to the sovereign of Malaysia Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah on the occasion of his country's Independence Day.

2014-09-01 Moroccan Government Continues Defaming the Moroccan Association of Human Rights & Restricting Its Activities
[HRInfo]Cairo -The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) denounces the violations are being committed by the Moroccan authorities against the human rights institutions and the restrictions on the human rights activities in the country; particularly the hindrance and ban of the activities related to the Moroccan Association of Human Rights (MAHR)- one of the most important human rights organizations in Morocco and the Arab world.

2014-09-01 HM the King Congratulates Indonesia's President-Elect
[MAP]Rabat -HM King Mohammed VI sent a congratulatory message to Joko Widodo on the occasion of his election as President of the Republic of Indonesia.

2014-09-01 Polisario Front Representative in Denmark Voices Concerns of Saharawi Side About Moroccan Army Recent Escalation in Occupied Western Sahara
[SPS]Copenhagen -POLISARIO Representative in Denmark Mr. Abba Malainin has today held talks in the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) with Mr. Christian Juhl, member of the Danish Parliament and Foreign Affairs Spokesman of the Red-Green Alliance Party.

2014-09-01 HM the King Gives Orders to Provide All Forms of Support, Assistance to Moroccans Injured in Road Accident in Southern France
[MAP]Rabat -HM King Mohammed VI gave his orders to provide all forms of support and assistance to the Moroccans injured in the road accident that occurred early Sunday near Aix-en-Provence (southern France) and decided to pay the medical care fees, the King's Office said in a statement.

2014-09-01 Reform Tops Morocco Parliament Agenda
[Magharebia]Rabat -The beginning of Morocco's new parliamentary session and the resumption of labour disputes in September will be lively, according to experts.

2014-08-31 Ghabrib - Egypt Should Be in Morocco 2015
[CAF]A new challenge is awaiting record Africa Cup of Nations champions, Egypt. The Pharaohs who have bagged seven titles missed the last two editions of the continent's most prestigious tournament after achieving an unprecedented feat by winning three titles in a row between 2006 and 2010. And they are looking for a return to the African football showpiece under a new trainer.

2014-08-29 Tough Start to Morocco School Year
[Magharebia]Casablanca -The start of the 2014-2015 school year comes at a critical time for Moroccan families with modest incomes.

2014-08-28 Uesario Elects New Secretary General
[SPS]The Students Union of Saguia El Hamra and Rio de Oro (UESARIO) elected Tuesday Moulay Brahim Mhamed the new secretary general of the organization during its II Congress held from August 23-25, in the wilaya of Awserd, Sahrawi refugee camps.

2014-08-28 Mehdi Benatia in Bayern Munich!
[Africa Top Sports]Mehdi Benatia eventually left AS Rome. The wish of the Moroccan defender, avid to leave Italy for long weeks was finally fulfillled. His signature in Bayern Munich was just officialized by the German club.

2014-08-28 HM the King Makes Blood Donation
[MAP]Tetouan -HM King Mohammed VI visited, on Wednesday, the T├ętouan regional center for blood transfusion to make a blood donation.

2014-08-28 Moroccan Youth Groups Form 'One Voice'
[Magharebia]Rabat -A civil council for youth organisations will soon be set up in Morocco.

2014-08-27 Uesario 2nd Congress - International Community, Responsible for Impasse in Western Sahara
[SPS]Awserd -The 2nd Congress of the Saharawi Students Union (UESARIO) said that the current political impasse in the UN settlement of Western Sahara is still a stain on the international community, calling on the UN to shoulder responsibility vis-à-vis the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination.

2014-08-27 Colleagues of Meziani On Hunger Strike Are On the Path to Meet the Same Destiny ... and the Detainee "Abdul-Fattah Al-Dalal" Facing Torture and Solitary Confinement
[HRInfo]Cairo -The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) denounces the severe ignoring and the silence of the authorities toward the serious deterioration of health condition for who are on hunger strike, in particularly, after the death of two in two months and other conditions who are in their way to the same destiny without response from the responsible or an attempt to consider their demands.

2014-08-26 Morocco - the Series of Violations Against the Political Detainees Continues By Torturing and Solitary Confinement
[HRInfo]Cairo -The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the violations committed against the prisons and political prisoners in the Moroccan prisoners by the prisons' administration; as on August 20, 2014 the administration of "Tolal 2" prison assaulted Islamist prisoners, inspected, tortured and solitary confined them. Also, in Okach prison in Casablanca, the administration put "Moaz Belgwat" in the solitary confinement and imposed permennat censorship on it.

2014-08-27 Western Sahara - New Round of Negotiation Depends On Success of Ross Next Visit
[SPS]Awserd -The opening of a new round of negotiation between the Polisario Front and Morocco will depend on the success of the next visit of the United Nations Secretary General's special envoy for Western Sahara, Christopher Ross, said the member of Polisario Front's Secretariat General and coordinator of the UN Mission for Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO).

2014-08-26 Oboabona Sure Eagles Will Qualify for Morocco 2015
[Guardian]RIZESPOR of Turkey and Super Eagles defender, Godfrey Oboabona, is confident of Nigeria's chances of qualifying for the 2015 AFCON, despite the recent issues that have plagued the country's football.

2014-08-25 Polisario Front Warns Against Consequences of Possible Moroccan Aggression
[SPS]Birlehlou (liberated Territories) -President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), Secretary General of Polisario Front, Mohamed Abdelaziz has expressed his concern over the state of alert of the Moroccan army in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, warning against the dangerous consequences of a possible Moroccan aggression.

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