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2015-09-04 First Local Elections a Test for Ruling Islamist Party
[Deutsche Welle] Moroccans are headed to the polls in the country's first local elections since 2011. Voter turn-out is expected to test the ruling Islamist government's popularity and highlight issues like corruption and unemployment.

2015-09-04 AU Legal Opinion - Any Exploration and Exploitation of Natural Resources in Western Sahara By Morocco Is Illegal
[SPS] Addis Ababa, 3 Sep. 2015 (SPS) - The African Union (AU) has issued a legal opinion agreeing that any exploration and exploitation of natural resources in Western Sahara by Morocco is illegal as it violates international law and resolutions of the United Nations and the African Union relating to the right to self-determination and permanent sovereignty of the people of Western Sahara over their natural resources.

2015-09-04 Polisario Representative Received By the Chairman of Danish Social Democratic Youth
[SPS] Copenhagen, (Denmark) Sept 3, 2015 (SPS) - The Representative of POLISARIO front to Denmark, Mr. Abba Malainin, was received Thursday by Alexander Grant Pedersen, Chairman of the Danish Social Democratic Youth (DSU), Maj Luise, Vice President and Ida Pactau, Vice President and member of the International board of DSU.

2015-09-03 Why Does Morocco Continue to Draw Foreign Investors?
[Moroccan American Center] Matic -Stagnation in the Chinese economy has had rapid repercussions throughout the global economy, leading many investors to step back from any significant activity until trends in emerging and frontier markets become less murky. Due to the outsized impact of China on commodity producers in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, there is great uncertainty as to how it will play out in countries that rely on Chinese imports.

2015-09-02 Morocco's Long-Term Water and Power Strategies Are Paying Off - Jean R. Abinader
[Moroccan American Center] Moving ahead at Regional and National Levels

2015-09-02 Algeria and Mali Reaffirm Support to United Nations Efforts for Solution to Western Sahara Conflict
[SPS] Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and his Malin counterpart Ibrahim Boubacar Keita have reaffirmed support to the efforts of the United Nations to find a mutually acceptable political solution that provides for the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara.

2015-09-02 Zimbabwean Minister of War Veterans Reiterates Support to Sahrawi People's Right to Self-Determination
[SPS] Zimbabwean Minister of War Veterans Mr. Christopher Mutsvangwa reaffirmed his country's support for the struggle of the Sahrawi, highlighting that the Republic of Zimbabwe has always been to the side of the Sahrawi people in their struggle for the liberation of their country.

2015-09-02 Mauritanian-Sahrawi Solidarity Parliamentary Group Delegation On Visit to Saharawi Refugee Camps
[SPS] A delegation consisting of members of Mauritanian-Sahrawi Solidarity Parliamentary Group arrived Monday in the Saharawi refugee camps.

2015-09-02 Polisario Representative Received At Danish Parliament
[SPS] The Representative of POLISARIO front to Denmark, Mr. Abba Malainin, was received Tuesday by Mr. Christian Juhl, member of the Danish Parliament and spokesman on development of the Red-Green Alliance Party.

2015-09-02 U.S.-Based Nyassi, Ken Land in Morocco
[Foroyaa] United States-based Gambian players Sanna Nayssi and Abdoulie Ken Mansally have arrived in Morocco.

2015-08-31 French Court Charges Journalists Accused of Blackmailing Moroccan King
[RFI] Two French journalists have been charged with blackmail and extortion after allegedly promising not to publish a book about Morocco's King Mohammed VI in exchange for large sums of money.

2015-08-31 Minister of Information Stresses Need to Invest in Information Technology to Raise Awareness On Sahrawi Cause
[SPS] Minister of Information Mr. Mohamed Mami Tamek presented a lecture Sunday under the theme "the importance of investment in information technology to raise awareness on our just cause to encounter Moroccan media propaganda apparatus."

2015-08-28 French Journalists Accused of Blackmailing Moroccan King
[RFI] Two French journalists were arrested on Thursday in Paris on suspicion of trying to blackmail the king of Morocco. Eric Laurent and Catherine Graciet are under investigation for attempted extortion after allegedly accepting money in exchange for a promise not to publish a book containing damaging revelations about King Mohammed VI.

2015-08-28 Morocco, Elections, and Hi Tech - What Is the Common Link?
[Moroccan American Center] It's election season in Morocco, and the political parties are working hard to get out the vote. What makes these elections so special is that they are the first to be held under the 2011 Constitution's provision for enhanced regionalization, by which local and regional authorities will have new budgetary and administrative powers previously held by the central government. In addition, for the first time, representatives of the regional councils will be directly elected, giving their constituents a stronge

2015-08-28 Boxing Team Wins Three Medals
[Botswana Daily News] Gaborone -The boxing national team, which has been competing at the Africa Championships in Morocco, has won three bronze medals.

2015-08-27 Installation of Saharawi-Mauritanian Parliamentary Committee
[SPS] June 9th School -The Saharawi National Council (parliament) has decided to form a Saharawi-Mauritanian parliamentary committee for friendship and brotherhood, said a statement issued on Wednesday.

2015-08-26 By Joining Geneva Convention, Polisario Has Better Arguments to Advocate for the Referendum - Lawyer
[SPS] Geneva -By being recognized by Geneva Convention, the Frente Polisario gets better arguments to advocate for the need to conduct a referendum, said Dr. Anne Peters, Professor of International Law at the Swiss University of Basel.

2015-08-26 Western Sahara - European Human Rights Activists Expelled From Occupied Al Ayun
[Algerie Presse Service] Occupied Al Ayun -European searchers and human rights activists have been driven out of the occupied town of al Ayun, Western Sahara, by Moroccan occupation forces, to prevent them from enquiring about the situation of human rights in the occupied territories.

2015-08-24 Breaking the Media Blackout in Western Sahara
[IPS] Laayoune, Occupied Western Sahara -Ahmed Ettanji is looking for a flat in downtown Laayoune, a city 1,100 km south of Rabat. He only wants it for one day but it must have a rooftop terrace overlooking the square that will host the next pro-Sahrawi demonstration.

2015-08-26 Moussa Haddad's 'Harraga Blues' At Saidia Film Festival in Morocco
[Algerie Presse Service] Algiers -The film "Harraga Blues" of Algerian filmmaker Moussa Haddad will compete in the 1st Film Festival of Saidia (Morocco), scheduled from August 25 to 29, the organizers announced.

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