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2017-03-01 Tourism Takes Spotlight in Several Reports
[Moroccan American Center] While much of the region continues to face declining tourism, Morocco holds steady due to its commitment to constantly upgrade its facilities and offerings. Speaking of which, Casablanca is profiled by and is looking quite attractive to investors and visitors, including insurance giant Allianz, which recently opened offices there to serve the region.

2017-03-01 HM the King Holds Phone Conversation With Pres. of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Royal Office
[MAP] Rabat -HM King Mohammed VI held today a phone conversation with president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, H.E. Muhammadu Buhari, said a statement by the Royal Office.

2017-02-27 King of Morocco Sends Message to Prez Sirleaf
[Observer] According to an Executive Mansion release, Mr. Mezouar briefed President Sirleaf about a current tour of several African countries by the King who also plans to visit Liberia, reflecting on the long standing relations between Liberia and Morocco, which he described as 'currently strong.' Mezouar presented the message from the King of Morocco to President Sirleaf.

2017-02-27 Moroccan People to Celebrate 10th Birthday of HRH Princess Lalla Khadija
[MAP] Rabat -The Royal family and the Moroccan people will celebrate on Tuesday the 10th Birthday of HRH Princess Lalla Khadija.

2017-02-25 Morocco Seeks to Join ECOWAS
[Premium Times] Morocco, a north African country, has officially requested to join the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) as a full member.

2017-02-24 HM the King, Guinean President Hold TĂȘte-À-TĂȘte Talks in Conakry
[MAP] Conakry -HM King Mohammed VI held, on Thursday at the presidential palace in Conakry, tĂȘte-Ă -tĂȘte talks with President of the Republic of Guinea, H.E. Alpha CondĂ©.

2017-02-24 HM the King, Guinean Pres. Chair Signing Ceremony of Bilateral Cooperation Agreements
[MAP] Conakry -HM King Mohammed VI and President of the Republic of Guinea, Alpha Condé, chaired, on Thursday at the Mohammed V presidential palace in Conakry, the signing ceremony of eight bilateral cooperation agreements.

2017-02-23 HM the King Leaves Lusaka After Official Visit to Zambia
[MAP] Lusaka -HM King Mohammed VI, accompanied by HH Prince Moulay Ismail, left on Thursday afternoon Lusaka after an official visit to the Republic of Zambia.

2017-02-23 HM the King Sends Thanks Letter to Zambian Pres. Following Official Visit to Zambia
[MAP] Rabat -HM King Mohammed VI sent a letter of thanks to the President of the Republic of Zambia, H.E. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, following the Sovereign's official visit to Zambia.

2017-02-22 Govt Sets Up Friendship Group With China
[Focac] Rabat -Morocco parliament launched on Tuesday a Moroccan-Chinese friendship group, aiming at promoting joint actions between legislative branches in the two countries.

2017-02-21 Solar Panels Make Morocco's Mosques a Model for Green Energy
[Deutsche Welle] Renewable energy is becoming increasingly viable worldwide. But how can governments spread the message to the public? In Morocco, the authorities have been looking to religion for the answer.

2017-02-21 Think Again - Will the AU Impact Morocco More Than Morocco Will Impact the AU?
[ISS] For the first time, a red flag with a green five-pointed star hangs outside the African Union (AU) headquarters in Addis Ababa. After 33 years in the continental wilderness, Morocco is finally back in the club.

2017-02-21 Morocco - Obstruction of Rights Group
[HRW] Tunis -Moroccan authorities have carried out a two-year campaign of prohibiting and obstructing activities of the country's largest independent human rights organization, Human Rights Watch said today. The harassment shows no signs of a let-up despite at least four administrative appeals court rulings in favor of the organization.

2017-02-19 MIgrants Storm Spanish Enclave
[Deutsche Welle] Spanish authorities said 11 guards in a territory in North Africa were injured when some 500 people forced their way through a border fence. The rush came as Morocco threatened it could let more migrants through.

2017-02-20 HM the King Holds TĂȘte-À-TĂȘte Talks With Zambian President
[MAP] Lusaka -HM King Mohammed VI held, on Monday at Lusaka's State House, tĂȘte-Ă -tĂȘte talks with President of the Republic of Zambia, H.E Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

2017-02-20 Social Dialogue Has Endorsed Social Character of Morocco's Constitutional Monarchy - HM the King
[MAP] Rabat -HM King Mohammed VI underlined that social dialogue, which has been adopted and institutionalized as a strategic option for Morocco, has endorsed the social character of the country's constitutional monarchy.

2017-02-20 Full Text of Royal Message to Participants in 2nd International Parliamentary Forum On Social Justice
[MAP] Rabat -HM King Mohammed VI sent a message to the participants in the 2nd International Parliamentary Forum on Social Justice, which kicked off here on Monday.

2017-02-20 HM the King Arrives in Lusaka for Official Visit to Zambia
[MAP] Lusaka -HM King Mohammed VI, accompanied by HH Prince Moulay Ismail, arrived on Sunday in Lusaka for an official visit to the Republic of Zambia, a new stage of a royal tour that will lead the Sovereign to several African countries.

2017-02-12 Buteera to Undergo Knee Surgery in Morocco
[New Times] APR and Amavubi midfielder Andrew Buteera is scheduled to go under surgery on his knee on February 18 in Morocco and expected back home on March 7, according to the local football body, Ferwafa.

2017-02-10 Ethio-Moroccan Economic Policy Dialogue Commences
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) and Morocco's OCP Policy Center jointly organized the first Ethio-Moroccan Strategic Economic Policy Dialogue here yesterday.

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