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2014-10-31 Electoral Body Split Over Polls Result
[Mozambique Political Process Bulletin]The National Elections Commission (CNE) approved the results of the 15 October election giving victory to Filipe Nyusi as president with 57% of the vote and Frelimo with 144 of 250 seats in parliament.

2014-10-31 300 Places for Renamo in Army and Police
[AIM]The Mozambican government on 27 October declared that it is prepared to incorporate into the armed forces and police 300 men from Renamo's militia.

2014-10-31 Institute Launches Platform to Support SMEs
[AIM]Maputo -The Institute for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (IPEME) is implementing several changes to support the promotion and strengthening of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through support services.

2014-10-31 MDM Calls for Annulment of Elections
[AIM]Maputo -Daviz Simango, the mayor of Beira and presidential candidate of the opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), on Thursday demanded that the general elections held a fortnight ago should be annulled.

2014-10-31 CNE Will Not Order New Elections in Tsangano
[AIM]Maputo -Mozambique's National Elections Commission (CNE) has no intention of re-running the 15 October general election in parts of the western district of Tsangano affected by serious rioting on polling day.

2014-10-31 Frelimo Wins General Election
[AIM]Mozambique's National Elections Commission (CNE) on 30 October announced that former defence minister Filipe Nyusi, the candidate of the ruling Frelimo Party, has won the presidential election held on 15 October with 57% of the vote.

2014-10-31 BCI and the Medical Association Arrive At Agreement
[AIM]Maputo -The Banco Comercial e de Investimentos (BCI) and the Medical Association of Mozambique (OrMM) arrived at a memorandum of agreement on Oct. 20 which formalizes the granting of special conditions, financial services and products to this entity and its members.

2014-10-31 Agreement On Fight Against Wildlife Crime
[AIM]The Mozambican government on 29 October in Maputo signed an agreement with the Joaquim Chissano Foundation and the Peace Parks Foundation to fight wildlife crime.

2014-10-31 Over 50,000 Opposition Monitors Observed Polling Stations
[AIM]Over 50,000 monitors from opposition parties observed the voting and count at the 17,010 polling stations in Mozambique's general elections held on 15 October.

2014-10-31 CNE Confirms Frelimo Victory
[AIM]Maputo -Mozambique's National Elections Commission (CNE) on Thursday announced that former defence minister Filipe Nyusi, the candidate of the ruling Frelimo Party, has won the presidential election held on 15 October with 57 per cent of the vote.

2014-10-31 District Court Wants Fresh Elections in Tsangano
[AIM]Maputo -The court in Tsangano district in the western province of Tete has effectively called for a rerun of the 15 October general elections in those parts of the district where mobs of supporters of the former rebel movement Renamo destroyed polling stations.

2014-10-31 Largest Known Graphite Vanadium Deposit
[AIM]The Australian company Triton Minerals announced on 21 October that drilling and testing at its Balama North graphite project in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado has defined the world's largest known deposit of graphite and vanadium.

2014-10-31 Public-Private Partnerships for Competitiveness
[AIM]Maputo -The Business Confederation of PALOPs (Portuguese-speaking countries) is taking place between Oct. 29-30 in partnership with the government of Guinea-Bissau and with the support of the Business Confederation of the CPLP (the confederation of Portuguese speaking countries), the CCIAS GB and other Guinean business associations.

2014-10-31 Cta Launches Consultation Process On Companies Performance
[AIM]Maputo -The Confederation of Business Associations of Mozambique (CTA) has initiated a consultation process in the form of a business survey concerning the performance of companies in 2013 to 2014 and their outlook for 2015. The results of this process are intended to inform the CTA about what to consider while negotiating the national minimum wage. The questionnaire can be viewed at:

2014-10-31 Electricidade De Moçambique Invites Expressions of Interest
[AIM]Maputo -Electricidade de Moçambique, E.P. (EDM) hereinafter referred to as "the Project Executing Agency" has requested (or applied for) a loan/grant from the German Development Bank (KfW) towards the cost of the Preparation and Implementation Supervision of Beluluane 275kV Transmission Project and associated measures within the Power network modernization programme. This international invitation for Pre-qualification relates to Consulting Services for Preparation and Implementation Supervision of Beluluane

2014-10-31 Government Launches Tender for Provision of Areas for Exploration and Production of Oil
[AIM]Maputo -On Oct. 23, the government of Mozambique launched a tender constituting the fifth concession of areas for exploration and production of oil in the marine part of the Rovuma Basin, Angoche, Delta of Zambézia, around the concession of Pande-Temane and Palmeira in the Mozambique Basin. The tender was launched in Maputo and London.

2014-10-31 MOU Between India and Mozambique
[AIM]Maputo -The Indian government on Wednesday gave its approval for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and Mozambique for cooperation in the oil and gas sector.

2014-10-31 Vast Fraud Alleged - but Where's the Evidence?
[AIM]Maputo -Disappearance of results sheets, polling stations that never opened, alleged detentions or expulsions of opposition polling station monitors, deliberate annulment of opposition votes - these are some of the reasons given by the former rebel movement Renamo for not recognizing the results of the 15 October general elections, but without offering evidence for any of them.

2014-10-30 U.S., UK Observers' Absence Delays Start of Mozambican Opposition Demilitarization
[Verdade]The International Observer Military Team for the Cessation of Military Hostilities (EMOCHM), formalized 27 days ago, remains incomplete. The two US and two British military observers have not yet arrived and this is delaying the start of the mission that should have started on 11 October and should end with the demilitarization of the Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo).

2014-10-30 Former Rebels Claim Poll Victory
[AIM]Maputo -Mozambique's former rebel movement Renamo has claimed victory in the general elections held on 15 October, alleging that the results released by the provincial elections commissions are "adulterated" and do not reflect what really occurred at the polling stations.

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