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2015-01-29 Central Bank's Main Aim Is Preserving Value of the Currency
[AIM]Maputo -The main objective of the Bank of Mozambique “is to preserve the value of our currency, the metical, expressed in low and stable inflation”, declared the governor of the Bank, Ernesto Gove on Wednesday.

2015-01-29 European Union Funds for Zambezia Road Repairs
[AIM]Maputo -The Mozambican government and the Maputo delegation of the European Union have decided to mobilise resources of up to 10 million euros (11.4 million US dollars) from the European Development Fund, to respond immediately to the crisis caused by massive flooding in the central province of Zambezia.

2015-01-29 'Where's Our Government?' - Renamo Members Ask Dhlakama
[AIM]Maputo -Afonso Dhlakama, leader of Mozambique's former rebel movement Renamo, seems to have created expectations among his followers that he is unable to satisfy.

2015-01-29 Mozambique Orders More Patrol Boats
[AIM]Maputo -The Mozambican government has ordered a further three HS132 interceptor patrol boats from the French company CMN (Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie), reports the defence industry on-line publication “Navy Recognition”.

2015-01-29 Benvinda Levi Appointed Presidential Adviser
[AIM]Maputo -Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has appointed former Justice Minister Benvinda Levi as his adviser on legal matters.

2015-01-29 Cocaine Smuggler Caught At Maputo Airport
[AIM]Maputo -The Mozambican police last week detained at Maputo International Airport a Mozambican named as Aly Mohammed, who was found to be carrying 45 capsules of cocaine in his stomach.

2015-01-29 Japanese Donation to NGO Projects
[AIM]Maputo -The Japanese government has donated about 262,000 US dollars to three NGOs undertaking projects to improve health, water and sanitation in Mozambique.

2015-01-29 First Kidnapping of the New Year
[AIM]Maputo -Kidnap gangs resumed their activity on Tuesday, seizing a shopkeeper of Asian origin at gunpoint in central Maputo in broad daylight.

2015-01-28 Flood Death Toll Now 117
[AIM]Maputo -The known death toll from the floods in central and northern Mozambique has risen to 117, according to the latest report from the Ministry of State Administration and the Public Service, which supervises the country's disaster management bodies.

2015-01-28 Triton Minerals Raises Funds for Nicanda Hill Project
[AIM]London -The Australian mining company Triton Minerals on Tuesday announced that it has secured twenty million Australian dollars (just under 16 million US dollars) to develop the Balama North graphite project, in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado.

2015-01-28 First Ematum Patrol Vessel Launched
[AIM]Maputo -The CMN (Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie) shipyard in the French port of Cherbourg on Thursday launched the first of three “Ocean Eagle 43” offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) for Mozambique.

2015-01-28 EDM Hopes to Restore Power to North
[AIM]Maputo -Mozambique's publicly owned electricity company, EDM, hopes to restore power to northern Mozambique by Saturday, according to EDM chairperson Gildo Sibumbe, cited in Tuesday's issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”.

2015-01-26 Government-Renamo Dialogue Resumes
[AIM]Maputo -Delegations from the Mozambican government and the former rebel movement Renamo met in Maputo's Joaquim Chissano Conference Centre on Monday for the 91st round of a dialogue which began in April 2013, with Renamo still insisting on a division of senior military positions, while the government rejects this as incompatible with the demand for separating political parties from the state.

2015-01-26 Maputo Council to Demolish Hundreds of Houses
[AIM]Maputo -Maputo Municipal Council has warned that it will demolish houses built in flood prone areas, where the residents have already been resettled in safe places, elsewhere in the city.

2015-01-26 'Dire' Needs of Flood Survivors Unmet Two Weeks On
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]London -Two weeks after floods first swept across southern Africa, tens of thousands of people urgently need clean water, food, shelter and medical care, aid agencies said on Friday, as more rain was forecast for worst-affected Malawi.

2015-01-26 Ebola Scare in Malawi, Mozambican National Quarantined At Nkhatabay District
[Malawi24]There are heightened fears among people living in Malawi's tourist district of Nkhatabay following reports that a Mozambican national suspected of showing Ebola signs has been quarantined at the district's hospital.

2015-01-26 Majermane Leaders Released Without Charge
[AIM]Maputo -The Mozambican police released without charge on Sunday the two leaders of former migrant workers in the now defunct German Democratic Republic (GDR), Jose Cossa and Arnaldo Mendes, who had been detained on Friday, according to a report in the newsheet “CanalMoz”.

2015-01-26 Alice Mabota Resigns As LDH Chairperson
[AIM]Maputo -Alice Mabota, the founder and chairperson of the Mozambican Human Rights League (LDH) has been obliged to resign, following accusations of serious mismanagement, reports the latest issue of the independent weekly “Savana”.

2015-01-26 Malawi Goalkeeper Richard Chipuwa in Mozambique to Complete Move
[Malawi24]John Lanjesi to follow

2015-01-26 Mozambique Supports Candidacy of Saharawi Youth to the Presidency of Wfdy in Africa
[SPS]Maputo (Mozambique) January 24, 2015 (SPS) the president of the World Federation of Democratic Youth in Africa Mr. Dalfino Guila, announced that Mozambique supports the candidacy of the Saharawi Youth to the presidency of WFDY in Africa.

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