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2014-04-23 PM Urges Scientific and Technological Research
[AIM]Maputo -Mozambican Prime Minister Alberto Vaquina declared on Monday that institutions of higher education must encourage scientific and technological research so that students obtain relevant and good quality training that will contribute to a robust economy.

2014-04-23 Dhlakama Still Not Registered As a Voter
[AIM]Maputo -Mozambique's former rebel movement Renamo declared on Monday that its leader, Afonso Dhlakama, will only register as a voter when security returns to those areas of the central province of Sofala where he is currently hiding.

2014-04-23 Government Rejects "Parity" in Armed Forces and Police
[AIM]Maputo -The Mozambican government on Monday categorically rejected demands by the former rebel movement for “parity” in the composition of the armed forces (FADM) and the police.

2014-04-23 Conscripts Evade Draft in Manica
[AIM]Maputo -The great majority of young Mozambicans called up for military service on Monday in Chimoio, capital of the central province of Manica, did not turn up, reports the independent daily “O Pais”.

2014-04-23 Young Warriors Gearing Up for Mozambique
[New Era]Windhoek -By yesterday morning the Young Warriors had already started with preparations for their forthcoming 2nd leg of the 2015 CAF Youth Championship preliminary round qualifier against Mozambique at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Saturday.

2014-04-23 SA, Mozambique to Fight Wildlife Crime
[SA Info]South Africa and Mozambique had have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in a bid to combat rhino poaching within the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park.

2014-04-23 Young Warriors Gear Up for Mozambique
[Namibian]The Young Warriors on Tuesday morning started preparation for the 2015 CAF Youth Championship qualifier preliminary round, second leg encounter against Mozambique, which takes place at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Saturday, 26 April.

2014-04-23 District Fund Repayments Vanishingly Low in Moma
[AIM]Moma -The vast majority of people who have borrowed money from the District Development Fund (FDD) in the northern Mozambican district of Moma have not repaid the loans, according to the district administrator, Araujo Momade.

2014-04-22 Deadline Looms for Europe Trade Talks
[The Trade Beat]Despite the World Trade Organization's Doha Round negotiations displaying signs of life with the conclusion of the Trade Facilitation Agreement during the Bali Ministerial in December last year, the negotiation and conclusion of comprehensive bilateral and regional trade agreements by many of the world's industrialised economies, including the United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, Korea and the European Union (EU), continues apace.

2014-04-22 Crime, Corruption, Militias Boost Elephant Poaching - Report
[VOA]A new report says organized crime, government corruption and militias are all linked to elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade. It says poachers in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sudan and Kenya move across borders with near impunity.

2014-04-22 Remains of Air Crash Victims Arrive
[AIM]Maputo -The remains of 14 of the 16 Mozambicans who died on 29 November last year in the crash of a Mozambican Airlines (LAM) plane flying from Maputo to Luanda arrived in Maputo on Monday.

2014-04-22 30 Cases in Dengue Fever Outbreak
[AIM]Maputo -There have been 30 confirmed cases of dengue fever in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado since the current outbreak began in late March, according to the National Director of Health, Francisco Mbofana, cited in Monday's issue of the independent newsheet “Mediafax”.

2014-04-22 Mozambique and South Africa Sign Anti-Poaching Agreement
[AIM]Maputo -The Mozambican and South African governments last week signed in Pretoria an agreement on the management and conservation of biodiversity, which is aimed at stopping poaching, particularly the poaching of rhinos, in the Greater Limpopo Cross-Border Park.

2014-04-22 No Request Made to CNE to Extend Voter Registration
[AIM]Maputo -Despite calls by some senior members of the former rebel movement Renamo for an extension of the voter registration period, Mozambique's National Elections Commission (CNE) says that it has not received any formal request from Renamo for such an extension.

2014-04-22 False Municipal Councillor Arrested in Nampula
[AIM]Maputo -The Mozambican police in the northern city of Nampula have arrested a man calling himself “Dr. Da Cunha”, for falsely offering jobs in Nampula Municipal Council to citizens in exchange for money.

2014-04-21 Italian Rail Company Seeking to Sue Govt
[AIM]Maputo -The Italian rail company Salcef Construzioni Edili e Ferrioviarie is suing the Mozambican state over the cancellation of a deal between the government and Salcef to build an overground metro in Maputo and Matola, although the government retorts that the deal as proposed by Salcef would have damaged the interests of the Mozambican state.

2014-04-21 Simango Urges Young Mozambicans to Monitor Elections
[AIM]Maputo -The leader of the opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) and mayor of Beira, Daviz Simango, on Saturday urged young Mozambicans to monitor closely the general elections scheduled for 15 October.

2014-04-18 A New Hub in the Global Drugs Trade?
[ThinkAfricaPress]Not a lot is known about the drugs trade in Mozambique, but the evidence suggests it is becoming a popular transit point for traffickers.

2014-04-18 EDM Warns of Power Cuts as Transformer is Replaced
[AIM]Maputo -Mozambique's publicly owned electricity company, EDM, has warned that Maputo and the neighbouring city of Matola will suffer intermittent power cuts at peak times for about two weeks due to the replacement of equipment at the Infulene sub-station.

2014-04-17 Renamo Will Hand Over Weapons, but Not Demilitarise
[AIM]Maputo -Mozambique's former rebel movement Renamo has agreed to hand over its weapons to the government, and for its men to join the defence and security forces, but it still refuses to demilitarise and become a normal political party, according to Transport Minister Gabriel Muthisse, the deputy head of the government delegation to the long running dialogue between the government and Renamo.

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