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2014-07-31 Maputo Peace Deal Delayed
[Deutsche Welle]The low level conflict between Mozambique's former civil war foes escalated recently, but now there is fresh hope of peace in the East African country. However, a deal has been postponed.

2014-07-31 With Rio Tinto's Humiliating Exit, a Degree of Sanity Returns to Mining
[Daily Maverick]Rio Tinto is one of the biggest companies on the planet. These guys don't make mistakes, surely, especially ones that cost in the region of US$3.7 billion. Except sometimes they do. SIMON ALLISON examines why the mining giant is exiting Mozambique with a massive hole in its balance sheet - and its tail between its legs.

2014-07-31 Peace in Sight in Mozambique
[Deutsche Welle]The low level conflict between Mozambique's former civil war foes escalated recently, but now there is fresh hope of peace in the East African country. Upcoming elections may have helped.

2014-07-31 Mozambique Wins Silver Medal at Commonwealth Games
[AIM]Glasgow -Mozambique has won its first medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

2014-07-31 Japanese Business Delegation Arrives in Maputo
[AIM]Maputo -Eighteen Japanese companies are represented in a business delegation that arrived in Maputo on Wednesday on a mission to expand investment in Mozambique.

2014-07-31 Government Loans Promoting Development
[AIM]Chidenguele -The Mozambican government's District Development Fund (FDD) has made loans totalling just under 8.8 billion meticais (about 280 million US dollars) since 2006.

2014-07-31 High Level Policy Dialogue With Japan
[AIM]Maputo -The governments of Mozambique and Japan on Wednesday held a "high level policy dialogue" in the capital city Maputo to strengthen bilateral ties.

2014-07-31 Rio Tinto Sells Coal Assets in Mozambique
[AIM]London -The Anglo-Australian mining company Rio Tinto has agreed to sell its coal assets in Mozambique to International Coal Ventures Private Limited (ICVL) for just 50 million US dollars.

2014-07-31 Tightened Visa Requirements for Entering Mozambique
[AIM]Maputo -The United States embassy has warned that the Mozambican immigration service is now enforcing the regulation that visas must be obtained prior to arrival.

2014-07-31 First Lady Begins Working Visit to Zambezia
[AIM]Quelimane, Mozambique -Mozambican First Lady Maria da Luz Guebuza on Monday arrived in Quelimane, the provincial capital of Zambezia, at the beginning of a two day working visit.

2014-07-31 President Guebuza Calls for Action Against Road Accidents
[AIM]Maputo -Mozambican President Armando Guebuza has called for "each one of us" to play a role in preventing traffic accidents.

2014-07-31 Inhambane Produces Fruit for International Market
[AIM]Maputo -The southern Mozambican province of Inhambane is producing and processing fruit for the international market.

2014-07-30 Mozambique Meeting in Msambweni Turns Chaotic
[The Star]POLICE officers calmed a stormy meeting convened by Mozambique High Commissioner Floriano Maneno after two groups differed publicly.

2014-07-30 Government Forces, Renamo Men Clash in Southern, Central Mozambique
[Verdade]The Defence and Security Forces (FDS) and the Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo) armed men clashed on the afternoon of 27 July in the Mucodza area, Gorongosa District, Sofala Province. In the early hours of the same day groups from the warring sides clashed in the Mabote district, Inhambane Province.

2014-07-30 Angola and Mozambique Play for Bronze Medal in CPLP Games
[ANGOP]Luanda -The Angolan males and females tennis teams are facing this Wednesday Mozambique at 9 a.m for the third place of the 9th Games of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (CPLP), set for Luanda's Coqueiros court.

2014-07-30 Eskom to Extract Gas From Mozambique
[]Eskom says it could soon look into gas to satisfy most of the country's electricity needs.

2014-07-30 Islamic Values Contribute to Consolidation of Peace - President Guebuza
[AIM]Maputo -Mozambican President Armando Guebuza on Monday said that the principles and values of the country's Muslim community contribute greatly to the consolidation of peace and national unity.

2014-07-30 Seven Billion Meticais Disbursed to Districts
[AIM]Maputo -The Mozambican government's District Development Fund (FDD) has made loans totalling more than seven billion meticais (about 225 million US dollars) over the last six years.

2014-07-30 Mozambican Delegation Visits Aberdeen
[AIM]London -A high ranking delegation of Mozambican politicians and officials has concluded a fact finding visit to the Scottish city of Aberdeen. The purpose of the visit was to look at the infrastructure required to support a burgeoning energy industry.

2014-07-30 Three New Hospitals for Zambezia
[AIM]Maputo -Three new hospitals are to be built to improve the provision of health services in the central Mozambican province of Zambezia.

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