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2017-02-25 Zimbabwe to Donate 2,000 Animals to Mozambique
[AIM] Maputo -The Zimbabwean government is to donate 2,000 animals to Moambique to restock the Limpopo National Park (PNL), in the southern province of Gaza.

2017-02-24 Govt Says Deportees From Mozambique are Safe
[Daily News] Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Minister, Ambassador Augustine Mahiga said yesterday that the ministry is closely watching Tanzanians currently deported from Mozambique to ensure that they are safe.

2017-02-21 Deportation of Nearly 200 Tanzanians Living in Mozambique
[Citizen] Last week's deportation of nearly 200 Tanzanians living in Mozambique in what was described as "crackdown on illegal

2017-02-21 One of Deportees From Mozambique Dies
[Citizen] Mtwara -One Tanzanian, who was among those deportees from Mozambique, died yesterday at Lingula Regional hospital, where she was admitted.

2017-02-21 Mozambique Expels 200 Tanzanians
[East African] Mozambique has thrown out about 200 Tanzanians, who are alleged to have been living in the country illegally.

2017-02-19 U.S.$8 Million Dollars Needed to Repair Cyclone Damage
[AIM] Maputo -Mozambican Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario is making a two day working visit to the southern province of Inhambane to assess the damage done by cyclone Dineo which hit the province on Wednesday and Thursday last week.

2017-02-20 Dynamos Wins Chingale d Tete Friendly
[The Herald] A youthful Dynamos side won the hearts of many Mozambicans here when they dismissed Chingale d Tete in an international friendly soccer match at Dispotivo D Tete Stadium yesterday. Newboy Emmanuel Mandiranga's 22nd minute strike and an exquisite 46th minute finish from Takunda Sadiki was all the former Zimbabwean champions needed to silence the noisy Mozambican counterparts.

2017-02-19 Nyusi Launches Integrated Rural Development Project
[AIM] Maputo -Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi declared on Friday that "Sustenta" (Sustain"), the government's integrated agriculture and natural resource project, is unequivocal proof that rural development is at the centre of the government's activity.

2017-02-18 Lodge Owners Vow to Rebuild After Tropical Storm Dineo's Destruction
[News24Wire] Thatched roofs ripped off exotic beachside shelters. Asbestos sheets flung to the sand. A diving school that caters for the blind largely reduced to rubble.

2017-02-17 Thousands of Mozambican Refugees Stranded at Border
[CAJ News] SOME 1 900 Mozambicans are stranded at the border with Zimbabwe after fleeing the banditry by opposition forces in their country. The Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo) is blamed for the terror, which has continued despite assurances by government leaders a truce was within reach with the opposition party. United Nations agencies said they were mobilizing money to move the displaced persons to safety into Zimbabwe. "Resource mobilisation efforts are currently ongoing to resume the relocation of an est

2017-02-17 Cyclone Dineo - Over 200 Cases of Cholera Reported
[News24Wire] Along with the havoc wreaked by tropical storm Dineo, Mozambique has also been hit by a cholera epidemic, with 216 confirmed cases of the diarrhoeal disease and one death in three cities, radio station VOA Portugues reported on Thursday.

2017-02-16 Child 'Killed By Falling Tree', As Cyclone Dineo Hits
[News24Wire] A child has been killed by a falling tree in the southern town of Massinga, as cyclone Dineo hit Mozambique, a report said on Thursday.

2017-02-17 More Deportees Received
[Daily News] Mtwara -Tanzanian deportees from Mozambique have increased to 193, Mtwara Regional Immigration Officer Rose Mhagama said here yesterday.

2017-02-16 Four Dead in Wake of Cyclone Dineo
[News24Wire] Mozambican media are reporting that four people, including a child, have died as a result of tropical cyclone Dineo.

2017-02-16 Plight of 132 Kicked Out in Mozambique Swoop
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -A total of 132 Tanzanians have been deported from Mozambique in a crackdown on illegal immigrants in the southern African country, the government confirmed yesterday.

2017-02-16 Deportees Narrate Ordeal in Mozambique
[Citizen] Mtwara -Some of the 182 Tanzanians deported from Mozambique have narrated their ordeal in the southern African country.

2017-02-16 Govt to Probe Mozambique's Alleged Torture of Deportees
[Daily News] At the count of 132, stories of torture and use of excessive force among Tanzanians being deported from Mozambique are gaining currency and the government has pledged full investigations into their claims.

2017-02-15 Storm 'Dineo' to Make Landfall in Mozambique Tonight
[] Pretoria -The South African Weather Service (SAWS) says severe tropical storm "Dineo" is quite likely to undergo a final surge of intensification, just before arriving over land in Mozambique this evening.

2017-02-16 Authorities Warn Residents As Dineo Bears Down On Mozambique
[News24Wire] Mozambican authorities have warned people in provinces of Inhambane and Gaza to brace for the arrival of category 4 tropical cyclone Dineo on Wednesday evening.

2017-02-15 Kroll Given an Extra Month for Audit, as Pressure Grows to Renounce Debt
[Mozambique News Reports And Clippings] As predicted, Kroll has asked for more time for its forensic audit of the three companies involved in the $2 bn secret loan scandal. The Attorney General's office (Procuradoria-geral da República) announced Monday (13 Feb) that it has given Kroll an extra month, until 31 March.

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