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2016-12-03 Peace Not Just Up to Me and Dhlakama, Says Nyusi
[AIM] Maputo -Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi said on Friday that the mission to re-establish peace in Mozambique should not be left solely up to himself and to Afonso Dhlakama, leader of the rebel movement Renamo.

2016-12-03 Irish Aid for Drought Victims
[AIM] Maputo -The Irish Government on Friday announced a grant of 1.5 million euros (about 1.65 million US dollars) to support emergency operations by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Mozambique, where 1.4 million people in southern and central provinces are facing severe food shortages due to drought caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon.

2016-12-03 New Hydrocarbon Contracts Ready Within Four Months
[AIM] Maputo -Negotiations with the companies that won the fifth international tender for oil and gas exploration in Mozambique could be concluded within the next three to four months, according to a representative of the National Petroleum Institute (INP), Augusto Macuvele, speaking at the Mozambique Gas Summit in Maputo.

2016-12-03 Embraer/LAM Scandal - Teodoro Waty Claims to Know Nothing
[AIM] Maputo -Teodoro Waty, a former chairperson of Mozambique Airlines (LAM), has said that he did not notice any irregularities in the management of the company when he took over from Jose Viegas in 2011.

2016-12-02 Mozambique, DR Congo Eye Tanzania Internet Data Facility
[Daily News] Mozambique and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are eying connection to the national Internet Data Centre (IDC) in Dar es Salaam as the two eastern African countries embark on accessing high quality database services.

2016-12-01 Crisis Increases Burden On Courts
[AIM] Maputo -Mozambique's economic crisis is putting extra burdens on the country's courts as banks sue their debtors and workers sacked from failing companies demand their redundancy pay.

2016-12-01 Despite Crisis, Moza Banco Continues to Expand
[AIM] Maputo -Despite the suspension of its board of directors, the Mozambican retail bank Moza Banco on Tuesday inaugurated four new branches in Maputo and the neighbouring city of Matola.

2016-12-01 Journalist in Zambezia Receives Death Threat
[AIM] Maputo -The director of the electronic newssheet "Diario de Zambezia", published in the central Mozambican city of Quelimane, Antonio Zefanias, has received death threats via the "Whatsapp" messaging service, reports Wednesday's issue of the independent paper"Mediafax".

2016-12-01 Mozambique to Supply Electricity to Lesotho
[AIM] Maputo -Mozambique's publicly-owned electricity company, EDM, and the Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC), signed a memorandum in Maputo on Tuesday, under which EDM will sell electricity to Lesotho as from January.

2016-12-01 Govt Authorised to Introduce Tourism Fee
[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, on Wednesday authorized the government to issue a decree-law establishing a tourism fee to be added to the accommodation bill of every tourist visiting the country's hotels, lodges and similar establishments.

2016-11-30 Angola/Mozambique - Parliamentary Administration Among Cooperation Priorities
[ANGOP] Maputo -The cooperation in the field of parliamentary administration must also be one of the bets between the legislative institutions of Angola and Mozambique, according to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos.

2016-11-30 No Decentralisation Proposal Yet, Admits Raffaelli
[AIM] Maputo -As November slips to its end, there is still no consensual proposal on decentralization from the joint commission between the Mozambican government and the rebel movement Renamo.

2016-11-30 Guebuza Testifies to Parliamentary Commission
[AIM] Maputo -Former Mozambican President Armando Guebuza on Monday testified before the parliamentary commission of inquiry set up to investigate the enormous government guaranteed loans granted by the European banks Credit Suisse and VTB of Russia to the quasi-public companies Ematum (Mozambique Tuna Company), Proindicus and MAM (Mozambique Assets Management).

2016-11-30 Parliament Plays Its Role With Sense of State
[ANGOP] Maputo -The Angolan Parliament has been excelling its role with a high sense of State, choosing as its main objective the construction and consolidation of a democratic and legal nation capable of fostering development for the welfare and happiness of all citizens.

2016-11-30 Rui Baltazar Denounces Electoral Crimes
[AIM] Maputo -The former chairperson of Mozambique's Constitutional Council, the body that is the final arbiter on matters of constitutional and electoral law, Rui Baltazar, on Monday demanded that people who commit electoral crimes should be treated in exactly the same way as any other criminal.

2016-11-30 14 Companies Interested in Domestic Gas Projects
[AIM] Maputo -Fourteen companies have indicated that they would like to develop projects using natural gas from the Rovuma Basin in northern Mozambique.

2016-11-29 Illegal Fishing Costs Nation Millions Dollars Annually
[AIM] Maputo -Illegal fishing in Mozambican waters results in losses of 57 million US dollars annually. This is partly due to the lack of effective maritime surveillance along the 2,800-kilometre coastline.

2016-11-29 New Appointees Take Office
[AIM] Maputo -Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Monday swore into office the new Education Minister, Conceita Sortane, and the Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Augusto de Sousa Fernando.

2016-11-29 27 Charged Over Massive Theft From Agriculture Fund
[AIM] Maputo -Mozambique's Central Office for the Fight against Corruption (GCCC) has charged 27 people over alleged involvement in the theft of 170 million meticais (about 2.3 million US dollars, at current exchange rates) from the government's Agricultural Development Fund (FDA), according to a GCCC press release issued on Monday.

2016-11-29 Embassies to Issue Identity Documents and Passports
[AIM] Maputo -The Ministry of the Interior is training staff from some Mozambican embassies and consulates so that they can issue identity documents and passports.

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