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2016-05-27 State Seeks Lengthy Sentence for Serial Rapist
[New Era] Windhoek -The prosecution wants the High Court to send to jail for a very long time a Windhoek resident who was convicted of 13 out of 21 charges he faced, including rape, assault, housebreaking and attempted murder. State Advocate Palmer Khumalo told Judge Alfred Siboleka that Pinias Kashawa does not deserve mercy from the court and should be sent to a place where he will not longer rape. "My Lord, the accused did not show any remorse or contrition, even after his conviction and continued to profess his innocence,"

2016-05-27 Otjihavera Experience Beckons
[Namibia Economist] There is only one week to go and then entries for the 2016 FNB Otjihavera Experience will open. This great cycling event was launched on 17 Mayby FNB Namibia and the Rock and Rut club and will be held for the11th time on 20 and 21 August at the Midgard Country Estate. "Cycling in Namibia has grown in popularity over the last few years and is managed and handled well by numerous clubs to make a variety of events unforgettable. It is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family and FNB Namibia is prou

2016-05-27 Cosafa Referees to Sharpen Their Skills
[Namibia Economist] With the 2016 Cosafa Castle Cup preparations in full swing, the COSAFA Referees Committee will be hosting a three-day Referees Pre-Tournament Course in Windhoek from 7 June to ensure that match officials are in top shape and updated for their part in making the tournament a great spectacle. Namibia host Cosafa Castle Cup from 11 to 25 June in Windhoek and the regional football body's referees committee under the chairmanship of Namibia's John Muinjo will be hosting a workshop for the match officials from 7

2016-05-27 Preparing Farmers for a Return of Grazing
[Namibia Economist] Livestock farmers converged on Windhoek last week to attend a training session on rangeland management under the guidance of Agra Provision. The farmers learned how to align livestock numbers with available grazing, with particular emphasis on the difficult months ahead before the start of the next rain season. The training was well attended by both upcoming and established farmers. During the training programme, participants were exposed to the principles of livestock production, the annual growth cycle o

2016-05-27 Energy Independence Can Be Reached
[Namibia Economist] Chief Executive Officer of InnoSun Energy Holdings, Gregoire Verhaeghe at the Sustainable Development in Namibia Conference said last week, that they plan to work together with other companies, especially with the government, to come up with solutions to reach energy independence in the country. Verhaeghe said Namibia receives more sunlight than anywhere else on earth and therefore it would be unthinkable not to harness this solar energy.

2016-05-27 Charity Seeks Funds to Fight Kenyan Cholera Outbreak
[Namibian] MANDERA -African health provider Amref Health Africa on Wednesday launched an emergency appeal for US$250 000 to tackle a cholera outbreak in Mandera county in north-east Kenya.

2016-05-27 No Need for State Hospital Queues
[Namibia Economist] Realising the cost of access to healthcare and the inconvenience for their own people, the Ohlthaver & List subsidiary, Hangana Seafood, started its own on-site primary healthcare clinic where between 800 and 900 consultations take place every month.

2016-05-27 Employers Federation Names New Board
[Namibia Economist] The new board members of the Namibian Employers Federation (NEF), were announced last week immediately after conclusion of the annual general meeting, held at a Windhoek hotel. Incumbent NEF President, Adv Vekuii Rukoro was not able to attend the AGM hence the formalities were conducted by Mrs Elize Fahl in the chair. She announced to the meeting that she is leaving the NEF after serving as the chairperson for the past thirteen years.

2016-05-27 Breweries to Sponsor Presidents Cup
[Namibia Economist] The annual 2016 Dr. Hage Geingob Soccer Cup tournament will see two local club teams compete against two international club teams for the prestigious Dr. Hage Geingob Cup. For the third consecutive year Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) - subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group is the main sponsor of this much anticipated event on the local sports calendar. . Managing Director of NBL, Wessie van der Westhuizen said NBL's commitment to the Dr. Hage Geingob Soccer Cup tournament is affirmation o

2016-05-27 Uncompromising Namibian Political Mindsets
[New Era] The militancy and political energy being pumped into the political arena of Namibia is immense, intense, uncompromising, and vigorous and is reaching a crescendo that would have been very beneficial to the fight for freedom.

2016-05-27 Walvis Kids Haven a Paradise for the Vulnerable
[Namibian] "I was just a little thin boy without ambition or hope for a better life. This is the only place where I felt safe; a burden was taken off my shoulder," says Zachary Thompson*.

2016-05-27 Air Namibia Bends Civil Aviation Rules
[Namibian] AIR Namibia leased an aircraft from Europe for the Windhoek-Frankfurt route without seeking permission from the Directorate of Civil Aviation in advance as per regulations.

2016-05-27 Refrain From Calling Fellow Africans Foreigners
[Namibian] OMUSATI regional governor Erginus Endjala says the notion of seeing fellow Africans as foreigners must be discouraged if people on the continent are genuinely aiming at realising a united Africa.

2016-05-27 Elephant Poaching Suspects Still At Large
[New Era] Ntara -The suspected poachers who shot an elephant on Tuesday afternoon between Ntara village and Manyondo village on the border of the Mbunza and Ukwangali traditional authorities east of Ntara village in Kavango West Region are still at large.

2016-05-27 Hangana Seafood Clinic Adds More Value to Lives
[New Era] Windhoek -"We care about our employees and their well-being. Access to primary health care is so critical for each and every Namibian, yet so expensive and unaffordable for most. This clinic aims to add even more value to the lives of our people," said Werner Swartz, Manager: Human Capital at Hangana Seafood with regard to the on-site clinic for employees in Walvis Bay.

2016-05-27 Social Security Pension, Medical Funds Long Way Off
[Namibian] CLOSE to half-a-million Namibians, especially in the fishing, agricultural and retail sectors as well as domestic servants and those in the informal sector have no pension provision upon retirement.

2016-05-27 "We Will Close You Down" - Environment Minister
[Namibia Economist] The Ministry of Environment and Tourism is set to take strong action against companies that do not comply with the Environmental Management Act, with the minister this week even threatening to shut down companies that remain outside the law. The minister said that by 01 August they will take action against those companies that are in direct contravention of the Environmental Management Act of 2007 and operating without environmental clearance certificates. This was said by the Minister of Environment and T

2016-05-27 Energy Cost Must Be Competitive for Industrialisation - Schlettwein
[New Era] Windhoek -To become a competitive country in an ever-globalising world, industrialised economies' input costs - like power and other utilities - must remain competitive. Equally, energy supply for households must be affordable and accessible. This is according to Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein, who is in Lusaka, Zambia, attending the annual meeting of the African Development Bank Group.

2016-05-27 History Catches Up With the Future
[Namibian] A SCHOOL hostel had to be and was a home away from home for many children, even those considered today as previously disadvantaged.

2016-05-27 Climate Smart Technology Mitigating Drought Effects
[Namibia Economist] Despite the ravaging drought affecting the country, one specific feedlot in Outjo, has managed to lessen the effects of the ongoing drought as well as the escalating feed prices, by creating a climate smart feedlot. Agri GreenGrow recently successfully combined a sheep feedlot with aeroponic fodder production to create a climate smart feedlot which operates 365 days a year in Namibia where its desert, arid and semi-arid land are classified as one of the driest in the sub-Saharan Africa. Keith Thompson from

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