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2015-11-26 Namibian Politics Maturing, At Last
[New Era] The level of tolerance and maturity displayed during the campaign of tomorrow's regional council and local authority elections cannot go unnoticed.

2015-11-26 Anti-Hunting Lobbyists Cost Namibia Dearly - Shifeta
[New Era] Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, says that anti-hunting lobbyists cost the Namibian government US$650 000 last year after pressurising the United States government on the legal auction of a black rhino hunt.

2015-11-26 Opposition Faces Wipe-Out
[Namibian] Opposition representation in Namibia's local authorities and regional councils might take a heavy knock tomorrow, to the extent that the National Council will consist of Swapo members only.

2015-11-26 Gun Thefts Leave Diamond Big Shots Paranoid
[Namibian] The recent theft of firearms from gun shops in Windhoek left some delegates to the International Diamond Conference paranoid about their safety forcing them to hire bodyguards, sources close to the organisers of the conference told The Namibian.

2015-11-26 Save Our Democracy
[Namibian] Someone with a twisted sense of humour announced in cyberspace that the biggest winner of Friday's elections, following President Hage Geingob's unilateral declaration of a public holiday for 27 November, would not be Swapo but instead the brewers, distillers and other makers and sellers of alcohol.

2015-11-26 Dundee Refutes Arsenic Stockpiling Allegations
[New Era] Windhoek -Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb (DPMT), which operates the copper smelter just outside Tsumeb, has denied allegations by an international non-governmental organisation, BankWatch, that its hazardous waste disposal site is nearing capacity.

2015-11-26 Zim Sungura Star Graces Miss Otjiwarongo Pageant
[New Era] Windhoek -Zimbabwean Sungura musician, Hosiah Chipanga better known as 'Shingulu Shaoma' is performing at the Miss Otjiwarongo beauty pageant tonight. The Sungura maestro arrives in Namibia today after being sidelined by some promoters in his native Zimbabwe, where some of his songs 'blacklisted' by some radio stations, who saw his music as politically incorrect.

2015-11-26 Investment in Roads, Infrastructure Development for Zambezi Region
[New Era] Bukalo, which until 2013 was a sleepy village 40 kilometres east of Katima Mulilo, has been injected with N$8 million investment in infrastructure development as well as with an additional N$15 million to have a village council in the area.

2015-11-26 Tigers Flying High At End of First Round
[Namibian] The first round of the Namibia Premier League draws to a close this weekend with Tigers looking well set to continue their fine early season form.

2015-11-26 Namibia's First Qualified FIBA Basketball Instructor
[Namibian] Local basketball coach, Manuel Samuel Carballo recently became the first Namibian to receive an International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Africa coaching instructor certificate after a four-day workshop in Benin.

2015-11-26 Kora All Africa Awards Postponed
[Namibian] The much anticipated Kora All Africa Awards, scheduled to take place in December, have been postponed to 20 March 2016, says country director Tonata Shiimi.

2015-11-26 Namibian Army Chief's Visit Represents Friendship Between Both Peoples
[ANGOP] Huambo -The visit to Angola of the Namibian Army commander, major-general Thomas Hamuanyela, which started last Monday, was deemed last Tuesday in the central Huambo Province a clear demonstration of the friendship that exists between Angola and Namibia.

2015-11-26 Arrested 'Struggle Kids' Still in Police Custody
[New Era] The group of 14 'struggle kids' charged with public violence were remanded in custody at the Oshakati Magistrates Court, where they appeared on Tuesday.

2015-11-26 LAC Saddened By Namibia's Withdrawal From ICC
[New Era] Windhoek -The Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) has expressed its unhappiness over plans by the Namibian government to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

2015-11-26 Regional Parliament Eludes SADC-PF
[New Era] Swakopmund -The vice-president of the Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum (SADC-PF), Joseph Njobvulema, says despite the parliamentary forum having been established with the ultimate goal of transforming it into a SADC regional parliament, this dream is yet to be realised, as the SADC parliament has yet to be established.

2015-11-26 U.S Ambassador Optimistic of Namibian Beef in U.S
[New Era] United States Ambassador to Namibia Thomas Daughton says he is looking forward to the day when he can serve Namibian beef to his guests.

2015-11-26 NRCS to Deploy 200 Volunteers First On Polling Day
[New Era] The Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS) yesterday announced that it will deploy 200 volunteers tomorrow to provide first aid in eight regions, including Khomas, Oshana and Zambezi.

2015-11-26 Zim Says Industry Must Tackle Synthetic Diamonds
[Namibian] The diamond industry must take action and tackle synthetic diamonds as was done with illicit diamonds through the Kimberly Process, Zimbabwe's minister of mines and mining development Walter Chidakwa said this week.

2015-11-26 No Plans to Appoint HH, Gurirab
[Namibian] Presidential affairs minister Frans Kapofi yesterday denied that President Hage Geingob plans appointing former National Assembly Speaker Theo-Ben Gurirab and former Rally for Democracy and Progress president Hidipo Hamutenya as presidential advisers.

2015-11-26 Traders Want De Beers Chief Fired
[Namibian] Diamond traders worldwide launched an online petition yesterday calling for De Beers chief executive Philippe Mellier, to resign.

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