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2016-08-26 Paralympic Team Strikes Over Rio Bonuses
[Namibian] Just days before they leave for Rio de Janeiro, Namibia's athletes have threatened to boycott the Paralympic Games unless their demands for bonuses are met.

2016-08-26 Good Riddance, Namibian Premier League
[Namibian] MTC just ripped the *rsehole from under Namibian football with one mighty yank. The Namibian Premier League (NPL) and MTC's three-year agreement came to an end at the end of the 2015/2016 season.

2016-08-26 Bothma to Lead Pumas
[Namibian] THE Steval Pumas have turned to Namibian hardman Renaldo Bothma to lead them into battle in their Currie Cup match against Griquas on Friday night in Nelspruit.

2016-08-26 Forrest Wins Amstel Lite Open
[Namibian] WANDERERS Squash Club hosted its signature event in relationship with their new sponsor, Amstel Lite.

2016-08-26 Enduro Enters Thrilling Stage
[Namibian] The Bank Windhoek Namibian Enduro Championship recently experienced yet another thrilling event at Farm Abbabis near Karibib. The championship event attracted 48 riders from different parts of the country to compete on the rough track through stunningly beautiful scenery. A total of 39 riders completed the race.

2016-08-26 It Is Only a Small Stream but It Brings Much Hope
[Namibia Economist] Western Owamboland has five major drainage lines all running from southern Angola to a common collector point, colloquially known as Lake Oponoono. Collectively this system is known as the Cuvelai drainage system although it has to be pointed out that the name Cuvelai also applies to certain of the individual lines, and to a large area in adjacent Angola. The eastern-most line starts in the area west of Helao Nafidi, i.e. the western corner of Ohangwena. From there it runs due south, almost touching modern

2016-08-26 Bidvest Profit Tumbles, Again
[Namibia Economist] Bidvest Namibia this week released its results on the back of a declining horse mackeral resource and allocation. According to Bidvest, while its revenue rose 9.2% its trading profit for the year came in at just about N$294 million, marking a 28% reduction.

2016-08-26 Debmarine Namibia's New Hero in Cape Town
[Namibia Economist] With only five days to go to Heroes Day, Debmarine Namibia's new hero, the mv SS Nujoma sailed into Cape Town harbour where she will be fit and rigged for her next struggle as a diamond mining vessel off the southern Namib coastline.

2016-08-26 FIM Bill Process Nears Parliament
[Namibia Economist] The Financial Institutions and Markets Bill is set to be tabled in Parliament during the September period. This is the hope of acting Namibia Institutions Supervisory Authority spokesperson Christopher Swart, who spoke to the Economist this week.

2016-08-26 Needy Schools Empowered With ICT Equipment
[Namibia Economist] The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources; Honourable Bernhard Esau handed over scholarly Information Communication Technology [ICT] equipment to 23 schools which included both Primary and Secondary schools on behalf of the Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust [NFCPT], during the recently held National Fish Consumption Day Launch in Walvis Bay on 12 August.

2016-08-26 Rejuvenated Welwitschias Take On the Bulldogs
[Namibian] A rejuvenated Welwitschias side takes on Border Bulldogs in the Currie Cup First Division in East London on Friday evening hoping to record their first victory in the competition.

2016-08-26 Spotlight On Maggie Mengo
[Namibian] Namibia's women's indoor hockey team reached another milestone last weekend when they beat South Africa 2-1 in Durban. South Africa went on to win the five-match Test series 3-1 with another match drawn, but Namibia were competitive throughout, showing that they have become a force to be reckoned with in international women's hockey.

2016-08-26 Dual TVET Education for Sub-Sahara Africa
[Namibia Economist] Namibia's University of Science and Technology (NUST) in collaboration with the German University of Rostock this week opened a 3-day symposium to improve higher education, mainly vocational education training, or so-called VET.

2016-08-26 Progress On Establishment of Revenue Agency
[Namibia Economist] "The Revenue Agency, which we have been calling and waiting for, is coming," were the words of Finance minister, Hon. Calle Schlettwein late last week when he addressed stakeholders at the National Art Gallery in the capital. The idea behind the establishment of the Revenue Agency was first mooted in September 2013 following a decision taken by cabinet.

2016-08-26 EU Supports Strategic Drought Relief
[Namibia Economist] The Ambassador of the EU earlier this week announced that the EU will be donating an amount of US$20 million to assist various projects including drought relief, to help northern farmers with veterinary services, land development, water supply and NGO's.

2016-08-26 Social Purpose and the Enterprise
[Namibia Economist] Recently, there have been calls for Namibian enterprises to begin sharing their prosperity with broader publics. There appear to be several particular aspects to this, though I speak subject to correction.

2016-08-26 Nam Dairies Fight Against Hunger
[Namibia Economist] As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI) agenda, Namibia Dairies last week donated milk to the DD Guiseb Primary School in Mariental, which currently accommodates approximately 560 learners from grades 1 to 7. Director: Agri-Business at Namibia Dairies' !Aimab Superfarm, Borney Britz: "As a subsidiary of the O&L Group, Namibia Dairies is very passionate and dedicated to living the group's purpose of 'Creating a future, enhancing life' for all Namibians.

2016-08-26 Risk and Insurance Seminar Set for Windhoek
[Namibia Economist] Leading risk management and insurance players, including key regional insurance regulators from across southern Africa, will take part in Commercial Risk Africa's Risk Frontiers - Southern Africa: Driving the risk management agenda.

2016-08-26 Conservancies Demand More Support
[Namibia Economist] The two largest conservancies and a community forest face many challenges and often getting support from government or local authorities, is the most difficult.

2016-08-26 Firemen Need to Be Protected First
[Namibia Economist] Dundee Precious Metal Tsumeb runs its own well-equiped firefighting unit. This is an operational requirement since the smelter operators stores so much incendiary chemicals.

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