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2014-09-17 Bodies Held in Mortuary Over Ebola Fears
[New Era]A number of dead bodies are held at the police mortuary in Okongo, Ohangwena Region, after initial fears that one of the deceased - an Angolan national - could have died from the deadly Ebola virus.

2014-09-17 Chinese Man Arrives in Namibia On Bicycle
[New Era]Windhoek -Many locals have come to dislike the rapid increase of Chinese nationals in their midst, whom many blame for wrestling potential employment opportunities away from them as a result of the Chinese modernised techniques and vast expertise in the various industries, with building construction their main target.

2014-09-17 False Ebola Alarm On Ship From Lagos
[New Era]Walvis Bay -A private doctor at Walvis Bay reportedly refused to attend to a sick patient on board of a ship believed to have sailed from Lagos in Nigeria, on grounds the patient might have contracted Ebola.

2014-09-18 New Gallery for Khomasdal
[Namibian]A new and unique art gallery, danger.Art is to open at the Khomas Grove Mall in Khomasdal, Windhoek.

2014-09-18 Tap Water Is Not 'Mineral Water'
[Namibian]RETAIL chains like Pick 'n Pay, Spar and Fruit and Veg are making a killing by selling water to consumers who do not prefer to drink tap water for various reasons. But the lucrative water business has led to a critical question. What is tap, purified and mineral water? In many shops, the distinction is not clear.

2014-09-18 'African Metropolis' Features Six Stories From Six African Cities
[Namibian]AFTER the pan-African short film competition 'Latitude' was successfully held between 2010 and 2012, the follow-up project 'African Metropolis' was initiated in 2012 by the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg, along with the International Film Festival Rotterdam's Hubert Bals Fund and the South African producer Steven Markovitz. For the first time, a major national sponsor could be secured for the project, too: the Nigerian Guaranty Trust Bank.

2014-09-18 Police Seek Help to Identify Body
[Namibian]OMUSATI police are requesting members of the public or anyone who has lost a relative to help in identifying the body of a young man who was found between Oshakati and Okahao, near Etunda village on 7 April.

2014-09-18 Airport Scanners Will Not Detect Explosives
[Namibian]NAMIBIAN airports are likely going to install scanners that do not have a system that detects dangerous metal objects and explosives as per aviation requirements.

2014-09-18 Nacoma to Raise Money for Coastal Enviro Scholarship Fund
[Namibian]THE Namibian Coast Conservation and Management (Nacoma) Project will raise funds for its Coastal Environmental Scholarship Fund.

2014-09-18 Govt to Develop Mitigation Strategies At Tsumeb Smelter
[Namibian]GOVERNMENT says there is no need to close down the Namibia Custom Smelters (NCS), despite various health problems experienced there.

2014-09-17 Lawyer Withdraws From Afrisam Trial
[New Era]Windhoek -The lawyer of the two Bezuidenhout brothers in the AfriSam corruption trail withdrew yesterday citing a lack of funds on his clients' part.

2014-09-17 Hotel Workers Set to Strike
[New Era]L├╝deritz -The branch organiser of the Namibia Food and Allied Workers' Union (NAFAU) in L├╝deritz, Jacob Penda, has confirmed that workers at Protea Hotel will go on strike as from Thursday, demanding for better wages.

2014-09-17 Confusion Over Pirates Coaching Hot Seat
[New Era]Windhoek -With the country's flagship football league, the MTC Namibia Premier League (NPL), set to officially start on October 1, confusion still reigns in the corridors of Katutura giants Orlando Pirates following Ali Akan's sudden departure from the club at the end of last season.

2014-09-17 Water Supply Interruptions in Capital
[New Era]Windhoek -With the temporary shutdown of the new Goreangab water reclamation plant that started yesterday and will continue till Thursday due to maintenance work at the plant, the city is likely to experience water interruptions.

2014-09-17 Unemployment Becomes Industry for the Youth
[New Era]Windhoek -To the unemployed Namibian youth, unemployment has also become an industry which not everyone will understand, until they are unemployed.

2014-09-17 Customs to Fight Cross-Border Crime
[New Era]Katima Mulilo -The Directorate of Customs and Excise in its efforts to curb the increase in cross-border crime has procured two patrol boats at Katima Mulilo.

2014-09-17 Chief Zeraeua Cup Slated for Omaruru Next Month
[New Era]Windhoek -The town of Omaruru will be a hive of activity when the much-anticipated 2nd edition of the annual Chief Christian Eerike Zeraeua Cup gets underway on the 4th-5th of next month, at the Maboke Stadium.

2014-09-17 Youths Ponder Conscious Citizenship
[New Era]Windhoek -Namibian youths have potential but such is being held back by their inability to voice their opinions due to little self-belief and fear of scrutiny.

2014-09-17 Enhanced Banking Solution By Namibian Biometric Systems
[New Era]The last article focused on biometric solution for online banking, new biometric Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

2014-09-17 N$11 Million Donation Each to Gaza and Ebola Hit Countries
[New Era]Windhoek -The Namibian Cabinet has just approved a donation of US$ 1 million to fight the Ebola outbreak raging in west Africa, as well as another US$ 1 million humanitarian contribution to the people of Palestine in the Gaza Strip. The donation and humanitarian contribution, which amounts to N$11 million each at current exchange rates, were announced late yesterday afternoon, in a statement from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology's Permanent Secretary, Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana.

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