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2014-09-02 Former President of Namibia Arrives in Luanda
[ANGOP]Luanda -The former president of the Republic of Namibia, Sam Nujoma, arrived this afternoon, Monday, in Luanda for a two-day working visit to Angola.

2014-09-02 Brave Warriors Have to Shape Up or Ship Out
[New Era]Windhoek -Gone are the days when ineffective footballers would just walk into the national senior football team without having to shed a drop of sweat, gone are the days when players would be selected on reputation rather than merit.

2014-09-02 Agra Provision Saves Crop Farmers From Losing Their Heads
[New Era]Windhoek -Timely advice and information on "diplodia headrot" was presented at the Agra ProVision breakfast meeting held in Grootfontein recently. The meeting was hosted in partnership with Ecologika, a South African based agricultural enterprise manufacturing and distributing plant nutrients within a holistic approach to farming. The gathering was well attended by crop farmers and industry stakeholders.

2014-09-02 Okamatapati Show Sees High Quality Breeds
[New Era]Otjiwarongo -Judges at last weekend's Okamatapati Agrigultural and Industrial Show had to go through two days of intensive selection to find grand winners amongst the 232 cattle of the various breeds represented at the show.

2014-09-02 ECN Content With Use of EVMs
[New Era]Otjinene -After holding successful elections in three constituencies using electronic voting machines (EVMs), the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) is confident and convinced the new voting machines would be well used in the November elections as well.

2014-09-02 Cop Kills Girlfriend, Takes Own Life
[New Era]Rundu -Residents of Rundu woke up to sad news on Sunday about a 24-year- old woman who was shot dead by her police officer boyfriend. The man then committed suicide by shooting himself at around 9 o'clock on Sunday morning.

2014-09-02 Black Nossob Conservancy Held Community Day
[New Era]Windhoek -The Black Nossob Conservancy, under the competent leadership of the chairperson, Mr Calle Heimst├Ądt and the Secretary, Mrs Monika Rumpf, held its bi-annual community day this week at Steinhausen. Approximately 120 employees from the area attended the day, which consisted of mainly sport and entertainment. The highlight was the rope-pulling (toutrek) between the teams who were enthusiastically encouraged by the onlookers.

2014-09-02 One Dead, 63 Injured in Accident
[New Era]Rundu -A bus carrying 64 passengers veered out of control after it ran over a cow and collided with an oncoming vehicle, instantly killing one girl and injuring several other Windhoek-bound passengers.

2014-09-02 Government Petrol Card Scam Uncovered
[New Era]Rundu -A Rundu petrol service station has uncovered a scam in which petrol attendants at the service station were using government petrol cards to fill up private vehicles and pocket the money paid for petrol by motorists. The fraud discovery was made last week, but the service station owners are yet to establish the amount of money involved in the scam.

2014-09-02 We Serve Swapo, Says Old Guard
[Namibian]THREE of the Swapo senior leaders, who lost out at the party's weekend electoral college, said they are ready to serve the party and have no intention of resigning from their party positions, nor do they have hard feelings.

2014-09-02 Meat Company Bill for Parly Debate in 2015
[Namibian]LEGAL experts are still perfecting the anticipated Namibia Meat Company Bill and the by-laws for the Livestock Producers' Co-operative of Namibia.

2014-09-02 UDF Confident of More Parliamentary Seats
[Namibian]UNITED Democratic Front (UDF) president Apius Auchab says he is confident his party will get more seats in parliament next year.

2014-09-02 Keetmans Municipal Worker Fights Demotion
[Namibian]KEETMANSHOOP municipal manager Josef Rooi has lodged a case of unfair labour practice with the Office of the Labour Commissioner against his employer, alleging he was "demoted without any just cause".

2014-09-02 Namibia As the Titanic
[Namibian]IN 1912, one of the biggest maritime tragedies struck and 1516 lives were lost due to a locked-in mentality that the Titanic was unsinkable.

2014-09-02 Good Rains Predicted for Namibia
[Namibian]SOUTHERN African climate experts expect Namibia to experience a normal to above-normal rainy season from next month to March next year.

2014-09-02 Table Tennis Rankings Stirred Up
[Namibian]After the successful hosting of the Salz Gossow Swakopmund Table Tennis Open a fortnight ago, the leaders at the top of the various rankings have cemented their first place. There were, however, notable changes throughout all the rankings.

2014-09-02 Okamatapati, Otjiwarongo Shows Merger a 'Done Deal'
[New Era]Otjiwarongo -The 2015 Okamatapati -Otjiwarongo Show is a done deal and has the potential to become the second biggest show in the country.

2014-09-02 Topnaars Receive Tourism Concession
[New Era]Rooibank -The Topnaars living on the outskirts of Walvis Bay received exclusive rights to control tourism activities and also be part of nature conservation along the Kuiseb River in the Erongo Region.

2014-09-02 Government Building Now a Dumping Site
[New Era]Windhoek -An abandoned building in Windhoek belonging to the Ministry of Works and Transport has been turned into a dumping site, with the municipality saying its hands are tied as it is the ministry that is responsible for its maintenance.

2014-09-02 Namibian Students Moved to Western Ukraine
[New Era]Windhoek -Namibian students studying in eastern Ukraine have been moved to western parts of that country, as the Ukrainian government continues to battle pro-Russian separatists in the east.

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