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2018-05-13 Niger Deports Sudanese to Libya
[AI London] More than a hundred Sudanese nationals deported to Libya in critical situation and at risk of serious abuses including torture

2018-05-11 Niger Sends Sudanese Refugees Back to Libya
[IRIN] Niger has deported at least 132 Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers back to Libya, drawing criticism that it is flouting international law by sending them back to dangerous and inhumane conditions from which they recently escaped.

2018-05-11 Longtime Jihadist Leads Group that Claimed Niger Attack
[VOA] Not much is known about the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, the group that claimed responsibility for killing four U.S. and four Nigerien soldiers in western Niger last October.

2018-05-11 US Mission Was Overwhelmed by Unprecedented IS Force -Report
[VOA] A U.S. Special Forces mission that resulted in the deaths of four American soldiers and four Nigerien soldiers was plagued by problems up and down the chain of command but was ultimately done in by an unprecedented show of force at the hands of an Islamic State-linked terror group, an investigation found.

2018-05-08 Gondwana City Producer Catherine Guérin Talks About Comedy Feature Welcome to Gondwana
[Balancing Act] London -"Welcome to Gondwana" is the first feature film directed by Mamane, a comedian of Nigerienne descent who has made his way on to RFI radio and performed at the Jamel Comedy Club. The feature film tells the adventures of a team of electoral observers sent to a French-speaking African country, Gondwana, to monitor the organization of a presidential election. Between corruption and abuse of power, these slightly naive delegates discover the beauty of a country and how the wheels of a perverted electoral system

2018-04-25 CPJ Calls On Niger to Stop Persecuting Journalist Baba Alpha
[CPJ] New York -Nigerien authorities should reverse the expulsion of journalist Baba Alpha and ensure his safety, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. After jailing him for a year, authorities on April 3 released Baba Alpha, a journalist with the privately owned radio and television news agency Bonferey, and drove him to Labbezanga, a town in northeastern Mali on the border with Niger, the journalist told CPJ.

2018-04-25 Climate Change Threatens Livelihoods of 130m Niger Basin Inhabitants
[Guardian] Minister of Water Resources, Suleiman Adamu, has said the livelihoods of over 130 million people living in the Niger Basin were at risk of climate change and other environmental challenges.

2018-04-19 Hilal Survive Uyo Scare to Go Through With Enyimba
[CAF] Sudanese side, El Hilal progressed to the mini-league stage despite losing 3-1 to Akwa United in their 2nd 1/16th round second leg on Wednesday at the Uyo International Stadium.

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