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2014-12-19 Benin, Nigeria, Niger, Togo Meet to Protect Gulf of Guinea
[This Day]Calabar -Four countries comprising the ECOWAS Maritime Pilot Zone E; Republic of Benin, Nigeria, Niger, and Togo met in Calabar, Cross River State, yesterday to formally agree on the final operational plan and resource commitment towards securing the Gulf of Guinea from activities of criminals.

2014-12-12 Boko Haram Fuels Displacement Crisis in Niger's Diffa Region
[IRIN]Nigerian Islamist Boko Haram militias have driven nearly 90,000 people into neighbouring Niger's impoverished Diffa Region this year, sparking food security and protection worries.

2014-12-12 Second Group of Niger Nationals Arrives in Reception Centre of Tamanrasset
[Algerie Presse Service]Tamanrasset -A second group of Niger nationals arrived late Thursday afternoon in the reception center in Tamanrasset, pending their repatriation.

2014-12-10 Niger Nationals Transported to in-Guezzam for Repatriation
[Algerie Presse Service]Tamanrasset -The first contingent of Niger nationals was transported Tuesday from the reception center in Tamanrasset to the border town of In-Guezzam for their repatriation.

2014-12-10 Nigerian Consul General Receives Exequatur
[Cameroon Tribune]The atmosphere was solemn and the decor at the premises of the South West Governor's office in Buea spoke volumes of the significance of the ceremony to officially hand over the exequatur signed by President Paul Biya to the new Nigerian Consul General for the South West and North West Regions resident in Buea. His Excellency Dan Wari Wazi received the document on December 5, 2014, from Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai.

2014-12-08 First Contingent of Niger Nationals Arrives At Reception Center in Tamanrasset
[Algerie Presse Service]Tamanrasset -The first contingent of 318 Niger nationals arrived Saturday from Algiers at the reception center in Tamanrasset in order to be repatriated.

2014-12-03 Cash Transfers - Good for People, Bad for the Community?
[IRIN]Dakar -Some 24 million people around the world now receive money instead of food or goods from humanitarian and development agencies. But the glowing reputation of the mushrooming cash-transfer sector is being undermined by recent ethnographic research about the unintended consequences of cash on community social relations and the inability of standard evaluations to capture the full picture.

2014-12-01 Niger Nationals - All Measures Taken for Smooth Repatriation
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -All necessary measures have been taken for the repatriation, in respect of human dignity, of nationals from Niger who entered Algeria illegally, the chairwoman of the Algerian Red Crescent (ARC), Saida Benhabiles, said Monday.

2014-11-27 Algeria to Support Vocational Training in Niger
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Algeria committed Wednesday to supporting vocational education and training in Niger with after both countries inked a cooperation agreement between the two countries.

2014-11-27 Niger Interested in Algeria's Experience in Vocational Training
[Algerie Presse Service]Algiers -Niger's Minister of Vocational and Technical Education Chaibou Dan Inna said Monday in Algiers he was "impressed" by Algeria's experience in the field of vocational training.

2014-11-25 Five Lake Chad Region Nations Meet Over Boko Haram
[Guardian]Abuja -THE fourth meeting of military and security chiefs from the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) and Benin Republic began in Nigeria capital's Abuja with Nigeria's Minister of Defence, Lt Gen Aliyu Gusau Mohammed urging member nation to forge closer collaboration towards curbing the violence of the Boko Haram insurgents.

2014-11-25 Nigeria, Neighbours Need More Co-Operation to Defeat Terrorism - Jonathan
[Leadership]President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday in N'Djamena, the Chadian Capital, reiterated the need for Nigeria and its neighbours to intensify joint actions and cooperation to defeat terrorism and insurgency.

2014-11-24 Measures for Niger Nationals' Repatriation from Algeria
[Algerie Presse Service]Several measures will be taken for the "gradual repatriation of Niger's nationals who illegally entered Algeria," said Saturday Chairwoman of the Algerian Red Crescent (CRA), Saida Benhabiles.

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