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2014-09-11 Will You Be Chief? How Niger's Traditional Leaders Are Promoting Maternal Health
[IPS]Bande -It is a long, 14-hour drive from Niger's capital city Niamey to the village of Bande. And the ride is a dreary one as the roadside is bare. The occasional, lone goat herder is spotted every few kilometres and the sightings become a cause of both confusion and excitement since there aren't any trees, or watering holes in sight.

2014-09-06 Sudanese Gold Prospectors Evacuated From Niger to Chad
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -Large numbers of Sudanese gold prospectors have been evacuated from Niger to the Chadian city of Abeche before being transferred to the West Darfur state capital, Al-Geneina.

2014-09-03 More Than 10,000 People Flee Fresh Attacks
[UNHCR]Yaoundé -The UN refugee agency on Tuesday reported that more than 10,000 people have fled fresh attacks by insurgent groups in north-east Nigeria and sought refuge in Niger and Cameroon, with some sleeping in schools and churches and children suffering from poor health.

2014-08-22 Modern Day Slavery Still Rampant in Niger
[Deutsche Welle]For 20 years, Tamazrat Ousame had to clean, cook and even bear children for her masters. One day she managed to escape, but hundreds of others are still enslaved in Niger.

2014-08-22 ESS Paid His Debt and Intends to Prosecute Maazou and Victoria
[Africa Top Sports]In negotiation with Maritimo (Portugal) Moussa Maazou is always the main issue for Tunisia news. He left Tunisia in 2013. The striker of Niger left some liabilities during his staying with theEtoile Sportif of Sahel which tries to wind up the club of Sousse.

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