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2016-11-24 US Drone War Expands to Niger
[Deutsche Welle] An American drone base has taken up operations near the city of Agadez in Niger. It is considered strategically important in the fight against Islamists in western and northern Africa.

2016-11-09 Sharp Increase in Malaria Cases in Recent Months
[MSF] In Niger, after a significant decline in malaria cases over the last three years, there has been an alarming resurgence of the disease. This has called into question prevention efforts implemented since the last malaria peak in 2012. "The number of admissions this year has been exceptional, even compared to 2012," says Hamsatou Seydou Abdou, an MSF nurse at the inpatient therapeutic feeding centre (ITFC) at Madaoua hospital. In Madaoua health district, Tahoua, the medical authorities recorded 6,695 malaria

2016-11-08 Angola Leads Oil Production in Africa
[ANGOP] Luanda -With its 1.7 million barrels of crude oil a day, well above Nigeria's 1.5 million, Angola stood in September this year, for seven running months, at the head of the African oil producing countries.

2016-11-02 The ITP Initiative Expects to Improve the Performance of Global Fund Grants in Niger
[GFO] As a result of Niger's participation in the ITP, the country is now expect increased absorption rates of some grants. The country is one of those participating in the Global Fund's Implementation Through Partnership (ITP) initiative on which a separate article in this issue here, provides a further description.

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