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2015-02-28 Singer Convicted of Plot to Kill President
[Deutsche Welle]A court has sentenced popular singer and composer Kizito Mihigo to ten years for conspiring against the government, including plans to assassinate President Paul Kagame. Mihigo has pleaded guilty to the charges.

2015-02-27 Speech By Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier At the Goethe-Institut Conference, Dialogue and the Experience of the Other, On 23 February 2015 in Berlin
[PR Newswire]Berlin -Professor Lehmann,

2015-02-27 No Honeymoon for New Mayors
[New Times]Wednesday was a busy day for five districts that have been running with leadership void following resignations of their mayors and in some, vice mayors.

2015-02-26 Agriculture Can Deliver Development Goals
[New Times]Traditionally, commercial banks have shunned financing agricultural projects due to perceived high risks associated with rain-fed farming, where harvests depend entirely on weather conditions.

2015-02-27 Shaping Rwanda Amid National Leadership Retreat
[News of Rwanda]President Paul Kagame's government will temporarily shutdown for two days, starting from 28th February to 2nd March.

2015-02-27 Pepiniere Defeat Nyagatare, Turn Focus On Heroes FC
[New Times]After defeating Nyagatare 1-0 on Wednesday, Pépinière FC have shifted focus on their next second division league match against Heroes FC on Sunday at Ndera grounds.

2015-02-27 Beware of Propaganda Against the Chinese
[New Times]We should not allow publication of propaganda against China in our national and leading newspaper: this is called willing alienation. The west's war with China, and Russia-which the former are losing-should not be fought on our grounds.

2015-02-27 Government Moves to Curb Agriculture Losses
[New Times]Rwanda loses $65 million annually on average in crop production-related risks, according to a new agricultural sector risk assessment report released by World Bank on Wednesday.

2015-02-27 RDF Peacekeepers Lauded for Service in South Sudan
[New Times]The last batch of 142 Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) peacekeepers serving under the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) arrived in the country yesterday, after completing their one-year tour of duty.

2015-02-27 Police Impound Drugs, Illicit Alcohol
[New Times]Police have impounded 662 litres of illicit brew and over 10 kilogrammes of cannabis in targeted operations countrywide. The operations, that aim to rid the country of the harmful products, were conducted in Nyagatare, Ruhango, Nyaruguru, Ngoma, Kicukiro and Kayonza districts on Wednesday.

2015-02-27 We Must Develop the Reading Culture to Remain Relevant
[New Times]Once upon a time, it was fashionable for parents to teach their children how to read. The biggest hurdle to establishing a culture of reading in Africa is neither access nor infrastructure.

2015-02-27 Bars Turn Into Drinking Haven for Minors As Owners Turn a Blind Eye
[New Times]Alcohol is strictly not for sale to persons under 18. All alcoholic drinks come with this warning.

2015-02-27 Her Style - Charly On Her Addiction for Trendy Fashion
[New Times]Charlotte Rulinda, also known as Charly, is a musician with the girl band Nina and Charly. During their energetic performances around Kigali and upcountry, Nina and Charly are known for their unique dressing. Society Magazine's Doreen Umutesi caught up with Charly to find out the origin of their classy outfits.

2015-02-27 Rwandan Artifacts Can Boost Tourism
[New Times]Refer to Joseph Rwagatare's article, "A plea for conservation of culture" (The New Times, February 24).

2015-02-27 Commercial Cyclists Urged to Fight Drug Abuse
[New Times]Commercial cyclists must desist from abusing drugs in order to safeguard the integrity of their businesses and provide good services to the public.

2015-02-27 Monusco Will Never Dislodge FDLR
[New Times]It would be an excellent idea for the EASF to relieve Monusco of the task of eradicating FDLR, ADF and other foreign terror groups from eastern DR Congo. However, the 1.5-billion dollar question is whether the UN and its Monusco and Monusco-FIB are willing to get out of the way despite their clear failure and unwillingness to fulfill their mandate from the UNSC.

2015-02-27 FERWAFA Seeks Women Football Technical Director
[New Times]Rwanda Football Association (Ferwafa) is keen on appointing a technical director in charge of women's football at grassroots, clubs and national team levels.

2015-02-27 Teachers Urged to Complement Wage With Business
[New Times]Teachers have been urged to embrace small businesses to complement their salaries.

2015-02-27 Man Arrested Over Beheading Own Sister
[New Times]Police in Gisagara District have arrested a man allegedly killing his sister. Emmanuel Nzikoruriho, a resident of Gishubi Sector in Gisagara District, is suspected to have killed Florence Uwihoreye, 33, last weekend.

2015-02-27 Kigali to Construct Over 7,000 Low-Cost Homes
[New Times]The Minister for Infrastructure, James Musoni, yesterday launched the construction of 7,480 housing units in the City of Kigali and urged private entrepreneurs to pick interest in building the modern homes that Rwandans in both Kigali and secondary cities across the country need.

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