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2014-04-24 Region Moves Closer to Forming Standby Force
[New Times]A regional body consisting of ten countries has reiterated that a standby force will be ready by December this year to tackle threats of terrorism facing the region.

2014-04-24 Local Govt Leaders Discuss Security Issues
[New Times]Local leaders have resolved to step up vigilance following recent arrests of some grassroots leaders in Musanze District over alleged links to the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) militia, based in eastern DR Congo.

2014-04-24 Over 10,000 Tutsi Perished in Lake Muhazi During the Genocide
[New Times]At least 10,000 Tutsi, who were fleeing from the Interahamwe militia perished in Lake Muhazi, Genocide survivors in Rwamagana District say. The survivors made the revelation on Tuesday, during the Genocide commemoration event held on the shores of Lake Muhazi, Muhazi Sector.

2014-04-24 Development Is About Human Dignity - Kagame
[New Times]Development is not just about human rights but also human dignity, President Paul Kagame has said. He was yesterday addressing students and faculty members at Brandeis University, Boston on Rwanda's journey of recovery in the last twenty years.

2014-04-24 Traders Face Penalty Over E-Billing Machines
[New Times]Rwanda Revenue Authority has started penalising Value Added Tax (VAT) registered businesses that have not yet acquired electronic billing machines (EBMs), Richard Tusabe, the RRA Commissioner General, has said.

2014-04-24 Commodity Prices Up Across the Country
[New Times]Households will have to dig deeper into their pockets to buy some foodstuffs and other commodities following an increase in prices of most items in the greater Kigali area and other places across the country.

2014-04-24 Africa Has Inescapable Duty to Fix Itself - Kagame
[New Times]The African continent has an inescapable duty to find home-based solutions to the challenges it faces, President Paul Kagame has said.

2014-04-24 Giheta and Ruseke - Two Villages, Different Tales, Common Destiny
[New Times]Giheta and Ruseke villages sit on two adjacent hills. The two villages are just a stone throw away from each other at the border between Musambira and Nyarubaka sectors of Kamonyi District.

2014-04-24 Rwandans Call for Intervention in South Sudan As Unrest Continues
[New Times]Rwandans on various social media platforms yesterday joined in the campaign calling on world leaders to intervene in the crisis in South Sudan.

2014-04-24 Institutions Look to Professionalise Accountancy
[New Times]Business and managerial institutions in Rwanda are looking forward to professionalising Accountancy through subscribing to the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda (ICPAR).

2014-04-24 Curbing White-Collar Corruption Is What We Need
[New Times]ONLY A handful of critics will argue against Rwanda's current steady drive to eliminate corruption from all aspects of society. Indeed, Rwanda is often seen as one of a few countries in Africa to have successfully implemented a framework to combat the vice, an effort that has led to the country posting negligible levels of corruption year in year out.

2014-04-24 Climate Change Mitigation - Let's Stay the Course
[New Times]Rwanda like, just like other countries around the world, is faced with the threat of climate change. Every year heavy rains claim people's lives, and destroy crops, homes and infrastructure. Experts have warned that disasters across the world are likely to increase over the coming years as a result of global warming.

2014-04-24 Life Skills - Do We Really Need Them?
[New Times]Life has never been short of material to add to what we already have. At different levels one tends to adopt new skills to elevate them to the next level of challenge.

2014-04-24 Koonce Trains in Botswana Ahead of Youth Games
[New Times]RWANDA'S SOLE golf representative at this year's African Youth Games, Aaron Taylor Koonce has completed a vigorous three-day training tour of Botswana ahead of the event set for May 22-31.

2014-04-24 Meet Numukobwa, the Best Engineering Student
[New Times]Last month, over 500 students were awarded diplomas in various disciplines after successfully completing their studies at Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre Kigali. Among them was Ange Divine Numukobwa, 24, who was recognised as the best female student.

2014-04-24 Junior Hoops Teams in Warm-Up Games
[New Times]RWANDA JUNIOR basketball national teams (boys and girls) are set to play warm-up matches today against Congolese side Promo Jeune Basketball at Amahoro indoor stadium court.

2014-04-24 New ICT Initiative to Boost Service Delivery and Close Information Gap
[New Times]The linkage between government and business community could be strengthened following the signing of an agreement between the government and Ngali Holdings, a local ICT firm, to create an integrated public service platform, 'RwandaOnline'.

2014-04-24 MTN Kigali Peace Marathon Registration Underway
[New Times]REGISTRATION FOR the 10th edition of the MTN Kigali International Peace marathon has kicked off at all MTN Service Centres countrywide and Rwanda Athletics Federation (RAF) offices at Amahoro Stadium.

2014-04-24 Rwanda Artists Urged to Preserve Heritage Through Art
[New Times]A rugged road leads you to an idyllic farm where Epa Binamungu established his Inganzo Arts Gallery, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2014-04-24 African Volleyball - Sibomana Says APR Lost to 'Better Teams'
[New Times]RWANDA'S REPRESENTATIVE in the ongoing African Women Volleyball Club Championships, APR lost all their group matches to exit the tournament in the first week.

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