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2016-05-02 Mentorship, Reading and Documentation Crucial in Fighting Genocide Ideology, Says Joseph Nkurunziza
[New Times] Since April 7, Rwandans and friends of Rwanda all over the world and in the country have embarked on activities to mark the 22nd commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi. This year's commemoration activities were organised under the theme 'Fighting Genocide Ideology.' Throughout the commemoration activities, it has been stressed that the ideology should be uprooted and the youth protected to ensure a better future generation. It is in this context that The New Times' Julius Bizimungu spoke to Dr Jos

2016-05-02 2016/17 Budget to Increase By U.S.$180 Million
[New Times] Finance and Economic Planning minister Claver Gatete, yesterday, submitted to Parliament the 2016/17 Budget Framework Paper, with the estimates seeking to increase the National Budget up to Rwf1,949.4 billion.

2016-05-02 TVET Students, Graduates Propose New Ways to Deploy Acquired Skills
[New Times] Students and graduates of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions have called for more support in form of start-up capital, among others, to enable their projects take off.

2016-05-02 How the Academia Played a Critical Role in the Promotion of Genocide Ideology
[New Times] Lectures, students and University employees were some of the major actors in propagating genocide ideology at the University of Rwanda (Huye Campus) in 1994, according to the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the fight Against Genocide (CNLG), Jean-Damascene Bizimana.

2016-05-02 Of Cholera, Rabies and Malaria - an Air Ticket to Hell?
[New Times] Is this an air ticket to hell? I wondered. Let me get back to that affair in a minute; first, a recap of this week's top headlines.

2016-05-02 It Is Not Just the Elephants That Are Dying - Jobs Too
[New Times] Yesterday, Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta set ablaze 105 tonnes of ivory at the Nairobi National Park. We are talking about 16000 pieces of ivory from about 8000 elephants. This is not the first time that Kenya is getting rid of a stockpile of ivory; it has been done before starting in 1989 by President Daniel Arap Moi and later by Mzee Mwai Kibaki.

2016-05-02 Can Whistle-Blowing Keep Corruption At Bay?
[New Times] For successive years, Rwanda has been ranked as the least corrupt country in the EAC bloc and fourth as the least corrupt country in Africa.

2016-05-02 Rwanda, South Africa Missions to Resume Operations
[East African] Rwanda and South Africa are finally working on resuming full operations at their respective missions but there are few signs of progress, as Kigali remains reluctant to send diplomats to Pretoria.

2016-05-02 EALA Pinned On Inadequate Sensitization of Integration
[Focus] Some Rwandan citizens have expressed concern over the lack of adequate information and sensitization of the benefit of East African integration. Some of the citizens we have been able to talk to insist they don't understand well the Common Market. They have thus decided to call upon the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) and the ministry of East African Community (MINEAC), to educate them more on the development.

2016-05-02 Avega in Need of Support to Build Hospices for Elderly Widows
[Focus] As the 22 commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsis goes on, the Association of Genocide widows (Avega-Agahozo) is creating awareness on giving special treatment and care to widows living on their own known as 'Incike.' These are old women without family members to look after them yet they no longer have the strength to take care of their basic needs, or even do small household chores like cooking and laundry.

2016-05-02 Student-Survivors Request for Aid to Pursue Master's Degree
[Focus] While the education program of the Genocide Survivors' Assistance Fund (FARG) is supposed to come to a close in 2019, the association of university-graduate survivors (GARG) is appealing to the government to help them access master's degrees.

2016-05-02 Don't Listen to Propagandists, Rwandans Told
[Times of Zambia] The Rwandan High Commission in Zambia has observed that there is a small group of its nationals locally who are discouraging former refugees from obtaining passports.

2016-05-02 Digitally Archiving Testimonies of Genocide Survivors for Generations
[East African] More than 20 years have passed since the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis but preserving the memory remains crucial to not only educate the younger and future generations but also build a cohesive society and prevent similar tragedy.

2016-05-02 Rwanda Plans Two New Savings Schemes for Pensioners
[East African] The Rwanda government is planning two new pension-like saving schemes by July to cover both the employed and the unemployed.

2016-05-02 Buildings All Over Kigali but Not Enough Fire Fighting Equipment, Awareness
[East African] Even as Kigali and satellite districts register a rise in commercial buildings and modern homes, thanks to a construction boom borne of a strengthening private sector and increased foreign direct investments, compliance with fire safety measures remains low.

2016-05-02 In Citizen Forums, Residents See Avenue to Raise Governance Concerns
[New Times] Beaming with pride, Epimaque Munyerangwe narrates how he is relieved after voicing his concerns at a citizens forum.

2016-05-02 Crystal Telecom Shareholders Earn Dividends for Second Time
[New Times] Crystal Telecom is paying dividends of Rwf2.2 billion to its shareholders.

2016-05-02 Use Opportunities Your District Has to Develop - Kagame
[Focus] President Paul Kagame has told Kayonza district residents to utilize opportunities their district has, such as roads which connects them with neighboring countries like Uganda and Tanzania to develop. The Head of State made the remarks on Saturday when he and the First Lady Jeannette Kagame plus other government officials joined residents of Mukarange sector in Bwiza cell in Umuganda. The monthly community based work (Umuganda), consisted construction work of roads and trenches in the way of implementing t

2016-05-02 Rwanda Says No to Hate Media on World Press Freedom Day
[Focus] The Rwanda Governance Board, UNDP, The Association of Journalists (ARJ), Media High Council, Rwanda Media Commission (RMC) and other media development partners will host a one day regional dialogue titled 'Turning the Page on Hate Media in Africa' on May 6, 2016 at the Serena Hotel, Kigali. The event is intended to mark World Press Freedom Day which will be celebrated by the media fraternity in Rwanda and worldwide on May 3, 2016.

2016-05-02 Small Scale Enterprises to Benefit From I&M Bank
[Focus] Over 30 Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) have concluded a three day financial literacy training provided by I&M Bank in partnership with European Investment Bank (EIB). The sixth annual training workshop focusing on business plans for SMES was held under the project 'Technical Assistance Programme to various EIB financial sector operations in East and Central Africa'.

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