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2016-10-21 Moroccan King Pays Tribute to Genocide Victims
[New Times] King Mohammed VI of Morocco, yesterday, visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre in Gisozi where he paid tribute to the victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

2016-10-21 The Burger That Got Away
[New Times] As I walked into the Camellia outlet based in Peace Plaza located on Avenue De La Paix, Nyarugenge-Kigali,I thought to myself, "Here is a good looking tea/coffee house". That was the full extent of my happiness.

2016-10-21 Rwanda-Morocco Deals a Great Boost to South-South Cooperation
[New Times] Moroccan King Mohammed VI's historic visit to Rwanda this week has been significant in many ways. Not only has he become the first monarch of Morocco to visit Rwanda but his state visit saw the signing of a whopping 23 bilateral agreements between the two countries covering a wide-range of critical issues.

2016-10-21 Quality Education - Whose Quality Anyway? (Part II)
[New Times] This is a follow-up on last week's article that appeared in this paper focusing on the quality of education in Rwanda. The question was; whose quality and who is responsible for providing the quality of education that we want?

2016-10-21 Nyabiheke Refugees Get Smartcards to Ease Shopping
[New Times] The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDMAR) on Wednesday launched the use of smartcards that will facilitate refugees at Nyabiheke camp to access food rations.

2016-10-21 Social Media - Must You Change Your Name?
[New Times] Social media has completely changed the way we interact. Every day, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and a host of other social networking sites allow millions of people across the globe to freely advertise themselves and their personalities to millions of other users. Call it mass interpersonal persuasion.

2016-10-21 Nyirarukundo Attributes Dar Marathon Triumph to Hard Work
[New Times] Salome Nyirarukundo, the first Rwandan athlete to win a regional gold medal for two consecutive years, has attributed her success to sacrifices, hard work, and dedication.

2016-10-21 PWDs in New Push to Ease Access to Healthcare Services
[New Times] A local umbrella organisation of persons with disabilities in the fight against HIV/AIDS and for health promotion (UPHLS) has called for concerted efforts to meet specific needs of each type of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in formulating guidelines, policies and legislation on HIV and general health promotion.

2016-10-21 Why We Need Concerted Efforts in Combating Climate Change
[New Times] Climate change and increasing energy demands are major global challenges at the top of the international agenda.

2016-10-21 Govt Vows to Ensure Sustainable Food Security
[New Times] Rwanda, yesterday, joined the rest of the world in marking the World Food Day. The occasion came at a time the Government was stepping up efforts to mitigate impacts of climate change, an official said.

2016-10-21 National Bank Says Crane Bank Woes in Uganda Will Not Affect Local Subsidiary
[New Times] The takeover of the management of Crane Bank Uganda by Uganda's central bank will not have an immediate effect on its local subsidiary, National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) governor John Rwangombwa has said.

2016-10-21 As Kigali, Marines Face Off in Azam Premier League
[New Times] AS Kigali are determined to register their first points when they host Marines in the Azam Rwanda Premier league this afternoon at Kigali Regional Stadium.

2016-10-21 Moroccan King Pays Tribute to Victims of Genocide
[Focus] Moroccan King Mohammed VI, who is in Rwanda on a State Visit, on Thursday visited the Kigali genocide memorial and paid tribute to victims of the genocide against the Tutsis.

2016-10-21 Gisagara Police Arrests Two for Theft of Laptops
[Focus] Police in Gisagara has recovered 10 laptops that were stolen from Kansi Secondary School last weekend. Two people, a senior five student from the school identified as Ignace N., 24, and a security guard called Marc N., 35, have been taken into custody in connection with the theft.

2016-10-21 Community Helps Tackle Cattle Theft in Eastern Province
[Focus] The police have commended the increased involvement of communities in policing and intensified night patrols to tackle cattle theft, which is on the significant decline.

2016-10-21 Minagri and OCP Group Sign Agreement for Fertilizer Production
[Focus] The ministry of agriculture and animal resources and the Moroccan OCP Group, the largest phosphate producer in the world and a leading global fertilizer player, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on an industrial investment in blending units in Rwanda for the production of fertilizers adapted to the local soil and crop needs.

2016-10-21 Police Promotes Road Safety in Schools
[Focus] Police officers in charge of traffic on Wednesday visited GS Inyange Byumba in Gicumbi and Heritage Parents Academy in Gatsibo to promote road safety awareness.

2016-10-21 Rwanda Proudly Ratifies the Paris Agreement On Climate Change
[Rwanda Govt] Rwanda has joined more than 80 nations to ratify the Paris Agreement on Climate Change - a historic international treaty that aims to limit global temperature increases to 2 degrees Celsius with an ambition to keep increases below 1.5 degrees. As one of the most vulnerable nations to the impacts of a warming planet, Rwanda is committed to both mitigating further growth in greenhouse gases emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change. The Paris Agreement will provide the much-needed international

2016-10-21 Turkish Envoy Pays Courtesy Call On Makuza
[New Times] The Turkish ambassador to Rwanda has paid courtesy call on Senate president Bernard Makuza, pledging to work towards propelling further the good relations the two countries already enjoy.

2016-10-21 Junior Tennis Team Set for ITF/CAT Junior Circuit
[New Times] The National Junior Tennis team start training tomorrow ahead of this year's ITF/ CAT 18 & under East African Junior Circuits slated for November 21 - December 10 at Nairobi tennis club, Kenya.

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