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2014-04-17 Media Dialogue On Hate Speech in Africa
[Ethical Journalism Network]The following speech was given by Aidan White, EJN Director, during the Media dialogue on hate speech in Africa conference in Kigali on April 17th 2014:

2014-04-18 President Assures Rwanda of Support
[Uganda Media Centre]President Yoweri Museveni has assured the people of Rwanda that they can always count on the people of Uganda in their struggle to ensure that the defeated traitors will never come back to kill Rwandans.

2014-04-18 President Arrives in Kigali to Attend Genocide Commemoration
[Uganda Media Centre]President Yoweri Museveni is in the Rwandan Capital of Kigali to attend the 20th anniversary of the commemoration of 1994 genocide. The commemoration is slated to take place tomorrow.

2014-04-18 EABC Roots for Uniform Laws On Movement of Skilled Labour in Region
[New Times]East African Community (EAC) member states should adapt a common policy on recognition of professionals to facilitate the movement of labour and reduce the cost of doing trade in the region, the East African Business Council (EABC) has said.

2014-04-18 Media Summit to Launch Campaign Against Hate Speech
[New Times]A two-day media forum today opened in Kigali with over 150 media leaders and top journalists from around the continent in attendance.

2014-04-18 Bella's Suspected Killer Appears in Court Today
[New Times]The man suspected to have murdered a 12-year-old girl, Shalom Isimbi Uwase, fondly referred to as Bella in Nyamirambo, last month, is due to appear before Nyarugenge Intermediate Court for mention.

2014-04-18 Former Telexfree Members Threaten Legal Action
[New Times]A group of Rwandans who had invested in the former Telex-Free Rwanda Ltd are considering legal action against the company in a bid to recover their money, The New Times has learnt.

2014-04-18 'Rwanda 94', a Documentary That Puts Belgium, France At the Scene of Genocide
[New Times]AS part of the commemoration activities, a documentary film about the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, Rwanda 94 was recently premiered at Rwanda Revenue Authority auditorium in Kigali.

2014-04-18 New Project to Ease Access to Affordable Loans
[New Times]Funding sources for micro-finance institutions (MFIs) and SACCOs could increase following the launch of a new project that seeks to ease access to micro-loans from funders abroad, according to project implementers.

2014-04-18 Media Fraternity Honours Slain Comrades
[New Times]The Rwanda media fraternity on Wednesday commemorated more that 50 journalists killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. During the event in Kigali, names of fallen journalists were read out and their photos displayed.

2014-04-18 Districts On Track to Meet Fiscal Year Targets, MPs Say After Field Visits
[New Times]Members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Budget and Patrimony have welcomed the current performance of districts in project implementation in the current fiscal year, two months before it ends - in June.

2014-04-18 Prosecution Seeks Life Jail Term for Bella's Accused Killer
[New Times]Sylvestre Hora, the man charged with the murder, last month, of 12-year-old Shalom 'Bella' Uwase in Nyamirambo, Kigali, should spend the rest of his life behind bars, prosecution has prayed.

2014-04-18 African Media Experts Seek End to Hate Speech
[New Times]The power of words channelled through the media was once again emphasised at a two-day media forum on hate speech that kicked off in Kigali yesterday.

2014-04-18 Govt Eyes Drugs Manufacturing Plants to Cut Costs
[New Times]The government is trying to woo foreign investors into setting up local drugs manufacturing plants to help cut on the cost of importing drugs.

2014-04-18 Kizito's Case Is for the Courts
[New Times]The indictment this week of popular musician, Kizito Mihigo, and four others, seems to have elucidated all kinds sentiments; from the outright dismissal of the charges against him, to expressions of shock and dismay.

2014-04-18 My Designs Say a Lot About My Personality - Mbabazi
[New Times]24-year-old Christine Mbabazi is the presenter of the Overdrive Show on Radio 10. But that's just one of the things she does; Mbabazi is also a fashion designer and owns a boutique called Christine's Creative Collections (CCC) located in Remera. The merry Mbabazi talks to Society Magazine's Doreen Umutesi about her sense of fashion.

2014-04-18 Clergy Urge Love, Forgiveness As Christians Mark Good Friday
[New Times]Members of the clergy yesterday called for love and forgiveness ahead of Good Friday and Easter celebrations.

2014-04-18 Wasted Effort
[New Times]There is always that one lecturer who just doesn't want students to pass his paper. He would rather be thrown off a bridge than set a paper that is somewhat easy. It doesn't even have to be easy; but fair for at least half the class to get a pass.

2014-04-18 Nzamurambaho Dared Genocidal Govt On Sectarianism, Paid With His Life
[New Times]At the start of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, many dissenting politicians were killed over their opposition to the genodical plan hatched by the government of Juvenal Habyarimana.

2014-04-18 APR Edge Determined Muhanga in Shootouts
[New Times]JEAN CLAUDE NDOLI made two saves in the penalty shoot-out as seven-time champions APR completed a dramatic 10-9 win over AS Muhanga on spot-kicks in the Peace Cup 1/8th round at Kigali Regional stadium after a goalless draw in regular time

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