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2014-10-23 How I Could Have Brought Ebola to Washington
[allAfrica]New York -In September, I spent time with an American woman who had recently been in Lofa County, Liberia, an Ebola hot spot bordering the village in Guinea where the first case was identified. We were nowhere near west Africa; we were both attending an international conference with participants from around the world.

2014-10-23 MPs Move to Have BBC Transmission Suspended
[New Times]Lawmakers have called on government to suspend British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) transmission in the country over a recent documentary, Rwanda's Untold Story, which MPs said is part of a grand plan to deny the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

2014-10-23 Ministry of Health Reverses Itself On Ebola Screening for U.S., Spain
[New Times]Travellers arriving from the United States and Spain will no longer have special Ebola-screening measures imposed on them. The Minister of Health, Dr Agnes Binagwaho, announced this yesterday night on her Twitter handle.

2014-10-23 Airtel Doubles Commission for Agents
[New Times]Airtel has launched a promo where airtel money agents will get double commission for any transactions made.

2014-10-23 Forum On Higher Education Opens in Kigali Today
[New Times]The third East African Community (EAC) Academia-Public-Private-Sector Forum aimed at discussing ways of improving education in higher learning institutions opens today in Kigali.

2014-10-23 Izabiriza Dreams to Paint His Way to Success
[New Times]At 22 years of age, Moses Izabiriza has already decided what he wants to be the rest of his life: to become a professional painter. He says that he is driven by deep passion for arts to ensure that he succeeds in the industry.

2014-10-23 Youth Demand Govt Withdraws BBC Licence
[New Times]Thousands of youth yesterday staged a protest to demonstrate their disapproval of a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary they say is an attempt to revise the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, demanding that government cancels the public broadcaster's operation licence in the country.

2014-10-23 Raise Awareness About Ebola
[New Times]Tele-Evangelist Pat Robertson recently made a terrible gaffe when, on his TV programme on CBN, said that travellers to Kenya risked contracting HIV/Aids from hotel towels. It raised such a storm that CBN pulled it down and apologised.

2014-10-23 Hotshots Updates - Uganda's Beauty Queen Sad About Being Single
[New Times]The reigning Miss Ugandan Ellah celebrated her twenty fourth birthday in the Big Brother house and, she screamed and leaped in the air when biggie gave her a cake to celebrate her birthday. Her fellow Hotshots were excited and celebrated with her.

2014-10-23 Planning Crucial in Tackling Devt Challenges - Experts
[New Times]Planning is a crucial aspect for a country to effectively tackle its development challenges.

2014-10-23 ICT Key to Sustainable Devt Goals - Nsengimana
[New Times]Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) should be at the centre of the Sustainable Development Goals, beyond 2015, the Minister for Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana said.

2014-10-23 Irish Potato Farmers Count Losses As Prices Drop
[New Times]Irish potato farmers have decried the low farm-gate prices currently being offered by dealers. The farmers say a kilogramme of Irish potatoes is at between Rwf70 and Rwf100; barely a third of the price at which they bought seeds.

2014-10-23 Career - Carpentry, the Profession That Embraces Everyone
[New Times]We continue to see many children who call streets home. These children do not have any skill which they can use to earn a living and the little money they get through illegal activities such as stealing and prostitution is spent on drugs like marijuana and 'petrol' for sniffing which only increases their problems and also causes insecurity in the city.

2014-10-23 Making the Most of Report Cards
[New Times]Once again the end of the school term is upon us. Students, who finished their exams a few days back, will soon be returning home with the Report Card. To some students, of course, carrying their report card home is not a big deal - it is just what you do at the end of the school term. To others though, it is a dreaded document; the evidence of their failure and an opportunity for scolding by their parents.

2014-10-23 Rayon Sports Cruise to League Summit
[New Times]Rayon Sports yesterday went top of the National Football League table after humiliating Isonga 5-0 in a game that the Blues' fans won't be forgetting soon.

2014-10-23 Rwanda Is Committed to a Digital Future - Nsengimana
[New Times]Minister for Youth and ICT, Jean-Philbert Nsengimana, today reaffirmed the role of Rwanda' technological advance in addressing key society challenges.

2014-10-23 Money Not Enough to Stop Ebola - Mukishikiwabo
[New Times]Concerted international efforts and more effective multi-sectorial response to the Ebola outbreak, and not just funds, will help the world contain the deadly pandemic, Foreign Affairs minister Louise Mushikiwabo has said.

2014-10-23 Rwanda Welcomes New Trade Deal With Europe
[New Times]Rwanda has welcomed the successful conclusion of negotiations of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Europe and the East African Community (EAC) reached on October 14, 2014.

2014-10-23 Counterfeiting of Consumer Goods Becomes a Bigger Problem
[Focus]Flying under the radar, counterfeiting of basic consumer goods has become a serious problem. Police have mounted efforts to crack down on counterfeits in the country. But their efforts do not seem to have been enough as the problem keeps rearing its ugly head, again and again, abated by a judicial system that won't prosecute its worst offenders.

2014-10-23 The Life of a Female Taxi Driver
[New Times]The sight of a woman driving a taxi is something we don't see every day. The taxi business is male dominated given the tough conditions that come with the job like working long odd hours. And traditionally, society still frowns at a woman who works as a taxi driver.

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