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2016-02-07 French Role in Genocide Probed
[RFI] A French general has testified for the first time in a probe into the role of French forces during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, according to reports from people close to the case.

2016-02-08 New Yego Art Gallery Oozes Creativity and Splendour
[East African] The immense creativity displayed through the installation arts on the walls of the new Yego Gallery are sure to catch the eye of the discerning art enthusiast come the official opening on February 12.

2016-02-08 Shortage of Low-Cost Houses Is Still a Challenge to Growing Kigali
[East African] Despite Kigali's rapid urbanisation, the city still struggles to widen the housing supply gap for residents with the lowest income.

2016-02-08 Power Cable Thefts Hamper Rwanda's Electricity Drive
[East African] Rampant theft of electricity cables and other materials is undermining ongoing efforts to promote rural electrification as the government moves to connect more Rwandans to the national grid, Rwanda Today has learnt.

2016-02-08 Ritco to Fill Gaps Left Behind By Moribund Onatracom Buses
[East African] Travellers in areas shunned by profit-oriented private transport operators following the collapse of state-owned Onatracom could find relief in a new transport company expected to start operations in a year, the government says.

2016-02-08 Regional Integration of Securities Is Useful
[EA Business] Recently, the East African Securities Exchange Association (EASEA) met to once again highlight the need to fast-track integration of the capital markets.

2016-02-08 Agricultural Policies Hurting the Poorest of the Poor - Study
[RFI] Some 85 per cent of Rwandans work in the agriculture sector in some way. But a new study of smallholder farmers in western Rwanda says the country's agricultural policy has failed the poorest farmers, making them adapt to government policies, such as mono-cropping, or being forced to sell their land. RFI spoke tooan author of the piece, Dr Neil Dawson from the University of East Anglia, to find out how the Rwandan government's much-lauded agricultural policy hurts the poorest.

2016-02-08 Rwandan Film Maker a Hit in World Festivals
[East African] Kivu Ruhorahoza. Little known back home but gradually gaining recognition abroad, he is a skilled Rwandan film maker who is currently making waves in the international film circuit with his latest feature film Things of the Aimless Wanderer.

2016-02-08 City Parking Guidelines Need to Be Reviewed
[New Times] Drivers in the City of Kigali (CoK) have another headache to contend with. It's related to parking. They had become used to the parking attendants who prowl the streets sticking parking vouchers on windscreens but are nowhere to be seen to collect payment leading to unnecessary fines.

2016-02-08 Burundi Will Gain Nothing By Shifting Blame
[New Times] As Burundi sinks deeper into violent political turmoil, it is becoming more clear that lack of serious and sincere efforts to end the deadlock will only make things worse.

2016-02-08 DR Congo Are CHAN 2016 Champions!
[New Times] DR Congo are the Orange African Nations Championship (CHAN) 2016 winners, thanks to an emphatic 3-0 victory over Mali in an entertaining final on Sunday in a fully packed Amahoro National stadium in Kigali.

2016-02-08 Rwandans Should Continue to Demonstrate Political Maturity
[New Times] Today, more than six million Rwandans head to the polls to vote in grassroots elections that will last several weeks.

2016-02-08 CHAN Ended Without Incidents - Rwandan Police
[New Times] Rwanda National Police (RNP) has expressed its appreciation to all the participants in the just concluded 2016 African Nations Championship (CHAN) for their cooperation in ensuring that the tournament is held in a complete secure atmosphere.

2016-02-08 Rwanda's Used Car Importers Decry New Tax That Has Increased Sale Price
[East African] Rwanda Revenue Authority has started implementing a new tax methodology which is expected to increase the price of used cars.

2016-02-08 The Journalist Newsrooms Will Need in Next Five Years Was Last Century's Star
[East African] On January 28, the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Rwanda in collaboration with Fojo Media Institute of Sweden gathered some media, journalism and communication minds -- from practitioners to trainers from within and outside of Rwanda -- to discuss the future of journalism education in the country.

2016-02-08 DR Congo Are CHAN 2016 Champions
[New Times] A brace by Mechak Elia and another goal from Jonathan Bolingi was enough to crown the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) champions of the 2016 Orange African Nations Championship that has been taking place in Rwanda.

2016-02-08 Editorial - Reported Rampant Theft of Electricity Cables Is Costly and Unacceptable
[East African] The theft of electricity cables has reportedly cost Rwanda about Rwf1.5 billion between 2006 and 2015, authorities say.

2016-02-08 Every Citizen Should Have Opportunity to Own a Business - President Kagame
[Focus] President Paul Kagame has said that every citizen should have the opportunity to own a business.

2016-02-08 Fair Trade Hinges On Rules of Origin
[EA Business] Kigali -The Rules of Origin, which determine whether a product is produced within a particular trading partner, are pivotal to any preferential trade arrangement.

2016-02-08 It's Do or Die As Mali Face DR Congo in Chan Final
[New Times] The Democratic Republic of Congo and Mali will lock horns in a do or die encounter in the 2016 Africa Nations Championship (CHAN) title match on Sunday evening at Amahoro National Stadium in Kigali.

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