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2015-03-27 District Investment Groups Should Get Back to the Drawing Board
[New Times] This newspaper reported yesterday that the majority of district investment groups were struggling uphill. Many that had been launched amid pomp and splendor have not even gotten past the first corner; they are mere shells of their ambitious dreams.

2015-03-27 BBA Hotshots Jet in for Frankie Joe Concert
[New Times] Former Big Brother Africa Hot Shots Tayo (Nigeria) and Ellah (Uganda) flew in today afternoon for tomorrow's BBA Housemates Party, organized by Franke Joe Rukundo.

2015-03-27 Local Rappers in Reunion Launch
[New Times] Hip-hop group 101 Entertainment will launch a reunion perfomance at KGL Bar and Restaurant in Gisozi, today. 101 Entertainment is a local entertainment company for rappers including John Ruberanziza Nkera, aka J-Dub El Fazo and Allen Muhire, aka Don Nova.

2015-03-27 'Africa Lets Worship' Concert Returns to Kigali
[New Times] Gospel music fans have something to look forward to as the much awaited praise and worship gathering dubbed, Africa Lets Worship, (AFLEWO), returns to Kigali.

2015-03-27 Fashion is About Being Unpredictable - Karangwa
[New Times] Mike Karangwa is a presenter at Radio 10. He is also among the pioneers of Showbiz radio shows in the country. Karangwa describes himself as humble, friendly and cool. He shared with Society Magazine's Stephen Kalimba some of his fashion insights.

2015-03-27 New Theme Night at K-Club
[New Times] A new theme night will be launched this Saturday at K-Club in Nyarutarama. The monthly theme night dubbed, 'Prime Saturdays', which will be unveiled at the plush Nyarutarama-based club, will feature prominent DJs from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi, playing alongside their Rwandan counterparts.

2015-03-27 District Officials Move to Curb Gender-Based Violence
[New Times] Officials from all districts across the country, on Monday, began a one-week training workshop on how to curtail gender based violence in families. The training, taking place in Kigali, attracted officers in charge of gender equality and those under Maison d'Accès à la Justice, who provide legal services to the indigent. It was organised by the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion.

2015-03-27 New Milk Plant to Benefit 300 Households in Gicumbi
[New Times] More than 300 households in Gicumbi District will have permanent market for their milk after the construction of a modern milk collection centre in the district.

2015-03-27 Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child
[New Times] The founding father of modern India, Mahatma Gandhi, once said and I quote "If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children."

2015-03-27 Translate Political Will Into Tangible Results - Kagame
[New Times] President Paul Kagame, yesterday, opened a regional investment forum in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, saying East Africa was a good bet for investors.

2015-03-27 Street Kids - Are We Losing the Battle to Save Them?
[New Times] Wanfunguriye. Literally translated as give me something to eat in street children's jargon was the first word he murmured in a low voice. Dressed in a thread bear t-shirt that has lost its original colour, the barefoot child hovers around a supermarket targeting the evening rush-hour shoppers.

2015-03-27 Standards Agency Launches Web Portal to Ease Business Transactions
[New Times] Individuals and firms seeking services from the Rwanda Standards Board will no longer be required to make multiple trips to the agency's offices, following the launch of an information portal that allows the public to access the services online.

2015-03-27 Govt Moves to Transform One Laptop Programme
[New Times] The Ministry of Education (Mineduc) has announced plans to upgrade the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) programme to One Digital ID per child, in a bid to help learners easily access lessons, homework, report cards and personal files.

2015-03-27 Biziyaremye Fifth in Algeria Race
[New Times] Team Rwanda rider Joseph Biziyaremye finished fifth at stage 2 at the ongoing Tour International de Constantine in Algeria. The 27 year old sits in 10th position in the general classification and is the highest ranked Rwandan rider.

2015-03-27 Word Has It... - Senderi and Tuff Gangz At Loggerheads
[New Times] Afro beat musician Sendri International Hit is at loggerheads with hip-hop group Tuff Gangz over using the word "Tuff" in his line of work.

2015-03-27 BNR Keeps Repo at 6.5 Per Cent to Boost Borrowing
[New Times] The National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) has maintained its key repo rate at 6.5 per cent to encourage more lending to the private sector, while at the same time keeping inflation under control.

2015-03-27 1,600 Miners to Benefit From Capacity Building Programme
[New Times] Over 1,600 men and women working in Rwinkwavu mines in Kayonza District are expected to undergo training in modern mining processes.

2015-03-27 New Drive to Fight Malnutrition
[New Times] The Catholic Relief Service (CRS) has launched a campaign to fight malnutrition in the country. The drive will be conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health and various civil society organisations under an alliance, dubbed Scaling Up Nutrition (Sun).

2015-03-27 Foster Homes Vs Orphanages: What Is the Better Option?
[New Times] Orphanages are resourceful to any society

2015-03-27 Lab Results Confirm Food Poisoning As Dozens Are Hospitalised After Grad Party
[New Times] Medics in Ngoma District have linked the recent infections that affected dozens of people after consuming food at a hotel to salmonella bacteria.

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