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2014-10-01 Country To Make Its Debut on Big Brother Hotshots
[Big Brother Africa]M-Net and Endemol SA are pleased to announce that due to recent developments, Rwanda has now been re-instated as a participating country in Big Brother Hotshots.

2014-10-01 Safaricom to Reduce Roaming Costs Between Kenya and Rwanda From October 1
[CIO]Safaricom has today announced that it is set to lower the cost of calls and roaming rates between Kenya and Rwanda, with effect from the October 1, 2014.

2014-10-01 Sonarwa Holdings Co-Chairman Dead
[New Times]Insurance services provider, Sonarwa Holdings co-chairman, Remi Oluwude, has died.

2014-10-01 Mo Ibrahim Index Research Methodology Flawed - Shyaka
[New Times]The latest Mo Ibrahim Index on African Governance (IIAG) published on Monday ranked Rwanda 11th out of 52 countries, with an overall governance score of 60.4 per cent, four places better than last year's ranking.

2014-10-01 Help Farmers to Be Competitive Locally
[New Times]As the Ministry of Trade and Industry moves to promote agricultural exports, the same products can hardly even get space on the shelves of local supermarkets - despite farmers' efforts to produce more. That local farmers and dealers are struggling to get local supermarkets to buy their produce suggests there is something wrong. Could it be that more emphasis is put on the export market before even catering for the domestic market?

2014-10-01 Lack of Uniform Laws Impede Free Movement of Labour
[New Times]Bureaucracy and conflicting ministerial rules are still a major threat to free movement of professionals in the region as enshrined in the East African Community Common Market Protocol, a new survey has revealed.

2014-10-01 Anti-GBV, Child Abuse Drive Strike Positive Chords
[New Times]The countrywide awareness campaign against gender-based violence and child abuse ended yesterday with a call on Rwandans to unite against the vice.

2014-10-01 RSSB Mulls New Mechanism to Ease Access to Affordable Housing
[New Times]Rwanda Social Security Fund (RSSB) is considering introducing a new scheme dubbed 'Provident Fund' as part of efforts to ease access to affordable housing in the country.

2014-10-01 Focus On Export Trade, Says Minister Kanimba
[New Times]The Minister for Trade and Industry, Francois Kanimba, has urged local firms to maximise the available business opportunities and export their goods and services to regional markets.

2014-10-01 BNR Tips Industrialists
[New Times]Business people, especially industrialists, should study the country's monetary policy to understand better the market dynamics and contribute positively to the economy, Fran├žoise Kagoyire, the National Bank of Rwanda director for supervision, has said.

2014-10-01 Minister Urges Customer Care in Executing Imihigo
[New Times]The Minister for Local Government, Francis Kaboneka, urged leaders of the entities affiliated to the ministry to focus on citizens' satisfaction while executing their duties.

2014-10-01 Local Mediators Train in Solving Land Disputes
[New Times]Local mediators, leaders and members of the civil society in Musanze District are undergoing a three-day training in solving land disputes in their respective areas.

2014-10-01 Huye Rally Set for October 4
[New Times]THE THIRD ROUND of the National Rally Championship, Huye Rally 2014, is set for October 4-5 in Huye District, Southern Province.

2014-10-01 Central Bank Maintains Key Lending Rate At 6.5 Percent
[New Times]The central bank has maintained its key repo, the rate at which it lends to commercial banks, at 6.5 per cent for this quarter of the year.

2014-10-01 When Agaciro Invaded Atlanta
[Focus]The first thing I noticed about Rwanda Day - an event that took place in the US city of Atlanta on Saturday 20 this month - was the presence of so many ordinary Rwandans.

2014-10-01 Exploring Education in Correctional Facilities
[New Times]After pleading guilty of defilement in 2002, Ernst Kaitare, 33, was sentenced to 10 years at Nyarugenge Correctional facility. With tears running down his cheeks, Kaitare felt completely devastated and 'buried' all his dreams after the verdict was read to him. It seemed like his life had come to a stop. But regardless of what he thought or did at the moment, Kaitare had no option but to be led to his new home for the next 120 months.

2014-10-01 Rwanda Day - an Evening With Rwandan and U.S. Business People
[Focus]That in summary was what new Rwanda Development Board CEO Francis Gatare had to tell the hundreds of Rwandan and American business people gathered in the big auditorium at the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Atlanta, one of the biggest cities in the US south.

2014-10-01 Rwandan Court Maintains Life Sentences On Three Accused
[Cameroon Tribune]The decision concerns Mathieu Ngirumpatse, Édouard Karemera and Callixte Nzabonimana, who were accused of involvement in the 1994 Genocide.

2014-10-01 Medics Discuss Spinal Cord Injuries Management
[Focus]Medical professionals and officials from the ministry of health have started a two-day symposium on spinal cord injuries at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

2014-10-01 Rwandans to Benefit From EAC Court - Chief Justice
[Focus]Chief Justice Sam Rugege has said that Rwandans will benefit from the Eastern African Court of Justice (EACJ), which has as major responsibility to ensure the adherence to law in the interpretation and application of East African Community treaties.

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