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2014-11-27 Rwandan Appointed to Head UN Panel on Tech Bank for LDCS
[New Times]Former Minister for Education, Romain Murenzi, has been appointed as the chair of UN's High-level Panel to advise on the organisational and operational aspects of the proposed Technology Bank dedicated to the least developed countries (LDCs).

2014-11-27 What Is Ailing Gasabo District?
[New Times]Something is definitely not well in Gasabo District, one of the most important among the 30. The district has had its fair share of musical chairs among its leadership for the last decade, but this would not have stood out had it not been the host of more than half the population in Kigali.

2014-11-27 UN Reaffirms Call for FDLR's Neutralisation
[New Times]The United Nations Security Council, yesterday, reiterated their call for the neutralisation of the outlawed FDLR in line with the Council's earlier position on forceful disarmament of the group if they do not surrender by January 2.

2014-11-27 Rwanda Deploys More Choppers to South Sudan
[New Times]Rwanda Defence Forces yesterday deployed two more helicopters to South Sudan as part of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), bringing the number of the country's military whirlybirds in the world's youngest nation to eight.

2014-11-27 Hotshots Updates - Sipe Feuds With Goitse
[New Times]Sipe seems to be fed up with feuding with Goitse on small issues and, last night she decided to talk to her and get to the bottom of it.

2014-11-27 Gasabo District - a Day After Ndizeye's Resignation
[New Times]On Wednesday morning, a day after the resignation of Willy Ndizeye and his two deputies, the mood at the Gasabo District headquarters in Kacyiru was deceptive; it seemed to be business as usual but a crisis meeting had just concluded in which one particular question was asked, "what next?"

2014-11-27 Catholic Church Welcomes Hakizimana Appointment As New Gikongoro Bishop
[New Times]Rev. Célestin Hazikimana, the Secretary General of the Episcopal Conference of Rwanda, has been appointed bishop of Gikongoro diocese.

2014-11-27 Police, Ivorian Govt Seek to Bolster Bilateral Ties
[New Times]Eleven officials from the Ministry of Interior and Security, and Police Force in Ivory Coast visited Rwanda National Police (RNP) headquarters yesterday with a view to sharing lessons.

2014-11-27 RAB Initiatives to Check Fish Post-Harvest Losses
[New Times]Rwanda Agriculture Board (Rab) is setting up quality infrastructure for the cold chain system in Kigali Special Economic Zone as part of efforts to curb fish post-harvest losses.

2014-11-27 How Lack of Evidence Costs Genocide Orphans Property
[New Times]Lack of information still hinders recovery of property for more than 300 orphans of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, whose assets were illegally taken over by 'dishonest persons' after the slaughter.

2014-11-27 New Portal to Ease Access to Information On Land
[New Times]The public will no longer have to dig into documents and move from one place to another for information about land use following the launch of the National Land Use Portal.

2014-11-27 Beauty for Ashes to Launch 'Siriprize' Remix
[New Times]As the festive Christmas season sets in, gospel music will dominate Kigali's entertainment scene. On Sunday, Beauty for Ashes will hold a concert at the Nyarutarama based Christian Life Assembly Church, CLA.

2014-11-27 Sonia Rolland to Premier Documentary On Rwanda's Success
[News of Rwanda]French actress and former miss France Sonia Rolland will tonight launch a documentary that features Rwanda's progress over the past 20 years since the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. The documentary will be premiered on France '0' about 22hrs Kigali time.

2014-11-27 CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup Cancelled
[New Times]The 2014 Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup has been called off after none of the 12 member countries expressed interest in hosting the tournament on short notice.

2014-11-27 Airport Clearing Agents Decry Delays in Acquisition of Access Badges
[New Times]Clearing and forwarding agents operating at the Kigali International Airport have decried delays in issuance of airport access badges, which they say is affecting their operations. They claimed that sometimes it takes about three months to get a pass that is only valid for the same period.

2014-11-27 Business Community Urged to Promote Green Economy Strategies
[New Times]The local business community has been urged to embrace green growth and climate friendly strategies to ensure sustainable growth.

2014-11-27 Rugby 10s Tourney Set for December 7
[New Times]Five clubs have confirmed participation in this year's 10s rugby tournament scheduled to take place on December 7th at Utexrwa grounds.

2014-11-27 REMA Moves to Streamline Climate Change Mitigation
[New Times]Rwanda Environment Management Authority (Rema) has launched a fresh bid to promote green growth and mitigate climate change effects by 2030.

2014-11-27 NGO Receives International Gender Promotion Award
[Rwanda Govt]The community-based Kirehe Watershed Management Project (KWAMP) in Rwanda's Eastern Province has received the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) gender award at an event in Rome.

2014-11-27 Rwanda Issues RwF 15 Billion, 7 Year Fixed Coupon Treasury Bond
[Rwanda Govt]Kigali -The Government of Rwanda has issued a 7-year fixed coupon rate treasury bond of RwF 15 billion. The bond will facilitate the development of the capital as well as fund infrastructure projects.

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