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2014-11-24 Murder in Germany - Evidence Points at Xenophobia
[New Times]New evidence in the case of a Rwandan man killed in Germany last month shows that the motive of the three suspected murderers was nothing but xenophobic.

2014-11-24 Police Burst Racket of Drugs Traffickers
[News of Rwanda]Rwanda National Police (RNP) arrested three Rwandan nationals in connection with trafficking cocaine into the country.

2014-11-24 Global Pharmaceutical Firm Joins Rwanda in Cancer Fight
[New Times]Rwanda could soon be one of the first countries in Africa to venture into clinical trial tests and research for cancer and other diagnostic diseases.

2014-11-24 BBC Documentary Targeted Person of President Kagame, Says Expert
[New Times]A senior lecturer at a local higher learning institution has said that the controversial BBC documentary, 'Rwanda's Untold Story', was made with a single purpose of tarnishing the image of President Paul Kagame.

2014-11-24 RNP Recovers Stolen Congolese Vehicle, Arrests Three
[New Times]The Police are holding three suspects in connection with the theft of a vehicle from the neighbouring DR Congo.

2014-11-24 Red Cross Marks 50 Years in Rwanda
[New Times]The Rwanda Red Cross (RRC) Friday marked its golden anniversary with a promise of more relief services.

2014-11-24 Could Weak Legal Instruments Be Fuelling Drug Trafficking?
[New Times]This week, police announced four people had been arrested as law enforcers busted a smuggling ring that attempted to use Rwanda and a transit for cocaine worth hundreds of millions of francs from South America.

2014-11-24 Rwanda to Conduct Ebola Emergency Simulation Exercise
[News of Rwanda]The Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) and the Rwanda National Police (RNP) will conduct a full-scale simulation exercise to evaluate the country's readiness for a positive case of Ebola.

2014-11-24 World Bank Releases Damning Report On Climate Change
[New Times]The extent of climate change resulting from human activities has gone beyond a point of 'no return' and the abnormalities, according to a new World Bank report released today.

2014-11-24 More Men Opt for Vasectomy for Family Planning
[New Times]Vincent Karangwa, 40, is a father of five. The resident of Bwisyhura Sector, Karongi District in Western Province realised 10 years ago that he was risking bringing into the world children he may not be able to support.

2014-11-24 Herbal Soap Maker Wins Rwf6 Million in Educat-Gt Bank Competition
[New Times]C├ęphas Nshimyumuremyi of Ngororero District on Friday scooped the Rwf6 million prize in the Educat-GT Bank Entrepreneurship Award.

2014-11-24 Continental Anti-GBV Conference Opens Monday
[New Times]The fourth Kigali International Conference Declaration (KICD) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the role of security organs' in ending violence against women and girls is set to start today in Kigali.

2014-11-24 Govt Needs to Improve Communication for Better Results
[New Times]Yesterday the Ministry of Health, in conjunction with the Rwanda Defence Forces, Police and the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority held a simulation exercise on how they can handle an Ebola case.

2014-11-24 African Govts Tipped On Human Rights
[New Times]Africa has to make stronger commitments to human rights issues if the continent is to make economic and democratic advances.

2014-11-24 BRD Extends Rwf8 Billion for Construction of 4MW Plant
[New Times]Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) has signed a long-term loan agreement worth Rwf8 billion with Rwanda Mountain Tea (RMT) for the construction of a four Megawatts (4 MW) Hydro power plant in Nyabihu District, Western Province.

2014-11-24 Improve Services to GBV Victims - Report
[New Times]Despite government efforts to curb Gender Based violence (GBV), victims still decry the low services offered to them by One -Stop Centres (OSC).

2014-11-24 Holistic Approach Will Transform Education, Microsoft Officials Say
[New Times]Last week, Kigali hosted a three-day conference on innovation in education and ICT dubbed; "Innovation Africa 2014" which brought together ministers of ICT and education from 26 countries as well as leading ICT corporations such as Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Huawei, Oracle, Pearson and Samsung, among others.

2014-11-24 World Aids Day - How Effective Is PMTCT?
[New Times]A research article published last year titled "Prevention of mother-to-child (PMTCT) transmission of HIV: cost-effectiveness of antiretroviral regimens and feeding options in Rwanda" summarizes the progress the country has made in that direction. According to the research, Rwanda's national PMTCT programme aims to achieve elimination of new HIV infections in children by 2015.

2014-11-24 Waitress Wins Second Airtel House
[New Times]A waitress has won the second house in the ongoing Airtel 'Ni Ikirenga' promotion. Renatha Uberewe, who has been living with her brother in a small rented house in Kamuhoza cell, Kimisagara sector, Nyarugenge District, was on Thursday handed the Rwf20 million three bed roomed house located in Muhima village, Gasharu cell in Kinyinya sector, Gasabo District.

2014-11-24 More Girls, Women Embrace Modern Family Planning
[New Times]The number of women and girls using modern contraception in Rwanda and Burundi has increased significantly in the past one year, according to a new Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) report.

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