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2015-01-26 WB Approves U.S. $70 Millon Social Protection Funding
[New Times]The World Bank Group on Friday approved a $70-million (about Rwf49 billion) credit to support Rwanda's social protection strategy.

2015-01-26 Together We Can Make Rwanda a Country of Heroes
[New Times]On January 23, the Chancellery for Heroes, National Order and Decoration of Honour launched a week-long series of activities that will lead up to the National Heroes Day on February 2.

2015-01-26 Good Policies Pay Off, Visiting IMF Director Lagarde Says of Rwanda
[New Times]The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, will today begin her three day visit to Rwanda, her first since she came to the helm of the institution in 2011. In an e-mail correspondence with The New Times' Kenneth Agutamba, Lagarde sheds light on her institution's current relationship with Rwanda and commends the country's transformative and inclusive policies that have seen a significant decline in poverty levels. Excerpts;-

2015-01-26 Farmers Grumble After Minicom Sets Common Price for Maize
[New Times]The ministry of Trade and Industry has set a common price for maize corn in the country, putting it at Rwf160 per kilogramme.

2015-01-26 Kigali Picks Five for Miss Rwanda Contest
[New Times]Kigali's winner is Vanessa Raissa Uwase who garnered 86.6 per cent while Belyse Hitayezu emerged second with 85 per cent.

2015-01-26 What It Takes to Nurture a Baby Using Kangaroo Mothercare
[New Times]Tiny, helpless and extremely fragile is how a premature born baby looks like when it comes into the new world. Preterm infants were often taken to incubators and this caused a distress for both the mother and the baby since they were often separated for long.

2015-01-26 Sigh of Relief for Farmers As Govt Begins Distributing Disease-Free Cassava Variety
[New Times]The Ministry of agriculture has started distributing disease-free tuber varieties to farmers as a way of saving the struggling cassava sector following the deadly outbreak of Cassava Streak Brown Disease (CSBD).

2015-01-26 Music Isn't a Joke, Says Third Year BBA Student
[New Times]Aimée Milienne Kamagweri is known on the national scene as an up-coming Afro-beat artiste. The 21-year-old born of Nyamirambo, a City of Kigali suburb, is however more than that.

2015-01-26 Five Arrested Over Corruption, Drugs
[New Times]The Rwanda National Police's ongoing fight against corruption and drug abuse in the country continued to yield results with the arrest of five people, separately, during the weekend in a crackdown mounted from Friday.

2015-01-26 Tigo Incubation Centre Calls for Applications
[New Times]Local technology startups have an opportunity to grow their enterprises, thanks to Tigo tech incubator centre, think. The incubator has opened applications for second intake under its accelerator incubation programme for Africa, a statement from the telecom firm indicates.

2015-01-26 A Torn Net Is a Bad Net and a Bad User Is a Mosquito Prey
[New Times]Most mosquito bites occur at night but some mosquitoes reach out for blood even during the day. Fortunately, malaria alleviation moved a step forward, last year, with the World Health Organisation reporting a reduction in deaths by half, but what does this mean for sub-Saharan Africa, the most affected region?

2015-01-26 Why Carotenoids Can Minimise Cancer Risks
[New Times]The defence of our body system entirely relies on the strength of our immune system. Vitamins play a vital role in the strengthening of immune system and are very important in our daily diets.

2015-01-26 Youth Reaffirm Commitment to Heroism
[New Times]Youth have vowed to build on what the country's heroes, especially those that stopped the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, did to take the country further.

2015-01-26 IMF Chief Lagarde Expects Visit to Strengthen Relations
[New Times]The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, arrived in the country last evening for a three-day visit.

2015-01-26 Central Bank Cautions POS Agents Against Charging Customers
[New Times]The National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) has cautioned businesses which use Point of Sale (POS) devices against charging customers, who use electronic cards to pay bills, transactional fees.

2015-01-26 Police Handball Club Start Preps Ahead of New Season
[New Times]Reigning Champions Police handball club has started intensified preparations ahead of the new season.

2015-01-26 Life On the Fruity Side of 'Ffene', the All Round Delicacy
[New Times]Jackfruit smells really bad, they say. 'Ffene' smells perfect, and it is that smell that tinges the taste to perfection, others will claim.

2015-01-26 Why Informal Cross Border Trade Remains Important
[New Times]The buying and selling of goods and services between businesses in neighbouring EAC Partner States with the seller being in one Partner State and the buyer in the other, for example a company or an individual business person in Rwanda selling to a company in Burundi.

2015-01-26 Rayon Player Exodus Continues As Sina Seeks Move to Bosnia
[New Times]RAYON SPORTS talisman Jerome Sina will sign for a Bosnian club before the current transfer window closes on January 31 if the two parties reach a deal in the ongoing talks.

2015-01-26 This Is What Makes Breakfast Important
[New Times]Breakfast is the first meal taken in the morning, after overnight fasting. Many individuals skip breakfast either because they have no time in morning to eat or they consider it as weigh reducing measure. But breakfast as first meal of the day is very important for overall good health. The old saying, "eat breakfast like a king, holds true even today."

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