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2014-07-28 Magaye Gueye Signs With a Club of the Second Division
[Africa Top Sports]Magaye Gueye will evolve in the second English division. The information is given by second division who indicates that Gueye committed to Millwall after a decisive trial period. He signed on Thursday a contract of two years and will try to help this club to go up to Premier League.

2014-07-24 U.S.-Africa Summit Must Listen to Voices of the People
[allAfrica]In a guest column for AllAfrica, E. Gyimah Boadi of Ghana's Center for Democratic Development says the vast majority of Africans who prefer democracy over authoritarian regimes deserve to be heard at the forthcoming U.S.-Africa Summit convened by President Barack Obama.

2014-07-24 Senegal Gov't Gives Grant to Senegalese Women in Gambia
[The Point]When women are empowered with the necessary skills or given finance to help them engage in small-scale businesses it helps them grow and when they grow, they grow with the economy of the country they live in.

2014-07-21 5 Lessons From the First Round of 100 Resilient Cities Applicants
[The Rockefeller Foundation]New York -As 100 Resilient Cities gears up to launch this year's Challenge, we thought it would be a good time to look back on last year's Challenge applicants, and examine some of the things we've learned about the process and those who applied.

2014-07-22 Africa Picks Senegal Minster for ICC Job
[The Star]AFRICA has finally settled on Senegalese Sidiki Kaba to head the top most political body of the International Criminal Court. Kaba, the Justice minister in Senegal, will take over from Estonian Tiina Intelmann as the president of the ICC's Assembly of State Parties in October.

2014-07-18 Woman Needs Medical Treatment in Senegal
[Daily Observer]A 37-year-old woman is in need of medical treatment in Dakar, after she was diagnosed with a skin problem (Sclero Derma Morfa) at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

2014-07-16 Mobile Technologies Are Catalysts for Development in Senegal
[CIO]Alcatel-Lucent attended the ceremony for launching the m-Ramadan campaign, which originated from the mDiabetes program, in Dakar on June 16, 2014.

2014-07-10 Buba Baldeh Dies in Senegal
[The Point]News of the sudden death in Dakar, Senegal, of Buba Baldeh, Youth and Sports minister in the first Republic, has been received in Banjul.

2014-07-07 Dionne Named New Prime Minister
[VOA]Senegal's President Macky Sall has appointed Mohammed Dionne as the country's new prime minister.

2014-07-07 The Plight of Children Forced to Beg
[Africa In Fact]Senegal's Quranic students beg to learn as the government struggles to balance Muslim values with protecting children

2014-07-07 Senegal Name Mohamed Dionne As New Prime Minister
[AEP]Mohamed Dionne, a close aide to Senegal's president who once worked for the United Nations, was named the country's new prime minister Sunday, two days after the resignation of his predecessor. Dionne, 54, will be the third prime minister serving under President Macky Sall, after former banker Abdoul Mbaye and Aminata Toure, previously also a justice minister.

2014-07-05 Prime Minister Dismissed
[Deutsche Welle]Senegal has dismissed Prime Minister Aminata Toure. She had been in office since September 1, 2013.

2014-07-03 Mobile Phone App Helps Diabetics During Ramadan
[VOA]Dakar -Senegal has become the first Francophone country to pilot a mobile phone platform, called mRamadan, which helps people with diabetes safely manage their health while fasting. Diabetics who are testing the new app say it has been quite helpful.

2014-06-30 Senegalese Major General Ends Visit
[The Point]The Senegalese embassy in Banjul recently held a dinner at Senegambia Beach Hotel for Senegalese Major General Alioune Wade, who visited The Gambia from 23 to 27 June, on a mission to inspect the military posts at the borders.

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