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2015-02-27 SONA - I Love Seychelles! - Let Us Rededicate Ourselves to the Progress of Our Country and the Wellbeing of Our People
[Government of Seychelles]President James Michel delivered his 11th State of the Nation Address to the Seychelles National Assembly this afternoon, placing emphasis on the principles of patriotism, empowerment, national unity, social harmony, solidarity, entrepreneurial spirit, and family values for the development of Seychelles' economic and social wellbeing.

2015-02-27 Marco Francis Lands Second Term As Seychelles Chamber of Commerce Chairman
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -The Seychelles business community has re-elected Marco Francis as the chairman of the archipelago's Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) for another two-year term.

2015-02-27 Swapping Seychelles Debt for Ocean Conservation - Milestone Agreement Reached With Paris Club Creditors
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -The Seychelles reached a major debt buyback agreement worth $30 million with the Paris Club group of creditors and South Africa in the French capital on Wednesday evening.

2015-02-27 Seychelles Signs Landmark Debt Buyback Agreement With the Paris Club for Debt-for-Climate Change Adaptation Initiative
[Government of Seychelles]Seychelles President James Michel announced today during his State of the Nation Address in the National Assembly that Seychelles' efforts to combine marine conservation and liability management objectives through an innovative structure received a major boost last night when it secured a landmark debt buyback agreement with the Paris Club and South Africa, during a meeting in Paris.

2015-02-27 Emirates Group Hotel Development At CAP Ternay Will Not Go Ahead, Says Seychelles President in State of the Nation Address
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -A major hotel development proposed at Cap Ternay on the western coast of the Seychelles main island of Mahé will not go ahead, the archipelago's President James Michel announced in his State of the Nation Address before the National Assembly this afternoon, citing "environmental protection reasons."

2015-02-26 Chinese Man Dies While Swimming Near Silhouette Island, Says Seychelles Police
[Seychelles News Agency]Silhouette -The Seychelles police have reported the death of a 48-year-old Chinese national, Huang Xinggo, who ran into difficulties while swimming with his family on Silhouette, the third largest island in the Seychelles archipelago.

2015-02-26 Seychelles Central Bank Reveals Almost U.S.$34 Million Worth of Cheques Bounced Over Past Two Years
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -Following what the Seychelles Central Bank has termed as an 'alarming increase' in the number of bounced cheques being issued, the Indian Ocean archipelago's reserve bank has issued new guidelines calling on the commercial banks as well as the police to take action against repeat offenders.

2015-02-25 Dreams of Making Movies in the Seychelles - Canadian Actor Neil Denis Settles on Praslin Island
[Seychelles News Agency]Praslin -The Seychelles archipelago with its lush vegetation, pristine beaches and a fusion of ethnicities was the perfect evocative setting for a prospective movie, but disaster struck when the script was lost.

2015-02-24 African Beach Soccer Championship Seychelles - Mauritius, Tanzania Reach Final Round
[CAF]Mauritius and Tanzania have reached the final round of the qualifiers for the 1st African Beach Soccer Championship Seychelles 2015.

2015-02-24 British Researcher's Genetic Study Highlights Urgency of Saving Endemic Seychelles Black Parrot
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -The Seychelles Black Parrot is one of the Indian Ocean archipelago's thirteen endemic bird species, a status it achieved early last year after being recognised as a distinct species, Coracopsis barklyi, by taxonomic experts.

2015-02-24 Panafricans - Angola Thrash Seychelles in Bulawayo
[ANGOP]Luanda -The Angolan national senior men's basketball team defeated on Monday in Bulawayo, Seychelles by 117-55, in the second round of the zonal tournament qualifying for the African games of Brazzaville2015.

2015-02-24 Kenyan and Finnish Runners Triumph in the Seychelles 2015 Eco-Friendly Marathon
[Seychelles News Agency]Beau Vallon, Seychelles -Kenyan runners dominated the Seychelles 8th Eco-Friendly Marathon on Sunday claiming the three top spots on the men's side at the end of the 42 kilometre race.

2015-02-23 Seychellois and French Men Presumed Drowned in Separate Incidents, Says Seychelles Police
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -The Seychelles police have reported the death of two elderly men, presumed to have drowned in two separate incidents on Saturday.

2015-02-23 St Michel Grabs First 2015 Title Winning the Seychelles President's Cup for the 13th Time
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -The Seychelles' football season got off to a tense start on Saturday with last year's winner of three main titles needing penalties to achieve a 5-2 win against its main rival Cote d'Or, taking home the 2015 President's Cup.

2015-02-23 Let the Contest Begin - 13 Aspiring Beauty Queens Chosen for the Miss Seychelles 2015 Pageant
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria, Seychelles -It's the question on every contestant's lips: who will go home wearing a jewel-encrusted crown and be lucky enough to represent Seychelles in Melbourne, Australia at the 2015 Miss World beauty pageant?

2015-02-23 Tackling Coco-De-Mer Poaching Must Be Given 'High Priority', Says Seychelles Environment Minister
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -The Seychelles Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Didier Dogley, has said that measures to clamp down on poaching of the iconic Coco-de-Mer nut should become a high priority for the government of the Indian Ocean archipelago as well as the six thousand or so people living on Praslin island.

2015-02-23 Stinging Hairy Caterpillars - Seychelles Seeks Overseas Analysis to Confirm Invasive Species
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -The authorities in Seychelles are trying to identify a new caterpillar species that has been observed for a couple of weeks in several regions of the Indian Ocean archipelago.

2015-02-23 Air Seychelles Fly in Chinese Tourists to Spend the Spring Holidays in the Indian Ocean Archipelago
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -Some 254 Chinese tourists arrived in Seychelles this afternoon to spend the Chinese New Year holiday season in the Indian Ocean archipelago.

2015-02-20 Oldest Man in Seychelles Passes Away
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -Bertie Edouard Mahoune who was officially the oldest man in Seychelles has passed away.

2015-02-18 Back to Her Roots - Seychelles-Born Ghanaian Princess Returns After More Than 60 Years
[Seychelles News Agency]Praslin, Seychelles -In almost a hundred years since the banished King Prempeh I of the Ashanti returned to Ghana from exile in the Seychelles archipelago, connections between the two African nations seem to have remained strong through the late King's descendants.

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