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2015-07-29 Seychelles Tourism Board Launches 'My Seychelles Experience' International Video Competition
[CIO] The Seychelles Tourism Board has launched "My Seychelles Experience",' a major international video competition.

2015-07-29 President Sends Condolences to India Following Passing of Former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
[Government of Seychelles] President James Michel has extended his sincerest condolences to the Government and people of India following the passing of Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, former President of the Republic of India.

2015-07-29 Mostly a Family Feat - Team B2 Bombers Defy the Rough Seas Winning Seychelles 2015 Sailfish Tournament
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -The Southeast Monsoon season in the Seychelles archipelago of 115 islands, which runs from May to October is often characterized by strong winds and rough sea condition but it is also around this time of the year when sailfish are easier to find.

2015-07-29 Qatari Ambassador to Seychelles Accredited
[Government of Seychelles] The Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Seychelles, Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Abdulla presented his credentials to President James Michel at State House this morning.

2015-07-29 Life Sentence for Drug Traffickers
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -The Seychelles Supreme Court has sentenced two Seychellois men to life imprisonment for drug trafficking in a case relating to the seizure on April 9, 2014, of what has been identified to be 47 kilograms of cannabis. The sentence was imposed on Monday after the trial, which started in June last year, came to an end last Friday.

2015-07-29 Third Qatari Ambassador Accredited to Seychelles Seeks to Further Develop Three Decades of Existing Relations
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Further developing existing cooperation between Seychelles and Qatar. This was widely discussed between the Indian Ocean island nation's President James Michel and the newly accredited Qatari ambassador to the Indian Ocean island nation.

2015-07-28 The Italian Job - Seychelles Flora and Fauna Showcased in Travelling Art Exhibition
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria, Seychelles -For a group of sixteen professional Italian artists, 2013 was a memorable year. They visited the breathtakingly beautiful islands of the Seychelles archipelago with a specific mission: to capture the Seychelles' unique flora and fauna in artistic form.

2015-07-27 Can Agricultural Experts Turn It Into a Cash Crop for Seychelles Farmers?
[Seychelles News Agency] Praslin -Under the relentless heat of the tropical Seychelles sun, Francois Dugasse, a farmer living in the mountainous area of Grand Fond on Praslin Island, the second most populated island of the Seychelles, straightens from his digging work as the humming of a vehicle signals the arrival of visitors.

2015-07-27 Nicky Hilton Returns From Post-Wedding Getaway in Seychelles
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Newlywed fashion designer and socialite Nicky Hilton has returned to the United States on Friday after celebrating her honeymoon with a combination safari-beach holiday in Botswana and the Seychelles.

2015-07-28 World Cup 2018 Qualifying Draw Pairs Seychelles Against Burundi
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria, Seychelles -Seychelles is among 53 African nations that are set to battle for the five spots allocated to the African continent in the next FIFA World Cup finals to be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018.

2015-07-28 A Step Further to Protect the Environment - Govt Announces Ambitious Renewable Energy Plans
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Seychelles, an Indian Ocean archipelago of 115 islands, is taking further steps to reduce its national level of greenhouse gas emissions.

2015-07-27 President Michel Opens Praslin Fire Station
[Government of Seychelles] President James Michel opened the new Praslin Fire Station on the reclaimed land of Eve Island on Praslin this morning.

2015-07-27 Team Seychelles Ready to Do Battle in Indian Ocean Island Games
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Representatives from 14 sporting disciplines in Seychelles are preparing themselves to jet off to the neighbouring Indian Ocean island of RĂ©union with one goal in mind: bringing home some gold.

2015-07-24 Radio Seychelles Celebrates Half-Century As the Archipelago's First Broadcaster
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -This week marks fifty years since the first radio station in Seychelles began broadcasting - Radio Seychelles, presently part of the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), made its maiden broadcast from the station in July 1965.

2015-07-24 EU Signs 760,000-Euro Trade Liberalisation Funding Agreement With Seychelles Following Political Dialogue Session
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Representatives of the European Union were this week in Seychelles to discuss economic, social and political issues, particularly those surrounding good governance, democracy, the rule of law and human rights, with a focus on the upcoming elections, which are widely expected to take place in the first half of 2016.

2015-07-23 Lucky Escape From a 'Ghost Net' - Seychelles Conservation Rangers Save Sea Turtle From Death
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -The remote island atoll of Alphonse, situated in the outer islands of the Seychelles archipelago is a paradise for birds and nesting sea turtles.

2015-07-23 A Bumper Month - Record Number of Local Centenarians Celebrate Birthdays in July
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Women from the Seychelles who were born in the early 1900's might just have a better chance at living to a ripe old age if they were born during the month of July.

2015-07-21 Finance Official Ronald Cafrine Appointed as Adviser to IMF Regional Executive Director
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -An economist from the Seychelles, Ronald Cafrine, has been appointed to a senior role at the International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

2015-07-22 Trade With Turkey On the Rise - New Turkish Ambassador to Seychelles Encouraged With Increasing Ties
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -The newly-accredited Turkish ambassador to Seychelles, Deniz Eke, has expressed her delight that trade between the two countries is improving.

2015-07-21 Bodybuilding - Up-and-Coming Star Mervin Dugasse Wins Title
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -The absence of some of Seychelles' favourite bodybuilders at the island's National Bodybuilding Championships last weekend had threatened to rob the competition of the excitement usually expected when the likes of Ziad Meckdachi and Rodney Henriette cross swords in domestic competitions.

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