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2014-12-18 Iranian Fishing Vessels Detained On Suspicion of Illegal Fishing
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -Two foreign vessels have been intercepted by the Seychelles Coast Guard after being suspected of fishing illegally in the Seychelles waters.

2014-12-18 British Government Awards Rare Recognition to Archbishop Emeritus French Chang-Him
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of the Indian Ocean, French Chang-Him has been designated an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

2014-12-18 New Dornier Aircraft for IDC to Boost Travel to Outer Islands of Seychelles
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -A bird's eye view of Seychelles archipelago often leaves visitors in awe of natural beauty of the islands in the azure blue Indian Ocean waters, often described as "paradise on earth."

2014-12-18 President Congratulates Archbishop French Chang-Him On Receiving Order of the British Empire
[Government of Seychelles]President James Michel has expressed his heartfelt congratulations to Archbishop Emeritus of the Indian Ocean, French Chang Him upon being elevated to the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

2014-12-18 Lima Climate Conference Needed to Have Real Outcome to Make a Difference, Says Seychelles Climate Ambassador
[Seychelles News Agency]Lima and Victoria -After bitter disputes and major compromises, the much talked-about climate conference in in Lima, Peru, ended on Sunday, and the Seychelles islands delegation left South America with concerns that the agreement reached in Lima is ' not on track' for a targeted reductions in global temperature rises.

2014-12-18 Charity Walk Brings Seychelles in the Forefront Fight Against Ebola
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -What began as a simple charity walk has now turned out to become a combined civil society and government initiative which has seen the Indian Ocean island nation of Seychelles joining the Ebola fight, while it remains Ebola-free.

2014-12-16 Tougher Policies Ahead to Stay On Track With Long-Term Fiscal Objectives - 2015 Budget Speech Highlights Sustainability
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria, Seychelles -The Seychelles Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment, Pierre Laporte, has said that new national policy measures would need to be implemented to keep the country on track to achieve a debt-to-GDP ratio of 49 percent by 2018.

2014-12-17 Somali Piracy Suspects in Seychelles Get Appeal From Verdict
[Dalsan Radio]The high court of Seychelles said four defendants were allowed to get appeal on their cases which involved piracy activities.

2014-12-16 Seychelles Police Investigates Death of 48 Year Old Man On Praslin
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria, Seychelles -The Seychelles Police has confirmed that a 48 year old man was discovered dead this morning on a bench near a house on a private property at Grand Anse, on the second most populated island of the Seychelles, Praslin.

2014-12-15 First IMF Review Describes Economy As 'Strong' Despite Weakened Currency
[Seychelles News Agency]Washington D.C./Victoria -The economy of the Seychelles is poised to receive another injection of $2.4 million from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after the island nation successfully completed its first review under the latest Extended Fund Facility (EFF).

2014-12-15 Seismic Survey Indicates Encouraging Oil Prospects
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -Preliminary results from 3D seismic surveys conducted in the Seychelles have backed up previous 2D survey data revealing 'potentially large' areas of hydrocarbons within the country's extensive Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), Australian oil company, WHL Energy has announced.

2014-12-15 Restructuring On the Cards for BMIO Bank, Announces Central Bank
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -The Bank of Muscat International Offshore (BMIO) in Seychelles is facing re-structuring by the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS).

2014-12-15 WTO Accession Broadens Its Access to Global Markets
[ITC]The island nation of Seychelles has become the 161st member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), gaining with it the opportunity to better integrate into the multilateral trading system.

2014-12-16 Seychelles Court of Appeal Acquits Three Suspected Somali Pirates Convicted of Piracy
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -The Seychelles Court of Appeal has acquitted and ordered the repatriation of 3 Somali pirates back to their homeland. The highest court in the land overturned a previous ruling delivered by the island nation's Supreme Court citing "insufficient evidence that proves that they were indeed pirates."

2014-12-15 'The World Must Do Something' About Climate Change, Says President to France 24
[Seychelles News Agency]Paris/Victoria -The far-flung islands of the Seychelles archipelago, or what are termed as the 'outer islands' are mainly flat and coralline compared to the inner islands which are mainly granitic and mountainous.

2014-12-15 U.S.$160 Thousand Worth of Cannabis Seized By Anti-Narcotics Agency
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -The Seychelles National Drugs Enforcement Agency, NDEA, has reported the seizure of compressed cannabis with a street value of some $160 thousand which it has termed as "one of the largest drug seizures" this year.

2014-12-15 Eve Island Swimming Pool Officially Opened
[Government of Seychelles]President James Michel officially opened and unveiled the plaque for the new Eve Island swimming pool in a special ceremony held yesterday afternoon on Praslin.

2014-12-15 Seychelles Capital Victoria Alight With Christmas Cheer
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria -With a warm tropical breeze and bursts of rainfall showering Victoria, the small capital of Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean is cloaked in shimmering lights, and radiant colours signalling the start of the Christmas season.

2014-12-12 Opposition Celebrate Winning Parliamentary Polls
[Seychelles News Agency]Victoria Seychelles -The Seychelles President James Michel has congratulated the newly elected Prime Minister of Mauritius Anerood Jugnauth following the victory of the opposition coalition, Alliance Lepep, in yesterday's parliamentary polls held in the Indian Ocean island nation.

2014-12-12 Anerood Jugnauth Congratulated on Election Victory
[Government of Seychelles]Following the victory of the Alliance Lepep, led by Sir Anerood Jugnauth, in the general election, President James Michel has extended his congratulations to the newly-elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius on behalf of the Government and the people of Seychelles.

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