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2017-09-21 6 Endangered Birds That You Can Still See in Seychelles
[Seychelles News Agency] Seychelles is a small island nation whose economy is largely dependent on protecting its natural environment for tourism. The island nation's government and various organisations are working hard to ensure the protection of the species endemic to the Seychelles.

2017-09-21 President to Work With Mauritius on Drug User Rehabilitation
[Seychelles News Agency] Seychelles and Mauritius will exchange experiences in the rehabilitation of drug users and cooperate in the social and education sectors, according to discussions between the leaders of the two countries on Wednesday.

2017-09-20 British Airways to Resume Flights to Seychelles in Major Boost for Tourism
[Seychelles News Agency] British Airways will resume direct flights to Seychelles in March after a decade-long absence, giving the island nation a major new boost to its tourism market, officials said on Tuesday.

2017-09-19 When Judges Go Rogue
[Legalbrief] You could almost hear a sharp intake of breath around the world's human rights community when news broke at the weekend of moves to impeach Kenya's Chief Justice, David Maraga. Just days before, he had been one of a Bench of judges that found Kenya's 8 August elections invalid and ordered a re-run. Now, a member of the disappointed political party -- apparently trying to get his own back -- claimed that the judge was part of an international 'regime change' conspirac

2017-09-20 Seychelles Strengthens Ties With African SIDS At UN Conference
[Government of Seychelles] Seychelles strengthened relations with African small island developing states in the Indian and Atlantic oceans yesterday when President Danny Faure met with the President of Comoros and the Prime Minister of Cabo Verde at the United Nations General Debate in New York.

2017-09-18 The Only Good That Seychelles Makes Enough of to Not Import? Eggs
[Seychelles News Agency] Eggs are the only food that Seychelles is not importing, and there are three main reasons why an agricultural ministry official said.

2017-09-19 President Faure Joins Over 100 World Leaders At UN Meetings
[Government of Seychelles] President Danny Faure joined more than 100 other heads of state and government in meetings at the United Nations in New York today in advance of the start on Tuesday of the UN General Assembly's (UNGA's) annual General Debate by world leaders.

2017-09-18 Innovative Business in Seychelles to Turn Seaweed Into Fertiliser
[Seychelles News Agency] A new factory on Praslin, the second-most populated island in Seychelles, is launching a new and innovative way to manage and make better use of seaweed: turning it into agricultural fertiliser.

2017-09-15 2 Seychellois Women Recognised Regionally for Education, Tourism Leadership
[Seychelles News Agency] Two Seychellois women have recently been recognised during an award ceremony in Mauritius recognizing Africa's most influential women in business and government.

2017-09-15 Strengthening the Governance of the Financial Intelligence Unit
[Government of Seychelles] Following the public hearings of the Finance & Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly, President Danny Faure has confirmed that no copies of contracts signed between Government and the security companies cited for either the FIU or the NDEA exist in the archives of State House, including the President's Private Office, the Vice-President's Office, the Cabinet Office and State House Administration.

2017-09-14 Whale Sharks - World's Largest Fish - Come to Seychelles Early This Year
[Seychelles News Agency] Whale sharks -- majestic creatures that are also the world's largest fish -- moved into the waters of Seychelles earlier than normal this year, an official of the Seychelles National Parks Authority said.

2017-09-13 Dock Workers At Seychellois Company Strike Over Pay, Benefits
[Seychelles News Agency] A group of workers in Seychelles demanding better working conditions and an increase in pay from a local company offering stevedoring services -- unloading cargo at a dock -- has been on strike since Saturday.

2017-09-12 LGBTI Group in Seychelles Seeks Acceptance By Society
[Seychelles News Agency] The local group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI Sey) is seeking to be accepted by society in Seychelles and respected for their sexual orientation, said the vice chair of the organisation.

2017-09-13 Seychelles' International Carnival Incorporated Into a Colourful Procession At This Year's Creole Festival
[Seychelles News Agency] A colourful and traditional procession in the Seychelles' capital called 'Laserenad Enterasyonal Viktorya' incorporating the annual Carnaval International de Victoria -- which used to be held in April -- will be part of the Creole festival in October.

2017-09-12 Third Leader's Forum of 2017
[Government of Seychelles] President Danny Faure met this afternoon with the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Wavel Ramkalawan, and the Leader of Government Business, Mr Charles Decommarmond. They were joined by the Designated Minister, Mrs Macsuzy Mondon, and the Acting Attorney General, Mr David Esparon. The meeting focused on the Government's calendar of priority legislation for the third term, including the 2018 Budget process. The leaders also discussed other matters of national interest.

2017-09-11 In Visit Home to Seychelles, Blind Singer Offers Massages to Raise Money
[Seychelles News Agency] A well-known blind female singer residing abroad was in her homeland of Seychelles for a month to raise funds for the National Council for Children through her skills as a masseuse.

2017-09-07 Five Cool Turtle Species You Can See in Seychelles
[Seychelles News Agency] Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, provides fertile feeding grounds for five species of turtles. The islands are nesting grounds for only two species who according to local expert Jeanne Mortimer find the Seychelles safe enough to lay their eggs.

2017-09-06 Seychellois' Experience At California Energy Commission Could Help Island Nation's Energy Goals
[Seychelles News Agency] A young Seychellois is gaining new experience that he can bring back to Seychelles while working at the California Energy Commission in the United States.

2017-09-05 Le Meridien Combines Tastes of France and Seychelles in New Dining Approach
[Seychelles News Agency] Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove hotel has unveiled a new dining concept -- 'Paris Seychelles' -- that draws upon the island nation's historic French connections.

2017-09-05 President Faure Visits Bel Air District and Ile Perseverance Residential Estates
[Government of Seychelles] President Danny Faure visited the Bel Air District and the Ile Perseverance Residential Estates; Perseverance I and II this morning as part of his ongoing community visit programme.

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