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2014-09-16 Seychelles Has Concluded the Last Outstanding Bilateral Trade Negotiations With the United States
[Commonwealth]In a press statement issued this afternoon, the Seychelles Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment said the final bilateral agreement was signed in Geneva Switzerland, yesterday.

2014-09-08 Small Islands States' Big Development Challenge
[SciDev.Net]Ocean science for development in SIDS: Facts and figures

2014-09-08 Sids 2014 Conference in Samoa
[Commonwealth]National governments, civil society organisations and business leaders gathered in Samoa, 1-4 September, at the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS 2014). The goal was to build durable partnerships and secure sustainable development for this group of countries, which are often remote, low lying, and acutely vulnerable to climate change and rising seas, as well as economic shocks.

2014-09-02 FGS Berlin Conducts Local Maritime Capacity Building in the Seychelles
[EU Navfor]Three Local Maritime Capacity Building (LMCB) activities have taken place during EU Naval Force Warship FGS Berlin's recent port visit to the Seychelles. LMCB are conducted by the European Union to build the capacity of security forces of regional partners in the fight against piracy, supporting further training provided by EUCAP Nestor.

2014-08-26 Ethiopia, Seychelles to Boost Cooperation in Tourism, Trade
[ERTA]Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and Seychelles President James Michel agreed on Wednesday on the creation of a Joint Commission between their two countries following talks on the possibility of strengthening cooperation in various sectors.

2014-08-25 Seychelles Welcomes the Apprehension of Garfanji
[Dalsan Radio]The government of Seychelles says this is a positive step in ensuring security in the region. The Seychelles government has commended the effort of the Somali government following the arrest of one of Somalia's most notorious pirate chiefs, Mohamed Garfanji. Garfanji is said to be responsible for multiple ship hijackings and hostage takings including of Seychelles nationals. In a joint press statement issued this morning the Seychelles Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport and the Ministry of Foreign Affa

2014-08-22 Ten Nations Commit to Standby Force
[New Times]Ten regional countries have committed to raise a military fighting force of 5,000 troops under the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) at a pledging conference in Kigali.

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