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2016-05-06 Higher Visitor Arrivals to Seychelles Not Translating Into More Revenue, Official Says
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Visitor numbers to Seychelles increased in the first quarter, but the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association says the higher visitor numbers aren't translating into more revenue.

2016-05-06 Seychelles' National Airline Records Major Growth in 2015
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Seychelles' national airline, Air Seychelles, recorded significant growth in its number of passengers in 2015, the head of the board said on Tuesday.

2016-05-05 Seychelles Stands At 92nd in Annual Press Freedom Index
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Seychelles has climbed four places in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index released this week. The 115-island archipelago is ranked 92nd out of 180 countries in 2016, up from 96th last year.

2016-05-05 Seychellois Hotel Employee Wins Starwood President Award for His Love of, Devotion to Craft
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria Seychelles -Devotion to the job, the love of his work and the desire to advance professionally are the reasons why an employee of Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove Hotel won the Starwood President's Award 2015, the winner said.

2016-05-02 Official Visit of the United Nations Secretary General to Seychelles
[Government of Seychelles] At the invitation of the President of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr. James Alix Michel, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon will undertake an official visit to Seychelles from 7th to 8th of May. He is the first serving Secretary General of the United Nations ever to visit Seychelles since the country joined the Organisation in September 1976.

2016-04-25 President On Private Visit
[Government of Seychelles] The President left Seychelles on a private visit overseas. He is accompanied by his daughter.

2016-04-25 SA Showcases Tourism Potential in Seychelles
[] Pretoria -Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom is at the 6th Seychelles Carnival to showcase South Africa's rich heritage and cultural assets.

2016-04-25 Minister Derek Hanekom Attends 6th Seychelles Carnival
[SA Govt] South Africa's participation at the 6th Seychelles Carnival

2016-04-22 President Visits the Grand Anse Praslin Community
[Government of Seychelles] President James Michel visited several families in the Grand Anse Praslin district yesterday. This forms part of his on-going programme to stay connected with the communities as well as to assess the level of progress and services that the different agencies and Ministries have been delivering based on his first 100 days commitment as well as the Government's 3 months action programme.

2016-04-22 President Michel Sends Congratulatory Note and Conveys Best Wishes to Queen Elizabeth On 90th Birthday
[Government of Seychelles] On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday, President James Michel has sent a congratulatory message to Her Majesty on behalf of the people and Government of the Republic of Seychelles and conveyed his very best wishes of good health, happiness and continued prosperity.

2016-04-22 President Michel Conveys the Condolences to Ethiopia Following Cattle Raid Tragedy
[Government of Seychelles] Following the cross border cattle raids in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia which has claimed the lives of more than 200 people and seen the kidnapping of 100 children; on behalf of the Government and people of Seychelles President James Michel has expressed his profound condolences in a message addressed to the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn.

2016-04-19 Seychelles Extends Condolences As Death Toll Increases in Quake-Hit Ecuador
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -The Seychelles President James Michel expressed condolences and solidarity on Monday to the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa as the South American nation deals with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.

2016-04-18 President James Michel Sends Message of Condolence to Ecuador Following Devastating Earthquake
[Government of Seychelles] Following the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake which struck the Ecuadorian coastal town of Manta, claiming over 250 lives, injuring many others and causing widespread structural damage, President James Michel on behalf of the Government and people of Seychelles expressed heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies in a message to Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado, President of the Republic of Ecuador.

2016-04-12 Government Priorities for the Next Three Months
[Government of Seychelles] At its meeting of Wednesday 6th April, the Cabinet expressed satisfaction that all actions pledged by President James Michel for the first 100 days of his mandate, which ended on 28th March, had been satisfactorily achieved, or had been initiated and were ongoing as planned.

2016-04-07 Seychelles' Team Cleaning Beaches As Part of Aussie Eco-Challenge
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Seychelles is participating in Australia's Marine Debris Challenge 2016 for the first time to get the opportunity to continue efforts to eliminate plastic waste in the country, a team member says.

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