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2016-08-20 Health Authorities Carry Out Yellow Fever Vaccination Campaign
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria, Seychelles -The Seychelles' Ministry of Health on Friday began a vaccination campaign against yellow fever, a response to an epidemic in mainland Africa, says a top official.

2016-08-18 Independent Candidates Register to Contest Parliamentary Elections
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Three independent candidates have presented their nomination documents for Seychelles' parliamentary elections scheduled for September 8-10.

2016-08-12 President Michel Announces Senior SPDF Appointments
[Government of Seychelles] President James Michel, the Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces, met with the Defence Forces Council this morning at State House.

2016-08-10 New Study Finds Rising Prevalence of High Blood Pressure in Seychellois Teens
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -A new study has pointed to a worrying rise in high blood pressure among adolescents in the Seychelles.

2016-08-10 The Latest in Virtual Reality - 7d Cinema - Opens in Seychelles
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -A movie experience for all of your senses -- branded as 7D cinema -- is opening in Seychelles.

2016-08-08 Seychelles Assumes Chairmanship of Afrexim Bank for One Year
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria, Seychelles -Seychelles will have more opportunities to address the country's priorities now that is has taken over the chairmanship of the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank's) Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, said a top official.

2016-08-08 Ugandan Judge to Head Seychelles Anti-Corruption Commission
[Observer] Duncan Gaswaga, a Ugandan judge has been appointed chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles.

2016-08-04 Jamaican Dancehall Artist Beenie Man Postpones Concert
[Seychelles News Agency] Local promoters have postponed the planned performance in Seychelles by Beenie Man, a Jamaican dancehall and reggae artist who announced on Instagram that he has contracted the Zika virus.

2016-08-03 Pokémon Go Craze Crashes Down On Seychelles' Shores
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria, Seychelles -Like nearly the rest of the world, Seychelles has been struck by the 'Pokémon Go' craze. Released in selective countries in July this year, the game has reached the Seychelles' shores, and locals can now be seen moving around the island, trying to catch wild Pokémon with the use of Pokéballs.

2016-08-02 Gebremedhin Names Team to Face Seychelles
[Ethiopian Herald] The new Ethiopian interim coach Gebremedhin Haile has selected 28 national team players for the last round of the Afcon 2017 qualifiers against Seychelles in September.

2016-07-29 Nation Honoured With AU Award for Women's Economic Progress
[Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -Seychelles has received the African Gender Scorecard Award by the African Union (AU) in recognition for its progress made in economic rights for women.

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