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2015-07-27 Poll - World Is Not Prepared for Next Epidemic
[FrontPageAfrica] Citizens in France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States are not convinced that the world is prepared for another global epidemic like Ebola, and they strongly support investments in developing countries to reduce the threat of infectious diseases, according to a new opinion research survey with 4,000 respondents among the general public and opinion elites across the five nations.

2015-07-26 Sierra Leone Begins Treating Ebola Patients With Survivors' Plasma
[Ebola Deeply] The first donations of plasma from survivors of the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone are being used to treat Ebola patients at the 34 Military Hospital in Freetown, following a lengthy approval process.

2015-07-26 In Alleged DJ Clef Murderwitness Says Deceased Went Missing After Party
[Concord] Third prosecution witness in the ongoing murder investigation into the alleged murder of Sydney Buckle a.k.a. DJ Clef yesterday told the court that the deceased went missing after he attended a party that was organized by the second accused, Avril Oredola Renner, at the Aberdeen residence of first accused Mbaimba Moi Foray on 22 May, 2015.

2015-07-26 Carl Urges Govt to Provide More Funds to the Judiciary
[Concord] The Center for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL) has urged the government of Sierra Leone to provide more funds to the judiciary to enable them perform their sacred functions effectively and efficiently as there was more than 300 remand prisoners in Freetown alone awaiting indictment, with some having been remanded for more than eight years.

2015-07-26 More Goodies for Africell Winners
[Concord] One of Sierra Leone's leading GSM operators, Africell, has once again demonstrated its passion to enhance the living standards of Sierra Leoneans, especially its esteemed subscribers, through innovative promotions and value added services.

2015-07-26 Fambul Tok Aids Kailahun in Post-Ebola Recovery Plan
[Concord] Fambul Tok International has provided assistance to the people of Kissi Teng Chiefdom in the Kailahun District to put together a post-Ebola recovery plan code-named: "The People's Ebola Plan".

2015-07-26 HRCSL Engages Education Ministry On School Closure
[Concord] The Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone (HRCSL) on Wednesday engaged the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on the closure of the Leone Preparatory School.

2015-07-26 YMCA Doles Le140 Million to Slum Dwellers
[Concord] In a bid to empower and transform the lives of young people living in slum communities, the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA), through their "Pull Slum Pan Pipul" project, has doled out over one hundred and forty million Leones to youths in over seven slum communities in the country to do business.

2015-07-24 Sierra Leone Starts Using Ebola Survivors Plasma
[Concord] The first donations of plasma from survivors of the Ebola scourge in Sierra Leone have been administered to three Ebola patients currently admitted at the 34 Military Hospital Treatment Center in the west of Freetown.

2015-07-24 From New York to the Ebola Frontlines in Sierra Leone
[Global Ebola Response] At the peak of Ebola transmission in Sierra Leone in November last year, when more than 300 persons were infected weekly, 26-year-old bespectacled Mohamed Kakay was always holed up in the offices of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) in Freetown poring over loads of data.

2015-07-24 'I'll Give Everything for the Fans'
[Concord] Sierra Leone and IFK Norköping striker, Alhaji 'Andriano' Kamara, has pledged his 100% commitment to the club in order to please their fans.

2015-07-24 'Idle Minds' Majority Leader Blasts Sierra Leoneans
[Concord] Majority Leader in the Sierra Leone Parliament yesterday launched a scathing tirade on Sierra Leoneans, referring to them as "idle-minded" for apparently expressing their opinions on the newly procured Chinese buses, for which a good number of members of the public have challenged the quantum of money said to have been expended in purchasing the 100 vehicles.

2015-07-24 'No Freedom Until We Are Free From Ebola'
[Concord] Bishop of the United Methodist Church Sierra Leone, John K. Yambasu, has said that there will be no absolute freedom for the people of Sierra Leone until the country is totally free from the deadly Ebola virus, which has claimed the lives of thousands of Sierra Leoneans.

2015-07-24 Operation Northern Push Makes Headway
[Concord] Chief Executive Officer of the National Ebola Response Center (NERC) yesterday affirmed that the Northern Province which has recorded a spike in new confirmed Ebola cases in the last four months is now making considerable progress with 'Operation Northern Push'.

2015-07-23 NUC Benefits From GIS Training
[Concord] The United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) has conducted a two-day Geographic Information System (GIS) training for some 50 participants, including lecturers and students of the Njala University College (NUC), Mokonde campus in the Bo District.

2015-07-23 Unmeer Prepares for Sierra Leone Drawdown - Freetown Reacts
[Ebola Deeply] The United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) is preparing to wind down its operation in Sierra Leone. Ebola case numbers have fallen significantly since the height of the outbreak, but stubborn pockets of infection persist, and authorities say that five active chains of transmission remain. Aruna Turay asks, is it too soon?

2015-07-24 Busgate - the Sacrifice President Koroma Must Make
[Concord] The controversies that have continued to trail the purchase of the 100 buses, especially the procurement process followed by Leonard Balogun Koroma, the Minister of Transport and Aviation, are a tragic showcase of public service delivery. You can call it a predilection for doing the right thing the wrong way.

2015-07-23 ACC Lawyer to Address Court in Law School Registrar Case
[Concord] Lawyer for the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Abdul-Rahman Mansaray, is set to make a written address to the High Court presided over by Justice Alusine Sesay in the ongoing trial of the former Registrar of the Sierra Leone Law School, Herbert Hezekai Davis-Cole, also a former Magistrate.

2015-07-23 Tourism Ministry Holds Workshop On Draft Eco-Tourism Policy
[Concord] In a bid to promote culture and tourism in the country, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and the National Tourist Board yesterday held a day's workshop on the draft Eco-Tourism Policy.

2015-07-23 ADP Leader Exposes U.S.$6.5 Million Scam in Buses Deal
[Concord] Chairman and leader of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, has told newsmen that a whopping sum of US$6.5 million was allegedly missing in the procurement of the 100 buses that are now the subject of serious debates among the Sierra Leonean populace, especially for the quantum of money said to have been expended to procure the vehicles and other items.

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