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2014-08-01 Puntland Withdraws Support for Govt
[Garowe Online]Puntland Government in northern Somalia has on Thursday withdrawn support for Federal Government of Somalia in the wake of tripartite deal endorsement, Garowe Online reports.

2014-08-01 Garowe Declares Ending Ties With Mogadishu
[Dalsan Radio]Regional state of Somalia Puntland president Abdiweli Ali Gas has said his administration has cut ties with the central government in Mogadishu.

2014-08-01 Himin & Heeb Boycotts Agreement to Unite Administrations in Central Somalia
[Dalsan Radio]Abdullahi Omar Baarleeh, the president of Himin & Heeb says they boycott the agreement to intent to unite administration in central Somalia which was signed in Mogadishu yesterday.

2014-08-01 President Hassan Visits Garbaharey for the First Time
[Dalsan Radio]President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his delegates visited Garbaharey, the headquarters of Gedo region today.

2014-08-01 Troops Who Forcefully Boarded a Plane to Mogadishu Apprehended
[Dalsan Radio]Government troops who allegedly boarded a plane from Wajid to Mogadishu forcefully were apprehended at Mogadishu's Aden Adde International Airport.

2014-08-01 Foreign Minister Hosts Legislators of Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee
[Shabelle]Abdirahman Duale Beileh, the Somali Federal Government's Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation has today hosted a meeting a joint meeting between senior staff of the Ministry and the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee.

2014-08-01 IJA, Al-Shabaab Clash Outside Kismayo
[Sabahi]Interim Jubba Administration (IJA) forces on Wednesday (July 30th) killed at least ten al-Shabaab members outside Kismayo and seized several of the militant group's bases in the area, Radio Bar-Kulan reported.

2014-08-01 Somali Govt Approves Federal State in Galgadud and Mudug
[Sabahi]The federal government of Somalia endorsed the formation of a federal state comprising Galgadud and Mudug regions on Wednesday (July 30th) at a signing ceremony at Villa Somalia in Mogadishu.

2014-08-01 Bakara Market Closed for Security Sweep After Security Officer's Assassination
[Sabahi]Somali security forces blocked all entrances to Mogadishu's Bakara market Thursday morning (July 31st) to conduct a security operation following the assassination of a security officer there, Somalia's RBC Radio reported.

2014-08-01 Puntland President Meets With Media Stakeholders Over Contentious Media Bill
[Sabahi]Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali held a meeting with the Media Association of Puntland (MAP) on Tuesday (July 29th) to discuss the provisions of a media bill recently approved by the state parliament, Radio Bar-Kulan reported.

2014-08-01 Radio Mogadishu Journalist Arrested, Harassed
[Sabahi]The Somali Independent Media House Association (SIMHA) condemned the arrest and harassment of Radio Mogadishu journalist Abdullahi Muse and called for an investigation into the incident, Somalia's Radio Dalsan reported Wednesday (July 30th).

2014-08-01 Federal Govt of Somalia Endorses Central State
[ERTA]The Federal Government of Somalia on Wednesday endorsed a central Somalia state.

2014-08-01 The Election of the New Leadership of XSKC Not Inclusive for All the Sports Fraternity of Somalia
[Dalsan Radio]Members of XSKC who think that it is good to use the prestige of XSCK only by themselves at the expense of the rest of the members are now preparing new election for new leadership for the network which over the years faced failure and shame in its attempt to promote sports in Somalia.

2014-08-01 Alimra International University Opened in Mogadishu
[Dalsan Radio]Special event marking the opening of Al-imra International University was held in Mogadishu.

2014-08-01 Tribal Fighting Again Breaks Out in Lower Shabelle Region
[Shabelle]According to news reports from Lower Shabelle, two rival clan militias fought today in the region in which casualties and losses were caused.

2014-08-01 President Hassan Sheikh Reaches Garbahaarey in Gedo
[Shabelle]The a delegation of senior officials led by the President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, have today reached Garbahaarey district in the Gedo region.

2014-08-01 Puntland Soldiers Surrender to Somaliland Amid Mutiny
[Garowe Online]Garowe -Twenty Puntland soldiers have surrendered to Somaliland's separatist administration amidst strike over unpaid salaries and support services by Puntland Defence Forces, Garowe Online reports.

2014-08-01 Puntland Expresses Concern Over Central State
[Garowe Online]Garowe -The formation of central Somalia state spurred mixed reactions in the north eastern state of Puntland, with president Gaas calling for emergency meeting on the renewed issue, Garowe Online reports.

2014-08-01 IGAD Special Envoy to Somalia Welcomes the Agreement for a Central State in Somalia
[Ethiopia Government]In a statement issued on Thursday (July 31) the IGAD Special Envoy to Somalia, Ambassador Mohamed Affey welcomed the signing of the agreement to set up a Central State in Somalia. He congratulated the Federal Government of Somalia for its leadership in thed process and encouraged the parties to pursue an inclusive, peaceful formation of the regional state.

2014-08-01 IGAD Envoy to Somalia Welcomes Agreement for Central State
[ERTA]In a statement issued on Thursday, the IGAD Special Envoy to Somalia, Ambassador Mohamed Affey welcomed the signing of the agreement to set up a Central State in Somalia.

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