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2017-01-18 Early Action the Only Way to Avert Another Catastrophe, Says Senior UN Relief Official
[UN News] Faced with a 'slight but steady' increase in the number of people in need, the humanitarian community in Somalia launched today an $864 million to reach 3.9 million people with urgent life-saving assistance, the United Nations relief wing reported.

2017-01-18 SNA, AMISOM Forces Drive Al Shabaab Out of Town
[Shabelle] Somali commando units, along with African Union troops (AMISOM) have pushed Al shabaab out of Barire district in Lower Shabelle region following a joint military operation on Tuesday.

2017-01-18 UN Warns of Famine Risk in Somalia Amid Worsening Drought
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] "Early action is the only way to demonstrate that we have learnt the lessons from the past to avert another catastrophe"

2017-01-18 Three Soldiers Killed As NISA Storms Galmudug Parliament to Stop MPs Planning to Oust President Guled
[Dalsan Radio] Three soldiers were on Tuesday shot dead after fighting erupted between NISA and police at the Galmudug Parliament.

2017-01-18 Security Forces, Amisom Killed 92 Civilians in Last Four Months of 2016 - UN
[Nation] Somali security forces and African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) troops killed 92 civilians in the last four months of 2016, the United Nations reported yesterday.

2017-01-18 AMISOM Regrets Tragic Road Incident in Somalia
[Shabelle] On Sunday evening, an AMISOM convoy travelling along the Mogadishu - Afgoye road was involved in a road accident with a civilian vehicle, which resulted in fatalities.

2017-01-18 AMISOM Convoy Targeted in IED Blast Near Mahaday
[Shabelle] Two roadside bomb ripped through an armored convoy of vehicles transporting African Union soldiers near Mahaday district in middle Shabelle region on Tuesday, reports said.

2017-01-18 UN Warns Millions of Somalis Are At Risk of Famine
[Shabelle] The UN has warned that millions of people in Somalia are at risk of famine after poor rains were forecast for the Horn of African nation that is struggling to recover from last year's drought -- the worst for three decades in some areas.

2017-01-18 Updated - 3 Dead, 4 Injured in Adado Fighting
[Shabelle] At least 3 people are confirmed killed, and four others were wounded in Tuesday's fighting between Somalia's NISA forces and police in Adado, the interim seat of Galmudug state.

2017-01-18 Somali Girl Arrested Over Istanbul Nightclub Attack
[Shabelle] The main suspect behind the deadly attack on an Istanbul nightclub during new year's celebrations was arrested late Monday, according to security sources.

2017-01-18 Somalia Seeks U.S.$864 Million in Humanitarian Aid As 3 Million People Face Biting Drought
[Dalsan Radio] Aid agencies in Somalia have appealed US$864 million in relief aid to reach 3.9 million urgently to save lives , OCHA Somalia said on Tuesday when it launched the Humanitarian Response Plan for Somalia for 2017 Mogadishu.

2017-01-18 Kenya Sees Progress in Counter-Terrorism Amid Reduced Attacks
[Focac] Nairobi -NAIROBI, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Monday that the country's counter-terrorism strategy was paying off with reduced number of terror incidents being recorded in 2016.

2017-01-17 What Is At Stake As Somalia Goes to the Polls
[Nation] In the coming weeks, Somalia will head to a crucial presidential election that will define the country's strategic direction as it strives to regain stability after 25 years of conflict and get ready for a one-person, one-vote election in 2020.

2017-01-17 Shariff Hassan Still Hopeful of a Digil Mirifle in Villa Somalia in Future Despute Defeat in 2017
[Dalsan Radio] Presidential candidate and the Presidemt of South West State Sharif Hassan Adan has told his supporters he remained optimistic that a Rahaweyn head of state will be head of state in the future despite his set back in the 2017 election thay technically knocked him out of the race following the election of Speaker Mohamed Jawari a Digil Mirifle.

2017-01-17 Burundi Soon Withdrawing its Troops From Somalia...
[Iwacu] The deputy head of the civilian cabinet to the president wrote a letter on January 10 to the minister of foreign affairs emphasizing the imminent withdrawal and immediate return of Burundian troops engaged in peace keeping mission in Somalia.

2017-01-16 Citizens Outraged By Trending Video Showing Girl Raped By 6 Men
[Dalsan Radio] A video of a girl been raped by six men in Puntland making rounds on social media has caused an outrage across the country. The video shot and posted by the perpetrators on their Facebook accounts shows a naked girl in her teen age crying for help as a group of boys force themselves into her. The girl is beaten up and a bleeding wound can be seen on her back.

2017-01-16 Trump's Team Queries Fight Against LRA, Al-Shabaab
[Monitor] Kampala -The transition team of the US President-elect Donald Trump has asked whether it's worthwhile for the US government to continue funding the fight against Lord's Resistance Army rebels and Al-Shabaab.

2017-01-17 AMISOM Seeks 9,000 More Peacekeepers
[Shabelle] African Union peacekeeping soldiers from Uganda parade during the arrival of Somalia's new president and former leader of the opposition Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia Sheikh Sharif Ahmed in the capital Mogadishu February 7, 2009. Ahmed arrived in the Somali capital for the first time since he was elected President in neighbouring Djibouti a week ago. REUTERS/Feisal Omar (SOMALIA)

2017-01-17 AMISOM Probes a Fatal Road Accident in Somalia
[Shabelle] African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) said Monday it is probing into a fatal road accident along Mogadishu-Afgoye road on Sunday that one of their armored vehicle involved.

2017-01-16 SNA, KDF Push Al Shabaab Out of Key Area in Gedo
[Shabelle] A Somali official says Somali and Kenyan defence forces have driven out Al shabaab from a key village near Beled-Hawo town in Gedo region following military operations.

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