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2015-10-07 Ahlu Sunna Declares New Offensive Against Al Shabaab in Central Somalia
[Shabelle] Ahlu Sunna administration in central Somalia says it will soon launch a new offensive aimed at rooing out Al shabaab militants in their strongholds in Mudug region.

2015-10-07 Lawyer and Nephew of Somali President Killed in Mogadishu Drive-By-Shooting
[Shabelle] Al shabaab said its assassins brigade shot and killed a lawyer and nephew of Somali president Hassan Sheikh in the capital, Mogadishu, witnesses said on Wednesday.

2015-10-07 Somalia - MPs Boycott to Attend Meeting to End Motion Against President
[Shabelle] A section of Somali parliamentarians have boycotted a meeting that is expected to kick off in Mogadishu on Wednesday (October 7, 2015).

2015-10-07 Foreign Terrorist Fighters Pose 'Significant and Evolving' Global Threat, Warns New UN Report
[UN News] In the wake of last week's meeting of world leaders at United Nations Headquarters on countering violent extremism, a new UN report released today throws into stark relief the growing threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters, especially in an era where extremist groups freely use social media and the Internet to disseminate their ideologies and even raise funds.

2015-10-07 Govt Arrests Two Journalists, Closes TV Station
[RSF] Reporters Without Borders condemns the indefinite closure of London-based Universal TV's East Africa offices in Mogadishu and the arbitrary detention of East Africa director Abdullahi Hersi Kulmiye and programme presenter Ali Dahir Salad.

2015-10-07 Kenya Objects to Coastal Boundary Case Filed By Somalia At the ICJ
[Nation] Kenya has formally rejected Somalia's boundary dispute case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), terming it "invalid."

2015-10-07 Somalia - Govt Troops Seize Al Shabaab Suspects and Weapons in Bardere Sweep
[Shabelle] Col Abdi Mohamud, a senior Somali military commander in Gedo region said they detained 5 Al shabaab suspects and several AK-47 rival assaults and explosive devices during a sweep in Bardere town and its nearby suburbs.

2015-10-07 Nisa Blames Somali Media From Crossing the Line
[Dalsan Radio] Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency has accused the media in the country for overstepping media freedom in the country.

2015-10-07 Army Conducts a Security Operation Near Hudur Town
[Shabelle] The deputy commissioner of Hudur town Mustaf Aden Hussein has detailed a security operation carried out by Somali military forces near Hudur town, the capital of Bakol region.

2015-10-07 Motorists Complain an Increase of Roadblocks in Mogadishu-Afgoye Highway
[Shabelle] A section of Somali Motorists who travel on the highway between Mogadishu and Afgoye are severally complaining from extortion by militias who set up illegal roadblocks.

2015-10-07 Al Shabaab Attacks Govt Military Checkpoint Near Bardere City
[Shabelle] Militants with the Al Qaeda-linked Al shabaab have launched an ambush attack on Somali army base near Bardere town in the south-western Gedo region, police said on Tuesday.

2015-10-07 No Dispute Between Djibouti and Ethiopia Troops in Hiiraan Region, Says Official
[Shabelle] The deputy governor of Hiiraan regional administration Sheikh Hussein Osman has strongly denied disagreement between Ethiopian and Djibouti troops of AMISOM contingents currently operating in the region.

2015-10-07 What Will Be the Punishment of a Rapist?
[Dalsan Radio] On Tuesday an important one day meeting was held in the headquarters of the semiautonomous state of puntland. Basically the meeting was all about constitutionally reviewing the punishments which a rapist or one who goes for adultery will undergo.

2015-10-06 The Return of the Pirates?
[Al Jazeera] Durduri -A hundred years ago, it was a bustling port that served the vibrant fishing community living along Somalia's coastline, the longest on mainland Africa.

2015-10-06 Somaliland - the Strains of Success
[ICG] Somaliland's hybrid system of tri-party democracy and traditional clan-based governance has enabled the consolidation of state-like authority, social and economic recovery and, above all, relative peace and security but now needs reform. Success has brought greater resources, including a special funding status with donors - especially the UK, Denmark and the European Union (EU) - as well as investment from and diplomatic ties with Turkey and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), though not international recognit

2015-10-05 Africa's Governance Winners, Losers and Surprises
[allAfrica] Cape Town -Zimbabwe is one of the African countries where governance has improved most in the four years up to 2014. Senegal just might surge ahead of its African counterparts in the future, to become one of the continent's powerhouses. Developments in Somalia, long the worst-governed country in Africa, can be described as "a good news story".

2015-10-06 National Airways to Start Flights to Puntland
[Reporter] One of the private airlines operating in Ethiopia, National Airways, is going to start flight services to the self-declared State of Puntland.

2015-10-06 Somali Security Agents Raid Universal TV Office, Arrest Journalists
[CPJ] Nairobi -Somali national security forces raided the offices of the privately owned broadcaster Universal TV in Mogadishu on October 2 and arrested Abdullahi Hersi, the station's East Africa director, and Awil Dahir Salad, a producer, on the same day, according to local journalists and reports.

2015-10-06 Somalia - Ahlu Sunna Admin Announces War On Al Shabaab
[Shabelle] The president of central State of Ahlu Sunna, Sheikh Mohamed Ali Hassan has on Tuesday declared military offensive against territories controlling by Al Shabaab militants in central Somalia's Galgadud province.

2015-10-06 Somalia - Anti-Al Shabab Operations Stopped, Says Elbuur Admin
[Shabelle] The military operations against Al Shabaab militants which were ongoing in areas in central Somalia's Galgadud region have been suspended due to military strategic, Elbuur admin said.

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