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2015-08-29 Nearly Ten Elders Arrested By Ija Soldiers in Kismayo
[Shabelle] Somalia's interim Jubaland administration (IJA) soldiers have arrested at least 8 traditional elders in the coastal town of Kismayo, local elders said.

2015-08-29 Ten Al Shabab Fighters Died in Deadly Battle in Hudur
[Shabelle] The government troops, along with African Union (AMISOM) forces clashed with Al Shabaab fighters in Hudur town in Bakol region.

2015-08-28 Mogadishu Book Festival Brings Somali Talents Together
[Al Jazeera] The Somali capital, Mogadishu, is hosting an international book fair, the first such event in the city in more than two decades.

2015-08-28 Face to Face With Somalia's Warriors From the North
[IFEX] Danish-Somali director Nasib Farah spoke to IFEX about his latest documentary, Warriors from the North, and what it was like getting up close and personal with young Al-Shabaab fighters and defectors.

2015-08-27 Winning Women a Greater Say in Somaliland's Policy-Making
[IPS] Hargeisa -Bar Seed is the only female member in Somaliland's 82-person Parliament, but activists hope upcoming national elections may end her isolation.

2015-08-28 Four Somali Migrants Die in Sahara Desert
[Shabelle] At least four Somali migrants who were hoping to reach Europe have died in the Saharan desert, friends who managed to make the perilous journey have said.

2015-08-28 On the Run Again - Somali Refugees Return Home From Yemen
[WFP] Bossaso, Puntland -More than 28,000 people - nearly half of them children - have arrived in Somalia fleeing the conflict in Yemen. Most are Somalis returning to their homeland. 

2015-08-27 43 Dead in Fierce Gun Battle in Gedo Region
[Shabelle] Deadly battle has left at least 43 people and wounded 11 others in two areas in south of Somalia's Gedo region, officials and witnesses said. The government claims that it killed at least 32 Al Shabaab militants during an ambush attack on military base located in Kabis area in Gedo region.

2015-08-28 President of Ahlu Sunna to Appoint His Cabinet
[Shabelle] The president of regional central state of Ahlu Sunna Waljamee'a, Sheikh Mohamed Shakir declared that he would appoint his cabinet members. Mr. Sheikh Mohamed told his supporters in Galgaduud region that he received several requests relating to complete of his regional administration.

2015-08-28 #someonetellmaryharper Trending in Mogadishu International Book Fair
[Dalsan Radio] Mary Harper, the BBC Africa editor is on fire on social media mainly on twitter and Face book for the better day of Thursday.

2015-08-28 Former Governor of Gedo Arrives in Elwaak Town
[Shabelle] Somalia's former regional exiled governor of Gedo, Mohamed Abdi Kalil and other politicians have on Thursday arrived in Elwaak town in south of Somalia's Gedo region, according to sources.

2015-08-26 Germany Pushes for EU Migrant Policy Change
[RFI] German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed Wednesday there would be no tolerance for anti-migrant violence after facing a far-right protest during a visit to a refugee centre. About 200 people massed in the eastern town of Heidenau, some booing and shouting "traitor, traitor" and "we are the mob" as she arrived at the shelter, in a show of defiance over a record influx of asylum-seekers.

2015-08-26 Warriors From the North
[Al Jazeera] His back turned to the camera as he looks out over a nondescript housing development in Copenhagen, "The Shadow" describes how he fell victim to recruiters from the armed Somali group al-Shabab.

2015-08-26 Al Shabaab Ambushes Gov't Troops Outside Baidoa
[Shabelle] Heavily armed Al Shabaab gunmen have reportedly launched an ambush attack on army base manned by government soldiers outside Baidoa town.

2015-08-27 Two Senior Officials Killed in Deadly Attack By Al Shabaab
[Shabelle] Deadly battle between government troops and heavily armed Al Shabaab militants has erupted in Kabis area sandwiched between Baladhawo and Garbaharey towns in south of Somalia's Gedo region.

2015-08-27 Police Arrests Six Tanzanians Heading to Somalia
[Shabelle] Kenyan police seized six Tanzanian nationals and a cache of weapons in an operation in Garissa County Six Tanzanian nationals were arrested on Sunday and a cache of weapons seized from them by police in Garissa. Seven pistols and seven grenades were recovered during the arrest.

2015-08-27 Four People Dead in Shootout in Beledweyne Town
[Shabelle] At least four civilian people have been left wounded in Beledweyne town, situated about 332 km north of Somalia capital, Mogadishu, witnesses said.

2015-08-27 Tribal Clash Kills 1, Wounds 2 Others in Central Somalia
[Shabelle] Deadly clan clash erupting in central Somalia has left at least 1 person dead and wounded 2 others, according to local residents. The clash is said to have started in Sorakey area between Elbuur and Galhareeri towns in central Somalia's Galgaduud region.

2015-08-27 High Court in Meru Reduces Bail for Three Terror Suspects to Sh3 Million Each
[Nation] The Meru High Court has reduced bail issued to three terrorism suspects from Sh5 million to Sh3 million each.

2015-08-27 Three Days International Book Fair Opens in Somali Capital
[Dalsan Radio] Three days Mogadishu International Book Fair has opened in Somali capital on Wednesday. The colorful event which is expected to conclude on Friday is first of it' kind since the break out of the civil war 25 years ago.

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