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2016-09-24 Two Dead, 3 Injured in Clashes in Jowhar Town
[Shabelle] At least 2 Somali soldiers have been killed and 3 other civilians were also injured after government troops exchanged deadly gunfire in Jowhar town, the capital of Middle Shabelle region, witness said.

2016-09-23 UK to Increase Support for Voluntary Return of Refugees
[Dalsan Radio] The UK government has said it is boosting support to help Somali refugees in Kenya return to livelihoods at home.

2016-09-23 Former President Jets Back to Reclaim Villa Somalia After Four Years in the Cold
[Dalsan Radio] Former Somali transition government President has arrived back in the country after four years.

2016-09-23 Somalia Accuses Kenya of Oil Search in Disputed Maritime Boundary
[Nation] Somalia says Kenya continued with oil-exploration activities in the disputed area of the Indian Ocean even after Mogadishu sued over the matter at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

2016-09-23 Abdishakur Launches Manifesto as Campaigns for Somalia President Gears Up
[Capital FM] Nairobi -As Somalia prepares to conduct a Presidential election on October 30, one of the leading candidates, Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, who is the flag bearer of Wadajir Party, on Thursday launched the first political manifesto that addresses a wide range of issues in Somalia.

2016-09-22 Al-Shabab Attacks Kenya Police Station
[Shabelle] Al-Shabab Islamist militants say they are behind an attack on a police station in north-eastern Kenya, near the border with Somalia.

2016-09-22 Three Arraigned Over Mombasa Attack
[Shabelle] Three women, who were the classmates of a suspected terrorist killed at Mombasa Central police station, were taken to court on Wednesday.

2016-09-22 Three Youths Charged With Heading to Somalia for Terrorism Training
[Nation] Three suspects have been charged with attempting to go for Al-Shabaab terrorism training in Somalia.

2016-09-22 Somalia Enters Delicate Poll Season
[Nation] On August 9, the National Leadership Forum (NLF) unveiled the modalities for this year's elections in Somalia.

2016-09-22 Presidential Elections Might Be Delayed, Source
[Dalsan Radio] The Presidential elections scheduled in Somalia on late October might be delayed according to credible sources.

2016-09-22 Media Associations Condemn Govt Ban On Journalists
[Dalsan Radio] Somali media advocacy groups have strongly condemned government order to ban media and Journalists from the airport.

2016-09-22 Kenya Hopes to Move 150,000 Refugees to Somalia By Year-End
[Capital FM] New York -Kenya anticipates to repatriate 150,000 refugees to Somalia by the end of the year.

2016-09-22 CS Mohamed Faults Countries for Failing to Support Somali Refugee Repatriation
[Nation] Kenya says it feels betrayed that the world has not offered to support a programme to repatriate Somali refugees, three years after the two countries signed an agreement with the United Nations.

2016-09-22 Govt Calls for More Funding to Return Somali Refugees From Dadaab
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi -The government says Somali Islamist group al Shabaab has used Dadaab as a recruiting ground

2016-09-23 SIMHA Strongly Condemns Govt Restriction On Media/Journalists
[Dalsan Radio] Somali Independent Media Houses Association ( SIMHA ) strongly condemns Federal government of Somalia move that bans the media from the airport and it's environs for next two months.

2016-09-22 Dozens Drown After Boat Capsizes Off Egypt's Coast
[Shabelle] At least 29 people have died and 150 rescued after a boat carrying hundreds of refugees capsized off Egypt's coast.

2016-09-22 German Expert Details Efforts to De-redicalize Somali Defendants
[Shabelle] A German scholar testified Tuesday that it's possible to de-radicalize violent Muslim extremists using the same techniques developed in Europe to help neo-Nazis break with their pasts.

2016-09-22 UK Announces Sh2.7 Billion More for Dadaab Refugees Repatriation to Somalia
[Nation] The British Government has announced an additional Sh2.7 billion (£20 million) for the voluntary return of refugees to Somalia from Kenya.

2016-09-21 Kenya and Somalia Plan Free Visa Pact
[Nation] Kenya is eying a free visa pact with Somalia as part of a diplomatic offshoot of the recent miraa export row with the Horn of Africa nation.

2016-09-21 Future Bleak for Drought-Hit Somalis
[CAJ News] Mogadishu -INADEQUATE funding could worsen the woes of some 5 million- 40 percent of the country's population- who do not have sufficient food. The number of Somalians in need of food aid has soared to over the past six months.

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