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2016-12-04 Outgoing MP Blames Govt of Electoral Fraud
[Shabelle] A member of Somalia's outgoing federal parliament Mohamud Ahmed known as (Kulalihi) has accused the country's top leaders including the president Hassan Sheikh of electoral fraud.

2016-12-04 Puntland VP in Mogadishu for Election Talks After Row
[Shabelle] The Vice President of the northeastern semi-autonomous region of Puntland Abdihakim Omar Amey has arrived in Somali capital Mogadishu for election talks with speaker and Int'l community.

2016-12-04 UK Govt Admits Funding Isil and Al Shabaab
[Shabelle] The U.K. government is funding ISIS to the tune of $723 million, according to leaked British government documents.

2016-12-04 Outgoing Deputy Speaker Elected MP
[Shabelle] The outgoing deputy speaker of Somali parliament Jeylani Nur Ikar has been elected as federal MP in the ongoing lower elections for Banadiri community in Somali capital, Mogadishu on Sunday.

2016-12-04 Millions Face Starvation
[Shabelle] Some 38 aid agencies have said that at least five million Somalis are facing acute food security crisis due to poor rains in the Horn of Africa nation.

2016-12-02 Kenya-Somalia Border Fencing on Course
[East African] The fencing of three kilometres of the Kenya-Somalia border is complete after the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) took over its construction over two months ago.

2016-12-02 Kenya-Somalia Fence to Keep Away Unwanted Elements, Says Mandera Governor Ali Roba
[Nation] The fencing of three kilometres of the Kenya-Somalia border is complete after the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) took over its construction over two months ago.

2016-12-02 Al Shabaab Claims Killing 11 Soldiers in Bakool Fight
[Shabelle] At least 11 government soldiers were killed, and three others wounded in a heavy fighting between Al shabaab fighters and Somali troops in Bakool region, south west of Somalia. Al shabaab claimed it killed 11 soldiers in the combat which erupted when Somali federal government forces attacked militants in Dhuraay area located in the outskirts of Wajid town.

2016-12-02 Puntland Frees Al Shabaab Prisoners From Jails - Officer
[Shabelle] An official says Puntland state has released dozens Al shabaab members captured in recent battle from several jails in the region, including Garowe, the region's capital Garowe. Gen Muhaydin Ahmed Muse, the commander of Puntland's anti-terror police said the Al shabaab prisoners had been freed, with a court has ruled to appeal their early sentences.

2016-12-02 Puntland Action Plan for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism
[Dalsan Radio] Garowe -Hon Mustafa Duhulow, CVE Coordinator for Somalia praised the efforts of Mr Abdullahi Farah (Dihal), Puntland Director of CVE for his leadership in organizing today's Puntland Stakeholders' Public Discussion in Garowe regarding the National Strategy and Action Plan for Preventing & Countering Violent Extremism for Somalia. Attendees included Anisa Haji Mumin, Minister of Women, Ahmed Osman Elmi, Minister of Interior, Dr Mohamed Ali Farah, Deputy Minister of Education, Hon Abdi Hosh, Hon Dhahar Ali, Gove

2016-12-01 Parliamentary Elections - of the Progresses and Pitfalls
[Addis Standard] In the past weeks or months, Somali political discourse was dominated by the 2016 parliamentary elections and whether the country will be able to pull this off at all. Large segments of the society and some key stakeholders were sceptical of the election taking place, insinuating that the incumbent was pushing for a favourable extension, and this means substantial period. Now that the myth of extension is dispelled and the parliamentary elections kicked off across the Federal States, it appears that the to

2016-12-01 Govt to Reopen Border Controls After 25 Years
[Dalsan Radio] Somalia's head of Immigration Mohamed Aden Kofi on Tuesday announced that the country will re-open border posts 25 years after the civil war erupted. Speaking at the opening of a training for immigration officers in Mogadishu. Kofi pointed out that the border posts with the neighbouring countries of Kenya and Ethiopia would be the priority.

2016-12-01 Lower House Elections Kick Off in Somali Capital
[Shabelle] The ballot to pick up the MPs of the lower house seats for the Banadiri clans and northern regions have kicked off on Wednesday in Somali capital, Mogadishu. The chairman of Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation team (FIEIT) Omar Amey and other Somali government officials have witnessed the opening of the lower house election in Mogadishu.

2016-12-01 PM Sharmarke and NISA Clash Over Alleged Detention of Somaliland Traditional Leader.
[Dalsan Radio] Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmake and the country's intelligence body have publicly clashed over allegation of the arrest of a traditional leader

2016-12-01 Police Find Arms Cache in Garissa Town
[Shabelle] Police in Garissa on Monday night found a cache of weapons buried outside a residence in Bula Sagare. The weapons include an AK-47, 210 rounds of ammunition, IEDs, a hand grenade, a suicide bomb vest fully loaded with switches and a mobile phone.

2016-11-30 Al-Shabaab Regrouping in Somalia to 'Attack Kenya' - Police
[Nation] Al-Shabaab terrorists are regrouping in Jedahaley, Somalia, and plan to attack the country, police have warned.

2016-11-30 Presidential Poll Date Changed
[Nation] Somalia's presidential election will not be held on Wednesday as earlier scheduled, an official announced.

2016-12-02 Cholera Outbreak Kills Four Children in Central Somalia
[Shabelle] A watery diarrhea outbreak has claimed the lives of four Somali kids in Bulo-Burde town in Hiiraan province over the past few hours, according to medics. Scores of children who were infected by the disease have been admitted in an emergency temporary health centre in the town, where they are now being treated.

2016-12-02 Ex Home Minister Elected As MP in Jowhar Elections
[Shabelle] Former interior and federal affairs minister Abdullahi Godah Barre has been elected as federal MP in the lower house election in Jowhar on Thursday.

2016-12-02 NISA Conducts Security Sweep in Mogadishu
[Shabelle] An official says Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) soldiers have carried out an anti-terror operation in the capital following reports of a would-be car bomb attack by Al shabaab.

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