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2017-07-24 Ethiopia Release 114 Somali Prisoners
[VOA] More than 100 Somalis, recently released from Ethiopian detention facilities and handed over to the Somali government, arrived in Mogadishu on Saturday, government officials told VOA Somali.

2017-07-24 Girl Dies in IDP Camp Blast in Somalia, 17 Injured
[VOA] A child died and 17 people were injured Saturday when a grenade went off among a group of people at an IDP camp in Somalia's Sool region, a local official told VOA.

2017-07-24 20 Killed as Militias Clash in Herale, Somalia
[Nation] At least 20 people were killed in a two-day fierce gun-battle between rival militias in central Somalia.

2017-07-24 Interior Minister Farah Threatens to Resign If PM Kheyre Reinstates Sacked Permanent Secretary
[Dalsan Radio] PM Kheyre Intervenes As Ministers Clash Over Sacking of Interior Permanent Secretary

2017-07-24 Tens of Court Cases Adjourned in Power Cut
[Dalsan Radio] Blackout Forces Tens Of Mogadishu Court Cases Adjourned .

2017-07-24 British Ambassador Visits Hargeisa International Book Fair
[Dalsan Radio] British Ambassador David Concar this afternoon addressed the renowned Hargeisa International Book Fair, a celebration of Somali culture, heritage and ideas. Ambassador Concar said the UK is the largest international donor to Somaliland and that the longstanding UK commitment to the people of Somaliland is founded on diaspora and historic ties.

2017-07-24 18 Percent of Candidates Fail in the National Secondary Examinations
[Dalsan Radio] 3000 out of 18239 National Secondary Examinations candidates failed, Ministry of Education announced as it released the results.

2017-07-21 PM Kheyre Launches First Direct Email Commuication With Public
[Dalsan Radio] Somalia Prime Minister Hassan Kheyre has launched an email address that will enable direct communication between the Premier and the public.

2017-07-20 The Somali Pirates Are Back (Spoiler Alert - They Never Really Left)
[IRIN] An IRIN investigation reveals the extent to which Somalia's pirates are back in business and this time it's as much about smuggling weapons to extremist groups

2017-07-20 Young Refugees Cleared to Travel to Waiting U.S. Foster Families
[VOA] Young refugees from Somalia and Eritrea who are eagerly awaited by American foster families have been cleared to travel to the United States, Lutheran Social Services (LSS) tells VOA.

2017-07-20 Kenyan Soldiers Kill Al-Shabaab Chief in Southern Somalia
[Nation] The Kenya Defence Forces says it has killed a senior Al-Shabaab commander.

2017-07-20 Car Bomb Hits Ministry of Sports Building
[Dalsan Radio] Staff Injured After Car Explosion Hits Sports Ministry Building . A bomb set in a vehicle belonging to Ministry of Sports exploded at the headquarters . The driver of the vehicle who is a a staff at the Ministry was injured in the explosion.

2017-07-19 Young Somali Poet Wins BBC Award
[Nation] Deqa Nuux Yonis has won the BBC Somali Young Female Poet award as the broadcaster celebrated its 60 years of service in the Horn of Africa country.

2017-07-19 Ex Electoral Delegates Join SNA for Own Security
[Dalsan Radio] Following a spate of assassinations some electoral delegates who elected the MPs in the last election have joined the government armed forces. Some of delegates who refused to give their names to the reporters stated that since Al-Shabaab is out there to kill them, it is only reasonable for them to join the army.

2017-07-19 Hirshabelle State Assembly Lawmakers Laud Training On Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation
[Dalsan Radio] Legislators from HirShabelle State Assembly today concluded a capacity building workshop on conflict resolution and management, convened by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), in the Somali capital Mogadishu.The six-day training which was attended by 75 legislators was funded by the Danish government through its funding to the AU Mission's Stabilization Programme. The sessions focused on the MPs' role in resolving conflicts and enforcing reconciliation.

2017-07-19 AMISOM Linked to 500 Accidents in Somalia
[Dalsan Radio] The Somalia Traffic Police Department has documented at least 500 motor accidents and civilian shootings linked to AMISOM.

2017-07-19 Bottom Up Approach - an Option to Quash Resuscitating Al-Shabaab
[Ethiopian Herald] The resuscitating Al-Shabaab would be the real threat to the East Africa region unless bottom-up-approach is pressed through international efforts to solve Somali crisis.

2017-07-19 First Somali-American State Lawmaker Says U.S. Is Welcoming, Despite Islamophobia
[VOA] In 2016, Ilhan Omar made history when she was elected to Minnesota's House of Representatives, becoming the first Somali-American to win a state office in the United States.

2017-07-19 Internet Returns After Three-Week Blackout
[Al Jazeera] Internet has returned to Somalia after an outage of more than three weeks that cost the Horn of Africa nation the equivalent of $10m a day.

2017-07-19 Ex President Mohamud to Meet SW's Sharif Amidst Talk of Motion Against PM Kheyre By MPs
[Dalsan Radio] Former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is scheduled to meet South West State President Shariff Hassan Adan in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, Radio Dalsan has established.

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