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2015-03-05 Human Rights Commission to Probe City Toilets Again
[GroundUp] The SA Human Rights Commission is to re-examine its report on chemical toilets in the informal settlements, after finding procedural irregularities in the report.

2015-03-05 Poor Left Out of New Plan to End Hunger - Activists
[Health-e] About one in four South Africans regularly go hungry. A new government plan aims to stem hunger but risks failing without input from those hit hardest - the country's poor, say activists.

2015-03-05 Bills Approved to Amend Children's Act
[] Cabinet has approved the submission of two Bills which amend the Children's Act, 2005, to Parliament, says Minister responsible for Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency, Jeff Radebe.

2015-03-05 Faith-Based Organisations Raise Concerns Over Age of Sexual Consent
[Parliament of South Africa] Several faith-based organisations have expressed serious concerns and reservations regarding the decriminalisation of consensual sexual acts by children between 12 and 16 years old. These were raised during the second day of the public hearings held by the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services.

2015-03-05 Xenophobia - Let's Not Forget That Many Foreign Nationals Are Refugees
[The Daily Vox] We call the victims of xenophobic attacks foreign nationals, but I won't do that here. The term "foreign" nationals creates a bigoted binary of us and them, and I think we've had enough bigotry in this country. Instead, I ask, when was the last time we considered that these xenophobic attacks are worsening the lives of refugees? 

2015-03-05 Committee Express Concern About Missing Nigerian Girls
[Parliament of South Africa] The Multi-Party Womens' Caucus has expressed its concern that the majority of girls kidnapped in Nigeria by the militant group Boko Haram have still not been found.

2015-03-05 Traditional Leaders Advised to Work Together in Land Claims
[] President Jacob Zuma has called on traditional leaders to organise themselves and work together to claim land that was taken from their forefathers.

2015-03-05 Government to Announce Date for Digital Migration Soon
[] Communications Minister Faith Muthambi will soon announce the date for the migration of broadcasting services from analogue to digital.

2015-03-05 Brave, Dedicated Fire Fighters Commended By Cabinet
[] Cabinet has commended the bravery, commitment, dedication and hard work of the men and women who have been working tirelessly to contain the devastating fires in Cape Town's South Peninsula since Sunday.

2015-03-05 Leaked Spy Docs Put SA's Security in Jeopardy - Cabinet
[] Cabinet has condemned the recent leak of South African security documents, saying it undermines the country's security and diplomatic relations.

2015-03-05 Xenophobic Attacks Erupt in Limpopo Province
[RFI] Xenophobic attacks in South Africa have moved to the north-eastern province of Limpopo. Foreigners on the outskirts of the provincial capital Polokwane in Limpopo have abandoned their shops after protesting villagers threatened to burn them alive and then looted them.

2015-03-05 Grand Agriculture Plan Gets Cabinet's Nod
[] Cabinet has approved the five-year Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Strategic Framework and Agricultural Policy Action Plan, Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe, said on Thursday.

2015-03-05 South Africans Called to Work With Govt to Stimulate Growth
[] Cabinet has encouraged South Africans to work together with government to counteract the current economic conditions to stimulate further economic growth.

2015-03-05 Cabinet Pleased By Repatriation Processes
[] Cabinet says it is pleased about concluding the final phase of the repatriation of all mortal remains of South Africans from Nigeria, as well as those of struggle heroes from Russia.

2015-03-05 SA Post Office Activates Contingency Plan
[] The South African Post Office has put in place contingency measures to ensure that operations continue unhindered following a 48-hour notice by the Communication Workers Union (CWU) to go on strike today.

2015-03-05 Generations the Legacy Might Be Left in Ashes By New Competition
[The Daily Vox] eTV's new soapie, Ashes To Ashes aired its first episode at 8pm on Tuesday, steering some attention away from SABC's flagship soapie: Generations The Legacy. Now viewers are asking who will win in a battle of the soaps. BONGIWE TUTU reports.

2015-03-05 Cosatu Condemns Brutal Crackdown On Tucoswa Meeting
[COSATU] COSATU wish to strongly register its utter disgust with the brutal attack on workers' rights in Swaziland. The royal family regime continues to wage a relentless attack on the rights and dignity of workers.

2015-03-05 Cabinet Opts for Control Access Set-Top Boxes
[SAPA] Cape Town -Cabinet has approved the digital migration amendment policy which will see an access control system included in television set-top boxes, Communications Minister Faith Muthambi said on Thursday.

2015-03-05 Police Officer Recognised Child as Kidnapped Baby
[SAPA] Johannesburg -The moment he laid eyes on Zephany Nurse he knew she was the baby kidnapped in 1997, Lt-Col Mike Barkhuizen told Beeld newspaper in a report published on Thursday.

2015-03-05 False Bay Domestic Worker Paid Nothing for 14 Years
[GroundUp] A 61-year-old Zimbabwean domestic worker, Gladys Mafita, claims her False Bay employer fired her without payment after 14 years.The employer is Daniel Deng, son of Francis Deng, the first ambassador of South Sudan to the United States.

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