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2014-09-17 South Africa Sends Rescue Team to Lagos
[]Cape Town -Government has dispatched a search and rescue team to Lagos to assist in the recovery of the remains of South Africans that were killed during a tragic building collapse in Nigeria, says International Relations and Cooperation Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane.

2014-09-18 'Open Mosque' Admits Everyone, Including Critics
[VOA]Johannesburg -A Muslim academic in South Africa is ruffling feathers - and, he says, getting death threats - for his plan to open a mosque that will welcome gay worshipers and allow women to lead prayers. Mosque founder Taj Hargey says the Open Mosque, which opens Friday in Cape Town, is a way to fight what he says is a surge of radical Islam in Africa. But judging from the harsh reactions the mosque is getting in the usually tolerant Rainbow Nation, there may be a tough battle ahead.

2014-09-17 Hold Your Noses and Ratify Europe Trade Deal
[The Trade Beat]Before they went away on the one truly 'religious' festival in the EU calendar - the month-long summer vacation each August - EU trade negotiators hurriedly initialled the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Economic Partnership Agreement, a free trade agreement between Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa and the European Union.

2014-09-17 Steve Biko - Celebrating Mass & Icons
[The Journalist]September is Heritage Month. It is also the time when we commemorate the death of Steve Biko. All across the nation recent events have honoured the legacy of an icon. In Cape Town St George's Cathedral, a place of interfaith unity throughout the anti-apartheid struggle, celebrated a special Mass on Sunday. But what is the real meaning of this annual acclaim?

2014-09-17 South African Move On Child Trafficking
[IRIN]Johannesburg -The announcement yesterday that parents would have another nine months to comply with new regulations for travelling into and out of South Africa with their children has been met with a collective sigh of relief.

2014-09-17 GM - Mixed Messages From Woolworths
[The Journalist]Woolworths has announced that it intends to cut back genetically modified or GMO products by 50 percent but food activists are sceptical.

2014-09-17 Biko Walls of Memory - A Multi Living Hip Hop Human Being
[The Journalist]Hip Hop Film artist Vuyisa "Breeze" Yoko, aka "Khasi" who directed this piece called "Biko's Children", said in the opening of this film, if Biko were alive he would be a Hip Hop Head.

2014-09-17 Racism On Campus - Jumping Around "Like Mad Hatters"
[The Journalist]The University of the Free State recently lifted the expulsion of two white students accused of using a bakkie to run over a black student. The young white men were acquitted of all charges in the Regional Court in Bloemfontein. The University management apologised to the students and their families and also issued a statement acknowledging the findings of the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) that it was "unable to find any corroborating evidence to make a conclusive finding of racism and

2014-09-17 The Way We Were - the Unknown SABC Story
[The Journalist]It's early 1994. Twenty years ago.

2014-09-17 Surviving Rivonia Trialists Hold Dialogue With School Learners
[GroundUp]Learners from a number of schools in Cape Town had the opportunity to meet surviving Rivonia trialists when a replica of Nelson Mandela's prison cell on Robben Island was launched to tour the country.

2014-09-17 Vogue, Race and the Big Booty Double Standard
[The Daily Vox]When I came across Vogue's article about the "official era of the Big Booty" my anger and annoyance moved me to pen this short open letter to the magazine:

2014-09-17 Synagogue Building Collapse - Nigeria, South Africa Differ On Death Toll
[Premium Times]President Jacob Zuma of South Africa announced, Tuesday, that 67 of his countrymen perished in the collapsed building at The Synagogue church in Lagos.

2014-09-17 The Great Baleka Mbete Debate - How the ANC Won the Battle and Lost the PR War
[Daily Maverick]The five opposition parties who on Tuesday tried to pass a vote of no confidence in the Speaker of the National Assembly Baleka Mbete were never going to win the day. They simply do not have the numbers to defeat the ANC in a vote.

2014-09-17 Cape Town Fringe - Cape Town's Big Theatre Binge - but Will It Leave City With a Hangover?
[Daily Maverick]Most theatre festivals in the world start small and grow from there. Not the inaugural Cape Town Fringe, which kicks off on 25 September for eleven days with a dizzying array of over 100 productions to be staged in venues across the city. But will Capetonians come out in their droves?

2014-09-17 Relocating Rhinos and Flying With Sharks - Will This Be the Required Experience to Ensure FlySafair's Success?
[Daily Maverick]South Africa is less than 30 days away from the launch of yet another aspiring low-cost passenger airline. It's a movie we, the public, have seen before, but never with a Hollywood ending. STYLI CHARALAMBOUS asks FlySafair CEO, Dave Andrew, the obvious question: why he thinks this time will be different.

2014-09-17 Marikana Commission - Question(s) Unanswered
[Daily Maverick]The Marikana Commission of Inquiry has almost heard the last of its evidence before the legal teams reconvene for final arguments. We know much more about what happened in August 2012, but many questions remain unanswered. After police commanders heard of the deaths at Scene One, as evidence suggests they did, why did they allow the operation to continue to Scene Two where 18 strikers were killed? Those responsible may be guilty of causing the murders.

2014-09-17 Champions League T20 - Five Talking Points Before the Group Stages
[Daily Maverick]The Champions League T20 group stages begin on Wednesday. The South African teams won't play until Friday, but there's still much to assess. ANTOINETTE MULLER picks out five key points.

2014-09-17 Nigeria/SA Death Toll Still Uncertain - Report
[SAPA]The death toll in a building collapse in Nigeria is still uncertain, South Africa's high commissioner to Nigeria said on Wednesday.

2014-09-17 Bouncing Back - Cape Town Recovery Film Festival 2014
[Daily Maverick]It's been a year since the inaugural Cape Town Recovery Film festival, and now it is back with more unusual films telling the stories of ordinary people whose experiences became extraordinary through the spiral of addiction - and the slow climb of recovery. By MARELISE VAN DER MERWE.

2014-09-17 Church Building Collapse Was Not the First
[SAPA]Johannesburg -A building collapse at The Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) in Nigeria, which killed 67 South Africans, was not the first, according to information on the church's website.

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