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2014-11-23 DA Calls for Parliamentary Inquiry Into SAA CEO's Appointment
[DA]The acting SAA CEO, Nico Bezuidenhout must immediately be suspended pending the outcome of an inquiry into his appointment to SAA.

2014-11-21 Ruling Party Abandons Debate in Parliament
[SAPA]Parliament -Faced with a clearly combative opposition, the ANC on Thursday night abandoned a debate in the National Assembly on a report calling for the suspension of 20 Economic Freedom Fighters MPs from the legislature.

2014-11-21 How Africa Can Flourish in New Global Economy - Top U.S. Official
[State Department]During a twelve-day visit to Africa, I saw people employing their smart phones, tapping into the internet, engaging in social media, and conducting business and commercial transactions on line. The mobile devices that they used were the result of a manufacturing process that started with innovation and design at various locations around the world, assembly at a host of other sites, and distribution and marketing from even different corners of the globe.

2014-11-21 MPs More Free in the Street Than in Parliament
[Biz-Community]I can stand in the street and call someone a thief. I can even call the president a thief. But I can't do it in Parliament. Something is topsy-turvy here...

2014-11-21 German Corporate Unease in South Africa
[Deutsche Welle]German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has been visiting South Africa, Berlin's most important African partner. German companies in the country fear troubled times lie ahead.

2014-11-21 Is the National Democratic Revolution Really a Formula for Radical Change?
[SACSIS]Why is an idea, which featured in Marxist debates decades ago now thrown about by all sides in mainstream public debates? Why is it used by both sides in the dispute wracking Cosatu? Because it touches on a core issue facing our society.

2014-11-22 Eskom Implements Load-Shedding
[]Pretoria -The power system was severely constrained on Friday with Eskom implementing load-shedding.

2014-11-21 Settlement Reached Between SA Post Office, Two Unions
[]Pretoria -The South African Post Office (Sapo) says it has reached an agreement with two of the three labour unions whose members embarked on a protracted strike over wages.

2014-11-21 16 Days of Activism - Moving a Non-Violent SA Forward
[]Pretoria -"Imagine living in a society where we no longer read or hear about the abuse that women and children often suffer at the hands of heartless perpetrators."

2014-11-21 Government to Host Dialogues On Triple Challenges
[]The Department for Women is to host national and provincial dialogues in order to understand the causes and impact of the continued triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequalities, including violence against women and children.

2014-11-21 SA Participates in Africa-Turkey Summit
[]Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, where he will represent South Africa at the 2nd Africa-Turkey Summit of Heads of State and Government.

2014-11-21 Deputy President's Message to Parliamentary Leaders
[]Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has advised leaders of parties represented in the National Assembly that the process agreed among parties earlier in the week has been rendered unworkable.

2014-11-21 SA, Botswana to Intensify Existing Cooperation
[]President Jacob Zuma and Botswana President Seretse Khama Ian Khama have reaffirmed their commitment to deepening existing strategic cooperation for the mutual benefit of the two countries and their people.

2014-11-21 Cape Town Rolls Out Free Wi-Fi in Public Buildings
[SA Info]Sixty-one public buildings in the City of Cape Town will have free Wi-Fi by the end of June 2015, the executive mayor of the city, Patricia de Lille has announced.

2014-11-21 Ann Bernstein and Trudi Makhaya On the Economic Freedom Fighters
[SACSIS]At a recent event hosted by SACSIS and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in which we explored "left, right and centre" views on South Africa's economic development, a journalist snuck in a question about the panel's views on the Economic Freedom Fighters.

2014-11-21 Court Orders City to Conduct Census of Marikana
[GroundUp]On Thursday, residents of Marikana informal settlement's Rolihlahla Park section welcomed a Western Cape High Court postponement of an eviction hearing. The court ordered that the City of Cape Town compile an audit of the households living on the erf in question to determine who will need emergency temporary accommodation if an eviction order is granted.

2014-11-21 'This Is What Depression Is - an Imbalance of the Chemicals in the Brain'
[The Daily Vox]Mental illnesses a real health problems, with identifying features and proven treatments. But it is still regarded as taboo in many communities and depression in particular is often swept under the rug. Leila Smith* (20) shares her story.

2014-11-21 A Year On - Mandela - Myth and Reality
[African Arguments]On the anniversary of the death of Nelson Mandela, the Institute of Commonwealth Studies is convening a conference to examine the complexities of Mandela as a nationalist leader: his relationship with the South African Communist Party, his management of the transition from apartheid and his record as president.

2014-11-21 2020 AD - Who Will Be in Charge?
[Daily Maverick]A hundred years after the beginning of a war that destroyed the fabric of the world, J. BROOKS SPECTOR speculates on who will be in charge for the next decade.

2014-11-21 Cosatu's Divide and Conquer - Vavi Gets Reprieve, Numsa Gets Dumped
[Daily Maverick]After months of open warfare, Cosatu's leaders have decided to smoke the peace pipe and begin a new, new negotiations process, led by the ANC, to resolve their numerous problems. Suddenly the special congress Cosatu affiliates have been demanding for over a year is on the table, Zwelinzima Vavi's disciplinary charges are held in abeyance and there is a possibility that Numsa's expulsion could be reversed.

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