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2014-11-26 Thabo Mbeki's Quietly Destructive Policy On Zimbabwe
[ISS]It was the skeleton in the cupboard that successive South African leaders desperately tried to keep locked up. Former presidents Thabo Mbeki, Kgalema Motlanthe and President Jacob Zuma all fought tooth and nail to prevent the release of the Khampepe report on the 2002 elections in Zimbabwe, drawn up by Constitutional Court judges Dikgang Moseneke and Sisi Khampepe.

2014-11-26 New White Door Safe Space to Protect Abused Women
[]Pretoria -The Department of Social Development will today launch the White Door Safe Space facility in Madibeng in the North West to accommodate abused women.

2014-11-26 SA Wraps Up Nuclear Vendor Workshop
[]Government has successfully concluded its second nuclear vendor parade workshop with China, France, South Korea and the United States.

2014-11-26 Regional Business Barriers - Unlocking Economic Potential
[SAIIA]In 2011, the SADC Secretariat in collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) initiated a research and dialogue project to identify the most significant constraints to doing business in the SADC region. The idea was to make these more tangible - beyond the desk research stage, by conducting firm-level case studies on the identified constraints.

2014-11-26 Women's Empowerment 'Key to Stopping Violence'
[SA Info]Only a radical shift in approaches to end gender violence will bring about change, says Gender Links, a South African based non-governmental organisation that promotes gender equality across the 15 countries in southern Africa.

2014-11-26 South Africa Pulls Up Its Sleeves in Fight Against Ebola
[SA Info]South Africa is playing its part in the international fight against Ebola virus disease on a number of fronts - including diagnostic laboratory support in West Africa - in an multifaceted approach to ensure its citizens and visitors remain safe.

2014-11-26 Merging Theatre and Politics in a Divided City
[The Journalist]Alexandra Sutherland's interest in community engagement began around the same time she started studying drama. In fact, it was sparked when people started killing each other just minutes away from the first year classes she sat in.

2014-11-26 Beauty Salon Need a Sales Boost? Why Not Just Body Shame Your Patrons
[The Daily Vox]The latest marketing campaign from Sorbet Group, which describes itself as being "at the forefront of professional grooming, for women and men" since 2005, is a bit of a head scratcher.

2014-11-26 Running a Vegetable Shop From a Wheelchair
[GroundUp]Lulamile Witbooi lost his legs in a train accident in 1991. Today he runs the "Corner Market", a thriving fruit and vegetable shop in Zwezwe, Khayelitsha.

2014-11-26 New Online Home for Mandela's Legacy
[SA Info]The Nelson Mandela Foundation's relaunched website is a visually rich portal that incorporates multimedia functionality to better keep Madiba's legacy alive in the 21st century, while catering for a growing global audience.

2014-11-26 SA Economy Grows 1.4 Percent in Third Quarter
[SA Info]South Africa's real gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 1.4% quarter on quarter from a revised 0.5% rise in the second quarter, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) reported on Tuesday.

2014-11-26 Analysis - Wither the ANC Youth League. and the Alliance
[Daily Maverick]On Tuesday the ANC's national task team that has been running the ANC Youth League since a certain 'young lion' went off the game reserve announced that the League's planned elections had been postponed. For, depending on how you count these things, the third or fourth time. But, farcically, the conference itself is now going to go ahead as a policy gathering.

2014-11-26 The Killing of Anni - Were It Not for the Murder, It Would Be Comical, State Argues
[Daily Maverick]There are two worlds, the state argued in the Shrien Dewani murder trial yesterday. One, the realm of the "reasonable man", the other, the criminal underworld where anything is possible including an assassination plot planned in 30 minutes and executed sloppily in two days. But somewhere between the tragedy and farce of the killing of Anni Hindocha, the state still believes her husband has a case to answer.

2014-11-26 No Leader, No Plan, No Goals - Are the ANC's Young Lions Sleeping?
[Daily Maverick]The ANC Youth League conference will proceed, but without leadership elections. Leaders of the organisation's national task team and the ANC don't believe the 'young lions' can discuss the future of the League and contest positions at the same time. They're probably right and it's an indictment on the organisers that leaves the ANC with another leaderless campaigning body.

2014-11-26 Ferguson Burns, South Africa Simmers - Why America Is but a Matchstick Away
[Daily Maverick]Ferguson explains more about South Africa, and South Africa more about Ferguson, than anyone would like to admit. There are lessons to be found in the ashes.

2014-11-26 Op-Ed - Parliamentary Paralysis - Worse Is Not Better
[Daily Maverick]Many observers derive some pleasure from the disorder recently witnessed in parliament and the embarrassment it has caused the ANC. While lamenting this development, many may wish to see these scenes continue, no matter what the cost to parliament as an institution. It is, however, necessary to look to the long-term and find a way of resolving the problems.

2014-11-26 Obituary - Farewell to the Master of Angst and Thoughtful Conversation
[Daily Maverick]The multi-talented Mike Nichols, master comedic genius, film, television and stage director, has passed away. J BROOKS SPECTOR takes note of Nichols' impact in a long career that brought memorable works like The Graduate and Angels in America to the big and television screens, and Death of a Salesman to the stage.

2014-11-26 African Press Review 26 November 2014
[RFI]Eskom plans to shed jobs. Suspected Ugandan rebels go on a killing spree in DRC. Nigeria devalues. A charity bike is stolen in Egypt. Kenyans get angry about security failures. And Wole Soyinka tells how he overcame prostate cancer.

2014-11-26 Economic Inequality Fuels Gender Violence
[Gender Links]Johannesburg -Each year as we commemorate Sixteen Days of Activism against gender violence, the most common question asked is, "How do we curb violence against women?" Of course there is no one single simple solution to this pandemic, but one of the key solutions is economic independence. When women are uneducated and financially dependent, they are less able to escape abuse and negotiate all aspects of their lives.

2014-11-26 Youth Urged to Have a Say On National Minimum Wage
[Parliament of South Africa]The Portfolio Committee on Labour has encouraged young people to be more involved in the national minimum wage by making input in the current discussions.

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