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2015-07-01 Concern Mounts Over Security in Lesotho
[Deutsche Welle] SADC has sent a mediator to Lesotho following the killing of a former army chief which has aroused regional concerns. Tensions are still running high following an attempted coup and subsequent elections.

2015-07-01 Why President Zuma Needs More Security - Police Minister
[News24Wire] The ongoing scrutiny of President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla home has made him even more vulnerable to further security risks, prompting Police Minister Nathi Nhleko to re-evaluate the security upgrades.

2015-07-01 Govt Sells Vodacom Stake to Fund Eskom
[News24Wire] The government has sold its 13.91% stake in Vodacom to the Public Investment Corporation to help fund the R23bn allocation to Eskom, National Treasury said in a statement on Wednesday.

2015-07-01 Career Guidance Can Keep Disabled Kids From Slipping Through the Cracks
[The Conversation Africa] More than two million South African children who are disabled risk slipping between the cracks of education and employment without real guidance and support.

2015-07-01 Frans Matlala Appointed As New SABC CEO
[News24Wire] Frans Matlala has been appointed as the SABC's new chief executive officer, saying "I need to acknowledge the honour I've been given".

2015-07-01 Disturbing Court Judgment Ignores Our Rights
[GroundUp] On 23 June the Pretoria High Court struck from the roll an application by Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) that tried to put an urgent end to Operation Fiela. Lara Wallis explains why this is deeply concerning.

2015-07-01 One of the World's Oldest Toys Is a Township Craze
[GroundUp] Spinning tops have been around for years and this is one of the toys that has been keeping township kids busy for decades, especially during school holidays.

2015-07-01 18 Things R50.5m for Nkandla Security Was Spent On
[News24Wire] According to Police Minister Nathi Nhleko only R50.5m was spent on security upgrades to President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla home.

2015-07-01 Professors Aren't Born - They Must Be Nurtured
[The Conversation Africa] There is a growing call globally for universities to develop and nurture more black professors. In South Africa, the issue is sharpened by the country's racist legacy. It has been more than two decades since the official end of apartheid and the

2015-07-01 Vodacom-Neotel Deal Should Worry Telkom - Analyst
[News24Wire] Regulators' approval of Vodacom's [JSE:VOD] R7bn bid to buy fixed-line business Neotel should worry Telkom [JSE:TKG], said an analyst.

2015-07-01 Whale Rescued During Billabong Pro
[News24Wire] While international surfing stars rode the waves at the Billabong Pro in Ballito, a dramatic rescue played out beyond the break on Tuesday.

2015-07-01 The Best Time for Marathon Runners to Get On the Road
[The Conversation Africa] Running has been a popular recreational activity for many years. But for marathon runners who train outdoors, the significant proportion of time they spend in the sun means they are potentially exposed to harmful rays.

2015-07-01 Pensioners Wounded in Heist At Pretoria Mall
[News24Wire] Nine pensioners were shot and wounded during a cash heist at around 06:00 at the Soshanguve Mall in Pretoria on Wednesday, Gauteng police said.

2015-07-01 Mokotedi Mpshe's Zuma Tapes Affidavit - It's All About Leonard Mccarthy
[Daily Maverick] When the competing film versions of 'Jacob Zuma: From Nkandla to the Union Buildings to President' and 'Zuma: From Hero to Firepool' are made, you'll be able to tell who funded which biopic by how they treat the time during which the first decision was made to formally charge the now-president with corruption. So many little details have dribbled out over the years that it's pretty easy to hide things out without anyone actually noticing.

2015-07-01 Chatsworth Camp Officially Closed, but More Than 100 Refugees Stay Put
[The Daily Vox] Fewer than 100 of more than than 200 refugees have left the Chatsworth camp despite the announcement by eThekwini municipality that it would be closed yesterday. The UNHCR has offered packages to the refugees to restart their lives: R3,500 for individuals and R7,000 for family units. Some people have not yet received their packages, thus they could not leave the camp. Most refugees remain adamant about staying put, with some of them saying they would leave the camp only when UNHCR deports them to anoth

2015-07-01 Freedom and the Law
[Daily Maverick] The Constitution declares that courts are charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the legal system, adjudicating over whether or not some or other person or official or institution has transgressed the law. Insofar as courts defend the law from transgression, a law that substantially embodies our freedom, they are simultaneously defending freedom itself. By RAYMOND SUTTNER.

2015-07-01 Freed Swazi Lawyer Makhubu to Speak at Editors' Forum's AGM
[SANEF] The Editor of the Nation Magazine in Swaziland, Bheki Makhubu, who was released from prison on Tuesday after spending more than a year in jail, is to be guest of honor at the 2015 Nat Nakasa Awards dinner organized by Sanef, Print and Digital Media SA and the Nieman Society of Southern Africa.

2015-07-01 Commuters Angry At Metrorail Increases
[GroundUp] COSATU and an organisation called Public Transport Voice have criticised Metrorail Cape Town's ticket increases which kick in today, 1 July 2015. Metrorail, however, says the fare increase is unavoidable.

2015-07-01 Mining Communities Are Ready to Explode, Say Activists
[GroundUp] Phakisa, from the Sesotho word meaning "hurry up", has been touted by government as the silver bullet that would "fast track the implementation of solutions on critical development issues."

2015-07-01 Uber v Authorities - Regulatory Headaches Abound for Popular Taxi Service
[Daily Maverick] Smartphone-operated taxi service Uber has caused regulatory problems wherever it operates in the world, and South Africa is no exception. Last weekend, multiple Uber cars were impounded in Cape Town, where provincial government and the company are struggling to come to an agreement on what form of regulation is appropriate for the system. Customers don't seem to care; Uber is exploding here. South Africans have taken two million Uber rides in the past year. By REBECCA DAVIS.

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