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2015-11-25 Shooting Back - the Crisis of Police Killings
[ISS] At the end of October, South Africans were shocked by the reported execution-style killing of an injured robbery suspect in Krugersdorp. The aftermath of the incident took a worrying turn, however, as it sparked much vocal and public support for extra-judicial killings by police officers.

2015-11-25 Homo Naledi May Be 2 Million Years Old
[The Conversation Africa] There has been global interest in the announcement of new fossils from a cave called Rising Star in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site in South Africa.

2015-11-25 South Africa Closes Home Affairs for Upgrades
[SA Info] From 27 November to 2 December people would not be able to submit identity document (ID) and passport applications, the Department of Home Affairs announced, as it would be installing upgrades to improve its services.

2015-11-25 16 Days of Activism - What's Faith Got to Do With It?
[The Daily Vox] As the 16 days of activism against gender violence begins, we need to question the role of all faiths and how they contribute to all aspects of societal life, including violence against women and children, write LIZLE LOOTS and ELIZABET LE ROUX.

2015-11-25 Why Professors Are Afraid of Colonial Education Being Dismantled
[The Conversation Africa] A series of student protests in South Africa has thrown up a number of questions. Many of these are linked to the problem of decolonising institutions. And at least one implicates the country's professoriate by asking: how do academics transcend Western knowledge systems and ways of learning in African universities?

2015-11-25 Why Govt Needs the U.S. for Agricultural Trade
[The Conversation Africa] Relations between the US and South Africa have hit another low in a series of trade disputes that go as far back as 2003. While strengthening its relations with other countries, the US has threatened to suspend South Africa from its preferential trade programme for Africa due to its failure to comply with the latest terms of the African Growth Opportunities 2015-11-25 Textbooks Matter - the State Goes to Court Again
[GroundUp] SECTION27 has been engaging with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) about the ongoing textbooks crisis in Limpopo since early 2012. There have been four high court orders saying that the state's failure to give learners their full complement of textbooks is a violation of their right to education. Tuesday was the fifth time this matter has been in court.

2015-11-25 No Word From the National Council on Gender-Based Violence
[Sonke Gender Justice] It has been one year since thousands of South Africans took to the streets across the country to demand a National Strategic Plan (NSP) on Gender-Based Violence (GBV). A plan promised to our country by President Zuma. A plan leading to the establishment of a National Council on GBV (NCGBV) to develop and implement. A plan to bring hope to victims of GBV and our nation. A plan that still does not exist.

2015-11-25 Audit Finds Serious Problems At Wolwerivier but Will City Listen?
[GroundUp] Overcrowding, high unemployment rates and fire safety are just some of the concerns raised by a social audit of Wolwerivier, a low-cost housing project north of Cape Town.

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