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2017-04-27 Uganda Targets South Sudan, DR Congo With Logistics Hub
[Monitor] Kampala -Uganda is considered a cheaper cargo route for goods bound to South Sudan, than the direct route to from Mombasa to Juba.

2017-04-26 Fledging State to Failed State - Press Freedom in S. Sudan
[CPJ] Juba -Even as the country collapses, South Sudan's government will brook no criticism.

2017-04-26 U.S. Admonishes Warring Parties
[VOA] U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley has admonished the warring parties in South Sudan, saying they have done nothing to end the suffering of their people and are only exacerbating it.

2017-04-26 Juba Says Khartoum's Fake News Causing Panic in South Sudan
[East African] South Sudanese authorities have blamed Khartoum media for causing panic in Juba through warmongering reporting.

2017-04-26 UN Wants IGAD to Sanction South Sudan Military Leaders
[East African] Juba -The UN panel of experts for South Sudan has directed the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad) member states to immediately impose travel bans and asset freezes on the country's military commanders sanctioned by the Security Council last year.

2017-04-26 Instruments of Pain (II) - Conflict and Famine in South Sudan
[ICG] War in South Sudan led the UN to declare 100,000 people are suffering famine, with a further 5.5 million at risk. This special briefing urges the country to work harder to establish parameters for a ceasefire. At the same time, humanitarian corridors from Sudan should be kept open and donors must fully fund the UN aid appeal.

2017-04-26 Nuba Mountains Refugees Switch South Sudanese Camps
[Radio Dabanga] Pamir -Thousands of refugees from South Kordofan have arrived in Pamir camp in South Sudan, after being forced to leave Yida camp because of a shortage of food.

2017-04-25 Accountability for Rights Abuses 'More Important Than Ever,' - UN Official
[UN News] A lack of accountability for crimes perpetrated during the ongoing conflict in South Sudan remains one of the country's "biggest challenges," the Human Rights Director for the United Nations Mission (UNMISS) said today as he wrapped up a visit to the north-western Wau region.

2017-04-25 Kenya's Hunger Crisis Fuelled By History of Rural Neglect
[Deutsche Welle] War-torn South Sudan and Somalia are being badly hit by East Africa's hunger crisis. But in Kenya, which is at peace, millions also need food aid. Critics blame the political class.

2017-04-25 Australia Commends Sudan's Cooperation in Facilitating Delivery of Humanitarian Assistance to Affected South Sudanese
[SNA] Khartoum -The Government of Australia has commended the level of cooperation Sudan has shown with the UN in facilitating delivery of humanitarian assistance to affected civilian population in south Sudan and in opening up Sudanese borders to receive southerners fleeing the conflict in their home country

2017-04-25 NISS Says Juba Continues Supporting Sudanese Rebel Movements
[SNA] Khartoum -The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) on Monday issued a statement reaffirming the continuation by the government of South Sudan in providing assistance and in fully hosting and backing the Sudanese rebel movements.

2017-04-25 Corporation Provides Aid to South Sudanese Refugees
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -The Sudanese Popular Corporation for the Relief of the People of South Sudan has postponed an aid convoy with laboratory materials due for the Sudan-South Sudan border areas on Sunday.

2017-04-25 Locals Disguise As Refugees to Access Relief Items
[Monitor] Lamwo -Residents of Lamwo District are now disguising as South Sudan refugees in order to access some of the relief items given to the latter, district officials say.

2017-04-24 Truck Drivers Call Off Strike At Uganda-South Sudan Border
[Observer] Truck drivers who ply the Uganda-South Sudan border trade route have finally called off their week-long strike following commitments and concessions made by the government of South of Sudan.

2017-04-24 Uganda and South Sudan Agree On Border Demarcation Plan
[East African] Kampala -Uganda and South Sudan have agreed on a blueprint for redrawing their common border.

2017-04-23 New African Union Chief Puts Peace Back On the Agenda
[ISS] The scene is not a familiar one at the African Union (AU): the AU Commission (AUC) chairperson, in shirtsleeves, walking in the blazing sun down an unpaved alley in a war-torn country. Yet this picture of Moussa Faki Mahamat, the new AUC chairperson, on a visit to South Sudan, is probably the first of many.

2017-04-24 Three Months, Still No Word On Disappeared South Sudanese Men
[HRW] Three months, 90 days, more than two thousand hours without news of Dong Samuel Luak, a well-known South Sudanese activist, and Aggrey Idris, an opposition official, who disappeared off the streets of Nairobi on January 23 and 24.

2017-04-24 Uganda, South Sudan Agree On Plan to Redraw Border
[Monitor] Kampala -Uganda and South Sudan have agreed on a blueprint to guide redrawing of the boundary separating the two countries, which ostensibly is expected to bring to an end the long-simmering border conflicts.

2017-04-23 Opposition Groups Say Genocide Is Real, Blames It On Govt
[East African] Six South Sudan opposition groups have joined forces and are now calling on the world to recognise that the country has sank into a genocide perpetrated by the government.

2017-04-23 Juba Takes First Steps to New Constitution
[East African] South Sudan is racing against time to draw up a new constitution in line with the 2015 Peace Agreement, even as the security situation in the country degenerates.

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