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2014-12-18 EU Calls for Expanded Arms Embargo on Juba
[Sudan Tribune]Juba -The European Union has slapped an arms embargo on South Sudan over its failure to resolve the country's ongoing conflict, calling on the international community to also consider taking tougher action. Monday's resolution comes 12 months after a political dispute plunged the country into violence.

2014-12-18 Sudan Warns Juba Against Hostile Moves By Rebels in Its Territory
[Leadership]Sudan's intelligence chief has warned South Sudan against hostile moves from its territory, saying any incursion by rebel forces based in its neighbour would be treated as an "assault" by Juba.

2014-12-18 Presidential Aide, Former Rebel Leader Discuss Political Partnership
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -The Sudanese presidential assistant, Ibrahim Ghandour, discussed on Wednesday with the leader of the former rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM-Dabago), Bakheit Abdallah Dabago, the completion of the political partnership within the framework of the Doha peace accord (DDPD).

2014-12-18 Sudan's Party Politics - What Future?
[SudaNow]Government officials have more than once vowed not to change the schedule of the national elections, billed for April 2015, regardless of several outcries, mainly from opposition parties, to postpone them until a national concord is reached. By the result, many political forces, including the National Umma Party (NUP) and the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP), had decided they would boycott the process, if their view were not accommodated.

2014-12-18 Presidential Assistant Discusses Political Partnership and Elections With Former Rebel Leader
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -The Sudanese presidential assistant, Ibrahim Ghandour, has discussed on Wednesday with the leader of the former rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM-Dabago), Bakheit Abdallah Dabago, the completion of the political partnership within the framework of the Doha peace accord (DDPD).

2014-12-18 SPLA Sentences Soldier to Death, Dismisses 40 for Misconduct
[Sudan Tribune]Juba -The South Sudanese army (SPLA) has sentenced a military police soldier to death for the murder of another soldier in what was deemed to be an ethnically motivated killing.

2014-12-18 Khartoum Again Warns Juba Against Supporting JEM Rebels
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -The director of Sudan's National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), Mohamed Atta, has reiterated warning to South Sudan against supporting and funding Sudanese rebels particularly the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

2014-12-18 One Dead, Two Injured, in Darfur Attacks
[Radio Dabanga]Kutum / Habila -A member of the Sudan Armed Forces was killed and another injured in an attack by militiamen on the Disa garrison in Kutum locality, North Darfur, today. In West Darfur, militiamen attacked the police post in Habila locality, West Darfur, on Tuesday morning.

2014-12-18 Darfur Bar to Defend 19 Accused By Sudan's Militia of Cooperating With Rebels
[Radio Dabanga]Khartoum -A group of 19 Darfuris accused of cooperating with rebel movements, attended their first court session in Khartoum today, after lingering for months in prison cells.

2014-12-18 Employees Strike in West Kordofan, Threaten to Strike in South Darfur
[Radio Dabanga]En Nahud / Nyala -Members of the Labour Union branch in En Nahud locality, West Kordofan, embarked on a strike on Monday, in protest against the non-payment of their November salaries.

2014-12-18 Auditor-General Reports 'Mismatches'
[Radio Dabanga]Khartoum -The Sudanese auditor-general has reported corrupt figures in the accounts of the Ministry of Guidance and Endowment, diplomatic missions abroad, the states, and the oil sector.

2014-12-18 Militiamen Threaten to Attack Another Village in Gireida, South Darfur
[Radio Dabanga]Gireida Locality -On Saturday, militiamen besieged Donki Hadoub, north of Gireida town in South Darfur.

2014-12-18 'Ex-Rebels Excluded From UN Darfur Programmes' - General
[Radio Dabanga]Khartoum -The Sudanese Disarmament, Demobilisation, and Reintegration Secretariat have denounced the refusal of Unamid and the UN Development Programme to include ex-rebels in their integration programmes.

2014-12-18 'More Advocacy Needed for Sudan Appeal' - Communist Party
[Radio Dabanga]Khartoum -The Sudanese Communist Party's Political Bureau has called for increasing advocacy for the Sudan Appeal, to promote the aims set out in the declaration, signed by opposition forces in Addis Ababa early this month.

2014-12-18 Herder Killed As Uxo Detonates in Darfur's East Jebel Marra
[Radio Dabanga]East Jebel Marra -A young shepherd was killed, along with 17 of his sheep, in the area of Mashrou Abu Zeid, East Jebel Marra, in an explosion today.

2014-12-17 Norway Helps Provide Nutritious Food to Malnourished Families in Sudan
[WFP]Norway's contribution of NOK12,400,000 (US$1.9 million) will enable WFP to treat 50,000 pregnant women, nursing mothers and children aged under five affected by moderate acute malnutrition in Darfur, with 900 metric tons of specialised nutritous food (SuperCereal Plus).

2014-12-17 Darfur Déja Vu
[African Arguments]There is an old joke that Sudanese politics is different every week but if you come back after ten years it is exactly the same.

2014-12-17 UNAMID Won't Leave Darfur Amid Escalating Violence - UN Official
[Sudan Tribune]New York -The head of the United Nations peacekeeping department, Hervé Ladsous, said the African Union/United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) will not bow to Sudan's request to leave the restive region amid rising violence there.

2014-12-16 Govt Forces Accused of Gang Rape in Blue Nile State
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]London -Sudanese government forces are gang raping teenage girls and women in government-held areas of Blue Nile state in a pattern of terror against civilians, a rights group said on Monday.

2014-12-16 Govt Forces Accused of Civilian Abuse in Blue Nile
[Radio Dabanga]Nairobi -Sudanese government forces and allied militias are severely harassing and abusing civilians on a large scale in government-held areas in Blue Nile state.

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