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2014-04-18 Egypt, Sudan Ink Agreement On Operating Border Crossings
[Egypt Online]Egypt and Sudan signed on Thursday an agreement on the operation of border crossings.

2014-04-18 Sudanese Opposition Suspends Turabi's Party Over Participation in National Dialogue
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -The opposition alliance National Consensus Forces (NCF) decided to freeze the membership of Hassan Al-Turabi party because they accepted to take part in the national dialogue process.The NCF which gathers the Communist party and other small political forces said they suspend the Popular Congress Party (PCP) and another small formation called Justice Party, for their participation in the political process launched by president Omer Al-Bashir last January.

2014-04-17 Bomb Maims Darfur Children
[Radio Dabanga]Anka -Three North Darfur children were severely injured on Sunday when a bomb they found at the roadside exploded.

2014-04-17 Bright Eritrean Refugee in Sudan Selected to Study in the Netherlands
[UNHCR]Khartoum, Sudan -When Mohammed Humed fled from Eritrea to the famous Sudanese tourist destination of Kassala, he was not going on holidays. He was looking for a better life, one providing safety and peace.

2014-04-16 Eritrean Seeking Safe-Passage to Sudan Was Led Into a Nightmare
[UNHCR]Kassala, Sudan -After 20 members of her religious congregation were imprisoned in Eritrea, Semret knew she had to flee to the safety of Sudan. The 25-year-old woman left on foot with a smuggler recommended by a friend - straight into a tragedy.

2014-04-18 SPLM-N Rebels Deny SAF Recapture of Eastern S. Kordofan
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -The rebel Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) denied statements by the Sudanese army about the defeat of its forces in eastern South Kordofan state claiming they are still controlling the area and accused Khartoum of targeting civilians.

2014-04-18 Atrocities Against Kordofan Civilians As Sudanese Army Strikes in Force
[Radio Dabanga]South Kordofan -The Sudan People's Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N) has confirmed that a force of government militias and elements of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) launched an attack on the villages of Tommy, Al Mansour, Kilora, Tarawa, and Tindimin in Rashad locality in the Nuba Mountains area of South Kordofan on Tuesday.

2014-04-18 International Court Adjourns Darfur Rebel Trial
[Radio Dabanga]The Hague -The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Wednesday postponed the start of the trial of Darfur rebel leader Abdalah Banda Abaker Nourain, until further notice, blaming "logistic difficulties" for the delay.

2014-04-18 Uganda - MSF Increases Its Capacity for Action to Aid Refugees From South Sudan
[MSF]The flow of refugees to Uganda shows no signs of abating. Every day, approximately 300 South Sudanese cross the border to escape insecurity and lack of food in their country. Since conflict erupted there in December between the army, loyal to President Salva Kiir, and forces supporting former Vice President Riek Machar, more than 66,000 South Sudanese have taken refuge in Adjumani district in northern Uganda.

2014-04-18 'Legal Technicality' Leads to Expulsion of NGO Merlin From Sudan
[Radio Dabanga]El Geneina -The British-based humanitarian NGO Merlin, which became part of Save the Children in July 2013, has been forced to cease its work in Darfur owing to a 'legal technicality'. The move will impact on some 600,000 Darfuris, who have been receiving a range of life-saving medical care from Merlin, which has been operating in Sudan since 1997.

2014-04-18 Dead, Injured in North Darfur Accident, Attack
[Radio Dabanga]Kabkabiya/Kobe -A displaced man was killed and four others seriously injured in a bus accident in North Darfur on Tuesday.

2014-04-18 Darfur Gold Concession Winner Warned-Off By Hilal
[Radio Dabanga]Jebel 'Amer -The Sudanese Federal Ministry of Minerals has awarded the concession for exploration for gold deposits in Jebel 'Amer in North Darfur to the MAM Group, a major Sudanese industrial group with subsidiaries in various areas of contracting and construction. However, militia commander Musa Hilal, who last month established his 'own administration' in North Darfur, has warned that "the current situation does not allow exploration in that region".

2014-04-18 North Darfur Governor Brokers Agreement to Protect Villages
[Radio Dabanga]El Fasher -Following complaints from the leaders and citizens of rural areas in El Fasher and Tawila localities last week, the Governor of North Darfur, Osman Kibir, has acknowledged the occurrence of the burning and looting of villages.

2014-04-16 Massive Mobilization of Armed Forces in the Nuba Mountains
[SSP]Washington, D.C. -The Satellite Sentinel Project issued a human security alert for the civilian population of the Kauda Valley in the war-torn Nuba Mountains region of Sudan.

2014-04-17 Unamid Organizes Workshop On Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
[Unamid]On 16 April 2014, UNAMID's Conduct and Discipline Unit (CDU) organised a workshop on sexual exploitation and abuse at the University of El Fasher in El Fasher, North Darfur. The workshop was attended by more than 200 participants, mostly students and lawyers.

2014-04-16 UNAMID Peacekeepers Provide Medical Support to Displaced Community
[Unamid]As part of ongoing work to assist the local communities across Darfur, UNAMID peacekeepers from Nigeria provided medical care for more than 100 people from the Neem IDP camp in El Daein, East Darfur on 14 April.

2014-04-16 Radio Show Produced By Darfuri Children Officially Launches
[Unamid]On 15 April 2014 in El Fasher, North Darfur, UNAMID, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, officially launched Voices of Children, the first Darfuri radio programme made by children, for children.

2014-04-17 Al-Bashir's Decree Fell Short of Sudan's Demands
[Sudan Tribune]This article comes against the backdrop of the Decree number 158 of 2014 passed by the National Congress Party (NCP) president Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir to regulate the activities of Sudanese political parties. The people of Sudan are extremely sick and tired of al-Bashir's never-ending fruitless never-implemented decrees. From the outset, the decree gave a slap on those who have illusions about al-Bashir's decrees. The decree stated that it prohibited any meetings of political parties within the

2014-04-17 Army Preparing for Major Offensive in Nuba Mountains
[Radio Dabanga]Washington -Satellite photographs have revealed the deployment of more Sudanese troops and equipment into the Nuba Mountains region in preparation for an offensive against the Sudan People's Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N).

2014-04-17 President Issues Decree to Ban Parties' Meetings in Their HQ Without Security Bodies' Approval
[HRInfo]Cairo: -The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) denounces the presidential decree issued yesterday, April 15, by President Omar Al-Bashir. The decree codifies Sudanese security bodies' interference in the parties' affairs and violates their right to hold meetings inside their headquarters.

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