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2016-08-25 Machar's Treatment in Sudan Stirs No Objections
[VOA] South Sudan said Wednesday said that even though former rebel leader Riek Machar was being treated at a Sudanese hospital for an apparent chest infection and leg injury, it would not affect relations between the two countries.

2016-08-25 Judge Postpones Hearing of Activists in Khartoum
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -A Judge at the Khartoum Criminal Court in Sudan today postponed the case against nine activists affiliated with the Khartoum-based Center for Training and Human Development (TRACKS).

2016-08-25 Machar in Khartoum 'Purely On Humanitarian Reasons', Sudan Insists
[News24Wire] The Sudanese government has maintained that South Sudan's former vice president, Riek Machar, is in Sudan "purely on humanitarian reasons".

2016-08-24 Riek Machar in Khartoum for Medical Care
[Al Jazeera] South Sudan opposition leader Riek Machar has arrived in Khartoum for medical treatment, according to Sudanese officials, days after fleeing to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) following deadly clashes last month.

2016-08-24 Port Sudan Sees 25 Percent Transport Tariff Hike
[Radio Dabanga] Port Sudan -On Monday, Port Sudan saw an increase in transportation tariffs by 25 per cent. The fare from Port Sudan to Tokar has risen to SDG25 ($4), to Sinkat to SDG20 ($3.30), and Sawakin to SDG14 ($2.30).

2016-08-24 'Opposition May Pull-Through Stalled Peace Talks'
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -A Sudanese opposition party leader has proposed to rethink the priorities in the stalled negotiations between the Sudanese government and armed movements. "They have to regain and utilise the momentum of the peace negotiations."

2016-08-24 Official Spokesman - Sudan Receives Dr Rick Machar for Purely Humanitarian Reasons
[SudaNow] Khartoum -The Minister for Information and the Government Official Spokesman, Dr Ahmed Bilal Osman, on Tuesday announced that Sudan has recently received Dr Rieck Machar for purely humanitarian reasons top of which his need for urgent medical attention.

2016-08-24 Newspapers Headlines Issued in Khartoum On Tuesday, August 23, 2016
[SNA] Al-Sudani:

2016-08-24 Finance Minister - Revenues Totals 28 Billion Pounds for the First Half of This Year
[SNA] Khartoum -The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Badr-Eddin Mahmoud has said that the size of the revenue for the first half of the current year amounted to 28 billion pounds, despite the negative impact of the decline in the domestic oil production.

2016-08-24 Nomadic Herders Demand Rights in Sudan
[Radio Dabanga] Sennar -Herders who migrate their cattle along the border with South Sudan have complained about the absence of measures that would allow their animals to graze in Sudan. After years of struggle, they have raised a memorandum to parliament.

2016-08-24 Riek Machar in Sudan for Treatment
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -The leader of the SPLM-In Opposition in South Sudan, Riek Machar, is currently in Sudan for urgent medical attention, after withdrawing from clashes in Juba mid-July.

2016-08-24 South Sudan FV-P, Al Bashir Agree On Oil, Security Issues
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -South Sudan's new First Vice-President Taban Deng Gai and Sudanese officials discussed outstanding issues on Sunday as he began his two-day visit to Khartoum.

2016-08-23 Returnees Lack Services in Kabkabiya, North Darfur
[Radio Dabanga] Kabkabiya -A large number of displaced people who have returned to their homes in Kabkabiya locality in North Darfur over the past two months, still lack health and water services.

2016-08-23 Police Arrest Shop Owner and Son in South Darfur
[Radio Dabanga] Gireida -A merchant and his son were arrested on Monday when he refused to pay a weekly fee to the military force in Gireida, South Darfur, on Saturday.

2016-08-23 Clampdown Begins On Khartoum's Tea Sellers
[Radio Dabanga] Kahrtoum -The work of tea sellers in Khartoum has suffered from their equipment being confiscated during the past days. 'Women tea sellers are chased-down.'

2016-08-23 Farm Guard Runs-Over Herder in Blue Nile
[Radio Dabanga] Ed Damazin -In an incident involving a shooting and a crash, one person was killed while two herders were wounded by a security guard in Ed Damazin, Blue Nile on Monday.

2016-08-23 Khartoum and Juba Agree to Reopen Crossing Point
[SNA] Khartoum -Sudan and South Sudan have agreed to settle all security and political dossiers and to reopen crossing point in a maximum period of three weeks, reaffirming the need to have security and stability in the region.

2016-08-23 Oil Talks Between Khartoum and Juba Start
[SNA] Khartoum -Oil talks between Sudan and South Sudan State, co-chaired by the Oil Minister, Dr. Mohammed Awad Zayed and his South Sudanese counterpart started, Monday, at the Ministry of Oil and Gas.

2016-08-24 Six Villagers Held for Ransom By North Darfur Herders
[Radio Dabanga] Saraf Umra / Tawila -A paramilitary group kidnapped six villagers from Adede in Saraf Umra locality in North Darfur and demanded a ransom of SDG38,000 ($6,260) in compensation for breaking the leg of a camel.

2016-08-24 Three Injured, Seven Missing in North Darfur Highway Robbery
[Radio Dabanga] Gireida / Jebel Marra -Three people were injured and seven others went missing when a commercial vehicle carrying goods and passengers was ambushed in North Darfur on Monday afternoon.

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