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2014-04-23 Abbala, Beni Hussein Clash in North Darfur
[Radio Dabanga]El Sareif Beni Hussein -A number of people were killed and others wounded in clashes between members of the Abbala and Beni Hussein tribes in El Sareif Beni Hussein locality, North Darfur, on Saturday and Sunday.

2014-04-23 Darfur Civil Society Initiative Calls for Resumption Peace Negotiations
[Radio Dabanga]Khartoum -A group of Darfuri civil society members, united in the Initiative in Support of the Peace Process in Darfur, have handed a memorandum calling for the resumption of peace negotiations to the head of Unamid. The Initiative plans to hand a copy to the President of Sudan.

2014-04-23 Birkat Seira Market Looted, North Darfur
[Radio Dabanga]Birkat Seira -Militiamen plundered the market of Birkat Seira in North Darfur on Sunday.

2014-04-23 Abbala Herders Release Livestock By Force On North Darfur Farmlands - Thousands Displaced
[Radio Dabanga]Tawila Locality -About 7,000 people were displaced in Tawila locality in North Darfur when Abbala camel herders attacked their villages, and released their livestock on their farmlands on Saturday.

2014-04-23 Sudan's Military Court Frees South Kordofan 'Spy'
[Radio Dabanga]El Obeid/Khartoum -The judge of the military court in El Obeid, North Kordofan, dismissed the charges against Saeed Ali El Awad on 15 April, and freed him. The 26-year-old student arrived in Khartoum on Friday for medical purpose, as his health condition has been very bad during his detention.

2014-04-23 Army Says it Repulsed Multiple Rebel Attacks
[Sudan Tribune]Juba -The South Sudanese army (SPLA) said on Tuesday that it had repulsed rebel fighters under the leadership of former vice-president Riek Machar from attempting to extend their control on a number of fronts in Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile states.

2014-04-23 NCP Confirms Bashir Can Run for President in 2015
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) has reaffirmed that its rules do not prevent president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir from running in upcoming elections.

2014-04-23 Parliament Ready for Direct Talks With U.S. Congress, Says Speaker
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -The speaker of the Sudanese parliament, Al-Fatih Izz Al-din, has expressed readiness of the National Assembly to engage in direct talks with the United States Congress in order to normalize relations and lift the US sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1997.

2014-04-23 Sudanese Government and SPLM-N Resume Peace Talks in Addis Ababa
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -Peace talks between the Sudanese government and the rebel Sudanese People's Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) have resumed in Addis Ababa on Tuesday in a new bid to end the nearly three year conflict in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.

2014-04-23 Displacement From Saraf Omra Ongoing' - Darfur Camp Coordinator
[Radio Dabanga]Zalingei -More than 200 displaced families from areas in the east and south Saraf Omra locality in North Darfur have arrived to camp Hamidiya in Zalingei locality of Central Darfur.

2014-04-23 Protestors Beaten, Assaulted in Sudan
[Radio Dabanga]Khartoum -Badroddin El Haj, who was detained on Friday at a demonstration in Aljiraif East says that he and 14 others were beaten with sticks, kicked, bunched and slapped by members of the security forces.

2014-04-23 Sudanese Refugees in Car Living in Fear
[Radio Dabanga]Bembere -The 2,200 Sudanese refugees of camp Bembere in the Central African Republic CAR have renewed complaints of bad humanitarian, health and security conditions.vAbdulrahman Ismail, the head of camp Bembere explained to Radio Dabanga that the Sudanese refugees of the camp are living in severe fear because of the ongoing fighting in the CAR, which increases their suffering, especially in the humanitarian, health and security fields.

2014-04-23 Attacker Dies After Botched Robbery in West Darfur
[Radio Dabanga]El Geneina -Three displaced men and three militiamen were injured on Monday evening when a highway robbery in West Darfur.  Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the militiamen were operating and moving throughout the area of Krendig 1 Krendig 2 camps near state capital El Geneina. "A displaced student was riding his motorcycle from El Geneina in the direction of Krendig camp at about 8 pm on Monday. He was accosted by nine militiamen who forced him to stop. When they tried to steal his motorcycle, he surprised one o

2014-04-23 Minawi Blames Sudan Government for Bentiu Massacre
[Radio Dabanga]Amsterdam -The head of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) and Deputy-President of the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), Minni Arko Minnawi has accused Khartoum regime, its militias, and the opposition forces in the south of the county of causing last week's massacre that claimed the lives of more than 400 Darfuris in Bentiu, South Sudan.

2014-04-23 Five Women Raped in South Darfur Wadi
[Radio Dabanga]Kalma Camp -Five displaced women from Kalma camp in South Darfur were seized and raped by government-backed militiamen in North Darfur on Tuesday. aqoub Mohammed Abdula, coordinator of Kalma camp told Radio Dabanga that the women, aged between 26 and 36 years, are all newly displaced who have fled the area to the southeast of state capital Nyala.

2014-04-23 Obasanjo-Led S/Sudan Commission in Juba Amidst Renewed Violence
[Leadership]The African Union (AU) Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan has embarked on a 10-day mission to the country amidst renewed violence in parts of the country's oil rich regions.

2014-04-22 Crime, Corruption, Militias Boost Elephant Poaching - Report
[VOA]A new report says organized crime, government corruption and militias are all linked to elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade. It says poachers in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sudan and Kenya move across borders with near impunity.

2014-04-21 Chinese Engineers Abducted
[Focac]Khartoum -Two Chinese engineers, working at an oil field belonging to Sudanese oil companies in Sudan's West Kordofan State, were abducted by unidentified men on Friday, according to sources at Chinese Embassy in Khartoum on Sunday.

2014-04-21 No Justice for Protest Killings
[HRW]Nairobi -Sudanese authorities have failed to provide justice for scores of civilians killed in anti-government protests in September 2013, Human Rights Watch said today. Authorities should release all remaining political detainees and investigate allegations of abuse and torture of detainees.

2014-04-21 Five Citizens Detained On the Backdrop of Al-Jarif Protest's Dispersal
[HRInfo]Cairo: -The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) deprecated Sudanese authorities' detention of five Al-Jarif city's residents, during the dispersal of their protest that took place on Friday 18th of April. The residents protested against the government's attempt to take away their land for the establishment of security ambushes.

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