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2017-03-01 Terror Act Changes Stall At Senate
[Swazi Media] The promised amendments to the Swaziland's Suppression of Terrorism Act have been shelved by the kingdom's Senate - again.

2017-02-28 Confusion Over Language Ruling
[Swazi Media] Private as well as public schools in Swaziland are to be forced to conduct lessons in siSwati, the mother tongue of Swazi people, and applicants to universities and tertiary colleges will be made to take an application test in the language.

2017-02-28 Swazi Activist Forgotten in Jail
[Swazi Media] Where is the campaign and help for the appeal of Swazi activist Zonke Dlamini, who was tortured and sentenced to 15 years under repressive terror laws three years ago, asks his co-accused, Bheki Dlamini, who was released without charge? Writes Kenworthy News Media.

2017-02-28 Judges Appointed Unconstitutionally
[Swazi Media] King Mswati III, the autocratic ruler of Swaziland, appointed seven judges to the Supreme Court in contravention of the kingdom's Constitution, Amnesty International has reported.

2017-02-20 King's Role in Schools Chaos Ignored
[Swazi Media] A command made by Swaziland's autocratic King Mswati III that schools must not charge parents top-up fees is about to be overturned following years of confusion.

2017-02-13 King's Bogus Claim On Democracy
[Swazi Media] A campaign of misinformation has begun in Swaziland to convince people that it is a democratic kingdom when it is not.

2017-02-08 250,000 Swazi Still Need Food Aid
[Swazi Media] At the same time that King Mswati III told his subjects that Swaziland had been saved from the drought because people believed in God, the World Food Program reported 250,000 Swazi people would need assistance with food until at least March 2017.

2017-02-07 Hunger Forces Schools to Close Early
[Swazi Media] Teachers across Swaziland are reporting that schools are forced to close early because there is no food to feed children.

2017-01-30 HM the King Receives Swaziland Ambassador, Bearer of Message From Swaziland King
[MAP] Addis Ababa -HM King Mohammed VI received, Sunday in Addis Ababa, Swaziland's ambassador to Ethiopia, Promise Msibi, bearer of a message to the Sovereign from King Mswati III of Swaziland.

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