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2014-07-31 Jailed Journalist Calls On U.S. to Sanction King
[Swazi Media]Thulani Maseko, the human rights lawyer and journalist jailed for two years in Swaziland because he wrote a magazine article critical of the Swazi judiciary, has written from his jail cell at Sidvwashini Prison to US President Barack Obama, asking for the United States to impose sanctions against King Mswati III.

2014-07-30 Breast Cancer Network Appeals for Help to Save Life of Young Swazi
[MISA-Swaziland]MISA-Swaziland's e-Forum posts stories and statements from civil society groups and NGOs in promotion of media freedom, diversity, pluralism, and access to information. The e-Forum also encourages individuals and groups to reply and respond to stories or statements that appear on the Forum. Press Statement: Swaziland Breast and Cervical Cancer Network (SBCCN)

2014-07-29 'Black Friday for Journalism' in Swaziland
[MISA-Swaziland]"An explosive and hostile Judge Mpendulo Simelane sentenced The Nation magazine editor Bheki Makhubu and columnist and human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko to two years imprisonment without an option of a fine yesterday, sending shock waves to media practitioners locally and internationally," reports today's edition of weekly newspaper Observer on Saturday.

2014-07-30 COSATU Condemns the Iron Fist That Deepens the Crisis of Human Rights Violations in Swaziland
[COSATU]The Congress of South African Trade Unions is utterly appalled and condemns the guilty verdict and subsequent sentencing of 2 years imposed on human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko and the Nations Magazine Editor Bheki Makhubu, on 25 July 2014.

2014-07-28 'Grossly Unfair Trial' - Editor, Lawyer Sentenced
[AI London]The sentencing of a newspaper editor and a human rights lawyer to two years in prison on charges of contempt of court after a grossly unfair trial in Swaziland is an outrageous attempt to silence dissenting voices, said Amnesty International.

2014-07-28 Journalists Jailed 'To Deter Others'
[Swazi Media]Swaziland High Court Judge Mpendulo Simelane sentenced an editor and a writer to two years in jail to deter other journalists from criticizing the state.

2014-07-28 Nation's Dismal Human Rights Record Just Got Worse
[HRW]Swaziland's deteriorating human rights record just got worse today, when a court sentenced a human rights lawyer and an editor to two years in prison - all because they spoke out against the country's chief justice.

2014-07-28 Court Silences Swazi Journalists
[Swazi Media]A threat by a Swaziland High Court judge to jail journalists that criticise decisions made by the law courts has hit home.

2014-07-28 Journalists Critical of Regime Jailed
[Swazi Media]Magazine editor Bheki Makhubu and Human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko were sentenced to two years in jail on Friday (25 January 2014) after they wrote articles for the Nation magazine critical of the Swazi judiciary.

2014-07-28 Facebook 'Bypasses Censored Media'
[Swazi Media]Young people in Swaziland are turning to social media sites such as Facebook because it allows them to enjoy 'the fundamental rights to freedom of expression' that is denied to them elsewhere in the kingdom, a research report has found.

2014-07-28 U.S. Dismayed By Harsh Sentence for Swazi Human Rights Lawyer and Journalist
[State Department]The United States is deeply dismayed by the sentencing of human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko and magazine editor Bheki Makhubu to two years in jail without the option of parole for a contempt of court conviction for publishing an article critical of the High Court of Swaziland.

2014-07-24 Surviving Drug-Resistant TB: "I'm Still Over the Moon"
[MSF]Ninety-nine patients in Swaziland who successfully completed their treatment for drug-resistant tuberculosis have been presented with certificates by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) saying "I got tested and cured of TB".

2014-07-24 U.S.-Africa Summit Must Listen to Voices of the People
[allAfrica]In a guest column for AllAfrica, E. Gyimah Boadi of Ghana's Center for Democratic Development says the vast majority of Africans who prefer democracy over authoritarian regimes deserve to be heard at the forthcoming U.S.-Africa Summit convened by President Barack Obama.

2014-07-24 U.S. Backs Convicted Swazi Journalists
[Swazi Media]The US State Department has joined the growing chorus of outrage at the High Court conviction of an editor and a human rights lawyer in Swaziland for publishing articles critical of the kingdom's judiciary.

2014-07-23 Judge Restricts Press Freedom
[Swazi Media]Swaziland's High Court has sent a chilling warning to journalists in the kingdom that the law courts can determine what they are permitted to write and what they are not.

2014-07-22 What Convicted Journalists Wrote
[Swazi Media]A magazine editor and human rights lawyer in Swaziland face up to ten years in jail after being convicted of contempt of court for criticizing the judiciary and the kingdom's Chief Justice in articles published in the Nation, a tiny-circulation monthly news magazine.

2014-07-22 'Political' Magazine Banned From Swazi Prison
[MISA-Swaziland]Members of banned political organisations in Swaziland said prison guards didn't let them take a copy of newsmagazine The Nation into one of the kingdom's prisons, according to local news reports.

2014-07-22 U.S. Concerned By Convictions of Swazi Human Rights Lawyer and Journalist
[State Department]Marie Harf, Deputy Department Spokesperson, Office of the Spokesperson

2014-07-22 State Dept. On Convictions of Swazi Lawyer, Journalist

2014-07-21 Press Swazi Gov on Human Rights - R2K
[SAPA]Johannesburg -South African Chapter Nine institutions should put pressure on the Swazi government to protect human rights, the Right2Know Campaign (R2K) said on Monday.

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