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2015-02-26 Swazi Human Rights Worsen - Amnesty
[Swazi Media]The rule of law, access to effective remedies and protection of human rights in Swaziland continued to deteriorate in the past year as a consequence of the further undermining of judicial independence, Amnesty International said in its annual report.

2015-02-24 King Attacks Lavish Lifestyles
[Swazi Media]King Mswati III of Swaziland has instructed the kingdom's revenue authority to pursue people who live lavish lifestyles to ensure they are paying their tax.

2015-02-23 U.S. Lawyers Defend Jailed Swazi Lawyer
[ABA]Washington -In a joint petition to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in Geneva, the global law firm Hogan Lovells -- supported by the American Bar Association Center for Human Rights -- and the International Commission of Jurists allege human rights violations and condemn Swaziland for failing to comply with international fair trial standards in the conviction and sentencing of Swazi lawyer Thulani Maseko.

2015-02-23 Media Back King's False HIV Promise
[Swazi Media]Newspapers in Swaziland lost their critical faculties when they reported that King Mswati 'would personally' eradicate HIV and AIDS in the kingdom by 2022.

2015-02-23 King Silent On US$10m Personal Loan
[Swazi Media]King Mswati III of Swaziland has spoken publicly for the first time about the closure of the Ngwenya Iron Ore Mine, but he did not say why he took US$10 million from the company that ran the mine shortly before it went out of business or what he did with the money.

2015-02-24 Zambia Confirmed for Dream Team VI
[This Day]Zambia's Under-23 team has been confirmed as Nigeria's Dream Team VI's next opponents in the race to the 11th All-Africa Games following the withdrawal of Madagascar.

2015-02-23 Communist Party of Swaziland Calls On Swazi Workers to Defend Tucoswa Against Pro-Mswati Bogus Union
[COSATU]The Mswati regime is stepping up its attacks on the labour movement and the working class of Swaziland, in particular through its repression of the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA).

2015-02-19 Jailed Journalists Case Goes to UN
[Swazi Media]Leading international lawyers are asking a United Nations working group to rule whether the jailing of a Swaziland magazine editor and human rights lawyer for publishing articles critical of the kingdom's judiciary are lawful.

2015-02-19 School Beatings Out of Control
[Swazi Media]In the latest in a long line of cases of physical abuse of children at schools in Swaziland, a headteacher reportedly gave a boy 15 strokes of the cane after he was caught not wearing his necktie correctly.

2015-02-16 Swaziland, Israel Envoys Meet to Khama
[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -Swaziland High Commissioner, Chief Senzangakhona Dlamini and Israel ambassador, Mr Gershon Kedar presented credentials to President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama at Office of President on February 13.

2015-02-13 Jailed Journalist Remains Defiant
[Swazi Media]The Swaziland human rights lawyer and journalist Thulani Maseko has vowed that he will not seek bail pending an appeal of his jail sentence for contempt of court because he has been imprisoned unjustly.

2015-02-14 Young Warriors Swaziland Match Cancelled
[New Zimbabwe]ZIMBABWE's All Africa Games qualifier against Swaziland has been cancelled following the opponents' withdrawal from the competition due to financial challenges.

2015-02-12 Pasuwa Calls Up UK-Based Bonne for Swaziland Tie
[New Zimbabwe]YOUNG Warriors coach Kalisto Pasuwa has named a 21-man provisional squad, including four foreign-based players for the All-Africa Games qualifier against Swaziland in Mbabane in two weeks' time.

2015-02-09 How Swazi King Destroyed Iron Mine
[Swazi Media]Swaziland's absolute monarch King Mswati III and his personal representative Sihle Dlamini were at the very heart of events that led to the collapse of the mining company SG Iron at the Ngwenya Iron Ore Mine. It had debts of US$4 million when it closed and more than 700 jobs were lost. King Mswati took a US$10 million loan from the company less than six months after it started trading which he refused to pay back when it hit difficulties.

2015-02-08 Mystery of Swazi King's $10 Million 'Loan'
[Swazi Media]There is a mystery as to why King Mswati III of Swaziland needed a US$10 million loan from the company running the Ngwenya Iron Ore Mine.

2015-02-06 Human Rights Activists Back in Court
[Swazi Media]The court case of Swazi human rights advocates Mario Masuku and Maxwell Dlamini has been postponed until March 2015, writes Kenworthy News Media.

2015-02-06 'Only King Gains From Mine Failure'
[Swazi Media]King Mswati III was the only person who stood to gain from the closure of the Ngwenya Iron Ore Mine in Swaziland, because he had been given an advanced loan of US$10 million, that he did not want to pay back.

2015-02-04 MTN 'Keeps Swazi King in Its Pocket'
[Swazi Media]News circulating in Swaziland that a second mobile phone operator might soon operate in the kingdom is fanciful.

2015-02-04 'King At Centre of Iron Mine Failure'
[Swazi Media]King Mswati III is at the centre of a US$141 million arbitration dispute after it was claimed his appointees deliberately worked to make a multi-million dollar iron ore mining business in Swaziland fail so the King would not have to repay US$10 million he had been paid by the company.

2015-02-04 Swaziland Not So Peaceful
[Swazi Media]Swaziland has become a less peaceful kingdom over the past seven years, according to a global report.

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