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2016-05-18 Malawian Coach Title Dreams in Swaziland Shattered
[Nyasa Times] Malawian coach Meke Mwase title hopes at Mbabane Highlanders in Swaziland was shattered after Leopards beat Mbabane Swallows to finish top of the league.

2016-05-11 King Donates to Swazi Drought Relief
[Swazi Media] King Mswati III the absolute monarch in Swaziland has 'donated' US$150,000 to help victims of drought in his kingdom. It came weeks after it was revealed the government he handpicked will spend US$13 million on a private jet aircraft for him.

2016-05-08 Malawian Coach Mwase Wins Award in Swaziland
[Nyasa Times] Malawian coach Meke Mwase has underlined his pedigree in his first season at Swaziland top league club Mbabane Highlanders after winning best coach award for the first round.

2016-05-06 Increase in Support for Free Press
[Swazi Media] Nearly six in ten people surveyed in Swaziland said they supported the need for freedom of the media.

2016-05-05 Malawi Coach Mwase's Title Hopes in Swaziland Suffer Blow
[Nyasa Times] Malawian coach Meke Mwase's title hope in Swaziland was dealt a big blow after his team Mbabane Highlanders were held to a two-all draw.

2016-04-29 Groups Kick Against Amendment Bills
[VOA] Civil society and pro-democracy groups have called on parliamentarians in Swaziland to scrap debates on three proposed amendments that they say would further erode the fundamental human rights of citizens in the southern African kingdom.

2016-04-30 Mozambique and Swaziland Sign Memorandum
[AIM] Maputo -The governments of Mozambique and Swaziland signed a memorandum of understanding in Maputo on Thursday, with a view to stepping up cooperation in the areas of mineral resources, energy and water resources.

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