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2014-09-15 Pudemo President Mario Masuku Refused Legal Representation
[COSATU]In what is turning out to be a trend, People's United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) President Mario Masuku was refused legal representation by His Majesty's correctional Services which is headed by Commissioner General Mzuthini Ntshangase.

2014-09-15 Paper Says Sorry for Reporting on Princess's Clothes
[Swazi Media]The Swazi Observer newspaper has been forced to make a 'humble' apology to the kingdom's King and Queen Mother after publishing a report without their permission on what clothes a Princess had worn.

2014-09-15 SSN Welcomes Stance of ANC, SACP, Cosatu, Sanco On Human Rights Abuses in Swaziland
[COSATU]The Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN) together with all individuals and entities involved in the fight for freedom and calls for democracy in Swaziland whole heartedly welcomes, embraces and supports the unequivocal stance by the South African Alliance Partners namely ANC, SACP, COSATU and SANCO, in solidarity with the downtrodden people of Swaziland.

2014-09-10 Legal Challenge to Swazi Terror Law
[Swazi Media]A legal challenge is to be made in Swaziland to declare the kingdom's Suppression of Terrorism Act (STA) unconstitutional.

2014-09-11 Ten-Man Warriors Draw With Swaziland
[Namibian]Winger Deon Hotto scored for a 10-man Brave Warriors in their 1-1 draw against Swaziland at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek on Wednesday night.

2014-09-10 Tough Assignment for Young Warriors
[Namibian]The Tafel Lager Brave Warriors face a tough assignment when they take on Swaziland in an international friendly encounter at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Wednesday night.

2014-09-10 Katjiukua Ready to Give All Against Swaziland
[Namibian]The Brave Warriors will give their best for the encounter against Swaziland in an international friendly match on Wednesday at the Sam Nujoma Stadium.

2014-09-08 The SADC Wrap - Lesotho General Flees Into Mountains and Antananarivo Suffers a Plague of Locusts
[The Daily Vox]Each week award winning journalist KRISTEN VAN SCHIE brings you all the news that's worth knowing from across the SADC region. Here is this week's SADC wrap.

2014-09-08 Poison Victims Denied Treatment
[Swazi Media]Hospitals in Swaziland refused to treat poverty-stricken workers affected by poisonous fumes at a textile factory because they could not afford to pay.

2014-09-08 Petition - Demand the Release of Swazi Political Prisoners and Fight for a Democratic Swaziland
[MISA]On May Day this year, the President of the People's United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) Mario Masuku and youth leader Maxwell Dlamini were arrested on terrorism charges and could serve 15 years in prison if convicted. The trial was set to begin on September 4, 2014.

2014-09-08 'Poison Fumes Strike 500 Workers'
[Swazi Media]About 500 workers at a textile factory in Swaziland needed medical treatment after inhaling poisonous chemicals, according to the kingdom's trade union federation.

2014-09-09 Brave Warriors Going for the Jugular Against Swaziland... Ouseb Happy With Players' Coordination
[New Era]Windhoek -Brave Warriors assistant coach, Mohammed 'Slice' Ouseb, has expressed satisfaction with the way the new crop of youngsters are jelling and learning from their seniors, saying a victory is their only objective when Namibia takes on Swaziland in an international friendly match at the Sam Nujoma Stadium, tomorrow at 20h00.

2014-09-09 Brave Warriors Plan to Ambush Swazis
[Namibian]The Brave Warriors' newest crop of young players perfectly complements the senior players and will play for victory on Wednesday night against Swaziland at the Sam Nujoma Stadium at 20h00.

2014-09-07 Secretary Kerry On Swaziland's National Day
[State Department]U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE

2014-09-05 Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Boots Media From Meeting On 'Parliament and the Media'
[MISA-Swaziland]Local media in Swaziland has reported that The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) kicked out journalists from a post elections seminar that was being held yesterday in the town of Ezulweni.

2014-09-05 Bangladesh Without Borders - Reducing the Burden of HIV and Tuberculosis in Swaziland
[MSF]Arif Uddin Kazi was born near the Sundarbans, a mangrove forest almost the size of the small African country where he currently works. In Swaziland, every year this medical doctor treats hundreds of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis patients in a clinic run by the medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

2014-09-04 Cosatu Supports the Fourth Global Week of Action for Democracy in Swaziland
[COSATU]COSATU joins its sister federation in Swaziland, TUCOSWA and the rest of the global progressive fraternity in calling for more intense actions around the world during this week of the Global week of action for democracy in Swaziland. We stand firmly on the side of TUCOSWA and the struggles it is waging for workers rights, democracy and justice in Swaziland.

2014-09-01 King, 46, Takes Virgin, 19, As 14th Wife
[Swazi Media]Swaziland's King Mswati III has finally married the 19-year-old former beauty pageant contestant dubbed by foreign media as 'Naughty Sindi'

2014-09-02 Idle Warriors Worry Mannetti
[Namibian]Ricardo Mannetti is "very worried" about Brave Warriors regulars who continue to see little or no action at club level, which has forced him to call up a host of novices for the next week's friendly international against Swaziland.

2014-09-01 Coup or No Coup?
[The Daily Vox]Each week award winning journalist KRISTEN VAN SCHIE brings you all the news that's worth knowing from across the SADC region. Here is this week's SADC wrap. This week she breaks down the Lesotho coup story and walks us through Zambia's succession issues.

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