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2018-02-19 Swazi Reed Dance Deaths Court Case
[Swazi Media] Three drivers have appeared in court in Swaziland on charges relating to the deaths of 13 people, mostly children aged 11 to 16, who were being transported on the back of a truck that crashed going to the Reed Dance in 2015.

2018-02-19 Students to Protest Extravagant Spending' on King's Birthday
[Swazi Media] Students in Swaziland are set to protest against the 'extravagant spending' of the 50/50 celebrations to mark the King's birthday and the anniversary of Independence from Britain.

2018-02-19 Five Nations Head for Polls This Year
[SANF] Five southern African countries are preparing for elections later this year as the region's democracy and governance once again come under the spotlight.

2018-02-19 Student Protest Leaders Suspended
[Swazi Media] A university in Swaziland has suspended student leaders for 'misconduct' for organising a protest over fees, allowances and poor facilities.

2018-02-19 Doctors' On-Call Row Back At Ministry
[Swazi Media] Swaziland's Industrial Court has told the government to negotiate with doctors and health workers in a dispute over cuts in on-call and call-out allowances.

2018-02-16 PM's False Claim to Be a Doctor
[Swazi Media] Swaziland's Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini calls himself a 'doctor' although he has no such qualification.

2018-02-16 U.S.$90-Million Oil Project Sinks
[Swazi Media] A E900 million (US$90 million) oil contract that was awarded without being tendered has been cancelled by the Swaziland Government after more than four years.

2018-02-16 Police 'Smuggling At Border Post'
[Swazi Media] Police officers in Swaziland have been accused of illegally smuggling mealie-meal into the kingdom from South Africa.

2018-02-16 PM Admits Forcing Newspaper Closure
[Swazi Media] Swaziland's Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini has said a newspaper in the kingdom was closed down because it published reports critical of his government.

2018-02-14 Brutal Police Attack Caught On Video
[Swazi Media] Police officers in Swaziland have been caught on video brutally attacking a woman. One uses a stone to repeatedly assault her.

2018-02-14 Anger Over Prison Service Promotions
[Swazi Media] The wife of Swaziland's Correctional Services Commissioner General Mzuthini Ntshangase is among a number of officers reportedly promoted in secret.

2018-02-13 Warders Physically Attack Journalist
[Swazi Media] Swaziland prison warders attacked a journalist in a public street when he took photographs of them travelling in the backs of overcrowded vehicles.

2018-02-13 Students March On Government
[Swazi Media] University students in Swaziland have boycotted classes and marched on the government protesting against unpaid and inadequate allowances.

2018-02-12 'No Books' for Compulsory Christianity
[Swazi Media] Some schools in Swaziland report they have not received text books and other materials to teach Christianity, a year after the subject was made compulsory without consultation.

2018-02-09 More Crime Fears in Swaziland
[Swazi Media] Residents in Swaziland are being attacked in their own homes, a local newspaper reported.

2018-02-08 50/50 - Learn Lesson of Past Disaster
[Swazi Media] People in Swaziland are being prepared for the double celebration of King Mswati's 50th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the kingdom's independence from Great Britain.

2018-02-07 Schools in Chaos
[Swazi Media] Schools across Swaziland are in chaos at the start of the new academic year.

2018-02-06 True Life of Swazi Prime Minister
[Swazi Media] Swaziland's unelected Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini has published the first volume of his autobiography. It runs for 500 pages and more books are promised.

2018-02-05 Police 'Fired Live Bullets At Protest'
[Swazi Media] Police in Swaziland have not denied a newspaper report that they fired live ammunition during a student protest. Students from Swaziland Christian University were protesting about delays in receiving allowances and problems over graduation.

2018-01-31 Health Crisis - Blood Supplies Dry Up
[Swazi Media] Swaziland's blood shortage crisis is continuing. It is one of a number of crises afflicting health in the kingdom.

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