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2016-02-09 Villagers Lynch Widows Over Cholera 'Witchery'
[Citizen] Residents of Bulinda Village in Kyela District, Mbeya Region lynched two women blaming them for the cholera outbreak in their area.

2016-02-09 Burundi Accused of Hunting Refugees in Tanzania Camps
[Al Jazeera] Refugees from Burundi, who fled violence in their country to neighbouring Tanzania, have accused their government of sending armed men into a UN-run refugee camp to hunt down opposition supporters.

2016-02-09 Dar Hospital Pulls Crowd As Mramba, Yona Report for Service
[Daily News] The roadside Sinza Palestina Hospital in Dar es Salaam was yesterday scene of a rare public spectacle as two former cabinet ministers who are serving a jail sentence were brought to start a community service term.

2016-02-09 Fresh Poll 'Best for Zanzibar'
[Daily News] There is no better way to solve the political impasse in Zanzibar than another round of the ballot box, the government has reaffirmed.

2016-02-09 ICC Urged to Review Bias On African Leaders
[Daily News] Arusha -Constitutional Affairs and Justice Minister Dr Harrison Mwakyembe has appealed to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to consider complaints from African countries regarding The Hague-based court's biased treatment of leaders from the continent.

2016-02-09 Blood Shortage Kills Hundreds of Expectant Mothers
[Daily News] Shortage of blood transfusions in the Country's hospitals has been cited as the main leading cause of the maternal deaths in the country.

2016-02-09 Ministers From East African Countries Meet in Arusha
[Daily News] Ministers from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania, responsible for East African Affairs have arrived here for their 23rd meeting of the Sectoral Council of Ministers.

2016-02-09 Zero Tolerance for Railway Saboteurs
[Daily News] Disgruntled workers of Tanzania Railways Company Limited are increasingly exacting their revenge on their employers by sabotaging the railway infrastructure.

2016-02-09 Heavy Penalty Awaits FGM Perpetrators
[Daily News] Dodoma -Perpetrators of the crime of female genital mutilation (FGM), must be found and punished to the fullest extent of the law, a cabinet minister has declared here.

2016-02-09 Magufuli's Power Delegation Approach Commendable
[Daily News] Tanzanians went to the polls on October 25 last year in a climax to the process that culminated in the declaration of Dr John Magufuli as the winner and, therefore, the fifth president of the United Republic of Tanzania.

2016-02-08 Hadza People Face Critical Food Shortage
[Arusha Times] The hunter-gatherer Hadzabe tribe living on the shores of the remote and semi-arid Lake Eyasi are facing critical food shortage once again.

2016-02-08 CCM Endorses Magufuli's Campaign Against Graft
[Daily News] Singida -Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) has overwhelmingly backed the way the Fifth Phase Government is conducting its business, noting that it is in line with the party's election manifesto.

2016-02-08 Iranian Firms Plan to Grow Rice, Corn and Wheat in the Region
[East African] Iranian companies are looking to lease land in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania for large-scale food production to serve the local and export markets.

2016-02-08 Discipline, Hard Work Key to Efficient Public Service
[Daily News] Winding up the second sitting of the 11th Parliament in Dodoma on Friday, the Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa, reiterated the Fifth Phase Government's commitment to enforce discipline and moral principles in public service to ensure provision of quality services to the people.

2016-02-08 Court Advised to Conduct Its Proceedings in Kiswahili
[Daily News] Mwanza -The parliament has been challenged to enact laws in Kiswahili language which is better known to Tanzanians for the large community to effectively take part in the discharge of justice.

2016-02-08 It's Official - Miniskirts Are a-Okay in Africa
[East African] Mid last month, the Tanzanian government issued a statement that was truly significant.

2016-02-08 Albino Killers Shame This Nation a Lot
[Daily News] The National Assembly was told recently the Police Force has so far arrested 133 suspects in connection with attacks or outright killings of people living with albinism in Tanzania.

2016-02-08 More Suspects in British Chopper Pilot Killing Held
[Daily News] More suspects have been arrested in connection with the killing of British helicopter pilot Roger Gower by poachers recently.

2016-02-08 Tanzania to Share Part of UN Relief Money
[EA Business] Dar es Salaam -The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon released $100 million (Tsh.220 billion) from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for aid operations in nine severely underfunded emergencies including Tanzania.

2016-02-08 Regional Integration of Securities Is Useful
[EA Business] Recently, the East African Securities Exchange Association (EASEA) met to once again highlight the need to fast-track integration of the capital markets.

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