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2017-06-23 Magufuli Tells Dawasa Boss to Quit to Save His Reputation
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -President John Magufuli yesterday asked the long-serving head of the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (Dawasa), Mr Archard Mutalemwa, to step down voluntarily to salvage his reputation.

2017-06-23 Magufuli Vows Not to Allow Teen Mothers Back to School
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -Tanzania's President John Magufuli has vowed on Thursday that his administration would not allow schoolgirls, who get impregnated, back to school.

2017-06-23 Government Forms Salary Regulatory Body
[Citizen] Dodoma -The Tanzanian government has formed a special body for regulating salaries in the public service sector.

2017-06-23 Ugandans Turn to Dar es Salaam Port As Kenya Polls Close in
[Monitor] Kampala -With about six weeks left for Kenyans to go to the polls, the private sector in neighbouring states are now beginning to look at the Dar es Salaam port as an alternative route to import and export goods.

2017-06-22 'Eating' Kenya's Standard Gauge Railway
[Citizen] As the stories on the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) recently launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta continued to bubble - the glory it will bring, the cost, which pocketed what and didn't - I have been intrigued by a less glamorous part of the tale.

2017-06-22 Govt Rules Out Paying Councillors Monthly Salaries
[Citizen] Dodoma -The government yesterday ruled out any possibility of paying Councillors monthly salaries.

2017-06-22 Magufuli Mourns Ruling Party and Yanga Supporter 'Ali Yanga'
[Daily News] President John Magufuli has sent a condolence message to the family of Ally Mohamed , a staunch supporter of the ruling party CCM and Young Africans who died in a road accident in Dodoma on Monday.

2017-06-22 Ex-Tanzanian President Calls for Midwifery Global Policy Reforms
[Daily News] Retired President Jakaya Kikwete has called for urgent global policy reform on midwifery and recognition of the profession, saying skilled and educated midwives can provide essential healthcare needed during pregnancy.

2017-06-22 Water Bill Dodgers Face Magufuli Wrath
[Daily News] In what can be termed as a replica of a directive he issued to the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) three months ago, President John Magufuli has ordered the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Company (Dawasco) to disconnect water from all government institutions with outstanding bills amounting to 40bn/-.

2017-06-22 Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda Risk Losing U.S.'s AGOA Deal
[Daily News] Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda risk losing access to the American market through the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) following plans by the East African member states to ban imports of second-hand clothes and shoes.

2017-06-22 Government Clears Air On Tax Exemption Policy
[Daily News] Dodoma -The  government has issued tax exemptions worth 11.8trl/- in the period of 10 years, which is an average of 1.18tril/- per year.

2017-06-23 Proposed Tax Reforms for 2017/18
[Citizen] Last week we reviewed some proposed tax reforms presented by the Minister for Finance in his 2017/18 Budget Speech. In this article, we continue with the commentary on the other proposed tax reforms.

2017-06-23 CUF Says Isn't Surprised By Rita Move On Trustees
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -The Civic United Front (CUF) faction led by secretary-general Maalim Seif Shariff Hamad yesterday said he wasn't surprised by the Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (Rita)'s decision to register Prof Ibrahim Lipumba's devoted members into the new board of trustees.

2017-06-23 Sidelined - Magufuli Call for Budget Funding
[Citizen] The current Financial Year (FY-2016/17) ends on June 30, 2017 - with FY-2017/18 commencing the following day.

2017-06-23 Use of ICT Broadband Backbone Low Despite Huge Spending - Experts
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -The National ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB) is underutilised despite heavy spending in undertaking it.

2017-06-22 Multisectoral Initiative Contribution in Tourism Growth
[Daily News] In due course, ATC will have to wrestle a lot on competition and customer demands before the government can sigh with relief on this investment.

2017-06-22 Are Slogans, Declarations and SDGs the Key to Development?
[Citizen] Tanzania is not poor, but it was poorly managed and that's the main reason for the prevailing poverty. The rich and developed nations did not have MDGs and SDGs yet they developed and more recently, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) neither did they have these global slogans and declaration yet they are now recognised as middle-income countries.

2017-06-22 Strategy to Curb HIV/Aids Prevalence in Southern Regions
[Daily News] Sumbawanga -The Walter Reed Program Tanzania (WRP-T)/ Henry M Jackson Foundation Medical Research International (HJFMRI) is a comprehensive HIV/AIDS research and prevention program based in the southern highlands regions of the country.

2017-06-22 Tanzania Named Most Expensive Country to Send Money From UK
[Daily News] Tanzania has been named as the most expensive destination in Africa to send remittance form United Kingdom.

2017-06-22 Kariakoo Businessman in Court for 'Hoarding' Over 5,000 Pieces of Military Uniforms
[Daily News] Businessman Casto Ngogo (35), based at suburban Kariakoo, was yesterday arraigned at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate's Court in Dar es Salaam for unlawful possession of 5,000 pieces of military trousers of the Tanzania People's Defence Forces (TPDF).

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