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2014-12-22 Africa Wants to Go Into Business
[SAIIA]Global experience in the last century demonstrated that it is possible for societies to move rapidly from poverty to prosperity. The past decade has seen growing hope that Africa may be on the cusp of emulating these experiences. Its recent strides notwithstanding, nothing will substitute for a robust, energetic domestic business community. Whether Africa will be able to do so depends greatly on the choices it makes to harness opportunities to power its economic progress.

2014-12-22 Uganda's Kidega Elected New Eala Speaker
[Daily News]Arusha -UGANDAN Member of the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA), Mr Daniel Kidega has been sworn-in as the new Speaker of EALA, replacing Dr Margaret Nantongo Zziwa, who was impeached three days ago for alleged incompetence, abuse of office, nepotism and intimidation.

2014-12-22 Two Tax Bills With No Date On Implementation
[Daily News]GENERALLY speaking, Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax charged on taxable goods and services whenever value is added at various stages of production and at the final stage of sale.

2014-12-22 Rea Project to Benefit More Kagera Residents
[Daily News]Bukoba -A TOTAL of 31,952 customers in Kagera Region are expected to get electricity under Rural Energy Agency (REA) by mid next year, it has been disclosed.

2014-12-22 Labs Construction Deadline Extended
[Daily News]THE deadline to complete construction of laboratories for science subjects in public secondary schools has been extended by six months.

2014-12-22 Authorities Directed to Improve Water Quality
[Daily News]WATER authorities in the country have been directed to improve water quality to acceptable global standards to avoid costs associated with treating waterborne diseases.

2014-12-22 New Estimates Reveal 28 Percent Growth
[Daily News]MINISTER for Finance Ms Saada Mkuya, on Friday launched a new five year revised and rebased national accounts estimates of the base year 2007 to replace the current 2001 national accounts.

2014-12-22 Tanzania Reduces Death of Newly Born Babies
[Daily News]TANZANIA is among the few African countries that have succeeded in reducing deaths of newly born babies from 147 in 1999 to 54 in 2013 for every 1000 live births.

2014-12-22 Africa Court Rescues Journalist From Defamation Sentence
[Daily News]THE African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights (AfCHPR) has given a landmark ruling whereby jailing people on criminal defamation is a violation of the right to Free Expression.

2014-12-22 Yanga Unveil New Technical Bench
[Daily News]IT is now official that Dutchman Hans Van De Pluijm is Young Africans SC head coach, replacing Brazilian Marcio Maximo, whose contract has been terminated.

2014-12-22 DCB Scoop Top Honours for Best Financial Statement
[Daily News]DAR ES SALAAM Commercial Bank (DCB) has been awarded a special prize by the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA), as one of the top three banks with the best presented and internationally recognised standards financial statement for the year 2013.

2014-12-22 Dodoma Enter Copa Coca-Cola Final
[Daily News]KIGOMA player Shabani Maneno dribbles past Dodoma's Pius Rafael during the semi-final encounter of the U-15 Copa Coca- Cola tournament at the Karume Memorial Stadium in Dar es Salaam on Friday. Dodoma won 2-1. (Photo by a Correspondent)

2014-12-22 TMA Installs Radar for Lake Zone
[Daily News]Mwanza -Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) has installed a radar that will serve the Lake zone regions. TMA, Director General Dr Agnesi Kijazi informed TMA board members on Friday in Mwanza city who had visited Kiseke area in Ilemela Municipal where the radar is installed, that the radar will be operational early next year.

2014-12-22 Conflict Resolution Training Vital in Crisis Prone Areas
[Daily News]TRAINING in conflict resolution can go a long way towards solving clashes among pastoralists and farmers in the country.

2014-12-22 Muturi Takes the Cake of Three Failed EA Speakers
[Daily News]THE Speaker of the Tanzanian National Assembly Mama Anne Makinda knows that her term of office comes to an end in just over 10 months.

2014-12-22 Morani Cane Woman for Scolding Son
[Daily News]Arusha -A MAASAI woman Naserian Pereiyoo (32) is in critical condition after being beaten by a group of men, commonly referred to as 'Morani', as punishment for scolding her son who had just undergone traditional initiation.

2014-12-22 Released Prisoners Need Support and Supervision From Community
[Daily News]ONE of the highlights of this year's celebrations of our independence day was the Presidential Amnesty to about 5,000 prisoners.

2014-12-22 Child Abuse - a Nefarious Atrocity
[Daily News]Dear Readers IT IS commendable that as a society we can now talk more openly about child abuse. Not many years ago, when child rearing was a communal responsibility in most tribal settings, child abuse was virtually unknown.

2014-12-22 Mwanga Bank to Assist Farmers
[Daily News]Moshi -FARMERS in Kilimanjaro Region stand to do well in production as Mwanga Community Bank Limited (MCBL) chips in to finance their activities by extending credits in terms of farm implements and inputs.

2014-12-22 Prison Congestion Should Be Solved
[Daily News]THE local press has reported that nearly half of the 1,686 people incarcerated in 12 prisons in Morogoro region are actually remandees and elderly people who do not participate in economically productive work but need to eat in order to subsist.

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