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2017-11-22 President Warns Corrupt Ruling Party Cadres
[Daily News] THE ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM)'s National Chairman, President John Magufuli, yesterday warned members of the party's National Executive Committee (NEC), against endorsing unqualified candidates for leadership positions at regional level and national wings basing on favouritism.

2017-11-22 Tanzania Scraps Coffee Levies to Boost Production
[East African] The Tanzanian government is scrapping taxes and levies imposed on coffee as part of measures to boost production.

2017-11-22 Trade in Sea Cucumbers Growing Fast
[East African] The growing demand for sea cucumbers has prompted traders in Zanzibar to call for regulation of exports of the marine species.

2017-11-22 196,372 Acres Set Aside for Cotton Cultivation By 2018
[The Exchange] A new era of agriculture has unveiled with the latest cash crop soaring on the surface of the sphere. Tanzania is set to get competitive in cotton farming, with its season kicking in at such a favorable time for the country's economy. Geita Region is delighted to make the debut of the crop for the 2017/18 that was opened under 196, 373 acres. The land is set to be cultivated in contract farming, an effective methodology for the crop.

2017-11-22 Analysts Tout Soul Searching As Defections Rock Opposition Camp
[Daily News] THE ongoing wave of defections by opposition politicians to the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) is likely to weaken the camp in its core duty as the government watchdog, independent analysts have said.

2017-11-22 Govt Sets Aside U.S. $267 Million for Tertiary Education
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -The government has set aside over Sh600 billion to facilitate higher education sector in Tanzania, a cabinet minister said yesterday, reaffirming a resolve by President John Magufuli's administration to lift the country's standard of education.

2017-11-22 I've No Plan to Return to Ruling Party - Former PM Lowassa
[Citizen] Arusha -Former Prime Minister and Chadema Central Committee (CC) member, Mr Edward Lowassa said he has no plan of returning to Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM), refuting reports circulating in the social media.

2017-11-22 Govt Not Informed of Raila's Visit in Z'bar
[Citizen] Zanzibar -The government of Zanzibar says it has no information about the arrival of the leader of the Kenya opposition National Super Alliance (Nasa), Mr Raila Odinga, in the Isles.

2017-11-22 Education Sector Needs Change
[Daily News] EDUCATION stakeholders have challenged the higher learning institutions to conduct researches which would help the government to improve the education sector.

2017-11-22 Panafrican Revenues Down 30%
[Daily News] PANAFRICAN Energy (PAET), a development and supply of natural gas in the country, has reported 31 per cent revenue decline in quarter three after TANESCO reduced gas intake.

2017-11-22 State Eyes Universal Cervical Cancer Screening
[Daily News] EACH public health centre will be providing initial cervical cancer treatment by December next year in efforts to fight the deadly malady, the government declared yesterday.

2017-11-22 Crafty Tanzanite Dealers to Face State Wrath
[Daily News] TANZANITE traders have been cautioned to get prepared psychologically in legal trade of the minerals as the government vows to stop shoddy deals that shrouded the business.

2017-11-22 Mobile Phone Network Expansion Rises
[Daily News] MOBILE phone network has reached 95 per cent of Tanzanians some two decades since the service was launched, lifting the level of financial inclusion to 65 per cent.

2017-11-22 Isles Targets the Youth in Campaign for Zero HIV/Aids Infections
[Daily News] ZANZIBAR is among countries that have successfully maintained a low HIV/AIDS prevalence rate ever since the first case was diagnosed in 1986.

2017-11-22 How Odinga is Spending Time in Zanzibar
[Nairobi News] Nasa leader Raila Odinga spent his second day in Zanzibar on Tuesday and he seems to be enjoying his time on the island.

2017-11-22 4 Arraigned Over Causing Billions Loss to the Govt
[Daily News] FOUR prominent figures appeared before the Kisutu Resident Magistrate's Court in Dar es Salaam yesterday charged with six counts of fraudulent trafficking, money laundering and occasioning loss of about 7bn/- to the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

2017-11-22 Germany to Give Billions for EAC Schemes
[Daily News] OVER 95bn/- will be invested in a project for undertaking vaccination programmes in East Africa as well as supporting students from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and South-Sudan on various scholarship programmes.

2017-11-22 Illegal Foreign Cattle Must Be Confiscated
[Daily News] THE government has stated categorically the law in this country prohibits illegal importation of live animals including cattle and that livestock hailing from neighbouring countries should not be herded into Tanzania for grazing. Well, this is a clear-cut rule.

2017-11-22 Declining Tarime Crime Rate Welcome - Masauni
[Daily News] THE decline of the crime rate in Mara Region's Tarime District, has delighted the Deputy Minister for Home Affairs, Eng Hamad Masauni.

2017-11-22 Foreigners Should Not Get Local Identity Cards
[Daily News] MARA Regional Commissioner (RC), Adam Malima has warned all non-citizens residing in the region against involvement in the ongoing issuance of national identity cards and that anybody helping foreigners to get registered will be punished.

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