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2014-10-20 Ruling Party Organ Gives Nod to Katiba, Blasts Opposition Boycott Plans
[Daily News]Dodoma -THE proposed constitution has taken aboard interests of Tanzanians from all walks of life and the opposition is wasting its time trying to sensitise the public to reject the document.

2014-10-20 EAC to Mobilise Funds for Ebola Action Plan
[Daily News]Arusha -TANZANIA along with the four other member states of the East African Community (EAC), Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi has approved the EAC Regional Ebola Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan of Action in which 750,000 US dollars is to be mobilised.

2014-10-21 Rival Factions Sign Framework Agreement in Tanzania
[Sudan Tribune]Arusha -Factions of the ruling party in South Sudan, the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement (SPLM), have signed a framework agreement which aims to address the root causes of the conflict that erupted in mid-December and plunged the country into violent crisis.

2014-10-20 Experts Link Dairy Products to Surge in Infant Asthma Cases
[Daily News]CHANGE of lifestyles is among reasons for more cases of asthma, especially among infants, due to increased dependency on artificial dairy products and cow milk.

2014-10-20 60 Tennis Players Compete for Seeding Points At DGC
[Daily News]AT least 60 young tennis players are expected to participate in a two- day tennis competition organized by Tanzania Tennis Association (TTA) starting on Saturday at the Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club (DGC). TTA Secretary General, William Kallaghe told 'Daily News on Saturday' that the tournament will help young players to get seeding points which will give them tickets to compete at the international games.

2014-10-20 DR Congo President in Arusha for Special Mission
[Daily News]Arusha -THE President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Mr Joseph Kabila shall Saturday accompany his host, President Jakaya Kikwete at the Tanzania Military Academy in Monduli District to commission officers cadets of intake 54/13 DRC.

2014-10-20 Parents Cautioned Over Spina Bifida Treatment
[Daily News]AS long as parents who bear children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (SP/H) continue to rely more on traditional healers and divine prayers, the fight against such defects shall never be won.

2014-10-20 Why It's Time for Women to Have Their Way in Business
[Daily News]AT the age of 29, Susan Mashibe returned from the US to her home in Tanzania to set up TanJet (now Via Aviation) in 2002, a logistical support services provider for company, diplomatic and private jets.

2014-10-20 Kikwete to Preside Over SPLM Unification
[Daily News]Arusha -PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete is on Monday expected to unite the two leaders of South Sudan's conflicting groups and eventually bring to an end the ongoing civil wars in Juba.

2014-10-20 Local NGO Push for Use of Mercury-Free Dental Fillings
[Daily News]NEXT time you visit your dentist, make sure you ask for mercury-free dental fillings. This is the message that AGENDA for Environment and Responsible Development is seeking to get across to the public as part of an awareness campaign against the use of mercury in dental care.

2014-10-21 More Groups for Artist Day Bash
[Daily News]THE number of artists who will perform during the Artist Day celebrations at Mlimani City in Dar es Salaam on October 25 has been increased.

2014-10-21 Dar Eyes Total South Sudan Bliss
[Daily News]Arusha -TANZANIA assured South Sudan leaders that its support to ending the conflict in the world's newest state will not just stop at hosting the intra-SPLM dialogue, but also assist in the proposed peace process and reforms in Juba.

2014-10-21 Jica's Project Helps Smallholder Farmers Increase Productivity
[Daily News]A joyous woman rice farmer from upcountry. The Japanese government through its development arm, Japan International Development Agency (JICA) has been continuously working with government ministries and agencies to develop irrigated paddy cultivation since 1970s. (File photo)

2014-10-21 WHO, Tanzania Evaluate Ebola Tests Capacity
[Daily News]Mwanza -THE World Health Organisation (WHO) and health experts in Tanzania have embarked on an evaluation to determine the country's capacity to start testing for Ebola and Marburg viral epidemics.

2014-10-21 IMF Gives Nod to Dar's Plans to Revise GDP Data
[Daily News]THE International Monetary Fund has given a nod to Tanzania's plans to rebase the economy saying is necessary to reflect structural changes that have occurred in the economy.

2014-10-21 Private Sector Investments Needed to Boost Tourism
[Daily News]SUBSTANTIAL investments are needed to enhance the contribution of the tourism sector to the economy and for improved living standards of the people.

2014-10-21 Exim Bank Pledges Support to Inmates
[Daily News]EXIM Bank has vowed to continue supporting the government in its efforts to improve conditions in prisons, as part of the firm's corporate social responsibility (CSR) milieu.

2014-10-21 Bank M Supports School Desks Campaign
[Daily News]BANK M has donated 80m/- in support of the Hassan Maajar Trust (HMT) second phase of its desk to every child campaign.

2014-10-21 Precision Air Partners With Hotel Booking Website
[Daily News]IN a bid to improve its offering to its customers and their convenience, Precision Air is now partnering with one of Africa's leading hotel booking website,

2014-10-21 Minister Challenges Banks On Innovation
[Daily News]INDUSTRY and Trade Minister Abdallah Kigoda has challenged banks and financial institutions to enhance competitiveness in delivery of their services.

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