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2016-10-26 Govt to Probe Ports Authority Bank Accounts
[Citizen] Dodoma -The parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) has directed three State institutions to conduct investigations into Sh440 billion deposited by Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) in fixed accounts at various banks.

2016-10-26 Govt Fails to Identify Simon Group Stakeholders
[Daily News] Dodoma -The was high drama at the parliamentary Committee on Local Authorities Accounts Committee (LAAC) yesterday when the Dar es Salaam City Council (DCC) failed to identify the shareholders of Simon Group of Companies, which owns a major stake in Usafiri Dar es Salaam (UDA).

2016-10-26 Swiss Boost for Magufuli's Corruption War
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -The Memorandum of Understanding signed between Tanzania and Switzerland last Friday is an important milestone in the war against grand corruption and other serious financial crimes, says Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation minister Augustine Mahiga.

2016-10-26 Better Terms for Workers Coming
[Daily News] Clearance of debts and arrears for civil servants is scheduled to start soon after the certification of all genuine employees in the public payroll system.

2016-10-26 Audit On Ports Authority Accounts Ordered
[Daily News] Dodoma -Controller and Auditor General (CAG) was yesterday ordered to conduct special audit on Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA)'s 440bn/- fixed deposits that attracts minimal interest rates in various commercial banks.

2016-10-26 World Bank Faults Tanzania Tax System
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -Tanzania has climbed up ease of doing business rankings, but the country is still lagging behind regional peers because of a complicated tax payment system, a new report shows.

2016-10-26 University Publishes Book to Mark 55 Years
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -Started with only 14 students at Lumumba Street in 1961, the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) currently offers learning to an average of 24,000 students yearly.

2016-10-26 The Dearth of 'Wise Leadership'
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -While the quality of governance in Africa has slightly improved over the last 10 years, the state of corruption has worsened over the same period. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation's Index on African Governance launched recently shows that since 2006, 33 out of 54 African countries deteriorated in the amount of red tape and corruption in government.

2016-10-26 Tanzania Should Not Even Think About Exiting the ICC
[Citizen] I have followed with dismay the ongoing wave of African countries withdrawing from the International Criminal Court (ICC) and reasons being put forward. I keep my fingers crossed that my country, Tanzania, does not start to toy with the idea.

2016-10-26 Tanzania, Swiss Govt Chart New Diplomatic Path
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -On October 21, 1966, Tanzania and Switzerland entered into a partnership to help each other create a juster society, support economic growth and reduce poverty.

2016-10-26 Zambia's Zesco Unaware of Lwandamina-Yanga Deal
[Daily News] A day after Young Africans announced the recruitment of Zambian tactician George Lwandamina, his former club Zesco United FC strongly opposed the move, saying he was still serving the team.

2016-10-26 Uhuru Kenyatta and Hillary Rodham Clinton May Have...
[Daily News] If you've what parapsychologists call a 'dirty mind,' you might read something untoward into the headline to this Lucubration... Well, DON'T! (Perhaps) the only thing that Hillary Rodham Clinton (69) and Uhuru Kenyatta (55) may have in common with each other is that they share the same date and month of birth: October 26 - albeit in different years.

2016-10-26 Born to Fail? the Plight of Anti-Graft Watchdogs
[Citizen] Arusha -Unlike other state organs, such as the police or army, anti-corruption agencies in African countries go by different names, which are also habitually changed every time there is change of guard in the highest echelons of power, or each time the rulers of the day feel so.

2016-10-26 Why EALA Session in Zanzibar Was Exceptional
[Daily News] The second meeting of the fifth session of the third East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) ended here last Thursday. Parliamentarians approved crucial motions.

2016-10-26 Assessing Impact of Climate Change On Environment, Human Health, Food Security
[Daily News] Zanzibar -Water salinity and water scarcity, unpredictable rainfall, increasing rainfall intensity, declining fishing stock, beach erosion, rising temperature and changing wind are some of the challenges facing some villages, as a result of climate change.

2016-10-26 TAZARA to Repossess 71 Illegally Sold Houses
[Daily News] Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) yesterday issued a 60-day ultimatum to 457 defaulters of its house sale, announcing plans to repossess 71 illegally sold quarters.

2016-10-26 Make Dodoma More Than Just the Capital
[Citizen] Technology expert Charles Makakula Jr beat me to it on the idea of making Dodoma more than just the political capital of Tanzania.

2016-10-26 Non-Alignment to Remain Key in Tanzania Foreign Policy
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -The principle of non-alignment will continue to be the key in Tanzania's foreign policy as it seeks to widen the horizons of its diplomatic engagements with the world, the minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Dr Augustine Mahiga, said yesterday.

2016-10-26 Foreign Affairs Minister to Discuss Dodoma Move With Envoys
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -Foreign Affairs and East Africa Corporation Minister Augustine Mahiga is expected to hold a meeting with ambassadors and other foreign representatives, in which there will be discussions on how some of them can shift to Dodoma, the designated capital .

2016-10-26 Pluijm - I Am Leaving Yanga a Proud Man
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -Young Africans head coach Hans Van Pluijm who resigned yesterday says he was leaving the club a happy man with a proud record to show for his stay.

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