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2015-03-31 Delay, Violence Fears as Referendum Nears
[RFI] Tanzania's referendum on a new constitution could be delayed due to debate over Islamic courts and practical difficulties, analysts warn, with fears of sectarian violence as President Jakaya Kikwete fears that peace is threatened.

2015-03-31 56 Incidents of Albino Killings Reported in Ten Years
[Daily News] Dodoma -ABOUT 56 incidents of killing of people with albinism have been reported in the country from 2006 to 2015, the National Assembly heard on Monday.

2015-03-31 Self-Driving Cars to Dar Roads By 2027
[Daily News] SELF driving cars which may come to Tanzania by 2027 will help reduce deaths on local roads, experts from an online car marketing portal, Carmudi Tanzania Limited said.

2015-03-31 Tanzania Ratifies NBI Hoping to Increase Water Share
[Addis Fortune] The Tanzanian Parliament unanimously endorsed Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) treaty that defines the share of the Nile River among the Nile riparian countries on Thursday.

2015-03-31 Zanzibar Vows to Recover Stolen Archives
[Daily News] Zanzibar -THE Zanzibar government has vowed to spare no efforts in recovering stolen archives, appealing to anybody with information which can lead to getting them back.

2015-03-31 Promote Peace, Stability - Kinana Tells Clerics
[Daily News] Mwanga -THE ruling Party (CCM) has stressed the need for religious leaders and other people in the country to continue with the spirit of maintaining peace and stability.

2015-03-31 Kudos to EAC Leaders Over Central Corridor Railway
[Daily News] FINALLY, the government announced what we had been waiting to hear so eagerly. Transport Minister Samuel Sitta told reporters last Sunday that construction of a standard gauge railway to link the hinterland of the East African region with the port of Dar es Salaam will begin this year.

2015-03-31 Central Corridor Projects to Unlock Regional Economies
[Daily News] IN what sounds to be something akin the European Marshall Plan after economies of the countries in Europe went on their knees at the end of World War II, Eastern and Central African leaders last week convened in Dar es Salaam for a similar initiative.

2015-03-31 Africa Urged to Cherish Stability
[Daily News] Arusha -THE VICE-President, Dr Mohamed Gharib, Bilal, has called on African countries to make their own policies which will help in promoting regional macroeconomic stability - a very fundamental aspect in improving people's welfare.

2015-03-31 How New Initiative Speeds Up HIV/Aids Battle in Two Regions
[Daily News] WAR against HIV/AIDS is waged worldwide with different stakeholders as well as unequal levels of intervention. Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Health Initiative (AGPAHI) is one of players and Staff Writer DEUS NGOWI who was in the Lake Zone recently writes in regard to efforts undertaken by the nongovernmental organisation...

2015-03-31 Reps Call for Easing of ID Procedure
[Daily News] Zanzibar -SOME lawmakers in Zanzibar House of Representatives have pressed the government to ease the process of acquiring Zanzibar's resident identity card (ZanID) so that those without it, especially youth, may get them.

2015-03-31 Pakistani Ambassador Appreciates Dar Support
[Daily News] PAKISTAN Ambassador, Mr Muhammad Iqbal, has thanked Tanzanian government for extending help and cooperation to Pakistani community who are taking active part in socio-economic uplift of the country.

2015-03-31 Four Mwanza Masons Cheat Death as Wall Collapses
[Daily News] Mwanza -FIVE people cheated death when a wall of a building they were constructing collapsed in the city centre on Monday. The incident occurred at around 11:30 am when the artisans, some of them without protective gears, were going on with their work.

2015-03-31 Gama Invites Traders to Join Vicoba
[Daily News] Moshi -Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Leonidas Gama, has urged members of the public to enroll with Village Community Banks (Vicoba) for their development.

2015-03-31 Using Films to Bridges Nations Across
[Daily News] PREPARATIONS are being made to have the first Fist-up Film Festival in Dar es Salaam later this year. Unlike other such events, this twoweek long affair is scheduled to be held at various locations in the region over this period.

2015-03-31 Agenda 2063 Seeks Eliminating Poverty
[Daily News] Addis Ababa -EAST African Cooperation Minister, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, has said that Agenda 2063 has come at a time when the continent needs sustained and inclusive development to eradicate poverty.

2015-03-31 AMI Hospital Faces Imminent Closure
[Daily News] AMI Hospital or Trauma Centre at Msasani in Dar es Salaam is facing imminent closure after it failed to comply with Court of Appeal order that wanted it to deposit in court 1,514,000 US dollars plus a monthly rent to a tune of 64,000 US dollars per month, following a tenancy agreement dispute.

2015-03-31 EU Naval Force Commander Visits Gov't and Military Representatives During Visit to Dar es Salaam
[EU Navfor] EU Naval Force warship, HNLMS Johan de Witt, recently visited the port of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania between 22 - 27 March.

2015-03-31 Fiwa, Nyirabu Shine At Monthly Golf Mug
[Daily News] PETER Fiwa was in his sparkling form as he emerged champion in the third edition of Barclays Monthly Golf Mug tournament held at the Tanzania People's Defence Forces (TPDF) Lugalo Club course in Dar es Salaam at the weekend.

2015-03-31 Banker Lists Tips On Banking Security
[Daily News] STANBIC Bank says keeping account security is a top priority to make customers free from stress of losing their money.

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