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2014-10-28 Togo's Permanent Representative to the AU Presents Letter of Credence to the AU Chairperson
[African Union]Togo's Permanent Representative to the AU presents letter of Credence to the AU Chairperson

2014-10-17 Ka-Togo Proved We Can't Ignore the Small
[Observer]Never underestimate the power of small things. In Luganda, when referring to something small, you add 'ka' to emphasis its minutest detail, e.g., KaPablo because I am small. So Togo would be KaTogo.

2014-10-16 Media Regulatory Body Closes Down Offices of Online Newspaper
[MFWA]The media regulatory authority in Togo, the High Authority for the Electronic Media Broadcasting and Communication (Haute Autorité de l'audiovisuel et de la communication-HAAC), closed the head office of the online newspaper Afrika Express Info.

2014-10-15 Star Trail - Why Ubc Almost Missed Cranes/Togo Match
[Observer]For more than 30 minutes as Uganda Cranes played against Togo at Namboole last Saturday, national broadcaster, UBC TV, ran scrolls of apologies over delays in giving the live coverage of the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

2014-10-13 Dealing As a Church With HIV
[WCC]"HIV and AIDS is not just a public health issue. It is a multi-layered social issue - an issue churches in West Africa should not ignore," says Rev. Godson Lawson, a pastor in the Methodist Church in Togo, a country where 110,000 people are living with HIV and 6,600 lives have been lost to the pandemic, according to recent UNAIDS estimates.

2014-10-13 Ayite Brothers Key for Togo Against Uganda
[This Day]The Sparrow Hawks of Togo will face a tricky test away to Uganda Cranes today in a 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier at the Mandela National Stadium, Namboole. It's a must win situation for Togo or they are out of contention to qualify for the 2015 AFCON finals in Morocco.

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