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2016-07-29 Rwanda, Tunisia Battle for FIBA Semi-Finals Slot
[New Times] Hosts Rwanda face a daunting test when they take on Tunisia in the quarter-finals of the 2016 FIBA Africa U-18 Africa Men's Basketball Championship at Amahoro indoor stadium today.

2016-07-27 Digital Revolution Opens Up Education
[SciDev.Net] Around the world, universities face myriad challenges: how to educate as many students as possible, while keeping the quality of teaching and research high, and responding to the pressures of globalisation and privatisation.

2016-07-23 Activists Oppose Law That Would Grant Amnesty to Corruption
[ICTJ] Tunisian activists have taken to the streets this month to protest the proposed Economic Reconciliation Law recently revived in parliament. If approved, the bill would offer a path for corrupt Ben Ali-era officials and business people to legalize their stolen assets and secure a form of amnesty.

2016-07-25 Proposed 'Reconciliation Law' Would Grant Amnesty for Corruption, Fail to Grow the Economy
[ICTJ] Last year, widespread protests led the Tunisian government to abandon the "Reconciliation Law," a bill that would have granted a form of amnesty to corrupt business people and Ben Ali-era officials who otherwise could have been put on trial. The government argued that the law would stimulate the Tunisian economy while offering a sort of "reconciliation". In reality, it would have legalized stolen assets and allowed corruption to go unpunished.

2016-07-22 Cameroon in Tunisia for AFCON U20
[Cameroon Tribune] The U-20 Lions will play the return leg last round qualifiers against Libya on Sunday .

2016-07-18 Brigui Brace Inspires Etoile Back to Winning Ways
[CAF] Midfielder Alaya Brigui scored twice and the other from Ahmed Akaichi was all Etoile du Sahel needed to beat Ahly Tripoli of Libya 3-0 on Saturday in Sousse for their first win at the pool stage.

2016-07-14 Amnesty Bill Would Set Back Transition
[HRW] Tunis -A proposed "economic reconciliation" law will provide amnesty for public officials and state employees for acts related to financial corruption and misuse of public funds. The law would sabotage the mechanism Tunisia already put in place to address economic crimes through a mix of public truth-telling, restitution, and judicial flexibility, Human Rights Watch said.

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