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2018-02-14 Tunisia Expects Chances From China to Boost Employment
[Focac] Tunis -Tunisia sees significant potential for cooperation with China to ease the alarming unemployment in the North African country, a Tunisia senior official said in a recent interview with Xinhua.

2018-02-13 Tunisia Open to Chinese Investment - Senior Official
[Focac] Tunis -"Tunisia is open to Chinese investment," said Mabrouk Korchid, Tunisian Minister of State Domains and Land Affairs, in an exclusive interview with Xinhua recently.

2018-02-02 Bright Anger Amid Dismal Atmosphere
[Fahamu] The recent demonstrations and fighting that broke out across Tunisia for about ten days in January 2018 are all the more significant in that Western representatives and apologists for the current state of the world have held up Tunisia's political situation as the most successful outcome of the 2011 "Arab Spring", that is, from the point of view of maintaining the status quo.

2018-01-31 Abusive Treatment During Protests
[HRW] Tunis -In trying to quell the social protests that gripped much of Tunisia during January 2018, police sometimes beat those arrested and denied their right to a lawyer under Tunisian law, Human Rights Watch said. They also arrested some people for distributing leaflets that peacefully criticized government policy and called for social justice.

2018-01-30 Parliament Member Prosecuted for Insulting Army
[HRW] A Tunisian blogger who recently won election to parliament is facing two military court trials for criticizing the army and its top brass on social media, Human Rights Watch said today.

2018-01-30 African Men's Handball Championship - Tunisia Emerge Champions
[Cameroon Tribune] They beat Egypt 26-25 in the final in Libreville on Saturday January 27, 2018.

2018-01-26 Is Women's Inheritance Next On Reformist Tunisia's Rights Agenda?
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Beirut -Women in Tunisia may be able to pass their family name on to their children and have equal inheritance with men if proposals, due to be finalised in February, are adopted in a country regarded as a leader for women's rights in the Arab world.

2018-01-26 Why Latest Protests Are About More Than a Hike in Taxes
[The Conversation Africa] There is something about January in Tunisia. In 1984, the famous bread riots, which almost brought down the regime of Habib Bourguiba, happened in January. January 2011 saw the success of the Jasmine Revolution that brought to an end the 22-year-long dictatorship Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

2018-01-20 Why Tunisians Are Back On the Streets 7 Yrs After Jasmine Revolution
[The Conversation Africa] Seven years ago in January a popular uprising in Tunisia ousted President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. This year over 770 Tunisian civilians have been detained and one civilian has been killed in protests that commemorated what became known as the Jasmine Revolution.

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