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2014-07-28 Spokesman for Ansar Al-Shariaa Set Free
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis -Spokesman for banned "Ansar Al-Shariaa" movement Seifeddine Erraeis was set free, official spokesman for the Tunisian court of first instance Allela Rhouma said, Monday to TAP.

2014-07-28 Sidi Bouzid - Eight Individuals Involved in Terrorism Cases Arrested
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis -8 individuals involved in cases related to terrorism, were arrested, Sunday in the Governorate of Sidi Bouzid, during a joint security and military operation, TAP learnt.

2014-07-28 Creation of 'Arab Council for Defence of Revolutions and Democracy' Announced in Tunis
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis -The creation of an "Arab Council for the Defence of Revolutions and Democracy" was announced on Saturday at the seat of the Congress for the Republic (CpR) party in Tunis, along with the establishment of its founding committee.

2014-07-28 Warrant of Committal Issued Against Takfiri Facebook Administrator
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis -A warrant of committal was issued against a "Takfiri" administrator of a Facebook page, the Ministry of the Interior said on Friday.

2014-07-28 Marzouki Addresses Nation On Eid Al-Fitr
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis, -President Moncef Marzouki congratulated, Sunday evening, the Tunisian people on Eid Al-Fitr, expressing wish that this event will be an occasion to "give back hope and confidence to Tunisians."

2014-07-28 Protest March in Habib Bourguiba Avenue Against Zionist Attack On Gaza
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis -Protesters marched, on Friday night, in Habib Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis to denounce the Zionist attack on Gaza.

2014-07-28 Two Soldiers Killed, Several Others Wounded in Clashes in Ghar Tin, Kef - Defense
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis, -Two soldiers were killed, on Saturday, in a firefight between terrorists and a military patrol in Ghar Tin, delegation of Sakiet Sidi Youssef, 4km from the Tunisian-Algerian border, Defence Ministry spokesperson Colonel-Major Amjed Hamami told TAP.

2014-07-28 Crisis Cell - Plan to Ensure Return of Tunisians From Libya
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Kasbah, -Interim Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa called, Sunday, during the meeting of the crisis cell, to implement the plan aimed to ensure the return of the Tunisian nationals from Libya, with the required efficiency. According to a statement of the Prime Ministry, the plan also provides for the repatriation of the foreign refugees from the Tunisian airports and mastering the flow of the displaced people after the deterioration of the security situation in Libya.

2014-07-28 Clashes in Ghar Tin in El Kef - State of Health of Wounded Soldiers Is Stable - Defense Ministry
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis, -The state of health of the four soldiers who were wounded during clashes with a terrorist group in the region of Ghar Tin, Governorate of El Kef, is stable, National Defense Ministry Spokesperson Colonel Major Lamjed Hamami said.

2014-07-28 Tunisia's Three Leaders Argue for National Unity and Cohesion Against Terrorism
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Bardo -Tunisia's three leaders, on Friday, called on Tunisian to show national unity and cohesion against the terrorist threat, saying massive participation in the upcoming elections will be the "most scaring response to terrorism and the best way to thwart its plans aimed at undermining the transition process at the end of the course."

2014-07-28 Crime, Terror Converge At Tunisia Frontier
[Magharebia]With Tunisia reeling from the worst attack on its soldiers in more than 50 years, Algeria this week offered military equipment, troop reinforcements along the shared border and other counter-terrorism resources to its neighbour.

2014-07-28 NCA Defers Discussion of Supplementary Finance Bill 2014 Until After Eid El-Fitr
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis, -The discussion of the supplementary finance bill 2014 was postponed until after Eid El-Fitr, Vice-President of the Finance, Planning and Development Commission at the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) Moez Belhaj Rhouma said.

2014-07-28 Ansar Al-Sharia Spokesperson Seifeddine Erraies Arrested
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis -Spokesperson of the banned organisation Ansar Al-Sharia, Seifeddine Erraies was arrested on Saturday at dawn.

2014-07-28 President Marzouki Performs Eid Al Fitr Prayer in Sousse Great Mosque
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Sousse, -President Moncef Marzouki performed, Monday morning, the Eid Al Fitr prayer in the Great Mosque of Sousse.

2014-07-28 President Marzouki Signs Two Republican Decrees Announcing Election Dates
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Carthage -Caretaker President Moncef Marzouki, on Thursday, signed two Republican Decrees announcing the dates of the next legislative and presidential elections, the Presidency of the Republic announced in a press release.

2014-07-28 X-Lab Pioneers Connectivity Using Mesh Wi-Fi Software in Somaliland and Tunisia
[Balancing Act]London -Using Mesh Wi-Fi software that sits on a range of popular devices, US tech policy intervention start-up X-Lab has created a way of rolling out local connectivity. With two working examples in Somaliland and Tunisia, this is not just a good concept. Russell Southwood spoke to X-Lab founder Sascha Meinrath.

2014-07-28 Eid El-Fitr Monday, July 28, 2014
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis, -Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Hamda Saied announced, Sunday, that Monday July 28, 2014 will coincide with the first day of the month of Chaoual 1435 of the Hegira.

2014-07-28 Nkana Topple Etoile for First Win
[CAF]Zambian champions, Nkana reignited their hopes with a 4-3 win over Etoile du Sahel of Tunisia in their Group B clash on Saturday in Kitwe.

2014-07-26 Poor Weather Given As Likely Cause of Air Algerie Crash
[Deutsche Welle]Bad weather has been cited as a likely cause of the crash of Air Algerie flight AH5017, which killed at least 116 people. French troops have secured one of the plane's black boxes, to be examined by investigators.

2014-07-25 World Bank Approves U.S.$300 Million for Governance Program
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis, -The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved, on Thursday, a US$300 million programme focused on improving the performance and local governance of municipalities.

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