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2014-10-24 Activists Fear 'Nonsensical' HIV Law Increases Child Infections
[Key Correspondents]Medical experts and HIV activists fear Uganda's HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act is having the opposite effect and causing people to shy away from seeking treatment.

2014-10-24 Museveni Speaks On Brig Muhoozi
[Observer]In a revealing interview with BBC, President Museveni addressed a range of topics from his sacking of former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to his son Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba's much-talked-about presidential bid in 2021, as well as appointment of his family members to top government positions.

2014-10-24 NRM Promises to Pay 'Friendly' Journalists
[Observer]The NRM will pay handsomely for positive news coverage of its activities, with some 'friendly' journalists likely to get heifers and laptops, The Observer can reveal.

2014-10-24 FDC's Kizza Besigye Kicked Out of Masaka NGOs Workshop
[Observer]Hotel Brovad in Masaka municipality was the scene of some political drama yesterday, as security blocked an opposition politician from attending a civil society workshop.

2014-10-24 What Has Amama Mbabazi Done for Kanungu District?
[Observer]Amama Mbabazi's record in Kanungu gives away little about what he might achieve if he became president of Uganda, writes Benon Herbert Oluka.

2014-10-24 Why NRA Men Hate Mbabazi
[Observer]During the five-year bush war that culminated in President Museveni capturing power in 1986, Pecos Kutesa, RO 026, was a senior officer who served as commander of the NRA first battalion and later as ADC to the then rebel leader.

2014-10-24 MPs Sitting On Alcohol Laws
[Observer]Laws to regulate alcohol use have failed to get the parliamentary nod of approval because some politicians own breweries and others are consumers, officials from Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance (Uapa) have said.

2014-10-24 Makerere Calls Meeting Over Mamdani Changes
[Observer]Authorities at Makerere University have decided to intervene in the conflict between Prof Mahmood Mamdani and research fellow Stella Nyanzi.

2014-10-24 UPDF Recruits 86 in Mukono Zone
[Observer]At least 200 military enthusiasts from Mukono, Buikwe and Buvuma districts have been rejected in the ongoing UPDF recruitment exercise, some for being 'over-qualified'.

2014-10-24 Despite More Supplies, Clinics Still Underperform, Report Says
[Observer]Despite an increase in availability of essential medicines and other health supplies, performance of health facilities remains below targets set by the health sector strategic investment plan (HSSIP), a report has found.

2014-10-24 Basoga Politicians Fighting Me - Minister Migereko
[Observer]Daudi Migereko, the minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, has said news reports that put him in a negative light are pushed by his Busoga political rivals intent on ousting him.

2014-10-24 DP Turns to Youths for Strength
[Observer]In its new recruitment drive, the Democratic Party is targeting the youths ahead of the 2016 general election.

2014-10-24 Law Society, Nyombi Await Judgment Date
[Observer]Justice Stephen Musota yesterday allowed the Uganda Law Society (ULS) to belatedly file its final arguments in defence of last year's decision to suspend Attorney General Peter Nyombi for two years.

2014-10-24 Kampala Hosts International Rappers
[Observer]This weekend Uganda's hip hop community is hosting what could be the biggest event ever.

2014-10-24 Miss Uganda Grand Finale On Saturday
[Observer]The grand finale of Miss Uganda 2014 takes place Saturday evening at Speke Resort, Munyonyo. Who will take over the crown from 2013/14's beauty queen, Stella Nantumbwe?

2014-10-24 The Ghanaian Leading Uganda's Fashion Revolution
[Observer]When Stella Nantumbwe, Miss Uganda 2014, stepped onto the stage at this year's Big Brother Hotshots premiere, it was not only the show's host IK (Ikponmwosa Osokioduwa) who paused to catch his breath upon beholding one of Uganda's representatives.

2014-10-24 Stand-Up Comedy Isn't for the Faint-Hearted
[Observer]I always tell people that I knew I would become a comedian the day I was born.

2014-10-24 All Set for Africa Laughs, Season II
[Observer]This Friday, comedy lovers have something to cheer about. Uganda's biggest comedy event will be going down at the Imperial Royale hotel.

2014-10-24 Pearl Rhythm U.S the Ante
[Observer]The festival, famed for promoting Ugandan sounds, will take place on October 25, at the National theatre. Last week, the organisers put up a listening party for the media. This saw splendid stage coach apprentices shine with a song each.

2014-10-24 How Are Uganda's Big Brother Reps Picked?
[Observer]I wonder if you have been following the latest edition of Big Brother Africa.

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