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2014-08-22 Oil Sector Faces Criticism Over Transparency
[VOA]Kampala -Uganda's oil sector is ramping up and many have high hopes for its economic impact on the country. But some in Uganda are noting concerns over the lack of governmental transparency and help for people affected by oil development projects.

2014-08-22 Ten Nations Commit to Standby Force
[New Times]Ten regional countries have committed to raise a military fighting force of 5,000 troops under the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) at a pledging conference in Kigali.

2014-08-22 HIV Law - President Museveni Under Fire
[Observer]Even after the presidential assent, health rights civil society organisations want amendments to the contentious provisions in the 2014 HIV Prevention and Control Act.

2014-08-22 South Sudanese Rebels Say Uganda Visit "Encouraging"
[Sudan Tribune]Kampala -Officials of a high level delegation of the South Sudanese rebels led by the former vice-president, Riek Machar, have announced the end of their four-day visit to the Ugandan capital, Kampala, describing it as encouraging.

2014-08-22 Namugongo Effort Serves Public Interest
[Observer]Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi on Wednesday invited owners of media houses to his office for a briefing on the government's plans to upgrade Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, and other martyrs' sites elsewhere.

2014-08-22 CMI Arrest Trader Linked to Sejusa
[Observer]Francis Matovu, alias Bbutto, a property dealer linked to exiled Gen David Sejusa, claims he was arrested on August 15 by officers from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence.

2014-08-22 Lukwago to Museveni - You Won't Break My Spirit
[Observer]Embattled Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago yesterday vowed to fight President Museveni's "dictatorship" to the end, after the Supreme court rejected his prayer to be reinstated.

2014-08-22 Most Local Contractors Are 'Fake', Says Minister
[Observer]Up to 50 per cent of local contractors are fake and do shoddy work, John Byabagambi, the state minister for Works, has said.

2014-08-22 DAS Handling Gets Global Certification
[Observer]Safeguarding customers from harm as airlines transport them around the world is becoming core to the aviation industry's mission.

2014-08-22 UK, U.S. Endorse Malaria Campaign
[Observer]In a show of support for Uganda's anti-malaria campaign, American Ambassador Scott DeLisi and British High Commissioner Alison Blackburne each handed President Yoweri Museveni a mosquito net at the launch of the distribution exercise in Wakiso and Kampala districts on August 16.

2014-08-22 Museveni Uses Army to Keep Power - Atubo
[Observer]Daniel Omara Atubo, a former minister in the ruling NRM government, has said in his new book that his former boss, President Museveni, has kept a firm grip on power through abuse of the military, Constitution and treasury.

2014-08-22 Acholi's Grasslands Come to Life As Re-Stocking Begins to Pay Off
[Observer]Peter Okot, aka Naivasha, got his first cow from Child Fund, a non-governmental organisation. He was then staying in an internally-displaced persons' camp in Gulu, forced there by the war instigated by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

2014-08-22 Census to Reveal Exact Figure of Remittances
[Observer]Bank of Uganda has said it would use the coming census to determine the number of households that receive money from relatives and friends in the diaspora.

2014-08-22 NRM's Primaries Report Pins Museveni, Mbabazi
[Observer]The five-months-long investigation into the chaotic NRM primaries of 2010 places the blame for the mess at the feet of top party officials.

2014-08-22 Finance Rejects Pay Rise for MPs
[Observer]Parliament this financial year will be squeezed by a Shs 111bn budget hole, a review of the Parliamentary Commission's ministerial policy statement has found.

2014-08-22 Masaka Youth Leaders Get Museveni Cows
[Observer]Hardly two months since President Yoweri Museveni promised calves to district and NRM youth leaders in Buganda region, has he started delivering.

2014-08-22 Kasese Flood Victims Cry Foul
[Observer]Families of the victims of the May floods in Kasese have accused district leaders of failing to forward their names to the President's Office for compensation.

2014-08-22 Mukwano Industries Decries Counterfeits
[Observer]The chief executive officer (CEO) of Mukwano industries, Tony Gadhoke, has urged the government to intensify the fight against counterfeits in the country to fight the vice in the industry.

2014-08-22 Vienna Shines in IGCSE
[Observer]Parents, teachers and students at Vienna College in Namugongo had a moment to smile, after the last year's International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations were released on August 12.

2014-08-22 Huawei Uganda Launches Mobile Broadband Demo Truck Show
[CIO]Huawei has officially launched the Mobile Broadband demo truck show at Kampala Serena Hotel, in Uganda.

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