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2014-09-16 Court Hears Case Against Govt of Uganda On Hydro Power Unit Construction Dispute
[EAC]Arusha -The East African Court of Justice First Instance Division, today heard a matter seeking the determination of the Court on a case challenging the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed between the Republics of Uganda and China to construct Kaluma Hydro Power Unit 600MW in Uganda.

2014-09-16 Uganda Foils Al-Shabaab Terror Plot, Arrests 19
[Sabahi]Ugandan police said Sunday (September 14th) that 19 suspected al-Shabaab militants arrested in weekend raids had planned to carry out bomb attacks in various parts of the country, as the US embassy said the immediate threat had been "countered".

2014-09-16 3rd EAC Annual Secretary General's Forum for Private Sector, Civil Society and Other Interest Groups Concluded in Entebbe
[EAC]Arusha -The 3rd annual EAC Secretary General's Forum for Private Sector, Civil Society and Other Interest Groups themed "EAC: My Home, My Business" opened by Uganda's Minister for General duties under the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere, on behalf of the Minister of East African Community (EAC) Affairs Hon. Shem Bageine, concluded at the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, in Entebbe, Uganda on 13th September, 2014.

2014-09-16 Tickling Minds Peacefully
[Independent]Peace and happiness are subjects that Ahmed Abushariaa is too familiar with. The soft-spoken artist will immediately strike you as a simple and calm, yet charming personality. He will crack a joke here and there and has such disarming humility - something that is quite unique for a man of his many accomplishments. He is a recipient of many continental art awards including the Sudanese Ministry of Youth and Culture Award and the Art'95 New York International Art Award. He has also traveled extensively in Eu

2014-09-16 Allergies On the Rise
[Independent]At Mwanamugimu Nutrition Unit at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, 70% of all cases that are registered daily are to do food allergies, according to Dr. Samson Muddu, a nutritionist at the facility. He says though the problem of food allergies is most prevalent among children aged four months - two years, they record a number of adults with similar complaints.

2014-09-16 Barefoot Lawyer to U.S.
[Independent]At the Barefoot Law offices in Kampala, the phones - both landline and mobile almost never stop ringing. As I waited to speak to Gerald Abila about the award he recently won from the American Bar Association in recognition of his work, he spent a while speaking on the landline. I later learned that a man in Kaliro District in eastern Uganda needed legal advice on a property succession issue for a deceased man who never left a personal will. The family of the deceased had come up with two potential successo

2014-09-16 Mbabazi's Challenge
[Independent]Mbabazi sits on a stool with a stick handed to him by the youth of Kanungu recently.Prime Minister must make difficult decisions as he eyes President Museveni's chair

2014-09-16 Busoga - Thorn in Museveni's Flesh
[Independent]President Yoweri Museveni in 2013 denied accusations that he was the one behind Busoga's failure to get a Substantive Kyabazinga. FILE PHOTOPolitics, greed, corruption, contempt of court take centre stage as Kyabazinga squabbles continue

2014-09-16 Kyabazingaship Always Been Contentious
[Independent]Ugandans breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced that Busoga had at last resolved its long-standing Kyabazingaship issues. The Independent's Patrick Kagenda talked to Frank Nabwiso, an elder and political analyst on Busoga affairs, to get an insight into the Busoga question. Excerpts

2014-09-16 Economy in Bullish Mood?
[Independent]President Yoweri Museveni tours Roofings factory at Namanve. Manufacturing is recording higher amounts of loans according to BoU. FILE PHOTOBOU says pick up in private sector credit points to an economic revival but economic observers are not as optimistic

2014-09-16 Lord Mayor of the City of London Visits Kampala
[PR Newswire]London -The Lord Mayor of the City of London, Rt Hon Fiona Woolf, is visiting Uganda, accompanied by a high level trade delegation, from 11 to13 September 2014. The City of London is the UK's financial hub, and the Lord Mayor of the City of London serves as a global ambassador, supporting and promoting the City as the world leader in international finance and business services. This is the first visit to Uganda by a Lord Mayor of the City of London, and underlines the growing importance of the Ugandan market to th

2014-09-16 Al Shabaab Rejects Foiled Attack Claims by Ugandan Authorities
[Dalsan Radio]Al Shabaab militant group has denied that Ugandan security forces have foiled planned attack by the militant members. In a statement the group strongly denied the claims by US and Uganda officials on planned attacks in Ugandan soil.

2014-09-16 Understanding Your Tyres
[Independent]Must all four tyres on a car have the same specifications?

2014-09-16 Junk Food? No Thanks
[Independent]Barbecue or mchomo, chips and chicken are some of the junk foods craved by many people from all walks of life ranging from the corporate high end class to the lowest in society. These snacks taste great but they are not good for your body.

2014-09-16 Memoirs of Jenkins Kiwanuka
[Independent]Published in 2014, Son of a Rat Catcher is Jenkins Kiwanuka's memoirs - memoirs of one of Uganda's exceptionally talented journalists who turned himself into a remarkable public relations officer and diplomat in Uganda's Foreign Service. They will be welcomed by his friends, colleagues and others who have followed and/or heard of his service in the public and private sectors.

2014-09-16 National Oil Company Loopholes
[Independent]Since the confirmation of commercially viable quantities of oil in Uganda in 2006, a lot of debate has gone into answering two important questions: What will be the role of the State in the sector and how will citizens benefit? Through the Oil and Gas Policy and the Petroleum Exploration Act (upstream law), the government decided to start a National Oil Company (NOC), which will be charged with managing Uganda's interests in the oil and gas sector. Under the National Oil and Gas Policy and the upstream law

2014-09-16 Views On Katosi Rd Mud Business
[Independent]The scandal over the award of the contract to upgrade the 74km Mukono-Katosi road to an alleged fake company, Eutaw Construction Company Inc., has exposed how corruption can be the handwork of top-level politics. It gives a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes political fights happening today that sometimes leave even President Yoweri Museveni helpless.

2014-09-16 On Being Chango Macho's Patriotism Disciple
[Independent]Lt. Col. Henry Matsiko, a commissioner at the National Patriotism Corps Secretariat, speaks to Joan Akello on patriotism and ideology.

2014-09-16 Aha - a Reply to "Christian" Critics
[Independent]Six reasons why Pastor Martin Sempa and his army of religious homophobes go against the teachings of Jesus

2014-09-15 A Lonely Journey to Uganda for Unaccompanied Children
[savethechildren_uk]Hot air beats down on massed people, many selling gadgets and vegetables.

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