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2014-12-19 Crackdown On Facebook in Uganda
[Waza]The government of Uganda has launched a crackdown on political activists who use social media to convey their messages. The first victims are three youthful activists who are behind the popular Facebook page Masindi News Network, where young people in the oil rich Bunyoro region exchange views on governance issues.

2014-12-19 Ebola Crisis Update - 18th December 2014
[MSF]MSF's West Africa Ebola response started in March 2014 and counts activities in Guinea, Liberia, Mali and Sierra Leone.

2014-12-19 Cabinet Approves More Powers for Museveni
[Observer]Buried in 62 pages are 57 amendments to the Constitution approved by cabinet, which give more powers to President Museveni.

2014-12-19 Sudanese Students in Uganda Condemn SAF Over Blue Nile Rape Claims
[Sudan Tribune]Kampala -The Nuba Mountain Students Association in Uganda (NUMSAU) has condemned the allegations that the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) is responsible for committing rape in Blue Nile state.

2014-12-19 Cavendish University Sued Over Law Course
[Observer]Two Ugandans have asked the High court to order the cancellation of the operational licence of Cavendish University for "illegally" teaching the bachelor's degree in law.

2014-12-19 Renewed Hope for Textile Sector
[Observer]A new textile factory worth approximately $40m was on Wednesday launched in Kampala. However, instead of celebration, Fine Spinners are likely to be greeted with measured optimism at best and cynicism at worst.

2014-12-20 Kenya Succumb to Uganda At U-18 World Cup Qualifiers
[The Star]FIRST ever Africa under-18 (boys) baseball World Cup qualifiers ends today at the Meru University of Science and Technology, with Kenya out of the running for the gold medal contest.

2014-12-19 Mbabazi Now Eyes NRM Chairman Job
[Observer]A day after NRM delegates gave their national chairman power to appoint the secretary general, effectively ousting Amama Mbabazi, he urged his supporters to remain strong and continue mobilising for the 2016 elections.

2014-12-19 Sh43 Billion to Boost Logistics, Transport
[Observer]TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) has launched a $16m (about Shs 43bn) fund, dubbed the Logistics Innovation for Trade (LIFT), for innovators who can develop a strategy to reduce the cost and time of transporting goods within East Africa.

2014-12-19 Sh11 Billion Disbursed to Youth Enterprises
[Observer]At least Shs 11bn has so far been paid to youth enterprises within the first year of the Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP), Pius Bigirimana, the permanent secretary in the ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, has said.

2014-12-19 Museveni - I Can Still Work With Mbabazi
[Observer]Says Amama was misled by two girls

2014-12-19 UPDF's Dilemma Over Gen Sejusa
[Observer]Outwardly, government is selling the view that it's pursuing reconciliation with General David Sejusa; but behind the scenes, state and army officials are grappling with how to deal with the wayward officer.

2014-12-19 URA Recovers Diverted Goods
[Independent (Kampala)]Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) enforcement team has recovered 750 cartons of assorted biscuits and chocolates worth Ushs10 million, the authority said in a recent notice. The recovery was in an operation held on Dec. 12 at a residence in Ntinda, a Kampala suburb. The recovered items are said to have been imported from Sri Lanka and headed for the DR. Congo market after a short stay at one of the warehouses in Kampala.

2014-12-19 Green Xmas Party for Sunday
[Observer]All is set for the annual children 'Green' Christmas Party due this Sunday, December 21 at Kololo ceremonial grounds.

2014-12-19 Night At the Museum Three to Open This Weekend
[Observer]Ben Stiller reprises his role as Larry Daley, the night watchman at a museum for the third and final time.

2014-12-19 Joel Okuyo - the Rise and Fall of Africa's Brad Pitt
[Observer]He walks swiftly around the room, one hand nursing a drink and the other in his pocket. He doesn't say a word, but it is vividly clear he commands respect.

2014-12-19 Back 2 Basics Vii Goes to Wink Bar
[Observer]The Back 2 Basics old-skool party is here once again.

2014-12-19 Vets Demand Own Ministry
[Observer]The Uganda Veterinary Association (Uva) wants the veterinary sector to have its own ministry, instead of being under Agriculture.

2014-12-19 Complicit Cops Face Dismissal
[Observer]Accused of conniving with businessmen to steal construction materials from a Chinese construction company building the Entebbe-Kampala express highway (Southern bypass), six police officers face the knife.

2014-12-19 Germany to Give Uganda Sh350 Billion
[Observer]Uganda and Germany today signed an agreement that will see the former receive Euros 102m (Shs 350bn) in grants and affordable loans.

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