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2014-11-25 Slow Progress in the Fight Against the LRA
[Deutsche Welle]The Lord's Resistance Army has been escalating its abductions in Central Africa, a new UN report says. Although AU-led military operations appear to be weakening the group, the countries involved have other priorities.

2014-11-25 New Financing Agreement to Strengthen Rural Finance Services
[IFAD]Rome -IFAD invests in rural communities to create vibrant rural economy

2014-11-25 Uganda Sets Conditions for New South Sudan Rebel Faction
[Sudan Tribune]Juba -The government of neighbouring Uganda has allegedly set numerous conditions before it will recognise the formation of a new South Sudanese rebel group.

2014-11-25 Buying the Vote
[Independent (Kampala)]Museveni, Mbabazi cash to shape 2016 election

2014-11-25 Independent Magazine Nominated in Social Media Awards Africa
[Independent (Kampala)]The Independent Magazine Uganda has been nominated for the Award of "Best Rated Platform" in the inaugural Social Media Awards Africa. Also nominated in these awards is Andrew Mwenda who's been nominated in two categories; Influencer of The Year and Twitter Handle of the Year.

2014-11-25 We Are a Strong Team to Take URA Forward - Akol
[Independent (Kampala)]Doris Akol was recently appointed Commissioner General of Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), succeeding Allen Kagina, who retired after ten years in the job. She spoke to Julius Businge about her experiences so far, her vision, plus other issues pertinent to tax administration. Excerpts.

2014-11-25 The Next War Against Museveni
[Independent (Kampala)]Party bosses reveal why youth are going for guns

2014-11-25 High Costs As Transformer Goes Up in Flames
[Independent (Kampala)]On the night of Oct. 16, fire broke out at an important electricity supply facility in the Mulago neighbourhood of Kampala city's north-western area. The Kampala North Substation was once again on fire. The fire started at around 2.30am and John Omoding, who runs a private car parking yard adjacent to the substation, recalls how he desperately tried to ensure their safety."It was not easy to get to all the car owners at that time or even get them clamped away in such a short period of time," he says.

2014-11-25 Mutebile's Revelations About 2011 Elections
[Independent (Kampala)]What the governor's statement tells us about what will happen in 2016

2014-11-25 Bantu Cultural Centre Fades Into a Costly Mirage
[Independent (Kampala)]Gabon-Photos-of-SuspendedHeadquarters-of-the-InternationalCentre-for-Bantu-Civilizations-CICIBA-2Two grandiose elephant tusks guard the doors of a palace built to celebrate the cultural heritage of Africa's Bantu tribes, which gradually settled across much of the continent. «Welcome to the Ciciba!» a young boy in rags hailed visitors outside, using the French acronym for the International Centre of the Bantu Civilisations, built in Gabon's capital Libreville three decades ago., But beyond the e

2014-11-25 Fear Cannot Make Me Change
[Independent (Kampala)]Prof. Dr. George Wilson Kanyeihamba, the distinguished former Supreme Court judge spoke to Joan Akello about being oneself.

2014-11-25 Vision Group Jinx?
[Independent (Kampala)]As Geraldine Busuulwa Ssali, the NSSF deputy managing director, sat at the New Vision Ltd annual general meeting on Nov.13, only one thing was on her mind: the billions her organization is continuing to lose in the USE-listed company. When the opportunity came for her to take the microphone, she was literally scathing.

2014-11-25 2016 Crucial for North
[Independent (Kampala)]Time to elect leaders who have the vision, tenacity, and capacity to lay the foundation for recovery

2014-11-25 TAC Sends 49 Workers to Ugandan Varsity
[Guardian]Abuja -ANOTHER batch of 49 Nigerian professionals left the country yesterday to Kampala University, Uganda, on volunteer service under the Technical Aid Corps (TAC).

2014-11-25 BBA Diaries: They Never Saw it Coming
[Big Brother Africa]It is safe to say that Biggie exacted one hand up on the Hotshots. He was throwing twists after curve balls at the housemates and generally shaking the wits out of them. His latest surprise was the freeze task with family coming in to visit M'am Bea and Nhlanhla while they couldn't move even their pinkies to embrace their loved ones. They now knew that more was to come.

2014-11-25 Open Letter to Gen. Mugisha Muntu
[Independent (Kampala)]History will absolve you

2014-11-24 Househelp Caught on Video Abusing Child
[Observer]After a video clip of a housemaid abusing a child went viral last week, the police has issued a statement explaining the circumstances related to the clip.

2014-11-24 Uganda's Missing Opposition Activist
[HRW]Maria Burnett -Where is Sam Mugumya?

2014-11-24 Ebola Crisis Update
[MSF]Since the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was officially declared on 22 March in Guinea, it has claimed 5,420 lives in the region. The outbreak is the largest ever, and is currently affecting four countries in West Africa: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Mali. One person in Spain and three people in the USA have recovered; one person in the USA has died. Outbreaks in Nigeria and Senegal have been declared over. A separate outbreak in DRC has also ended.

2014-11-24 Let Us Criticise the Cranes, but Not Ridicule Them
[Observer]It has become a norm in Ugandan sport to heap blind praise in celebration of glory, only to turn around and mock yesterday's heroes when they later taste defeat.

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