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2015-07-06 Kony Is Sick, Say Defectors
[Monitor] Kampala -Rebel leader of the Lord's Resistance Army Joseph Kony is diabetic and is suffering from arthritis, a joint inflammation that causes pain, defectors from the rebel group say.

2015-07-06 Museveni Moves to Stop Cabinet Row
[Monitor] Kampala -President Museveni has moved to defuse tension within Cabinet that has led to friction between some senior and junior ministers by appointing an arbiter.

2015-07-06 We Need Methodical Approach to Policing
[Observer] The mysterious murder of Muslim clerics continued last Tuesday, with Sheikh Hassan Ibrahim Kirya gunned down in Kampala city.

2015-07-06 Mbabazi Calls for Term Limits
[Observer] In an appearance on Saturday on Capital Gang, a Capital FM talk show, presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi said time had come for President Museveni to retire and let other leaders govern this country.

2015-07-06 Supporting Skills Development Is Long Overdue
[Observer] Last week, education minister Jessica Alupo inaugurated the second Industrial Training Council with a rallying call; to turn the directorate of industrial training (Dit) into a skills development authority over the next three years.

2015-07-06 Church Prepares for Pope's Visit With Devt Works
[Monitor] Kampala -The Catholic Church on Friday announced a series of activities to be conducted ahead of Pope Francis' visit to the country in November.

2015-07-06 Ensure Free and Fair Elections - U.S. Tells Govt
[Monitor] Kampala -The United States of America has called on the Ugandan government to ensure that the process leading to 2016 elections is legitimate for the winner to be accepted by all.

2015-07-06 Senior Officers Arube, Aseni Attempt to Overthrow Amin - Part I
[Monitor] March 23 and 24, 1974, Uganda's president Field Marshal Idi Amin was nearly ousted. Known as the "Brig Arube Coup", it was the first military attempt to overthrow Amin since he became president after his 1971 coup that toppled president Milton Obote.

2015-07-06 Dad of Held Isis Terror Suspects Speaks Out
[Monitor] The father of the two arrested Ugandan youth alleged to be connected to a syndicate which is recruiting youth to join Syria's ISIS terrorists has defended his sons as having never been involved in terror activities.

2015-07-06 Mbabazi Pinned On His 2016 Presidential Bid
[Monitor] In his maiden Ugandan talk show as a presidential aspirant, former prime minister Amama Mbabazi yesterday faced tough questions mainly about his record within the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the government, his alleged massive wealth and the involvement of his family in his campaign.

2015-07-06 My Nasty Encounters With the Real Hustlers of Kampala City
[Nation] Last year during Writivism festival, it was a plainclothes policeman. He came to our party of five as we were eating nyama choma. Our party consisted of two Kenyans, a Ghanaian, an American and a South African (me).

2015-07-06 Miss Uganda - If Nabukeera Wins...
[Observer] So, this time next week, this country shall have a brand new Miss Uganda, huh?

2015-07-06 Unmasking Rugby Cranes' Africa Cup 1B Opponents
[Monitor] Kampala -It's over a decade since Uganda won the Rugby Africa Cup 1B event held in Nairobi to open a whole new chapter for the game here.

2015-07-06 Uganda's Top Woman in Tech Has Some Surprising Advice for Females Considering ICT
[Akilah Net] Nairobi -When I asked to meet her, she was busy -- very busy, in fact. As the only woman on the board of the ICT Association of Uganda and a IDEX global fellow with Wings Learning Centers in Bangalore, India, Evelyn Namara is always on the go.

2015-07-06 Commission Determined to Implement Accord
[Ethiopian Herald] "Refraining from further talks, we have to begin to implement our bilateral agreements"

2015-07-06 Water Crisis Worries Dokolo Residents
[Monitor] Dokolo -A chronic water shortage has hit Dokolo Town Council, forcing residents to resort to unsafe water for drinking and other domestic use.

2015-07-06 Miss Tourism Runner-Up, NTV Staff Killed in Mpigi Accident
[Observer] Two people are confirmed dead and six others injured in a fatal accident at Nsimbe Swamp near Nakirebe trading center along the Kampala-Masaka highway yesterday afternoon.

2015-07-06 Taifa Stars Fervent to Overturn Deficit
[Daily News] National soccer team, Taifa Stars, interim head coach Charles Boniface Mkwasa strongly believes his team has the impetus to overturn the three-goal deficit as they take on Uganda Cranes in the African Nations Championship (CHAN) return leg on Saturday.

2015-07-06 Stars Knocked Out of Chan
[Daily News] Kampala -The national soccer team, Taifa Stars, were knocked out of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) despite drawing 1-1 with Uganda Cranes in the return leg at Nakivubo Stadium yesterday.

2015-07-06 Country's Cranes Book Sudan Place At Next Round
[CAF] Uganda will face Sudan at the next stage of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) Rwanda 2016 qualifiers after 1-1 draw with Tanzania on Saturday at Nakivubo Stadium in Kampala.

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