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2014-10-20 Uganda Fails to Keep Up With Demand for HIV Drugs
[Key Correspondents]Despite a remarkable increase in access to HIV treatment over the last decade, the number of people in need of antiretroviral drugs in Uganda continues to outpace the response.

2014-10-20 On the Cranes and the Seeds of Excellence
[Observer]Last Wednesday, the national football team, The Cranes, lost 0-1 in Togo in a qualification game for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations.

2014-10-21 Art in Office
[Independent]KFW exhibition is all about art impacting workspace

2014-10-21 I Could Be Lord Mayor of Kampala
[Independent]Dr. Ian Clarke, the chairman and chief executive officer of International Medical Group (IMG) and Makindye Mayor speaks to Joan Akello about surviving cancer and his life

2014-10-21 Marburg - Don't Be Caught Off Guard
[Independent]One can only access isolation centers with such gear but medics say they're not 100% protective.Ugandan experts speak out on what World can do in West Africa

2014-10-21 UCC Plots ICT Growth
[Independent]A few months ago, a team led by Information and Communications Technology (ICTs) Minister John Nasasira went on a trip to South Korea where they visited a state-of-the-art centre for managing information security. Nasasira was astonished at the level of sophistication. He turned to his colleague, James Saaka, the executive director of the National Information Technology Authority-Uganda (NITA-U), and asked: "James, how come I did not see such a thing when I was visiting our ICT facilities when I had just b

2014-10-21 NSSF's Sh366 Billion
[Independent]As you read this, for every Shs 10 million you held as savings in the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) by July 2013, Shs 1,115,000 could as well have been credited to your account. This follows an announcement by the Minister of Finance that the Fund will pay its members an interest rate of 11.5% for the FY 2013/14, slightly more than the 11.23% it paid a year ago, but even more importantly, above the 9.23% ten-year average rate of inflation. The new interest rate effectively translates into Shs 366 bi

2014-10-21 What Next for Afande Kaweesi?
[Independent]Police boss Kayihura's tactics under spotlight

2014-10-20 Eaton Revives Hope to Defend Uganda Ladies Open Golf Title
[Daily News]THE national ladies golf team member and defending champion Angel Eaton recovered from her horrible first round performance, to return marvelous three-under 69 gross in the second round of Uganda Ladies Open Stroke Play tournament at Kitante Golf Club in Kampala, Uganda on Friday.

2014-10-20 Uganda Reserves Dip Due to Power
[EA Business]Kampala -The Bank of Uganda is focused on ensuring that it improves the country's foreign reserves that have declined by $200 million lately.

2014-10-21 Why Do Customers Fear Banks?
[Independent]To be successful, lessons in financial matters must involve simple decision-making rules

2014-10-21 Reaping From Trade Shows
[Independent]Over the past week, thousands of people have thronged Lugogo in Kampala to take part in the annual Uganda International Trade Fair (UGITF), which is organized by the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA). More than 20 years after the first show was held, UMA has continued to organize the event to enable technology transfer, offer business opportunities, and a platform for business networking for industrialists, manufacturers and the entire business community from Uganda and the East and Central African re

2014-10-21 Business Capital Call
[Independent]Presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda (in yellow suit), Paul Kagame of Rwanda and other panelists at the 3 rd Uganda-Rwanda Business Forum on Oct. 7. Business leaders offer tips at 3rd Uganda - Rwanda Business Forum

2014-10-21 Healing Power of Tears
[Independent]If crying helps our emotional state, why is it discouraged?

2014-10-21 Contemporary Paradoxes in Policing
[Independent]Militarisation of crime and violence against police officers in Uganda

2014-10-20 Oil Boss Says Pipeline Quickest Option for Uganda
[EA Business]Kampala -The new General Manager at Total E&P Uganda, Fran├žois Rafin believes a safe economical export pipeline, is the best option for Uganda's emerging oil and gas industry writes BAZ WAISWA.

2014-10-20 CIC Expects Uganda, Malawi Licences in November
[The Star]CIC Insurance has said it expects to get licences to operate in Uganda and Malawi by the end of next month.

2014-10-20 Uganda Goes Bananas
[EA Business]Bushenyi -A new banana value addition factory recently launched by President Museveni in Bushenyi, in Western Uganda, is set to provide a ready market for over 400 farmers.

2014-10-20 Rwanda in Tag Team With Uganda
[EA Business]Kigali, Rwanda -Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) together with the Uganda High Commission in Kigali recently organised a tour operators' workshop in Kigali.

2014-10-20 Nssf to Reward Compliance
[Observer]After more companies remitted their workers' pension to the National Social Security Fund in the last financial year, the fund will reward this sort of compliance when it holds its annual general meeting later this month.

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