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2015-04-28 Debts Killing Museveni's Govt
[Independent (Kampala)] The Anti-Corruption Court in Kampala was on April 13, the scene of ecstatic congratulatory hugs, dancing, and Jubilation. The court had just dismissed a major case involving the alleged swindling of Shs169 billion from the pensions accounts of the Ministry of Public Service in 2011. The money was paid to over 1000 fictitious pensioners. The trial started in 2013, but according to the presiding Chief Magistrate, the case was dismissed because the State had in the last two years failed to bring even a single

2015-04-28 The Best Place to Die
[Independent (Kampala)] A collaboration between a funeral service provider and a hospital is changing perceptions about death

2015-04-28 Shilling Woes Persist
[Independent (Kampala)] Inflation takes toll as local currency continues to struggle despite Central bank intervention

2015-04-28 Spearheading a Banking Revolution
[Independent (Kampala)] P.K Gupta is the acting managing director of Crane Bank, one of Uganda's leading indigenous banks. He spoke to The Independent about their operations and other pertinent issues in the banking industry.

2015-04-28 Corruption Now Harder to Fight
[Independent (Kampala)] In the Bantariza case, one wonders why the State failed to establish facts by providing basic empirical evidence

2015-04-28 High Court of Uganda Files a Matter Challenging the Jurisdiction of National Court to Interpret and Apply EAC Treaty
[EAC] The Appellate Division of the East African Court of Justice heard a matter referred by the High Court of the Republic of Uganda challenging the jurisdiction of the National Courts over interpretation and application of the EAC Treaty for determination.

2015-04-28 Inspired By Edgar Degas' Subject of Dance
[Independent (Kampala)] The new solo exhibition by Ibrah Nsubuga is very much inspired by Edgar Degas; a European modernist artist who was identified by the subject of dance. Many of the works of the 19th Century French painter depicted dancers performing ballet.

2015-04-28 Debating Term Limits
[Independent (Kampala)] Adhere to set regulations and things ought to be fine, dismantle them and the future is predictably perilous

2015-04-28 Some Want Me for First Woman Rotary District Governor
[Independent (Kampala)] Dr. Margaret Mungherera, 57, country chairperson Uganda Rotary and outgoing President World Medical Association talked to Joan Akello about medicine and early retirement

2015-04-28 Ivan Rwendeire, Hardware and Construction
[Independent (Kampala)] Rwendeie, an engineer, opened his first hardware shop in Naalya 17 years ago with about Shs 10 millon. He used this initial capital to buy about 100 bags of cement. As an engineer, he had seen people were being fleeced of their money by being sold fake or underweight cement. "I was forced to open my own shop to sell genuine cement, not to make money as my primary objective," Rwendeire says.

2015-04-28 Uganda Dominate Zone 4.2 Chess Championships
[New Times] Ugandan Arthur Ssegwanyi emerged winner of the Zone 4.2 Chess Championships that concluded in Kampala over the weekend, after garnering 7.5 points in the nine-round open category.

2015-04-28 Should You Repair or Replace That Car?
[Independent (Kampala)] "Should I repair or replace my car?"

2015-04-28 Leadership Fights Tearing Up Lango
[Independent (Kampala)] Dan Okello, the Lira Municipality UPC Chairman speaks at a press briefing as Okello Lucima UPC spokesperson (L) and Joseph Bossa UPC Vice president look on. INDEPENDENT/PATRICK KAGENGAAkena faces opposition from area UPC leaders

2015-04-28 Uganda to Construct Referral Hospital for Its Soldiers Out of Money Made in Somalia
[Dalsan Radio] The Ugandan government is to construct a referral hospital for Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF) at a cost of about US$35 million. UPDF spokesperson Paddy Ankunda told local newspaper The New Vision that the money used in the construction is made in Somalia.

2015-04-27 Low Turnout Mars Voters' Register Update Exercise
[Observer] The ongoing update of the National Voters Register could be jeopardized by the low turnout especially in urban centers, URN has observed.

2015-04-27 Govt Must Avert Looming Scandal About Pension Scam
[Observer] Well, that is if the word 'looming' is justifiable as a reflection of faith in Uganda Police Force's ability to investigate and dispose of cases promptly.

2015-04-27 Head Teachers Embrace New Curriculum but Concerns Remain
[Observer] Last week, head teachers of secondary schools from Kawempe division resolved to embrace the new curriculum for lower secondary school, due to be unveiled in 2017.

2015-04-27 Address Challenges of New Curriculum
[Observer] Last week, head teachers from Kawempe division in Kampala met to discuss the new curriculum, due to be introduced for lower secondary schools in 2017.

2015-04-27 UPDF Budget for South Sudan War Shoots Up By Shs 16.2bn
[Observer] The UPDF's continued stay in South Sudan will cost Ugandan taxpayers an extra Shs 16.2bn next financial year, according to the defence budget.

2015-04-27 Who Is Next Enemy in South Africa?
[Independent (Kampala)] How the flaws in the post-apartheid political settlement have shaped the current anti-immigrant sentiments

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