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2014-09-29 Museveni-Mbabazi Struggle May Be Over, but Reform Still Years Away
[African Arguments]The firing of Uganda's Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, which has pitched the country into another spell of political uncertainty, highlights the power of perpetual incumbency, and with it, the utility of presidential term limits.

2014-09-29 How PM Mbabazi Lost His Post
[Independent]Inside look at how Museveni launched fight with former PM

2014-09-29 A Week in Dubai
[Independent]I spent the first week of this month in Dubai. Now I first visited Dubai in 1996. It was, I thought then, a big city. I have since visited this desert town almost every year since 2002. But compared to today, the Dubai of 1996 was a small well-knit city, cozy and personal. You could literally walk the streets window-shopping from one shop to another and feel connected to it. There was an occasional shopping mall or arcade, but one could count these on the fingers on one palm. There were also many hotels wi

2014-09-30 Self Taught Art
[Independent]A few minutes spent in artist Augustine Hakizimana's company will possibly make you feel calmer and more relaxed. His smile and easy-going way are that infectious. However, beneath his calmness lies a busy creative mind. It is the driver behind his agile paint brush.

2014-09-30 NRM's Biggest War
[Independent]On Sept.19, a day after President Yoweri Museveni had sacked his long-serving Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, the towering new US$36 million Chinese-built President's office building was placed under distinct siege by police's Counter Terrorism and Special Forces operatives.

2014-09-30 Student Loan Dreams
[Independent]When The Independent first wrote a story about the student loan scheme in August this year, a reader, Vitas Muhairwe, posted a comment on our online version:

2014-09-30 Feats of Ugandan Pottery IV
[Independent]In the midst of Buganda's campaign to restore the glory of Buganda Kingdom spearheaded by its Prime Minister, Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga, a group of young independent artists have dedicated their exhibition of ceramics and pottery to celebrating and creating awareness about one of the most important components of Buganda culture; the totems of its clans.

2014-09-30 More People Getting Depression
[Independent]Dr Harriet Birabwa, a Butabika based psychiatrist says that 20% of all patients that report to the hospital have had an episode of depression and of 100 aging people, 80 are depressed. Also, the World Health Organisation estimates show the disease's prevalence is set to rise by 2020 as it will be the second most common diagnosed condition, after heart diseases.

2014-09-30 Optimism for Cheaper, Faster Internet
[Independent]More optic fibre cables expected to push down internet prices.

2014-09-30 Don't Ignore the Exhaust System On Your Vehicle
[Independent]The intake and the exhaust systems have very important role in the breathing ability of the internal combustion engine. Therefore their shapes, pipes lengths and diameters have crucial effect on engine's characteristics.

2014-09-30 Daring to Make a Difference in Society
[Independent]Three things we not know about you?

2014-09-30 Oil Development Phase Set
[Independent]On an Emirates Airlines flight some time back, Ernest Rubondo, the commissioner in the Petroleum Exploration and Production Department (PEDP) in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, saw an advert in the airline's onboard magazine, which indicated that the airline had introduced a new flight to Luanda, Angola. The explanation was that a new route was necessary to transport thousands of workers from Asia to work in the African country's booming oil industry.

2014-09-30 Tangi Gets Its Grove Back
[Independent]Obit West could be described as the quietest spot in Tangi, a rural village in Pabir parish in Purongo Sub-County in Nwoya district in northern Uganda. Tangi village derives its name from a small spring that meanders westwards towards the world famous Murchison Falls National Park until its waters pour into the mighty River Nile, which is the world's longest river.

2014-09-30 The Gap in the Fight Against Corruption
[Independent]The Inspectorate of Government (IG) recently released the Fourth Annual Report on Tracking Corruption Trends in Uganda, which includes data from the National Governance Baseline Survey conducted by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS). The report clearly shows that corruption is still widespread in Uganda and remains a major constraint on economic development and poverty reduction.

2014-09-30 Museveni's Anti-War Sentiments
[Independent]Militarise agriculture, education, rural economies, and breaking the spirit of the country.

2014-09-29 Born With HIV - 30 Years and Still Going Strong
[Key Correspondents]Susan Nabukera (not her real name) was born in Nakaseke District in Uganda. Both she and her brother, Amos, were born with HIV. Thirty years on, Susan speaks of the pain she experienced as a child growing up with the virus, the death of her brother and her hopes for the next generation of young people.

2014-09-29 Army on Alert After PM Fired
[Observer]News that Amama Mbabazi had been fired as prime minister has kept Ugandans' tongues wagging and finger clicking excitedly since September 19. But for the army and some government units, it has been a week of tension and expecting the worst, as Benon Herbert Oluka & Edris Kiggundu report.

2014-09-29 Army General Leaves Uganda Due to Fear
[Sudan Tribune]Kampala -A South Sudanese army general has reportedly left Uganda, days after rebels opposed to president Salva Kiir opened on office in the capital, Kampala.

2014-09-29 National ID Data Was Not Verified, Study Finds
[Observer]Data for more than half of the people who registered for national identity cards was not verified, a study has suggested.

2014-09-29 Historicals Facing Extinction
[Observer]In 2005, when Dokolo MP Felix Okot Ogong announced his intention to run against President Museveni in the contest for the NRM presidential flag bearer, many laughed him off as an attention seeker, a teaser bull.

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