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2015-05-28 SA Denies Troops Stranded in Uganda
[The Herald] Cape Town -South African National Defence Force (SANDF) yesterday refuted claims that about 850 South African soldiers were stranded in Uganda.

2015-05-28 Kwizera Out of Olympic Qualifier Against Uganda
[New Times] Rwanda's number one choice goalkeeper Olivier Kwizera has been ruled out of the CAF U-23/Rio 2016 Olympic Games second round qualifier against Uganda on May 30 at the Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium.

2015-05-28 Number of World's Hungry People Falls, FAO
[Observer] The annual Food and Agriculture Organisation (Fao) report says the number of hungry people around the world has dropped below 800 million for the first time since the UN started counting. The report puts the number of people suffering from hunger around the world at 795 million, 216 million fewer than in 1990-92.

2015-05-28 Lawmaker Sues Musician for Defamation
[Observer] Katerera county MP Hatwib Katoto and music promoter Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi have dragged local musician Moses Sekibogo popularly known as Moze Radio to the High court in Kampala for allegedly uttering defamatory statements against them.

2015-05-27 Oil Compensation Exposes Abuse of Women in Hoima
[Observer] The undertaking of oil exploration typically has profound social, cultural and political impacts - both negative and positive, both in the country at large and in the region of operation.

2015-05-27 Ecobank Introduces Premier Banking
[Observer] Ecobank Uganda Limited has relieved its high net-worth customers of the hustle of queuing in the banking halls by launching premier banking services.

2015-05-27 Posta, URSB in New Deal
[Observer] Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and Posta Uganda Ltd have signed a memorandum of understanding where business entities that need postal addresses will get them at URSB offices.

2015-05-27 Govt Owes Netball Team Total Support
[Observer] It is exactly 70 days before the 2015 Netball World Cup rolls off from August 7 to 16 in Sydney, Australia.

2015-05-27 Energy Sector Gets Boost From Europe
[Observer] Uganda has received a Shs 1.3tn boost in loans and grants from Europe to enhance energy extension to poor households.

2015-05-27 Ugandans' Vote Should Salvage Sick Civil Service
[Observer] In 1986, NRM adopted a broad-based government. This meant incorporating the skilled civil servants from previous regimes.

2015-05-27 Women Ought to Take Lead in Politics
[Observer] In the late 1990s, the United Nations defined its third Millennium Development Goal as the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.

2015-05-27 Oil Firms, Govts Differ On Export Pipeline
[Observer] As heads of state under the Northern Corridor Integrated Project meet in Kampala next month, one of the key issues on the agenda will be the approval of the crude oil pipeline route from Uganda to an East African seaport, probably Lamu.

2015-05-27 Twisted Loyalty
[Observer] Over the last five or so, a number of promising Ugandan youngsters have switched allegiance to play for Rwanda. But as JOHN VIANNEY NSIMBE found out during the Kobs' 2-1 win over their Rwandan counterparts, there is hardly any success story.

2015-05-27 Govt to Set Up ICT Hub
[Observer] As a way of creating an enabling environment for information and communications technology (ICT) development, which can eventually lead to the transformation of Uganda into a knowledge-based country, the government through the ministry of ICT is set to establish an innovation fund to assist young innovators.

2015-05-27 UBL Donates to Entebbe Hospital
[Observer] Entebbe General hospital's utility bills are expected to be halved following a Shs 290m donation from Uganda Breweries. UBL donated a water harvesting system, which comprises a 200,000-litre underground tank, water filtration system and pump, with the entire project cost estimated at Shs 290m.

2015-05-27 Mandela Stadium At the Edge of Collapse
[Observer] Mandela National stadium is on the verge of collapse and is in need of a government bailout, a report has noted.

2015-05-27 Makerere Alumni in Perimeter Wall Fundraiser
[Observer] The Makerere University Convocation (MUC) executive members say they will not wait for the presidential pledge and the institution's management to build a perimeter wall around the main campus. They have launched a fundraising drive in which they hope to collect Shs 6bn for the construction, that will be done in phases.

2015-05-27 Ghana Offers Good Lessons On Terrorism
[Observer] On Thursday last week, five MPs on the defence committee and I returned from a week-long study tour in Ghana. The chairperson of the committee, Ms Benny Bugembe, led our delegation.

2015-05-27 While You Were Sleeping
[Independent (Kampala)] 1. Hackers targeted the US's Internal Revenue Service. They pilfered records filed by 100,000 households and tried to steal as many as 100,000 more. The IRS's technology is severely outdated, tax officials warned earlier this year, with some applications dating back to when John F. Kennedy was president.

2015-05-26 Chaos in Opposition Camp
[Independent (Kampala)] Barely eight months to the next general elections, President Yoweri Museveni opponents should be counting on the leader of the biggest opposition party, retired Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu, to provide leadership. But, according to some of them, he is not. And the frustration is showing.

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