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2016-07-27 Date Rape Drug Rohypnol Appears in Region
[RFI] Cases of sexual assault involving the drug known as Rohypnol, have been reported in universities in Tanzania, Nigeria and Uganda. Healthcare professionals are warning the general public to be on the alert when going out to avoid having their drinks spiked.

2016-07-27 Police to Use Poop Tear Gas
[Observer] The police will soon unleash a new type of tear gas that will leave opposition demonstrators with a repulsive smell of human faeces, a senior officer has warned.

2016-07-27 Muslims Demand Ministry for Islamic Affairs
[Monitor] Kampala -President Museveni on Monday declined to comment on the demand by Muslim leaders to create a ministry for Islamic affairs.

2016-07-27 Soldiers Injured in Mogadishu Attack
[Monitor] Two Ugandan soldiers were yesterday injured and eight Somali nationals killed in an early morning attack on the African Union forces base in Somalia.

2016-07-27 President Speaks Out On Distressed Companies
[Monitor] Kyankwanzi -President Museveni yesterday spoke fervently about the plight of "distressed companies" that need government bailout to stay in business, singling out those which were exporting to the troubled South Sudan but were not paid by the government as a result of the war there.

2016-07-27 Regional Traders Continue to Face Hurdles On Central Corridor
[New Times] Delays in clearing goods, corruption and theft at the Port of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, and high fees charged by some regulatory agencies continue to hurt trade along the Central Corridor, officials have said.

2016-07-27 Museveni Salutes the Flourishing Balance of Trade Between Rwanda and Uganda
[Focus] The president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has appreciated the flourishing trade partnership between Rwanda and Uganda.

2016-07-27 Besigye Lashes Out at Police Court Over Brutality Trials
[Monitor] Kampala -Opposition leader Kizza Besigye has described the Police court as "drama" even as he declared a move to have police officers answer for alleged crimes as "a great victory for the people".

2016-07-27 Makerere Wants MISR PhD Programme Reviewed, Nyanzi Summoned
[Monitor] Makerere University appointments board has recommended that the Management of the PhD program at Makerere Institute of Social Research Institute (MISR) be supervised by the University to address the grievances at the research institute.

2016-07-27 Vodafone Gets New Chief Executive
[Observer] Vodafone Uganda has appointed John Ndego as its new chief executive officer with effect from July 11, 2016, according to a company statement.

2016-07-27 MTN Uganda Inks Deal to Be the Digital Partner of 'Beneath the Lies' Series
[CIO] MTN Uganda announced a partnership with 40 Plus, the producers of the popular drama series, Beneath the Lies (BTL). Under this partnership, MTN will be the exclusive Digital Partner for the show and social media followers of both Beneath the Lies and MTN can find information relating to the show on MTN's social media channels.

2016-07-27 South Sudan Woos Ugandan Traders Back to Juba
[Monitor] Entebbe -South Sudan has asked Ugandan traders to go back and resume their business operations, saying the situation is under control.

2016-07-27 IMF Cautions Government On Role of Central Bank
[Monitor] Kampala -As the Bank of Uganda (BoU) celebrates 50 years of existence, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cautioned Ugandan policy makers to avoid giving conflicting roles to the Central Bank with policy aspects which do not fall under its core functions in economic management.

2016-07-27 Treason Case - Besigye Honours Bail Conditions
[Monitor] Kampala -Former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye yesterday started to honour one of his bail conditions of reporting to the Deputy Registrar of the Criminal Division of the High Court in the treason case as earlier directed by Justice Wilson Masalu Musene, who released him on bail two weeks ago.

2016-07-26 Airtel Applauds Outgoing Directors
[Observer] Airtel Uganda has announced the planned departure of Prasoon Lal, the Marketing Director, Diego Pacheco, the Chief Commercial Officer and Paul Langlois, the mobile money director.

2016-07-26 Nigerian Oil Firms Win Uganda's Acreages
[Daily Trust] Lagos -The Waltersmith Petroman, Niger Delta Petroleum Resources (NDPR) and Oranto Petroleum, all Nigerian independent marketers, have been awarded two acreages in Uganda, said a report issued by the Africa oil and gas magazine.

2016-07-27 Teacher Wins Busoga Tourism Crown
[Observer] Hope Gloria Kyotolime, a teacher at St Noa Girls SS in Zana, was on Saturday night crowned Miss Tourism Busoga at Crested Crane hotel in Jinja.

2016-07-27 Choice of Athletics Coach to Rio Opens Old Wounds
[Monitor] Kampala -Benjamin Longiross and Benjamin Njia are training Uganda's bulk of Olympic-bound long distance runners in Kapchorwa, while Rafael Kasajja is taking care of three middle distance athletes of Ronald Musagala, Winnie Nanyondo and Halima Nakaayi at Namboole.

2016-07-27 Funds Deny Sekyaaya Rio Chance
[Monitor] Kampala -For four years, weightlifter Charles Sekyaaya has been training hard with a return to the Olympics highest on his agenda.

2016-07-27 Uganda Happy With Olympic Games Village
[Monitor] Kampala -Team Uganda has no complaints about the Olympic Games Village despite some other countries describing it as below standard.

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