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2014-10-02 Assassination of Saharawi Activist Hassena El Ouali - CNASPS Denounces "Despicable" Crime
[SPS]Algiers -Algerian National Committee for Solidarity with the Saharawi people (CNASPS) Wednesday denounced a "disguised murder", a "heinous crime" against the Sahrawi human rights activist, Hassena El Ouali, after being tortured for a long time by Moroccan police at the prison of Dakhla, in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

2014-10-01 Polisario Calls On EU to Act to End Moroccan Human Rights Violations in Western Sahara
[Algerie Presse Service]Brussels -Polisario Front called on Tuesday the European Union to act to end the abuses of the Moroccan authorities in occupied Western Sahara and the violations of Sahrawi prisoners' human rights.

2014-10-01 'I'm Missing My Place in the World' - an Interview With Aziza Brahim
[ThinkAfricaPress]The Western Saharan singer reflects on a life away from home, the struggle for self-determination and her musical influences.

2014-10-01 Polisario Front Condemns 'Deliberate Assassination' of Saharawi Human Rights Activist
[Algerie Presse Service]Bir Lahlou -Polisario Front has condemned the "deliberate assassination" of Saharawi human rights activist Hasnet El-Wali in Dakhla, a town under Moroccan occupation, dubbing it a "cowardly, criminal act," Saharawi news agency SPS reported, citing a communiqu├ę by the Saharawi Republic presidency.

2014-10-01 Death of Saharawi Political Prisoner - Angry, Peaceful Protests in Occupied Dakhla
[Algerie Presse Service]DAKHLA (Occupied Territories)- Angry but peaceful protests have been recorded Monday in the occupied town of Dakhla, following the announcement of the death of Saharawi political prisoner, member of the Saharawi Association Against Torture, Hasnet El-Wali, at the local military hospital, because of medical negligence, Saharawi news agency SPS has reported.

2014-09-30 Saharawi Political Prisoner Dies Due to Medical Negligence
[SPS]Dakhla -Saharawi political prisoner and human rights activist, Hasena Elwali Aleya, died Sunday night at a military hospital in the occupied city of Dakhla, where he had been admitted due to his "critical" health conditions, as a result of medical negligence.

2014-09-30 Occupied City of Dakhla Under Siege Following Death of Saharawi Political Prisoner Hasena Elwali
[SPS]Dakhla (Occupied Territories) September 29, 2014 (SPS) - The occupied city of Dakhla has become under an unprecedented state of siege since the early hours of Monday, following the death of Sahrawi political prisoner Hasena Elwali Aleya.

2014-09-29 Western Sahara Conflict - UN Decolonization Doctrine Must Be Upheld, Says Lamamra
[Algerie Presse Service]New York -Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra on Saturday in New York called the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to uphold UN doctrine regarding the decolonization of Western Sahara.

2014-09-29 Namibia Calls for Full Implementation of UN Resolutions On Western Sahara
[SPS]New York -H.E Hifikepunye Pohamba, president of the republic of Namibia, called has for the full implementation of United Nations resolutions on Western Sahara.

2014-09-26 Mugabe to UNGA - Africa Remains Seized With Western Sahara Issue
[SPS]New York -President of the Republic of Zimbabwe H.E. Mr. Robert Mugabe on Thursday said before the UN General Assembly that Africa remains "seized" with the issue of Western Sahara, the last colonial vestige in the continent.

2014-09-26 Tanzania Urges UNSC to Resolve Western Sahara Question Once and for All
[SPS]New York -President of the United Republic of Tanzania, H.E. Mr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, on Thursday reiterated his appeal to the Security Council of the United Nations Organization to resolve the question of Western Sahara.

2014-09-26 President of Republic Appoints New Director for Sahara Press Service
[SPS]Bir Lehlou -President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Frente Polisario Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz on Wednesday appointed Mr. Saleh Nafee as a new director for the Sahara Press Service (SPS), replacing Mr. Salek Muftah, who appointed as director for Information Ministry's Archive.

2014-09-25 South Africa Continues to Support Struggle for Freedom in Western Sahara
[SPS]New York -President of the Republic of South Africa, H.E. Mr. Jacob Zuma, on Wednesday indicated that her country continues to support the struggle for freedom and self-determination of the people of Western Sahara.

2014-09-25 Speaker of National Council Sends Congratulatory Letter to Mexican Counterpart
[SPS]Bir Lehlou -Speaker of the Saharawi National Council (Parliament) Mr. Khatri Addouh on Wednesday sent a letter of congratulation to the President of the Mexican Senate, Miguel Barbosa Huerta, on the 204th anniversary of the independence of the United Mexican States.

2014-09-25 UK Labour Party for Self-Determination and Respect for Human Rights in Western Sahara
[SPS]London -British Labour Party has reaffirmed, support to the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination, calling for the respect of human rights in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

2014-09-25 Moroccan Police Break Up Sit-in in Occupied Smara
[SPS]Smara -Morocco occupation police on Tuesday broke up a sit organized in the occupied city of Smara by the Saharawi citizens to demand that the Saharawi people have advantage of the natural resources of their land.

2014-09-25 Ould Salek Congratulates Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs On National Day
[SPS]Bir Lehlou -The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Salek has sent a congratulatory letter to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Dr. Jos├ę Antonio Meade Kuribre├▒a, on the 204th anniversary of the National Day of the United Mexican States.

2014-09-25 President Felicitates Mexican Counterpart On Independence Day
[SPS]Bir Lehlou -President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Frente Polisario Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz has congratulated H.E. Mr. Enrique Pe├▒a Nieto, President of the United States of Mexico, on the occasion of the 204th anniversary of the independence of Mexico.

2014-09-25 Woodcraft Folk Issues Findings of Exploratory Visit to Western Sahara
[SPS]London -The UK movement Woodcraft Folk has launched a report on the findings of an exploratory visit to the Saharawi refugee camps and liberated zones of Western Sahara from 28 December 2013 to 4th January 2014.

2014-09-24 Saharawi Red Crescent Launches Urgent Appeal for Relief to Rainfall Victims
[SPS]Chahid Al Hafed -Saharawi Red Crescent (SRC) has appealed to the donor countries, international organizations, NGOs, associations of friendship and civil societies across the globe to provide "urgent humanitarian aid" to the victims of the heavy rainfall and strong winds, hit the Saharawi refugee camps on Sunday.

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