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2018-02-17 Exiled, Exhibition By 16 Canaries' Artists in Support of Western Sahara Cause
[SPS] Madrid -Sixteen Spanish artists from the Canary Islands are holding an exhibition entitled "The Exiled to Shed Light on Western Sahara Cause," displaying the suffering endured by the population forced into exile for more than 42 years.

2018-02-08 Sahara Negotiations - Redux or Moving Forward ?
[Moroccan American Center] Horst Kohler, the United Nations Secretary-General's Personal Envoy for Western Sahara, recently announced his plan to hold talks with Morocco and the Algerian backed Polisario Front. Appointed August 16, 2017 by Secretary-General António Guterres, Mr. Kohler has invited the two parties to Berlin in the near future, and although this is a first time the talks are to be held there, it remains to be seen whether or not he will be more successful than his predecessors. He is the fourth Personal Envoy s

2018-02-07 Morocco Must End Occupation of AU Member Country, Says Ould Salek
[SPS] Algiers -Saharawi Foreign Minister Mohamed Salem Ould Salek said Morocco must put an end to its occupation of the territories of an African Union's member state as it has joined the African institution.

2018-02-07 SADR Has the Right to Demand AU Military Intervention If Morocco Rejects Peaceful Solution
[SPS] Algiers -"The SADR, as a member country of the AU has the right to demand the AU military intervention if Morocco refuses the peaceful solution to Western Sahara conflict and if it rejects the direct negotiations, proposed by UN Special Envoy Horst Kohler," Sahrawi Foreign Minister, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek told a news conference he hosted at the headquarters of the Sahrawi Embassy in Algiers.

2018-02-05 Polisario Front Reiterates Support for Efforts of UN Secretary-General and His Personal Envoy for Solution to Western Sahara Conflict
[SPS] Shaheed El-Hafed -The Permanent Bureau of the National Secretariat of the Polisario Front reiterated on Sunday its support for the efforts of the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Antonio Guterres, and his Personal Envoy, Mr. Horst Koehler, in the search for a solution to the Sahrawi-Moroccan conflict that guarantees the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination.

2018-01-31 AU Thirtieth Summit Calls for Resumption of Direct Negotiations Between Its Two Members Sadr and Morocco
[SPS] Addis Ababa -The final statment that closed the Thirtieth Summit of the African Union (AU), held on the 28th and 29th of January in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, specifically called for the resumption of direct negotiations between its two member states, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and the Kingdom of Morocco.

2018-01-31 AU XXXth Summit of Heads of State and Government in Addis Ababa Works Concludes
[SPS] Addis Ababa -The works of the Thirtieth Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU) wrapped up on Monday with the commitment of African leaders to seek institutional reforms and strengthen the unity of the continent.

2018-01-31 France Is Committed to Continue Its Support to the Saharawi People
[SPS] Paris -The General Assembly of the Association of Friends of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic in France (AARSD) expressed on Sunday its willingness to continue its cooperation with the Sahrawi refugee camps and to undertake new initiatives in favor of respect for human rights in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

2018-01-29 African Court On Human and Peoples' Rights Organises Sensitisation Seminar to the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
[africancourt] The African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights (AfCHPR) will undertake a sensitisation mission to the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) from 5 to 7 February, 2018. The sensitisation mission is part of the on-going efforts of the Court to interact with different stakeholders in order to deepen their understanding of the Court's mission and importance and to encourage States to ratify the Protocol establishing the AfCHPR and deposit the declaration under Article 34(6), which allows direct access to the

2018-01-26 Swiss Multinational Glencore Ends Its Illegal Oil Exploration in Occupied Western Sahara
[SPS] London -The Swiss multinational Glencore has ended all its illegal oil exploration activities in the territorial waters of Western Sahara, occupied by Morocco, said the Western Sahara Resource Watch (WSRW) in a statement.

2018-01-26 Moroccan Forces Intervene Violently Against Funeral Tent of Deceased Deida Ould Yazid
[SPS] El-Aaiun -The Moroccan forces intervened Thursday violently against the funeral tent of deceased father Deida Ould Yazid in the occupied city of El-Aaiun, reported SPS correspondent on the scene.

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