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2015-08-03 Reports From Western Sahara Make Clear That Moroccan Authorities Continue to Commit Serious Human Rights Violations Against the Sahrawi People (RFK Report)
[SPS] Washington -.- Reports from Western Sahara make clear that Moroccan authorities continue to commit serious human rights violations against the Sahrawi people, said RFK Center for Human Rights.

2015-08-03 Launch of Campaign Against San Leon Explorations in Western Sahara
[SPS] Several national and international associations and organization have launched a campaign in Stockholm to denounce the illegal exploration operations carried out by British-Irish company San Leon in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

2015-08-03 Germany's Position On Western Sahara Compatible With International Law - German Diplomat
[SPS] Berlin -The Minister of State for Europe in the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Michael Roth, has confirmed that Germany's position on Western Sahara is fully compatible with international law, in response to a letter from Norbert Neuser, German SPD, MEP, Chairman of the Western Sahara Intergroup in the European Parliament and member of the board of the Association of Friends of Sahrawi People in Germany.

2015-08-03 Algeria's Support to Sahrawi People's Struggle Is Based On Principles of Its Foreign Policy
[Algerie Presse Service] Algiers -The Speaker of the People's National Assembly Mohamed Larbi Ould Khelifa affirmed Sunday, in Algiers, that Algeria's support to the struggle of the Sahrawi people "is based on the unchanging principles of its foreign policy."

2015-08-03 Sahrawi Delegation Meets With Director for Middle East and North Africa At Foreign and Commonwealth Office
[SPS] London (UK) July 31, 2015 (SPS) - A Sahrawi delegation led by the Sahrawi Coordinator with MINURSO, Mr. M'hamed Khadad, accompanied by the Representative of Polisario Front in Britain, Mr. Mohamed Limam Mohammed Ali, has met with the Director for Middle East and North Africa at Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ms. Jane Marriott, at its headquarters in London.

2015-08-03 Documentary "Life Is Waiting - Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara" Screened in Washington
[SPS] Washington DC -The documentary about Saharawi struggle "Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara" was screened to a packed crowd this Thursday night in Washington DC.

2015-07-31 Sahrawi Govt Condemns Moroccan King
[SPS] Shaheed El Hafed (Refugee Camps) -The government of the Sahrawi Republic has condemned the Moroccan King's speech, on the occasion of sixteen years on throne, considering it reflects the continued intransigence of the usual policies of colonial powers throughout history.

2015-07-31 Prime Minister Warns Against Impact of Drugs Coming From Morocco
[SPS] Algiers -Prime Minister Mr. Abdelkader Taleb Omar on Thursday warned against the risks of drugs coming from Morocco on the security of the region and the world in general, highlighting that Morocco remains the largest producer and exporter of Cannabis in the world according to international reports.

2015-07-30 The Saharawi Youth Does Not See Other Solution but a Return to a National Liberation Struggle - Spanish Newspaper
[SPS] Madrid -The Saharawi youth no longer believe in promises and does not see another solution but a return to a national liberation struggle, said Diario de la Marina.

2015-07-30 SADR Takes Part At Reception of U.S. President Barack Obama
[SPS] Addis Ababa -The Saharawi Republic (SADR) participated Tuesday in Addis Ababa in the reception ceremony of the US President Barack Obama, as part of a historic visit Kenya, Ethiopi a and African Union headquarters.

2015-07-30 Mauritanian Union of Progress Forces Voices Support to Saharawi Struggle
[SPS] Nouakchott -The President of the Union of the Forces of Progress of Mauritanian, Dr. Mohamed Ould Mouloud, on Wednesday renewed his party's firm support to the struggle of the Saharawi people, adding that this position is a continuation of historic tradition to stand for liberation issues in Africa and the world.

2015-07-29 Foreign Minister Envoy of the President of the Republic Received By Mauritanian President
[SPS] Nouakchott -Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Salek envoy of the President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz received on Tuesday at the presidential palace in Nouakchott, by Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

2015-07-28 Australian Labor Party Asks UN to Conduct Prompt Referendum in Western Sahara
[SPS] Melbourne -The Labor Party of Australia has called on the United Nations (UN) to proceed with the referendum in Western Sahara without further delay, voicing strong support to the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination.

2015-07-28 Zimbabwe for Organization of Western Sahara Referendum As Soon As Possible
[SPS] Harare -The Director for Africa, Asia and the Pacific at Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs Ministry, Mr. Jonathan Wutawunashe, called Monday for the need to organize the referendum on self-determination for the Saharawi people as soon as possible.

2015-07-28 Africa Stands Firmly With Nigeria in Its Fight Against Terrorism, Says Saharawi Diplomat
[SPS] Abuja -Saharawi Ambassador in Nigeria Mr. Ubbi Bachraya Bachir has indicated that Africa, peoples and governments, stands by the side of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in its fight against terrorism, praising the strict steps taken by President Buhari administration to fight Boko Haram terrorist group.

2015-07-27 Moroccan Police Arrests Young Sahrawis
[SPS] Dakhla -Moroccan police patrols launched Saturday evening in the occupied city of Dakhla an arrest campaign, according to the Ministry of Occupied Territories and Community Abroad.

2015-07-28 Training and Strengthening Politically Scientifically Sahrawi Executives Is Summer University Aim - Sahrawi Official
[SPS] Boumerdes -Minister of Transport, Mr. Babia Shiaa stressed during the works of Summer University that "the aim of the university is to train and strengthen Sahrawi executives in the field of policy and media."

2015-07-28 France Indirectly Exploits Western Sahara Wealth Through Morocco
[SPS] Algiers -"France indirectly exploits Western Sahara wealth through Morocco," said the president of the Summer University in Algeria, Mohamed Lamine Ahmed in response to a question on France's interest to support Moroccan State against the Saharawi cause.

2015-07-27 Inter-Maghreb Peace, Security and Cooperation Jeopardized By Morocco's Destructive Policy
[SPS] Boumerdes -Sahrawi Prime Minister Abdelkader Taleb Omar underlined Saturday, in Boumerdes, that peace, security and cooperation between the Maghreb countries are jeopardized by Morocco's destructive policy.

2015-07-27 Sahrawi Students Union Delegation Takes Part in Mediterranean Students Forum
[SPS] A delegation of Sahrawi Students Union (UESARIO) took part Saturday in the works of the second edition of the Mediterranean students Forum, which will continue until July 30, in the Italian town of Gallipoli under the theme "let's give chance to peace," at the invitation of Italian Students Federation.

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