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2016-12-05 International Conference of Solidarity With Sahrawi Workers - UN Urged to End Moroccan Occupation
[Algerie Presse Service] The participants in the 7th International Conference of Solidarity with Sahrawi Workers denounced the illegal exploitation of Western Sahara resources by the Moroccan occupier, and urged the United Nations to intervene and end the repressive policy against Sahrawi people.

2016-12-05 Western Sahara - Kenya's FM Calls for Speeding Up Organization of Self-Determination Referendum
[Algerie Presse Service] Boudjedour -Kenya's Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed reiterated Sunday, in the Saharawi refugee camp of Boudjedour, her country's support to the Saharawi cause, calling for holding, as quickly as possible, the referendum on Western Sahara people's self-determination.

2016-12-01 Call to Continue Supporting Sahrawi Cause, Strengthen Ties Between Algeria, African Countries
[Algerie Presse Service] The participants in the international seminar on "Algeria's contribution to the liberation of Africa" called Wednesday, in Algiers, to continue supporting the Sahrawi cause and strengthen the ties between Algeria and African countries to implement the African policy's principles.

2016-11-29 Sahel Could Bamako Fall to the Terrorists?
[Centre 4s] Who would have thought that, almost four years - in January 2017 - after Operation Serval, Mali would still be in such an uncertain security situation?

2016-11-28 Conasadh Condemns Repression, Torture Against Women in Western Sahara's Occupied Territories
[Algerie Presse Service] CHAHED EL-HAFED -Sahrawi Human Rights Commission (CONASADH) condemned all forms of repression and torture committed against Sahrawi women in the occupied territories of Western Sahara by the Moroccan forces of repression.

2016-11-23 Malabo Summit in Disarray as Morocco Pulls Out
[East African] Malabo -The heads of state meeting of the 4th African-Arab summit in Equatorial Guinea was Wednesday thrown into disarray following the withdrawal of Morocco and other Arab countries to protest the participation of Western Sahara.

2016-11-24 Messahel Calls Polisario Front, Morocco to Engage in Direct Political Dialogue
[Algerie Presse Service] MALABO -Minister of Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League Abdelkader Messahel called Monday in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) the Polisario Front and Morocco "to engage in a direct political dialogue for the self-determination of the Sahrawi people in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations."

2016-11-21 5th Conference of Organization of Scouts, Sahrawi Children Opens in El-Ayoun
[Algerie Presse Service] The 5th Conference of the Organization of scouts and Sahrawi children opened Sunday evening in the Sahrawi refugee camps (El-Ayoun), in the presence of local offices of scouts supporting the Sahrawi cause.

2016-11-16 Western Sahara - Ban Ki-Moon Stresses Need to Push Forward UN Process
[Algerie Presse Service] Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon called, in Marrakesh, to push forward the process of the United Nations for the settlement of the conflict in Western Sahara, in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council.

2016-11-08 Sahrawi Govt - Africa Does Not Need Morocco's Experience in "Invasion, Aggression and Expansion"
[Algerie Presse Service] The Sahrawi government stressed Monday that Africa does not need Morocco's experience in "invasion, aggression, expansion and serious violations to human rights."

2016-11-07 Occupied Western Sahara - Moroccan Forces Suppress Peaceful Sahrawi Demonstration in El-Ayun
[Algerie Presse Service] EL-AYUN- The Moroccan forces suppressed a peaceful demonstration organized by the Sahrawi people in the city of El-Ayun to claim their rights to a decent life and denounces the illegal exploitation by Morocco of the Sahrawi natural resources.

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